Cinnamon 1.6 in Romeo


Cinnamon 1.6 (along with Muffin 1.1.0 and Nemo 1.0.1) was released yesterday. You can read the release announcement and an overview of the new features at:

These technologies are brand new and we do not recommend you upgrade to them. They were however added to the Romeo section of the LMDE and Linux Mint 13 repositories for Cinnamon enthusiasts to get an early taste of what is coming next. As we receive more feedback and bug reports, the Cinnamon 1.6 branch will mature, with a series of small point releases (1.6.1, 1.6.2 etc..) and will eventually replace Cinnamon 1.4.


Be aware that Cinnamon 1.6.0 and Nemo 1.0.1 are brand new:

  • Translations in 1.6.0 are only complete for French, German and Dutch (click here for the dev. status on translations)
  • Cinnamon 1.6 introduces many new features and 1.6.0 is the first public release, so we’re expecting bugs 🙂
  • Most themes aren’t compatible with Cinnamon 1.6 yet. If you upgrade to Cinnamon 1.6, we recommend you use the default “cinnamon” theme.
  • Nemo 1.0.1 is stable but it comes without support for most popular extensions (dropbox, extract-here..etc..)
  • Nemo 1.0.1 isn’t supported by most themes out there and doesn’t support Nautilus themes, so it won’t integrate with your theme as nicely as Nautilus does.

How to enable Romeo

To enable Romeo, click on Menu->Preferences->Software Sources. Then tick the “Unstable packages (Romeo)” checkbox.

Note: Make sure to disable Romeo after you upgraded Cinnamon. We use Romeo internally to test packages before they reach the repositories so pointing to it is usually a bad idea.

How to upgrade to Cinnamon 1.6

Once you’ve enabled Romeo, launch the Update Manager and click on “Refresh”.

Select the Muffin and Cinnamon packages as illustrated above and click the “Install Updates” button.

When you’re finished, disable Romeo in the Software Sources, terminate your session and log in Cinnamon again.

You can run “cinnamon –version” in a terminal to make sure you’re using 1.6.0.

Nemo 1.0.1

Using Romeo you can also install the “nemo” package.

Nemo will replace Nautilus in Cinnamon and Linux Mint going forward. This project was announced at

Note: Although Nemo is Cinnamon’s official file browser, Cinnamon does not depend on it, so you can continue to use Cinnamon with Nautilus, Marlin or any other file browser.


  1. thanks very nice
    some comments/bugs:
    -conky shows up in alt-tab. very annoying when you have multiple conky configs running like i do
    -how do i add custom folder icons to music/pictures folders etc. they look like all other folders
    -hope you will enable nemo-scripts (like nautilus-scripts)
    -may i request that moving a window to the top for example doesent maximize it (or rather make that optional)? i mean if i move my terminal window to the top its because i want it at the top, not maximize it. theres a maximize button for that. i find this VERY annoying and disturbing.

  2. Fabulous work Clem and co! Your efforts are much appreciated!
    Concerning Linux Mint 13, would it be possible to have a respin of it with Cinnamon 1.6 and MATE 1.4 after the release of LM14, based on Ubuntu 12.04.1 (or perhaps 12.04.2, which will be released in late January – As Cinnamon 2D is now available, later Ubuntu 12.04 LTS kernels include greater hardware support, and many security updates have amassed over the past few months, a respin would be very beneficial for new users with new or old hardware, and those with limited bandwidth.

  3. Looks good so far. I did notice that upgrading to Cinnamon 1.6 automatically installed Nemo but Nautilus remained in control of the desktop each boot/reboot even if “Cinnamon Settings – Desktop” was set to “Have the file manager (Nemo) handle the desktop”. Unchecking and rechecking this check box put Nemo in control of the desktop including the new “Backgrounds” dialogue box via the desktop right-click menu (nice by the way). But this change was only good per session. As soon as I reboot, Nautilus is back in control of the desktop. Does there happen to be a way to keep Nautilus from taking over control of the desktop after a reboot?

    Otherwise, 1.6 is looking great. Many thanks for your hard work!

  4. Hello, I experienced the same issue described by Kirk M: Nemo works, but I have to launch it manually. After reboot I don’t have any window manager at all… if I go to “Cinnamon Settings – Desktop”, I have to uncheck and check again the first flag, and then everything works fine…
    I tried to add Nemo to the startup applications, but it doesn’t work… it just opens a Nemo window, and that’s it.

