Elyssa reaches 60%, Flash 10 Beta 2 in Romeo

– 60% of Linux Mint users are running version 5 Elyssa. On the week of the release that number quickly came up to a rough 50% and has been slowing going up since.

– Flash 10 Beta 2 (10.0.525) was added to the Romeo repositories. Please report your experience with it so we can decide whether or not to add it to the Elyssa repositories before version 10 stable is out.


  1. Yes,…the ‘branding issue’ and even more technically news. Really a young organisation and a growing pain every now and then. For now it is important to focus on quality and concistency I think. Therefore it is probably better to publice an updated ISO within the Elyssa-cycle every 6 month. With updated gnome, OpenOffice and thoroughly tested kernel-updates (and bug-fixing ofcourse). Mint can stand on it’s own feet…no reason at all to follow the Ubuntu’s point releases. Keep going Clem and team.

  2. well, I just downloaded Mint 5 (even though I heard that mint 4 is better) and Ill test it and see, if it’s better or worse!

  3. I just wanted to say a word of thanks. I used Ubuntu 8.04 but found that Elyssa has all the things i missed in Ubuntu. Thanks a million!

  4. elyssa, together with hardy, is getting better and better. to me hardy wasn’t quite ready when it was released… it is now though.

    elyssa takes all the hardy excellent features to improve them and gives the user an even better desktop experience. thanks.

    PS can I download the beta2 Flash plugin somewhere? I don’t want to add Romeo’s repositories, not yet.

  5. My first experience with Mint has been with Mint 5. I installed it on my Dell Inspiron 1525 Celeron Laptop. It is the only distro of many that I tried on this laptop that picked up my ethernet and the only distro of the many that was able to pick up on my wifi with a fix found on the Ubuntu site. Flash is working fine although I had a big problem with it initially. It turned out that a Firefox add-on, Foxmarks, is not yet compatible either with this version of Flash and/or Firefox 3 in Mint 5. I removed Foxmarks for the time being and haven’t had a problem since. Good work, Clem and team.

  6. The new version of Flash seems to be working very well for me. In particular, there is no need to refresh the youtube home page after watching a video.

  7. I like the Ubuntu repos, I like to be able to go to the bigger busier Ubuntu forums and get help, and I like being able to follow hardy guides and Ubuntu news and assume that they apply to me. Until Clem has the servers and packages to stand Linux Mint on it’s own it is just what Ubuntu could of and maybe should have been.

  8. I am having problems with Flash in “Fullscreen” Mode (like with fullscreen Youtube Videos) with the “newest” ubuntu-included nvidia driver.

    It is lagging so hard, that you’d think it is a dia show. So, I cannot watch Flash movies or animations in Fullscreen mode. Also: If I open a lot of youtube videos within Firefox in separate Tabs, Firefox slowing down, extremely.

    I am having these kind of problems with flash 9, too.

  9. I have found some bugs in Elyssa, particularly with k3b and k9copy. My solution has been to reinstall Daryna and dual boot Elyssa and Daryna. Ultimately, i hope that the Mint team can eliminate the Elyssa bugs. Thanks for all the great work.

  10. @Akurei

    if flash 10 beta 2 (make sure the version says flash 10 525) is not doing well for you then you should try version v9,0,48

  11. I’m not planing to switch to Elyssa yet. It doesn’t offer anything important. Daryna is good enough for me.

  12. I think this version of flash player 10 is definitely better than the previous one. I encountered less problem during surfing the net. The best point is, that the high cpu usage during playing flash videos seems to be solved.
    I think it should go to the repos:)

  13. I’m just simply falling in love with Elyssa. Replaced my home & office machines with Elyssa. Somehow I feel “complete” with Mint. Thanks Clem for your excellent work

  14. Another quick note: Romeo users.. mintInstall 4.0 is coming your way this week-end, it will bring 4 usability improvements.

  15. I followed the upgrade instructions found in the release notes. (http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_elyssa.php#upgradeInstructions) I am happy to report that I have successfully upgraded Daryna to Elyssa with only 2 small hiccops. First, when attempting to install the additional software (section title “Install additional software”), I got an error (about dependencies, I think?) with a suggestion from apt that I run “apt-get -f install”. I did that and then repeated the “apt install ….” command, which completed without error this time. Second, after completing the upgrade and rebooting the computer, I found that mintMenu was no longer on my panel (it was before the upgrade). This was easily remedied by right clicking on the panel, selecting “Add to panel” and adding “mintMenu” to the panel. Oh, and also after rebooting, mintUpdate found and installed some updated software, but that’s to be expected. I have not noticed any problems with my system. Many thanks to all who made this possible.

  16. Hi,
    I just installed Linux Mint Elyssa on my Dell XPS M1530.
    Flash 10 is not working for me on Firefox 3. Nothing is showing up.


  17. Hey,
    I have the same problem like Hansjoerg.
    Firefox 3 couldn’t show any flash content. And if i look the flash-nonfree package in synaptic mintInstall always want to install the 10 version :-/.


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