Weekly Newsletter – Issue 51

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

* News about Mint

The art team and Wallpaper of the Week (WOTW) has moved to the blog

Our forums were down last weekend, some “hacker” managed to destroy one of the php files in phpBB

Perhaps an attempt to insert malicious code that failed….

* News about Linux

Open Suse 11 is released – in a quick look it looked nice. A bit Minty actually – gnome with just one panel at the bottom and a “slab-like” menu

Free IPA – a Linux “Active directory”

* News about IT

Firefox 3 vulnerability

The Swedish parliament adopts “wiretap law” an interpretation of an EU directive that goes far beyond the directive.

Perhaps explained by the fact that about 80% of Russia’s internet traffic passes through Sweden – and there are predecessors – heard of Echelon?

MySQL adopts version control by Bazaar which is developed by Canonical

Java is now “totally free”

* Hardware news

Latest AMD/ATI graphics card outruns nvidia – charts on Toms hardware

* Trivia and other links  

This is a bit odd – Google earth is used to find swimming pools for “illegal pool parties”

* More about Linux Mint

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment here

Enjoy life



  1. Husse wrote: “Open Suse 11 is released – in a quick look it looked nice. A bit Minty actually – gnome with just one panel at the bottom and a “slab-like” menu”

    Hm… you mean Linux Mint looks a little OpenSUSEish? I mean, it was there long before Mint or Ubuntu for that matter.

  2. True 🙂

    MintMenu was forked from USP which purpose was to implement an equivalent of SUSE’s Slab menu under Ubuntu. In my opinion USP actually managed to take the idea of Slab and to make it much better (faster, more reponsive, more intuitive). MintMenu then improved on USP by consolidating some of its features, making them more stable and adding its own innovations. I don’t like Slab, I actually prefer the Gnome menu itself.. and yet mintMenu is by far my favorite, all OSes compared, so that tells you how different they’ve become, but “Anonymous Coward” (:)) is right, the idea comes from SUSE and although I don’t like their implementation of it, they should get credit for that. In that respect they don’t look like us at all, we look like them.

    The single panel at the bottom was a change made after members of the community argued that it would save screen estate. I don’t know/remember whether they were influenced by SUSE, Windows or some other desktop OS but again… SUSE already had a single panel at the bottom in their system before we made that change in Linux Mint, so here again, we look like them, and they don’t look like us 🙂

  3. Of course Suse was like that before Mint – I did not mean to imply that they had copied us, only that I thought it had a Minty look – quite nice I think

  4. And I forgot to mention AvanceIT – I intended to mention them, but somehow I failed to do that
    Not only do they have Minty cars and sponsor us, Mike from AvanceIT is a good helper in the forum

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