Linux Mint Debian 201204 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201204.

This release features three of the best Linux desktops available at the moment: The traditional and functional MATE 1.2 desktop, the innovative and beautiful Cinnamon 1.4 and the lightweight and rock-solid Xfce 4.8.

Both the MATE/Cinnamon and Xfce editions use the MDM display manager. MDM will look familiar to many people, as it brings back GDM 2.20 and all its features: Remote login, configuration tools, fast-user switching, theme-ability, language selection…etc.

Yahoo joins DuckDuckGo and is featured as default in the list of search engines which financially support Linux Mint.


  • MATE 1.2
  • Cinnamon 1.4
  • Xfce 4.8
  • MDM
  • Yahoo
  • Kernel 3.2
  • Update Pack 4
  • Hybrid ISO images

If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian!


LMDE 201204 with MATE 1.2 (default environment)

LMDE 201204 with Cinnamon 1.4 (installed by default and available from the login screen)

LMDE 201204 Xfce

Important info

Login and password for the live session

The Live session should log you in automatically. If it doesn’t, or if you need to login manually (for instance, to try out Cinnamon), you can use the following credentials:

  • For the username, type “mint”
  • For the password, if asked, just press Enter.

LMDE in brief

  • Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.
  • It’s available in both 32 and 64-bit as a live DVD with MATE/Cinnamon or Xfce.
  • The purpose of LMDE is to look identical to the main edition and to provide the same functionality while using Debian as a base.


1. Is LMDE compatible with Ubuntu-based Linux Mint editions?

No, it is not. LMDE is compatible with Debian, which isn’t compatible with Ubuntu.

2. Is LMDE fully compatible with Debian?

Yes, 100%. LMDE is compatible with repositories designed for Debian Testing.

3. What is a semi-rolling distribution?

Updates are constantly fed to Debian Testing, where users experience frequent regressions but also frequent bug fixes and improvements. LMDE receives “Update Packs” which are tested snapshots of Debian Testing. Users can experience a more stable system thanks to update packs, or switch their sources to follow Testing, or even Unstable, directly to get more frequent updates.

4. How does LMDE compare to the Ubuntu-based editions?


  • You don’t need to ever re-install the system. New versions of software and updates are continuously brought to you.
  • It’s faster and more responsive than Ubuntu-based editions.


  • Although it’s using Romeo for unstable packages, LMDE continuously changes as it receives updates and new software. Compared to a frozen version of Linux Mint which changes very little once it’s publicly released, it’s not as stable. Things are likely to break more often but fixes can also come quicker. For this reason, LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux, dpkg and APT.
  • Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu. Expect some rough edges.

Additional notes:

  • About the installer: The live installer is developed from scratch with Debian in mind. It’s configurable and it can be re-used by other Debian-based distributions. We noticed a lack in live technologies and in live Debian installers, so we’re happy to take the lead on this. If you’re a developer and you’re interested in using it, have a look at its source repository and don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you fork it and merge upcoming changes between our two projects.
  • About the media: It comes as a liveDVD. Locales work differently in Debian and the package base requires more space.
  • Dedicated chat room: #linuxmint-debian is open to LMDE users on

Download links:


MD5 sums:

  • MATE/Cinnamon 32-bit: 0bf23559edbf2070174b60131472d715
  • MATE/Cinnamon 64-bit: b0f14c53576804729a464aeba9ab9574
  • Xfce 32-bit: b28a77924a4c8c71caeb063feae52395
  • Xfce 64-bit: e60aa12974616d86cca6a565a794b6ea

MATE/Cinnamon 32-bit:

MATE/Cinnamon 64-bit:

Xfce 32-bit:

Xfce 64-bit:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Great news!

    I assume RC will pick up all the changes via normal updates?

    I also found that the built-in SD card reader on Lenovo G770 stopped working on installing XFCE RC. It used to work fine with latest stable Xubuntu, and I couldn’t find a bug report for it.

    Does someone know if this should be reported to Debian or Mint developers first? Anyone with a similar problem? Anyone with a fix/workaround.

  2. Nice, will be downloading the XFCE release. I’m curious about how the team go about choosing XFCE for the lightweight LMDE? Are there any plans on having LXDE instead for Debian Edition? or will this “LXDE=ubuntu edition XFCE=debian edition” always be the case?

    I’m a big LXDE fan and currently using LM 12 LXDE and LOVING IT! Thanks for this Clem and Team! Mabuhay!

  3. Hi is there any way how run old Gnome 2.32 in this new LMDE (like in Debian distro 6.0.4) or is it impossible and MATE,Cinnammon are both main flow for the future?
    (maybe this is dumb question but i must say it 🙂

  4. Sweetness! I was just snagging the previous ISO to “reburn” to a USB drive but now I’ll cancel that and snag the new one.

    Gnome 2.32 is now ancient, unsupported code. MATE/Cinnamon are getting updates and one should make you very happy although being a KDE user I don’t know if MATE or Cinnamon brings the Gnome 2.x look. I think it’s MATE but I’m sure someone will confirm which it is.

  5. +1 to what nerbiyoso said
    i know you guys might be having a busy life & its not an easy task but you guys can Make XFCE+Lxde(including openbox takes only 11mb more) for older pc’s
    please clem not all of have the latest pc or want bloat

  6. MDM was not got installed in LMDE-RC as reported earlier. Not even up till writing this post. Here in final release it is shown as default. Any way downloading and would be seeding also.

    I read comments of some users who wanted Gnome-shell only. Well when I installed Gnome-shell in LMDE MATE/Cinnamon-RC and while using the search menu of Gnome-shell default the Gnome-shell crashed, forcing me to logout without giving any option. Don’nt know its happening with me only or with others users also, but with MATE/ Cinnamon I also installed KDE.

  7. Downloading speed is well below 10kb/s. Seems too much load on servers. Will try downloading some other time.

  8. This week is gonna be a hectic week, I have to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, I am gonna install this brand new Linux Mint Debian 201204 (in fact I am downloading it right now, I can’t wait to use it!)…

  9. Hello,
    Congratulations one more time to the devs for this suberb distro. I have the RC edition installed and updated on my two machines, Dell Mini 10v and Acer Aspire 5750G, using only Cinnamon and am very pleased.
    The only issue I have till now is that when the wireless connection drops it cannot be resumed again unless I reboot the system. The confirmation dialogues appear asking for root wireless passwords but nothing happens after I enter them so I have to reboot. Is this really an issue or is there a solution which I didn’t figure out?

  10. I’m using Linux Mint from one year ago and I’m very satisfied with it.
    Now I want to try Debian edition which looks perfect too.
    Thanks a lot! ^_^

  11. Clem and the LMDE Team: Thank you! I have been waiting for this release in order to proceed with the purchase of a new workstation. Based on my testing of LMDE 201204RC in comparison with a dozen or so other distros, LMDE is the distro of choice to run my molecular modeling software in a stable fashion while keeping current with linux updates.

    Although I like Xfce, I intend to install KDE. I had dismissed KDE in my earlier tests, but after evaluating LM 12 KDE, I discovered how to use KDE properly, and now it is my favorite DE. Perhaps in the future you might consider including KDE in LMDE.

    Thanks again for producing this superb distribution!

  12. @drcrohn: You can’t run Gnome 2.32 because the newer Gnome libraries are present. Gnome 3 has the same package names and app filenames as Gnome 2, but with a newer version. If you want Gnome 2.32, then use Mate. It is Gnome 2.32 with all packages and apps renamed to avoid conflict with newer Gnome packages.

    @Clem: I suggest the next version of Mate be “version-bumped” to 2.32 or 2.34 to emphasize that it is a true continuation of Gnome 2.

  13. I downloaded the RC version yesterday ! so how can I update to this version ??? & how can I know my version ?

    Edit by Clem: Apply all updates from the update manager.

  14. I have downloaded Mint 12 LXDE cuz I’ve been searching a lightweight OS for my 1,7 Ghz Intel Celeron laptop. LXDE distro is fast but i’m searching for more fast and less CPU and VM consumption.

    So i’m going to test the XFCE version 🙂

    Thank you so much.

  15. I’ve just tried loading LMDE 201204 32 bit on a neighbours old lap top (Ancient Dell), from the dvd derived from an ISO downloaded yesterday. The Live session stalled with a log in screen, so I couldn’t get it to run! Ideas any one?

    Works just dandy on my Sony VAIO though.

  16. I have had Linux Mint Debian 201204 RC (MATE/Cinnamon & Xfce) installed for several days and the following is the contents of /etc/apt/sources file:
    deb debian main upstream import
    deb testing main contrib non-free
    deb testing/updates main contrib non-free
    deb testing main non-free

    Will this get the final updates which are contained in the release iso?

    Thank you!

  17. I’ve just booted from usb and the screen seems to be 1024 x 768. And I can’t change it in Monitor Preferences. Will it be changeable once I install?

  18. Thanks … but I’ve just burnt DVDs for both versions (64-bit). Testing these on my laptop (Asus X58L, which runs LMDE 201109 perfectly), I get a login screen which will sometimes accepts username ‘mint’ without password and sometimes not. On some attempts, loading is interrupted by ‘X’ errors. On all attempts, shutting down yields ‘X’ errors before ejecting DVD correctly.

    Too flakey to attempt installation, I’m afraid.

  19. Once again great release! Already using the final version since yesterday.
    Because the install contains two DM (Mate and Cinnamon), I can’t have autologin to work anymore. Could anyone give us some instruction on how to always autologin in one or the other DM?
    I browsed a lot of forums but didn’t find anything that works…
    Any help will be appreciated.

  20. Me again!
    I just found my answer, if someone else has the same problem:
    Go to “Administration”, “Login Window”, select the “Default session” on the “General” tab, check “Enable Automatic Login” and select your user on the “Security” tab.

    That was easy!

  21. Hi there,

    Downloaded the Mate release, the RC didn’t start and now the final doesn’t start either. Got a Acer aspire ONE 722, 4 GB mem and 500 GB HD. ATI radeon card, C60 processor.

    Read that something went wrong in the RC, so i guess it still isn’t fixed in the final.

    Hope this will be fixed, planning to use Debian on this machine. Simply love Mint, this is going to be No 1. at least for me when i can start it 🙂

    On my old laptop still running Ubuntu, but migrating all my systems.

