Monthly News – May 2013


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A total of $6,245 was raised thanks to the generous contributions of 303 donors:

  • $151.78, The Incredibly Useful Company Limited
  • $150, Dieter G.
  • $126.48 (3rd donation), funkajja
  • $126.48, Josef S.
  • $110, Scott G.
  • $100 (3rd donation), Jackson T. B.
  • $100, Tom H.
  • $100, Veli Øzd.
  • $100, Personal Computer Services
  • $100, Paul P.
  • $100, David F.
  • $63.24, Erik L.
  • $63.24, Jean-paul M.
  • $60, Kenneth P.
  • $55, Mark C.
  • $51 (2nd donation), J D. G.
  • $50.59, Brandon W.
  • $50 (44th donation), Slavoljub aka “slw”
  • $50 (3rd donation), Marcus M.
  • $50, David K.
  • $50, All About Circuits
  • $50, Lizbeth
  • $50, David P.
  • $50, Carlos T.
  • $50, Mr.Zurkon
  • $50, Kenneth M.
  • $50, Blair S.
  • $50, Daniel L.
  • $50, Peter W.
  • $50, Andrew M.
  • $50, Robert G.
  • $50, Wendel E.
  • $40 (5th donation), Antonio M. M. aka “zantaz
  • $40 (26th donation), Tsuguo S.
  • $40, American D. R.
  • $37.94 (39th donation), Olli K.
  • $37.94 (3rd donation), Matthias M.
  • $37.94, Bruno T.
  • $37.94, John B.
  • $35, Colin H.
  • $35, Raj R.
  • $33.33, Christoffer V.
  • $31.62 (3rd donation), LDW
  • $31.62, Brian C.
  • $31.62, Andrew R.
  • $31.62, Wolfgang H.
  • $31.62, Hans G.
  • $31.62, anonymous
  • $31.62, Paul S.
  • $30, Environmental cartoons
  • $30, Craig D.
  • $30, Rhakios
  • $30, Hiroshi K.
  • $30, Jesse J.
  • $30, John T.
  • $27.83, Michaël B. N. P.
  • $25.3 (2nd donation), Stefan B.
  • $25.3, David B.
  • $25.3, Tim O.
  • $25.3, Mark J. L.
  • $25.3, Massimiliano M.
  • $25.3, Harald S.
  • $25.3, Johannes F.
  • $25.3, Monread CRM Ltd.
  • $25.3, Michael V.
  • $25.3, Emil N. P.
  • $25.3, Oliver B.
  • $25 (20th donation), Ronald W.
  • $25 (4th donation), V. Mark Lehky aka “SiKing
  • $25 (3rd donation), Geoff_P.
  • $25 (3rd donation), V Peace
  • $25 (2nd donation), Nicole H. in honor of jaspmatt
  • $25 (2nd donation), Juan B. G. M.
  • $25 (2nd donation), American D. R.
  • $25 (2nd donation), Kirill C.
  • $25, Clancy C.
  • $25, Alister B.
  • $25, Lennart J.
  • $25, Jordan S.
  • $25, Michael M.
  • $25, Peter R.
  • $25, S F.
  • $25, Peter P.
  • $25, David H.
  • $25, John C.
  • $25, Scott V.
  • $25, John H.
  • $25, Robert M.
  • $25, John P.
  • $25, Robert J. R.
  • $25, Post ReportingService, Inc
  • $25, Jim F.
  • $25, Justin C.
  • $25, Nicolas S.
  • $21, Kevin A.
  • $20 (8th donation), Jerry Jones
  • $20 (4th donation), Thomas M.
  • $20 (3rd donation), Bill
  • $20 (3rd donation), Utah B.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Singing F.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Robert S.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Andrew C.
  • $20, Igor S.
  • $20, Jim F.
  • $20, Maroun S.
  • $20, Murali A.
  • $20, William M.
  • $20, Dolores F.
  • $20, Eileen A.
  • $20, Mike H. aka “sloan”
  • $20, Paul B. aka “PaulBWatertownCT”
  • $20, Stan L.
  • $20, Goryaynov R.
  • $20, Gary G.
  • $20, Nick N.
  • $20, Alejandro F. M.
  • $20, Christopher M.
  • $20, Hugh A.
  • $20, Oscar A. B.
  • $20, Manuel Gonzalez.
  • $20, Roger B.
  • $20, Mark S.
  • $20, Ian S.
  • $20, David W.
  • $20, Fernando P. P.
  • $20, Peter B.
  • $18.97 (4th donation), Rufus
  • $18.97 (2nd donation), Thomas F.
  • $18.97, Jean-charles D. aka “Hawaii”
  • $18.97, Peter S.
  • $18.97, Mrs J. E. W.
  • $18.97, Thierry F.
  • $18.97, Dan F.
  • $18.97, Fabrice E.
  • $18.97, Matthias O.
  • $15.18 (19th donation), Jarkko K.
  • $15.18, Aaron B
  • $15 (4th donation), Michael W.
  • $15, Zach B.
  • $15, C L.
  • $15, Joseph L.
  • $15, Gerard C.
  • $15, John E.
