Linux Mint 5 Elyssa – BETA 032 released

After many sleepless nights and a lot of work I am delighted to announce that the first release candidate for Linux Mint 5 Elyssa was released and that it is now available for download. A lot of changes and improvements were made since Daryna so make sure to read the “What’s new in Elyssa” section of the Release Notes.

Links: Release Notes & Download mirrors

Please report bugs here in the forums:

I would like to thank the team for the hard work put into this, Exploder for his responsiveness and for all the testing he’s done over the week-end and Jernau, the artist who signed 100% of the artwork used in this released. Many thanks also to Carlos who’s still working on improving various parts of the website and to Kronophage who is rapidly adding applications to the Software Portal.

Have fun with the first ISO of Elyssa and don’t hesitate to send us comments and feedback.


  1. Congratulations to Clem and the team for getting Elyssa to beta!

    Only a small push now until the release and then you can all take a well deserved rest! 🙂

  2. Thank you Clem & team for your energy and your efforts. Looking forward to this new fine release.

  3. You know what I’d like to see?
    A Mint version with Enlightenment or Looking Glass 3D! That’d be awesome!!! I know it’s probably asking a lot from the devs but just think about it.
    Imho is Gnome one of the least attractive UI’s out there (no offense to people who like it)!

  4. I just read the release notes and am anxiously awaiting the finished O.S. Kudos to you Clem and your team for a job well done. What gems can we expect to find in Linux Mint 6?

  5. Pashabear: No custom build for the eeePC is planned (although I planned to acquire one and to give that a look) but you’ll be happy to know that Elyssa comes with both a Candido theme (Carbon) and the Liberation Fonts, so if you set these two to default, things should look pretty sharp on these smaller screens 😉

  6. Great work Clem and the team, I’m looking forward to spending my first night with Elyssa.

  7. Thankyou very very much for your hard work. I couldn’t wait for the lts release. Right now I’m installing the beta in my laptop. Very promising. Thanks again

  8. Has anyone else had FireFox close itself during the middle of a session? Other than that, the BETA is awesome – can’t wait for the RC of Elyssa. Great work Clem & everyone else — you guys did an awesome job!!

  9. Thanks alot Clem and your team for all the hard work and many hours you put into this great disto!

  10. Well just finished reading the release notes. Chock full of improvements. This is literally the best realease to date.

    I’m so proud of our team. 🙂

  11. Right now I’m at work but left my computer on at home to download it, so I’ll definitely be checking it out when I get home this evening. I tried installing Hardy Heron, and for the life of me, I could not get a 1024×768 screen resolution across the board both when logged in and when sitting at a GDM screen, so I said heck with it — trust me, I tried everywhichaways to get it to do that, and it disobeyed. Don’t get Hardy Heron — it SUCKS to kingdom come! Here’s hoping Elyssa will honor my screen resolution wishes and not be the PITA that Hardy Heron was.

  12. don´t say that hardy heron sucks. Mint is based on that.
    well, if you’re not satisfied, why don´t you try to help
    ( )
    instead of just comlpain about peoples hard work.
    Thats the way the FS community works, pal.

  13. Fred Says:
    “I could not get a 1024×768 screen resolution across the board”

    well, you dont know how to set your screen resolution and for that hardy sucks…
    well… yeah right… i think i know what the problem is…the user.

  14. Will (Like most distros) Mint be available in an X86-64 version?
    Hopefully it will, and even be able to run both 32bits and 64 bits applications.
    Andre Ahjay

  15. Congrats Clem and team. This is a big step towards the final release, and a big cause for excitement among all of us end users!

  16. Good work…Guys!
    LinuxMint gets better and better with every release.
    I just read the release notes for that version =-) Lots of nice goodies…Great!

    Who dares to say that LMint is just a Ubuntu+Automatic->Rip-Off, now!

