Linux Mint Xfce RC (201104) released!

The team is proud to announce the release candidate of Linux Mint Xfce.

Linux Mint Xfce RC (201104)

Introduction to Linux Mint Xfce

Linux Mint Xfce is rolling on top of a Debian Testing package base and uses the same repositories as LMDE.

This offers the following advantages to Linux Mint Xfce:

  • A huge performance boost
  • A continuous flow of updates which allows users to keep their system up to date without waiting for new releases
  • A more mainstream desktop and software selection
  • An easier maintenance for the team which makes it easier to release in both 32-bit and 64-bit with every LMDE release

Performance boost

One of the most significant improvements is the performance boost given to this edition.

Here are a few figures comparing the memory consumption in the 32-bit live sessions of Linux Mint Xfce and Linux Mint 9 Xfce:

  • Mint Xfce: 107 MB RAM (Mint 9 Xfce: 153 MB RAM)
  • Mint Xfce + OO Writer + OO Calc + Firefox: 162 MB RAM (Mint 9 Xfce + OO Writer + OO Calc + Firefox: 212 MB RAM)
  • Mint Xfce + OO Writer + OO Calc + Firefox + Thunderbird + VLC + Rhythmbox: 207 MB RAM (Mint 9 Xfce + OO Writer + OO Calc + Firefox + Thunderbird + Gnome MPlayer + Exaile: 256 MB RAM)

A more mainstream edition

This performance boost allowed us to give Xfce a more mainstream software selection, replacing Exaile with Rhythmox, adding VLC and giving Xfce almost the same software selection as Gnome.

With KDE 4 and Gnome 3 bringing drastic changes to their environments, and with the emergence of Fluxbox and LXDE on the lightweight scene, Xfce represents a nice alternative for PC desktop users who are looking for a light yet full-featured desktop solution. Its relevance is becoming more significant and this is another reason for us to support it in both 32-bit and 64-bit and to give it a mainstream software selection.

We also added mintmenu to this edition as an alternative menu. Be aware that it was designed for Gnome and that it uses an additional 30MB RAM. You can add it easily by right-clicking on the panel and selecting “Add new Items”->”XfApplet”->”mintMenu”. Don’t hesitate to report bugs on mintMenu in Xfce as it will eventually support both desktop environments.

mintMenu in Linux Mint Xfce

Easier to maintain

We’ve been struggling with releasing editions in time. Too often, we’ve seen Linux Mint release its main edition and the Xfce desktop edition, among others, lagging behind and being released far too late in the release cycle. The switch to a rolling package base simplify things tremendously, both for the project and for the users.

Users do not rely on new releases to keep their system up to date, they can do so themselves with a continuous flow of updates.

Bringing the edition to a new release doesn’t involve re-basing it as it did before. It’s now a simple matter of updating the ISO and releasing a snapshot. Similar to LMDE (which will eventually be renamed “Linux Mint Gnome”), this edition will support both 32-bit and 64-bit within a loose release cycle. All Debian-based editions will be released at the same time either to keep up with new features coming in the frozen editions (i.e. Mint 11, Mint 12..), to feature LMDE specific improvements or simply as a snapshot update to their live ISO images.

The importance of feedback in our decision process

We’ve learnt a lot in the past few months and it enabled us to make difficult yet important decisions for this edition. Xfce was the 5th most popular Mint desktop behind the Main edition, “LMDE”, KDE and LXDE. Among its users, a vast majority of people were in favour of a switch to a Debian package base (twice as many as the number of people who were opposed to it). We also noticed only 1% of the users used optic drives that couldn’t read DVD discs. This was relevant as Debian’s language support takes more space than Ubuntu’s and our plan to mainstream this edition meant adding more applications to it.

This is also the first Debian-based release to feature a release candidate.


1. Which editions are based on Ubuntu and which editions are based on Debian?

Frozen releases are based on Ubuntu. They carry a version number. For instance, Linux Mint 10 is based on Ubuntu 10.10. The next frozen release will be Linux Mint 11, based on Ubuntu 11.04.

Rolling editions do not carry version numbers. They follow the Debian Testing branch. Because of their rolling nature, they’re receiving continuous updates and their version number never changes (technically it’s always “1” though we do not mention it since it’s not relevant). Note the absence of version number in “Linux Mint Xfce” for instance, indicating its rolling nature.

An important thing to notice is the fact that rolling editions are in constant evolution but that a particular ISO image is a snapshot of this edition at a particular time. So, though rolling editions do not get outdated, ISO images do. For this reason we use a timestamp for our ISO images, such as “Linux Mint Xfce (201104)”.

2. Is Linux Mint switching to Debian?

No. Linux Mint is Linux Mint, it’s not based on anything per say. It provides different editions which include different upstream components. In regards to package bases and repositories, what’s happening today is that the Xfce edition of Linux Mint is switching two important things:

  • It’s switching its package base from a frozen Ubuntu pool to the rolling Debian Testing branch.
  • It’s switching its lightweight software selection to a more mainstream one.
3. Are other editions going to switch to Debian?

Fluxbox will switch to Debian but remain minimalist in its default selection.

No decisions were made about LXDE and KDE yet, though switching them to Debian Testing would bring significant advantages to both the project and the users.