  • $12.65 (4th donation), Siegfried H.
  • $12.65 (4th donation), Nicholas S.
  • $12.65 (3rd donation), Nicolas B.
  • $12.65 (3rd donation), Maarten E.
  • $12.65 (2nd donation), Gabriel T.
  • $12.65 (2nd donation), Veeti
  • $12.65 (2nd donation), David R.
  • $12.65, Roy S.
  • $12.65, Isidro P. A.
  • $12.65, Franjo B.
  • $12.65, Hans B.
  • $12.65, Alfons K.
  • $12.65, Carlo F. aka “peterpan405”
  • $12.65, Dorus A.
  • $12.65, Roman O.
  • $12.65, Roger M
  • $12.65, Roberto G.
  • $12.65, Govind C.
  • $12.65, Peter O.
  • $12.65, Roberto S. P.
  • $12.65, Rob S.
  • $12.65, Ludmil F.
  • $12.65, Bertrand S.
  • $12.65, Hans B.
  • $12.65, Hubert D.
  • $12.65, Steve S.
  • $12.65, Alejandro L. E.
  • $12.65, Karl H.
  • $12.65, Luis M. C. A. L. L. M. L.
  • $12.65, pepikJS
  • $12.65, Christian G. aka “cepharch”
  • $12.65, Oleksiy S.
  • $10 (27th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
  • $10 (5th donation), Fabio Ranquetat aka “Ranquetat
  • $10 (4th donation), iPhone & iPad apps
  • $10 (3rd donation), Stephen B. aka “Fio Steve”
  • $10 (3rd donation), Charles P.
  • $10 (3rd donation), Salim Farah aka “Verix”
  • $10 (2nd donation), Thomas Z.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Maarten E.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Vladimir Kivernik
  • $10, Larry I.
  • $10, Javier Fish aka “javierfish”
  • $10, Daniel M.
  • $10, Anonymous
  • $10, Christopher B.
  • $10, Will L.
  • $10, Betsafe Bonus
  • $10, Donghyun KIM
  • $10, Bradley W.
  • $10, Razvan E.
  • $10, Howard P.
  • $10, Javier Guijarro aka “chejofan
  • $10, Adam S.
  • $10, Stevan B.
  • $10, Keiko N.
  • $10, Markus N.
  • $10, Hussein E.
  • $10, David T.
  • $10, Ilan S. aka “Koed”
  • $10, Vladimir Svrkota
  • $10, Andrew W.
  • $10, Thilina Buddhika
  • $10, Frank Bird (Wales) aka “Budgie “
  • $10, Robert L.
  • $10, Mikhail I.
  • $10, Susumu M.
  • $10, John D. G.
  • $10, Harshad S.
  • $10, Deepak N. R.
  • $10, Kulistov V. aka “Q_List”
  • $10, Richard G.
  • $10, Dag E. L.
  • $10, William P.
  • $10, Chris L.
  • $10, 高松 和徳
  • $10, James R.
  • $10, Hormis K.
  • $10, Basil S.
  • $10, Benjamin G.
  • $7.59, J. E. aka “
  • $6.32 (17th donation), Marco aka “Dictionary-Maker
  • $6.32 (5th donation), Robert K.
  • $6.32 (3rd donation), Genet W.
  • $6.32 (2nd donation), Marco Zanatta aka “Reiki75”
  • $6.32 (2nd donation), David vantongerloo
  • $6.32, Wojciech C.
  • $6.32, Mimmo P.
  • $6.32, Juanma G.
  • $6.32, Andreas M.
  • $6.32, André L.
  • $6.32, Justo D. L. C. R.
  • $6.32, Luis D. aka “metralha761”
  • $6.32, Marco Zanatta aka “Reiki75”
  • $6.32, David vantongerloo
  • $6.32, Code reduc
  • $6.32, Patrick M.
  • $6.32, Julian D.
  • $6.32, Emile S.
  • $6 (2nd donation), Theis Hinz
  • $6, Ruhaizad D.
  • $5.06, Michael P.
  • $5 (4th donation), Jose M. D. A.
  • $5 (3rd donation), Özgür ILGIN
  • $5 (2nd donation), Vladimír V.
  • $5 (2nd donation), L M.
  • $5 (2nd donation), Wei-ju Wu
  • $5 (2nd donation), Carlos W.
  • $5, Csói B.
  • $5, Felipe A.
  • $5, Zakariya P.
  • $5, Gábor B.
  • $5, 73-Bill
  • $5, Jose A. Ruiz
  • $5, Dario C.
  • $5, Kevin M.
  • $5, James T.
  • $5, Gil W.
  • $5, Gerald C.
  • $5, Randolph K.
  • $5, Stephen W.
  • $5, Robbie D.
  • $5, Abel N. V.
  • $5, Joseph S. aka “RSP16”
  • $5, Christine P.
  • $5, Richard R.
  • $4.43, Mirko aka “nitrous”
  • $4.3, Thomas S.
  • $3.79, Alexander K.
  • $3.79, Tamas R.
  • $3 (2nd donation), Marc D.
  • $3, chicha pas cher
  • $3, Xin D.
  • $3, Eric T.
  • $2.55 (3rd donation), Strasbourg
  • $2.53 (2nd donation), Ghiunhan Mamut aka “V3n3RiX
  • $2.53, Andreas R.
  • $2.5, UB DataN00b
  • $16.84 from 14 smaller donations