  22. I was wondering if the installing MDM problem was fixed (I did an install of the RC a little while ago but I haven’t updated to MDM). Otherwise, all I have to do to update is install all of the updates and change my sources.list from incoming to latest (which I already did)?

  23. I’d also like to ask Clem to update the guide to Mint 12 (or update it to Mint 13 soon after it is released, if not at the same time). The guide is very helpful to newbies.

  24. @Gyrth I had similar problem. You’ll not get more screen resolution options once installed. I solved my problem (while using RC) by adding new mode with xandr. Check on adding mode, and place those strings into /etc/gdm3/Init/Default (not sure if MDM in final changed something).

  25. Been waiting for these new iso’s. I think XFCE is the way to go for solid tested software. Cinnamon comes with Compiz on as default an.d Mate will disappear.

    I enjoy Mint in all variations but the closer to Debian you get, the better. Is there a point when Mint will not be based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu isn’t even advertising that they are linux any more.

    Good job on another great linux distro.

  26. I have try the RC and work very well, thank you very much but please add grub2 to boot in macbook air 3,2

  27. Hi everyone,so, I did a sudo apt-get update && upgrade yesterday doesn’t that mean I have the latest and greatest? Thanks!

  28. Congrats on the releasing the Mint Debian version. I’ll load this on my two test laptops and try it out.

  29. good to job, Clem and team

    I prefer Lisa for my use, but my qBittorrent will be up for the next week with all four.

  30. Hi,

    Does this Linux Mint version contain the “classical” Gnome Shell as it was released by the GNOME Project? And if it does what Gnome Shell version is it?

    I am currently using Debian Testing and I love Gnome Shell in the form it was released by the Gnome project. I think Debian testing is using Gnome Shell 3.2.something.

    I would like to try Linux Mint Debian Edition but I would like to have some sort of guarantee that Gnome Shell will work without too much problems as it does in Debian Testing. I don’t care about MATE, Cinnamon and other odd stuff, I would like Gnome Shell to work as good as it does in Debian Testing.

    Thank you.

  31. When a KDE edition? I really think a KDE edition is a must have.
    I really don’t know why in the several Mints seem to don’t know that KDE exist 🙁

    But anyway, congratulations for this release 🙂

  32. Last three weeks I have been evaluating Arch, Ubuntu 12.04, and now LMDE Cinnamon. I really like Unity, but I don’t like many corporate decisions reaching my desktop. Mint respects my environment. I feel like an empowered user, not a testbed for commercial products. I liked the three environments mentioned above, but with Mint the feeling is like when you have love at first sight. Thank you.

  33. Well shit! What a disappointment. No LMDE KDE = no longer Mint for me. Linux is about choices. That is what I do: I choose KDE. But not Mint any longer.

  34. I have installed LMDE-Xfce. Is there a configuration tool for MDM, or is it configured by editing a configuration file? Thanks.

  35. this is my first lmde install, what login and password is the disk asking for? 🙂 I didn’t enter anything yet, so is there some default on the live install? Thanx in advance

    Edit by Clem: the login name is “mint” and there is no password (press enter if asked).

  36. Well. Arran, no need for big drama, you know… you can always install KDE if you want. I don’t understand why are you so upset.These people are doing such a great job so you can get one of the best and most popular Linux Distros for FREE.You don’t have to pay a copper for it, and you are upset…seriously. By the way, Cinnamon is looking really good. Thanks.

  37. What is the Login & Password for the 32 Bit LMDE – Mate/Cinnamon Version downloaded via the torrents?

    Edit by Clem: “mint” and there’s no password.

  38. It’s amazing how many people complain about the lack of KDE when it can be installed in only a few commands. Talk about lazy.

  39. Clem, great release.
    Mate is working perfectly. It really should be the default.
    It’s no secret most of the newcomers to Linux over the last five years or so really want the older gnome look and feel. Now, finally, we have it, with a rolling release too.
    Thanks. You nailed it.

  40. I have tried and used Linux Mint since last 1 year. I am proud to be part of the triumph of Linux in general and Linux Mint in particular. Thank you. Proposal only, as the user I was still difficult to use the internal modem in Linux, Linux Mint may support such devices in an upcoming issue. Once again thank you.

  41. Hello I tried the new release but could not install as the installer asked for an unknown password, Imagine password protecting an install program!!!!! Oh well back to Mint 12 at least it works…..

  42. Thanks Clem and LM Team. I always reserve a partition for LMDE. My default is the LM KDE. But I will downloading LMDE XFCE then install the KDE as well.

    More Power!!! 😀

  43. I don’t think Cinnamon Menu would work well. If you add 10-15 apps to the Favorite Bar of the Cinnamon Menu, it tends to go above the screen. If anyone can live with 6-7 favorite apps, then it is okay, otherwise, one has to install some dock and get rid of the Cinnamon Menu.

    Edit by Clem: afaik, that was fixed in 1.4.

  44. Will be seeding both 64-bit versions for a few days to help out spread the good work.

    A few questions:
    * CPU usage with MATE is between 16-20% and climbs to 60% with Compiz
    * Can’t login to Cinnamon (attempts and then brings me back to the login page)

    I have fglrx-driver for ATI card installed in case that’s important.


  45. — both XFCE & MATE-Cinammon 64bit versions won’t install.
    Don’t even get a live session; just a new-looking login screen??
    I have an SSD — is that an issue??

  46. @Valadrys : Yeh! we know that KDE can be installed from synaptic, perhaps better than you people. So why users are asking separate LMDE-KDE? Because if you install it above gnome e.g. MATE/ Cinnamon, their happen to be lot of dependencies and conflicts. The end result is neither Gnome remains pure Gnome nor KDE remains pure KDE. You will get the mix of both distros. Your maximum application starts giving very ugly look e.g. firefox, synaptic, update manager, vlc etc. etc. And then you will get double entries in your menu. Perhaps you people don’nt read the comments properly, in one’s answer to the post Clem himself talked about these problems. Hope I might have cleared some of your doubts.

    @Bamm : Ok, we know there is Mint-12 LISA KDE. So what is the temptation for LMDE-KDE. Just believe me inspite of all those conflicts I stated above, the speed and stability of LMDE-KDE is damm good much better compared to LM-12 KDE. The other facts, being on Debian based LMDE-KDE would be a rolling distro, so I won’nt have to install every 6 months. Kernel will always be the latest e.g. right now LMDE is having 3.2 kernel while LM-12 KDE is having 3.0. Plus the stability of Debian. Hope you might have got the point.

    In the end AGAIN I would say that XFCE and Gnome user are lucky they got both debian based and normal editions. Whereas KDE users just got normal KDE edition. Hope this time around LM-13 KDE might be released in time.

  47. Sadly, the 64bit MATE/Cinnamon revised installer had great difficulty engaging with my Iiyama display before installing the more elaborate login process and then re-introducing the AcidRip failure to link up with an inserted videoDVD, so that even ‘/dev/cdrom’ Video Source path generates ‘drive does not exist’ error messages !
    Presumably I need to re-install the RC release to get this all working again ?

  48. I’ve had some vexing issues getting regular Debian to work properly on my machine, so it’s great that the Mint people develop LMDE. This distro reminds me of what Ubuntu used to be before Unity crash-landed on us. In fact, LMDE is arguably better, considering its straight connection to Debian, bundled codecs, and out-of-the-box polish.

  49. WOW !! wonderful news. downloading XFCE 64 bit, been looking for this for sometime. How can donate little cash to you guys to say thanks? you have donation icon somewhere?

  50. As long as the debian edition gets updated in a timely matter, you will have monthly donater.

    STOP crying about KDE. If you took the time to learn about this distro, you would know KDE is not the majority user base and never has been. If debian KDE is important to you, get involed in the community, and email Clem and offer to help in anyway you can.

  51. big problem found with 64 bit xfce version: I have a new PC with one monitor (DVI interface). When I put the CD in and boot the computer first time in order to install Linux mint, once all the boot up happens, I get error message saying: “there appears to be X server on display :0, should another display be tried?”. If Press NO, the message keeps coming up. If I press YES, I get send to a window asking me to login in ! with “action” “session” and “language” icons below it. But how can I login in? I have not even install it yet.

    So, this is a big problem which prevents installation of the OS.

    Does anyone tests these distributions before releasing them?

    Edit by Clem: Yes. Does anyone check your MD5 sums and the integrity of your media? You can log in using “mint” as the username and pressing enter if asked for a password. Note that the live session should log you in automatically though, so if it doesn’t, it’s an indication there’s something wrong with your ISO/DVD/CD/Stick.

  52. 1.) Unfortunately I have to report some bad news with this latest release.
    Like Mint 12 Gnome, LMDE Cinammon unfortunately doesn’t seem to like my older laptop’s Radeon Mobility U1 [IGP 320M] and ends up with an unusable Desktop with only the wallpaper.

    2.) Unlike Mint12, the LMDE editions apparently still haven’t kept up with the Ralink RT3072 WiFi chipset. While my RT2870 chip based wireless adapters work, the RT3072 based one remains dead in the air.

    Any hints/ideas/advice for both issues?

  53. WOW!!! really nice work in creating this place and this amazing OS. living in a world with paid software when there is a lot of people who can’t afford even a decent computer makes me sick, but guys like you,sponsors developers and testers,who understand the term “FREE”, are those guys that spends every night in front of a computer coding till death to make a true piece of software available for everyone.
    I recently installed Linux Mint 12 with KDE and i was amazed that the OS was ready to use just “out of the box”. no drivers needed no others setting to change, just visual preferences to go from light to dark XD.
    The other thing i was amazed is that the Linux can be installed everywhere on the storage device.My HDD is old and damaged so Windows won’t install even if you sell your soul to the devil.
    Anyway i am not writing this review as an advanced computer user, but as a dude who spends his evening learning about computers and how do they work and to congratulate the people behind this project and their endless hours of work in front of a screen and everyone who is involved in making this and every Linux distribution a great OS
    Good job everyone!!!

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

  54. Thanks a lot for awesome release 😀
    I have issue with my Laptop (vaio VPCCB). The fan is going really fast and the cpu going overheat.
    I read that by upgrading kernel to 3.2.5 can solve this problem.

    How can I upgrade to kernel 3.2.5 64-bit ?
    I tried too look in synaptic but there are none. Only 3.2.0

    Please anyone help me.. I want to use LMDE as my main OS, but I’m afraid to damage my cpu.

