Early statistics about Linux Mint 5

– About 12% of Mint users participated in testing Linux Mint 5 Elyssa RC1 and/or RC2.

– Two days after the stable release, 51% of Mint users are using Linux Mint 5 Elyssa, 49% are using Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna.

– Elyssa users are American (33%), German (8%), British (8%), Italian (5%), Canadian (5%), Spanish (4%), Dutch (3%), French (3%), Norwegian (3%), Brazilian (2%)… and from all around the World (27%)

– Elyssa users are particularly active in London (2%), Madrid (1%), Milan (1%), Sofia, Oslo, Berlin, Beaverton, Augusta and Sydney.

– Elyssa users connect to the Internet via DSL (35%), Cable (28%), T1 (4%), Dialup (4%).. or other means (28%).

– Elyssa users have their screen resolution set to 1280×1024 (24%), 1024×768 (21%), 1280×800 (19%), 1440×900 (11%), 1680×1050 (9%), 800×600 (4%), 1152×864 (2%), 1600×1200 (2%), 1920×1200 (2%), 1280×768 (2%).

– Assuming the proportion of people who visit distrowatch.com is the same across all distributions, Linux Mint is the 4th most used distribution behind Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE and followed by Fedora, PCLinuxOS and Mandriva (The proportion of people running Gentoo/Slackware is unknown, although it is reasonnable to think it might be quite significant).

Note: Most of these statistics are available to us thanks to the default Firefox start page and its user-agent. Users using a custom start page or a different browser are not represented in these statistics. Statistics give us an idea of what the reality is, their accuracy is unknown and figures are better at measuring trends than they are at actually giving us numbers we can rely on. We do not know how large our user base is but we can compare it, via different indicators, to ones of other distributions, or measure its evolution through time.


  1. These statistics are interesting, thanks for posting them.

    Though as a member of the 2560×1600 club, I feel a little forgotten and neglected. ;o)

  2. Interesting to know about this statistic! 🙂
    This new release serves me well, so far so good:)

  3. LinuxMint is very good but gnome a bit slow?

    I like mintUpdate. Also like built-in acer_acpi module.

    Could we add Aceracpi-gui application to mint repos for a user interface who uses acer. http://sourceforge.net/projects/aceracpigui/


    Loves from Turkiye.
    Now going for Turkey/Sweeden football match, bye.

  4. I have ditched the Windows Vista ultimate for Mint 5 completely. Now my laptop is extremely fast, energy efficient and Everything works out of the box except wifi – broadcom chipset (which I have solved through ndiswrapper) I enjoy every moment with my laptop now 🙂

  5. Are you talking about American as “all those who live in the american continent? or just US Citizens?

    I prefer to call “American Users” as NothAmericans, not “americans” just because we all (US, Canadian and Latin American citizens are “Americans”. And not just US Citizens. This is a discriminatory name in Latinoamerica. This continent is called “America”, not just a country in its Noth.

    Linux Mint is the best Linux distribution just because it fits all user needs, and it makes linux easy for the desktop. Thank you clem and all the Minty Team!

  6. kassiel

    I understand what you trying to say, but citizens of USA call them self Americans. Don’t call them NorthAmericans, because I’m north American too, I AM CANADIAN! Relax and have fun with your favorite distro.

    Hmm… Minty 😉

    ps. My HTPC Mint4, desktop Mint4 and testing Mint5 , laptop Mint5 rc2

    Thank you Clem, again

  7. Yes, I guess they call them “american” as as a short for United States American. Well, so I, as a Venezuelan, I am in the group of “Americans” on those stats.

    So if they call them themselves “americans” so it must say Deutsche for the German People, and not German, and Españoles for Spanish.

    ok Relax. My friends using Linux Mint think they are in the american group. Confusion.

    No problem woodCat, this was just a comment. I think regionalism is not good when this blog is visited by people from any part of the world. Bye!!

  8. Actually, “American” can mean three different things (as highlighted by this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American). In common English though, it simply is the adjective related to the USA.

    Similarly, people from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or even Turkey could argue that they are indeed “Europeans” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European) even though people commonly refer to Europeans as an adjective for the EU.

    In the news and common discussions, political topics are simply more common than geographical ones. The “Americas” as a continent is far less talked about than the “USA” as a country and although the term “American” has indeed both meanings, in the absence of context, one has to understand that it relates to the USA.

    I can understand that people feel passionate about this, the same way I understand why RMS wants Linux to be called GNU/Linux, but let’s be pragmatic. In this blog post “American” is to be understood in its common meaning as relating to the USA.

  9. Here is an italian man!!! I’m using Mint from 3.0 and it’s getting better and better!!! I tryed many distro but I think mint is simply the best for my needs.