4. What about the main edition?

The main edition is and always was our flagship product. It implements the vision we have for Linux Mint and represents our most polished desktop. We do provide other editions and alternative desktops to please particular groups of people within our user base, but our main edition is where our biggest focus remains.

Unless major obstacles or changes meant either Ubuntu or Gnome 3 weren’t compatible with our vision of a perfect desktop anymore, this will not change. We’ll release two major desktops this year: Linux Mint 11 in May and Linux Mint 12 in November, and these two releases are by far the most important events for us at Linux Mint.

Switching editions to Debian Testing simplifies a lot of things and brings considerable advantages to everyone involved, but it doesn’t change our main focus and our commitment to our main edition, which is still featuring Gnome on top of an Ubuntu package base.

5. These switches to Debian seem to take the focus away from the development of the main edition

We’re holding back on two major projects, and sadly they’re likely to be postponed to Linux Mint 12. The main reasons for this aren’t associated with LMDE though. Drastic changes are occurring upstream, whether it’s with Ubuntu pushing for the adoption of its Software Center, switching to Unity and planning to switch away from Xorg, or Gnome moving ahead with Gnome 3, Shell and GTK3… we’re expecting that a lot of things will break and we’re not quite sure how big will the challenges ahead of us be. With this in mind, we’re not in a state of mind where we want to innovate and develop additional features, but in a position where we want to make sure everything works as well as before.

In the long run, switching our alternative desktops to a rolling base also simplifies their maintenance. To users, this means faster updates and synchronised releases. To us, this means more focus on the main edition.

Important links

Download links:

Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: 308e3aa7a0f9763667f21b408d1af0fe
  • 64-bit: 0f1102f26d2acd70c953cc18fc0b7f13


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit ISO:


Mint Xfce isn’t “trying” to be lightweight anymore. It’s snappier and uses less resources, while becoming more mainstream and offering more popular applications. We hope you’ll enjoy this release candidate and we look forward to your feedback.


  1. Ooh, I’m going to download it now. I’m generally not a big fan of Debian base but I might warm up to it if Ubuntu keeps on their current path. Plus, rolling releases have definite advantages.

    With all of the weird and controversial decisions being made by Canonical and the Gnome development team, it’s nice to have good ol’ Linux Mint to rely on. You guys care more about what the users actually want, rather than trying to impose on us what you think we want. I applaud you for that and I’m likely to be using some version of Mint as long as it and I exist. 😀

  2. I’m going to download this and give it a try.

    I used the LM 10 LXDE for a while but it’s not very pleasant.

    With Xfce we have a x64 version and even better performance than the Lxde, and with a better software selection.

    So far, excellent job.

  3. J’ai testé LMDX sur VirtualBox et c’est réellement une réussite, bravo Clem. Mes remarques maintenant:
    -le partage de fichier n’est pas si simple : l’onglet “share” des propriétés d’un dossier dans thunar est grisé et ne peut pas partager simplement un dossier de cette manière. La solution est indiquée en rouge et n’est pas compliquée (ajouter le groupe usershare et installer libpamsmb si je me souviens bien) mais Mint nous a habitué à plus simple que cela.
    -D’accord pour le DVD à la place du CD, mais pourrait-on obtenir une solution pour une installation directe à partir du disque dur ? Cela a été discuté sur le forum ( ). Cela pourrait aider ceux qui n’ont ni graveur DVD ni clef USB bootable (ils existent, j’en suis !)
    Encore merci et bonne continuation

    1. @Wajdi: Oh non, par pitie, ne l’appelez pas LMDX… on en finit plus avec les surnoms et ca va devenir difficile a suivre 🙂 C’est Linux Mint Xfce tout simplement. Je note pour le partage. Pour le DVD unetbootin peut etre la solution. Sinon, mintconstructor permet de modifier le fichier ISO et de retirer des paquets pour en faire un ISO plus petit.

  4. Because XFCE Edition is now on DVD it will be nice to see Chromium browser on it. I hoping that in the final release

  5. Great news for those of us who are concerned about the future of Gnome. I plan on trying this, and if it meets my needs it will replace the standard LMDE. While I truly love LMDE, it is only a matter of time before it will have to become Gnome 3 or be dropped. Great work Clem and the team!

  6. Neat! Thank you very much for the FAQ (especially points 4 and 5). This definitely cleared up the future plans of Linux Mint up for me.

    With that said, I’m really hoping the upstream changes don’t prove insurmountable as the Ubuntu basis of the main edition is a driving force behind me using Linux Mint over Ubuntu.

    Thanks for all the hard work, it is definitely appreciated!

  7. Sir Nitpick strikes again:
    “live sessions of Linux Mint Xfce and Linux Mint 9 Xfce”
    … What DIFFERENT editions are we comparing, again? 😛 Proofreading FTW!

    Well, joyous day for the Xfce-crew, of which I’m not a part. Congratulations where congratulations are due, nonetheless!

    1. Silent Warrior: The comparison is between Linux Mint Xfce (this rolling edition, based on Debian Testing) and Linux Mint 9 Xfce (our latest Xfce frozen release based on Ubuntu 10.10).

  8. Всем здравствуйте!