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  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 3787 (1st)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 7,446th


News and summary:

  • Many thanks to our sponsors, partners, donors and all the people who supported us this month and who allowed us to work on Linux Mint. As always you’ve been really generous and this is helping us a lot.
  • We were thrilled with the release of Linux Mint 15 “Olivia”. A huge amount of development went into it and it was fantastic to be able to finally put it all together and get it out. Many rough edges were fixed in the RC (I’d like to take the opportunity again to thank all the people who sent us their feedback during that time) and we were delighted with the end-result. Of course there’s a lot of reviews being published right now and we’ll gather them and react to them like we did for previous releases here on this blog, to analyse what worked well, what could have been done better and to give you some insight as to how things happened.
  • Although it was selected as default in Ubuntu 13.04, the 3.8.0-19 kernel used in Linux Mint 15 didn’t work as well as we’d have expected. Many people were unable to get the sound working through HDMI and some even experienced kernel panics and system freezes. A few workarounds were identified during the RC but the cause of the problem wasn’t clear to us so we spent time looking into this… we’ll vulgarize our findings on the Segfault blog and we’re likely to upgrade the kernel to 3.8.0-25 (up-to-date with upstream 3.8.13)  in the upcoming KDE and Xfce editions.
  • Development started on Cinnamon 2.0 already and I’m happy to confirm what people read on “Linux User & Developer”, it is becoming an independent desktop environment. Although it will continue to use GNOME libraries and technologies such as GTK and Clutter, it will no longer require the GNOME desktop environment to run in the background (gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-session in particular). This will make it easier for us to innovate further on Cinnamon but also to backport it to previous Mint releases and to provide it to other distributions, no matter what version of GNOME they’re using.
  • The KDE and Xfce editions of Linux Mint 15 are coming up. The KDE edition is already in QA. The Xfce edition should get there in the days to come.
  • Some backports were pushed towards LMDE and Linux Mint 13 Maya, including newer versions of Cinnamon and MDM.