  5. Awesome, was really waiting for this. I want to install Nemo, but I can’t live without archive extraction and Dropbox integration. Any word on when these two features will land in Nemo? Thanks again, and amazing efforts as always.

    Edit by Clem: We got both of them them done today (, hopefully we’ll package them and add them to Romeo tomorrow.

  6. How can you openly NOT RECOMMEND an upgrade to a software just released? Would be the right recommendation for those who need stability the most, but for the rest it sounds downright depressing!

    (I know, you can’t test every possible scenario of hardware/software for bugs, but that sounded WHOA!)

    Edit by Clem: If we recommended it to everybody it wouldn’t hit Romeo, it would overwrite Cinnamon 1.4. Version 1.6 is brand new, it’s yet to pass community feedback, to receive translations for every language out there and to gain the maturity that’s required to properly get in Linux Mint (in particular, it will take a little while before most of the themes are ported to Cinnamon 1.6).

  7. Clem,

    I’m using cinnamon 1.6 and you said that the translation was done for french.
    But a right clic on desktop gives : create a laucher and open in a terminal.

    Maybe there is still some english not translated. I can help on this if you need it 😉

    Edit by Clem: I meant the translations for Cinnamon itself. The desktop layer is handled by Nemo. Still, thanks for the feedback, we’ll check the translations for Nemo and see what the problem is.

  8. Clem,

    Sorry for the double post !

    With nemo and cinnamon 1.6 –> bug in the menu : administration disappeared. Synaptic & over stuff are no more in the menu 😉

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, we’ll look into this and come with a fix in 1.6.1.

  9. Very nice Clem! I had a bit of an issue getting muffin upgraded (had to repackage to change a dependency), but after that it went fine. This was probably due to my overuse of PPAs. Muffin didn’t like the version of muffin-common that was already installed.

    I noticed in Nemo when I right click on a file I don’t have the option for custom scripts. I assume this is coming in a future release, but thought I’d mention it.

    Again very nice, and thank you!!!!

  10. Clem – On the menu bug that Manu reported, searching in the menu for applications normally found in “Administration” still works. Also, the “Administation” category is missing from the “Edit Menu” dialogue as well.

  11. Thanks for the work.

    One thing I am noticing: With Cinnamon 1.6 I am still having problems with additional system tray icons (2 examples are the ibus icon for keyboard switching and the icon for “synapse” launcher) not being centered and there being white space to the right and bottom of the icons. If I Alt+2, r+enter to restart Cinnamon then the icons will appear correctly, but this must be done each boot.

  12. Hello.

    I confirm Kirk M comment ! I found all the administration stuff in the preferences section.

    But anyway, appart this 2 small things, Nemo and Cinnamon are working well until now. Great job !!!!

    Thank you so much !

  13. Clem,

    In Cinnamon Settings, some text are in english not in french, for exemple : the word “on hover” is used several times…

    If you need help for the translation between french & english, just ask. I know that you speak french at least as well as me, but I’m sure you have a lot to do elsewhere 😉

  14. How can we continue using Nautilus instead of Nemo? Can we leave Nemo in our system and use Nautilus as the default file manager?

    Cinnamon rocks!

    Edit by Clem: The simplest way is to remove nemo if you prefer nautilus or nautilus if you prefer nemo.

  15. Petro Patalas : yes of course. Just uncheck the box in Cinnamon settings : use Nemo to handle the desktop (or something like this…)

  16. @Manu
    Thank you for your answer. If I just uncheck the ‘use Nemo’ box, the system still uses Nemo as the File Manager and there are no ‘Computer’ and ‘Home’ icons on the desktop 🙂

  17. @Petros,

    Then you should probably start manually Nautilus in a terminal –> nautilus &

    And add this command to the start up applications. It should work, shouldn’t it ?

  18. With 1.6 if I have TB in one desktop and FF in another, when I click on a hyperlink in TB, FF “moves” to the desktop where TB is. Before FF stayed in his desktop and it was more confortable because I could open a lot of links, then I go to FF.
    As said a lot of Naulitus extensions are missing and “send to” is one of them. How could I have Nautilus by default and not Nemo ?
    Otherwise, great job !

  19. @Petros Patalas – I take it you haven’t uninstalled Nautilus? If so, you can simply remove the three installed Nemo packages via Synaptic and reboot. If you find that your desktop is blank after login (meaning; everything is there except for your desktop icons), open “Cinnamon Settings/Desktop” and uncheck and recheck “Let the file manager handle the desktop”. Even if it states, “…file manager (Nemo)”…, it should work.