    Очень рад выпуску этой версии. Очень ждал ее…долго она не выходила…вот почему так 🙂
    Оказывается вы хорошо постарались!
    Мне нравится XFCE больше чем Gnome. Он быстрый, удобный, не раздутый. То что нужно. Ведь работа человека за компьютером должна быть проста и удобна.

    Мы знаем что все еще не перешли с Windows XP (XFCE можно сказать) на Windows 7 (Gnome 3 можно сказать) потому что в ХР есть все что нужно.
    Тоже самое между XFCE и Gnome 3. Хоть и девиз Gnome:” сделать проще и лучше” – но мне кажется что у них все выходит наоборот.

    Поэтому я рад выходу XFCE и попробую его поставить 🙂
    Спасибо команда Mint. Вы лучшие!

  9. Clem have this edition compiz? And I’m interesteing is there any plans for including Chromium in the XFCE Edition

  10. Clem, I’m using this for a day now, and I enjoy it. There are however some bugs related to the theme:

    (1) pop up windows on right clicking a file or folder disappear when the button is released. it only happens with the Mint-X theme.

    (2) the mint wallpapers are in subfolders rather than directly in /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops. as a result they don’t appear in the Desktop Settings menu.

    (3) the window decoration you put in the Mint-X theme is for matacity rather than for XFWM, so it doesn’t work and you get the default Xfce 4.6 theme (I see that you adjusted it’s color by changing the gtk theme, and it looks nice, but still a hack).
    try this theme for a better fit:

  11. I’m going to try this. I like the concept of LMDE, but it’ll eventually go to Gnome 3. I think I’ll prefer this. I think it’s better to have the alternate desktops as Debian as well. Thanks for all the work!

  12. what is the reason for the performance boost? will this performance boost eventually land in ubuntu based mint as well?

  13. Hello guys, I have a short question:

    Wich release of Linux Mint is the best for an old computer – LXDE or XFCE – or something different (without tuning manually, out of the box)?

    Looking for a good distribution for a pentium 3 with 256Mb of Ram.. should I look elsewhere or is there a suitable Linux Mint release?

    Kind regards

  14. I’ve been playing with the XFce RC for a couple of days and so far I really like it. Only bug I’ve found is the right click menu in Thunar, solved by changing themes. Thanks for the excellent FAQ.

  15. Hi to everyone.
    Congratulations to Clem for another nice edition. I think he made clear his point of view regarding Xfce +LMDE.
    I already installed it in a spare partition -and in no time, debian out of the box!
    Apart from #19 (right click), no other problem so far.

    Does anyone knows what are the advantages, if any, of using “pure” LMDX instead of Xfce on top of LMDE Gnome?

  16. i’m having problems with the amount of ram used in live session (using 32 bit).
    it seems that the difference between my system and the amount of ram declared by Clem is about 50 Mb. in all cases i used System Monitor application to monitor RAM resources.

    # Mint Xfce: 142 ram and not 107 MB RAM
    # Mint Xfce + OO Writer + OO Calc + Firefox: 200 ram and not 162 MB RAM
    # Mint Xfce + OO Writer + OO Calc + Firefox + Thunderbird + VLC + Rhythmbox: 250 ram and not 207 MB RAM

    Why would be there such a big difference? could it be a hardware thing ?

  17. i know this is a minute issue but shouldn’t it be 201103 not 201104 since March is the third month not the forth which is April

  18. Just wanted to comment that it seems from some of the postings here that there is an impression that LMDE (or even mint main gnome for that matter) is going to eventually be forced to go with Gnome Shell…apparently that is not the case, based on what i heard in Clem’s podcast interview, while Mint will likely go Gnome3 it will NOT go Gnome Shell…Gnome Shell and that Unity stuff will be kept out of Mint…And just having Gnome 3 is NOT the same thing…so if that is your “fear”… fear not…LOL

  19. This is very good news indeed. This will be much easier for Clem and Ikey and much better for users in the long run. Thank you, gentlemen, for your excellent work. This is exactly what I had hoped would happen.

  20. Linux Mint 11 “Katya” to use GNOME 3

    Linux Mint Founder and lead developer Clement Lefebvre has announced that the next major release of his Ubuntu-based Linux distribution will feature the GNOME 3.0 desktop environment, which is expected to be finalised on the 6th of April. According to Lefebvre, unlike Canonical’s Ubuntu, Linux Mint 11, code named “Katya”, will not use Unity, instead opting for GNOME 3 “using a traditional desktop layout” without the GNOME Shell.

    So, what is everyone getting all excited about? If you prefer XFCE version of LMDE that is fine, but if you think that you must go to an alternate desktop to gnome to escape unity, as you can see…not necessary….

  21. I am already running Debian testing XFCE. Can I add the mint repository to my sources.list and install the difference? Or must I re-install?

  22. Good call on a rolling Debian distro. It looks like you guys have the Debian thing nailed down.

    As I indicated in your recent poll, you should really do the same thing with LXDE.

    It’s a performance winner, and obviously practical.

  23. What kernel does Linux Mint Xfce use? I’m waiting for 2.6.38 for my new netbook, to get a driver for the SD card reader.