  1. You should make bitcoin payments possible, because a community OS should use / encourage a community money.

    Edit by Clem: We do, 1PQCrkzWweCw4huVLcDXttAZbSrrLbJ92L

  2. I actually like the “look and feel” of gnome shell.
    Is there a plug in for Cinnamon that mimics that behaviour?

    Is there a way to install Nemo without Cinnamon? Is it possible to statically compile it?

  3. Clem – On upgrading the kernel to 3.8.0-25 in the KDE and XFCE versions, will the LM 15 main editions (Cinnamon and MATE) kernels also be upgraded? The reason I ask is that I’m one of the ones that experience random boot lock ups (hard), kernel panics and MDM boot time “failure to start” on two desktop PCs, both of which have not experienced any of these problems with any previous versions of Mint. Both machines are nearly identical Intel Core 2 quad cores with dedicated Nvidia video cards. One with a GT 220 and the other with a GT 430 both using the Nvidia 310 driver.

    On the other hand, I have two identical ThinkPad R61s with Intel Core 2 duos (Centrino) with all Intel chipsets (wireless, sound and video) that have no problems whatsoever with LM 15/Cinnamon running the default kernel.

    There’s no one cause for these problems on the two desktop PCs, they seem to be as random and varied as the boot time problems themselves. So after reading your post here I’m wondering if the Cinnaon and MATE versions of Linux Mint 15 will be upgraded as well?

    Edit by Clem: 3.8.0-25 is in raring-proposed right now. When it hits raring-updates it will become available in your Update Manager as a level 5 update.

  4. “Although it will continue to use GNOME libraries and technologies such as GTK and Clutter”

    I’m glad to hear that 🙂

  5. About the ฿฿ donations, could you use some service like the HIB do? Some kind of confirmation that the payment went through?

    Edit by Clem: You don’t need any 3rd party, that’s a key advantage to using Bitcoin I think. You can see your translation validated in the blockchain itself.

  6. I can confirm the issues as reported by Kirk M @3.

    Although I would very much like to use Mint 15 mate amd64 on a regular base, I cannot because of boot problems that occur in increasing frequency. In the last days the system did not boot in about 80 percent of all cases.

    Often the greeter crashes. In other cases the boot just hangs before a GUI appears, showing only console-like text on the screen.

    The graphics card is nVidia GTX 460, recommended nVidia binary driver installed.

    How I can we fix this? Does a kernel update help? Is it a MDM issue?

  7. Great job from a great team. Your efforts are more than noticeable.
    <<>> Clem, you are making a difference!!!!!

  8. Clem – Thanks for the update. Donations peaked during this release, see the correlation. 😉 I am from India and will have to ask my US friend to donate else will end up paying exorbitant exchange charges by the bank.
    Waiting for KDE and segfault vulgarizations.
    All – Linux User & Developer links / discussion in here –

  9. When will the latest changes be backported to Linux Mint 14?

    Edit by Clem: Mint 14 is not an LTS release. We did backport Cinnamon 1.8 to it though.

  10. Will MATE 1.6 also be backported to Maya?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, it should hit the backport repository eventually.

  11. @Kirk M and Rüssel:

    I had the same problems (Intel Core 2 Q6600 with NVIDIA Geforce 210) and solved it with a simple dist-upgrade to Kernel 3.8.0-23.

    Maybe worth a try.

  12. My new findings:

    Sometimes Nemo takes much of CPU resources. Especially when a movie directory is opened. I opened it and kept it 5 hours, with the result of continuous 50% CPU consumption.

    Because of some reason the computer gets heated more.
    GPU is heated to 82C with Nvidia 310.44 driver and GeForce 8600M GT, while just 2 pages of Firefox are opened without any animation.

  13. About kernel:

    I currently use Maya XFCE 64bit edition. Really nice. But I had to do a kernel upgrade because I experienced too many freezes. The situation became better after receiveing official 3.2.45 from apt (as far as I can remember)… but not solved yet. Since I upgraded to Ubuntu kernel 3.8.0-23 I did not experience the slightest issue. No more freeze since then.

    Also I had an issue on claws-mail getting stuck from time to time while retreiving imap box. No more pb since I upgraded to version 3.9.1

    These were my 2 major issues on Mint 13 Xfce. Everything else is working perfectly fine. Thanks to the team for hard working on making our system stable, reliable and… elegant !