  55. @ everyone..

    Does anyone know why mate and xfce version won’t start in life cd mode.

    I see the mouse cursor and then everything halts….

    help ?!? ;-(

  56. first thank to make this distro.
    second I don’t know why the instalator of linux mint debian edition , don’t permit use some hard disk ? If I have two hard disk , why don’t distribuit the / , /home and swap , In ubuntu don’t have this problem And in debian idem , for me , is a great problem to use this distro.
    Thank to make it.

  57. “XFCE and Gnome user are lucky they got both debian based and normal editions.”

    @Bobby, Ubuntu-based version has no XFCE edition.

  58. @OS2User

    Cinnamon is designed to work with computers with newer hardware that comes with a 3D graphics card. You should use MATE or Xfce instead.

  59. Here is my suggestion:

    Perhaps Mint can issue an edition that boots into a command line with no desktop environments whatsoever. Then the user can use install his preferred DE without having conflicts and double menu entries.

    It’s not just KDE. XFCE enthusiasts are complaining why the normal edition has no XFCS. LXDE enthusiasts are complaining why the debian based edition has no LXDE. Everyone’s complaining.

    As I see it, Clem and team are already doing more than what is required of them. Do we really want them to produce versions for all DEs, for both Ubuntu and Debian based? For me, I would rather they don’t spread themselves too thinly.

    The latest official versions right now are:

    * Gnome3+MGSE
    * KDE
    * LXDE

    * Mate/Cinnamon
    * XFCE

    The next version of Ubuntu-based Mint will have separate Mate and Cinnamon, but that is understandable because Mint is involved in the development of both of these.

    So back to topic, having a no-DE version for both Ubuntu-based and Debian-based should satisfy most people. 🙂

  60. Bamm@65

    First of all, I like your suggestion about giving the user the opportunity to compile what ever DE he wants. But it still only appeals to a certain block of users. Many Mint users simply don’t want to go through the trouble of doing that–myself included. Mint is Mint for a very important reason, and primarily, it’s because it’s incredibly easy to get up and running in very short order, with very little technical knowledge, comparatively speaking. It also has several choices that are about as equally easy to get running. Your suggestion reminds me of the approach that Gentoo Linux, and others take. There is certainly nothing wrong with their vision, but it is very different from Mint.

    I much more agree with your simple statement of reality, and that there is a lot of “complaining” going on–right or wrong. Let’s face it, each of us has our likes and dislikes, and there is no changing that. We’ve also had our own experiences with trying to install other DE on top of pre-compiled DE’s like, KDE on top of Gnome, and whatever else. Sometimes this appears to work okay, but it inherently loads your system up with unwanted libraries and such. This is assuming that said “conflicts” don’t present themselves.

    The bottom line is that while your suggestion might appeal to some, it will most certainly not appeal to most–at least not in the Mint community. At this point, people are just lobbying for what they like best. Sorry for the political reference, but I think the phrase fits. If the Mint community truly felt strongly about your suggestion, it would have been brought up long ago by many more users.

    I agree that the Mint developers should not take on any more user specific projects at this time–including making a non-DE specific installation available, as simple as that might be for them to put together.

  61. @PB, the people who are complaining are willing to sudo apt-get install their DE anyway. They just don’t like mixing the environments.

    I think the current set of editions are good for Clem’s target of nontechnical people.

    And for those who are willing to apt-get, they might prefer a minimal CD.

    Ubuntu has one:

    Mint doesn’t have to promote the MinimalCD. Just there for those who need it.

  62. I have tried to install LMDE 201204 from the live DVD a number of times (at least a half dozen times), alas without success. The DVD invariably boots into an in-passable login screen – so I can go no further. It did boot once into the live session and I did manage to install it… however, it installed into a language that I did not choose and mixed that language here and there with English – so I got a gobbledygook install… I could not find anything in the Settings to allow me to change the language so I decided, reluctantly, to re-boot and go for a new install. Unfortunately, the live DVD yet again booted into an in-passable login screen. I thought that maybe I was using a bad DVD, or had some missing/corrupted files in that first download, so I downloaded a new copy and burnt that copy onto a new DVD. Same scenario – the DVD booted into an in-passable login screen. Any suggestions?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Keje. Check the MD5 sum of the ISO, then make sure to burn it at the lowest possible speed, than run an integrity check when you boot on it. If it still presents you with a login screen (it shouldn’t), you can log in manually using “mint” as the username and by pressing enter for the password. In regards to languages, the live session boots in English (en_US).

  63. PB@67

    I think Bamm was talking about installing a DE via apt-get, not compiling one which is really different. Sure having it pre-installed is a lot more easier for everyday user but if mint team realease some core version for advanced users this will save mint team a lot of work and make those people happy.

    And i don’t think realeasing such a core version is against Mint philosophy. See Ubuntu with their multiple versions (desktop, server, alternate…). Ubuntu is still the distro known to be easy and user friendly.

  64. Forgot to mention in my initial posting that this all is with the Live Systems, since I first need to be sure that certain key features are working properly before considering to venture into installing.


    Well, according to
    “Accelerated 3D support
    All these Radeon(HD) cards and derivatives have good 3D acceleration support
    RS100 Radeon IGP320(M)”

    “3D on Radeon IGP is full supported in Linux since mid 2003. @

    So I don’t really believe that the 3D part is the issue.
    It’s just, that whatever is supposed to populate the Desktop, including panel, after the wallpaper comes up, seems to be failing.

    Mmmh, switching to console #1, I am getting continuously:

    “XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server “:0″ after 7 requests (7 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

    Fatal server error:
    Server is already active for display 0
    If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start again.

    Please consult the X.Org Foundation support @ …. for help”

    So much for that ……

    I now also got LMDE XFCE ready on a DVD and wonder:
    1. is there any way to get a 2nd panel on the top of the screen?
    2. What is the trick to “enable mouse clicks with touchpad” and “touchpad 2-finger scrolling”? I just don’t get it, why the XFCE mouse preferences don’t offer essential stuff like this!

  65. Bamm@68

    I understand what you are saying, and again, I agree to an extent. I guess the technical point that I was highlighting is that you said that “most” users would be satisfied. As far as Mint users are concerned, I have to disagree. Some will, but definitely not most. If your phrase was not to me intended as superlative, then please accept my apology.

    It’s like you said, many users will go ahead and install their DE of choice, but it doesn’t come without it’s issues, as stated by Bobby and others. On the other hand, if, and that’s a big IF, Clem was to develop a whole other version with their specific DE of choice, they would most certainly opt for that, rather than for what they are currently having to do, or for your option. They are simply trying to voice their desire in the hopes that it will have an impact. Some say it’s “complaining” while I called it “lobbying.”

    Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not taking sides here. I’m just highlighting my take on this blog. To be specific about my personal likes and dislikes, I would rather see Clem develop his own method of package management to make LMDE much more reliable in that department. Rolling releases are good, but as Clem has stated, they have their issues. I quite like the hybrid approach that Clem has currently, calling it a semi-rolling release. But even so, it could be even better. But I also realize that Clem quite likely doesn’t have the resources to babysit the packages so that we have a more seamless update experience, etc. This may be one of the biggest players as to why LMDE has not made Main Edition status yet. Just a thought, and not to be taken as fact.

    But I’m happy with LM9 for the moment, and have no compelling reason whatsoever to change right now. The day will come, but not now.

  66. Marty@69

    I guess “compiling” was a not totally correct, but below is Bamm’s suggestion:

    “Here is my suggestion:

    Perhaps Mint can issue an edition that boots into a command line with no desktop environments whatsoever. Then the user can use install his preferred DE without having conflicts and double menu entries.”

    While this step is not necessarily as difficult as “compiling,” it is another step that Mint users would not opt for if their DE of choice was already built/compiled whatever, by Clem. Again, users are simply voicing what they would like to see happen. It’s not that they won’t do a particular thing if they see no other option. In all honestly, they want Clem to do it for them. As I stated in post 70, I have my things that I would like Clem to do as well. It’s all because I want things easier for me. I would be lying if I said otherwise. If Clem never addresses my interests, okay. He’s done more than enough. So I’m left with several choices: Do it myself, keeping lobbying, shut up and forget about, etc.

  67. Great job, I love the idea of a rolling distribution. My time with LMDE was good. I had it on my machine for about a month testing.

    My only complaint to date was the PC Speaker that would not stop beeping. Every time I would get to the beginning of a text box and press the left arrow, it would beep to notify me I was at the end of the box. Also when you startup the computer it beeps at the login screen.

    Other wise I liked it and I love Cinnamon. Version 1.4 is looking pretty sweet.


    You will have to run the Additional Drivers once you have it installed to install the graphics card drivers for your system. It is available on the menu. Mint does a great job of picking out the right drivers for your hardware.

    I think that Cinnamon should have been the default environment but at least it is installed by default. I look forward to the continued developments with Mint 13 and Cinnamon.

    As always thanks for your excellent work. Best Linux Distro EVER.

  68. @Bamm:
    “It’s not just KDE. XFCE enthusiasts are complaining why the normal edition has no XFCS. LXDE enthusiasts are complaining why the debian based edition has no LXDE. Everyone’s complaining.”

    That’s the problem with giving us such a nice distro. We get a taste of what’s possible and greedy users that we are we end up wanting our favorite DE in our favorite distro. Now that I have a working laptop again (YEA!!!) I hope to try to help out with KDE dev where I can. I’m with those who would kill for LMDE/KDE but I’m glad I can at least bolt KDE on LMDE and get things done. I’ve been with KDE long enough that working in GNOME just feels weird to me. And yeah, I’m one of whose who would prefer to not have a mixed-DE environment. Gnome always wants to pop up where I don’t want it with the combination.

  69. Have anyone of you added 10 extra apps to the Cinnamon Menu’s favorite bar? If your menu had not gone over the screen, I’d like to know how you did that?

  70. @Clem : Ok installed the final version once again as MDM was not getting installed in RC.

    1. After installing nvidia driver, system did not boot up to the desktop. It left me at the command prompt, and from where I have to remove nvidia and login again. After removing nvidia system is working fine.

    2. No application is shown at task bar.

    3. Sound problem is still there in VLC i.e. whether I increase or decrease the sound in VLC the desktop volumes increased to full volume. But it is ok in Banshee.

    Rest on further exploration.