    PS: Oh I think it is time to donate some €uros, right?
    “Give a dime prevent a crime”..or so…

  17. I agree with Fred… I’ve only tried Heron under Xubuntu, but the sound doesn’t work for me. So, I hope Mint will.

    Sometimes things do suck, open source or not. Now, if Ubuntu were to be a new distro, or a beta, that’d be understanable, but to be supporting something for several years, then just breaking it (sounds like a different company I know of ;)), that’s unacceptable. Yes, one can help, but people don’t always know how to program. I’m not saying Heron sucks, I’m saying it’s not as good as Gutsy because of its problems.

  18. too bad the icons are still the same, was looking forward to impact my friends… 🙁

    the features look cool thou, but the look is “old”

  19. Great to hear about the new beta….I think I’m going to wait for the final release though. I’m hoping that the final release will have Wubi installer included, like Heron does.

  20. Running the beta now, it is running so much better then 4. Everything runs so much more smooth. I am definitely impressed guys. awesome. thanx much!

  21. Its odd Mint 4.0 works so well I have no need to upgrade. Its already replaced windows vista on my main laptop. But on the other side I really been looking forward to move to 8.04 upstream release so well do my bit is testing it out.

    Great work

  22. Congratulations Clem and all the team … I’m divided between the solid and marvelous Daryna that works so well and the curiosity of the new Elyssa … but … the curiosity wins 😀

  23. Kira, you are extremely inconsiderate. I tried SEVERAL things:

    1) I tried editing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file — I rebooted only to be greeted with a stuck mouse.

    2) I tried right-clicking on the Applications/Places/System menu, added “Other –> Screens and Graphics”, found my video card model and monitor model. Even though Gutsy Gibbon worked just fine for me with THE SAME HARDWARE, Hardy Heron refused to grant my wishes.

    I will have you know I’ve been using Linux for over three years. Gutsy Gibbon was a joy to use. Furthermore, I have repaired other people’s computers before, and THEREFORE, I KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!! (pounding fist)

  24. Congratulations! Clem & Team for your fantastic product. Thank you ALL for sharing your knowledge and expertise to your loyal and silent followers – like me.

  25. I have been using a number of different Linux Distros over the past few years. I have enjoyed using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, Kubuntu 7.10, Linux Mint Daryna amd the KDE version. I use 64 bit mostly so hope Mint will follow suite. I have one big problem with the 8.04 series and that is Busy Box. On one computer I have no trouble but on the other I cannot load beyond a Busy Box freeze. Both computers have similar spec. Amd 939 processors on Asus boards both with 2 Gig of RAM. Up till now I have had no problems with loading any Linux distro I have tried on Laptop or Desktop. I was beginning to convert quite a few people but now I have doubts because of this Busybox issue. Has anyone had the same experience and how does one get over it? I need help as I was in the process of trying to convince a number of schools to use Linux based on the Ubuntu or Mint 8.04 series.

    Will be interested to hear the solutions.

  26. Well, the CD will not load on my Dell Vostro (currently running Hardy). With CD in drive it boots right into Ubuntu. Love to give it a try though. Any thoughts on what this might be?

  27. Just a quick question: if I install the beta, will I be able to upgrade to the full release of Elyssa, or would I need to download the release ISO and install/format with that?

  28. GREAT !!!! This version is fantastic, very powerfull.

    Clem i translate the release notes to spanish, i post it in your forum. I like translate the User Guide to spanish, a user in my portal is a professional translator, and she like help us. Do somepeople in the community translating the Guide to Spanish at this moment?

    Tell me what do you think about this, please.

    Best Regards to allpeople

  29. intsalled it over my server 2003 enterprise partition, been waiting for something to do it with and it’s just the thing to do it with. played with it for a few hours and i love it but im waiting for the KDE version

    thank you to clem, exploder, and all the rest who have put countless precious hours of work into this distro it’s a keeper but like i said im waiting on the kde version.

  30. Hmm. Had no problem with 1024×768 in Hardy at all, I think it’s a great distro.

    Still, Mint is shaping up quite nicely. Congrats!