  24. mintMenu has several issues, namely lock screen, logout, and shutdown buttons do not work. Additionally, (probably a setting somewhere) windows take focus when I scroll on them. (I do not want this )

  25. I’m pretty sure 2.6.38 is available to update manually if you really want to. (I haven’t checked in a while.)

  26. Hello
    Using lmde along time i have fallen twice (many more to come) on “Fix broken packages first”
    So some packages doesn’t allow the upgrade off ALL packages and this is a rolling release
    So 2 possible solutions
    1. Use dist-upgrade with “hold” in a terminal (if you have old software that you want to keep and i have)

    2. Try to upgrade one by one and see which packages have problem

    Its working but this not the mint way

    Any other possible solution?

  27. I am going to give this a try for my netbook. I had bad luck with what was being offered before. All went OK, until I went to the duel boot, I restarted, selected Mint, and got a blank screen on the final start up. But to be honest this happend with most Lunix versions too. Easypeasy worked OK. but when my questions were not getting posted on the forums, I gave up. Life is to short to stress out over that stuff.
    I was able to make pretty much everything work but the onboard camera, and the ear phone jack. (the sound worked other wise.

    So, I pray that this works.

  28. Easy peasy, you take LMDE and put XFCE to it, there you are, another rolling distro … Looking forward to innovation, guys, was not impressed with KDE either, I guess we are waiting for the main one with the innovations ? For example : we are not allowed to have Libre-Office before the main one comes with it ? Don’t go easy guys, keep up the good work and be different from the distro-jam. Maybe too many Mint versions now ? Maybe it’s better to stick to the main one ? Make up you mind, stay Mint. Focus. Better one good distro with a good philosophy ( mother debian, not ubuntu ? ) then a bunch of no goods, just because of.

  29. It seems like there is a bug in these Debian testing based system, which causes an infinite loop in the installer when installing the boot loader on a btrfs disk.

  30. Keeping Mint Gnome & Mint KDE both on the six monthly, Ubuntu release.
    porting the other three over to a Debian base, would be a good idea.

    I’ve always liked XFCE as a light-weight desktop, now as a rolling release, it is even better. ..

    lakerz: there are other light-weight desktop(s) around,
    apart from XFCE & FluxBox . ..
    ( but not from Mint)

  31. WONDERFULL , just please remove fucking Oracle OO from all disto!! and put in by default LibreOffice !!!

  32. Some thoughts on the various editions:

    1) I like the idea of using a Debian base on all except the main edition. This will reduce the resource usage and keep them up-to-date.

    2) All editions should use the same theme and MintMenu to provide a consistent identity for Mint.

    3) iso’s should be re-done on a regular (and frequent) basis. This will make it easier for new users doing a fresh install: Having to download and install hundreds of updates gives the distribution a poor image.

    Overall, still a great fan of Mint. Keep up the good work.

  33. I think releasing Xfce edition on top of Debian is an excellent decision! However, Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment, which I believe should be matched with lightweight applications (rythmbox is not at all lightweight). That’s just the way I see it, I mean, Xfce edition should be as lightweight as Xfce is intended to be, instead of being an alternative to Gnome.

    Congrats and thanks! =D

  34. Totally agree with Maruel (51.)
    XFCE edition should have stayed with lightweight applications. A LMDE version with ‘heavy’ Gnome&Apps already exists.

    For the rest GREAT job, I found myself loving XFCE way more than LXDE as a lightweight DE, and a rolling debian edition is simply lovable.

    Mine now.

  35. Great!!, I’m running LMDE Gnome in 32 and 64Bits PC’s, and I like how it work, I’ll give it a try to LMDE Xfce edition in an older system.

    I it Possible to create a DVD Edition of LMDE with an option to choose Desktop Enviroment (Gnome, KDE, Xfce, etc) during Install? maybe it is better One Edition of LMDE that include the most popular Desktop Enviroment to choose from.

    Thanks for all Your Great Job Mint Team!

  36. I think, in this situation, you made the right decisions.
    With a lot of heavy weather in the near-future I think many people will migrate to Linux Mint to get their old-trusted environment.

    Indeed, try to make things work.
    I’ll go over to Ubuntu and try to help, it’s what it needs right now.
    I didn’t say the heavy weather is bad, I try to say that as Linux Mint it is better to be conservative for a while…

    Oh, but I think it’s better if you drop one of the light-weights.

  37. Hi there!

    I am new into linux.

    1. I want to know if xfce has more native application than lxde?
    2. Linux Mint Xfce Debian Edition has more application than Xfce Ubuntu Edition?
    3. Gnome native application can be installed in xfce debian edition without installing gnome core system?

    Have a nice moments.

  38. @mdyter-Yes, it could be the difference in hardware. It’s still likely that if you try a LM 9 XFCE disk live you’ll find a difference in favour of this system, though it may be larger or smaller than the difference of about 50 MB that was reported.
    I’m excited about this. On the cheap old computer I’d been using for testing I’d installed LMDE and the XFCE desktop, gotten rid of the Gnome desktop and gotten rid of some Gnome apps in favour of XFCE ones, and it turned out to be my favourite system until the hard drive gave up the ghost.

    I agree with Maruel about the choice of apps, though I’ll end up switching many of them myself. Also, I’d urge conservatism in updates. LMDE has a warning that it is more likely to break than the regular edition and so ability to fix broken packages will be useful. It would be nice if we perpetual Gnu Linux novices are able to use this system without things breaking too often.