    Hey, btw I did received new backported MDM HTML themes. These are really fun !

  14. One more thing. Nemo has memory leakages. If system is opened long time it even can take more than 1GB of RAM.

  15. Hello,
    Thank you for backporting cinnamon and MDM to mint13. However I have run into a serious problem. The entire bar at the bottom cannot be interacted with the mouse. I cant click on the menu, change to another running program ( have to use alt tab). I cant access the system tray either. Is there any solution for this. IM running it on a laptop with core 2 duo processor and a nvidia 8600 gtm. Thank you in advance for any help

  16. Regarding the greeter crashes and boot issues @3 and @4:
    In mintUpdate I activated level 5 packages and thus upgraded the kernel to 3.8.0-23. I rebooted 5 times, and until now, there is no more crash. Maybe this helps others as well.

  17. @Pawel

    You have an 8600M GT that works?
    I’m surprised to hear that.
    Those chips have a flawed component that makes them overheat more and more as time passes.
    I know this because i have a 8600M GS that also still works (although it has died once already, thankfully while still covered by warranty).
    My card heats up alot and is almost dying again… With just Firefox open, it shuts down my computer on Windows…

    So, if u have other OS installed test it. Windows would give you a better idea, since it should be more prone to shut down your pc once it’s overheat.

  18. @Pawel

    I can confirm the memory issue on Nemo:
    I have my PC running for 5 days now, and memory usage is at 800Mb now, growing slowly 100-150 Mb/day.

  19. Forget what I wrote @16. At the next reboot the greeter crashed again.

    Edit by Clem: Join us on the IRC so we can troubleshoot.

  20. @nomadewolf It has worked for 3 years already. Actually on windows it doesn’t heat so much. Working on Linux however, it’s burnt my speakers embedded in laptop – probably they were the most vulnerable. It seems the rest of components are more resistant, but it isn’t convenient to type on such hot device 🙂

  21. With Mint15 I can not connect to the company’s wireless network using WPA2-Enterprise , PEAP,MSCHAPV2 while no problem with Mint13 & 14 what is the problem ?

  22. I left Ubuntu 12.04 for LM 14. The only problem was connecting to Ubuntu One to get my files onto the PC. Finally got it by installing everything that mentioned Ubuntu One in software packages. there’s got to be a better way for users who aren’t Linux gurus.

  23. Linux Mint is the best free and secure alternative for Windows PRISM NSA stealing data for marketing profiles… My brother uses Ubuntu, I don’t know why, the interface is very ugly x:D Linux Mint is better INMHO… Many of my Windows programs exist on Linux Mint, too, so the transition is very easy for me… The only problem is that I will keep an offline Windows for PC games… In the future, to excape this problem, I was considering buying a PlayStation 3 which has all the games for PC and even more interesting games… What do you think: can I escape PRISM NSA Surveillance program with these choices? I’ve deleted my gmail account, I use DuckDuckGo search program, I use Firefox instead of Chrome, I deleted Facebook, Yahoo Mail, etc… I used these options from here:

  24. Xfce Mint is my fave so I can’t wait to use the newest version. Thank you for all your work. How would I get the current Xubuntu Greybird theme working when I finally get to try? Thank you again.

  25. I was sorely disappointed that Mint 15 was not able to detect ANY of my sound hardware (built-in audio, SB Audigy, or HDMI on video card), thus leaving me with no audio. There was no obvious way to address this issue in the forums, and what I did try from one of the troubleshooting guides actually messed up Cinnamon.

    I had no such problems with Ubuntu 13.04 or LMDE (201303). It boggles my mind that a release as important as this went out without addressing such a fundamental problem.

  26. mint team should not encourage people to use this new beta editions from ubuntu -mint base- which are made only to prepare the future lts edition. 8 month of support tells that. mint has in fact 6 month. so this run for the new sistem it is a nonsens in this actual form. you have to make also changes and improve support for the lts editions. there is a lot to do!!!

  27. Clem – I’ve been running the 3.8.0-25 since Ubuntu first released it and before it was available via Level 5 updates in MintUpdate and I can confirm that there’s no more crashes or system freezes of any kind on my two desktop PCs (see my first comment, #3).