  20. I have the same problem than Antonio Troina and kirk m in 2 different computers, I installed cinnamon and nemo in ubuntu 12.04, it worked fine for 2 or 3 days and then, when sistem starts the desktop doesn´t work with any file manager (right click doesn´t work and there is no icons) and i have to check and uncheck “Let the file manager handle the desktop” and it works right only in that session, when I restart it doesn´t work again.
    if I use the cinnamon 2D it works perfect 🙁

    Edit by Clem: Try to remove nautilus.

  21. clem, I can´t remove nautilus because another user uses gnome and unity, but I disable some desktop effects in cinnamon and then system works again. maybe the problem is in cinnamon effects, isn´t it?
    thank you for your quick answer

  22. the problem isn´t effects, when I start system and the desktop doesn´t work, It solves making uncheck and recheck “Let the file manager handle the desktop” or just opening nemo, then the problem maybe is nemo losts control of the desktop and when you start nemo it take control again.

  23. Just installed Cinnamon 1.6 and am using it. It’s very nice; I’m looking forward to the more configurable version. The blog posts and responses above were helpful to me in getting 1.6 running: Nemo is running the desktop, my icons are there, and everything is smooth.

    Thank you!

  24. @Manu
    @Kirk M
    Thank you both for your suggestions.
    My thoughts are to remove nautilus and stick with Romeo, in order to check for Nemo updates.
    Initially, I was thinking of a utility like MATE’s ‘mateconf-editor’ where you can change the window manager, but there is no such selections for Cinnamon.
    Greetings from the Greek Linux Mint community 🙂

  25. God mo************
    unbelievable!!! , just found out that spotify integrates with sound app on cinnamon 1.6, before that spotify had its own icon.

    GREAT JOB!!!!!

  26. To actually edit the properties of an item with the Cinnamon menu editor, you seem to need gnome-desktop-item-editor, which is in the gnome-panel package. Unfortunately, this pulls in GNOME Shell and a lot of stuff, I don’t want. Are there any plans to copy gnome-desktop-item-editor for Cinnamon?

  27. Hey when i updated to 1.6 it turned my text to gray on the desktop, how to i fix this back to white? also whats the difference between an Xscript session and a cinnamon session? Im using lm 13 64bit

  28. Two things. One, after updating to 1.6 the icons on the desktop are a light grey color instead of white. I can barely make it out over the wallpaper, how can i change this back to white? I found some setting that says let nemo handle the desktop so im guessing thats why the change since nemo is a new addition And two. ive noticed sometimes it uses nemo for the file manager and sometimes it uses nautulis. How do i fix it to just use one? or how do i remove one.

    And lastly a question, on the session button when you log in, IS there any difference between Xscript and cinnamon?


  29. Clem,

    I confirm the problem with Nemo not starting automatically. Don’t know why but since three days, it’s not starting when computer boot.

    I looked in statup application and Nemo is enabled. Nautilus is uninstalled since the beginning.

  30. I have had the same problem, did have to boot into gnome classic… reinstall cinnamon and not knowing what have changed today is the first time I could get into cinnamon.

    I do have nautilus btw.


  31. Is there an official way to report bugs / file requests on Cinnamon 1.6?

    I find that switching workspaces with CTRL-ALT-ARROW does not cycle when reaching the end. Cinnamon 1.4 did it.

    Also, it would be nice that when right-clicking on a window title, the “Move to another Workspace” would show the workspace names instead of generic “Workspace 1..2..3” names.

  32. By the way, and should have started with this, great work by the Mint team! It is amazing the effort and thought you put into your project.

  33. Cinnamon is good but I still prefer KDE and MATE way, way more. Maya KDE is fantastic job while Maya MATE is still my main distro 🙂

  34. From a LM13 i tried to upgrade but now cinnamon is not showing up when i select it from the Desktop manager (nor cinnamon 2D).
    It could be related to the theme i used with cinnamon 1.4.
    How can i specify a reset of all the settings in cinnamon ?

  35. I have installed it for helping (for feedback) but I couldn’t find my pc (symbol) on desktop (I need it for seing other partitions in my HDD)

    (I find Cinnamon DE very logical / rational for DE-UI layout)

  36. Im not sure what i should do. How can you undo the update? Im thinking bout goin back to the last version until this one comes more stable. I hate having black font under my icons on the desktop, it clashes with too many of my wallpapers so you cant see it. And when i first turn the computer on I have to log off and log on about 3 times before it loads correctly, Sometimes its an empty desktop, sometimes its the old desktop with white letters but not my selected font and then sometimes its the new desktop with the black font. Im scared to delete nautilus in case It turns out im stuck with the black font, or that i might not like nemo.(although there does not seem to be that much difference between the two) and im scared to delete nemo in case cinnamon is dependent on it. Can anyone confirm that if you delete nautilus that everything loads like its supposed too? Im thinking there should be a text file or config file that you can change the font to white by changing some value to FFFFFF or something but im not sure. And last thing, There does not seem to be a button to turn all cinnamon settings back to default anymore, or if there is i cant find it.