  31. Congratulations clem and the team
    Very proud of all the works that you all have done
    i’m going to download and try it later

    Thank you again for this very superb distro

  32. I am very much looking forward to these changes. I am proud to see that ubuntu can be made BETTER! Ubuntu is popular, but Mint is just so fresh! My favourite notebook distro! Excellent work. Expect donations 🙂

  33. Super!! I have now Ubuntu 8.04 but it is no the same 🙂 I’m waiting for final!
    Clem & Team – you are THE BEST!

  34. Hey Fred you might search for the card you have. I would consider what driver you used. you might want to look at your hardware model as some distributers customize. If you don’t find anything hit me an pm on the Mint forums I’ll take a shot at looking into it for you as my google fu is strong. At any rate some hardware can be a pain.

  35. Hi Clem, I was looking for mintBackup in this Beta and I did not find it, neither by the filter. I have installed in Daryna, and I have used it. But I did not find it in Elysa.

    as Linux Mint has a new release, as interesting and useful it gets!

  36. Didier, yes I was translating the Linux Mint User guide into Spanish, but I know it’s a hard job. I just wrote in that I was gonna help, we can translate the user guide, you can give me some sheets and I will translate it. So this job won’t become so hard. Just join the group, and then try to notify to our emails how many sheets and from xx number to xx number for each one.

  37. Is this upgradeable from Daryna or do I have to do a fresh install?

    Thank you guys for all your effort, this distro really made an impact on me and mine as far as OS’s are concerned.

  38. Thanks Clem, i really like this distro. Here, in Argentina is very popular.


    PS: Does the Add/Remove app is included by default?

  39. Hi Clem!

    Here in Costa Rica is getting very popular, specially by me installing it to everyone hehe! I love it!

  40. well, I downloaded it but have issues with it

    1st just after hearing sound I have a message saying “cannot start the gnome settings daemon”. Installation goes on but on re-boot, and just after the Mint splash, it jumps to a terminal mode (well look-a-like) and stops there

  41. To Fred with resolution issue:

    I too had resolution problem with Hardy. This only happens on some computers where Gutsy worked fine. This is what I did to fix it.
    – Boot into Gutsy live cd
    – Copy /etc/X11/xorg.conf to cd or something
    – Shutdown Gutsy
    – Boot into Hardy
    – Copy xorg.conf from Gutsy into /etc/X11 (make copy of Hardy original)
    – Reboot

    That fixed my resolution issue. Hope it works for you.

    To Martin with BusyBox issue, try this:
    – At boot options screens, press F6
    – Enter “all_generic_ide floppy=off irqpoll” (without quotes) then press Enter.

    This fixed the BusyBox problem and Hardy live cd boot completed.

    Someone else came up with this fix, and it worked for me. Good luck.


    PS: Clem and Mint team, thanks for all the hardwork you guys put into this. Appreciate it. My top three distros (Mint, Ubuntu, PCLOS).

  42. hi all,

    Clement, have you heard about sidux? it’s really amazing, very fast totally debian sid.

    how about instead of ubuntu try mint sidux?


    have fun


  43. My beef with Gutsy is Pulse Audio. Whenever I use the switch user feature, it pauses the music playing on my side. I have been told that this is a feature, but no one will tell me how to fix it so that I can play music on my side, while my wife switches over to check her mail. I tried changing the default system to use ALSA, but it turned into a nightmare. I am going to check out the beta of this though. I uninstalled Gutsy and went back to Linux Mint 4.0

  44. I love LinuxMint! However, couldn’t wait for Elyssa and loaded Ubuntu 8.04 on my computer. Can I “upgrade” to Elyssa by adding some repositories or do I have to download and install it from scratch? Thanks!

  45. Brilliant! Well done on your hard work.

    The *only* problem I have noticed if if I select Firefox as a favourite and tick box to launch when x-windows starts it fails to find the address ie error 404 and %20 buried somewhere in url destination line. Loading Firefox manually and in favourites = great!

    This is *not* a complaint simply saying the *only* problem I am having (Gnome btw 🙂

    Keep up the excellent work


  46. That was bad description of my *only* problem, my apologies. OK

    in full and hope it helps.

