Wallpaper Of The Week is changing format.

The Wallpaper Of The Week competition is changing format. We will be going to a monthly format.

There are a few reasons for this change,

1: It will allow more time for artist to create new wallpapers, and as such, wallpapers of a higher quality and polish.

Now that is not to say that the wallpapers we have been getting are of a low quality, or saying that they need more pollish, this is just saying that you will have more time to create your art, and get it just the way you want it, without having to rush.

2: Having more time for submissions, means more people will be able to get involved.

As the Art-Team is a community project, the entire Mint community should have the opportunity to get involved, and having more time, will allow people who may not make new artwork on a semi-daily basis, get involved in the competition.

3: Management.

Changing to a monthly format, will make it alot easier to manage, there will be less posts on the forums,  which will reduce the clutter a little, and also make it easier for users to find the proper post. Weekly competitions create too many posts, and some confusion as to what is the current issue, monthly will make it easier for all, as all you have to do is look for the month.

I posted a question and vote on the forums, and the vote has come back 3 to 1 for the change, this was not an arbitrary decision, I wanted input from the entire community, and I thank you all for your input and votes.

So, from this point on, the Wallpaper Of The Week, will be now known as, Wallpaper Of The Month.

The first round of voting will be done at the end of this week, and will be the August issue of Wallpaper Of The Month, we will then start taking submissions for the Septembers issue, and so on.

Again, thank you all for your votes, and input on this matter.


  1. The Artwork Team does amazing work! LinuxMint has some of the very best artists out there! If this change helps the Artwork Team then I fully support it.

    I check the artwork section of the forum every day to see what is going on and I look forward to seeing new art.

  2. How about Tux with the paint tool above this post. That would make a great wallpaper. Thank for the great work!!!

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