  37. I look forward to testing Cinnamon 1.6. I have been a big fan of Cinnamon since I heard of its inception back at version 1.2. I like how the Mint team is not afraid to change the things that need to be changed. You have already made such an impact on my Linux computer.

    I actually supported Unity and Ubuntu until they killed the window dodge feature. They didn’t even give you a choice to enable it, they just flat out killed it.

    Mint is different, they listen to the users. You make things better, never worse. I think you have proven yourselves worthy of the title of best Linux distro.

    Again thanks for all the hard work, and listening to the users.

  38. Everything okey now. (I have found my PC symbol in different but better (more logically) place so that we have now more useable place on desktop). Cinnamon layout is the best layout among all Linux versions for desktop/laptop types. (Unity and Gnome 3.x DE layouts are not for desktop computers, they are designed rather for tablet computers. (Also Windows 8 is so) Gnome 2.x also have two bars one on the top the other on buttom so we were losing useable place on desk. For desktop/laptop computers, logically best DE-UI (DesktopEnvironment-UserInterface) design is like Cinnamon ‘s (and Windows7 but it is not Lİnux, so out of our discussion object))

  39. Clem, I would use Cinnamon but for two features I regularly use in XFCE. I prefer to shade windows using the mouse scroll button rather than double clicking. I wonder how difficult it would be to add this feature? I know it’s annoyingly small, but using the scroll button is much more intuitive and efficient (it seems to me).

    Also, Gnome 3.x Shell is terribly inefficient on a small screen (and by extension Cinnamon). LXDE, XFCE and KDE allow one to easily remove window decorations on maximized windows. This is a different feature than Maximus, which indiscriminately maximizes all windows (unless tweaked). I would love to see the features of Maximus native to Cinnamon.

  40. hmmmm, i think i better wait for nadia so that i know it is much more stable, i also think mr. clem release 1.6 so that they will know how to patch it in the future release to make it more stable.

  41. how about a fool pt-pt translation is it on your plans, I understand that Portugal is not a great consumer of different SO then Windows bat lots of people tho claims that “if at least the system was fully in portugues that who’d be ossom” is it a possibility it is easier for me to spreed the MINT OS to them bat the translation is a big barrier for an average windows user figure this out, strange bat truth….cumps

  42. So, I love Cinnamon. And 1.6 looks very good to me, too. I’m using 6 workspaces, so that I can put every program on a different one. With 1.6, now clicking a link in a mail in Thunderbird (on Workspace 1, newly named ‘days of thunder’, Firefox is ‘pulled’ from its workspace ‘fireplace’ to the one of Thunderbird. In this way my order doesn’t work anymore. Maybe its possible to make this feature customizable. Thanks a lot for your great work.

    Edit by Clem: Yes, this was by design but it confuses people.. 🙂 We’ll make it configurable and we might change the default back to what it was in 1.4.

  43. Whoops I asked if it worked in twinview. I meant to say separate xsessions and the answer to that is a big fat no. It just reverts to an old looking gnome session with 2 of every applet.

  44. Does it still maximize windows when they are bumped against the top of the screen? I’d like to know ahead of time so I don’t waste effort installing something that does this. I liked Cinnamon, but this was a deal-breaker for me.

    Edit by Clem: That’s called “Edge-tiling”, it’s a feature you can disable in the settings. This release also introduces a new feature calls “Edge-flipping” which changes workspace when you move a window to the edge. Both features can be disabled of course.

  45. Hey there,

    so I installed 1.6 from romeo (waiting for 1.6.1 ;)) in maya but it is not working 🙁

    Seems like I always end up in Cinnamon 2D and X also crashes when trying to open a site in chrome 🙁

    Can my graphics card (GTX 660 TI) be responsible? Worked with the stable version of cinnamon like a charm :/

    Thanks for the info and also thumbs up for the good work!

    Edit by Clem: Make sure you upgraded all *muffin* packages as well.

  46. Clem, I’m very impressed… yet again. Great work by you and the dev team. No complaints from me, as it’s working just fine and seems rock solid stable.