  39. This is really welcome news. Unfortunately XOrg fails with my hardware set-up, so I can’t see the Live environment to begin the install. I’d welcome the option for a text based installer, so I can configure X from the Bash prompt. I’ll have to use ‘vanilla’ Debian for now.



  40. Posted once already, but not sure where it went!

    Anyway, this release is great news! Unfortunately, with my hardware combination (Radeon card and Sun 21″ GDM-5410 monitor), X does not configure properly, so I get an ‘Out of scan range’ message on my monitor. I’ve had this with other distros and it just means that I need to configure X manually (Xorg -configure). Because X doesn’t start, I can’t use the installer. What i’d like to see would be the option at boot to start a text-based installer, would be available. For me, this gives a bit more flexibility. Just an idea.

    Anyway, well done to the team that worked on RC3.



  41. Well, let’s hope it works better than the normal LMDE, cause that one simply didn’t want to update…

  42. Love it! Using it now 🙂
    LMDE is on my main system, been runing it for a while now. Always use “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” and it updates perfectly. I prefer it because there is no Ubuntu stuff underneath & it just rolls along…
    Wanted to test this so I can recommend for anyone with older hardware. Lightweight Debian base, rolling release, what more could you want!
    Well done!!

  43. I’m using it from the LiveDVD now… This is what I noticed at once:
    – The sound icon has moved to the right of the clock.
    – Where’s the Mint Menu?!
    – The GTK theme appears messed up sometimes when I open a program.
    – It uses Thunar File Manager.
    – I can’t really judge the speed as I’m running it from a slow rewritable DVD.

    I can’t say I really like it… but it will probably be all right after a few updates, as this is still a new project and only an RC.

  44. I suggest to release it with linux kernal 2.6.38
    and XFCE 4.8.1
    because I used xubuntu 10.10 and updated to XFCE 4.8 and the system couldn’t find graphics driver

  45. Not sure the benefit of using XFCE on top of LMDE Gnome? I did like the mint menu option, but could not get the logout or quit to work from Mint Menu. Aside from my personal choices, I want to recognize the developers who put this together. GREAT JOB!

  46. Excellent.

    Now for LXDE et alii to go Debian base…

    Ubuntu like to improve a Debian base. Good. Mint also like to improve a Debian base, originally via Ubuntu base, now Debian directly as well. Good again. Mint, IMHO, does a _way_ better job. Why bother with a middle-man? That’s a less elegant design process… What, they have better software, better people? _Mint_ has better software, & people. BTW, you guys rock.

  47. It was about time you make some changes with Xfce, since i can remenber, all the time gnome and kde were the 2 desktops that the people paid more attention, while xfce and fluxbox remained in last place of importance, now I have some questions I’d like answered, if this new version of Xfce uses the same repositories as LMDE, may I use ubuntu ppa? can I upgrade to Firefox 4.0?

  48. Thanks for the perfect Xfce Debian release. Its running on my Dell Mini 9 and being hooked on Xfce it’s great! Thanks for much for development and testing!

    Thanks !!!

  49. I’m confused now–I’m under the impression that Linux Mint 9 Xfce is based on Xubuntu/Ubuntu, and Linux Mint 10 Xfce is based on Debian.

    Huh? What?

    I’d VERY much appreciate it if someone could please explain this to me. Thank you very much.



  50. Robin wrote:

    – Where’s the Mint Menu?! …
    – It uses Thunar File Manager.
    1. Mint Menu-to quote the announcement above:

    We also added mintmenu to this edition as an alternative menu. Be aware that it was designed for Gnome and that it uses an additional 30MB RAM. You can add it easily by right-clicking on the panel and selecting “Add new Items”->”XfApplet”->”mintMenu”.it’s in the repos.

    2. Thunar-Is there a reason to expect otherwise in an XFCE release?


  51. Great release and optimization. This implementation is far away Faster and Lighter than gnome.

    My congratulations to your decisions for the rolling Mint Debian.

  52. Нравится как всплыват окна уведомлений внизу возле часов часов.

  53. This sounds great! I’ve been looking for a fast lightweight version of Mint. Besides running the regular desktop apps, it will be great for hosting Virtualbox clients.

  54. My other reply didn’t make it through?? Nothing rude at all?
    Try again… think the Debian base is the way forward, much smoother! As has been said before, cut out the middle man. I use LMDE as my main system at the moment, very good & think the rolling release is such a good way to manage things both ends. This Xfce system (I’m using right now) is very snappy & provides the same functionality as it’s Gnome counterpart. Very good job, hat’s off to you!

  55. This release is perfect for an older computer with limited resources. 🙂 However a lot of older computers only has a CD-reader, and it’s also impossible to get them boot from an USB-stick.

    How could I install this release on my neighbours old computer? I have already installed LM 9 Xfce but I want to upgrade to the new release.

    Why not a 32-bit CD for the oldies?

