Linux Mint 13 “Maya” RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 13 “Maya” RC.

Available in two editions, Linux Mint 13 features the choice between a productive, stable and mature MATE 1.2 desktop and the brand new modern-looking and exciting Cinnamon 1.4. These two desktops are among the best available, they’re perfectly integrated within Linux Mint and represent great alternatives to Gnome 2 users. Linux Mint 13 is also an LTS (Long Term Support) release and it will be supported until April 2017.

MATE Edition Cinnamon Edition

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 13“.

Important info:

  • Windows popping behind the installer
  • Mint4Win
  • Desktop icons in Cinnamon

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find by leaving a comment on this blog.


Md5 sum:

  • MATE 32-bit: 3c86a1f6d203a953ddd62f974707dad5
  • MATE 64-bit: 776a2e820362833cdbb056c035a5f2c1
  • Cinnamon 32-bit: aa1af21ba8196148a801196ec68dae87
  • Cinnamon 64-bit: 3786b11fa3a28dcfc3941295e872c4ce


HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 64-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. Damn great job Clem! Both mate and cinnamon versions are just wonderful!
    But one thing does not work for me: in cinnamon version, installed on virtualbox, if i try to login into gnome classic session i get this error:
    “Xsession: unsupported number of arguments (2); falling back to default session”.
    I also tried, just to see, to install gnome shell and it’s always the same.
    Thanks for this amazing Maya 😉

  2. Will there be a Gnome 3 standard option?

    Edit by Clem: You can install gnome-shell from the repositories. It was reported that there was a problem with it in MDM, which we’ll fix as soon as possible.

  3. Will either one of these be considered as “main edition” of Linux Mint 13?

    Edit by Clem: There’s no need to make this decision until the stable release, and even then it will depend on user feedback, and how we implement the distribution of Linux Mint to OEM manufacturers, partners and magazines. If I was to recommend Linux Mint to somebody who didn’t know which edition to choose, I would recommend MATE, because it works everywhere and because it’s in continuity with our previous successful releases. There’s a reflexion to be had about whether or not we need to put emphasis on a “main” edition, and how we do it. The feedback from the RC will teach us things, so let’s wait and see for now 🙂

  4. Really looking forward to trying this out. I’m on LM10 (Julia) which is no longer supported.

    BUT… I find the ‘file-browser-applet’ utterly essential to the way I work. Is this supported, or is there any equivalent (Mate or Cinnamon)?

    Edit by Clem: I don’t think so. With that said, it’s easy to port it from Gnome 2 to MATE, and it’s easy to code one for Cinnamon. I’ll introduce the idea in both projects.

  5. Hello, Clem; amazing job in the Maya release. I love the Cinnamon release, pretty solid and the theme and background collection is simply beautiful. However, I have found three issues with it:

    1) Banshee doesn’t integrate right away with the Sound Applet. Banshee creates it’s own icon in the panel and stays that way until the shell is restarted; when the shell has been restarted once with Banshee open, this issue doesn’t happen again.

    2) Desktop fonts don’t change if System fonts are modified; I use Bitstream Charter for everything (yes, even monospace :P) and the Desktop is the only part of the session where the font isn’t changed.

    3) For some reason, the Polkit dialog bounces between GTK2 and GTK3, hapening that if you, say, want to join a Wifi network one of them will appear (I have found them in any order) and if you hit cancel you still have to remove the other one. This issue was also present in Mint 12; perhaps a bit of GTK2 code wasn’t cleaned?

    Anyway, other than that, this release is looking quite amazing and I can’t wait for the Stable version to come (of course, take all the time you need; the more stable the better 🙂 ). Cheers and Kudos. Danko.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for the detailed feedback Danko. For Banshee, we enabled the systray icon despite the fact that Cinnamon doesn’t need it so that it would be compatible with all DEs out there (MATE and Xfce in particular).

  6. @Chris Were – You should only have to install “gnome-shell” which is in the repositories (this should install all needed dependencies). This would work best if you install the “Cinnamon” edition LM 13 though and then install “gnome-shell”. Once that’s done you’ll be able to select which DE you wish to run from the login menu.

  7. Hi, my favorite is Cinnamon but today make a big scrap of images in memory as desktop and lose all normal desktop icons. Now all is ok. Using HTOP I discover that I cant Exit because F10 is grabbed by terminal window as shortcut form menu.
    My favorite distro remain Linux Mint 11 but
    Tomorrow I’ll try Mint 13. Thanks.

  8. Can’t wait to test drive LM 13 RC! When will the final release come out?

    Edit by Clem: That depends on how many bugs you find 🙂

  9. Very well, I got the two versions of Linux Mint 13 RC, both are felt very fast, in Live DVD, especially with the MATE desktop version. The desktop Cinnamon did not load on my machine, since it still needs graphics acceleration, so I loaded a desktop fallback mode (Gnome 3) that really works very well.-

    Otherwise, I found a big ugly bug in Both Editions: They have problems to connecting to the Internet, cost me several times using the Network Manager and I recognized the connection to the Internet, nor walked me using “sudo pppoeconf” in terminal. Hopefully this is corrected in the final version should be borne in account that it is an LTS version.- Thanks Clem and the Linux Mint Team !!!!

  10. does it support nvidia swithable graphics cards (optimus)by default or we will have to install some software like bumblebee?

  11. oh well this looks seriously good. haven’t installed it anywhere yet, running off USB, but will do later to test it for a friend. i can’t imagine anyone will have a reason to complain about missing gnome 2 after this release.

  12. @Danko8321
    To change the desktop icon fonts in Cinnamon editio, install dconf-tools package then open dconf-editor from your menu and navigate to org/gnome/nautilus/desktop, you’ll see the “font” entry. Change its value to whatever you like (for example: Sans 9).

    Edit by Clem: Much simpler, open Cinnamon Settings and click on “Fonts” 😉

  13. Great news! I’m waiting for the KDE version, guess the first RC for that will come out after the final version on the Mate/Cinnamon edition does. If 13 KDE is as good as 12 was all will be right with the world!

    Edit by Clem: I won’t give any ETA, but we’re planning KDE and Xfce editions next and I’d like them to be released at the same time.

  14. Hi,
    What is the policy regarding the mate-desktop in Maya ?
    Will you update Linux Mint Maya with the new releases of Mate as soon as they come up or will you stick with Mate-1.2 ?
    I’m asking you this because Ubuntu is used to releasing 3/4 new images CD along the lifespan of their LTS, and you may profit from that to include new releases of Mate in the same manner with Mint releases.
    Anyhow, bringing Mate on Mint is very nice, congratulations to the team !

    Edit by Clem: Hi Greg, it depends on priorities. In the past most Mint users were running either the latest release or the second latest release and the LTS ones weren’t that much more popular. If we find people stick to Maya, we’ll consider this. In the case of MATE, also note that Stefano packages each release (and even in-between updates) for Debian and Ubuntu. Comes MATE 1.4, we’re unlikely to force the update on people in Maya, but you’re very likely to find 1.4 in the MATE Ubuntu Precise repository… in other words, if you opt-in on the MATE repo, you’re likely to find future MATE releases for Ubuntu 12.04 and Mint 13.

  15. @Clem
    As Danko8321 said, desktop icon fonts can’t be changed using Cinnamon Settings. But you can use dconf-editor (dconf-tools package) to do that.

    Edit by Clem: Ok thanks, I’ll look into that.

  16. Hi, this release looks great. Here’s what I’ve found:
    1. With the Cinnamon edition, it says “Xsession: unsupported number of arguments (2); falling back to default session” when I try to go to gnome fallback in virtual box.
    2. In the release notes it says that the boot screen is completely black, but for the live dvd there is a boot screen – the background is black but it says Mint 13 and it has the dots.
    3. Nightlife-grey is great except the menu is touching the panel but not touching the left side (this is a problem with Cinnamon/Gnome Shell I think)
    4. In MATE, if I type “compi” into the mintMenu it freezes. I’ve tried this multiple times on the live DVD and in Virtual Box
    5. It would be nice to have a face browser for MDM (I know there’s a way to do this but MDM looks ugly and has a debian logo)
    6. I couldn’t get compiz to work in MATE.

  17. THX clem great job, tested both in Vbox. I Confirm comment nr. 2.
    I think Cinnamon looks great, but i cannot put my panels on the left side. (i need 2 of them) – Mate is what we were used too.
    Running Mint9 on this production machine, Mint5 still running for the kids.

  18. Great release, I’ve tested both version and they are exceptional. The only bug I can find is (and this is NOT in virtual box like other’s have had a problem with, it’s installed directly to the hard drive) when trying to load a Cairo-dock session from the desktop manager(which I personally think is kinda ugly now) I get the “Xsession: unsupported number of arguments (2); falling back to default session”
    Other than that these already seem exceptionally stable! Keep up the great work!

  19. I can see the Cinnamon improvements you talked about. Seems more polished.
    Cinnamon is the way to go, for me. But MATE is also looking good, on par with the previous releases.

    Many (including me) were fearing for the feature of Linux Desktop when Gnome 3 came out and Canonical made the move to Unity. It seemed that there was no hope for a nice desktop experience in the foreseable future. But Mint showed the and i think it’s safe to assume it even improved on what we had with more choice and more quality.

    I’m glad to see that there is such a distro drived not by private interests, but the good of all.
    Congrats on another great release!

  20. Can’t wait to see the software manager get some love! Maybe next release? Keep up the great work with cinnamon, I just think it needs just a little something else to stand out against the crowd. Good job guys!

  21. Is there going to be an upgrade guide published? Since LM10 has reached EOL, I think there are going to be many of us wanting to upgrade our (very stable) LM10 servers to LM13, with minimal downtime.

    I can wait a while if needed, but being able to perform this upgrade is going to be important.

  22. Clem, I have a suggestion for the boot splash:

    Maybe you could use, instead of a black screen, a simple green screen (which would be consistent with Linux Mint’s identity/branding).

    That way the user would notice that the computer has actually passed grub and started booting the operating system, but still looking consistent across all platforms.

    Please take it into consideration 🙂

  23. @Clem.Nice solid work by you&team as always,but a few glitches in the tryout of both Cinnamon and Mate editon.Mate is not very Compiz friendly,at all.I got it installed but it was a mess to tweak and use,it also seemed to be quite RAM hungry on my laptop,otherwise it seemed solid.Cinnamon has a problem with languages,its mixed up even though it seems to be almost 100% translated in Cinnamon translations (Swedish)and it pulled down the language during installation,this is also the case for Applets (which of course are made by other individuals and will probably never be translated??).However i was not able to install any applets because im stupid =) and couldnt right click to open as administrator to extract them to their folder .Another language flaw is a persistent one,when you decide to install you cant change your location to a one that contains scandinavian letters,this is not the case in Ubuntu,it seems to recognize your keyboard before starting Ubiquity.I installed Julia again in wait for a replacement.It would be good if you could give Julia some love,updating Firefox,Gimp,etc,and everything that needs to be updated and release her once again =) (That was a quite good idea or what??.)Is it even be possible to do that??…

  24. Cinnamon seems to have lost the ability to set the desktop font. I had to download dconf-tools and set it there.

  25. Had Mint several releases till now.
    No full Gnome3 support means no Mint for me anymore.

    I also complained a lot about Gnome3/Unity. But i took the challenge and adapted my workflow to the new desktop. Now i won’t miss it anymore. It wasn’t easy and took about 3 months but now i’m working more straight and much faster than with Gnome2, especially with my two 27″ monitors and many (~15-20) application windows.
    I’m not saying this is adaptable for everybody. But most people didn’t even gave it a real chance…

  26. Another problem that I’m having is that when I move the cursor from this firefox window onto the panel, it turns from black to white.

  27. There is one thing I don’t understand: if the Mint community like so much the traditional desktop, why don’t you use KDE instead of the old Gnome2?

  28. Just found a bug during install on my test machine, a compaq V3000 output reads from install terminal: (ubiqity:2913) CRITICAL **: unable to create ‘/root/.cache/dconf’; dconf will not work properly Everything else works out of the box as usual ie: wired,wireless,sound and graphics. The installer is still going but I’ll keep an eye out for more. Linux Mint 12 Main works fine on this machine

  29. Thanks Clem and the Linux Mint team. Looking forward to the final release of LM 13 in the KDE version.

  30. This is wicked. Good job Mint Team! Cannot wait for the final release, keep up the amazing work guys.

    I’m absolutely in love with Cinnamon. 🙂 No bugs so far either.

  31. I am downloading the i686 cinnamon rc as I type this. I tried Mint 12 but I hate gnome 3 (and MATE) I ended up going back to Mint 11 which I think as of now is the BEST OS EVER. I can’t wait to give this a whirl. Thanks so much for all the hard work your team has put in to Mint. I have converted ALL my friends from Windows to Mint. With this release I hope to convert even people I don’t know! I use Mint 11 GNOME on all 4 of my desktops and Mint 11 XFCE on my old slow laptop… Again THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK, it is most appreciated!

  32. Here are some bugs I’ve found in the Cinnamon 64 bit edition:
    1. When opening Nautilus, the cursor changes to the busy symbol and nothing can be clicked for about 20 seconds.
    2. The ‘Menu Hover Delay’ setting cannot be edited: the 2 little buttons do nothing, and the default value (0) cannot be changed.
    3. The cursor changes from the default white cursor to a black cursor when it is moved over System Profiler & Benchmark window.
    4. In the menu, the writing for ‘System Profiler and Benchmark’ is cut off, so that it reads: ‘System Profiler and Benchma’
    5. In Power settings, the ‘Show battery status in the menu bar’ settings have no effect.
    6. Upon changing certain settings, the old default GNOME Shell notification appears on the top left for about half a second, displaying lots of text, then vanishes.
    7. The cursor busy symbol changes from default (white) to black when using Nautilus.

    These bugs are all minor however, and Cinnamon is progressing very nicely, and I look forward to using it in the final release.

  33. Sorry, number 6 above should read: ‘…the old default GNOME Shell notification appears on the top RIGHT…’

  34. I just installed Cinnamon-64 in a VMWAre 8.03 virtual machine under VMWare Workstation. It’s lovely!

    A possible bug…

    After installation, I went over to Cinnamon settings – Windows and changed to left-side title bar buttons Minimize, Maximize, Close (the same order as the right side.)

    I did a reboot, as required. Now in Cinnamon settings I still see the icons on the right side of the title bar. Similar result if I open the home icon. I’m using gnome theme – haven’t tried others yet.

    Thanks and good luck.

  35. Hi Clem, congrats on the RC’s, my first impression has been overwhelmingly positive with Cinnamon. I can finally stop worrying about what my next DE should be 🙂

    I’m wondering, though, is the bundled version of Cinnamon based on Gnome 3.4? And what happens when Gnome is updated to 3.6, could Cinnamon potentially break or will the Gnome update be held off? Cheers.

    Edit by Clem: It was designed for Gnome 3.2 and it’s compatible with Gnome 3.4. I would recommend extreme prudence when upgrading Gnome and/or clutter.

  36. @Juan: probably because they like gnome better then kde…

    so they want gnome but they also want a more traditional desktop…i like and use unity myself but if i wanted to return to a conventional desktop in gnome (i prefer gnome) i would use Cinnamon or Mate but more likely Cinnamon since i like gnome3….

    PS: I am the original “Craig” not the newer one (LOL)…

  37. Thanks Mint Team for the RC.

    However, before I try and install it, I have a couple of questions:

    Are Compiz and Compiz Enhanced Desktop Zoom installed and enabled by default in MATE? If not, may I ask why? Mint 10 had them enabled by default and it’s a must for visually impaired users to use the OS (we should not have to fumble around to install packages and install keystroke shortcuts out of the box when previous versions did not force us to).

    Is some kind of zoom function similarly enabled by default in Cinnamon? Again, the same reasons iterated above apply.

    One in five people in North America is visually impaired; that’s a lot of us. Could you please help ensure that the Mint experience is a rich one for us too?


    Edit by Clem: Hi Roj, Compiz is available and we know it works with MATE. It requires the user to tinker with configuration though and it won’t work out of the box. Compiz is tweaked in Ubuntu to integrate well with Unity. In a foreseeable future, we’ll try to make it work out of the box in MATE, but for this release it was outside of the scope.

  38. Congratulations on the release of Mint 13 RC. I chose the MATE edition, and I have to say that MATE has come a long, long way in a very short time. At this point I have not found a single bug related to what I use my computer/desktop for. It is beautiful, stable, and for me, faster than any previous Mint release. The future of Mint is secured.

  39. There is some sort of problem with the volume level using the Oxygen HD Audio driver for a CMedia CMI 8788 audio card. The volume is extremely low and often barely audible. This seemed to work fine in previous versions.

  40. I have a question: Say I wanted both MATE & Cinnamon on the same machine, would there be any benefit to getting the MATE edition and then installing Cinnamon versus getting the Cinnamon edition and then installing MATE? Or wouldn’t it matter?

    Edit by Clem: It would be easier to start with the Cinnamon edition and install mint-meta-mate… but be careful, you’d end up with a lot of duplicated tools and programs and integration (mime type associations for instance) might suffer a bit. It’s possible to fine-tune the system and get to a stage where both desktops are working nicely on each side (we did it for LMDE) but it requires a lot of attention.

  41. Congratulations! I have not tried new one. Is VLC being made default player in 13? It would be nice to have VLC as default media player

  42. @Roj
    Compiz is installed in MATE, but it isn’t enabled and I haven’t been able to get it working. For Compiz Enhanced Desktop Zoom, you need to install compizconfig settings manager. Why? My guess is because compiz is fairly resource intensive and it has a lot of problems with MATE.

    As for Cinnamon, again no. Why not? Because it takes a lot of work to implement and Cinnamon still has a number of bugs that are very important to fix (like memory leaks).

  43. Will cinnamon support software rendering in 13?

    Edit by Clem: This was something I wanted, personally, and I’m not sure it’s 100% ready. I’ll do more tests before the stable release to see how well/bad Cinnamon works in software rendering on the Ubuntu 12.04 base.

  44. @cwwgateway & Roj : To get the compiz working you have to type in terminal “compiz –replace” after this compiz will work. If you like then you have to add this command to start up applications, and it will be working from the start.

    Now Why it is not enabled by default, can’nt say. But I didn’t encounter any problem while compiz on. But perhaps others may tell the reason.

    Edit by Clem: One of the key advantages of MATE is that it works on every computer. So even in the future if we manage to make Compiz work out of the box, it’s likely we won’t enable it by default.

  45. There is two (–) hyphen before replace, but in my above comment it is showing single, although I typed two.

  46. I currently use Linux Lisa, but I’ve been recomending Isadora. The reasons for that have been disapearing steadily.

    I did choose to use Cinnamon, among other things because MATE did fail on compiz. I don’t like the eye-candy, but the aero-snap.

    Now… I use a mix of mate-control-center and gnome-control-center. For example I use sound from gnome-control-center but printers from mate-control-center, I don’t get network to appear on mate-control-center nor I find where to change the wallpaper there… so I have to use gnome-control-center’s version for that, but from the applets in cinnamon’s bar. So I have a link to mate-control-center in my favortes, I added it with dconf-editor back then when you couldn’t drag and drop… from where I’m goint to drag it anyway?

    Lastly, I would like to be able to use the lastest tortoisehg with nautilus integration, and that’s not working.

  47. Another small glitch in Cinnamon-64 under VMware:

    If I go to Cinnamon Settings/panel and ask for classic desktop layout, only the bottom panel appears. This is even after a reboot.

    Once again, though, thanks to you all for a wonderful job.

  48. Installed Mate 64-bit on system: Gigabyte 970A-UD3, 8GB, FX-6100, nVidia 9800GT, Cricial M4 64BG SSD. Stable, very fast. No problems, no obvious bugs.

  49. @cwwgateway & bobby:

    While I appreciate the help, the reason I would like those features enabled by default is the following:

    Without them enabled by default, I have to get out a magnifying glass and while using it, hold my face six inches away from my 27″ screen while typing with one hand until I get the packages installed and the features running correctly.

    That is not a pleasant experience and no user should have to do that. I use Windows 7 and on occasion my son’s MacBook Pro and an iPad2. Both systems support visually impaired users with excellent magnification facilities out of the box.

    Under Linux, it used to be a similar experience. I didn’t have to do what I described above with either Ubuntu 10.04 / 10.10 or Mint 9 / 10 because both Compiz and the Enhanced desktop Zoom features were enabled by default out of the box.

    It’s one thing to have never had a feature and quite another to have it taken away after it was there and a standard feature. It’s also very easy for normally sighted people to ascribe lesser value or a lower priority to those features and I should know: five years ago I was completely normally sighted until cone dystrophy took away my central vision permanently.

    This is why I raise and will continue to raise those issues. As I said, there are a LOT of us in the same boat.

  50. Well done Clem and the team! I’ve loaded Mint 13 (Mate) on my test hard drive that was running Mint 12 (Cinnamon). I also have Ubuntu 12.04 on another drive in this same machine (Unity) as well.

    I used Cinnamon from its initial release in Mint 12 and really liked it, although it was a touch slow to open the menu (~ 1 second) on my first generation core i3 machine. Very stable though.

    I will use Mint 13 RC (Mate) as my production machine (keeping Unity 12.04 as backup on the other drive) to see how it goes.

    My Machine: Core i3 (1st generation), H55-USB3 Gigabyte motherboard with 4GB RAM.

    First impressions are that I like MATE, its fast and responsive.

  51. Hi Clem, I sent you an email to root at linuxmint dot com. The Mint-X family of themes isn’t rendered properly on Mate. I hope you get this fixed because that is the default theme.

    Yes it looks good enough in Mate but that’s not how it’s supposed to look. This issue could affect other themes too.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Bamm, I got the email. We’ll try to give Mint-X its former good looks 🙂 I thought it looked good in Mint 13, but you’re right, I can see we can do better here 🙂

  52. Trying it out on an old hp tx1000, the cinnamon release don’t start because the drivers, trying to start a gnome classic session but I got an error
    “Xsession: unsupported number of arguments (2); falling back to default session”.

    Instaled in my desktop pc, and runs fine, installed gnome-shell but it doesn’t appears the option to change session.

    Thanks for all your effords!!!

  53. What are the rules about using Mint 13 Maya as the base of a distro?

    Is there any issue about having the word “Mint” in its name? The Ubuntu-based distros love putting “Ubuntu” or “buntu” in their names so I wonder if this is allowed in Mint.

    Also, is there an issue about including the Maya wallpapers? In my development version I removed all the Mint wallpapers, but I can’t help but love the new Maya wallpapers. They are beautiful! If I am not allowed to preinstall them by default, am I allowed to offer the said backgrounds as an optional download?

    Lastly, is it ok to include some mint tools like mintinstall, mintupdate, mintsystem, and mintmenu? They are what make the mint experience wonderful compared to Ubuntu.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Bamm, the only thing that matters is that people don’t think they’re running Mint or that we’re maintaining something we’re not, so don’t use the name, logo or official branding. You might be able to include mint in a different name. For the photographs check the credits file in /usr/share/backgrounds/linuxmint-maya-extra/, you can reuse them, for the mint tools and everything else, it’s all open-source and they’re unbranded so you can use them as they are or modify them, that’s completely up to you.