    Select Firefox for favourite
    Tick box that says “Launch when I log in”

    Restart X-Windows

    Fire fox reports error, on the URL address line it is:

    and box reports:

    Address not found. could not be found. Please check name and try again.

    My own simple guess is that it is passing the %u (user) to the url address line instead of the linuxmint home address?

    Again to say, this is posted in the hope it helps resolves a silly problem in a brilliant Distro 🙂

    Kind regards


  47. beta.tester: This must be a problem in mintMenu, in the way it launches favorites. I’ll look into it and when this is fixed it will come as an updated mintMenu package.

  48. Just wanted to add my Minty love, though I’d like to echo the comment about Sidux as a base.. I’m running it right now and it’s probably the fastest distro I’ve used, incredibly response.. though it is KDE centric and every now and I do miss some minty conveniences sometimes, though my other machine runs mint.

    Keep up the good work, lotsa love from down under.

  49. I have a question – will there be “alternate” version of Linux Mint with possibility to encrypt whole Linux partition (like it is in Ubuntu)?

  50. Hello Orion!
    Thanks for your suggestion about the BusyBox situation. I will try that out as soon as I have time. I will let you know what happens.


  51. Found the same problem with Mint 5 Beta that I had with Hardy, namely that the screen dims to the lowest possible brightness setting. Can be corrected with the Brightness applet but after every shutdown and reboot its back to the dimmest setting, uninstalled Mint 5 and gone back to 4 which works perfectly, I have a feeling this issue won’t be resolved as it seems to be a bug in Hardy.

  52. Bluetooth mouse support? How? It finds my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse OK, but the instant I try to use it I get an errormessage (have screenshot of it, who wants it?) other than that and a problem with recofnizing the CD/DVD-drive in my new laptop it looks great so far.


  53. Clem, thank you, I love it!

    I had just one minor problem though on my desktop: The screen resolution was set to 800×600, and that was the best resolution I could set it to in the screen resolution options! Also, the display kept flickering when I moved the mouse. I had the same problem on a laptop recently with Hardy Heron, which is why I knew what to do:

    I went to /usr/share/applications and opened the application called “screen and graphics”. There, I chose the correct monitor and now it works. I just wonder whether this application could be put in the “preferences” menu by default? I’m guessing I’m not the only one this can happen to – that the display settings that are detected are incorrect – and then most people don’t know that there IS a way to change that!

  54. Clem and the rest of the team, thank you for Elyssa! You have done a pretty god job! Keep doing good work. 🙂

    And only thing that I am missing is a KDE feature, the split view. Oh well…I hope Gnome works on that. It really improves my work performance.


  55. OOh, brilliant. Elyssa sounds great. Daryna is great. think I might try elyssa on a spare bit of partition. I think…. but…..

    I just got Daryna customised to me perfectly, don’t want to trash the best OS I have ever had!

  56. Hi Clem, thanks for the work. Played around with it today.
    Found only one bug till now.
    Even if you create the root password with the mintAssistant, you can’t log in as root.
    I choose Mint 4, just because it has a root account, so I can tinker in it with graphical tools, without learning the commands.
    I hope it’s only a bug till now in Elyssa and we get it with the final.

  57. Have loaded Elyssa onto my hard drive, so far so good. From what I have
    seen so far, it is at least as good as Daryna, Further usage will determine the final outcome. But so far I have to say: Job well done
    to Clem and the Mint Team.

  58. I’ve wait for mint 5 and i’m not disapointed, Elyssa is a great distro and i will thanks Clem & all the Mint team for the great work they’ve made.
    I’ve install the bêta and Elyssa rocks…
    Thanks for all Clem your distro is the best.