  71. Regarding comments concerning “complaining” about the lack of a KDE version of LMDE, I believe that most people mentioning this are not complaining but instead making an observation or expressing a wish.

    We have all recognized the superb “Mint treatment” of any of the popular desktop environments that results in a beautiful integration of applications with the overall theme. This is very apparent with LMDE-Xfce. The Mint-X-Metal-Xfce theme gives everything a polished and uniform look.

    Certainly, it is possible to install any DE of choice on top of an existing version. However, the resulting DE is likely to lack some of the integration provided by Mint in a special edition of the DE.

    Accordingly, people who mention the lack of a LMDE-KDE version are actually expressing their appreciation for the way the Mint team produces a given DE in a well-integrated way that is better than could be achieved by installing KDE on top of another version.

  72. @Baatezuu – There is no additional driver menu entry in LMDE. It is there in LM-12 main editions which are based on Ubuntu/ Kubuntu. In LMDE you have to install driver either through synaptic or terminal.

  73. with that release my notebook broadcom WLAN driver is recognized and it works perfect. Goodbye LM Gnome 10, hello LMDE Xfce!

    Thanks you very much, you are the best, will seed that LMDE Versions via Torrent

  74. @PB, @Rudy and @BostonPeng : Agree with you all, best replies. In the end I love Mint and Clem efforts which he puts in his distros. That’s why (to sum up) even being myself fan of KDE, I always try to help Clem in whatever way I can, whether by giving back feed back etc. or by installing different versions of Gnome/ KDE whether LMDE or Main edition.

    Thanks and regards
    Glad to have community and friends like you).

  75. “Well shit! What a disappointment. No LMDE KDE = no longer Mint for me. Linux is about choices. That is what I do: I choose KDE. But not Mint any longer.”

    The message above sounds more like a complaint than a suggestion, IMHO.

  76. Same problem as I had posted with the RC. unix.mod not found in modules.dep and a ton of nouveau driver errors.

    I have tried everything I can think of and with no advice from the devs here at Mint, it’s time for me to leave.

    Will have to find something new. Back to distro hopping for now. It’s been a fun ride.

    Edit by Clem:

  77. Great work Clem & company.

    I had installed the RC a week ago and had a few issues with it. This final version of LMDE is wonderful. Everything worked from the start. Thank you & keep up the good work.

    Faisal – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  78. awesome guys!

    ps. i manually needed to create /sbin/fsck.btrfs before I was able to boot into my new install (on btrfs)…. (i created an empty bash script: does the trick)

  79. @Bamm : Yeh! he seems too desperate. Perhaps its not his fault. Some time back Clem himself has said that there will be LMDE-KDE. But later on he said it is not possible (in previous post also). So the person perhaps might not have read the second statement of the Clem and might still be waiting. Ha ha ha ha, anyway enough on that. Your idea is also good.

    I think we should now come back to the more relevant points, which the community is facing right now. How to install nvidia driver? Right now it does not seems to be working. This time around I also deleted the copy of older source list.

  80. PB@71

    yes i totally agree except : “In all honestly, they want Clem to do it for them.”. Even if it is right, that’s where Mint Core Edition would be usefull. Clem has no time for releasing KDE iso ? well build yours from core edition or choose one among the ones available.

    well i know that people who want KDE mint edition are also interested in “mintified” kde version wich means mint tools, apps and artwork ported to KDE. But i assume that if they are able to install kde from a core version they will have time and skills to make their KDE version to their liking

  81. In regards to the “known problems” saying that these errors are cosmetic, I have to say that is wrong. If it was true, then a 15 – 30 minute wait period would result in the desktop loading. Desktop fails to load period. So it is not cosmetic. At least it isn’t a cosmetic issue for me. These errors cannot be “ignored” on my part.

    Edit by Clem: If your system hangs for 30 minutes, there’s definitely a problem. The modprobe errors are cosmetic though.

  82. Further to Comment No59, I can report some weird results. I used clonezilla-live-1.2.12-27-amd64 to create a partition image and then laboriously re-installed the 64bit RC version only to find the same problem, so restored the backup to find that it was now working – crazy!

  83. On LMDE Mate, in a VMWare Fusion VM, I tried running vlc, it doesn’t start up.
    Below is what I got running it from terminal, is this expected in LMDE and I need to install plugins, or is this a bug?

    mint@mint ~ $ vlc
    VLC media player 2.0.0 Twoflower (revision 2.0.0-0-g421a4fc)
    [0x1816108] main libvlc error: No plugins found! Check your VLC installation.
    mint@mint ~ $

    Edit by Clem:

  84. @FrogDemon 82-86 : Just a suggestion. It seems LMDE is not working for you. Why don’nt you try LM-12 Gnome/kde. There you don’nt have to take pains for installing nvidia/3d-drivers etc. You can install them through additional driver from menu. And you can also install Cinnamon in LM-12. As LM-12 Gnome/KDE based on Ubuntu/Kubuntu are more newbie friendly than LMDE.

  85. Can Clem and its team release a DVD installer with options to install DEs such as:
    1) MATE/Cinnamon
    2) Xfce
    3) KDE
    4) LXDE ?
    So, we can choose whatever DE we like to install in our computers.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Michael. Although it would cool in theory, it’s extremely hard to properly integrate multiple environments on one same system. Even just integrating two of them (MATE and Cinnamon here on this ISO) was a formidable challenge. Going forward we’ll separate MATE and Cinnamon and that will let us integrate each even better.

  86. @89 bobby: I am not a noob when it comes to linux. I do not want a buntu based system. If I did, I would just dl buntu, install a Mint theme, MintMenu and what not. I only use the nouveau drivers.

    But that doesn’t help the unix.mod not being found. If it was just the nvidia issue, I would just add nomodeset into the live load script.

    Thanx for the reply though and at least the effort to try and help, where the devs do not want to reply or try to help figure this out.

    Edit by Clem: (re unix.mod –> cosmetic issue).

  87. In cinnamon many installed applications are not shown by default, you have to go to menu editor to check their case.

    Besides that, for editing the menu (adding/edit entries) you have to install gnome-panel.

  88. Pioneering new software is good, but how is the upstream process going? Are Cinnamon/MATE/Mint theme available upstream?

    Edit by Clem: Hi. For Cinnamon, please visit For MATE, any gtk theme should work, you can find many at We’re working in close collaboration with the MATE project upstream, and Cinnamon is basically developed by ourselves, so upstream relations couldn’t be better.

  89. Also, is there an instruction on how to install the 686-PAE kernel?

    Edit by Clem: If you install the “linux-image-686-pae” metapackage, it should trigger the right dependencies.

  90. Marty@85

    You’re missing the point of my post. In post 71, I clearly stated that it’s not that the users in question won’t do those extra things to get what they want. And we don’t need to tell them what they already know. They know how to do exactly what you are suggesting–all this assuming that Clem put together the minimal edition that you are suggesting.

    My point is simply this: Your suggestion involves extra steps, no matter how small or simple you think they are. Actually, it involves extra work for Clem also, as little or insignificant as you make it out to be. He’s the one that has to make your solution available no matter how simple it is. Your solution involves more steps for everyone–both users, and Clem.

    True, your solution is not an “end of the world” option. But again, I am merely emphasizing what people’s intentions are, and they are simply hoping that Clem will somehow redistribute his resources in such a manner that they get what they want exactly. It’s as simple as that–right or wrong, good, or bad.

    I’ve been using Mint regularly since version 5, and never did I get the impression that it was part of Mint’s vision to provide a more complicated method of doing things. On the contrary, it is quite obvious that Clem wants to make it as easy as possible for the greatest amount of people–all while providing as many choices as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t work out exactly as envisioned. But Clem doesn’t seem quick to introduce one-off solutions just to make a small group of people happy, especially if it involves more work for the users, and especially if it does more harm than good to the Mint vision. Clem seems much more in favor of getting things right, and then making them available, even if it means changing plans from time to time.

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with the thought that your solution is part of Mints vision–at least not currently. If all else fails, then perhaps it would be an option. But that’s a whole other ball of wax. Mint’s vision hasn’t failed, however. That’s not to say that Clem won’t make some incarnation of your solution available, but I really feel like it departs from the normal MO.

  91. Hi,great release congratulations,but I have request pleased give us Openbox or Fluxbox with the Debian Edition they require less memory and have the right CMO k option which is very rare these days .Please people vote for Openbox and Fluxbox LMDE.

  92. @ gosa: Yes, I surely did. The only reply I got was someone telling me to try nomodeset. Which I had already tried.

  93. Will LMDE eventually replace the Ubuntu-based edition?

    Edit by Clem: Our plan is to continue to support both editions.

  94. New version with Mate is much better and Mate has come a long way. Now,
    if someone could just build a full version of Pan 0.136 all would be great. I have tried to build it, but keep getting blasted out of the water with the old “Dependency Hell”. Pan 0.136 for Oneric runs just fine on LMDE 201204, but the version from the PPA has none of the extras built. There is one for Precise, but to install, it requires libc 2.14 or higher. The version on LMDE is 2.12, so no go.

    Versions that work on Katya (Natty) and others are on the ppa for Klaus Vormeg.

  95. Those using YUMI to make a LiveUSB will have to re-name the ISO file. Just replace the “201204” with “debian” and YUMI will accept it as a valid LMDE spin …

  96. Re: comment 103
    Thank you Clem for your suggestion. I will burn another DVD of the LMDE 201204 tomorrow – at the slowest possible speed! I have been looking forward to this Mint edition for a long time, so I’m not about to give up easily.
    Best wishes from Haute-Savoie 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Lovely place! Thanks, good luck Keje.

  97. Wow! Thank You!!

    Had some trouble moving from UP3 to UP4 but this was a breeze. Installed with the expected but minimal nvidia tweaking (SMXI) on an i7 quad core laptop which would previously not handle any of the 3.X.X kernels w/ LMDE.

    Cinnamon session would not load until I fixed the nvidia-settings. Oh yeah, this is running dual monitors with no problems. Cinnamon looks like it has some great potential and I’m glad to be able to play with it but MATE is still a little more comfortable for me.