  54. Just installed Cinnamon 64 bit on the following system: Gigabyte 970A-UD3, 8GB, FX-6100, nVidia 9800GT, Cricial M4 64BG SSD. Stable, very fast. No problems, no obvious bugs. Very nice, very polished. I’m sold.

  55. i cannot boot in cinnamon 32 bits

    it say something no boot options or UI and i have

    boot: _

    what should i do?

  56. Maya RC Cinnamon x32 installed in HP Pavilion dv5.
    Everything looks nice for day to day work. Works really fast, without problems. Will try the Cinnamon x64 as well.

    Team, thank you all for the time spend on this.

  57. What will happen when The official Release comes out will the RC update itself or what. Sorry for sounding stupid but this is my first time ever working with an RC for Linux

    Edit by Clem: Most of the time you can just apply level 1 and level 2 updates from the RC as they appear in the update manager. If something else needs to be done, it will be indicated in the announcement of the stable release. Please don’t use the RC as a way to get Mint 13 earlier though… although it’s quite stable, people will find bugs. Unless your primary motivation is to help find bugs, you’re better off to wait for the stable release.

  58. Just wondering when I install Google chrome and I try to uninstall Firefox, Linux mint installs another web browser with out recognizing that Google chrome is chosen to be the default web browser. I am a rookie to Linux so just wondering if there is some way to uninstall Firefox with out problems. I have heard of chromium the open source to chrome but Ubuntu does not always update it on time. The chromium web browser is still on version 18.

  59. I’m sad. 🙁 Ubuntu 12.04 has bad graphics drivers and LM13 “Maya” inherited them.

    See Maya fail:
    See Ubuntu fail:

    My Ubuntu video has a long description of the problem and my full hardware specification.

    What (else) I don’t like about Maya:
    1. the black screen (no splash) at boot
    2. No message to remove the CD/DVD and press Enter after ending a live session

    I haven’t made other tests so far. But I’m already disappointed.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Kneekoo, for point 1 check the release notes to see how to switch to a graphical boot splash.

  60. downloading both RC right now. Have a small confusion regarding which (mate or cinnamon) will be better to install gnome-shell in. 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon uses Gnome 3, MATE doesn’t. So in the Cinnamon edition you just need to install gnome-shell, in the MATE edition you’d have to pull Gnome altogether.

  61. Well, if you recommend to report any bugs right here, I recall a few minor/cosmetic ones in the MATE edition.

    1. The mintmenu-keybinder package has a few flaws (from my point of view).
    I’ve written more about that here:

    2. Network Manager applet looks out of place with the current Gtk+3 theme… too bad there’s no MATE port of old Gnome 2’s nm-applet.
    3. Some dependencies probably need a fix.
    4. Some MATE packages aren’t installed by default.
    I’ve written more about these three ones here:

    Also, I suggest choosing a replacement for brasero. Not only it uses Gtk+3 (and looks somewhat ugly among other MATE apps), its library (libbrasero-media3-1) somehow depends on libunity9, so the latter is obviously installed by default. This dependency on a piece of Unity doesn’t really make sense.

    Overall, the MATE edition works fine.

  62. Does the 32Bit version also require PAE like Ubuntu 12.04?

    Edit by Clem: No, it works on both PAE and non-PAE CPUs.

  63. Great work,

    I’ve tested the 64bit Cinnamon version in Virtual Box and I encounter one thing: when your logged in cinnamon and when the 2nd user will use it by logging in to his own userprofile without the first one has logged out, cinnamon goes to fall-back for the 2nd user. Also, my NVIDIA graphics card wasn’t detected automaticaly what i was used to but that is a minor problem.

    The memory leakage in cinnamon seems te be solved, what is a very good thing. Great job, the moment the final comes out, i will install it 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Careful, we fixed a few memory leaks (maybe the ones you were suffering from before?), but we know for sure there still are memory leaks in Cinnamon 1.4 UP1.

  64. There is some sort of problem with audio output using the Oxygen HD audio driver for a CMedia CMI8788 sound card. The sound is barely audible, had to turn the level up to 200 percent in the VLC player. I wish you would go back to the way sound was handled in version 11, where everything seemed to work much better.

  65. Somehow I knew you would release the RC today. Will try both versions today. thx to all developers 🙂

  66. Thanks for linking direct to the international mirrors, very thoughtful and saves the usual searching!

  67. Thanks for this release! I’ve downloaded and installed the Cinnamon edition and it’s looking really great. So far just one issue: I tried installing both unity and gnome-shell along side cinnamon and neither shows up at the login. I thought maybe it was an MDM issue so I uninstalled it and replaced it with, first, GDM and then LightDM, but neither unity nor gnome-shell appears; mate, however, does appear at all the logins once it’s installed. What am I missing, anyone?

  68. Help is broken in all Gnome applications in both releases. Opening the Help>Contents menu in a Gnome application, opens Firefox at

    Running yelp directly does the same. I hope this is a bug and not intentionally? (I think we want access to the applications’ help files.) The help files seems to be installed on both releases, for example I found the Gedit help files in /usr/share/help/C/gedit. Tested with Gedit, Nautilus, Pluma and Caja.

    Edit by Clem: No, it’s by design. Help is a real mess at the moment. Gnome apps assume you’re running Shell, Ubuntu patch it with Unity content and in the end it doesn’t properly integrate with either MATE or Cinnamon. We talked about this in the MATE dev. team and decided to make mate-help point to Within Mint itself we’re pointing people at our user guide, which we’re planning to update. Going forward we’ll need to assess how we provide quality help that is relevant (i.e. we can’t use help contents which assume you’re running Shell or Unity).

  69. Btw, making Mate and Cinnamon the defaults is a wickedly bold move and really shows the middle finger to all recent Linux DE turmoils. And that is why Mint is the king of desktop Linux 🙂

    Edit by Clem: I hope it doesn’t start any controversy. It’s nothing new, since we started in 2006, our main preocupation has always been to provide quality desktop environments. We worked on many improvements and tools such as mintMenu and perfected Gnome 2 with each and every release, so to be told we had to throw everything and adopt something we didn’t think was as good as what we had before, was never an option, especially in an open-source context where we only need upstream projects if they implement what we need. When we design Mint, we have Mint in mind, we know what we want, we consider the various ways to get to that, sometimes we use upstream components, sometimes we adapt them, sometimes we replace them with alternatives, sometimes we even code our own alternatives… there’s no rivalry or competition with Shell or Unity, they’re just upstream components that are available to us, among many others, and they’re only relevant to us if we can make use of them and they help us implementing our vision. If they grow in popularity, maybe one day we’ll have editions for them, but in the scope of building our main desktops, they’re just not useful to us. MATE brings us that same desktop we enjoyed for so many years, Cinnamon starts something new and exciting which we control and on top of which we can innovate easily. These are the two components we’re likely to build Mint on going forward.

  70. I’ve just downloaded and installed Maya-cinnamon edition. It works like a charm and I’ve quickly set up all goodies which I had configured under Lisa and Cinnamon.
    Generally there is not much difference from previous version after Cinnamon is installed, but quite different from base Lisa+Gnome3+MGSE.
    The best thing is that it is LTS release!
    I’m overall extremely happy with what Mint became since last 3 versions and Mint is available in all 4 computers in my family. Keep the pace guys!

  71. I can’t believe, it’s always getting better.
    One thing I found with MDM is the auto-login feature. It’s working when configured in MDM settings directly. But there is another option from ubuntu in the user settings dialog there is another option to auto login. This one’s not working.

    Thanks Clem for your hard work!

  72. I installed the MATE version and I have to say I didn’t expect so much progress! It’s perfect! At last all the things in the right places and many usability improvements. AND it’s fast. Great job!

  73. I installed mate edition. It looks great, but compiz works not properly. When I type “compiz –replace” all my windows loose their borders. Can it be fixed?

  74. As two versions have been released, does that mean that the two DEs have probs co-existing? I like to run both.

    Is there any support for nVidia Optimus cards or must one install BumbleBee?

    Merci, Clem.

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure about the nvidia question sorry… about MATE and Gnome, it’s a bit like having KDE and Gnome on the same machine… they’re different desktops, they both come with a lot of apps and configuration tools, you can install both and it will work, but you’ll end up with a messy desktop 🙂

  75. Congratulations Clem & Team

    Installed MATE 64, only very minor issues so far:
    installed via flash drive, when install was finished it didn’t ask me to remove the flash drive before rebooting;
    the install program said I needed 5.9 Gig v. 5 Gig in blog announcement (I used 6.2);
    the menu is very fast but sometimes the highlight rapidly flashes between two different menu options; moving the mouse to another option stops the flashing (I installed the nvidia driver, if that makes a difference).

    Like I said, very minor. Great work guys! I’ll keep testing, then try the Cinnamon 64.

  76. I installed the Cinnamon 64 bit version my normal pc, and I like it :). So far no problems with that and the desktop is also very smooth. I think I can keep this for a while ^^.

    The MATE edition I installed on my laptop(which has quite lesser specs then my normal pc) and it works great on my laptop. I gonna see if I can use it on daily basis in combination with school.

  77. Hi, Clem

    Great distro…has the silky feel of CentOS 5.

    I have been on your distros since 7, and use dosemu to run first choice. First Choice wont run under the new 12.04 kernel, although dosemu runs fine. Is this a timing issue with the new scheduler? It is the same on all Ubuntu 12.04 distros. I have tried them all.

    Thanks —

  78. Installed MATE 32 bit on a slow 5 year old Acer desktop, no problems at all during install and update, runs smoothly, quickly, and beautifully! Congrats and thanks!

  79. hmmmmmm

    For some reason… Cinnamon does not show up in the login session screen… checked repos… it wasn’t installed???? what the??? So then I installed cinnamon from the repos, logged out… and then I had UNITY2D, UNITY3D, GNOME-SHELL, CINNAMON, MATE etc… what the hell…..

  80. Great release, here’s my report from installing the 64 bit version of both MATE and Cinnamon on my ASUS N53SN.

    I first installed the MATE version, it worked perfectly and I proceeded to run my “after install” script to bring in all my extra programs and stuff. I also installed Bumblebee (as the machine is nVidia Optimus)
    Upon reboot the desktop was replaced by a uniform blue color – it still had the two icons for Home and Computer, but the Menu and panel was gone. I don’t know what went wrong?? Tried rebooting a couple of times.

    But as I really wanted the Cinnamon interface I installed that instead. Works great (and it seems more stable on my machine than LM12 with Cinnamon)

    I have found one bug. With VirtualBox 4.1.14 installed my virtual machines that normally run in NAT mode can’t connect to the internet. I have to switch over to Bridged mode to make it work. Has something been taken out since LM12 – some sort of router software missing or not started?

    Otherwise this is a great distro that keeps getting better and better.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks Morten

  81. So what will happened to Gnome?

    Edit by Clem: If you mean the old Gnome, it’s now called MATE. The new one (Gnome 3) runs underneath Cinnamon. As for Gnome Shell, it’s available from the repositories (installed “gnome-shell” and “gnome-session”).

  82. perfect. works like a dream. Installed over Ubuntu 12.04 (which was installed over Mint 11 !!). Initial error message re dconf as above (could be becuase system updates was open at the time?) .
    Also on lenovo x60 wifi and keyboard mouse did not work after install. attached to wired internet, updated all packages and rebooted.
    Everything is working perfectly.

    thanks for the great RC release.

  83. what a hell!usb dongles don’t work.In pardus work fine and in mint latest don’t work yet?

    Edit by Clem: They do. They’re hybrid ISOs, I personally tried them with both USB Creator and USB Imagewriter as part of our testing. Please be more specific about the problem.

  84. Will there be an option to download CD size images when Maya is released? I do not have a DVD drive and my computer does not boot to USB. Yeah, it is old but I have a laptop provided by my work that is brand new so I really do not have much of a need to spend money on a new home computer. Problem is, I cannot install anything on the work laptop.

    I always wished there were CD images for the Debian edition too. Hoping stand Mint isn’t going to DVD only as well.

    Edit by Clem: The stable release should come with CD non-codecs ISOs.

  85. Just a reminder to all the people trying out the new versions that if you find Linux Mint useful (any version) please consider a donation. I am not affiliated with the project in any way (other than being a user) but our continued support helps ensure the continued progress and availabilty of Linux Mint.

    Thank you.

  86. I’ve been in love with mint lisa 12 mate 32 bit on my hp pavilion slimline s5713w all works SO well LoaDED the Nivida Driver and plays my MOST FAV. Awesome FREE on all Platforms Linux WIN And MAC . America’s Amry 2.5 by AAssist25 but must have the Nivida or ATI driver installed!!!!! to play!!!! BUT the Maya RC 32 bit (COZ AA2.5 is 32 program!must be a 32 OS) Maya Cinnamon 32bit I did Twice install and reinstalled same thing when loading the nvidia driver after the reboot can hear the sound of the desktop BUT NO picture only Black!!! and i tryed maya 32 bit MATE loaded and rebooted the nivida driver behold i got to the desktop So beautiful BUT the Army game Playes WAY TOOOOO SLOWWWWWWWWWWW if at all! But ALL IS WELL IN LISA By BABY! I love her so in Jesus Name Thanks for A wonderful OS!!!

    Handshakes Keith

  87. @clem i have windows and mint 12 in dual boot.. i got 13 yesterday and i tried mint4win it worked well but always comes back to the image.(its not getting installed??)(always goes live)? what is the reason? should i install it as usual when i enter mint using mint4win??

    usually it installs automatically right?

    and if i were to install it which partition should i install it too….

    by the way, mint is rocking fast!!!
    planning to change all my 20 computers to mint 13 cinnamon 64bit 🙂 (laboratory)

    Edit by Clem: Select loop0 for both the target partition and the grub bootloader.

  88. Quick question: How about LM13 with LXDE? Reason: I appreciate the virtues of Ubu12.04 but cannot install it on some of the older hardware that I am using for the safe house my wife and I run for abandoned children. LM12 LXDE works pretty well but I would like the 12.04 base. So…?

  89. @Carlos Felipe, Ubuntu Software Center only works in Ubuntu. It won’t work if it detects another operating system. But don’t worry, Mint Software Manager is better.

  90. Although working on LM12 but my favourite remains to be LM11 because I like the easy to use and modify factor much more than LM12’s appearance. I must appreciate The classsic LM menu added by Clem in 12. that was amazing.

    Looking forward to LM13, hopefully it meets my likes and dislikes as an OS

  91. Will give this a shot. I have been running ArchBang! with no issues. But I will try this live and see what happens. But I am not holding my breath that it will work on my hardware.

  92. One thing I’ve always disliked in Mint was the blinking cursor and splash screen while booting. I actually LIKE seeing the kernel messages fly by (like Debian does) so I can see anything that might be amiss during the startup phase. Is there any keystroke that will enable fall back into a mode where this is visible? Or maybe provide an install option for this. When FSCK decides to scan disks during start up there is very little feedback of what’s going on, and sometimes it can take as long as a half hour to scan (I have a 3/4TB home partition!).

    Edit by Clem: I think you can remove quiet and splash from the grub arguments.

  93. Clem (and the team), thanks a lot for this release. Once the Final comes out, I’ll check out the Cinnamon desktop version.

  94. LinuxMint 11 was and still is my first taste of Linux. I have been very happy with it except for two things. I did not ever succeed in installing the proper driver for my Nvidia video card and Moonlight is a disaster.

    I am however about to update to Ivy Bridge (HD Graphics 4000) shortly. Should I expect LinuxMint 13 to run smoothly on that. Are there any driver issues at present that should be considered?

  95. @Ken Scharf:
    To see the kernel messages at boot you simply remove the “quiet” and “splash” entries from the kernel command line. This is usually done in /etc/default/grub, and after you make changes there, run “update-grub” as root (e.g. via sudo).

  96. @Clem:54

    Thank you so very much for your consideration – it is very much appreciated. Having to wait is eminently better than the approach Ubuntu took, which given the last three releases, is a flat-out “NO!”.

    Will that be a later release of the LTS (like a Mint 13.1 a la Ubuntu’s point releases of 10.04 LTS) or will it be more of a Mint 14 kind of thing? The reason I ask is that I was hoping to get away from having to upgrade for a while after the next one I do.

    Thanks again for taking folks like me into account in your plans.

  97. I installed it on my dell optiplex 390 desktop! It works beautifully!!! I had to enter in the reboot=pci command to get it reboot, but that was the one and only hiccup. I am using the cinnamon version of mint, it runs atleast twice as fast as regular ubuntu! I was able to reload my dekstop from ubuntu to mint, restore my data ( about 20gbs worth ) configure my applications, ( which are quite a few ), all in about 2 hours! I love it!!! The install process, from usb key, took about 30 minutes.. My boot up time is about 20 seconds from a poweroff to desktop. I’m running an i5 with 8gb of ram.. I love how I can add as many workspaces as i need ( which is the biggest reason why I switched to mint ).. I love it! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

  98. Looks great, but there is something weird happening for me. All flash videos (like anything on YouTube) play in fast forward speed with no sound. A video that should be 1 minute long will be done in about 15 seconds!
    Tried 64bit MATE edition.

  99. Will try this on virtualbox. A more general remark is that Mint 12 (Mate edition) consumed a lot of resources on my aging AMD64 unicore pc (Athlon 3200+) with 4GB Ram.

    When will the focus of Linux Mint switch to performance so that the system does not start swapping only if you have both firefox and libreoffice running on the same time?

  100. Congratulations to Clem & the team on bringing out Maya RC LTS.
    Normally I stick to LMDE but I decided to install this one, as it’s rather special to the Mint community: young Maya can lead us into a brave new world 🙂

  101. First impressions on installing 64-bit Mate dvd edition:

    (1) fault with installer in that it messed up my grub and I could no longer boot Haiku OS from my multi-boot menu;

    (2) magnificent Welcome log-in screen;

    (3) good -looking Mate desktop. Applications open fast and easy;

    (4) after all these years, still the same Ubuntu-based problems getting Firestarter to work, error message: “Failed to open the system log. No event information will be available.” This should have been corrected 2 years ago.

    (5) I miss not having a root terminal as in LMDE but overall a very good first impression of Maya.

    = ============ =

    Concerning bootloader problem, Maya installed Grub2 without asking. Nasty.
    The Grub screen loaded was rather ugly, being in a font too small for me to see easily and had the word “ubuntu” at the top, which did not give me a thrill, and I could no longer load my Haiku operating system because the new Grub destroyed my previous settings.

    A good Linux Installer always gives the user the option to install Grub, install Lilo, or install nothing. That’s user choice in action. At minimum the choice should be to install Grub or not to install Grub.

    For me, and for others who multiboot, this is a kind of standard, I guess. An Installer can be judged by the Bootloader options given. OK, it’s no big deal, I go into my Linux Mint Debian root terminal, install a fresh grub with “grub-install /dev/sdb”; check or amend settings “pluma /etc/grub.d/40_custom”; and to load Haiku, “pluma /etc/default/grub” and put a # sign in front of timeout (Haiku is a strange operating system, not Linux, and the user has to play with Grub settings). I am just getting used to working with Grub2 but an enthusiastic newby multi-booting could be thrown by the Maya Installer replacing his/her working Grub with a new and less attractive Ubuntu version.
    Best wishes.

    Edit by Clem: We use the Ubuntu Ubiquity installer, and indeed, it lets you choose where to put grub2 but doesn’t let you choose Lilo or no bootloader at all. Grub2 itself is pinned in Mint and doesn’t show any Ubuntu branding, I’m curious about this… please give us more info if possible so we can troubleshoot this and get it fixed.

  102. excellent work guys!!!
    Just a requests for improvements
    Cinnamon: can click be activated on the program in the panel to toggle to maximizing or minimizing the main window?
    Mint: can be included the cpu throttle in the power pop-up window or settings?

    Many thanks… great release!!!!

  103. Yeee Well Done Congratulations!
    Looking forward to the LXDE
    I Know it Will Be a Great Distro
    I Recently Make the Crossover from xp and Mint was The Best For Doing That
    Well Congrats Again Clem

  104. Just a heads up, the .iso I downloaded, doesn’t work if you use startup disk creator. I downloaded the 32 bit MATE and it faults with Xserver not correctly set up in compatibility mode, and in Regular mode it just hangs with sr0: no device present. Not sure if this is a big issue, but it means for me I have to waste a DVD to burn the iso to test and see if I’m still getting that error. I’ll post more if I get the same error.

    Edit by Clem: Try with USB Imagewriter.

  105. ok this is aweosme. installed maya 5 hours ago and its rocking, i have a amd x4 quad,, and in lisa i noticed one of my processors used to run at full speed,,, all the time… now the issue is fixed!!!!!!

    this is super!!! 🙂 my laptop is as cool as ever.!

    thanks clem and team..

  106. Hi. He are three usability bugs that I found at Cinnamon:

    The first: Cinnamon doesn’t show any text info in the main menu icons, like the classic MintMenu for GNOME 2 for example (it isn’t configurable?)
    The second: The main menu is very big.
    And the third, and the last one: When you watch flash videos in fullscreen mode at web browser, Cinnamon’s bar doesn’t dissapear.

  107. hi just tried LM13 its cool,fast and elegant.
    may i know whether mint 13 is also a LTS like ubuntu 12.04.
    if yes i can stick to mint for long time.

  108. Already running this excellent release on my netbook. I have to say, this is the first time that I’ve ever had my Broadcom BCM4312 wireless driver work properly without having to mess with other configurations.

    I have had it freeze once on me, but I think that might have been a buggy flash video. Other than that, it’s been rather smooth and snappy.

    Linux Mint’s RCs are often times more stable than some of the other “stable” releases I’ve tried.

    Thanks for the excellent work, and keep it up! 🙂

  109. LM13 will only load by using “nomodeset”. No onboard gcard, no easy load. Which means no easy install. If I install, I will be faced with the issue of getting the nouveau drivers to work properly. Which is easy, but a freakin pain or be forced to use the proprietary drivers, which I never use.

    I don’t know what else to do. ArchBang! just worked. It found my gcard with 0 issues. *buntus and Debian does not. Until LM finds a way to fix this, I will stay on ArchBang!

    – FD

  110. @Clem:

    Just thought I’d throw out a warning regarding the Ubuntu kernel “Linux 3.2.0-24-generic-pae” that it’s causing people’s computers (including mine) to completely freeze up and become unresponsive. This has happened to me with both Ubuntu AND Kubuntu, so I know it’s neither Unity nor KDE.

    I don’t want this to trip you and your developers up.

    Edit by Clem: We’re using linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic (non-PAE).