    I’ve seen complaints about these same LM 15 crashes by other users who are still using the original kernel (3.8.0-19) and they’re asking for help. I’ve been providing the solution to the ones I notice (temporarily enabling Level 5 updates, etc) but shouldn’t there be an official announcement with instructions about this now that the 3.8.0-25 kernel is actually available via Level 5 updates? That way I can just provide a link to said announcement.

    Just a suggestion.

  28. @ 33 Kirk M

    I have been considering an update to 3.8.0-25 but it is something I’ve not done before and it scares me a little.

    Would therefore appreciate your advice, Kirk. Should all four 3.8.0-25 updates be installed, including the 3.8.0-25.37?
    I agree an official announcement with some instructions would be helpful.

  29. great release, but ….. once AGAIN bluetoothing is a real problem, not only with mint, but with ANY linux/buntu release to date.

    unless i install ANYTHING bluetooth related from the synaptic manager (mind you, although i have NO idea to what of the majority of the packages relating to bluetooth i install) bluetoothing never works especially when transferring pictures or files to and from andriod to laptop, or vis versa.

    adding the bluetooth devices is no problems, but try sending something to it….nothing…errors…time out etc etc.

    for now i managed to get bluetooth working, that is sending pictures/files from laptop to phone or the other around after i installed “Bluetooth proximity” which detects what channels are free and i noticed it dosnt time out and bluetoothing seems ok.

    i tested bluetooth on mint10 and had no issues, but something has turned pear shape after mint10. bluetoothing with phone worked out of the box with LMDE from ikey release afew years back.

    i know it may not be a necessity for some, but i find transferring your photos from phone to laptop is of uber importance for me, and perhaps to others, and i hate to mention it, i have no issues with bluetoothing with ANY, ANY windows OS’s with my andriod device (xp – win 8)

    is there something im overlooking? or is there something that has been rewritten/coded from scratch that has broken this feature? or has there a bug in “personal file sharing”? god knows….i hope this get resolved as ive been ranting about this issue since mint11 !

    other then that, great distro guys.

  30. @johnno – It’s pretty safe upgrade and rather easy to recover from if by some off-chance, it should leave you without a desktop–which is doubtful.

    Just temporarily enable Level 5 upgrades in MintUpdate’s Preferences, close preferences and click on the Refresh button. Once the cache is refreshed it should show the available kernel updates–install all of them and reboot into the new kernel which, by default, will now be the first entry on your Grub boot screen.

    If for some odd-ball reason, things don’t go well then reboot and in your Grub screen select “Previous Linux versions” and in the next screen, boot into your previous kernel (will be the first entry) and you’ll have your desktop back then you can remove the new kernel via Synaptic. Now, I install “Ubuntu Tweak” just to make it easier to uninstall unused kernels but it’s rather easy to uninstall kernels via Synaptic as well.

    All that being said, I upgraded to Intel Quad Core2 desktop PCs, both using dedicated Nvidia PCIe cards to 3.8.0-25 without a problem and there’s been no crashes since then. pretty safe bet the upgrade will work for you as well.

  31. @ Kirk

    Thanks a lot. I have taken the plunge and everything seems fine. Have to re-install my video card now and see how things work. Pulled it out altogether due to all the problems I was experiencing.

    Are you using the proper Nvidia driver…..and all is well?

  32. @johnno – Yes, I’m using the proper Nvidia driver (310.44) with no problems and DKMS built the driver into the new kernel automatically when I updated from 3.8.0-19 to 3.8.0-25. I didn’t have to install it again but I understand why you might have removed the driver in an effort to find out what was causing the problems. A glitchy kernel is hard to troubleshoot as you never know exactly what is causing the problems.

  33. @ Kirk

    Have re-installed video card now. I still couldn’t get the sound working with Nouveau but with the Nvidia driver it worked without having to play around with the settings. Working well, except for Skype but I always had problems with that in Mint 14 too. Strange because it worked perfectly well with the on-board video.

    No unexpected crashes so far but booting still isn’t as it should be.
    Instead of the proper LM logo I get this 4 dot logo, and strange messages such as kvm xxxxxxx missing and so on. Booting takes slightly longer because of this. Do you get these messages during booting too?

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