  56. This release is certainly a success. It’s a release candidate and only I have uploaded more than 70GB since I started seeding the torrent. I can imagine many others shared quite some GBs and adding the regular HTTP downloads I can’t even estimate how far this release went. 😛

    I just love how XFCE is finally light. Previously it was close to no difference compared to Gnome so this is just great. And switching to Debian apparently is an excellent decision. NOW I’d like to “hear” what the “Ubuntu + stickers” guys have to say about this release. The effort behind it really paid off. Congratulations, guys! 🙂

    So far you made a lot of good decisions and it’s amazing how you always come out with better and better ones. 🙂 THANK YOU!

    @tux-sven: The whole foundation of the XFCE edition changed so upgrading is not possible. Please read the full blog post because you will also find an answer about the CD question.

  57. Downloaded this as soon as I heard but it doesn’t pick up my wifi. Is this a problem with jockey? mint 10 main + kde picked wifi up without using ethernet cable to get drivers

  58. For older computers, consider trying Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.
    It is only 130 Megabyte .ISO file to download and burn to a LiveCD. It loads completely to RAM and is very fast. You can install puppy linux onto a USB Flash Disk, too. This Lucid Puppy Linux can use, download and install applications from the Lucid Lynx Ubuntu repositories, (30,000 apps) through the Puppy Package Manager.
    This would work well on your neighbours older computer. Check it out from the PuppyLinux LuPu 5.20 LiveCD, no install, no changes to your existing hard disk.

    I use and link MINT8 and testing LXDE 10 (because I have only CD writers on my computers) Yes I have CD/DVD-rom reader drive when I find someone to burn me a DVD :>) So I second making a LMDE version that installs minimally from CD, then add, update to install the other heavy applications over the internet from debian testing. Maybe have a little shell script file in the install CD to get the missing applications installed over the internet.

    Great Job Clem and developers, Why not a 32-bit CD for the oldies?

  59. Wow this is so awesome guys thank you so much for your hard work! I can’t wait to get home and download it! 🙂

  60. I believe this is a move in the right direction. Debian Testing + Xfce shall be the right combination for the coming years in the Linux world…
    I believe however that you guys should publish different types of ISOS:
    -A large DVD with both 32bits & 64bits, also both Xfce, Lxde & Fluxbox, as this wouldn’t take much space.
    -Small CD size ISOS, sub-700megs for older PC’s, maybe without OOo… One for each DE, and for each architecture of course…
    -A core image, such as Antix core, would be nice…

  61. @Craig
    This would all be wonderful if in GNOME3 the legacy components of the desktop weren’t going to be butchered. As it currently stands, components like gnome-panel are set to lose functionality (or at the very least, hide it very well) for their special, locked down “recovery mode.” I’m not an expert (as in, I don’t code or package,) but I’d imagine it’s going to be difficult to keep the main edition in a relatively usable state.

  62. The ‘way ahead’ account was illuminating and a rolling release XFCE variant looks very promising, especially for netbooks, but so far no debian variant has worked at all well if at all on any of my rigs.
    On the other hand, Mint10 Main Edition ‘dvds’ have been a spectacular success, with the addition and configuration of sound-juicer, exaile, acidrip, dvdstyler and openshot providing a very powerful yet easy-to-use AV file creation and editing tool. Furthermore, by using ‘Align to Cylinder’ Gparted to prepare primary plus extended partition USB keys followed by the use of Linux Live USB Creator version 2.6, I have been able to create persistent USB keys that contain all of that, plus a set of media files that has become my rig hardware testing and trouble-shooting tool. All this has been achieved whilst in frail if not in very bad health.
    I only hope that future Main Editions allow this successs to continue.
    Currently enjoying a period of better health, I will now try to take resolution of the very significant debian version shortcomings to the Mint Forums, but thank you so very much for Mint10 Main Edition, it’s been really great !

  63. Very good job, using a rolling Debian base is the best way forward for you and us.(LMDE is my main system.) Everything is so snappy and smooth, very good job!! 🙂

  64. sorry guys i have downloaded lxde and it boots and works with my magiciso prg.
    I have downloaded xfce and the linux mint but the iso’s dont have a mint4win.exe file and they dont run from windows why??????
    can someone give a hint!!!!!!!!!

  65. I tried it the last few days and I’m impressed. It’s very fast and still good looking!

    One thing that’s almost freaking me out is this Beep right before the Login-Screen is loaded.

    I managed to disable the other beeps (or bells as you might wanna call them) but I can’t find working solution to disable the one from the Login Screen.

    Does anyone have a solution for that?

    Besides that, it’s a really awesome OS!

  66. UUUnicorn:
    Linux Mint 9 Xfce is “based on Xubuntu 10.04 and compatible with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and its repositories,” but this RC, Linux Mint Xfce (no version number), is based on Debian; see the FAQ #1 in blog post, above. And Mint’s Debian releases do contain some functionality of LM 10; follow the Changelog link in the blog post.

  67. I’m having a problem installing it on my Dell Inspiron 8200 with 256 MB if RAM and a 1.5 GHz CPU on a Intel® 845MP chipset. The progress bar stops moving once it reaches the “removing live packages” stage, and sometimes the computer freezes. I tried setting the ramdisk_size to 1048576, and it didn’t freeze, but I left it on an entire day and it still didn’t work. Could someone please help me?