  111. Weird bug with Cinnamon and the Gnome Zoom:

    If I have the zoom enabled and I go to a site with Firefox and I try and highlight text to copy, when I right-click, I can’t copy. Furthermore, if I click on the Firefox button, the menus don’t displaying correctly – I get no text. Even if I zoom back out, it remains non-functional. This happens in Mint 13RC and also with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Cinnamon installed.

    Very odd, this…

  112. @Clem in reference to 140:

    I forgot to add that this happens on two different machines, a Dell Optiplex 740 with the Ubuntu distro installed and a HP Elite 8100 with the Mint RC.

  113. I seem to be having issues with installing *both* Mate and Cinnamon. I have tried both ways, adding Cinnamon to Mate, and Mate to Cinnamon. With mate added on it seems to come up in fall-back mode and with Cinnamon added on Synaptic throws up this error,

    E: /var/cache/apt/archives/mint-info-cinnamon_2012.05.02_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite ‘/etc/linuxmint/info’, which is also in package mint-info-mate 2012.05.02

    Where is the best place to search for and report issues, forum, other? I can’t imagine it’s the comments section of this blog post. 😉

    Stoked that M13 has hit, go Mint go!

    Edit by Clem: Oh no, you can only have one mint-info package installed. It “identifies” your edition. You can install mint-meta-mate or mint-meta-cinnamon-dvd, but you can’t have more than one mint-info-xxx, that’s normal, they conflict with each other by design 🙂

  114. @Clem
    Clem I seriously cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to both you and the rest of the LM Team for your hard work with the MATE desktop environment. I was so upset when I heard that Ubuntu was moving away from Gnome 2 and going with Unity. I was actually even considering going back to Windows or purchasing a new MAC but you and your team saved the day! Thank you so much for keeping my favorite OS alive.


    Bryan Lee

  115. It is nice, but why can’t you say that Mint 13 is a fork of Ubuntu 12.04?

    Without the Precise repos, there won’t be much to update everyday and there is no chance of distribution upgrading at all without getting Ubuntu 12.04. Now, that Ubuntu 12.10 would be coming up, Mint 14 would come up too, but Mint 14 won’t b3 5 year LTS.

    Without Ubuntu, there is no Mint, so Mint should be grateful that Ubuntu is there, instead trying to imply that it is not a fork of Ubuntu 12.04!

    Edit by Clem: Mint is not a fork of Ubuntu, it’s 100% compatible with it and “based” on it. It’s explained on the website, on the release notes, in wikipedia, and even in the installer slideshow when you install Linux Mint (check the “Standing on the shoulders of giants” page). Ubuntu is a major component in Linux Mint, without Ubuntu, of course Mint would still be available but it would be different. If you’re interested in seeing what Mint is like without Ubuntu, you can download and test LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition). We’re extremely grateful to be able to use Ubuntu as we are any major component that makes Linux Mint (GNU, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, LibreOffice, Mozilla apps, Gnome, MATE… and many others).

  116. The kernel is 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu, so Mint 13 is a Ubuntu fork.
    If Mint 13 succeeds that means Ubuntu 12.04 succeeded too!

    No Ubuntu, no Mint!

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure what the point being made here is, but Mint 13 is not a “fork” of Ubuntu 12.04 it’s a “derivative”. Both releases are 100% compatible. The statement “No Ubuntu, no Mint!” is completely wrong, it would be correct to say “No Ubuntu 12.04, no Mint 13!”. Some Mint editions use Ubuntu as a base, others use Debian.

  117. Will I be able to load Gnome 3 in place of MATE/Cinnamon? I don’t know why everyone hates Gnome 3 so much. I think it is a great desktop with great features that speeds up my work flow.

    Edit by Clem: Yes, in the Cinnamon edition you can simply add “gnome-shell” and “gnome-session”.

  118. In previous post #132, I wrote “puma” instead of “pluma” for text editor, so correcting that now : -)

    I have been into configuration files and got Firestarter firewall GUI working now.

    There is something odd about going online in Maya: in every other operating system I have ever used, the minimum for internet access was to open Port 80 (HTTP) to outward inbound traffic, keeping all inward bound traffic denied.

    Of course, one opens other ports as and when needed but that is the usual starting point. However, in Maya there is no internet access even with Port 80 and Port 443 open to outward bound traffic. Can’t get online – there is a “Server Not Found” error. The user has to open Port 53 open as well. This is the first time that I have experienced such an event. Whether this a security issue I do not know. Why is this, please, Clem? Merci.

  119. Installed first time without any problems, well done! It looks great and gives me the best of both worlds, as I can have the old two panel layout but with a favourites sidebar and nice effects. I think the Mint team listens to its users, unlike sUme.

    Why is there no file manager? Could it be something to do with my old setup? Nautilus and Gnome Commnder are both installed but neither work so I will have to choose between Dolphin, Thunar, PCManFM or Xfe.

    Edit by Clem: In MATE, the file manager should be “caja”.

  120. @Ariya : Good points. LM and some other users need it to read, perhaps twice.

    That said. Now assuming you are right. So what is Ubuntu? A fork of Gnome because base is gnome. Without gnome, what is Ubuntu? Kernel is taken from kernel. Softwares are taken from Debian. So what’s the production of Ubuntu. Perhaps Unity. Then mind you, linux is open source. Everyone is free to use anything. Now if guys like Omgubuntu (Joey) and Webupd8 (Andrew etc.) and some other users don’nt help Ubuntu, by putting back ppa and patches, the so called great Unity is not even usable.

    Edit by Clem: Ubuntu is considered a fork because it isn’t package-compatible with Debian, unlike Mint which uses the Ubuntu repositories and retains compatibility with its base (whether it’s with Debian in LMDE or Ubuntu in Mint 13). It’s not a complete fork though since it feeds each release from Debian itself and applies its own collection of patches on top. In a complete fork, both projects have a common ancestor and one doesn’t rebase off the other one at each new iteration. In the end of the day, the nomenclature doesn’t matter much, what’s important to know is that Debian helps both Mint and Ubuntu a lot, that Ubuntu helps Mint a lot, and that whether it’s Debian, Ubuntu or Mint, we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants and all grateful to be able to give, share, receive, and reuse technology in such an open manner. I don’t see distributions as competing against each others and Mark was always clear on this too, there’s a great ecosystem and we’re all part of it. Mint 13 is a tribute to all its upstream components and if people enjoy it, it’s not just thanks to us, but to all the people involved in making things happen, at Ubuntu, at Debian, at GNU, Linux, MATE, Gnome and all the components and software applications we use.

  121. i tested the mate vercion, and my verdict is ,,,,,,,PERFECT.. for me this already qualifys as a final. release. home again at least

  122. HI great job ,
    but with this version I can no more switch keyboard layout by using alt+shift (english-thai) cinnamon 64
    other have this issue ??

  123. Clem, thanks for your answer. I didn’t install Maya and I won’t do it if the resolution switching issue won’t be solved. You know how various games need to change the resolution. Sometimes I like to start a game while I wait for some other software to finish its job. With Ubuntu 12.04 and Maya I won’t be able to do this. Although I’m a casual gamer, I can’t take the chance of forgetting about the issue and then screw up my Xorg session. I hope there’s an update you can push in the final version to cover this very annoying flaw in the kernel.

  124. -@Ariya (142): Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu (like many other distro) so it’s normal that it depends on Ubuntu releases but it offers an alternative “environment” (the best for me)

    -I really like the “old” MATE 1.2
    -MDM should be reviewed or replaced

    @Clem : what is the final release date?

  125. Awesome job ^^

    I only have one quick question. About translation problems, I post them there or in another place? I still haven’t find any bug here (running 64-bit Cinnamon) but I found some things untranslated/not in Brazillian Portuguese.

  126. @Ariya : If it is hurting that much, simple solution is Ubuntu should stop sharing their repos to LM and other distros who are based on it. End of the matter.

    We as users don’nt mind whether LM is based on Ubuntu or Debian as long as we are getting perfect desktop which is usable by us. And everyone know the points you raised. So bring something new boy. At least I don’nt mind exchanging views.

  127. The cinnamon menu is half-translated [..] And cinnamon was badly translated.

    LightDM > MDM

    MDM sucks a lot.

    P.s and OFF-topic: SolusOS > LMDE.

  128. Tried to install Maya 32 bit MATE: installation terminated after having chosen language (German) – 6 year old notebook.
    Tried to install Maya 64 bit Cinnamon: installation terminated (boot loader not installed into PBR -> chosen “no boot loader” -> abort)
    Maya 64 bit MATE installed with GRUB into PBR – okay, but BT does not work (did not start).

  129. Asus 1215P / LM13Cinnamon
    1. I can not find a way to turn off login sound
    2. Brightness restores itself to 100% every time I turn computer on.

    Edit by Clem: For the sound, it’s in MDM, open “Login Window” from the menu and you can disable it from there.

  130. Guys A great release
    Both cinnamon and mate are just awesome
    but the pc has hanged thrice in a single day
    And though I am not a Linux expert or a Computer geek but still that it should not do so
    Switched back to Mint 12
    and I hope that final release would be much stable(and AWESOME TOO …???)

  131. Yeah ! thanks for these efforts. This RC seems nice.
    Tried it for 24 hours… but… i don’t know. I can’t find myself anymore in these Destop Environements. Too heavy and bloated. Really hard to work with (even if they are much more appreciated than Shell or Unity)

    Maybe also too young, not as stable as i expected (i know, this is a RC !) but i don’t think this has to deal with Ubuntu base but with MATE or Cinnamon : nice and future wise… but too young for now.

    I think i will bet on another horse : XFCE which is improving day after day, getting more polish and featurefull. Maybe, soon, we will see an GTK3 based XFCE.

    I tried hard to believe in a gnome future, but Gnome Shell is on its way and i now think Gnome 2 successor is not gnome anymore but… XFCE

    Keep up the hard work everybody !

  132. @Ariya, Mint is not a fork of Ubuntu, if you understand what a fork means. A fork means that Mint will take Ubuntu repos and maintain it. But Mint uses the Ubuntu repos as is. So has not forked off. The right word is Mint is based on Ubuntu. Mint has forked Cinnamon from Gnome Shell, but MGSE is not a fork but software built on top of Gnome Shell. Get the difference?

  133. I had to finish my posting (dinner) – addition:
    64 bit installations I tried on a new Dell notebook; the cinnamon partition was formatted as btrfs (sda15).
    Bt should work on 64 bit, not an 32 bit (rested cases)?

  134. Hmm… I just updated MDM but neither gnome-shell nor unity appear still. It just seems to be those two DEs, and I haven’t had this issue on previous releases or other distros. Has anyone been able to install unity or gnome-shell over the cinnamon release (32bit)?

    Edit by Clem: Check if you’re missing “gnome-session”.

  135. Installed LM 13 Cinnamon 64bit on my second partition and played with it for some hours now.

    Things I like:
    – Cinnamon integrates really good. It looks more polished and “final” then on LM 12. Seems to be pretty responsive also.
    – Had no major problems yet

    Things I don’t like:
    – MDM does not allow to choose a users name from a list at startup, like LightDM (or at least I was not able to find out how to set that up). I think it’s not comfortable to type the username at every logon.
    Beside that, I don’t like the look of the startup screen, it’s not very elegant.
    – After logon, I get a black screen for more then 10 seconds, which is irritating. On LM 12, at this time at least the background picture was visible.

    Bugs I found:
    – The Cinnamon-Menu and some system dialogues are not translated, although language pack seems to be installed correctly (using German language pack)
    – Boot splash screen won’t work on my computer, even after configuring it by console, like described in release notes
    – Maybe a kernel/driver problem, or just an displaying error: My WLAN has around 85% strengh at LM 12 but only 70% on LM 13 under the same conditions

    Last but not least I want to thank Clem and the whole LM team for their work. I tested LM 9 and are using LM as my main OS since LM 10. It is really great to have an OS of this quality AND an community and distribution team that really care for their users desires. Keep on!

    My shell of choice is Cinnamon, by the way, because I think it is the right decision to use modern technology (Gnome 3) but traditional layout of the desktop. Please keep inventing it and don’t rely on MATE, which might be a dead end some time in the future.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Christian, thanks for the feedback. The Mint MDM theme (used by default) simply doesn’t use a user list, but you can select the Plain MDMLogin instead and this one uses a user list.

  136. Just installed 2 programs I often use from Synaptic on Maya 54-bit Mate.

    pdfedit works a treat, just as it should.

    My favourite (and only) computer game Shogi does not launch. It has worked on all other Mint versions that I have used, after installing Xshogi and gnushogi 🙁

    Every other application I have tried working well so far. Maya + Mate is a pleasure to use.

  137. What a nice surprise! Downloading now and will have a play with it tonight; probably will install it in the coming months on this Thinkpad x121e; a Dell Inspiron 1525; and a HP Elitebook 2500 (I think that’s the model).

    My only reticence to installing it immediately is the power regression issue that affects many laptops. This is supposed to be fixed in Gnome 3.3 and is apparently updated in Ubuntu 12.04 (I think). As soon as this serious power regression issue is sorted I will feel much more comfortable using the distro on my machines (currently sticking with 11 until I’m sure the issue has disappeared).

    I would expect a LTS issue to not have such problems. Is there any clue as to whether it has been fixed?


  138. I found a problem. Decided to go to the system monitor just for quicks, and one of my two CPUs are at 100% nonstop (well, sometimes it switches, but one is always at 100%). And the memory is always 970+ MB, even if I’m just staring at the monitor doing nothing. I’m with 64-bit Cinnamon.

  139. “@Ariya, Mint is not a fork of Ubuntu, if you understand what a fork means. A fork means that Mint will take Ubuntu repos and maintain it. But Mint uses the Ubuntu repos as is. So has not forked off. The right word is Mint is based on Ubuntu. Mint has forked Cinnamon from Gnome Shell, but MGSE is not a fork but software built on top of Gnome Shell. Get the difference?”

    Go to Mint 12 and try to do a distribution upgrade and you’d see where you’d go! Without Ubuntu there is no Mint 12, or 13 or 14…Never!

  140. Bamm and Bobby and others, now you have downloaded Mint 13, try a distribution upgrade, if you can? Check whether you can do such a thing at all with Mint?

    You can’t! Why? Think!

  141. Ok, I found the way to turn off login sounds – I deleted that files. And I can still use workaround for brightness:
    gdbus call –session –dest org.gnome.SettingsDaemon –object-path /org/gnome/SettingsDaemon/Power –method org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power.Screen.SetPercentage 40

  142. I’ve loved Mint 10 and the Gnome 2 Desktop, nice to see this is to be continued with teh MATE Edition. One clean Installation and no need to upgrade for the next 5 years! Great job!

  143. hi
    is there a way to upgrade from mint 12 to 13?

    apt-get dist-upgrade don bring me teh option like in Ubuntu


  144. I have no sound through the built-in speakers in an ASUS HDMI monitor. Headphones plugged into the front panel work.

    The Sound Settings Output tab shows only an “Analog Output” selection. Ubuntu 12.04 also has a “HDMI / DisplayPort 2” option; with that option selected the monitor’s speakers work.

    Is the HDMI option going to be available in the final distribution? If not, what piece of software do I need to install to get it?

  145. Hello Clem, I don’t can enter in the live cd mode. In the normal mode i have kernel panic, and in the compatible mode, the x server not initialize correctly. My computer is a Dell Studio XPS 1340, with processor core 2 duo with 2.4 GHZ and 4 gb of ram, video card nvidia GeForce 9400.

  146. Only one thing, on Cinnamon and the new Linux mintś Cinnaon theme NightLife Graphite the menu is unalineated by a half centimeter to the right and the pop up menus one or two centimeters and it may be totaly centred so please help me to fix it

  147. Running 13 from a live usb on a HP Elitebook 2560- seems to work great. Really like the new look of everything; the panel, as far as panels go, looks very nice. Cool slate colors. Dialog boxes are pretty nifty looking. Nice uniformity.

    More importantly, though, I’m interested in power regression issues with the kernel which was at issue with previous releases (i.e. Mint 12). I would not do a complete install on my machines (HP Elitebook and Thinkpad x121e) until I’m certain these power regression issues have been fixed. It was supposed to be fixed with kernel 3.3…

    Clem, is the power regression sorted out on this one?

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure. We’re using kernel 3.2. Note that you can compile and install your own kernel though. I know it sounds scary, especially in this day and age where everything is fitted and configured to work out of the box, but don’t be afraid to give it a try, it’s not that complicated and you can fit the kernel you want into Mint. Linux in general (not just Linux Mint) is extremely modular. When there’s one particular component you want to change, even if it’s the kernel itself, most of the time, you can.

  148. Will the final release have both MATE and Cinnamon or the ability to add the other through repositories? I’d really like to be able to switch between desktops.

    Edit by Clem: You can install one on top of the other, but they will come separately (we can achieve better integration when they’re not both installed).

  149. I tried running World of Goo Demo as installed by the Software Manager, but it just resizes the screen without starting. I went into the config files for WOG and changed the screen resolution to match my desktop. No success there either. Then I tried similar things with WINE and CrossOverOffice (v11). So far, no success. I was not able to run WOG in LMDE either. It ran fine in Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” but changed the screen resolution, of course. On a positive note, I installed NVIDIA drivers and rebooted without a problem.

  150. Looks nice, but how about some other default background/artwork instead of the one from Katya? Additional backgrounds seem to be only photos now. Any plans on any new animated artwork?

    Edit by Clem: No, but you can install the artwork for past releases via mint-backgrounds-lisa, mint-backgrounds-lisa-extra, mint-backgrounds-katya…etc etc.

  151. Ariya

    You can call it whatever you want to call it. However, as it has been clearly stated, Mint Main Edition is simply Ubuntu with Minty customizations. It is not a fork by definition. A fork is exactly how Bamm explained it. If Mint were a fork of Ubuntu, they would pick up the Ubuntu sources altogether, and totally maintain them on their own from then on, without looking back at what Ubuntu is doing. In time, the true Mint fork could become something totally different from Ubuntu, and thus no where close to compatible. When a fork is made, it’s also possible that the developers have sworn off all interests of compatibility with what the previous base might have been.

    Clem is obviously interested in maintaining compatibility with Ubuntu for the Main Edition, so no fork there. I have even been guilty of saying Ubuntu has forked sharply from Debian. Technically, that is not true. But what I mean is that Ubuntu has done much of their own development, and package management, and there vision is not the same, and even controversial. But Ubuntu is still not independent of Debian. Maybe one day they will be, but not yet.

    Think of it this way: A child lives at home until they are 18 or so. From birth on, the parents slowly allow the child to learn to make their own decisions based on information the parent provides. But the child still has to follow house rules until they leave home. When they leave home, they are on their own, with nothing but themselves and their own rules. The child has “forked.”

  152. “However, as it has been clearly stated, Mint Main Edition is simply Ubuntu with Minty customizations.”

    Good then, PB, it is still Ubuntu, so There is nothing to say. Bodhi is also Ubuntu with Bodhi’s customizations. Voyager Linux is also Linux with Voyager’s customizations. AND the list goes on and on. What you can’t do is a distribution upgrade, right PB?

    So, there is no worry about Mint taking over the Ubuntu lead, as it is JUST another Ubuntu, eh with some frills?

    What does your uname -a state, PB? Not a Mint kernel, right?

    I don’t see any mention of Ubuntu in, do you see any, PB?

    Edit by Clem: “Based on Debian and Ubuntu”, source:

  153. PB,

    You say; “Clem is obviously interested in maintaining compatibility with Ubuntu for the Main Edition…” Why?

    Clem could easily maintain compatibility to Slackware, or Gentoo, why Ubuntu? Because Mint is Ubuntu, that’s why?

    Oh, LMDE does not have that many followers as it is a headache to use, right PB?

  154. Ariya,

    Go to your package manager and point all of your repositories to Debian, Redhat, or whatever you want. Tell me what happens the next time you do an update.

  155. PB,

    “Go to your package manager and point all of your repositories to Debian, Redhat, or whatever you want. Tell me what happens the next time you do an update.”

    I can understand how much you know about your Linux Mint. Red Hat, eh?

    What you can do with Mint is update, but NOT upgrade!

  156. I installed both Linux Mint 12 and 13. Had problems with MATE on both. When I click on the word MENU, the panel disappears and I can not get it back. Can not use without the panel and menu.

  157. PB & Bamm don’t worry about ariya. He is trying to provoke us, if you don’t reply to little kids who don’t know what they are talking about they can’t get their jollies off. By his understanding ubuntu is a fork of debian and if no debian, no ubuntu.

    By the way using x64 Mate, no problems like I had with ubuntu, lubuntu & xubuntu where I would get pop up errors when applets crashed and asked me to send a bug report.
    using Mate as I can’t get separate X screens on Cinnamon (Gnome3 as well) due to a bug in mutter. I believe LM forked it to Muffin(?) so problem follows.

  158. @Ariya
    Yes, the Mint main edition is based on Ubuntu (not forked from). It wouldn’t exist without Ubuntu (although LMDE would). Most of the people commenting here (probably more technically astute?) know that Mint is based on Ubuntu. But for non technically astute users, what good does it do them to know that they’re using Ubuntu? Go to Do you see a mention of Debian? No.

  159. Ariya,

    It’s not as if Clem is offended that Mint Main Edition is based on Ubuntu. He has stated such countless times. Clem has also expressed his gratitude countless times on behalf of the Ubuntu developers. None of the Mint users who appreciate the Main Edition are ashamed that Mint has Ubuntu as it’s base.

    Ariya, if you want to believe that Mint is a fork, then that is perfectly okay with me. Who am I to rain on your parade. But I thought we were discussing facts. Please accept my deepest apologies, and “believe” whatever you’d like.

    I have the word believe in quotes, because we are all free to “believe” whatever we wish. But if it’s facts we seek, then we must be willing to quickly dispense of what we “believe” from time to time.

  160. Mint Mate13 a USER FRIENDLY OS.Will be able to install this on the 5 computers we use in the seniors computer room. Even us people that are older than dirt will be able to navigate and use this system Thanks to Clem and all his helpers. Awesome job.

  161. rick,

    I agree with your suggestion, but it’s my hope that someone else will come to a greater understanding of the linux community by reading common sense posts on blogs like this. I’m know expert by any stretch, but I know what I know. And perhaps discussing the basics might save some heartache for a really green nube.

    BTW, I couldn’t care less about Ariya’s rocks or jollies, or whatever. They can believe the earth is flat for all I care–but it just ain’t true.

  162. Mint is Ubuntu? Partially yes, but not totally. Think this: if Ubuntu would existed and Mint no, we wouldn’t have “Cinnamon” or “MATE”. So, they are not exactly the same.

    Edit by Clem: Note that MATE isn’t a Mint project. We’re involved in the MATE dev. team, but it’s an independent project. It would exist without Mint and it was started without Mint.

  163. Ariya,

    I only have this one comment on the subject, after that I’m going to let everyone else answer you as they see fit.

    So. -I see a lot of talk about Linux Mint not being “upfront” about it’s origin…

    Try these: (release notes for these latest RC’s) (Linux Mint’s “about page”)

    If you fail to find references to Ubuntu on the above linked pages we can continue talking, otherwise I rest my case.