  98. Thanks very much for this! My short comments so far:

    – Took me a bit of time to figure out how to add ‘applets’ to the tool bar in Cinnamom

    – My Logitech NX80 mouse gave me even more problems this time, but I think I figured out a CLI way (for auto-start) to activate the ‘middle mouse button emulation’

    – Midnight Commander and the F10 button is interacting badly with the terminal shell for some reason

    Other than that, very solid product! 🙂

  99. Thank you Clem and your Mint team for the great work that went into these LMDE releases. Been running LMDE 2012-04 RC on my ASUS laptop from the day it was available and loving it! Excited to see this final edition available. I assume that the RC installation will be updated to final status via the normal update route. If I’m mistaken someone please let me know. I’ve downloaded via the torrents both the new 64 bit ISOs and plan on installing this great OS on all my computers.

  100. Bummer… No Gnome Shell? I’ll be sticking with my old “original” Linux Mint install using either Testing or SID. I have no desire at all to go back to an antiquated DE. I agree with what BAMM mentioned above – a NON-DE Linux Mint and NON-DE Mint/Ubuntu version that allows you to pick the DE you want. That way it would be sufficient for all users, they can use any DE at all that they prefer and won’t spread Clem and team so thin.

  101. Been waiting and excited but for some reason when I boot the dvd it wants a password to enter the live dvd. I dont know the password. I have not yet seen any setup info on t he site to see what it is. I have never experienced this in other live dvd except dreamlinux. Anxious to try the debian mint

  102. Have anyone of you added 10 extra apps to the Cinnamon Menu’s favorite bar? If your menu had not gone over the screen, I’d like to know how you did that?

    I kept adding apps to that Favorite Bar of the Cinnamon Menu and the Menu became bigger and bigger and went out of the top of the screen. If you guys have a different way of doing that, can you let me know?

  103. In the ideal world, Clem and his team would offer at least as many varieties of LMDE as they do of Ubuntu-based Mint. In the real world, they’re too busy for that. Addressing the GNOME 3 controversy (with MATE and Cinnamon) and working around the new Ubuntu has been keeping their hands full. I have wondered why Clem and his team didn’t switch to Xfce (or LXDE or something else) as the main Linux Mint desktop. The fact is, GNOME has always been the preferred desktop of Linux Mint. Most developers and users of Linux Mint are used to the GNOME way of doing things, and I’m certain that a switch to another desktop would have been even more controversial and something that Clem would prefer to avoid.

    If you want the merits of LMDE in a lightweight package, I’m offering this in Swift Linux, the distro I started. Swift Linux was originally a derivative of antiX Linux, but I have switched it to a LMDE base. I just released version 0.2.0, the first LMDE-based version. Swift Linux combines the superior software, driver, and codec support of Linux Mint with a lightweight interface inspired by Puppy Linux and antiX Linux. Like antiX Linux, Swift Linux uses an IceWM+ROX pinboard desktop environment.

    I consider the Linux Mint team to be the best of all of the distros. Linux Mint is THE premier distro for first-time Linux users. It’s so smooth and polished that it reminds me of the early Lexus commercials. (So smooth that it passes the wine glass test, and so well put together that it passes the ball bearing test.) Clem and his team were the last to stop supporting GNOME 2, have played a major role in the MATE project, and started the Cinnamon project. Cinnamon has been so successful that its availability extends beyond the world of Debian derivatives – Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch, Gentoo, and other distros now offer it in their repositories.

    By basing my distro on LMDE, I have indirectly enlisted Clem and his team to work for me. No other team has been as productive as the Linux Mint team.

  104. @FrogDemon : Since you said you are not newbie and I myself being not that expert perhaps can’nt give any suggestion to you. But I can share my experience to something like that, can’nt say it is the exact case or not nor can given any explanation to that, being not that expert. It happened with me both the times at the time of installing LMDE in VB as well as on harddisk partition, where I have already installed some other linux and I was just trying to install over that linux via LMDE live boot. The moment I booted the live LMDE (through pen drive) it just stuck at modeprobe and then it showed me some failed errors and stopped at the black screen, after that nothing happened. After trying two-three time I just gave up. Interestingly, in VB I wanted to try some other linux-1 over already installed linux-2. When I installed the Linux-1 it just simply got installed, formatted the virtual drive and everything went smooth, no problems. Then after some day I again tried LMDE and it just got installed, again formatting the earlier Linux-1 partition through live dvd. I don’nt know the reason why it happened and why earlier it was not happening. It just occurred to me that perhaps in the same way, I can try to install LMDE in the hard driver also. Again I did the same thing installed Linux-1 over Linux-2. It just simply installed and then again tried installing LMDE on Linux-1. It just simply got installed. Ok, so only assumption could be that perhaps Linux-2 which was already installed might be having some impact/conflict with LMDE. Now I don’nt know your case, where you are installing etc. etc. It is not a full-proof suggestion just see if it could be of some help to you and hope you will understand my post.

    @Ariya : We are putting our favourites applications either at the panel or at desktop. It seems you and me don’nt like Cinnamon taking up too much of screen by putting favourites appls. there. That’s the only solution right now. Cinnamon has to mature more. So hope in some next releases this problem may be sorted out.

  105. @FrogDemon : I wrote my above experience only assuming that you might be stuck at starting screen and unix.mod, checking btrfs etc. can be ignored. And if you reached up to the desktop live mode then my whole experience can be ignored.

  106. Setting this.expanded = true; to this.expanded = false; inside the messageTray.js at /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui made my usb connected message display correctly.

    Thought I’d share my fix.

  107. @everybody: Thanks for the feedback regarding the auto-login. At first, we though these were isolated cases of corrupted ISO downloads or badly burnt DVDs, but it looks like there’s an issue with the display manager. MDM worked well in all our tests, both in Virtualbox and real systems. However, many of you reported that the live system failed to automatically log you in. It was also reported that switching from MATE to Cinnamon in the liveDVD required the user to know the live username and password. We added this information in the release notes and the announcement above. We’ll also investigate why MDM fails to perform the automatic login on some systems.

  108. @Clem A screenshot would be difficult to do because the message just does the end animation up. So I can just see the notification for half a second and disappears very quickly. Changing true to false fixed it for me.

    Edit by Clem: Ok, we’ll try to reproduce it. Thanks.

  109. Thanx for that explanation Bobby. I think this might be a similar thing. For whatever reason OS 1 might just be blocking LMDE. I am going to try and wipe the entire HDD and see what happens.

  110. Clem,
    I think I have a scenario that will allow you to duplicate the autologin problem. At least I duplicated the problem…….

    1. Burn a DVD-RW of LMDE – Mate, and boot it. Hopefully it will come up to the Desktop.
    2. Blank (Erase) the DVD-RW
    3. Burn the DVD-RW of LMDE – XFCE, and boot it. It will come up to the Login Screen.

    At this point you can enter the Login of “mint” and Password of “Carriage Return” (without the QUOTES)
    Select USA ENGLISH, XFCE as DEFAULT Desktop, and then SESSION is REBOOT.

    XFCE will start and the XFCE Desktop will be displayed, without using the Login & Password.

    Now, I actually did this in REVERSE the first time, because I started with XFCE, and then when I burned LMDE – Mate the problem popped up. It shouldn’t make any difference as to which Version is Burned to DVD first, as the problem is easily duplicated.

    If folks only burn and test one Version, they will not likely see the problem………..

    I found it because I wanted to compare Mate with XFCE.

    Another note: I Blanked (Erased) the DVD-RW, burned LMDE – Mate, and booted it. Everything was normal.
    No Login & Password was requested.

    I repeated the Blank/Burn process again, and LMDE – Mate booted properly. So it’s something to do with changing LMDE
    Versions (Mate to XFCE……or XFCE to Mate), and booting a different version than was previously executed………….if that makes any sense……..

    Let me know if you can duplicate it.



  111. ====
    Will LMDE eventually replace the Ubuntu-based edition?

    Edit by Clem: Our plan is to continue to support both editions.
    What about KDE ?

    Edit by Clem: We’re thinking about this constantly and trying to please as many people as possible, but we also don’t want to tackle on more than we can. What we can say for sure is that Mint 13 will have KDE editions for i386 and amd64. We’re not ready to commit to supporting KDE on top of LMDE yet.

  112. I’m the owner of Linux Mint Debian 201204 RC (MATE/Cinnamon) AMD64 for two weeks now with the following in the sources.list:

    deb debian main upstream import
    deb testing main contrib non-free
    deb testing/updates main contrib non-free
    deb testing main non-free

    Tried to upgrade to the Release version with aptitude issuing the following cmds:

    “sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade”. But to no avail no updates are proposed ???. What am I missing ?

    Edit by Clem: These look correct. You’re probably already up to date.

  113. @FrogDemon : Last suggestion would be, if possible try it in VB, so that even if it fails no harm will be done and it may also prove the integrity of the CD/DVD.

  114. Hello, guys!
    All right! I support what has been said with respect to DE at #4.7.
    I think the release of LMDE with Xfce would be to add OpenBox and/or LXDE.
    Keep people who do not like “fat” DE! 🙂
    P.S. Currently I download topic distros and hope test it now…

  115. How would it be if the Mint Team would drop Ubuntu edition and focus on improving Mint Debian edition?

    -improving the live installer
    -porting Jockey to Mint Debian (for those who don’t know: Jockey is the GUI installer of proprietary drivers in Ubuntu)
    -fixing as many bugs as possible for Update Packages

    Thank you, Mint Team, for your hard work but I think there is no need for yet another Ubuntu based distro when there are so many out there.
    The reason why most of the people DON’T use LMDE is just because it is not as user friendly as Ubuntu. If you just port Jockey to LMDE you will see how many WILL SWITCH to it.

    Please take it as a suggestion not as a complaint.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks. There are are lot of things which differ between Ubuntu and Debian though. As much as we try to make LMDE as user-friendly as possible, it’s important to understand that Ubuntu brought a significant amount of improvements to their Debian base as well.

  116. Well, tried wiping my HDD and now it acts like it’s going to load, then blackscreens for 30mins. Don’t know what else to try now. Even tried re-burning the DVD a few more times with 4 diff burn apps. ImgBurn, Nero, PowerISO and MagicISO. Also tried the in-built Win7 Disk Image Burner. No luck.

    Also dl’d the new buntu 12.04 and it also black screens. So does Mint 12. So I guess I am stuck on Win7 until I can figure out what the issue is.

    This sucks windage!

  117. My installation went well. Laptop with Intel P6100 processor and Intel graphics.

    I am very impressed and it looks very close to completion. My desktop and control panel looks exactly like Mint of old. Very impressed. Glad my desktop is friendly and functional.