    Awesome job though. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  68. why call this an RC? if you are using the Debian testing base and refer to it as a rolling release, why call this a release candidate?

    its a great release, dont get me wrong, just wondering

  69. dodgefan67: Presumably it’s a release candidate because it isn’t just Debian Testing, it also involves Mint, and a desktop other than the one used in the main LMDE release. Accordingly, I’m guessing the developers weren’t satisfied that all show stopping bugs had been squashed, and reading the comments, it appears there were indeed a few things to fix before the actual distribution release.


  70. Ran the live DVD and, compared to the dozens of other Linux distros I’ve tried, this is my favorite – trading in my Puppy Linux. On a 1.6GHz HP Vectra with 512MB RAM, and an only average NVidia video card, I’m running a movie in VLC (preinstalled), opened a document in OOffice Write (preinstalled), checking system resources in the System Monitor, and writing this using Firefox (preinstalled) … all at the same time … and just now using 200MB of RAM and everything is still humming along! Better use of resources than my WinXP. Perfect example of how Linux should be – run it and it just works! I can get my work done worry free and play a little too. Excellent job!

  71. Sorry for the multiple posts.

    I strongly agree with those who want a CD. I’d vote for a CD with light applications, not filled up with extra applications, extra language packs or heavier applications.

    While it was noted above that most have DVD readers, there was no comment about how many have DVD writers. Many older computers can read, but not write, DVDs. For example, I have 4 computers (all P4, 3 dual core, one dual) with DVD-R/CD-RW and only one working machine with DVD-RW.

  72. Very happy to see that Linuxmint is somewhat leaving Ubuntu for Debian. But still a bit sad to see that Linuxmint-11 will stay as Ubuntu. May Linuxmint-12 be based on Debian-Stable or Debian-Squeeze?

  73. I want a remplacement for window for the note of my mother
    and this is a possible candidate.

    Q: remplacement for “window movie maker”?
    Q: the tipè of partition have diference in perfomance/ram/cpu stress?
    Q: this si LMDE XFCE, or Linux mint xfce???

  74. @look
    Thanks for the tip! I will absolutely try the Plop boot manager if Xfce finally is not released as a CD. VERY interesting solution indeed! 🙂

  75. wow this thing loads up real fast through unetbootin from the grub menu!!

    alot of items in the mint-menu dosnt work – but there again, i suppose its early stages – but the inclusion of the mint menu really polishes this distro – well done

    as far as ram usage, i get close onto 350mb and thats with f/fox and mint menu running, so its pretty close to what i get on the main lm10 gnome version.

    but i just cant emphasize on how quick this babe loads up!

  76. I’m showing my support for this release by seeding the torrent file as much as I can. Thank you guys for the work well done. From my point of view it’s a good thing to move on the DEBIAN side. I hope it’s getting better and better. BYE!

  77. just a thought, why not release a custom DVD that contains possibly all of the mint distros on one dvd that a new user could test.

    i remember seeing a ubuntu magazine that had about 4 different flavors of ubuntu (kubuntu, ubuntu, netbook edition, xbuntu….) that you can try off from the dvd menu (custom grub???)

  78. While it is very nice to have a rolling release, the Debian base is not as refined as the Ubuntu base. For instance, Debian can not display good looking Chinese font for some sites and that was carried over to LMDE as well as xfce. These sites are displayed fine in Mint 10 and LXDE. I hope this can be resolved but know it is not going to be easy. The xfce version really is nice to use in VirtualBox in terms of the CPU and memory usage.

    I think LXDE should be kept in sync with the main version because it provides the efficiency and the refinement of the Ubuntu base. Thank you and the team for providing the fine options.

  79. От себя скажу:

    1. Инсталятор нужно фиксить:
    – выбор раскладки клавиатуры нужно сделать по проще, а именно так как в LM10;
    – в пункте для выбора разделов установки внесите пункт “автоматически выбрать свободное место” и добавьте пункт “использовать весь диск” (как в LM10);
    – при копировании файла нет информации. Сделайте такой же тип вовада информации как в LM10;

    2. Добавьте пожалуйста в настройки системы “Настройка proxy-server”. Это должно быть не сложно!

    Пока всего 2 пункта. Полет нормальный 🙂

  80. Иконка “Домашний каталог” заресовівается когда проводишь открітім окном над ней.

  81. Thanks Clem for all those precisions on the future release and more over for reassuring me about the future of the Main Edition.
    I regard the Debian as great but i fear that switching may bring too many hassles regarding Wifi cards detection and installation…
    Something that Ubuntu has simplified greatly….

  82. Very nice! I’m a big fan of Mint and XFCE. I would like to try it and I wonder if it is possible to upgrade from Mint 10 to Xfce RC just by changing the repositories and upgrading. Or is this the worst idea ever? 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

  83. Серёга, юзай гуглопереводчик на худой конец –

  84. Thanks for all this stuff !!! realy awsome! and remove pls asap the Oracle software and use mariadb and libreoffice it works much better then the other stuff :DD

  85. I think it is better to have an Openbox version of Mint I am running Crunchbang it works like magic and please have the Fluxbox around is well it is just amazing

  86. seeing the cpu and ram usage while in livecd was one hell of a nutkicker =)
    Installiong now,lightweight and awesome out-of-the-boxness…best thing since peanutterbutter

  87. Fantastic! I’ve been running Debian + XFCE on a really old laptop for performance reasons (running desktop used only 91 Mb RAM), and was excited to jump back into Mint for the UI polish and thorough selection of apps (although I had to install xfce-goodies). Thanks for bringing this to us- it’s much appreciated! Only suggestion is to make the menu fonts from the default menu re-sizeable- they’re really tiny.