    BTW – I’m not sure I’ve seen any of the distros I’ve tried so far making any references to Linus Thorvald’s work either, which is kind of surprising as we all have him to thank for whatever Linux flavor we’re on at the moment.

    My best regards,

  164. Clem,

    I have tried out Maya and it is really good. I have compiz working without the CPU issues. To do this I put compiz –replace in startup applications and renamed marco to marco.1 (it is in usr/bin).

    The weird thing I found is that the zoom desktop plugin is missing in compiz in Maya, but is there in LMDE. That is the plugin I use the most. Is there any way this an be put back?

    The other weird thing is that conky will not work in startup applications in Maya, but does work in LMDE. In Maya I launch conky with a launcher and it works fine.

    Overall, brilliant work, Maya feels faster and uses less RAM than LMDE, as strange as that sounds. Shutdown speed is also fantastic in Maya.

    Thanks for your efforts Clem.


  165. PB, understood 🙂
    Mate x64 (only one I’ve tried) is running great, haven’t gone back to LMDE Mate since install. LMDE repo has the old XBMC rc. Mate on an SSD (Intel 520 60GB) and SB 2600k is fast!!!
    Looking at the testers logs, I only experienced the ‘prompt to remove install media after reboot’ – as in I didn’t get prompted.

  166. Love the design, simplicity and uniformity of Cinnamon. Really, really good. Would install it in a sec- but the power regression issue still seems to be at fault looking at how fast battery is going down, and this makes it unusable, unfortunately, for me.

    Once the power regression is patched (it’s supposed to be patched in kernel 3.3) I’ll install it on a HP elitebook 2560 and a Thinkpad x121e.

  167. -1- the splash screen is a total mess when i restart my pc it doesn’t show up + the plymouth-theme-mint-logo ain’t a decent one for an os like mint.
    -2- cinnamon keeeps crashing and when i set it to autologin it takes time to load.
    -3- amsn ain’t in the repo
    -7- cinnamon settings on lisa is way much better. u can’t change the values of effects and das a bug i guess
    -8-gnome classic keeps falling back on cinnamon

    i suggest u take a look at plymouth-theme-lmde and imitate it ’tis the best and most stable one i guess

    thanks for the great job mr Clem and ur team!!

  168. Well Clem,
    I saw the blog note and downloaded Mint 13. Used it to overwrite
    Ubuntu Lucid. I do hope there will be more than just two themes.
    Downloaded Pan 0.137 from the Pan PPA and had no problem installing
    it. But when I transfered my .pan2 directory from LMDE 201204 install
    like I have done in the past, there were password problems. I can clear that up easily. Looks good so far.

  169. Cinnamon has frozen twice on Live usb while fiddling with settings. Needed to reboot both times. HP Elitebook 2560. Like the new style configuration stuff; a simpler and neater way (but yeah, it freezes…)

  170. i suggest that u use onboard for universal access tools!!the other keyboard doesn’t show all the arabic letters!!cheers!!

  171. Hey,

    great release of the new Mint. I installed the Mint 13 Cinnamon Edition. I have found two issues:

    –> The margin between main menu and monitor border is too big. (20px)

    –> In some applications e.g. RubyMine I have problems with the toolbar, if the app runs in fullscreen the menu pop-up in the middle of the screen. (running on oracle java 6)

  172. i suggest that u use onboard for universal access tools!!the other keyboard doesn’t show all the arabic letters!!cheers!!

  173. Oh, and of course- the power regression issue is still there isn’t it? In my unknowledge I thought it was patched for 3.3 kernel… Really a downer for me- wont run it on my Thinkpad x121e or Elitebook 2560.

    Graphics work better on HP Elitebook 2560 with Maya Cinnamon than they do running Mint 11.

    Extremely fast even off a usb. But there is the freeze.

    Not so sure about the minimize effects; I prefer movement rather than enlarging, expanding, etc. I guess its not hard to switch that around…?

    I find hot corners really useful using Mint 11- I have a show desktop one, a scale one, and an expo one.

    But love the clean look and improved functionality of panel and configuration. Simple and well thought out. Nice one.

    Mate 13 has just downloaded so will fiddle with that now…

  174. Currently using Linux Mint 12 KDE as my main desktop and absolutely loving it, with one exception; I cannot enable any microphone input.
    I am using a Xonar DG sound card and a Mikomi DC-7120 USB webcam with mic. Both are supposed to be “fully supported”.
    Just tried Maya 64 bit Mate to see if the problem has been resolved, but no luck!
    This setup works perfectly with LM 9 and LM 10.

  175. I’ve just installed the 64 bit version of the cinnamon 1.4 and it is brilliant – fast and efficient with a very modern appearance. Well done

  176. The new MDM update fixes the problem when logging onto Gnome Classic. Also, it’s a great idea to make Gnome Classic more minty, although I can always hope for the Mint Menu in Gnome Classic.

    Edit by Clem: mintMenu won’t make it to Gnome Classic. The Gnome team announced they wouldn’t port Bonobo (mintMenu was a Gnome Bonobo and is now a Mate Component applet) from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 Classic, and we won’t port mintMenu to dbus. We ported mintMenu to MATE component though, and it works perfectly in MATE.

  177. Thanks for the RC install it then had to go to work man that was hard to do with the new release wanting at home every thing seems to be working fine on the dell inspiron 1525 laptop have not seen any bugs yet but will let you know if any come up. I installed the cinnamon version thanks for all the work you guys put in to it really looks nice.

  178. Also, in system settings the icons next to Personal, Hardware, and System is black with a red “circle-backslash” (“(\)”) symbol. Also, is Compiz running by default in the fallback mode? I’m not sure, but compiz is running in the system monitor. I personally love this, but would it reduce hardware compatibility? Or is that what llvmpipe is for (software rendering)?

  179. I noticed that in the list of all versions, Maya is described as being supported until 2017. Is this true? Precedence would have predicted 2015.

  180. Okay guys, I just installed the MATE version of Mint 13. In the past, I’ve said that Cinnamon is the future, and I still feel that way. But I decided to at least spend a few days with MATE, so that I wouldn’t be ignorant of what it can do. I love Linux Mint, and it would hardly be fair to spurn one of the desktops that Clem and the rest of the team are supporting.
    I won’t write up a review until the final release of 13 comes out (early June it looks like at the moment). But I wanted to play with it for the next 5 days…

  181. Mate is a dream come true. I installed the packages I needed and everything was working perfectly. If Mate is being supported for five years what could be better. If the only loss is bluetooth – I can live with that.

    Thank you Clem for Mate. What a concept, it just works.

    Edit by Clem: I’m personally involved in the MATE team, I speak with Perberos, Stefano and Amanas very often, and I can tell you they’re extremely passionate about MATE and extremely proud of the work they do on it. They’re really excited to see this release and they’re probably reading your feedback as much as we do 🙂 They’ve come a long way since MATE 1.0, and I’ve no doubt they’re going to fix bugs and come with more innovations with every new release.

  182. @Miles Bradley Huff
    Previous LTS releases were supported for 3 years on the desktop and 5 on the server, but Ubuntu 12.04 and therefore Mint 13, is supported for 5 years on both, so 5 years from 12.04 is April 2017.

  183. Is the “number 13 superstition” the reason developers used “Maya” in the LM wallpaper logo rather than “13” as was in LM11 and LM12?

    Being 13 is considered an unlucky number by some people, I’ve wondered how the logo would be handled.

    Will give both a try in a virtual machine then once the final is released will decide if I want to upgrade my laptop with LM13.

    Edit by Clem: Yes 🙂 I was personally in favor of using 13 in the wallpaper, but we talked about it and I was convinced by people around me it was better to respect superstitious traditions 🙂 In the end we kept the version number and the 13 wallpaper, but we applied a “Maya” wallpaper by default. I know.. it sounds ridiculous.. but it didn’t take much time and if it makes people more confortable, then it was worth doing 🙂

  184. @Juan

    I’m not sure if you are referring to my comment or not, but if so, then please recall completely what I mentioned. I said that “Mint Main Edition is simply Ubuntu with Minty customizations.”

    I will say this one more time. If anyone questions what the core components of Mint are, go to your repositories and look where they are pointed to. There are ppa’s (exclusive to Ubuntu), there are launchpad entries (exclusive to Ubuntu), there is the Ubuntu version base (need I say exclusive to Ubuntu).

    The Linux Operating System known as Mint Main Edition has Ubuntu at it’s core, and is compatible with the Ubuntu Operating system. Other than Clem’s current choices of DE’s, namely Mate, Cinnamon, etc., all else is cosmetic tweaks, and various improvements for moving about the OS. True, these tweaks make big difference collectively for the good. But I thought we were talking about the operating system itself.

  185. Hi,

    Haven’t tried Mint 13 RC. Will wait for the final release.
    One question regarding the Software Manager: Does it let the user queue packages or does one have to authenticate after every selection? (I used Ubuntu’s Software Centre to get around this in Mint 12.)

    Can’t wait for the final version… 5 yrs of support… golden.

  186. 64-bit Cinnamon: This seems really great so far, thank you! Minor issues I didn’t see in the comments: the panel clock appears to be stuck in 24 hour format, despite having selected am/pm in the system settings. Cinnamon calendar settings also display in 24 hour format. Also in Cinnamon settings, themes, other settings: changes don’t apply without a log out. Having problems with GTK+ theme blacking out the top of windows randomly. I assume there’s an easy way to turn off the login sounds that I don’t know about? Perhaps via terminal?

  187. I installed Mint 13 Cinnamon and have been testing all day. It’s very professional, very nice work. Interestingly, I did not need to install Nvidia drivers as the graphics are working really well. Cairo-dock with effects runs great. Conky runs great. Terminal remembers what has been typed and is transparent. Plymouth won’t change the black screen even following your directions. Checkgmail shows up in the panel like it should. Icons are easily added. Themes work well. Cinnamon Setting are all good. I wish there was an easy way to change the window borders, Mint-X and Mint-Z are boring. All in all a very well done distrobution. Congratulations Clem et al.

  188. Hey Guys you gonna relase some day a Gnome3 Edition? Gnome 3 with your extentions is so amazing

    Edit by Clem: No. You can install Gnome Shell on top of the Cinnamon version very easily (install gnome-shell and gnome-session), for a vanilla Gnome Shell experience. The MGSE extensions were discontinued, they’re replaced by Cinnamon itself.

  189. @Ariya

    Ubuntu is also consistently credited with the other main upstream components.

    “Upstream components
    Linux Mint 13 features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 12.04, Linux 3.2, MATE 1.2, Cinnamon 1.4.”

  190. The two most annoying bugs in the Cinnamon edition so far are:

    1- Modifying the ‘Menu Hover Delay’ is not possible, the value is fixed at zero, which makes using the Menu very error prone.
    2- The tooltip on drop-down menu entires appear behind the drop-down menu. Noticeable when viewing the tooltip on entries in Firefox live bookmarks.

    Also, it would be great if there was an option to keep the previous search item in the mintMenu the next time you open it, so that I don’t have to type it again. Many times I want to open the same application after I close it, and this feature has been helpful in the old mintMenu.

    Really excited to see Cinnamon improve and become as perfected as the previous Mint desktops.

    Edit by Clem: 2. won’t be fixed in Cinnamon 1.4 (you’ll need to wait at least for 1.5), 1. was fixed already.. I think it’s in Romeo right now, but it’ll come as an update to you before the stable release.

  191. new to the linux scene, obvious choice of distro: linuxmint.

    using tri-monitor setup with or whithout drivers installed, after choosing classic panels (top and bottom), log back in, im presented with just the wallpaper and no UI.

    i love the dual panel idea because it brings windows and osx features into one.


  192. I’ve found two issues with Cinnamon on Maya that worked on Lisa

    – Gnote doesn’t appear in the system tray. It opens up the search dialog, but the icon that used to appear in the system tray in Lisa (and every other distro I’ve used) never appears.

    – The Display applet doesn’t appear. I can enable it in the Cinnamon applet manager, and the system tray blinks when I do, but it never appears.

    FYI I’m running Maya on a new Dell Inspiron N7110, but I was running Lisa on an older Dell, in case that matters.

  193. I am about to download Mint 13 MATE and install it on my old laptop, Will I be able to upgrade to the final 13 simply by installing any updates that come out or will i have to reinstall 13 Final when its finally ready

    Edit by Clem: Yes.

  194. Moved over to a new install of 13RC last night. All seems very good, and FINALLY I can install The Gimp 2.8! Lots of things seem just that bit more solid that under 12. (Can’t stand names for releases of software, so you can ditch the Mayan Pangolins for me)

    Nice work.

  195. Just a couple of issues with 64-bit Cinnamon:

    1. Power consumption is at least 20% higher than on Ubuntu 12.04. For me, that’s kind of a showstopper.

    2. There seems to be something going on with fonts. In both Pidgin and Skype, the font is just a little too large. Of course, you can set the default system font to 9pt, but then other things, like Firefox tab titles, look too small. This was no issue in LM10 and LM11, nor in Ubuntu 12.04.

    3. There’s a funny thing going on with qBittorrent, which gets minimized every time I switch from the workspace it is open on.

    4. Nautilus has the annoying habit of opening, not where I last closed it, which is the default behaviour in LM10 and LM11, but centered (on an empty workspace). Also, the setting for the default zoom level in compact view seems to be non-functional below 66%.

  196. This RC is a huge step forward compared to the recent LMDE Mate/Cinnamon on my vintage hardware, but Cinnamon still isn’t quite there where I need the Live-DVD to be in order to work on my older Cpq Presario 906US laptop with Radeon Mobility U1 [IGP 320M].

    First the good:
    For the very first time ever with anything Gnome not being Gnome2 anymore, LMB-clicking on any of the 3 desktop icons now finally works, so does a RMB-click on the desktop itself.

    Now the bad (AFAI can test at all):
    1.) I don’t get any panel at all, so the whole system still is pretty much unusable.
    2.) opening the ‘Home’ or ‘Computer’ window, I don’t have a titlebar nor any Min/Max/Close buttons. No idea if this is the way it is supposed to be or a bug, since I never got this far before.

  197. Juan Says:
    May 17th, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    Mint is Ubuntu? Partially yes, but not totally. Think this: if Ubuntu would existed and Mint no, we wouldn’t have “Cinnamon” or “MATE”. So, they are not exactly the same.

    If Ubuntu had not gone for Unity, and others to Gnome 3, maybe Cinnamon and MATE would not be. Cinnamon or MATe, once you installed a dock, it really doesn’t matter. Even in Ubuntu 12.04

  198. jajodo Says:
    May 17th, 2012 at 9:58 pm


    Ubuntu is also consistently credited with the other main upstream components.

    “Upstream components
    Linux Mint 13 features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 12.04, Linux 3.2, MATE 1.2, Cinnamon 1.4.”

    Sure, but you just can’t upgrade from Mint 12 to 13, right? If you try, Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity would come up, right?

    Edit by Clem: No, you can upgrade Mint 12 to 13 and you wouldn’t get Unity (unless you’re wreckless when it comes to using APT), but it’s not recommended and it shouldn’t be recommended in Ubuntu either. The philosophy on upgrades is different in the two projects. Read

  199. Escuse my english,is not my mother language.
    How can i do the USB wireless dongles to work in Linux Mint Maya,i have two of these,but don’t work:_one is with rtl 8187L chipset(Alpha)and second is with ralink chipset(geetek).Both same problems:wireless disabled by the hardware switch.Thanks in advance.Best regards.

  200. I’m really glad to see this. I’ve been trying not to get too comfortable with a fresh reinstall of 11. I’m downloading as I comment.

    Clem, it’s hard to believe you and your team read all these comments for consideration. Of course, some contain essential information while others are suggestions or questions. Which can be just as important. Regardless, it’s commendable.

    @ 184. Jack H, I hope what you’re saying is true. So many less updates to go through. Zero bluetooth updates to ignore.

    @ 53. Craig, I don’t know who you’re talking about but I doubt anybody would confuse us. Just in case, you could be The Original Craig while I could be Craig the Original.

  201. Ok… I went with Mate 13 -32bit!
    Its running as a VirtualBox machine for now. Initially the system would not boot up with ext2 installed on /. Weird. As soon as I went with a default disk config… the boot worked. So far so great! I’ll feed back via the forums… if there are issues or other support posts to deal with!

    Great distro… well done team!

  202. 13 rc cinnamon

    it’s a great edition, more stable than the 12.

    I had to remove the nvidia propetary driver has they dont let my computer power off at all. I had the same issue also on the ubuntu precise. I’m using the gallium instead and they are very stable right now. The only problem I found with those is with inkscape that sometimes crashes and i need to restart cinnamon to clear the display from parts of its graphic ui sticking on the desktop.
    Removed all the mono stuff.
    I’m about sad has I had to remove all the changes on the search engines. I use google with firefox and foobar extension (plus all the disconnect extensions: facebook google and twitter); with the changes included on the mint-artwork-common it is impossible to use this combination to make easy searches as i usually do since years. Clem you should find an agreement with google otherwise i will continue to remove the mods added by that package, block the version of it on synaptic and reinstall firefox (it is too invasive, and i’m sad because this is very important for you). I will start to donate instead, but i’m not gonna use yahoo or duck for searches as they are not good as the google’s.

    Cinnamon is very great, i love it

    well done team

    Edit by Clem: That’s perfectly fine. Look, we do what makes sense for most people and we make sure we get funded, but in the end of the day it’s your computer and it’s up to you to decide what matters most. Regarding Google and Linux Mint, we’ve got a good relationship with them and I’m sure we’ll get a deal, but it’s very unlikely it will be done in time for Mint 13. To get vanilla Google, since Mint 12 you don’t need to change anything though, you can simply add it with a few mouse clicks. Can you drop me an email at root at linuxmint dot com? mint-artwork-common should not get in your way in regards to that.. if it does, maybe we overlooked something and I’d like to get more info if that’s the case.

  203. Hi

    Bug report:

    In the Mate release, the mate-users-admin doesn’t work properly: nothing happens when launched, even in root mode/console.I can’t create users, groups, or change the existing users/groups.

    The same for LMDE/Mate release.

    Best regards.


  204. I told myself “why is so much HTTP traffic lastly ?” so I took a look at the Apache logs, and… oh, Maya RC ISOs being Burnbit 😀

    Between main edition and Debian Edition sure there is a big difference on how many packages have to be downloaded from Mint’s APT servers, but the main’s huge userbase still calls for some research for an improved update manager (best solution being a “pack system” including desktop-related default packages into a single torrent that update-manager could download after picking what it needs). Helping people Burnbit the ISOs is one thing, but about the APT mirror our server is quite far away from max speed and so are most of the other mirrors I think 🙂 Many mirrors for many users.. could really be great with BitTorrent.

    Not sure on where Canonical will drive Ubuntu, but with their “5% shipping worldwide” announcement I fear they will try to make Ubuntu indissociable from Unity (“one desktop to rule them all and bye bye KDE, XFCE, LXDE, OpenBox,..”) making it almost impossible to “mintify” future editions smoothly. Should Mint Debian still be a “Mint for hardcore users” or may the Mint team consider doing like Canonical and building a very own long-term distro based on Debian giving maximal control over the package building ?

    Anyway bravo for this RC, quite amazing work behind Cinnamon 🙂

  205. Great work (of art) – Thanks a lot! I have installed both versions, to decide which one to go for, in vbox on my current Mint-10. MATE works flawless and fluent while CINNAMON is chewy and slow.

  206. @viter
    I also had no sound after installation. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L. I found this thread in the ubuntuforums regarding a similar motherboard:
    Adding the line
    options snd-hda-intel model=generic
    at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
    solved the audio problem immediately

  207. Congratulations on the Mint 13 MATE RC release! I look forward to trying it. I’m downloading both the 32 and 64 bit versions with Transmission right now. By the way, I had trouble with Linux Mint 12 and proprietary drivers for the Broadcom wireless NIC in my old Dell laptop. The driver from Linux Mint 9 works, but the one from Linux Mint 12 does not. I hope you can fix this in the final release of Linux Mint 13.

  208. Hooray! Downloading now. But please, by the time this goes Final, CHANGE THAT UGLY WALLPAPER. Everything else is beautiful, but that thing’s been stinking out ‘loud for three releases now.

  209. Installed LM13 as 64 bit version and encrypted home folder:

    1) error occured during installation, could solve with “install anyway” (sorry that I didn’t make a detailed note)

    2) at login, I have to enter the user name and password, would be nice if user would be proposed as usual

    so far, it works fine :-), thx !

  210. I agree with Adam. Please change that ugly wallpaper. I’m thinking of using this as my main OS, but would love a better default wallpaper. I know its easy to change it to something else, but first impression is everything . Maybe use an actual real HQ photo of a close up mint leaf with water dew

  211. @Ariya
    Actually, you could theoretically update from 12 to 13. It wouldn’t be automated, but you could do it.
    apt install cinnamon
    gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and change oneiric to precise and lisa to maya
    apt update
    apt upgrade
    apt dist-upgrade
    repeat the above 3 until there are no updates left for both upgrade and dist-upgrade
    apt install mint-meta-cinnamon
    apt install cinnamon-themes

    And if you didn’t install Cinnamon and the other mint packages, you’d get a broken gnome-shell (broken because none of the extensions would work with 3.4). You’d have mint wallpaper (not as default) and you’d have the latest version of MATE. This might bork your installation though (just like the ubuntu update).

  212. It’s looking amazing, as ever! Not just a LTS Mate distro (Woo-hoo! Now you HAVE to keep Gnome2 alive!), but a distro with choice of Cinnamon. It felt a little wrong recommending Mint 12 to newbies because of the desktop confusion, but it seems like it’s being ironed out into something amazing.

    On the wallpaper, I liked the Mint 12 style, but feel a little rebrand might be good. Google for “Linux Mint Screenshot” and you can instantly tell the difference between the versions. Since this is an LTS, it would be a great way to show it’s different.

    Great work, thanks!

  213. Works perfectly in Virtualbox but doesn’t work with Mint4Win with both 32-bits Cinnamon and MATE.
    I’ll try the 64-bits editions.

  214. Still working good her Clem I really like all the Back grounds that came with the cinnamon ver. thanks again. Will the RC auto update it self to the final release ?

  215. Hi Clem and team thanks for another grate release I have been using the cinnamon edition for a couple of days now and I can only fined a couple of miner problems with it.
    the first one is with cinnamon itself it some times restarts itself and the second is sometimes nautilus just closes without warning other then that its very good. I have got one suggestion thou and that’s the default theme for cinnamon to be the Mictlan theme because I think it fits the elegance of Linux Mint hear are some screenshot’s of my desktop.

  216. Im using Mate 86_64 for 2-nd day now, tried every stunt on him, even managed to install external tools as aircrack, wepcrackgui and so on…
    its simply put ROCK SOLID,running flawless on my Aspire 5535 laptop with HD 3200 graphics, changed the default ugly wallpaper thou 🙂
    Amazing work guys! Thank you all.