  10. Just a point from a UKer…

    Most UK isps don’t publish accurate data for location so we all get tarred as being southerners! Cable tends to be accurate but DSL and dial-up tends to be genericised to London.

    As a northerner, this gets on my nerves *chuckle*.

  11. Ahh, the “American” issue. I can certainly understand how citizens of the America’s and not of the USA could be chagrinned at being confused as such. After all, the madman we’ve had installed in our US “White House” embarrasses this US citizen. So with apologies to the world, we are all citizens of this world and proud to be Minty 😉 Thanx to all – Roy

  12. Roy it wasn’t anything against you country. It was just a comment that we latins used to say about the term “American” that usually identfies all people in this continent. I admire US people. We are Brothers! Regards from Venezuela! Long Life Linux Mint!

  13. Count me in , i am from Tirana , Albania and i have used Linux Mint 4 until now ,now i installed 5 ,i connect through DSL and i am happy with this Linux system.

  14. In Esperanto, the adjective for the USA is ‘usona’, an acronym for United States of North America. I think that would work quite well.

    The squatters in the White House give me the willies. Can we impeach the Supreme Court for what they did in December 2000, i.e. aborting the real election and installing the candidate from the right wing? After all, they did _swear_ to uphold and defend the Constitution.


    Oh, well, … we’re off topic.

  15. Bare (3%) fra Norge.
    Det må vi gjøre noe med.
    Da får jeg sette i gang å hjelpe andre som jeg kjenner med å få kastet ut Microsoft og få inn Linux Mint.

    Jeg allerede på god tur med å få et par over på den rette siden.

  16. Have been on Mint for about a year now. Before that I was on Sabayon, but found it a bit unstable and don’t like the package management on it. Mint rocks!! In that dvd, win32 codecs all setup and also has wine doors. Not on Mint 5 yet as I am a KDE user and don’t so much like Gnome. But 4 has been super stable, although compiz fusion worked when I first installed but hasn’t after a reinstall…ATI cards are a pain. Not so keen on the tasty menu on mint or default look… prefer the old style kde 3.5 version. As to KDE 4, not keen either… looks toy town to me.

    But that’s the joy on Linux…you make it what you want!!

    Thanks guys!!


    Liverpool, UK.

  17. hey guys, c’mon, i’m mexican and you guys don’t mention me, i use the latest ubuntu and elyssa, it’s very cool, and by the way some of you guys (from the u.s) call yourselves americans, that’s wrong you are not americans, america is a big continent, you should learn this. (I do not mean to be rude but its a fact)

  18. I often find myself wondering on this “American” issue, how many people from other non-US North & South American nations ever referred to themselves as “Americans” before this became an issue of political correctness. Most of the Canadians I’ve known in my life wouldn’t dream of referring to themselves as Americans and similarly of residents of Mexico. I think this is sort of a non-issue.

    I was much more interested to know that over half of Mint users have already upgraded to Elyssa.

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  20. We don’t call ourselves Americans because people would think we are from the US. Though you probably have never been to Mexico or met a real Mexican, that is why you haven’t heard us call ourselves Americans, you are right about Canadians though.

  21. In Holland, Linux Mint is not a well-known Linux distro. Most of the Linux desktop systems are Ubuntu or OpenSuSE. Because of several articles about Mint, I decided to give it a try.

    In the past, I always used Debian and later on Ubuntu on my desktops and Debian on my servers. Due to some issues with the latest Ubuntu version (8.04) I decided to give Linux Mint a try. To my surprise, it all worked fine just out of the box.

    No more issues with my ATI video card drivers, all codecs are build in (and work fine) and the performance is excellent (AMD X2 5200, 4Gb memory, 1 Tb SDA2).

    For me, it’s the perfect desktop OS, pitty there’s no 64-bits version available.

  22. Well done to the Mint team!

    I’m from Hellas, and not Greece as wrongly the world is calling us :-), and a happy Mint 5 user. I’m experimenting for years with linux distributions and this is the first time I’m 100% satisfied. Mint 4 had some issues on my laptop but 5 is perfect!
    Since this is a long term support edition, this is the end for my windows partition :o)
    Have fun

  23. Mint rocks, thx to everyone for a great OS. I have been waiting for the day when a Linux OS is easier to install and set up than windows and I think we are pretty much there. This distro worked straight out the box, needed no drivers installed, and came with all the necessary software to do pretty much everything the average used does. You really don’t need any knowledge of Linux to install it.

    Oh and I’m an American.

  24. Add my 15 cents (5 cents + inflation)
    Americans are called this way because they are the only country that has America in it’s name.

    Mint is below my expectations. Broken gpg in evolution (I will fill the bug report tomorrow,) a little slow, and disappearing netapplet on one of my laptops (must be hardware specific). It’s still one of the most friendly and recommended distributions.

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