    Clem thank you very much. Kudos. Just need a few more deb installed packages, like Kompozer and Filezilla.

  118. @FrogDemon : That’s more than enough. Since you tried other distros also and no one is working. So what else. Still there are two more options left. First would be give these ISO a try in Virtual Box in win7 itself. Second would be try boot through pendrive. If these fails, well then nothing left. I would say that enjoy Win7 until you yourself finds out whats the problem. Now the interesting question is how you installed other linux, which were there on your harddisk earlier. Any way this is all I can offer being not an expert. Best of luck and regards.

  119. FrogDemon@169

    If you have already clarified this, then please excuse the repeat. But are you sure your DVD drive is burning correctly? It’s puzzling that you are getting similar results with different versions.

    Also, go into your downloads folder and make sure you are actually getting the entire .iso. Sometimes if the server times out, the browser will cut off the download with no notification. It looks like it is completely downloaded, but you have to compare the original file size with what your browser says has actually been downloaded. I’ve had that happen to me more than once, especially when hot items hit the Mint servers.

    In other words, if the file to be downloaded is supposed to be 1GB, check and make sure the file in the download folder is actually 1GB and not something less. Also check MD5 sum if you haven’t already.

    If these thing have been suggested, then I apologize. I know bobby has been trying to get you going, and I may have overlooked something he suggested, or someone else for that matter.

  120. Overall, I’m extremely pleased ! This is, frankly, the first time in 7 years I don’t even feel like downloading the new Ubuntu… This says A LOT.


    I just have ONE issue. Sometimes, after a few hours of use, the display / composition gets slow. Well, particularly the “exposé”-like effect gets very choppy. It seems to but related to the handling of virtual screens, as, I think I trigger it particularly when adding / removing screens. (there is no process eating the CPU, in case you ask)

    Just to make things clear, I use an Nvidia board with the proprietary drivers. I never had such an issue with the stock Gnome 3 under ArchLinux or Ubuntu, so I guess it might be due to Cinnamon ?

  121. @ Bobby: Same results on flash drive. Works in VB. Am actually posting with it.

    @ PB: The MD5sums match, so I am pretty sure I am getting the full ISOs. As for burning them correctly. Yes, the disks work for VB. So, maybe a hardware issue? I don’t know.

    Thanx for the help. Maybe I will re-build my system and start from scratch? Well, have it rebuilt anyways. My arthritis and eyes are what keeps me from building anymore.

  122. As a Mint user, fan and supporter, I’d like to make a few observations regarding LMDE and related matters:

    1- The free Nouveau driver which was installed (LMDE) by default on my machine with Nvidia graphics, does provide some 3D acceleration and in fact, works just fine including desktop effects. That said, I don’t play games or use Compiz. I went ahead and installed the proprietary Nvidia driver (using smxi/sgfxi) to see if there was a difference and I couldn’t find one. But, it would be nice to have an automatic ATI/Nvidia driver installer as at least one other debian based distro has.

    2- LMDE Mate and Cinnamon use less memory and CPU than their Ubuntu-based Mint counterparts and feel relatively snappy and responsive. But my LM 12 Main Edition (Cinnamon flavor) absolutely flies in comparison. I’d expect the opposite. My machine has a quad-core CPU with 8 GB of RAM btw, running multiple versions of Mint.

    3- This has been talked about for quite a long time but Ubuntu-based graphics/font rendering is second to none in terms of sharpness and clarity. I know there have been improvements but I haven’t seen any distros, including LMDE, that provide the visual clarity of the Buntus (and Mint 12 Main is one of the Buntus).

    4- The LMDE installer is quite functional and easy to use if you know what you’re doing. If you’re new to Linux or partitions in general, then you may get confused. And you might be better off with the Mint Main edition anyway.

    5- Nice to see that you removed the shading around the desktop icon text in LMDE Xfce….not sure when this was done but it is one less chore to do when setting up the Xfce environment (for people like me who care about such things).

    6- I haven’t used Mate since it was first introduced in Mint 12. Wow, it’s come a long way in just a few short months! It’s almost a carbon copy of Gnome 2.

    7- Cinnamon is a real treat. It’s modern looking, fast, configurable and keeps getter better. It’s the desktop of the future and the present if popularity is any indication 🙂

    Sorry for the rambling but I’d like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Clem and the Mint team for their vision and innovation while always keeping the users’ perspective a top priority.

  123. FrogDemon@175

    Okay, that makes sense. Just for good measure, I would check the actual downloaded file, and see that it’s size is exactly the same as what’s on the server. The MD5 sum should be the tell, but I would further confirm that all is normal if you check file sizes.

    Again, I only mention this, because I’ve had this happen before, and there really is no warning. Everything looks good. It was by freak chance that I actually saw in the download dialogue that the file size was way smaller than what it should have been. Again, there was no warning or error message. Anyway, sorry you are having such a difficult time. This can be very frustrating, and I hope a resolution presents itself sooner than later.

  124. Hi there. I tried to boot the LMDE 201204 MATE/Cinnamon 64bit Live-DVD but got stuck with a black screen where the desktop is supposed to appear. Looks like pretty much the same thing FrogDemon’s got:

    Some error messages like

    “startpar: service(s) returned failure: live-boot … failed!”

    appear (I took a photo of the messages if anybody’s interested…) and then the black screen. But the DVD drive still goes on and when it finally stops after a couple of seconds, I press the on/off switch on my computer: the DVD gets ejected and after I press “Enter” the computer shuts down. So I suppose the live-session might even be loaded successfully except for the annoying black screen.

    I did an MD5sum check as well as a verification of the DVD.
    My computer is a Thinkpad L420 with Intel onboard graphics.
    But there’s also a difference to FrogDemon’s situation: I successfully installed Ubuntu 12.04 earlier today. No black screen or other problems.

    Any help would be highly appreciated! I’d really love to give LMDE a try. 🙂

  125. lmde-xfce
    recommend “apt-xapian-index” for synaptic’s quicksearch
    suggest “synapse” for quicklauch

    Thank you Mint team.

  126. Cinnamon is looking really good!!
    I get only one problem to found samba network printers:
    “FirewallD is not running. Network printer detection needs mdns services, ipp, ipp-client and samba-client firewall is enabled.”
    Workaround solution on forums “system-config-printer” is nice but don’t see my printers(Win/LM11)

  127. @ PB: File is proper size. No issues there. I’m still trying to figure out why it will work under VB and not on my system.

  128. @FrogDemon: Have you checked the integrity of your hard drive? If you don’t have an OS on that HDD, you can try running a disk check utility using Parted Magic or something similar.

  129. @ Jordan: I installed Win7 on it with 0 issues.

    But I decided to shut my system down for awhile with the LMDE disk in the drive and when I started it up, I got the following error:

    Waiting for /dev to be fully populated… [ 29.356318] SP5100 TCO timer: mmio address 0xbafe00 already in use

    Any ideas?

  130. @ FrogDemon: If you’re comfortable working inside your computer, I would remove the Nvidia card and then restart with the LMDE DVD in the drive.

  131. Again, very nice going!

    Have been “spreading the wealth” (all four) with BitTorrent for half an hour or so.

    Weird: Every word in this message has a red wiggly underline signifying a misspelling. Using Katya, still.


  132. New LMDE 201204 does not need root pswd for synaptic or does not require from waking from sleep. Am I running root all the time? Is this not a security issue? I know about the Nautilus – gksu problem with Cinnamon. But still have the above problems in Mate & Xfce, even wiped & reinstalled Xfce Lmde. What gives? Should I revert back to LM10?

    been running mint since version 3, y’all do a fine job! Love the frozen repo idea, brilliant!

  133. Sorry, this is embarrassing… fixed the Synaptic problem. Unchecked the remember password tick box. Ouch! Anyways, still trying to figure out how to fix the sleep/awake no password asking problem. Is this an config problem?


  134. @Bobby 115

    Well geez, I guess I’m pretty green when it comes to LMDE. I was trying to be helpful sorry I was mistaken. Thanks for the clarification.

    I have switched to Mint 12 Lisa and Cinnamon 1.4 for my everyday use. As I posted I originally I only used LMDE for about a month. I was using Mint 11 Katya Until I switched to LMDE and then Lisa. I still have Katya on the machine but I use Lisa daily now. I have 5 operating systems on this laptop right now.

  135. @Baatezuu : Please don’nt say sorry. Many of us are newbie here. This is how we learn. Many a time I did more silly mistakes than you, just to help others. Your intention for help matters most, not the content, which I just clarified. I myself just like you, as long as LMDE is working fine, I stick to it, the moment it starts giving me problems, I also switch to main editions. Regards.

  136. Congratulations to Clem and the team on a balanced release. Cinnamon is indeed impressive and MATE has improved somewhat but is still incompatible with all themes such as Felicia being grey with some applications. That being said for those new to Mint will not notice the considerable loss of genuine Gnome 2.

    On a related subject relating to Desktop Environments little or no mention has been made to the end of support for Mint 10. These are dark days indeed for those wishing to continue with genuine Gnome 2. There is little choice for those preferring the traditional Desktop these days which flies in the face of what Linux represents. This is not blame but merely a statement as I understand given the ties to Ubuntu 10.10 but it should be recognized Mint 10 is still the finest release to date. Once Ubuntu 11.04 becomes unsupported the Mint 11 user will not have the choice but to use MATE which is just WRONG !

    Clem this is not targeted at you as I know your hands are tied but I am just stating facts

    Edit by Clem: Hi Guy. You’re right, but as you can see MATE is getting there and getting ever closer at providing that exact same environment people knew and love under a different name. We mentioned the OEL for Mint 10 in the “Latest News” story, and you’re right about Mint 11, it’s only a matter of time before Gnome 2 no longer appears in supported releases. As you said, there’s not much we can do. The decision was made upstream. With that said, I’m personally delighted with the progress made by MATE. It still isn’t 100% on par with Gnome 2, but just comparing MATE 1.2 and MATE 1.0 is like night and day. The alternatives are there, whether people find a familiar home with MATE, switch to another quality desktop such as KDE, Xfce, LXDE.. or go for something new with Cinnamon, Shell, Unity…etc.. there’s more choice than ever, and unlike before, there’s a lot to choose from and something for everybody. Another important strengh MATE has, is that it won’t regress going forward. It’s the developed and maintained by people, like you, whose primary motivation was to continue to enjoy a Gnome 2 experience.