  217. But Report
    In Maya RC Mate Edition:
    Right-click the start menu and click “Edit menu”. The menu editor opens. Now start checking and unchecking some applications and folders. Click Close.
    Result: Nothing changed. The menu still shows exactly the same thing.
    Expected: It should be possible to choose which items appear in my menu.
    In Katya Gnome2, editing the menu this way changes the menu items instantly.

  218. @Adam: Personally, I love the default Mint wallpaper. It’s called branding. It lets new user immediately know that this wonderful OS is called Linux Mint.

  219. Bamm@213

    I wonder if it has something to do with user privileges. I’m not sure what the command would be, but if you could edit the config file as root, and the changes stuck, then that would be my guess as to the problem. It’s funny though, as I don’t remember it being a problem before either.

    You could try browsing to the config file, and right click the containing folder, and open it as root and then open the config file for editing.

  220. Hi, I’m running Cinnamon live CD and I changed the panel preferences to flipped (panel at top). Once I did this the PC froze.

    Thank You.

  221. Dear Clem, Linux Mint team, and MATE devs — thank you for the excellent MATE edition! I have to admit, when LM12 came out, I really wasn’t thrilled about the future of Linux Mint. Now that MATE and Cinnamon have both matured into their own stable desktops, I’m so happy that I can choose which one I want. Best Linux Mint edition since Helena, and that says a lot, because that’s the version that got me to switch to Linux full-time from Windows.

  222. An update to my previous comment. The Broadcom STA driver with Linux Mint 13 doesn’t work in my older Dell laptop. In Linux Mint 9, there were 2 proprietary Wireless drivers Broadcom B43 and Broadcom STA. The Broadcom B43 driver is the one that works. Too bad it’s not included with Linux Mint 13. I know proprietary drivers are not supported by Linux Mint, but please try to include the B43 driver in the final release. Please, please, please? It will make many Dell owners happy.


    Installed Mate (Love it)
    Added Cinnamon> Logged out > Select Cinnamon (for this session only)
    Use Cinnamon > Logout
    Login expecting Mate (Didn’t re-select it) > Desktop came up with no panel, right click was active and desktop icons were there.
    Ctrl+Alt+Back to logout > Select Mate > Login and all is good

  224. Fantastic release
    Using Mate
    As nice as Cinnamon is, I like the stability of Mate. Well done Clem

  225. I have a problem with flash…when i want to see a video on youtube or any other video website… the video just plays extremely fast.. it plays one minute of the video in 5 seconds.. i don’t know how to fix this

  226. Dear all,

    I was used to try Mint releases by

    1) mounting the iso
    2) copying the content of casper into /casper/
    3) adding an entry in grub with
    kernel /casper/vmlinuz boot=casper live-media-path=/casper quiet splash —
    initrd /casper/initrd.lz

    but this time it is not working, giving

    initramfs unable to find a medium containing a live file system. Any hints? I tried all the four iso images.

  227. @Ariya : Perhaps you did not read my earlier post properly. I wrote clearly that we LM users know all this what you are saying. And know fully well that it is based on Ubuntu. So what you are harping on.

    If someone want to use Ubuntu with dock, who is stopping them. Everybody is free to use desktop as they wish.

    Next, if we can’nt upgrade from LM 12 to LM 13, I could not understand what’s the problem. Ubuntu users can do it. They should be happy. Wow! how great Ubuntu really is. Not all the bugs in Ubuntu 12.04 has been fixed, but the work has started on Ubuntu 12.10, That’s the great Ubuntu. The bugs and problems which have been reported for Ubuntu 11.10 some of them are fixed in Ubuntu 12.04. That’s the great Ubuntu. I can tell countless things, but that will be of no use. Perhaps before using Ubuntu, you should say thanks to Joey, Andrew and other community users, who are putting all the efforts to make it usable. If someone thinks just because of this we will start using Ubuntu, well then you are mistaken. But if anyone want to switch just because of this, they are most welcome.

    If you like that link of yours and other users everyone is welcome to use it.

  228. Installed and running nicely on my Acer 3820 Timeline X laptop…
    couple of things I noticed with Software Manager:
    – authentication required for each selection (noted before) no big deal
    – after selecting 5 packages for install, and going away for a few hours… return to find SM reports still only 8% installed… but in fact all packages are installed.

  229. I love MATE. It’s a clean, fast, uncomplicated, and efficient OS. My favorite. My question is: if I install it, will I be able to upgrade the RC to the final release without another install?

    I encountered no problems running it from the CD. Everything worked including Flash, Wine, sound–everything. I like it when an OS really delivers and this one does—right out of the box.


  230. I was using Linux Mint 12 and installed Ubuntu 12.04. Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome Classic panel looks and feels better than Linux Mint 13. Ubuntu 12.04 MDM Login screen looks very attractive..Just install:
    # sudo apt-get install gnome-panel
    Logout and choose Gnome Classic from Login Screen…..Add New desktop panel and it will look and feel like Gnome 2…..I hated and still hates Unity and Gnome Shell…Cinnamon is much better than both of them…You have done some wonderful work and we hope that Mint in future will turn into an attractive and responsive desktop system….

  231. Recently installed Mint 13 Mate edition on my new system.

    Only two little bugs i’ve noticed so far is –

    1. Networtmanager applet icon changes when connected to vpn. It changes from mint-x or mint-z etc to the default gnome icon for it.

    2. Mintupdates still runs at startup – I tried to disable mintupdate from running after I login by using startup applications program but it still loads.

    two minor little things that things, everything else is running perfectly, and mate makes it feel like im using my old linux mint 9 LTS desktop again, which IMO was the best LM release ever. Although I think LM13 is going to beat it 🙂

    Also want to say thanks to Clem and anyone else involved in the MATE project, MATE is really the only DE I like to use these days.

  232. Attempted two (2) installs (seperate downloads / seperate discs / etc) to my asus essentio a8 (hvly modd) – both times the upon reboot, && upon attempting to load the filesystem, output: no such partition (error).

    Subsequently sucessfully installed ubuntu 12.04 from a scratched up disc with not a hitch, so i rule out any integrity issues w/ the hardware (my filesystem is located on an 120gig intel SSD for deving (ext 4, /) & the mechanical 900 gig mntd ext3 / 4.

    any similar error

  233. Installed Cinnamon 64-bit and it’s running well. Only ran into a few hiccups that I haven’t been able to replicate.

  234. I love Mint 13 Cinnamon. I tried Cinnamon a few months ago on Mint 12 and I liked it but I like it better now. The added themes and other settings are great. It’s much more configurable than other Gnome 3 GUIs, even more so than Gnome Fallback.

    One minor issue: the “Mint Flashplugin” you have installed by default is crap. It won’t work with the latest version of Google Chrome. I was wondering why Chrome was claiming it was out of date when Mint Update was saying my system was up to date. Finally, I opened Synaptic and found the trouble. I replaced “Mint Flash” with the standard Adobe flash plugin and now it’s going as it should. So, anybody using Chrome, you’ll want to replace the installed flash plugin with the standard flash plugin.

    Edit by Clem: We’re holding back on Flash. The latest plugin comes with important regressions and we weren’t happy with upgrading it. We test things with Firefox though, mileage may vary with other browsers.

  235. I couldn’t even install Mint13.
    I saw the following bug:
    bug: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000009C

    I have a picture of the freezing screen.

  236. I am again surprised how sound through pulse is so much better under LM with Cinnamon compared to Precise with Unity.
    Not as flawless as with LMDE, but I think I can get it to work.
    Now hopefully my X-freezes are gone with Maya, too.

    One bug I think, here on Cinnamon when using two Displays (btw. thats also what makes my audio sloppy):
    two different resolutions, but background gets not “stretched” as it should, there is a weird black bar on top of the -first- image on the second monitor.
    Resolution was 1440×1050 on 1st, 1680×1050 on 2nd

    Thank you guys for your hard work!

  237. Don’t know why but both 32-bits releases don’t work here with Mint4win. It seems it lacks to mount an ISO or something like that.

    64-bit Cinnamon version works perfectly with Mint4win. Maybe because I’m using Windows 7 64-bits ??? It would be strange !

    Didn’t tried the MATE version with Mint4win.

    PS : sorry for my approximative english, I’m french 🙂

  238. Same bug as in Ubuntu LTS >> Bug 950295

    DVD won’t boot when a b43 wireless card is detected.

    Very important for people with a b43 card!

  239. @Bamm-213 : As you said right click on menu and edit option. I checked it, its working on my computer perfectly, it is doing everything addition, deleting. Only thing is if you click on games, education etc. or add some menu, it will work only if you install some games and educational software or put some software in that category. If there is no software entry for that menu, it won’nt show.

  240. Hello Clem and Mint Team. LMDE (XFCE) is by far my favorite, and I like trying the other editions too. (Currently installing Maya Cinnamon after trying in live mode.) Something I noticed about the installers, the Debian installer is nice and straight-forward (once you learn about partitioning). I would like to see the graphical timezone selector, but it’s not a big deal.
    My real complaint is the installer for the Ubuntu based versions — do I really need to download all the language packs if I’m only going to be using English? It adds more than 20 minutes to the install time (I don’t have the fastest internet 🙂 ).
    Thanks again for all your great work!

  241. @Clem
    It’s not possibile to log into gnome classic session (in both versions, with the message: “Xsession: unsupported number of arguments (2); falling back to default session”.) because of a bug in MDM. In fact installing lightdm and selecting gnome classic session it works!
    Please fix it before going to stable release…

    Edit by Clem: Fixed (still in Romeo at the moment), expect an update.

  242. I noticed that whenever cinnamon starts it changes the window theme back to defaults and the only way to turn it back to normal is to select the window theme which is very annoying I hope this gets fixed before release.
    This is Cinnamon 32 bit I am talking about

  243. @Chris-224 : Thanks for the tip. I also noticed it while using google chrome. But could not figure out what’s the problem.

    @Zorro : I agree with you on language packs. I would say that even update packages is also not needed while installation. Because even after all this, system on first boot shows many updates, it can be done from there. So now the trick is (except for poor KDE users, who can’nt do anything while installation), while installation is going on and when it shows updating packages/ installing language packages, you can press skip button on the right side, and it will install rest of the system, by skipping packages/ and languages packs. Except these two, don’nt press skip otherwise, you will be stuck in half installation.

  244. and what does the ability or inability to upgrade have to do with the definition of fork? are you saying that if software doesn’t provide an upgrade mechanism, therefore it is a fork? sounds non-sequitur to me.

  245. Tried this new Cinnamon Mint 13 on a Dell D600 laptop. The desktop is blue, the bottom bar is correct. Clicking on firefox brings up a blank area surrounded by a “shadow” nothing inside. Same for Terminal.

    LSPCI reports video as: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 02)

    Additional: Pentium M with 2 gig ram, 80gb hard drive.

    Mate works well. Just a side note: same with LMDE on the blue.

    When logging off for an instant I see the proper background.

  246. Re LM13-MATE-1.2 – First Live Impressions:
    It’s looking good and should get me back to the Mint-Gnome-like experience that I want. I need the Wine and Ham Radio apps and they seem to be there. Many thanks Clem and the Team. I shall try installing it on another machine and report back. At the moment I’m using LM12-KDE (which is not at all bad, BTW) whilst I’m waiting for the final release.

  247. More bugs I’ve discovered:

    – I removed the bluetooth applet, but it came back by itself except with bluetooth disabled. If I open the add/remove applet window, it shows that the bluetooth applet is not enabled, even though it’s there on the panel.
    – After installing Gnome Shell, it doesn’t show up in the MDM session options. There’s no way to login to it.
    – Sometime you need to click twice on the show Desktop icon for the Desktop to appear.

  248. One more issue: In Ubuntu, scrolling the mouse over the sound indicator icon shows up the volume level bar while its changing. In Cinnamon, it only changes the volume without showing the volume bar. I find the Ubuntu implementation way more intuitive, and it shouldn’t take much work to implement it. Cheers.

  249. Little question.. I am a Mint-user since Mint 7. Last week I had to buy a new laptop, because the old one broke down. My new laptop has a Nvidia GT520MX videocard, which is not supported bij Mint. Installing Bumblebee also doesn’t work.
    I checked the Nvidia site and found out that the right drivers are available since march or april 2012. I tried to install them manually, but it failed completely.
    Does anyone have an idea how long it will take until the right drivers will be available in Linux Mint?

  250. Ok, now I hate you Mint team! I just got precise set up very nicely with everything I need (wine keeps hiccuping all over me though, but anyway…) and here you come along with a beauty like Maya!! lol. Great job team! Even for an RC it’s working fantastically on live usb. Default wallpapers are very nice. Lisa hated my AMD machine for some reason (except for KDE, that’s FTW!) but cinnamon is working well so far. Waiting for final to install so I can perform the dreaded ATI driver activation!

    Question: If I install now, is it just a matter of updating to be on final release? Or is there a repo adjustment that needs to happen as well?

    In any case, great job as usual!

  251. Using 13RC Mate
    If I switch Gnome compositing on, the responsiveness is much quicker!! Explain that….

    Edit by Clem: I guess your GPU then handles the rendering and that frees your CPU and RAM for more important things.

  252. Thank you mint team for fixing the MDM session loading issues! I love the new Cairo-dock 3.0. BEST SESSION EVER!!! And while i’m at it Mint 13, BEST DISTRO EVER!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

  253. Yay!

    Both editions are just awesome! I can’t choose 😉 But is it possible to run both desktops in one mint 13 OS?

    Small bugs I found with 64bit editions:
    MATE: some weird unresponsive window behavior now and again, could not replicate it again.
    Date/time does not sit on the righthand side of the task bar, but in the middle (when changing between windowed mode and full screen with vmware 8.0.2)
    Cinnamon: Themes are not working, when choosing another theme, nothing happens (I only realized this after installing latest patches)

    But well done, seems very stable! 🙂

  254. Typing this message from a live of LM13-Mate, this almost-release is amazing. I already have the same feeling as when I discovered Ubuntu 5 years ago, a feeling of consistence, and… choice! It’s about time we had full personalization options back on our desktop (wink to GDM/MDM).
    Thank you very much to the whole team!

  255. I know Don mentions this at #70, but I wanted to say it too since I really like the classic (top and bottom) panels. The main panel moved to the top and a blank one appear at the bottom after restart. I can’t find a way to add applets to the 2nd panel (other than dragging it from the first panel)… it doesn’t seem allow duplicates of an applet (so I can’t have clock and main menu on both top and bottom). Just something to fix since “Classic” panels were offered as an option. 🙂

  256. 1. You do right the create two edition;
    2. Me like MATE, because it’s reali classic desktop;
    3. Cinnamon it’s for much powerful computer.

    My choice is MATE! You got tu continium your main edition whit MATE!

  257. The mint-flashplugin is rather out-of-date.

    Not sure if this is due to a particular reason, but I always like to have it as up-to-date as possible, so I removed it and installed flashplugin but now my browsers freeze whenever flash videos start to play.

    Running LM13 x64 MATE

    Edit by Clem: We won’t update it (yet anyway) due to important regressions in the latest version of the plugin.

  258. I really like the version with cinnamon. Perhaps it is due to my liking of gnome-shell but cinnamon to me is sleeker and more responsive.

  259. Hi all, Good work Mint team on GUI it looks weary nice.
    But I have same problems with Cinnamon 64-bit – same as with Ubuntu.
    Live CD works fine (I-m writing you this from Live Cinnamon 64-bit USB).
    When I installing Mint to Laptop ASUS 1215B AMD E350, I get error at the end of installation. When install program configure grub boot loader, PC freezes and I got black screen of death.

  260. Hi all

    I submitted a bug report about mate-users-admin (and a similar one exists for mate-services-admin after complete installation) in LM13/Mate.

    It seems to have desappeared; any news about it?

    Best regards


    ps: thanks to the team for its work!

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure, but I’ve made note of it personally. Thanks.

  261. I’ve been using MATE in Virtualbox. I haven’t encountered any bugs so far except for minor things like occasional flickering of the desktop icons and a sometime sluggish, disappearing cursor. These could be caused by the virtual environment. I’d say great job Mint and MATE teams!

  262. Writing from LM 13 Cinnamon 64-bit. Installed it on my second partition and tested now for one and a half day.

    Unfortunately my last comment was not published, for whatever reason… So trying it again.

    What I like:
    – System runs smoothly, Cinnamon integration is well done
    – No big bugs yet

    What I don’t like:
    – MDM Logon Manager does not have that elegant look as LightDM. Even worse, having to type my username at every logon is not comfortable. Choosing from a list would be fine. Maybe there is a configuration for that, but I did not find it
    – Banshee remote control is integrated in the sound applet, but after starting it, a banshee icon with remote control appears. This doubles functionality and uses space on the panel

    Bugs I found:
    – Translation of MintMenu and some other parts of Cinnamon and System dialogues is not complete, although language pack (German) seems to be installed correctly
    – After logon, for more than 10 seconds screen is black. On LM 12 during this time at least the desktop wallpaper was visible
    – Boot splash screen is black, even after cofiguring it like described in release notes
    – My Wireless Network Card (Ralink RT2790) has a lower field strengh of only 70% to 75% (Network Icon). Using LM 12 I get field strengh of 85% under exactly the same conditions. I’m not sure though, if this might be simply a problem of calculating and displaying the field strengh. Before connecting to my network, the field strengh is displayed as 85%, after connecting falls down to 70%…
    – Had Skype memory leak when starting a call, but only once. System froze and memory use was up to 4 GiB, before the system killed Skype automatically

    Last but not least I want to thank Clem and the team for producing this quality distribution. I am trying it since LM9 and using it as my main OS since LM10. Keep on!
    Please also keep inventing Cinnamon, which is my shell of choice. I like the fact that is uses the new technology of Gnome3 but is tradional and much more configurable at the same time.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Christian, I replied to your first comment… sorry for the delay. Because of our anti-spam plugin, some comments need to be approved before they appear (if it’s the first time you comment on the blog for instance). We usually do this on a daily basis, but we got delayed a bit there and there’s a lot of comments to go through 🙂

  263. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are installing LM13-Cinnamon, and intend to keep the /home of a previous install, BEFORE installing, you should disable all applets and extensions for Cinnamon. There are some that are broken, and will cause compositing to fail, resulting in no panels, menus, or window buttons! (I can confirm that Bownz “Gnome-like menus” causes this, others I am not sure about yet.)
    Other than this, LM13-64bit-Cinnamon is running beautifully! Hats off to Clem for putting together what is, so far, the most stable and enjoyable test-build I have used yet. Can’t wait to see where Maya is headed!

  264. @Clem, bug report:
    In virtualbox when using compiz, with mate version, by the command “compiz –replace” after few moment the desktop freeze. And the window theme decoration is not mint-x anylonger but it gets different, green and fat.

  265. Addendum to previous: Actually, @Bownz “Gnome-Like Menus” DO work fine, the problem is that you lose the installed schemas.xml files when you install LM13. Reinstalling and compiling them will fix it… but it helps to have the applets disabled until you get that sorted out. Don’t want anyone to think I am attacking @Bownz, as his work is quite impressive. Hope this tidbit helps Cinnamon users coming over from 12 🙂

  266. Will the next KDE edition be based on the main edition or LMDE? There were plans to move KDE and Fluxbox editions to LMDE, and Maya is an LTS.

  267. I’ve been excited to see this release. It’s wonderful work by the team. I started with Lisa, and I like the changes the team put together since the 12 release. The only issue I’ve had out of the box, is Thunderbird, loaded from the .iso doesn’t work. It starts, but will not connect to any email accounts that I have (all Gmail). Other than that, it’s spot on. I prefer the Cinnamon desktop, it’s becoming more polished and extensible. Great work!

  268. Great job Mint team!
    Just tried the MATE version for about 5 hours in live usb mode (waiting for final version to set up my dualboot), and I must say it is beautiful! Worked almost perfectly with my hardware configuration.

    3 things to report:
    – in live usb mode I had no sound. I think it is because I did not install the proprietary drivers,but will set up a VM to test this further. Video and flash worked perfectly.
    – when logging out there was no prompt to remove USB disk before shut down.
    – noticed the temperature a litle bit higher than usual. Maybe this is normal without graphics card drivers installed, but I should take this chance to ask if the ASPM bug in this kernel version was fixed? I
    Best regard and thanks for what seems to be an excellent distro!

    PS: will try both versions furher and report any problems that i may encounter 🙂

  269. @224
    You know Adobe dropped Flash support for linux right? We’re frozen with the last stable build til either someone can opensource it somehow or HTML 5 gets wider support!

  270. Installed the Mate 64 bit version and compared it against Xubuntu 12.04. Mint 13 with Mate is MUCH friendlier and quite a lot faster than Xubuntu 12.04 in almost every aspect.

  271. Congrats! excellent release, I installed it and it works great!! I cant wait until the final so I replace my Mint 11 for it..

    I have one request if possible, it would be great if this release has some kind of software that can be used to remote control it..
    Vino (the one already installed) is probably the most horrendous software out there, after 2 releases is still broken… very slooooooow! its totally unusable…I dont think this peace of software ever would be usable… Mint should get rid of it for good… Installing VNC is a pain and its slow too..
    I use NoMachine right now and it works great with Mint 11 – the best software I was able to find.. sadly it does not work properly with 12 or 13, it gives the classic desktop (not cool) so not really good.. is there any other option out there can actually ‘work’?.. this same problem is present with Ubuntu.
    Other than that! great release…

  272. Here are some minor bugs I’ve found in the MATE 64 edition:
    1. mate-power-preferences, i.e. ‘Power Management Preferences’ is not accessible via the main menu or the settings screen, like it used to be in GNOME 2.
    2. In System Profiler and Benchmark, under Operating System > Desktop Environment, it says: ‘Unknown (Window Manager: Marco)’. I assume it should say ‘MATE’.
    3. The text editor Pluma is Called ‘pluma’ (lower-case p) on the top of its windows. This is only very minor, but it looks a bit unprofessional.

    Apart from these, everything seems great to me!

  273. Yesterday I tested Mint 13 64 bit Cinnamon and it was great as I posted in msg 188 above. Today I tested the MATE version 64 bit. I was not so impressed. At first I thought it was so close to Gnome 2 that it would be like an old friend. But as soon as I tried to run Fusion-icon and set Compiz as the WM, sure, I got Wobbly Windows, but my CPU usage still goes up from 3%-4% to 26%-31% (for all 4 CPU’s). Not good. Yes although my automobile will go to 7,000 RPM’s, I do not want it to idle at 3,000 RPM’s. I just will not use MATE until this is fixed.

    For me I will continue to use Xubuntu for my desire to hang on to Gnome 2 (everything works including fusion and compiz and emerald themes), and I will continue to use Mint 13 Cinnamon 64 bit to look to the future. It’s dual boot for me, but no MATE thank you.