  59. All well done.
    But I’ve always wondered what keeps the Mint team going.
    I am sure that they are not payed to use their useful time in order to provide us with so much.
    Wouldn’t Mint need some financial support to keep going?
    I think each one of us who has the means should try to help these people
    so that they may continue to create and give us their best.
    How about it fellows?:)

    Please note that this is my own initiative. I feel guilty to expect something for nothing,

  60. Mint 4.0 runs great (HD install) as does Ubuntu 7.10. I like Mint much better, so I loaded Mint 5 beta A 032 to hard drive. It will not boot (Ubuntu 8.04 suffers the exact same fate, no boot). I get “HD1, 0 does not exist”. This is an older Dell, OptiPlex with a Phoenix Tech BIOS R-A10. All live CD’s boot and early version of Mint and Ubuntu. Current versions don’t boot from HD.
    Anybody have any good ideas as to how to get current version to boot?

  61. you shouldn’t have based Elyssa on the same crappy kernel as the Ubuntu Team did with Hardy.
    Elyssa Beta is failing just as hard as Hardy Final.
    Trash & start over…

  62. have something new from today. after updating I can not shut down Elyssa anymore.
    Only in the hard way.
    And there is no chance to change the resolution of the screen for longer then the actual time. when I log out and come in again I have to do it again, not funny.

    I think, I’ll wait for the final now. Hope this things will be ironed out then.

  63. I guess the experience of each user will vary, but for me the beta has been very un-buggy, except for a few FireFox crashes. My normal Linux (and to some extent older Mint editions) issues of printer, wireless-n, iPod support, Wine (for German CD games), etc… not working all seem to be taken care of so far in the BETA. I’ve even played with the idea of hard-installing the BETA in lieu of waiting on the final. Any thoughts on that Clem?

    Also, since I’m a Yank speaking to a (I presume) largely European group of people, is there a place I can go to get German Educational Software/Games for my children? I’ve looked in all the repositories and came up empty. Any advice from meine German friends would be greatly appreciated!

  64. I’ve even played with the idea of hard-installing the BETA in lieu of waiting on the final. Any thoughts on that Clem?

    I’d also like to do so on my laptop. Any recommendations?

    @ Steve: TuxPaint, TuxRacer, SuperTux, armagetron, Stellarium, KStars, Pingus, planetpinguinracer, Widelands, lincity-ng, torcs, frozenbubble , GCompris, so als “Beschäftigung”.
    Ich persönlich hab mir als Kind gerne irgendwelche Animationen angesehen. Ich war Begeistert von den simplen Animationen eines Tsunamis (wusste natürlich noch nicht, was das damals war) am 66 MHz Win 3.11 Rechner eines Freundes.

    Zu “richtigen Spielen”:

  65. Why is mint still being released with an open office that can’t spell check? This has been a problem since the first mint, and it doesn’t help it to feel “complete”!

    You shouldn’t have to fish around in apt adding extra packages to have something as fundamental as a word processor with a spell checker…

  66. Hey Steve,

    go to, then type in searchwords “Linux Lernsoftware” click on “Seiten aus Deutschland”. Tons of sites with games and programs.
    If you type in only “Lernsoftware” you will get tons of sites with programs and games for Windows.
    Wish you success


  67. I installed Mint Elyssa four days ago and so far everything is working really nice. The only things I could report are these:

    – Alltray doesn’t work at all for me. It doesn’t dock any program and it freezes my Compiz.
    – I cannot change the permissions of files/folders in my windows partition, even as root.
    – Firefox closes unexpectedly very often.
    – My laptop takes much longer to boot than with Daryna.

    Thanks a lot for such a nice distro!

  68. Guys,
    Mint was the distro that brought me over from Windows, and I am glad to see it get further along with each release. You guys are good at explaining stuff to newbies. It is so cool to have an OS team that actually thinks about the user and what they want to see. I am very excited about things.

  69. To Bob Paradis:
    Is this an external HDD? Just edit the grub, I think it isn’t HD1,0 any more:)

  70. Just read the release notes and this looks really nice. Don’t know if I will run any of the BETA releases, but I am definitely upgrading once it’s in final!

  71. I finally could download it and take it for a run on a LiveCD.

    What I can say? Amazingly fast!!!!

