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Boo is experiencing problems with the installer. Language packs are correctly downloaded but not correctly installed by Ubiquity. This results in the selected language not being used by KDE and it’s delaying the release of KDE CE RC1. At this stage we believe the problem comes from a conflict in the Ubuntu repositories.


Merlwiz finished his work on this edition. The ISO should be uploaded to our servers very soon now and it will then be tested by Exploder to see if it can be released.


I started working on the x64 Edition. Since I’m starting from scratch on this edition there’s a lot of work involved but the progress is good so far and things are going fine. It’s too soon to know how long it will take for this edition to be ready yet.

Fluxbox CE

Shane submitted BETA 042 to Exploder, who only reported 4 bugs.. none of which were major issues. The next ISO from Shane is likely to pass Exploder’s tests and we’ll then be looking at a public release.

Other developments

mintInstall 4.0 has been in Romeo for a while now. Please provide feedback about it so we can move it to Elyssa.

mintUpdate 2.8 is going to bring a lot of changes and improvements to our update manager. It should be released in Romeo in the days to come. Please translate it (in the forums) as much as you can.

Flash 10 beta 2 is in Romeo. Please provide as much feedback as possible so it can make its way towards Elyssa.


  1. MintInstall 4.0 works very well. No Problems yet. Flash 10 Beta works better on most sites but regularly freezes the whole System – shouldn’t be moved to Elyssa yet.

  2. I’m sure this has been answered already, would be grateful if someone can point me.

    What’s the plan on KDE 4.1? I mean for Elyssa?

  3. Clem, I was wondering if you need anyone to help in testing the 64bit edition, when the time comes? If so, I would like to be involved in any way I can, as I do have a 64bit cpu, and can really put it to a good test.

  4. Hi Clem,

    Have you got a release date for main edition Revision 2 ?
    You said that there will be a revision 2 for main edition. Is it true ?



  5. Hi,

    mintinstall 4.0 works good for me. I had upgraded it
    through a .deb package. Today evening – 29 + 7 updates.
    updates. I think i do not need mintinstall 2.8 anymore.

    By the way, Mint’s users should open everyday mintinstall
    and if possible gives it a refresh once or twice
    to confirm updates. Updates always come when they are available.

    Now, Romeo repository is enable to my sources.list.

    Flash playerr version 10.b525 (as update) and i installed it.

    I did some experiences on Youtube and a few sites more.
    No system crashes yet. Who am i but i recommend de video
    When The Day Breaks (on Youtube).

    Ya. i am going to add (post) a translation of this
    topic to the Portuguese forum. (link will be there too)

    XFCE CE – good news.
    KDE CE – well, still on the road waiting for the Bus.


  6. MintInstall4 is amazing, much better then the old one, move it to regular. Flash10 is very very buggy for me, I had to go back to flash 9.

  7. For Elyssa R2 I’d like to include Flash 10 stable, the upcoming mintUpdate and the new mintInstall so it’s parked until all this is ready.

    For KDE 4.1 it might come in Mint 6. There’s no plan for it to be used as default in Mint 5.

  8. x64 is the only thing I miss on mint! Glad to see that soon won’t be a problem!
    Great work guys.
    Cheers from Brazil!

  9. Flash 10 beta 2 is working fine, occasionally I have to refresh the youtube home page.No problems with mintinstall either.

    Boo has language support working in the beta I just finished testing!

  10. Great work on a wonderful distro! We really appreciate all the hard work that goes into bringing the people a great free os. Thank you!

  11. Flash 10b2 gives occasinal nuke of my firefox (most @ youp**n / youtube)
    M.Install 4 workin gr8 for ages…

    2 sad me and my engaged gf start vacation at thu so i will have to w8 for M.Update till i am back ^^

    btw, any1 knows a timestamp for M.6? depends it hardy 810? or is it an individual project?

  12. Is there any way we can have an updated kernel with Elyssa x64? It would be cool to have 2.6.25 or later, so that we can have full support for new hardware. I’m not sure if Mint has ever used a newer kernel than the current Ubuntu release, but if there are no stability issues, that would be great. What are you’re thoughts on this?

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