  137. With this version I definetively switched from Mint 11 & GNOME to LMDE & MATE.

    LMDE is the distro that I always searched (easy, updated, with mil hundred applications and that’s doesn’t need to reinstall).
    It needs more development, like a port of Jockey tool from Ubuntu, for example. But today I can say that it’s a really distro for non experimented users.
    In the future, when LMDE be easiest than Mint-Ubuntu, it will be the main edition.

    Thaks for the work!!!!! 🙂

  138. Ok, so I pulled the gcard and the error still persists. Doing a Google search on the error gives me results that this is an ongoing Debian kernel issue. Kernel points to a slot that has already been assigned to a ram slot, which blocks any further load.

    There are numerous bug reports regarding this, but every seems to not want to fix the issue or they do not have time to fix it. So, I don’t know what else to do.

    If anyone wants to continue to help me, my email is:


  139. Ok, well I decided to install Mint 12 anyways, even though I didn’t want a *buntu based distro. I have been sitting on the LiveDVD for about 25mins now, waiting for it to install and the installer seems stuck. Is this a normal time span for installing Mint 12?

  140. Great work! This the best LMDE yet. A few things I would prefer are to use lightdm and remove mono completely.


  141. I remember the previous one is said to be a rolling version, but why it now becomes SEMI-rolling? What does this SEMI actually mean? I update my system today, and some software and configurations are lost, for example, shortcuts I defined can not be used, and the gnome-volume-control is gone after updating. BTW, I use the Xfce desktop.

  142. Was going to post this in my thread in the forums, but the forums will not load for me.

    Figured out the issue, I think. I had to go into bios and disable USB 3.0. I don’t need it anyways. Don’t have any 3.0 devices. Now every thing seems fine.

    LMDE loaded up fine. Tried loading up Ubuntu 12.04 but it only loads to a blinking cursor.

    I still do not understand WTF is going on though or why disabling the 3.0 USB ports would allow LMDE to load.

  143. Greetings!

    Testing out 12 and it looks and plays wonderfully on my USB flash drive. Just one major pothole for me that seems to’ve stumped other Linux sites:

    Writer in my Windows’ OpenOffice has, among others, a config file of hundreds of user custom colors. It would take weeks to re-do those RGB configurations on Mint (9 and 12) OpenOffice since the program never had any way of simply importing configurations. I was able to easily transfer Writer’s configuration file (standard.soc) from Mac OpenOffice to Windows OpenOffice because the directory structure is largely the same, but that doesn’t seem to exist in Linux/Mint, much less accessing or changing any OpenOffice configuration files within Casper where OpenOffice stores its persistence files.

    Any hints would be MUCH appreciated!



  144. @ FrogDemon: Glad you got LMDE loaded after disabling USB 3.0. You’d think that shouldn’t be a problem in a (sort of) modern distro like Debian (testing).

    I can’t get my wireless network MFC Brother printer to work in LMDE. It works in Mint 12 Main edition and it works in the latest Crunchbang so I’m clueless at this point.

    As far as Ubuntu 12.04 loading only to a cursor, I really don’t know.

  145. I’m attempting to install LMDE-mate to a 16GB thumb drive formatted as FAT32. Thumb drive runs with win 7, ubuntu, & gparted, but not with Debian Edition Installer, which seems to have trouble with the partition. Error message: “Please select a root (/) partition before proceeding” I’m newish to linux & clueless.

  146. deçu de mint pour une seule et unique raison pas de version kde dans lmde ce qui est je pense une erreur qui se verifiera par la suite.
    dommage c’était une bonne kde que j’utilise actuellement est
    interchanggeable avec d’autres tellement d’autres.
    de toutes manieres felicitation pour le travail sur les autres versions.

  147. @Clem: I mentioned in a previous post that the graphics/font rendering was okay in terms of clarity/sharpness in LMDE Cinnamon but not nearly as good as Mint Main (Ubuntu). I’ve been using LMDE Mate today (Nvidia drivers installed) and the fonts are much sharper than in Cinnamon and a lot closer to the Ubuntu experience. Just an FYI 🙂

    The printing problem with my Brother 8890DW is described here:

    Essentially, the cups-filters package (now 1.0.2-1) needs to be updated to a later version (1.0.5-1) found in debian unstable and Ubuntu/Mint Main. I found a temporary workaround using generic drivers and hopefully we’ll see the latest cups-filters in the next LMDE Update Pack.

  148. I have just downloaded this LMDE release and I’m currently testing it from a liveUSB. I feel it a little bit slow, but — I think — it’s because of the USB write-read data speed.
    Nice work. Well done. Keep doing the good work.
    Greetings from México.

  149. Noticed a sciprting error in your live cd installation of the Linux Mint Debian XFCE. I used the installation to make a separate /home partition. The installer properly installed on / and put the proper files in /home, which is a separate partition, but there was no /home folder on /. I had to manually create it. I checked fstab and verified it was set to auto mount the drive.

    Just need to add a mkdir /home into your installer script.

  150. I think things could be a little liter. No more banshee, totem player, gnome-mplayer. There’s already vlc installed. I don’t know why the redudant video and music players.

    A mono-less release too. There’s a bunch of programs that were ported from mono to non-mono compilations. Mono also eats up a lot of memory.

  151. Please disregard my prior post, “I’m attempting to install LMDE-mate….”. The problem seems to be an inadequate understanding of partitioning. Dunno how I ever got the first one right.

  152. Well now the different desktops seem to work. However compared to the previous Gnome 2 desktop it is a big leap backwards in configurability and functionality.
    On the whole I am sceptic to this kind of total rebuild of a desktop. If the constructiors must have something new to do, they ought to leave the old user interface as is. My self, like many other Linux-geeks love to explore and learn something new, but all users aren’t the same. My wife for example, is an ordinary user, and she has become quite comfortable with Julia. At some point that user interface will become obsolete and has to be replaced with something new. I don’t look forward to that process of having her to accept a different way of working.
    I think that if Linux ever will have a chance to gain popularity among ordinary users, the developers should look upon matters from their point of view. They want to meet the same view every time to do their work. That’s what is important to them. Yes hunt down bugs and make the function smoother and faster, but let the interface look and act the same as usual.
    So, what I mean is: Do not throw out the old user interface, when you build a new one. Leave it intact for those who do not have “tinkerty tonk” as the meaning of their lives. Otherwise you just feed Microsoft and Apple.

  153. BitTorrent ratios here for current LMDE:

    Mate/Cinnamon 32: 21.7
    Mate/Cinnamon 64: 16.6

    Xfce 32: 24.4
    Xfce 64: 12.7

    These are probably about what one might expect. LMDE BitTorrent activity is quite low as I post (~1400 Eastern, US).


  154. Finally got my netbook installed and configured to my liking.

    Decided to go for the XFCE version as “primary” as I’ve tried Cinnamon already and feel that it runs a bit heavy on my 1000HE (a bit of a “lag” in the menu that I’m not sure I can live with)

    Something that bugged me though is Dropbox – installing the one in the repos also pulls down nautilus-dropbox which I’m not sure I want as it kind of takes over from the rest of my system.

    Also – Conky doesn’t want to play ball when it comes to transparency in XFCE (seems it’s XFCE’s fault rather than Conky’s). Solutions can be found, but it was still an extra obstacle to get past.

    I’ll see if I can find a good (and easy for a half-noob like me) solution to that one, and if not… maybe I’ll just have to settle for the web-based dropbox.

    Apart from the above I’m very happy with the new spin.

    – Keep up the good work!

  155. I can’t choose my /home partition in sda. I install the system in sdb and /home in sda, but it can’t possibble see both disks. Why?

    Is it possible do later?

  156. What’s the difference between Mint-X and Mint-X-Metal? Which of these, if either, is the default theme?

    Edit by Clem: The only difference affects mintMenu, and whether it shows up in grey or with a metal texture. The default is Mint-X-Metal.

  157. I already have LMDE on my pc. I had some problems with a liveUSB, the system is working but there is no way to install, it asks for an administrator password that is not known (mint is not in sudoers and though blank password is not working). I changed root password opening a console environment and I was able to open programs like gparted or the live-installer but this one freezes after asking for basis configuration (time zone and keyboard layout) calculating index (?).
    Then I perform upgrade by using apt-get dist-upgrade but it’s very long because I have to download about 1 GB of stuff and my connection is not so good.Thanks for the good work but a bit of more attention should be paid to live-installer

  158. I have had a hard time configuring wireless connection using static IP, Network Manager for Linksys WPC300N v1 and b43 driver. I keep being asked for password to authenticate wireless network. Also tried wicd but it’s not available for pppoe dsl.

    Perhaps NM is not quite ready yet. I will see if the final release fixes this problem.

  159. It is my secret hope that eventually the main Linux Mint edition will be based on Debian (i.e., LMDE will become simply “Linux Mint”). When/if that happy day comes, it would be the Ubuntu-based edition that would have the derivative name (i.e., LMUE for “Linux Mint Ubuntu Edition”). I use LMDE and feel much more secure now than when I was using LM12, for I know that there is no corporate middleman whose motives and direction are not consonant with the desktop/laptop-centric vision of Linux Mint.

    To take it a step further, why have both Debian- and Ubuntu-based releases in the first place? It seems like duplicated effort to me–for all practical purposes, my onetime LM12/MATE and current LMDE/MATE systems are cosmetically and functionally identical.

    I realize that for various reasons some people might disagree with me, but at the very least I think this is good food for thought.

  160. FrogDemon@200

    Glad you seem to have resolved the issue. It may have something to do with your keyboard and mouse combination–that is if they are USB devices. I suppose you could still be using PS2. I say this because, ever since I upgraded my motherboard, it too, supports USB 3.0. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I get to the Grub screen, my keyboard isn’t awake yet, and it won’t let me choose what OS to boot to. It doesn’t happen all the time, but often enough. It’s even more puzzling, because I don’t have the keyboard and mouse plugged into USB 3.0 ports. Perhaps I will try disabling 3.0 and see if that makes it more consistent. Thanks for posting your results.