    Super-dooper!! Really great.

    You guys should be proud of your work. I don’t use wireless connection so I’m sure I will not find major problems. Everything looks right.

    The artwork it’s better but not convincing yet.But that is a personal issue and has nothing to do with the artists or the developers.

    Great work. I will try to contribute to your project.


  72. I cannot load the mint 5.0 iso? It is asking for a password and username? It is not demo or root or anything else I can think of. Please help!


  73. I must say, for a beta I’m very impressed. However there are two major shortcomings which are great dents to my experience as a user. For one, there is the change, and this may be gnome’s decision, but I thought I would mention it, to move the multimedia tab from the removable drives and media menu to a nautilus menu. Now I like how they set this up aside from two main issues. One issue is that we cannot put in our own custom commands to be opened. Also, as in Ubuntu 8.04, no programs aside from Ubuntu defaults seem to currently be capable of registering as useable under these menus. Say if VLC is installed, it will NOT appear selectable underneath the DVD player options as the program to open automatically. This was discussed quite feverishly in the Ubuntu forums as a huge problem, as even directly editing the files relating to automatic program opening would not solve the issue, and would in fact restore to defaults in many cases.

    The second is that OpenGL video output continues to not function in a multitude of video players (at least under my current ATI system. This was apparently introduced by an update back with Gutsy). Now I know that I’ll receive a bunch of comments about how spectacularly XV video output functions and I should use that and I’m a nutball for not doing so. HOWEVER on some ATI systems the current ATI driver continues to fail to provide a quality XV video driver, and without OpenGL to fall back on, I’m stuck falling back onto X11 video, which looks just as bad as the badly functioning XV driver (very blocky, both full screen and windowed. Drivers installed with Envy).

    Just my bit of commentary, and I really hope that something is done concerning the new multimedia tab. Without any programs registering to it, it’s fairly useless and incapable of setting new defaults.

  74. he artwork is GOOD! I only dislike the first screen boot in the Live CD. It seems when you are gonna get a mission, with that radar-look splash screen. It would be better to come back to the Linux Mint Logo, just like it is, and hide it when the kernel is starting (The currently way it is right now with elyssa) Maybe could be incluyed some snapshots of how elyssa looks, just for a preview to all who are gonna enjoy elyssa.

    Just my Opinion Clem, Do not get angry!!!

    Nice Work Clem, Congrats to you and all Linux Mint Team.

    Linux Mint Rules!

  75. Clem, I want to say that I changed the OpenOffice icons:

    1. Start
    2. Click Tools and Options.
    3. Click and View.
    4. Change Icon size and/or style.

    I change them to small size, and it looks very professional, and also I have noted that it is faster to load now. Could you consider to make this a default in the stable release of Elyssa?

  76. Hey, I just hope the final release is as impressive as the Release notes page puts it to be.
    This is because I downloaded PCLinuxOS 2007 & 2008 (both GNOME edition) and not able to log in to the GUI & install it on to the hard disk respectively. However, both of them booted perfectly in to the desktop in the live CD mode. So there is no problem with H/W & S/W compatibility, but still there are bugs when it is installed / trying to install onto the harddisk.
    Similar is the case with Dreamlinux 3.0 & 3.1
    Now, I can’t think of such an issue happening with Mint Linux 5.0. What I am trying to say is that we’ll delay the final release by a week, and that whole week would be used for ‘advanced’ bug detection. Cause even if it is delayed, if it comes out perfectly, it is just as good. But if it comes out on time, but with issues, then the resources spent on it are going to be a waste.
    I am going to start downloading the beta01 release now and will report bugs found, if any.
    All the best for the final launch.

