Poll: Desktop environments


The initial poll had to be closed as its results were unfortunately manipulated. By clearing his/her browser’s cookies a voter could express his opinion multiple times. One of the poll options was clearly corrupted and we observed a bump from 14% to 32% in less than an hour. We weren’t able to assess whether other options had been corrupted as well.

Prior to this, the results were showing 5 DEs with high popularity scores: Cinnamon at about 42%, Gnome Shell and MATE at about 20% each, and KDE and Xfce at around 15%.

New poll:

A new poll was organized, this time, on our forums. If you’re registered on the forums, you can access the new poll at the following address:


We’re aware that restricting the poll to our forums members will slightly change the results and represent only the more involved and active portion of users within our user base. After the first poll had been manipulated and reviewing the options we had, we didn’t feel it was appropriate for us to spend time or resources in developing or purchasing a secure polling solution, so we decided to rely on our forums instead.

Thank you for your patience and sorry about this inconvenience. Although this didn’t exactly go according to plan, we already gathered precious feedback and we look forward to seeing even more with this second poll.