    Just a couple of suggestions though. It would be great if the calendar applet could be configured to have the choice as to whether the week begins with Sunday as the first day of the week, or Monday, as the business world prefers. Also, would it be possible to have my tasks/appointments in Evolution/Thunderbird etc appear in the calendar, similar to how they do in Unity? I don’t like Unity, but I must confess that I do like that particular point. I’m not a dev and have no idea what’s involved, how easy/difficult it may be, or if it’s even possible. As mentioned, it’s just an idea I’m suggesting.

    Thanks for a great distro, and for all the hard work you guys always put into making it so.

  47. Please, update the software center or use ubuntu software center…

    Por favor, atualizem a central de programas..

  48. Xchat Irc has crashed on me pretty regularly since upgrading to 1.6, All my other problems seem to take care of themselves once i removed one of the competing file managers. i went with nautilus for now since it was what i was used to and because i was unable to change the font color from black when nemo controlled the desktop. Other than the x chat crashing issue everything seems to be running smoothly. If anyone was having the same disapearing desktop problems like I was then I would recommend having only one file manager active. O yeah the only other bug i noticed is that on the mdm login in manager i cant seem to scroll down to change the welcome text anymore.I havent tried accessing it in the gnome classic session yet though. I was very happy with the old version of cinnamon and im sure i will be happy with this one once all the kinks are worked out, hopefully by the time lm14 comes out. I look forward to whats coming.

  49. Upgraded to Cinnamon 1.6 and I have to say that desktop is working perfectly. I like the improvements of alt+tab function and showing the workspace applications. Just some minor things here and there e.g. calendar while changing some themes looks very small and dull the dates are not properly readable. I would also request for the feature in calendar for showing appointments etc. In expo mode with (+) button there should also be a (-) button for removing windows. I know I can close windows, but it is not as speedy and precise as perhaps it could be with (-) button. On hovering the mouse on the panel icons/ applets the information which appears is very small and does not go along nicely with different wallpapers. So next should be changing the color of panel, opacity, icon only task bar etc. etc.

  50. Clem,

    I have installed the 1.6.1 version. French version is now fully translated.

    The menu has its “administration” section. I just need to remove all the entry of “administration” who are still in “preferences” but it’s working fine !

    Thanks for this job !

    Just a suggestion : in Nemo could it be possible to have 2 address bar when we split the screen (F3). Just one is confusing for me. Maybe it could be an option…

    Thanks for this wonderful desktop 😉

  51. Hi there once again,

    I updated to 1.6.1 and still not able to get it running.

    @ Clem: Muffin is also installed correctly.

    cinnamon –version gives me 1.6.1

    syslog error message:

    mint13-desktop gnome-session[7714]: WARNING: Session ‘cinnamon’ runnable check failed: Abbruch mit Code 1

    Thanks for your time 🙂

  52. So good, a definite improvement to the already cool Cinnamon.
    The only issue so far is that the Windows Key (Super Key) is not being detected for keyboard shortcuts at all, it works for win+D, menu, but not for shortcuts (win+r e.g.) If I change the Keyboard layout for Hyper key, then the menu is no longer working, pity that. It would really be very nice if the win key would work as on the 1.4 Cinnamon.
    Otherwise, very very nice, modern, and easy to use.

  53. Great stuff, really love it!
    I’m also running the daily compile on one machine and, as of yesterday, one of the major memory leaks in Cinnamon seems to be cured.
    Just love the way things are progessing, keep up the good work!

  54. Great jobs Clem!!! Linux Mint Nadia will top Mac OS Mountain Lion I guess!! But It should be complete with a new splash screen preinstalled and a should include new themes like Energreen theme (which suits Mint more than any other theme). Nadia would be a milestone in Linux MInt marking the New Age Mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. linux mınt in bu adımla yukselişe geçti.
    her zaman yeni esnek kullanıcı dostu düsük sıstem gereksınımleri ile
    linux un yukselisi engellenemez tesekkurler emegı gecen tum yazılımcılar
    lınux severler

  56. Hi to all devs who have forged Cinnamon! I’m using 1.6 version and I would like to say it is awesome.

    I want to ask for something I miss from Cinnamon and was something I used to tweak when I used GNOME2. At the “font” section in Cinnamon’s settings I miss a “Desktop Font” setting. You know, I like to change desktop fonts and sometime I use them in Italic way, but without this thing I have to do many workarounds to get that result.

    I would like to see that in a future. Aside of that, Cinnamon is A+ DE!

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