  77. installed several days ago on my laptop, and all is working well. headphones don’t work – but then i’ve never found a version of linux in which they do. relatively easy fix though.

    only gripe is that i was expecting much more of an improvement to the artwork and general look and feel, but alas i can barely tell the difference. ok, so its no major hassle to download new wallpaper, icon sets etc but first impressions are important i feel. as someone said above, it looks ‘old’. ‘from freedom came elegance’, well that’s not exactly true is it – LM continues to look a little shoddy.

    having said all that, i still love it, and continue to brow beat, cajole and irritate my friends into switching over.

    keep up the good work – but please don’t forget that some people like their OS to look pretty!

  78. well I’ve been using this beta on two machines for a couple of days now
    and all I can say is…..


  79. Hi, just a comment after downloading the beta and testing. I have an Acer 5612WLMi with spanish keyboard. The first time I booted the CD I was not able to use my keyboard, even after configuring at the Control Center the keyboard (Acer -> Acer laptop -> spanish). No keystroke was apparently processed by the O.S. After that, I booted again adding the following line “keyboard=spanish” and this time my keyboard worked just fine.It seems something is not working well with the autodetection of the keyboard.

    Apart from that, thanks for this wonderful piece of software, I’m really looking forward to the final release!

  80. Awesome job folks,solved a major problem for me.I have a asus m2n4 motherboard with a bios bug.Formerly i could only run mickeysoft and one distro!The bios bug would not respond to noapic= nolapic.Elyssa smoked the problem, loaded right up.Now running three os with her grub.Congrats on a fine job,long live Mint.tHANKS A BUNCH TO THE TEAM.

  81. I would ask you to bring back XMMS into mintinstall… beats all the others in audio fidelity. Otherwise I guess I would have to compile my own. Xmms2 does not even have a EQ.

  82. >> 84.# Bob Paradis Says:
    May 15th, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    “Min… o boot). I get “HD1, 0 does not exist”. This i….”

    I had this issue with Mint 4. Here is the solution.

    Install mint from live disk, reboot and you get the partition not found (hd1, 0).

    open the file system drive, locate the boot folder, locate the grub folder, and locate the menu.list file. open this file using sudo.

    e.g. sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst (note that command will not work in live mode and the menu.lst is on a mounted partition not the default filesystem)

    Search through the menu.list file and locate the following lines:

    # groot=(hd1,5)

    change this to

    # groot=(hd0,5)

    make sure you DO NOT uncomment the line. if you do not change this then you will have to make the next changes after each reboot.

    DO NOT change the second number as this will be different for you as this is the partition number.

    adjust the following sections to match (hd0, x) => root (hd1, x)

    title Linux Mint, kernel 2.6.22-14-generic
    root (hd0,5)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=/dev/sdb6 ro quiet splash
    initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-14-generic

    title Linux Mint, kernel 2.6.22-14-generic (recovery mode)
    root (hd0,5)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=/dev/sdb6 ro single
    initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-14-generic

    title Linux Mint, kernel memtest86+
    root (hd0,5)
    kernel /boot/memtest86+.bin

    then make the same adjustements to any windows partition at the bottom.

    but make sure you keep the following untouched

    map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)


    hope this helps

  83. I have problems with firefox so some aplications are wrong with it, so also I don’t know how to use LINUX MINT very well so I’m just starting from two weeks ago.
    Is there someone with similar problems like me?
    Also any Spanish speaking..?? than you a lot

  84. Mint 4.0 runs great (HD install) as does Ubuntu 7.10. I like Mint much better, so I loaded Mint 5 beta A 032 to hard drive. It will not boot (Ubuntu 8.04 suffers the exact same fate, no boot). I get “HD1, 0 does not exist”. This is an older Dell, OptiPlex with a Phoenix Tech BIOS R-A10. All live CD’s boot and early version of Mint and Ubuntu. Current versions don’t boot from HD.
    Anybody have any good ideas as to how to get current version to boot?

    Have the same problem with elyssa final, on an fujitsu-siemens amilo 1655g laptop. I did a fresh install and choose in the installer to format previous reiserfs partition of daryna to ext3 for mint 5..
    So it says “/dev/hda7 soes not exist” , at sometime after it boots
    (recovery mode) and drops me into a shell that sais (initramfs). Also noticed in dmesg output

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