  274. feedback as follows: -1 fix the splash screen issue
    -2 add aMsn to the repository
    -3 add a netspeed applet that monitors mobile broadband to CINNAMON
    -4 Make mate love COMPIZ
    i’m really amused and amazed at the shutdown speed of cinnamon! fantastico!!maybe u’ll consider rendering boot that fast!! LINUX MINT is still the king of LINUX!!kkeep going!great job pals!!!

  275. @254.
    I haven’t tested this release yet but….
    Was your Xubuntu a 12.04 release? If so, and compiz still works just as well as it did back in 10.04, disregard this post as I am obviously talking out of my bum.

    That CPU overhead is likely a compiz related issue, not a mate issue.

    There was a bug in compiz that caused unity to not V-synch properly making window drags eventually appear choppy and to suddenly cause compiz/xorg to load up the CPU to 100%. The patch for that released with ubuntu 12.04 and since it forced a full refresh rate from compiz, it stopped the window drag errors… but introduced higher load for absolutely every other action.

    Personally I think compiz has always been one major regression away from being useful.
    The decision to base unity on it was silly and the attempts to patch for that are now hurting all the other implimentations.

  276. Wow, so many Comments, so reconciliation before Formal Release could be a nightmare, even if the unreal or irrellevant ones are ignored !
    Having had a play with LiveDVD sessions I’ve installed 64bit MATE and Cinnamon versions on Lexar-Kodak ’32GB’ USB keys, to find that like most Series 3 kernel distros they are rather slow or hesitant in operation, with VLC Player very reluctant to play videoDVDs even with proprietary NVIDIA drivers installed, so I guess that I will have to await slicker formal release and install on a 50% faster,USB-connected hard drive.
    I was pleased to find that, unlike LMDE, I could revert to GRUB0.97, making multiple boot easier to manage, thus retaining easy ReStart access to the host PC’s other Operating Systems.
    However, in Cinnamon I haven’t yet found any form of Workspace Switcher beyond Ctrl_Alt left/right arrow, whilst in MATE the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor doesn’t even display anything on the Panel, let alone work, but I guess that’s down to MATE to eventually fix.
    I also guess that the Ubuntu team(s) are wreaking their usual new release havoc with repository package versions and dependencies, because AcidRip has started working after at first not recognising optical drives, but Sound-Juicer MP3 Extraction simply crashes and is now fixed at VBR=4 Quality and so can’t be modified to sound expert recommended VBR=2 Quality, which I will try to feedback as a shortcoming to Ross Burton.
    Overall, MATE is still looking like the best bet for me, with visible Workspace Switcher and other Panel applets, especially Hardware Sensor Monitoring and Weather Reports !
    Cinnamon seems slicker than for LMDE, but isn’t there yet IMO.
    Like others, I miss Compiz Wall/Cube operation across Workspaces that makes multiple desktops so easy and enjoyable in LM9 or ZorinOS5.2 but the Zorin brothers may come up with something soon, who knows.

  277. A couple of days ago, I wrote a comment. It never showed up on the blog. Why!

    Edit by Clem: Sorry about the delay, anti-spam keeps comments from new visitors in moderation until they’re manually approved.

  278. It works very well except from one things.

    while installing from a USB-drive the systems recognizes my USB-drive as SDA and the SATA-harddrive as SDB (they’re both bootable) and happen to install GRUB on my USB-drive and setting it up as the primary boot-device rendering both the system on hard-drive and my bootable USB-drive. After tha the system will not boot if you remove the usb-drive and restart, saying “no such partition”. Ideally the system should recognize my primary harddrive as SDA and my USB-drive as SDB like in the older versions.

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure whether that was caused by a fix we made in mintconstructor… Mint couldn’t boot on computers where the CD/USB device switched order during the boot sequence (i.e. when the CD’s kernel just couldn’t find the CD basically….. I know, it sounds weird, but it makes sense if you know how the live boot sequence works). So we fixed that.. and Mint now works on more configurations than before, but it still not responsible for deciding which is sda and which is sdb, as far as I know that’s down to to the bios itself. I think the problem here is Ubiquity… it should rule out the live media and make sure it isn’t selected by default, rather than just defaulting the combo on sda as it does now.

  279. @Bruce R – click the settings icon ( ^ ) on the task bar, select add/remove applets, scroll to the bottom and check Workspace Switcher.

  280. Update on my previous post.
    Cinnamon 32-bit version of MINT is working fine on ASUS 1215B AMD fusion APU but Cinnamon 64-bit don’t work. Some problems with grub. I have try to fix that with ubuntu boot-repair but no success.

    32bit version is working great and also looks great 🙂
    I really like Cinnamon GUI. Thank you for good work MINT team.

  281. BTW – I’m really liking the Mint 13RC Cinnamon version. Glad we have some long term direction from Mint with Mate & Cinnamon. Mint 12 was OK with kinda gnome3, but felt temporary. I’ll be able to fully support the switch to Mint 13 for my non-geek Windows friends. Probably wait to install on my hard drive until the final release. Got too many other OS’s on my PC right now. Then again, might nuke Win8cp since no touch screen makes it a crappy Win7.

  282. @ Bill:

    According to high CPU usage in MATE when running Compiz:

    In a terminal type “mateconf-editor”

    When the editor opens:

    Go to /desktop/mate/session/required_components/windowmanager
    And replace marco with compiz

  283. Hello !

    (Apologize for my unperfect english, I’m a Frenchie 😉

    Very ancient PC-user (MS-DOS 1983-1995; Windows 1993-2009 – but only up to XP, Vista and Seven being “gas-plants” heavy and bugs-filled; Ubuntu 2009-2012), as much I liked Gnome-2, as much I hate Unity (my 27″ screen is not a phone screen !) and Gnome-3 (even though containing good enhancements, it remains and unfinished product with a lot of regression vs Gnome-2).
    So, these last months, I tried various ways for replacement of my old Ubuntu 10.04 (for my own, the best issue in Ubuntu releases), and quickly I was seduced with the new Mint release, and in a first time by Cinnamon, which seemed avoid almost all misses of Gnome-3 by preserving advantages of Gnome-2. But your LMDE edition merged Mate and Cinnamon modules, even after choice of Cinnamon.

    Naturally, I was waiting for a main edition, LMDE coming with old versions for a lot of tools (as LibreOffice, which all 3.4 releases are bugged, as were all 3.1 and 3.2). So I tried RC as soon as available.

    After installing Maya RC Cinnamon, I was disappointed, some Gnome-2 advantages beeing no more presents : they were Mate implementations, as the clock !

    Please find below a short lit of problems I encountered in all 2012 version currently available :

    All types :
    – Since 3 years, I used “right-Windows” key as “compose” : it’s place just aside “AltGr” is a great advantage. But Mint seems reserve it for a “menu” usage, forcing to use the “left-windows”. How to do to liberate usage of “right-windows” ?
    – Ubuntu offers, among background screens, automatic changing pictures (as each half-hour) based on an xml file. This doesn’t operate with Mint. Why ?

    LMDE :
    – I didn’t try Mate option, but Cinnamon uses some Mate functions, so it’s bastard and prevent from good testing the product…

    Maya RC Cinnamon :
    – Gnome-3 clock with cinnamon option totally without effect : so nothing can be changed except date/hour. Can’t display seconds nor day nor format… Why Cinnamon doesn’t keep Gnome-2 clock, light-years above its replacement ? Or the clock I found in LMDE, seems a gnome-2 clock with better formatting possibilities ?
    – After a few boots of Cinnamon, it changed language to english, even all choices remained “french”. Despite a lot of change/restore parameters, I never success to restore french display ! On each logging, it advertised me that language was changed and asked if I want change directories names (“images” to “pictures”, etc.). I seems to be a major bug, excluding Cinnamon as choice, at least until a future version.

    Maya RC Mate :
    – at the moment, only “all type” problems. Fortunately, I can live with. 😉

    Note 1: I tried Gnome 3 on all sides, including 3.4. Even this one contains only 20% real enhancements and 80% regressions… I think we have to wait a Gnome-4 to have a real new product. Unless forks as Mate or Cinnamon take the place meanwhile.

    Note 2: The real name for Mate shoud be “Maté”. In french, “mate” means “dull”, “not shiny”. Not a namer for a success-story. 😉

  284. Hello!

    both version of Linux Mint 13 does not play any DVX/AVI movies online.

    bottom bar, in particular the ply length is full colored and if you click on play does not start any video.

    the sounds control gave you a mute setting already.

    my compliments, they are very nice, smooth and fast for bot uploading the system and shutting down. A little blink of eye on Mate version.

    Hooping you fix these bug, way to go guys, thank you!


  285. Installed LM13 (Cinnamon version) last night successfully. During the boot with LiveUSB (made with Unebotin), (only)with option “Compatibility mode “, I have reported the following problems with the X server and MDM:

    The X server is now disabled. Restart MDM when it is configured correctly.

    Would you like to view the detailed X server uotput as well?

    I will upload pictures of messages soon

  286. Works perfectly in VBox, except that Cinnamon cannot be loaded in Live CD (works when installed). These are some things you might want to work on:
    1) Not using the default Cinnamon theme doesn’t make much sense if you are the developer of Cinnamon. I agree that the graphite theme is much better, but we can make it the default in Cinnamon(with agreement from the artist creating the theme) so it makes more sense.
    2) GIMP 2.8? I know it didn’t get into Ubuntu 12.04, but will you be able to provide it through the Mint repositories? Not really that important, but Single-Window mode can certainly attract more new users
    3) As many have mentioned, it’s time for a new background.

    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon is developed with other distributions in mind. If tomorrow we make a Mint-X Cinnamon theme, it won’t be part of Cinnamon, it will only be part of Mint. As for the default Cinnamon theme, its main purpose is to make it easy for developers to test (that’s why it’s grey, to see light and dark content easily on top of it).

  287. Hi,I have put ‘Maya-MATE’on both my HP 550 laptop and MSI netbook.
    both works superb out of the box but I’m having minor issue with wallpapper on the netbook MSI U135DX which is following:
    after boot wallpapper doesn’t apear sometimes..
    I’m getting black screen as if I have black wallpapper set up other stuff works fine- panels etc.

    BTW.I think you should make separate edition for DEBIAN too to avoid those anonying duplicate apps.

    Big fan.

  288. I’ve also gone with Mate after Clem’s recommendation. I had been using Cinnamon since its initial release on Mint 12 and really liked it, although it is a little slower than Mate on my first generation Core i3 desktop with 4G of RAM.

    Apart from updates being awfully slow tonight, Australian east coast time, I have no complaints so far. Mate is so customisable, more so than Cinnamon. As I am also using Ubuntu 12.04, I set up Mate desktop like this:

    At this stage, if Mate is stable, I will stick with it as my main distro.

  289. Regarding at least Cinnamon 64bit-edition.

    The current applications menu shows untranslated application group labels e.g accessories, graphics, office, system tools (respectively instead of accessoires, graphique(s), bureautique, outils système). “Computer” and “Home” desktop icon labels are also not translated.

    The login screen is partially translated too, still saying “welcome to $HOSTNAME” where it should read “Bienvenue sur $HOSTNAME”.

    Your work is awesome and the best choice IMHO for any user coming for Windows (BTW it was quite easy to convince my mother to replace Windows Seven with Linux Mint on her 5-years-old PC).

    Edit by Clem: We fixed “Welcome” not being translated in the login screen (there’s an update for it.. not sure if it’s still in Romeo right now). To translate the desktop icons, please check the release notes.

  290. Hello !

    (Apologize for my unperfect english, I’m a Frenchie 😉

    Very ancient PC-user (MS-DOS 1983-1995; Windows 1993-2009 – but only up to XP, Vista and Seven being “gas-plants” heavy and bugs-filled; Ubuntu 2009-2012), as much I liked Gnome-2, as much I hate Unity (my 27″ screen is not a phone screen !) and Gnome-3 (even though containing good enhancements, it remains and unfinished product with a lot of regression vs Gnome-2).
    So, these last months, I tried various ways for replacement of my old Ubuntu 10.04 (for my own, the best issue in Ubuntu releases), and quickly I was seduced with the new Mint release, and in a first time by Cinnamon, which seemed avoid almost all misses of Gnome-3 by preserving advantages of Gnome-2. But your LMDE edition merged Mate and Cinnamon modules, even after choice of Cinnamon.

    Naturally, I was waiting for a main edition, LMDE coming with old versions for a lot of tools (as LibreOffice, which all 3.4 releases are bugged, as were all 3.1 and 3.2). So I tried RC as soon as available.

    After installing Maya RC Cinnamon, I was disappointed, some Gnome-2 advantages beeing no more presents : they were Mate implementations, as the clock !

    Please find below a short lit of problems I encountered in all 2012 version currently available :

    All types :
    – Since 3 years, I used “right-Windows” key as “compose” : it’s place just aside “AltGr” is a great advantage. But Mint seems reserve it for a “menu” usage, forcing to use the “left-windows”. How to do to liberate usage of “right-windows” ?
    – Ubuntu offers, among background screens, automatic changing pictures (as each half-hour) based on an xml file. This doesn’t operate with Mint. Why ?

    LMDE :
    – I didn’t try Mate option, but Cinnamon uses some Mate functions, so it’s bastard and prevent from good testing the product…

    Maya RC Cinnamon :
    – Gnome-3 clock with cinnamon option totally without effect : so nothing can be changed except date/hour. Can’t display seconds nor day nor format… Why Cinnamon doesn’t keep Gnome-2 clock, light-years above its replacement ? Or the clock I found in LMDE, seems a gnome-2 clock with better formatting possibilities ?
    – After a few boots of Cinnamon, it changed language to english, even all choices remained “french”. Despite a lot of change/restore parameters, I never success to restore french display ! On each logging, it advertised me that language was changed and asked if I want change directories names (“images” to “pictures”, etc.). I seems to be a major bug, excluding Cinnamon as choice, at least until a future version.

    Maya RC Mate :
    – at the moment, only “all type” problems. Fortunately, I can live with. 😉

    Last precision : my computer has a 64 bits Intel Core 3 and 8 Gb RAM, tests made with VirtualBox machines.

    Note 1: I tried Gnome 3 on all sides, including 3.4. Even this one contains only 20% real enhancements and 80% regressions… I think we have to wait a Gnome-4 to have a real new product. Unless forks as Mate or Cinnamon take the place meanwhile.

    Note 2: The real name for Mate shoud be “Maté”. In french, “mate” means “dull”, “not shiny”. Not a namer for a success-story. 😉

  291. I’ve installed LM13 in VirtualBox, and have encountered some problems that LM12 did not have in VB.

    1. Random, but rare instances of the whole screen turning white, so I can’t see the mouse pointer. Therefore I can’t do anything, so have to shutdown or restart from a console(Ctrl+ Alt + F!). I seem to notice this happening when moving windows, resizing windows, or scrolling.

    2. VLC playback of video flickers, and is in black and white. Problem still exists after installing VLC again from Software Manager.

    3. Sometime borders and fonts in the taskbar become bright red. The font also becomes bold, which makes them difficult to read. Logging out and in again fixes the problem.

    4. There is no option to switch users. With LM12, I can lock the screen, then there is an option to switch users, as well as unlock the screen. With LM13, locking the screen only gives the option to unlock it.

    None of these problems exist with LM12 in Virtualbox, but exist with LM13 in the same version of VB.

    Loving LM13 so far!

  292. @BillyJim47 ref Comment No 258 – Thank You Very Much for your tip, which enabled me to find Panel, turn on ‘Panel edit mode’ which then revealed ‘Hot corner’ where I was able to make ‘Hot corner icon visible’ and thus gain access to Workspace switching and display, which is quite dramatic although not quite as useful as MATE’s Workspace Switcher, In My Opinion.

  293. To MATE users:
    When starting an application like synaptic, you will notice that the user interface look worse and is not the same as the current GTK theme used by your system.
    You can fix it by running the following commands from the terminal:

    sudo ln -s ~/.fonts /root/.fonts
    sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root/.icons
    sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root/.themes

    These commands will make symbolic links pointing to your current theme, icon and font installed in your MATE DESKTOP.

  294. Someone seems to be seeding corrupted data. I got 60MB of corrupted data for the Mate 32-bit edition in Transmission, 40-50MB on the others.

  295. Can’t get Zattoo to connect in Mate-Maya! This will be a dealbreaker for me. Hope I don’t have to run 9,10,11 until they break. Suspect flash incomatability. 32 bit version.

  296. I have tried cinnamon and it works good,but i hope the mint team will add a KDE like effect in cinnamon settings so there is no need for me to install kde…

  297. Why was my previous minor bugs report removed after strangely being displayed as “awaiting to be moderated” ? There was nothing offending though… Did I miss something ? Do we have to be registered somewhere else before to be authorized to post here ?

    Edit by Clem: It must have been approved. Scroll down further, a lot of comments were approved today, so you’re seeing more of them than before and yours is probably appearing further than it was for you. Note: sorry about this and the delay, we can’t afford to have all comments approved by default, otherwise we wouldn’t be even able to read them… the amount of spam being filtered is completely mind-boggling.

  298. To be honest i’m a fan of Gnome Shell, if Cinnamon could offer the over-view function and right workspace switcher it will be great.
    Those two extensions should be part of cinnamon and let the user choose if he wants to work in a traditional desktop or different.

    For me for example those two extensions are time very handy working with more windows and documents, it keeps things organized.

    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon features Scale, Expo and workspace switchers too. They’re not the same than in Shell. It’s subjective of course, but I personally find them to be much better. When designed, they got inspiration not only from Gnome Shell’s overview, but also from Compiz.

  299. Testing LM13 64bit Cinnamon on live USB.

    Had few issues with the panel when trying to hide/deactivate bluetooth applet
    1 – icon can be hidden only temporarily. if logging out and in again (dark) icon reappears in system tray
    2 – if bluetooth set to off, clicking on the icon shows window which is inconsistent with theme and too small to be of any use
    3 – while playing with these settings, cinnamon crashed and only possibility was to log out with CTRL + ALT + DEL

    Last comment: LM 13 w/ cinnamon looks nice, but LM 10 (Julia) is still by far my favorite

  300. please bring back the (Open as admin ) for the folders other than that still running fine on laptop. My old computers 32 bit will not run but they will run the debian version with cinnamon installed the Nightlife-mint and it will not work on the debian version whats the diff turns menu all funky ?

  301. @Ariya
    “Sure, but you just can’t upgrade from Mint 12 to 13, right? If you try, Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity would come up, right?”

    Ariya I do not pretend to speak for the team but after following for a number of years my interpretation is that Clem has always favored a fresh install as more reliable. On a tutorial on the Community Website explaining the “package upgrade” process (which is possible) you can find the following:


    Slow: APT will download the new version of all the packages installed on your system. Assuming you installed nothing at all, that’s about 3GB of data…. using a fresh upgrade you could have downloaded all that data by simply getting the 700MB ISO.
    Unreliable: Depending on your modifications, your sources, your added software and your configuration you could end up with a system that acts and feels really different than a brand new version of the newer Linux Mint release. You’re far from the beaten track and the added features might not work as well on your system as they were designed to.
    Risky: The temptation when you upgrade with APT is not to perform backups… since your partitions aren’t overwritten, nothing “forces” you to make backups… think about the risk though.
    Complicated: Packages conflict with each others, they can bring complex dependencies and put you in situations that are difficult to solve.

  302. @265. Orographic, That’s a nice, tidy setup. It’s inspired me to try something different, at least move the panel to the top. I’ve wondered sometimes why I’ve stuck with a bottom panel. With menus at the top, it just makes sense for the panel to be topside. I guess it’s just a remnant from using windows for so long.

  303. LM13 Cinnamon 32bit MaxData3000 Intel i5 Dual Core 3GB RAM 10GB HD
    This is my first positive experience of Cinnamon. Thanks Clem and the Team. The following are issues immediately apparent to me:
    Panel icons – like Firefox and Terminal don’t work. Neither does the added Workspace switcher.
    User Accounts – I can add a user but it remains disabled and I can’t add a password.

  304. Glory be! VERY nice going!

    What a difference a couple (=two) of days makes! I thought I’d started Firefox last night (maybe I didn’t, actually?), and didn’t see any mention of Maya RC. Maya, so soon, was a delightful surprise! As I understand things, LTS for me is /very/ welcome. I’m 76, and Maya LTS could outlast me!

    I’ll be seeding soon, with any luck; 25 Mb/s upload (not costly — FiOS) can help the community, for a change. Just noted @Albert’s message #268 about corrupted BitTorrent data; have often been somewhat concerned about that. I’ll download from an USA mirror and do an MD5 check on all four before seeding.

    If, indeed, torrents are propagating corrupt data, then anybody who downloads from a torrent really should do an MD5 check. Any decent MD5 checker is especially easy to use, it seems to me. Takes tens of seconds, but it’s really worth doing. (BTW, strictly speaking, an MD is a Message Digest, which is different from a checksum; it’s much more reliable than a checksum. Checksums were in use in 1960.)

    Will be really interesting to see how well Maya works on this obsolescent machine (Single-core Athlon, 2.2 GHz, ~890 MB RAM available, NVidia GeForce 6100 on mobo.) KDE seems utterly hopeless.

    Just read through all comments, and Cinnamon, I’m guessing, won’t run on my machine, although it exceeds all minimum requirements.

    I’ve been having nightmarish thrashing problems in Katya GNOME, especially with the Opera browser with even a few tabs open, but also Firefox. That 890 MB of RAM gets eaten up horribly easily. Have had too many lockups that I cure by holding down Alt and SysRq, then typing p.cogx
    (Dvorak); don’t do that, if you don’t know what happens when you do it!)

    Had one lockup that didn’t even respond to that. Have also had to pull the power cord, to do a hardware reset, too often. Usually GRUB fails to start; eternal blinking cursor on reboot. Have not asked for help, because I regard the present Katya installation as temporary.

    I am seriously skeptical that 512 MB will permit anything that requires significantly more RAM (say 128 MB) than a text editor to run acceptably; sorry.

    Personal life is becoming rather busy, but will try to test and report bugs.

    Best regards,

  305. This was a short Cinnamon adventure that ended directly after the initial menu with a message from my monitor:

    “Out of range signal”
    “Cannot display this video mode”

    I Have a 27inch HD DELL display that works fine on all versions of Mint 12 and windows.

    It will probably be the new video card that I bought 3 month earlier, an “Asus GT520 silent”, based on the NVIDIA GT520 chip.

    I hope this problem will be solved before the final release is lanced.

  306. Any idea when final version will be released?
    My sister will be in Spain for the next three months and I would like to install she Maya in her notebook before she leaves 🙂

  307. Are you sure this is a Release Candidate? For me, it works good enough to be a final release. I installed Linux Mint 13 MATE on 3 computers this weekend: a 32 bit laptop, a 64 bit laptop and a 64 bit desktop. All of them work great!

  308. I have been running 32 bit Cinnamon version for two days and have encountered two lock ups, on both occasions Firefox was running and my keyboard & mouse became unresponsive only the way out was to power down on main PC switch.