  161. I just spent a day trying to install lmde to no avail. I get as far as reformatting the hard drive and it hangs for a few (hours) not the ten minutes it is supposed to take. I tried to install this on my x205 dual core toshiba laptop with dual 160gb hard drives. I even went as far as reformatting the hard drive to ntfs before the install. should I have reformatted to a ext file system ? this runs blazing fast in live mode which is why I wanted to install it. it works much better than lm 12 w cinnamon ( non lmde).
    suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    keep up the great work cinnamon rocks!

  162. Hi, I can’t found solution to install NFS to use disk on server.
    I found that:
    The problem is that nfs-common has been updated in the backports repo, but portmap has not, and the new nfs-common and old portmap are not compatible. So to install it either disable backports, or use force version to install the previous version of nfs-common.
    But I don’t found other version in force version menu.

  163. This release of LMDE works (so far) perfectly on my laptop. The first updates of two didn’t support the touchpad very well (couldn’t use the buttons that are integrated in the pad) and the volume and power add-ons in the bar are there and work. It seems MUCH faster too. I dare say that seems as fast as my Crunchbang (Openbox/Debian) boot!

    I am thrilled that LMDE continues to live. I am hoping Debian will be the new core of Linux Mint standard distro.

    Thanks, Clem and team!

  164. I have LinuxMint 12 LXDE version. Will there be a change that yet it is not possible to update from previous release to new under a running system?

  165. Used Unetbootin to install LMDE for USB Flash. Installed on a 4GB E6300 Zotac 9300 with nvidia gpu in 10 minutes. works great.

  166. Salve,
    ho un notebook pentium D T2100
    2gb ram 533mhz
    ati radeon x2300 128mb

    Quale versione posso usare?

  167. In this mint 201204 64bit mate/cinnamon edition bluetooth headphone is detected but not get connected through sound setting panel, no bluetooth hardware choose device for sound output.
    so help needed for this issue…
    Thanks in advance..

  168. Clem,
    2012-04 LMDE – XFCE has the Window Grab Width set to 1 Pixel width. This was changed from Default-4.4 where it was set to 2-3 Pixel Width, but that allowed us to very easily grab the Windows and resize. I can understand a change to a 2 Pixel Width, but a 1 Pixel Width is unreasonable. I changed to the Default-4.4 setting in SETTINGS -> WINDOW MANAGER to keep from switching back to Debian 6.

    For all future Releases and Upgrades….PLEASE change back to a MINIMUM of 2 for the Window Grab Pixel Width.

    Does that sound Reasonable? Are you Satisfied/Happy with a 1 Pixel Width Window Grab Area? I highly doubt it!



  169. Just downloaded the XFCE Edition and looking forward to testing it, for me since Unity/Gnome XFCE is the way forward but it would be nice to see a more lightweight version with less Gnome and more standard XFCE apps.

  170. Hi,

    Thanks Clem and team for the great job you guys are doing.
    I am interested in Debian. I was trying to install it on my laptop but it was impossible to achieve this. I clicked on Install Linux Mint icon but other than an informal message that I ran as root without password it didn’t do anything. I also checked the MD5 and it was ok.
    I tried to install from my USB pen drive as I usually do.

    In Forums while I posted nobody answers…
    Can you guys check what’s wrong with the LMDE 12 install?
    Thanks a lot.

  171. @gosa (#232) translated:

    Neither of the two versions would work.

    Please tell us the make of your computer.
    Also, it would help to know the CPU type, clock frequency, and how much RAM you have. (It it a laptop?)

    Most important: If you “burned” CDs, did you choose data, or .iso image? (You have to create an ISO image.)
    I think it’s Brasero that asks which type you want, and the explanations (in English) are horribly written — extremely misleading. Although I’m using Katya(11) GNOME, K3B works very well.

    I think it’s Brasero that asks which type you want, and the explanations (in English) are horribly written — extremely misleading. Although I’m using Katya(11) GNOME, K3B works very well.

    Google translation: Vi preghiamo di comunicarci la marca del computer.
    Inoltre, sarebbe utile sapere il tipo di CPU, frequenza di clock e la quantità di RAM che hai. (E ‘un portatile?)

    La cosa più importante: se si “bruciato” CD, hai scelto di dati, o l’immagine iso.? (È necessario creare una immagine ISO).
    Penso che sia Brasero che chiede quale tipo che si desidera, e le spiegazioni (in inglese) sono orribilmente scritto – estremamente fuorviante. Anche se sto usando Katya (11) GNOME, K3B funziona molto bene.

    Cordiali saluti,

  172. Sorry for the duplication; a preview (and post-posting edit capability) would have helped.


  173. Alexandru (#233) said, in part,

    “In Forums while I posted nobody answers…”

    Sorry, folks; that seems to be why I’m not likely to use forums (although I really ought to try Mint’s forums [again]).

  174. Awesome!
    I installed mint debian with btrfs filesystem – one partition only (virtual machine). After booting the system searches for fsck.btrfs because the /etc/fstab has set the checking option 1 at the end of the line:
    UUID=50393c8a-37a4-426e-a05b-714c77a1b7a5 / btrfs defaults 0 1
    The system can boot into a readonly filesystem.

    My workaround:
    After booting just make the readonly filesystem writeable with:
    $> mount -o remount,rw /
    $> nano /etc/fstab
    and change the line to e.g.

    UUID=50393c8a-37a4-426e-a05b-714c77a1b7a5 / btrfs defaults 0 0

    Now it works perfectly on btrfs filesystem…


  175. Linux Mint more understand what the user need 🙂
    thanks for the Linux Mint team!
    Great work!

  176. Used Unetbootin for USB flash drive as well, work great on Thinkpad X220. No proprietary driver needed.

  177. hi!
    i boot from usb. but after login i tried to connect internet, it asked for root password.( tried enter,’mint’,… doesn’t work)
    log out to try cinnamon. usr “mint”, pass: enter –doesn’t work
    and also tried to install- it gave a notification (not error) but after that installation not started. a few times tried.
    so what should i do?

  178. Firefox and Thunderbird were released in version 12, when do that ones arrive in LMDE?

    There are security patches that should be fixed as soon as possible but if you will spread them with UP5 that would be very careless, security updates have priority.

    Since I installed LMDE I don’t got any update either.

    That update rythm looks like Microsoft Windows like, but they spread high risk security patches out of their rythm too, whats about LMDE!?

    I would like to know how its about that updates.

    Or is there simply a bug on my system which do not allows to get that updates only for me?


    LMDE xfce 64Bit

  179. @David, #244:

    I used openSUSE (11.1) for some time, and it seems that they put out security updates more often than Mint, but they also have a much-bigger staff, afaik. Other info and opinions welcome.


  180. A few words from an “old” 66-years user who tried Fedora, Ubuntu , PC-Linux-OS , Suse …..

    MINT is astonishing good work! MINT-11 , MINT-12 , MINT LMDE
    Desktops MATE and CINNAMON : Congratulations also

    This is the and will be the complete Linux for people who want to replace other systems and do not know too much about programming and setup

    THANK YOU !!

  181. Thanks to everyone for this release.
    I’ve been trying to get LMDE working for a while – and this is the first one I’ve got installed and running. That’s a reflection on me though, not the OS (a relative noobie).
    Was so impressed and happy I installed it on all my machines.
    Thanks, Clem

  182. I just did an update and when it was done what I had looked and felt just like the Preview Release of Windows 8 I have been testing. It did not look at all like the Windows environment. SO tell me what is going on? update says It looks to me like Linux Mint beat Microsoft out of the gate with their new Windows!

  183. I tried the MATE/Cinnamon 32-bit in a virtual machine, the Cinnamon environment doesn’t want to work although the rest work perfectly.

  184. Hi ray woods
    You may be able to try fixing the GRUB boot-up screen so it’s in Verbose mode like I am all the time, then running the boot in the ordinary way but keeping an eye out to see when a process whose name strikes you as being the desktop process is getting killed. Its death is what leaves you in a terminal session of course. Clock its name. Imagine it was called xfcm, say.
    When you get into the terminal session running off the live disk, do the equivalent of
    $mint: sudo xfcm
    or whatever the name you saw was.
    With this live session, you might have to give your (live session default) user name of mint with no password, or it might just restart the desktop and let you get on with the install. Worth a try.
    John Yate

  185. Congrats, nice UI/desktop planning decisions! Mint 12 LMDE could become the new leader.

    Meanwhile, back at the trial run, it looks like leads to a missing which means some old code won’t build (no tiffio.h, among other things). When I went to report it as a bug, the ‘old’ Ubuntu-centric bug tracking system surfaced, so I wasn’t sure if this issue should be reported to Debian, to Mint, to Mint-post-Ubuntu, and decided to try mentioning the problem here…

  186. TYVM for a great distro. i’m running LMDE_64 XFCE. the only thing i miss with the new version is MintMenu. Perhaps someone will get that working again before too long.

  187. VLC Player 2.x.x will too often quit if I drop a(ny) video file on its window. In the end, it will not even open…

    Something quite wrong with it, possibly with SMPlayer as well. What a pity, I was looking forward to adopt Mint LDME Xfce on all computers here.

    Even the best distros are seriously buggy and keep lacking important software. Java, Flash, PDF, DjVu, sound, plugins seldom work right, if present. Lots of details, way too many, require extra fixes after installation.

    Make LMDE reliable, fit and ready for general use, please. Meanwhile, I will have to use Windows, with much regret.


  188. works great.
    tho… when loging in, it loudly beeps once. and when shutting down it makes a loud beep twice.

  189. Nice , only a little problem….in lxde 12 no buton for
    adjusting brightness on laptops….like in lxde 10 .

  190. Installed LMDE from a live dvd someone at my local LUG had yesterday onto a windows 7 machine.

    The desktop environment looked like the screenshots I have seen of Mate, but there was no option for Cinnamon at the login screen.

    Last night it indicated I needed an update and it then proceeded to do a 4 hour install… now it has options for Gnome (which is Gnome 3..which I tried and it’s very buggy-text often doesn’t show for example) and Gnome Classic on the login screen.

    No Mate or Cinammon.

    Have I done something wrong? What to do now?


  191. Hola, hice pruebas de esta version pero no se cual es la contraseña de root en modo live necesito obtenerla para hacer pruebas..

  192. No me es posible usar cualquier aplicacion porque pide la contraseña de root la cual no es “mint”, lo que me impide provar totalmente la distribucion, hasta intente con su passwd y no es posible.

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