    Other than this hitch I have not any other problems to report!

  309. 64 bit Cinnamon on Virtualbox looks quite nice.
    I normally use Shell but was playing with the hot corner settings on Cinnamon.

    The Workspace selection option works as expected.

    The Window selection option still selects Workspace. Appears visibly to be no different than the other option

  310. @Chris-255 and My reply to Chris 260 : I followed the Chris instructions at that time flash worked. But while playing flash games on net, Firefox hanged, and Google Chrome is not even playing youtube videos, so have to install back the default flash player. Now Firefox is working fine with flash. But Google chrome is not playing flash/ videos, it says to update flash player. Is there any other solution?

  311. @Chris-255 and My reply to Chris 260 : I followed the Chris instructions at that time flash worked. But while playing flash games on net, Firefox hanged, and Google Chrome is not even playing youtube videos, so have to install back the default flash player. Now Firefox is working fine with flash. But Google chrome is not playing flash/ videos, it says to update flash player. Is there any other solution

  312. Looking forward to the stable release.. I think a different desktop wallpaper should be used.. Each previous version distinguished itself and the brand by having different default desktop wallpapers.

    Great work LinuxMint Team..

  313. Installed the MATE 64 bit edition on an older Pentium D machine with one gig of RAM.. So far, everything works.. MATE is a GREAT “save” after the gnome people pulled the rug out from under you (and us) Thanks Clem..

  314. Installed a fresh copy of cinnamon 64bit RC, every thing seams to running well, apart from a small problem, which hasn’t yet affected my use of mint

    Keep getting the following error message
    oneconf-service crashed with import error in get distro No module named Linux Mint.

  315. ok, due to problems with sound (no sound at all) on both 64x Mayas I’m back to
    Here the sound works, with some small problems, but it works.

    In my opinion the sound-architecture has changed. Is that right?
    Will that be the same in the final?

    Because then I have to look for an other distro before the support ends 🙁

  316. @Clem : One suggestion. Every time when we read your replies to the users, while solving their problems and explaining many things, it feels so great. Now the problem. I saw your reply to my post at 167 today that is also by chance. Because when we read posts, we start reading from where we left. E.g. if there are 100 posts and I have read all of that, next time when I login to the forums, I will start reading from 100. If I don’nt recollect where I was, I may perhaps read some earlier post to 100 and when I recollect that uptill here I have already read, I won’nt read earlier comments, to some of which you might have replied later on. And since we like to read your replies, many a times it goes unnoticed. Because If I know your reply, I can frame my further reply to anyone accordingly. Last time also I did the same mistake. Hope I explained well?

    So a suggestion which is clicking right now, would be to post replies, like we are posting to each other. When I reply to any user by writing name and post no., my comments is added in the last. By this way, when someone start reading from where he left, it is sure, that he will be reading my reply to him. Any way just a suggestion, may be other users can suggest better options.

    Edit by Clem: I used to comment as well (and still do when replying to all), but in-line it allows others to see the info I add along with the question. I take your point on-board though, thanks.

  317. Great news, TKS A LOT.
    For friends, customers and… install Mint Linux FREE. Number 1 distro, tks again

  318. I have had a look at both MATE and CINNAMON. Thet both look well constructed and promising but for myself I value the multiple worktops which are available on MATE and can be flicked between simply by a single mouse click. I also value being able to modify the taskbar and add task bars.

    It seems to me that it is very far sighted to produce the good old workhorse of MATE with a longer support period.

    I have just had a look at Zorin 6 RC and notice the task bar can be deleted easily at the moment which makes MATE a real winner.

  319. Tried to install mint 13 but it won’t work. I created a bootable USB with unetbootin, but it hangs on a black screen with flashing underscore and i have to hard reboot. The iso was checked and was fine.

    Tried with an Mint 12 iso, using the same program unetbootin, and it booted just fine.

  320. HUGE BUG with Mint 13 and the standard Gnome Zoom:

    If the zoom is turned on, right-click goes straight into the toilet bowl. I mean NOTHING to do with right-click displays, not properties, not cut and paste, nothing. I reported it earlier as happening with Firefox but it’s not limited to Firefox; it happens with Nautilus too as well as other functions. Un-zooming does not restore the right-click functionality. Only a reboot does.

    This is happening on three different test machines: the two I mentioned earlier (a Dell Optixplex 740 and a HP 8100 Elite) and I just tested it on my home box which is a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H with an AMD 965 Phenom II Quad Core, 8GB RAM and a Sapphire Radeon HD5670 / Xonar DX PCI-E and it STILL happens (the graphics card and Xonar appear to work just fine with the out-of-the-box drivers).

    This is BAD, folks – it makes the OS unusable for me and anyone else who is visually impaired. Help please?

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Roj, we’re on it. No promise on it getting fixed (we need to identify the cause), but we’ll do our best.

  321. I tried to install linux mint 13 on my computer but it asks me to login, but I do not have the login and password, someone could help me?

  322. First bug found (clean install):

    A popup window shows up with the legend “Cannot access /mnt/tmpmount…” when installing Maya on real hardware – right after installer asks for time zone.

    HW Machine specs:
    Vendor & Model: MSI A6300
    CPU: AMD Athlon II Dual-Core P340
    RAM: DDR3 2GB
    Video: ATi Mobility Radeon HD4270
    Partitioning scheme:
    /dev/sda1 20gb ext4 root (primary partition)
    /dev/sda2 290gb ext4 home (also primary partition)
    /dev/sda3 4.5gb swap
    Internet connection type: wireless

  323. installed mate and its working. update manager is moving at bits and not kbs. package manger can’t seem to find the repos.
    everything else seems to be ok. they are both kinda plain.
    i like my eye candy. sure compiz and cairo cam do those things but with a lot of added effort and is heavier than kde.
    i’ll wait for the kde version and see. hopefully it works well enough to stay away from windoze,
    but mint kde always works pretty damn good, fingers crossed.

  324. People, for final 13 WHY not both mate and cinnamon in the same box like in LMDE?

    THAT WOULD BE A WINNER. You can set Mate as default for stable work and get to play around with Cinnamon…


  325. Just booted up MATE 64 and got a black screen. Didn’t know what was going on, so I tried Ctrl-Alt-F1 and got tty1. So then Ctrl-Alt-F8 allowed me to log on as normal. Turned out I was on tty7–well, the blank screen of Ctrl-Alt-F7. (For a newbie, that would be limbo.) Actually
    ps -A | grep tty
    shows there is no tty7, only 1-6 and 8. I don’t think I hit any keys as it was booting (except Enter at grub). I certainly didn’t hit Ctrl-Alt-F7. Weird.

  326. The power regression may have been patched but power consumption is still too much. I don’t like that… The rest is great.

  327. @ 372 tux-sven: Thank you, yes that cured the problem of CPU usage. Still at 10-12% but much better and doable. Emerald running fine now in LM 13 64 MATE.

  328. Bug: when mint 13rc reboots and you click on network trying to access some network resources/shares, often you cant… it can not mount network, if you wait 5-10 minutes and try again then you can browse shares on other Linux (min 11) and windows shares (W7), tested on VM and real install. I never have had this problem on my file server/desktop (Mint 11)


  330. Daniel (#425): “power consumption is still too much. I don’t like that…”

    Yep, that’s what I said in #258: power consumption of Cinnamon 64-bit seems to be about 25% worse than on Ubuntu 12.04. For me, that would be unacceptable.

  331. @425. Daniel: thanks that to Ubuntu legacy.
    I’m running Arch x64 with Liquorix 3.3.6-1 with few patches including correct options for the kernel line in grub for my motherboard/cpu/video card AND the use of powertop2 and now I have more than 3hs and half battery life with an ice-cold machine while running KDE 4.8.3-1 (it’s a Pavilion dv7-4287cl, first gen i5) when with latest Ubuntu the notebook is uncomfortable hot and battery life is no longer 2:30hs-long providing I do not do heavy work with it.
    Using dwm instead KDE SC will give me easily other ~40′ while running Arch+Liquorix without X server -but eventually using one or two apps in DirectFB) + WICD for easy wireless connection I have almost 5hs of wireless freedom!

    Running LM13RC, so much so good.

  332. First of all, congrats on the good work! I’d like to raise a few points about upstream and compatibility.

    I have a bit of a question regarding upstream compatibility in Cinnamon. As it is based on gnome shell, I wonder how fast improvements in gnome shell propagate through cinnamon – e.g. I couldn’t find out on which version of gnome shell cinnamon 1.4 is based (presumably 3.4?). So that’s one thing.

    Another thing that makes me wonder is extension compatibility. Gnome shell has its extensions, and cinnamon has its own on the side (available through the website). However, as it stands one has to port extensions manually if they are not available for cinnamon already (and you have to agree that currently at least in terms of quantity gnome shell has the upper hand). I also find the way to install extensions via simple slide switch on the gnome shell extensions website very convenient (albeit potentially risky). I’d wish something similar for cinnamon, but more than that, I’d wish compatibility with the gnome shell extensions website – e.g. tricking it into thinking you are running gnome shell and then adapting the extensions as necessary while they are installed.

    It sure seems like quite a bit of work, but I view desktop environments as platforms, especially the new generation ones such as gnome shell and cinnamon, and as such they should provide the appropriate integration and transparency to enable easier extension development, porting, and installation.

    Downloading an extension, seeking out installation instructions, moving a bit here, and another over there, copying things about, compiling some others – it all shows you know what your are doing and all (or not), but this is all yesterdays news and is not exactly the point of moving forward, now is it?

  333. Update of post 367

    It appears that it had sorted itself out. In curiosity i try to boot up the same ISO i installed the whole system from, again today from the same USB-drive as last time. Now the internal hard drive is correctly reported as SDA and the USB-drive as SDB so as you said, it might had been my BIOS acting up on me while I installed days ago. Now everything is working as espected however i’d not tried to reinstall as I thing it is not necessary giving the situation where every drive is now detected as espected.

  334. Though not a bug, I still mention it. Black screen stays a bad idea. Something that moves shows that the stuff is running. On older hardware the black screen is visible long enough to doubt.

    The bug is that even when mint-logo is selected, no logo is shown. still black screen.

  335. Tried it on a HP Mini Netbook, which has a broadcom 43xx wifi chipset.
    It booted up correctly from usb,
    but when I tried to install the proprietary driver in order to use wifi,
    jockey just threw a rather unhelpful error, suggesting to look into /var/jockey.log, which I did then.

    It tried to get the driver from the web, which of course cannot work without a connection to a network in the first place…
    Since web access today works in most homes through wifi, in this case even without any possibility to connect through LAN, this should be included with the image.
    (On Stock Precise installation with jockey did work without any internet connection)

  336. Have been waiting for LM13 for a long time. Finally being able to test it. Am installing LM13 Cinnamon 64Bit to my desktop and Asus netbook. So far no problem exist.

    I’ve been using Window XP then stumbled upon Ubuntu. Then when it used Unity, I was disappointed with it and quickly find another version which then into LM11.

    Thanks for making me fell in love with Linux Mint.

  337. I changed lots of Linux distributions in the last weed, they all have problem with Skype, the input voice does not work, but I tried the Linuxmint Maya 13, KDE 64bit, it works perfect, this is a good substitute for Ubuntu 12.04 for those who don’t like Unity, this distro is much faster! congratulations especially for the long term support.

  338. @cra1g321 May 18th, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Is this about the Flash-Plugin versions 11.1r1xx and 11.2r2xx?
    If so, for me the 11.2 versions don’t work for any US TV streams anymore from the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. The plugin loads but never starts displaying any of the inevitable initial ad spots before the actual TV show episode. With the 11.1. plugin, things work as expected, but of course, it now misses several important bug fixes, unfortunately.

    Clem, is this one of the regressions you meant?

  339. @ #411 bobby May 19th, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    I actually rather like Clem’s in-line responses to user comments, it keeps things together in the place they belong.

    It also find it easy enough to look for any of Clem’s responses by simply do a page search for “Edit by Clem” to quickly flip through his latest additions.

  340. Installed mate last night, I can’t seem to load my email accounts in thunderbird. Would that be a thunderbird issue or my settings?

  341. Clem I am using the mint13 cinnamon edition and it is working perfectly on my Toshiba x205. no video problems connected to Internet perfectly first try. I am having some difficulty seeing some of my external drives. but that is the only issue I have been having. I cannot wait for mint 13 to be released as I am moving everything to 13!
    powerful work Clem and team

  342. Thank you for your answer, Clem and please excuse my impatience… I will not double (or triple)-post again 😉

    Is there any chance the MDM-Mint-theme will have a user list in final release? To me that would be a real improvement.

    Found another bug/inconsistency on my LM 13 Cinnamon 64bit installation running on my laptop:
    – When accessing the Energy/Power options, choosing one of the options for showing accu status in the menu bar does effect nothing.
    Maybe this is because the Cinnamon applet does not look for this settings, but this is inconsistent, because the applet points to this settings

  343. @ #259 OS2User May 18th, 2012 at 2:44 am

    I forgot to mention, that I was using the 32bit Live-DVD of Cinnamon and that besides the missing window title bars, those windows also aren’t resizeable with the mouse. Their borders simply won’t respond to being grabbed.

    Trying a “cinnamon –replace” as mentioned in results in: “Window manager error: Unable to open X display”

    Is this a known/common issue with Cinnamon and expected to be fixed soon?

    MATE 32bit Live-DVD:
    Clem, for the final release please enable again the ‘Touchpad’ Mouse Preferences “Enable mouse clicks with touchpad” as it used to be in the past and also activate “Disable touchpad while typing” as default settings.
    Both was already missing in LMDE 201204 as well.

  344. @421. Pablo, I actually had to think about that for a minute when I first read about it. It makes perfect sense, though. Cinnamon is Gnome based. MATE isn’t. With the MATE edition, you won’t have the majority of the Gnome stuff. Maybe somebody with a more technical tongue can explain it better.

    @428. The_Lord_Of_Knowledge, I’ve read the majority of comments. Myself and many others have successfully installed in Virtualbox. Though, I installed the MATE edition. Also, I gave a gig of ram, while only 22 megs for video.

  345. Hi Clem,

    We wanted to echo the pleas above that a Broadcom B43 driver be added to the distro before final release.

    The utility of the live CD as an emergency recovery CD will be greatly reduced without it for those of us who support older Dell notebooks (in addition to greatly complicating installations on those machines).

    Thanks to you and the team for all your great work.

    Edit by Clem: Hi. We’re aware of the problem. Although a change of kernel post-RC is completely out of the question, we updated the release notes with a workaround and a link to the bug report.

  346. When i go to install 64 bit mate version on a older compaq r4000 laptop, it asks for language, i select english, then it tells me im ok for space, internet connection, and plugged in. I hit ok, then it drops out to some system prompt text, but the mouse will still move around, and nothing more happens.

    Same results wit an older emachines e525 laptop.

    I re-downloaded image with same results.

  347. I’m glad to see the break away from Gnome. Gnome 3 in LM 12 drove me crazy and i had to install KDE.

  348. Yes,sure I love Linux Mint…
    I used Mint 12 and very stable in my pc,others distro not support my machine Zotac. I’ll try this one…

  349. just curious, could the final version be out in maybe a couple months
    or could it be a fair bit longer?

    Edit by Clem: A couple of days.

  350. On REHL 6.2 here.
    VirtualBox latest. No go with Linux Mint, but I’ll try on Windows.

    I think MATE is gaining some momentum, slowly… it is growing bigger & bigger. Perhaps if developers started MATE for GTK3.

    Edit by Clem: GTK3 is a terrible idea. One of the things I want in Cinnamon 1.5 is for cinnamon settings to migrate from GTK3 to GTK2. If you think of GTK3 as “libgnome-3.4” you’ll understand what the problem is with it… it moves underneath your application, breaks it and changes its behaviour on your behalf and from a Linux app it transforms it more and more into a Gnome 3 app. Here’s a couple things that broke with GTK3.4… all gtk3 themes for all gtk3 apps and non-editable spinbuttons (the reason why people couldn’t change desktop effects and menu hover delay in Cinnamon Settings). Take it from a developer, a good API is like a good tool, it’s supposed to make your life easier. GTK3 is moving too much, arguably in the wrong direction (one which only integrates well with Shell), and in an unpredictable manner. It’s a liability for any Linux application which is supposed to work outside Gnome 3. Of course, from a technical point of view, it’s a nice piece of technology. Maybe once it’s stable and if it doesn’t completely break away from being compatible and integrable in other DEs, maybe once it’s abandoned and the devs work on GTK4.. maybe then we can start using it. I’m not being sarcastic here… I’d be worried for the future of any project using GTK3. Integration is key, regressions are a huge criteria of selection for us.

  351. @bobby, the first thing I do when I open this blog is to hit Ctrl+F and type “Edit by Clem:” then I read all his new responses. After reading his responses, I go to the last user post I read last time and read all the posts from there.

  352. @Pablo: “People, for final 13 WHY not both mate and cinnamon in the same box like in LMDE? THAT WOULD BE A WINNER. You can set Mate as default for stable work and get to play around with Cinnamon…”

    I don’t want that. I have decided on Mate, so why would I want all that Gnome3 stuff that comes with Cinnamon?

    In fact, LMDE is so messy. It’s great for testing and playing around, but I just want to get things done.

    I am happy to have a Maya-Cinnamon LiveDVD anytime I want to play with Cinnamon, but I don’t want it to mess with my system.

  353. @Pablo, I forgot to add, all you need to do is sudo apt-get install cinnamon and you’ll have your wish.

  354. People who have read my previous messages about Gnome 3 know I simply hate it. Mint continues to use it, making it “attractive” by using either Mate or Cinnamon.
    I have used Gnome 2 for over 3 years with a lot of fun. But these days are over. So I skipped to KDE which I have been using for about a year now. It looks stunning. The plasma desktop is amazing, especially with using some effects, gadgets and themes.
    I have now installed Mint 13 (not afraid to use this number) in both Mate and Cinnamon version in virtual machines. I am amazed about the look I get: it is pre Windows 3.1. It’s so stiff, so old fashion. I can’t imagine I have used this for all these years.
    The reason I installed Mint 13 is that I am facing some network problems in the KDE versions (Kubuntu 12.04 as well as in Mint12 KDE), problems I never had when I was using the Gnome versions. I don’t want to go back to Gnome right now, just see if my network works like it should.
    I must say, starting and stopping the OS is very fast, also while using it is a delight, but then so is Kubuntu 12.04 which I use now.
    I don’t see so much differences with older versions, but that could be just me. Yes, Mate and Cinnamon have grown, but these are still the static Gnome interfaces I used to use, till I moved over to KDE.
    Ideal for me would be a KDE version without the network problems. That would make things perfect.
    Mint 13 works good, works pleasant if you don’t have too high standards regarding the interface. Congratulations Clem and of course the whole team. What is nice is that the LTS version is maintained for 5 years, something we do have to thank Ubuntu for. In these 5 years we will have a lot of updates so it will look like a rolling release, this time based on Ubuntu and not directly on Debian.

  355. @Bamm : Ok, I think I have to change my habit, although finding “edit by clem” will search from the start, and many of clem post you will be reading again.

  356. I had the problem of “Signal out of range”, at the start of the computer, with Ubuntu 12.04, and LinuxMint 13.

    The problem (and the possible solution) is shown here:

    As I could not install the new version of Ubuntu 12.04 or LinuxMint 13, I decided to try LMDE, which is what I am using now, and does not have this problem.

    I use an old monitor Samsung Syncmaster 551v, and my graphic system is nvideia GeForce 6100 gpu and nvidia nForce 430MCP, incorpored in a Asus M2M-MX SE plus motherboard.

  357. @bobby, yes that’s the downside. Sometimes I just click in the middle so finding Clem’s responses do not start from the beginning. I like his way of replying, cause I can easily see the problem he is trying to solve. His responses to others often help me too.

  358. @DeMus: “People who have read my previous messages about Gnome 3 know I simply hate it. Mint continues to use it, making it “attractive” by using either Mate or Cinnamon.”

    That is true, but only for Cinnamon. Mate is not based on Gnome3; it is based on Gnome2.

  359. Is it possible to stay with Mint 13RC (Mate) when the final release comes out? Its running great for me, no probs at all.

    Edit by Clem: Yes, you can simply accept level 1 and 2 updates as they come along in the update manager.

  360. @ #446 bobby, May 20th, 2012 at 1:54 am
    Then simply do a Shift+F3, that will then start the search at the other end, going towards the top.

  361. Tested on my Sandy Bridge T420 Thinkpad. Power use is _literally_ half of that used by last years’ major distro releases (which drove me back to Windows), and on a par with the Lenovo-tweaked Windows 7 SP1!!

    My first taste of cinnamon, and I love it – seems to take the best of both old and new desktop paradigms. Occasional freezes are a problem though – hopefully these are confined to the live session.

    Overall I’m mightily impressed. Looks like Mint might lure me back from Windows (again – first time was with Mint 7!). Well done everyone involved. 🙂

  362. Clem, people with some Broadcom wifi cards currently cannot boot a Mint 13 or Ubuntu 12.04 live disc at all. The fix will likely come in the 3.2.0-25 kernel. Please update the kernel between RC and final, so that the final has a kernel which can boot as well on people with Broadcom wifi.
    Launchpad #950295

    Edit by Clem: Hi Albert, we won’t change the kernel post-RC. The Release notes were updated with info on this issue and a workaround which lets you boot, install and fix the problem.

  363. To #433 for Broadcom 4312 : I faced on a Dell 1731 a problem with the Wifi. I didn’t see all the networks (WPA AES NOK but WEP were visible) and I solved the problem by applying (#30). It’s in french by the idea is to use b43 and remove bcmwl drivers.
    Otherwise, Mint 13 Mate installed on 2 PC and one on a old D530 HP desktop where it’s faster than Xubuntu 12.04 !
    Thanks to the team

  364. Dear Mint Folks,
    Thank you for this distro. I have used Mint for a couple of years now and like it better than the rest. It took some time to get used to the Gnome 3 shell, and now Cinnamon, but after a day or two of working with it, I have really grown to like it. I like the changes in the login manager and the fact that I can insert my own login sound with ease.

  365. I’ve tried both Cinnamon and Mate versions of 13RC. They’re both very well done and, at least visually, quite similar.

    Does Mate plan to migrate to GTK3? Forking the Gnome 2 look and feel is all well and good, but relying on GTK2 while everyone else is on GTK3 seems a recipe for not being able to use contemporary code. I’m hesitant to use Mate for fear of locking myself into GTK2 programs.

    Edit by Clem: Nobody but Gnome, Gdebi, Transmission relies on GTK3… almost every application relies on GTK2. Check your dependencies, try to remove GTK2 and GTK3 from your system and compare the losses. It’s not convenient for a Linux application to rely on an API which changes and introduces regressions with every new version of Gnome, which adapts the behaviour of your applications to integrate better with Gnome Shell at the risk of not integrating at all with other DEs and which is very poorly documented. If you think it’s beneficial for MATE to use GTK3, please come up with valid arguments, I can think of tens of reasons why they shouldn’t use it.

  366. Thank you very much Clem for this new release. I had the same problem with the Broadcom 4312 wifi (Dell Latitude D830) as in the LMDE version (it has been reported before). It doesn’t work out of the box but you can fix it easily. Besides that, it works very nice but I will stick with the LMDE+MATE version and I will recommend LM13+MATE for less experienced users. Although they’re not that much different.

    I use xcompmgr instead compiz. It needs a lot of less resources and I’ve noticed that it works better along MATE than Compiz.

    I do believe LMDE+MATE should be the linuxmint future.

    Keep on the good job.

  367. Mint Cinnamon 32bit have some problems.
    It is unresponsive at some times, best thing to do is to reset PC.
    Some times panel and all windows disappear but occasionally they come back.
    Also when you click on Mint Menu system freeze for a second.
    CPU usage is at all times above 30% on all cores (1,6Ghz x2) And the most active process is chinamon 20-80%.
    Also I fund out there are some zeitgeist packages which have in description “Zeitgeist is a service which logs the user’s activities and events (files opened, websites visited, conversations held with other people, etc.)” So I unistall all this packages. Then I fund out that Nautilus file manage don’t work so I installed PCManFM file manage which works fine.
    Also there are some ubuntu cloud packages I want to unistall them – don’t like cloud stuff.
    Flash videos are working very slow in Full-screen (1920×1080). I have hardware acceleration enabled in flash and firefox.

    I have SDD 64GB hard drive, 4Gb of ram, ATI HD 6310 500Mhz X 80 cores graphic card, but slow dual core CPU 1,6Ghz so if you can suggest some speed improvements I will be grateful.

    (p.s Why 64bit version of MINT have some buggy GRUB-efi-partition-boot-loader – or something like that. Because MINT 32bit works fine without that. You can make onl one partition on whole hard drive and system works fine but 64bit version needs some 100mb boot partition …)

  368. hi people,

    this is me again and I also figured out a severe bug in the installer (Torrent-iso amd64), saying this:

    Bug: unable to handle Kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000000000001f0
    PGD 42d45067 PUD 42d34067 PMD 0
    Oops: 0000[#] SMP
    CPU 0

    Any hint?? Did anybody experience the same thing??

    Hardware: Notebook
    Producer: MSI
    Graphicscard: Nvidia Geforce 8200M G

    What I also discovered is, that the other isos freeze up on live-desktop, what makes me unable to open menues or even connect to the Internet. The desktop is frozen right after boot!! Also mouse does not move then.

    So I would like the developers to update the installer and prevent these crashes


  369. Output:

    Bug: unable to handle Kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000000000001f0
    IP: []ext4_evict_inode+0x36/0x490
    PGD 42d45067 PUD 42d34067 PMD 0
    Oops: 0000 [#] SMP
    CPU 0

  370. First off thanx a lot for Mint 13, it looks like it is going to be great. I am only using Cinnamon, for which the two comments below relate.

    HOWEVER my only complaint is that when I tried to find my wireless, there was no scroll down option in the menu bar. Since I (like a lot of Europeans) live in a high rise EVERYONE has wi-fi and there are 1000 connections. I had to go into network settings and set it up. It would be nice to be able to scroll down.

    Also, and this is a minor complaint but GET WOBBLY WINDOWS WORKING. I understand Compiz is not compatible with Cinnamon (which sucks btw) but there should be at least some customization available for this. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it is a heart breaker!

  371. Same as 109, compiz –replace makes window titlebar and borders disappear. Tried changing from marco to compiz in mateconf-editor but no joy.

    Any fix for this?

  372. LM 13 Cinnamon 64bit

    Cinnamon bug, which I have also in LM 12:
    – When starting MintUpdate, it asks for password. During this procedure the menubar dissapears completely. It returns, when password is confirmed and MintUpdate loads package information.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, I noticed it as well and thought it would be better if it remained visible. I’m not sure whether this will change in Cinnamon 1.4 or 1.5, but we’ll change it eventually.

  373. Looks good, but Cinnamon themes don’t switch. Also, I can’t right click the menu to edit it to add newly installed applications.

  374. To clarify my above comment, I’ve installed the Mint 13 Cinnamon version in virtualbox, no acceleration. However, that shouldn’t prevent panel editing or autohide, and I’d think that themes would work too.

    Edit by Clem: Oh no, that’s not Cinnamon then.. that’s Gnome Classic. It’s only a Fallback mode, so you don’t end up with a black screen when Cinnamon fails to load. Enable the 3D acceleration in Virtualbox to be able to use Cinnamon. Alternatively, if you like the layout of the Fallback mode, switch to the MATE edition, which provides the same layout with a complete desktop.

  375. @ Myrmidon

    I have window decorations on my installation. But I had some problems in the beginning…

    You have installed Compiz Configuration Manager? If not you must do so.
    Under heading “Effects” you must enable “Window Boarders”

    I don’t have English on my computer but I hope the names are correct.

    I think this was the way how I managed it…

  376. It is taking long time to download software from Software Manager in this MATE of cinnamon versions. It is good in LMDE latest version which i am using currently.

  377. Do Zeitgeist have to be included in Mint 13?
    Am going to delete it right after Mint 13 installation.
    Will that have impact on stability and usability of the system?

  378. ok, at last I got the sound working. Had to tinker with alsamixer.

    So, now I love Maya-Mate. Looks like Gnome2, behaves like Gnome2, I have my old desktop back with all the little applets in the bar.

    Thank you Clem and team for this very nice piece of software.

    Edit by Clem: Thank you, we’re delighted to bring Gnome 2 back. Credits to the MATE project for the fantastic work they’ve achieved. There’s still a few things missing, but they’ve done an outstanding job on this desktop.

  379. @ tux-sven

    Ah that’s fixed it, thanks. New problem however, I can’t seem to drag windows around by clicking the titlebar and dragging.


  380. anyone see the imagewriter freeze up? I am trying to make a live boot usb for an older 64 bit desktop on a 32 bit one, but it fails repeatedly to see the usb stick. have reformatted the stupid stick about a bazillion times to no avail even went to formatting it in ext3
    instead of fat32. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  381. anyone else have probl;ems with imagewriter?? or is it a bug in maya where it fails to see a usb stick??

  382. Forget I spoke haha, forgot to check ‘move window’ in compiz settings. 😛

    All working great now! Actually first time I have seen compiz work in virtualbox. 🙂

    I can see me leaning towards MATE for my useage.

  383. @ Myrmidon

    The thing is that NOTHING is pre-selected.

    You have to look under the heading “Window management”
    Try “Moving Windows” and some other things may be preferable too.

    You have to do some testing on your own. 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Compiz should work but we didn’t want to be too ambitious and we left it out of the scope for Maya, so we could focus on MATE and Cinnamon themselves. If you manage to tune Compiz and get it working perfectly, please don’t hesitate to export your compiz settings and share them in the community.

  384. LM 13 Cinnamon 64bit

    During installation (actually from the beginning) error messages occured that you was able to ignore, but installation failed in the end.
    Seems that almost all routines didnt have enough space on the “disk” to run properly, even the first one that determines all preinstalled OS’s on my HD failed.
    A solution was:
    After deleting for example the .firefox and chromium directory in /home/mint/. with only about 10mb everything went fine.

    It was really frustrating to determine the problem. Anyone with the same problem?

    but all in all: nice work! glad to have an alternative to unity and gnome3!

    PS: I think not a real LM13 issue, but why arent you able to add a second wired connection with different configuration without starting ‘nm-connection-editor’ from terminal?! i could only add vpn connections.

  385. @ tux-sven

    Yeah I noticed nothing was checked. Oh well, it’s all working great now. Next test is emerald. 🙂

  386. Ok, not sure as to why this is happening but i can’t even download libgnome-keyring-dev its like it no longer exists. Also AdobeAIR which is needed for some of my things is no longer in repositories. Aircrack-ng is gone from repositories, and zenity theme is messed up and causes faults with GTK games like Dofus. Not sure what else I can say to help besides that.

  387. Fun to be able to help someone. 🙂

    Personally I should like to see a pre-configured CCM-file. Not any extreme things but Window Boarders, Magnifying, Moving Windows and such things.

    In Mint 10 there’s something called Simple Compiz Configuration Manager. That’s a very nice piece of software. Unfortunately not available any longer. 😀

  388. Can we expect Skype-Cinnamon fix as soon as possible? It is really annoying. At least, you could change line in /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/windowAttentionHandler.js
    if (!window || window.has_focus() || window.is_skip_taskbar())
    if (!window || window.has_focus() || window.is_skip_taskbar() || window.is_skype_window())

    Probably it is an easiest way to fix it.

    I am using LM13Cinnamon for a few days. And I want to say: it is stable and good-looking. Thank you Clem, another perfect version of LM.

    Edit by Clem: There’s a pull request on Cinnamon to make this configurable already, but we’re hoping to make Cinnamon detect cases like these automatically and adapt itself to these kinds of windows. Either way, whether we get it fixed or make it configurable, it will happen in Cinnamon 1.5.

  389. Options in “Preferred Applications” are greyed out. I cannot change the command to load browser and mail reader (Firefox and Thinderbird located in /usr/local).

  390. Where is emerald these days? It’s not in repos and I can’t find any way of installing it. I read something about it being no longer supported but that was in ubuntu 10.10, I have it in Mint 10.

    Any ideas?

  391. Thank you for this very good Linux Mint 13 RC release, Clem. I really appreciate what you achieved.

    Regarding MDM, it’s good to have MDM as a login manager, but there is one serious problem with it. We have several user accounts on one box, all of them are password protected. Now, if two different users login, and one of them logs out, then the second user account is automatically activated without asking for the password.
    Normally you would expect to return to MDM, but that is not the case. Is this a bug that will be fixed, or will MDM stay like this?

    Edit by Clem: We should get this fixed. Can you submit an issue at

  392. @ Myrmidon

    I don’t know how to activate Emerald. But i saw “426 Bill” had Emerald running on his MATE 64-bit installation in a post above.

    We can try to ask him. 🙂

  393. @ tux-sven

    Good idea! 😀 I’ve had a look around, found a ppa but it doesn’t work anymore.

    @ Bill

    Where did you get Emerald?

  394. For those wondering about the Nautilus cursor being busy for 20 seconds or so when launching, I think it stopped doing that for me when I installed LightDM and used that instead of MDM. I wasn’t able to change the background from the basic Ubuntu purple however. I changed LightDM to use the LightDM GTK greeter instead of the Unity greeter for this reason.

    Edit by Clem: We fixed it here in the ISOs, you can simply change the startupNotify to false in /usr/share/applications/nautilus.desktop 🙂

  395. @David Parsons : After reading your comment, I also just had a look of zorin rc in my VB. I have to say that I am impressed.

  396. 509 comments, a lot of feedback.. I didn’t count the number of bugs, there weren’t too many this time, about 40 or so. We’re down to 4 bugs left and they’re easy to fix 🙂

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and helping out with this RC 😉

  397. @472 —
    There are plenty of choices of servers to download this distro, does it really matter whether one is in the UK? You can also download via P2P (with the torrent).

  398. Clem, if you’re going to write a tutorial about compiz/emerald for MATE, it might be a good idea to include it in the user guide (which I’m hoping you’re going to update for Mint 13).

  399. Mint Maya MATE 64

    Well, Clem, here’s another bug. When I click-open Mint’s menu and type “als”, interaction with the system is frozen. Except I can go to a tty, login and see via top that mintmenu is taking 99-100% CPU. I kill mintmenu’s PID, go back to the GUI, and get a dialog saying:

    “mintMenu” has quit unexpectedly
    If you reload a panel object, it will
    automatically be added back to the panel.

    It has “Don’t Reload” and “Reload” buttons. Clicking Reload resets the menu back to normal.

    I seem to recall from a while ago (last year?) of a similar problem with the menu. (BTW the GUI is now on tty9. I hope it doesn’t go beyond tty12; I have only 12 functions keys. 🙂 )

    Edit by Clem: I think the latest update of mintmenu fixes that.

  400. @ Dan (490):

    My machine won’t boot from a USB stick, either. BIOS date is 2006, iirc. Basically, it’s a single-core Athlon with 1 GB of shared RAM; was built as an XP Media Center Edition. Haven’t been ambitious enough to see whether there’s a BIOS update. Mobo. is MSI, something like K8GN2, but that last might be wrong in detail.

    Seems to me that ability to boot from an USB stick is relatively recent.

    Good luck!


  401. @jesse5567
    I have the same problem, and I also have a problem with typing “compi” (and I also remember this from a review of Mint 12). And thanks for saying the GUI is on tty9 – I though there was something wrong with my install because I couldn’t find the GUI.

    Edit by Clem: fixed in mintmenu.

  402. Oops. Looks like the latest updates solved the mintmenu issue. My update manager shield had a check mark in it, or else I would have updated before posting…

    Edit by Clem: ah… here you go 🙂

  403. @tux-sven (485)

    “I don’t have English on my computer but I hope the names are correct.”

    You meant “Window Borders”, most likely. Your spelling is very reasonable, though.

    Best regards,

  404. @cwwgateway,
    The GUI was on tty8 for the last few days, then booted to a black screen twice where I had to Ctrl-Alt-F8 to get to the DM, now it’s on tty9. It’s not that this is any big deal, not at all. It’s just a little inconsistent and a bit disconcerting.

    OTOH, on system start-up, maybe there is a GUItty=tty[rand(1,12)] command. 🙂 …keeps us guessing.

  405. On a Toshiba 2712 A105 laptop Mint 13 causes the system to constantly give of a prolonged beep tone that can not be controlled by the volume control. The event starts from the login screen lightdm being presented to the user.

  406. Mint 13 RC (Cinnamon or Mate) with proprietary Nvidia driver boots into MDM (1.0.3) for 3 seconds and then the screen goes black – have to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring GRUB back up. This issue happens 90 % of the time so I mostly can’t get into Mint 13 RC.

    Tried booting Ubuntu 12.04 with proprietary Nvidia driver (same version as above) and it boots fine using the default LightDM login manager. I enter my password and go right into Ubuntu.

    Tried booting LMDE 1204 with proprietary Nvidia driver (same version as above) and it boots into MDM (1.0.0). I enter my name and password and all is fine.

    I installed LightDM in Mint 13 RC and made it my default login manager. I booted into LightDM, entered my password and was up and running in Mint 13 RC. No issues at all.

    I don’t believe any of this happens using the Nouveau driver but I do think there’s an issue with MDM 1.0.3 when using the Nvidia driver.

  407. Hello, and thanks for great Cinnamon x64 Linux Mint…
    But I have one problem (or two). My sound settings, change every time I restart. Just at login the sound is there and cuts it halfway through.
    When I look at settings again, it has changed back to HDMI, and that does not work on my speakers.
    I then reset settings, and same thing when I log in again. (every time). Is there somthing I am missing here?

    2. Is there a way to get chrome to move titlebar buttons to the left?

    Thanks again, looking forward to installing this on 4 pcs, as soon as it out of RC.

  408. Wow, thanks everyone. This works a treat. No problems on my little machine. Using 64bit cinnamon, looks brilliant and lightening fast 🙂

  409. I downloaded the Cinnamon 64 bit iso and tested it live off DVD. I really like the menu bar on the bottom. This is the best thing you could have done since version 12. I don’t like top menu bars and hate the wasted screen space of two panels (top and bottom). The new dark menu is beautiful. Overall really nice release … EXCEPT NO SOUND (see below).

    3 Cons:

    1. Mint’s green based theme colors are fine, but with one tweak it would be more useful for visually challenged. Please make the default status bars dark charcoal color, not light green, such as Firefox download window bars that show status of each file downloaded. These bars should be a darker charcoal color in the status bar so can be seen further from a distance. Currently must walk up close to computer to see status bars because they are light green. The light green status bars have always irked me about Mint.

    2. The sound doesn’t work on my new Gibabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard. It has built in Realtek ALC898 Codec, which is the one coming out on all the new MB’s. Please fix prior to the release. Thanks.

    3. On the same 64 bit computer Mint 13 RC is slower than my 2002 laptop running Mint Debian Cinnamon 32 bit. Why can’t 64 bit Linux be faster than 32 bit? I just don’t get it. The further we advance, the slower computers seem to get.

  410. I use Mint on two computers one desktop and one laptop, I have to use Fedora on the other laptop because Mint will not read the wifi. It’s what I call a software wifi switch. My other laptop is what I call a hardware wifi, it works because I am not relaying on the software to activate my wifi, just flip the switch on or off. If you could get mint to read and work the software wifi I would switch in a heartbeat. I don’t like Fedora. I like Debian, Ubuntu and Mint. The lack of wifi working is the only thing keeping me from using Mint on my other laptop. (I should say my Wife’s laptop, she finally got fed up with Microsoft Windows)

  411. Just installed Linux Mint 13 RC on a dual boot system along with Windows XP. One issue that I noticed was that during the install process, the option to install Linux alongside Windows XP does not label the partitions. If you move the slider bar one way or the other, you don’t know which partition is which. I was assuming the you would have the partitions match up with the names in the Title Bar message, but it ended up being the opposite, so my partition sizes are opposite from what I wanted. Other than that, no other issues so far.

    Thanks for all of the hard work.

  412. Thanks for bringing the MATE desktop to Mint.I like Cinnamon too,but i go with MATE because i changed my mind and now consider it to be the best DE of them all.A few things are missing though:There is no obvious way to format a USB-stick,that needs to work by right clicking the icon.Same goes for “open as administrator”,i have to go to “Computer” or “Homefolder” and rightclick the icons there to get that option visible,icons on the desktop dont bring up that option.Would it also be possible to get that simple Compiz setup tool back which was present in Julia beside the Theme,Background and Font by rightclicking the desktop and choosing “Change background”,that was an easy way to manage Compiz basic functions!!.Thank you for your hard work to keep us all happy and satisfied,you and your team do indeed deliver quality releases!.

  413. Installation crashed.
    I run Mint 12 and tried Maya after burning the ISO on DVD and booting it.
    I got the cut-down interface as with Mint 12 and started the installation program.
    After switching to French language, installation crashed and generated a black screen with many text details mentioning a bug, something with the Kernel and a NULL pointer (exception I presume). I couldn’t read anything more as the screen switched back to graphic mode but became completely scrambled. I could only reset the machine.

    If there’s any log or crash report I can submit, please tell me how to retrieve it under Mint 12.


  414. Clem@510
    Do your bug fixes include sound issues (such as my previous post-231) or will we have to wait for this to be fixed with a kernel update?
    I think this is the last issue that can release me from Julia’s seductive grip!
    Maya 64 Mate is looking like a great release so far.
    Will try Cinnamon this week.
    Looking forward to testing KDE 13.

    Edit by Clem: No, sorry Paul, nothing new about the sound issue.

  415. The panel disappearing when you’re entering your password for the update manager also happens in gnome shell.

    Also, @jesse5567, I’m installing that update now, so hopefully it fixes it.

  416. On installation, it gave an error of “unable to load [or mount? I forgot, sorry] [long string of letters and numbers].” It popped up the error, and then very quickly went away on its own, popped up again, went away again, about 5 or so times. All of this was within a 10-15 second time frame. I did nothing but try to click ‘OK’, and the problem was resolved. I went on to install like normal with no problems or issues.

    I’ve been running it for 2 days straight, using it casually. No errors, problems, anything.

    The DVD was burned from the torrent and burned at the slowest possible speed.

    Thanks Clem and Mint Team for another awesome product.

    Edit by Clem: Yes, that’s mentioned in the release notes. It’s a cosmetic issue, not a real problem. Basically the installer mounts partitions to do what it needs to do, and the Caja file browser is trying to help a little too much by opening a window when that happens (it’s configured to open a window when you plug something in… but here it overdoes it a little.. it’s probably down to configuration, we’ll get this right in future releases).

  417. @Clem

    Great job on both versions, I like where LM is going with these, and hope that both versions will be offered, both as stable releases that will be available later this month. If not, can I vote that Mate be the default with the option at install time to choose Cinnamon ?

    What you’ve done with Cinnamon is great, like the look and feel of it, with the only thing I would like to see change, is Cinnamon have the flex of Mate in as far as setting up a custom desktop, as for example, the panel, seems can’t size it and icons of apps seem to fall into a group unable to set independent placement on the panel, other then that, don’t touch a thing !

    Mate has all the feel of the GNOME 2, but far better, like the looks and feel of it better the GNOME, much cleaner with all the flex to have a cool custom desktop.

  418. Thanks for your work on Gnome Fallback, it’s looking amazing now. The only bug I have seen is that time doesn’t change to 24 hours format. Using Mint 13 Cinnamon 64-bit.

  419. I agree with post 488, Mint Mate is a delight to use. Ubuntu 12.04 (Unity) is stable on this same machine but I can’t even add a shutdown button in Unity anymore, that is almost symbolic of how Unity is lacking in customising options.

    Mate is fluid and fast and very stable for me.

    Thanks Clem re the option to stick with RC and just look for updates to come through instead of updating to Mint 13 final. I will clonezilla this setup as its working great for me. I want to use this computer for another two years if possible and then retire it as a backup (its a two year old Core i3 desktop, first generation) and Mint Mate 13 makes that very possible.

  420. I installed Mint 13 Cinnamon 64 on an Intel Ivy Bridge (i5-3550) based computer with 16GB RAM, a SATA-3 hard drive, and an HDMI monitor with built-in speakers. The sound didn’t work right out-of-the-box, but I finally found the right sound setting. Not counting the time it takes to type the userid and password, boot time is about 32 seconds. My old computer requires almost 20 seconds to recover from hibernate. I think I’m going to like this.

  421. Suggestions for mintmenu – when something is being searched in the menu, make the application selection buttons inactive so they don’t activate by accident as you move the mouse to click on a search result. Also, when you search something, the topmost result should be highlighted so that you can just hit enter and run it without having to click it.

    For the software manager, I noticed that if you install something, it still appears as uninstalled until the manager is refreshed.

  422. I can’t use grub 2 to boot Maya iso file on my internal hdd. I used the same setting as Lisa

  423. Thanks Clem and the Mint team for your great effort. I’m testing the Cinnamon edition from a USB stick and found some minor issues so far:

    – While disconnected from Internet, the calendar panel shows date and hour correctly without a region and city selected in Cinnamon settings; after connected to Internet the date and hour are adjusted according to UTC but still without region and city selected, and they’re changed to the next day; when I set my corresponding region and city then date and hour are correctly reajusted in the minimized panel, buy when I restore it the incorrect date is highlighted yet.

    – Settings for privacy options refer to Ubuntu & Canonical in the Diagnostics tab.

    – Only as a question, is Spanish-Castilian language the only one supported in language settings available to install. I’m from Caribbean and would like to see others alternatives (this explains “not so good” English).

    I also suggest to paginate the comments herein (in all the site), so you can read them and leave a reply with less scroll 🙂

    Mint is exciting.