  88. Hi guys,
    This is definitely the distro of my dreams, Xfce on a debian base with all the handy tools,
    Thank you so much !!

    One package would be nice to be installed by default is acpi-support to handle the power button press….

    Keep up the good work guys !!

  89. Hey Developers of Linux Mint,
    Can you please add VLMC in Linux Mint 11 as default?
    (this is a video editing software)


    also as firewall: firestarter (better than guard dog)

    Thank you in advance,
    i have used several Linux versions
    (Mandriva – Open suse – Chacra – Ubuntu 10)
    and Linux Mint is the most easy OS to use!

  90. Seems mints going the microsoft way to make us upgrade I really don’t see why they can’t keep os’s to fit a cd instead of bloated dvd looks like i’m gonna have to look for another distro for my old system =(

  91. why not create a neetinstal, that you select the desktop and download the specifics packages this si useful for reducting the nunber of CD upload to the webpage, and to solve the % that no have DVD-rader
    obvious only for LMDE

  92. I know Ubuntu has become bloated and has engaged in some very questionable decisions, but there are a few tools that I think would be worth porting to your Debian based editions.

    The installer….Maybe the OLD installer anyway, or even the new one.

    Startup Disk Creator.

    ….Exaile is actually better than Rhythm box despite being “lite weight”.

    Driver Hardware downloaders.

    Next, it would be awesome if you had the ability to tether using ad hoc networks found on Android phones.

    Im sure its easier not to include these things, but if its not TOO much effort, you could really improve on the base Debian experience with just a very slim and select set of Ubuntu tools ported to Debian.

    Later when everything works you can create your own innovations, but those are kind of essential to a lot of people. It may be essential for making it a viable backup if Ubuntu goes sour.

  93. very cool, not happy with natty/unity, debian makes it worthwile, nice, cant wait to see it runnin on my modded lg-x120 netbook(500G harddrive, 2G 6300 ram, Ericcson 3g, realtek wifi”b/g/n, bluetooth, dual sound 6.1) fun toy, waiting on 3m touch overlay and monitor pivot, currently mint-lxde, debian,live 6.0.1, zorin4

  94. Greetings Developers!

    Please make CD version.
    Seperate driver cd collection for all video/network card both old and new.
    Have you very own ailurus-like tools but more features and more options.
    More innovations.

    More Power!

  95. resize the partition, install alongside, move your data over if you like it, you can choose which version to load from grub, if it isn’t to your liking, delete it and reconfigure grub-pc

  96. Kreuger wrote:

    Is there anyway to upgrade to this version from Isadora? I dont wanna have to reinstall my laptop

    Haekel wrote:
    Very nice! I’m a big fan of Mint and XFCE. I would like to try it and I wonder if it is possible to upgrade from Mint 10 to Xfce RC just by changing the repositories and upgrading.

    Sorry, I don’t think so. The bases are different.

  97. I think because it is a rolling distro does not need to be named on dvd cd could be moving the boot opsãoes the LMDE had been difficult to deal with incompatible hardware.

  98. I think it is not possible to upgrage safely from Isadora – because ubuntu packages are not compatible with all debian packages and dependencies. It might cause failure of the system or dependency hell. I once ruined my Mint 9 with accidental debian repository.

    But great news, I want Mint Debian again and I really like XFCE – once it is correctly configured – fast, efficient and really configurable.
    Thank you Mint team!

  99. To Kreuger :
    You can use Mint Backup or just copy /home , most of your settings still works. Just reinstall system again. You can also use Mint Backup to autoinstall old system programs again – most programs will be installed – some not, because little bit different program choice.

  100. Just to point the present down’s in a crowd of up’s

    Usage of Mint Menu is unstable, it vanishes a lot of times after a new start.
    Gnome Applet’s connection seem, still, to be instable. As example try the Gnome System-Monitor Applet.

    For everything, it will be a great distro!

  101. I’m a user of LM 9 (Gnome), LM 9 XFCE, and a past user of LMDE with the XFCE desktop replacing the Gnome desktop.

    From the announcement:

    “This performance boost allowed us to give Xfce a more mainstream software selection, replacing Exaile with Rhythmox, adding VLC and giving Xfce almost the same software selection as Gnome.”

    I’d like to voice an opinion against the use of “more mainstream software” in LM XFCE.

    There seem to be two potential audiences here:

    1. Those who have been using XFCE and its software selection out of preference.

    2. As mentioned, Gnome is going to be undergoind changes with the switch to Gnome 3. Some may wish to look at XFCE as an alternative.

    Of course, generalizing is somewhat dangerous, but it would seem to me that the majority, though certainly not all, in audience #1 will prefer a normal XFCE software selection. Many in audience #2 will be more comfortable with a more mainstream software selection.

    What happens if LM XFCE goes to a mainstream software selection and the main edition of LM based on Ubuntu is no longer releaed is that there is no longer any release aimed at those who have preferred XFCE, so as to leave the XFCE desktop easier for those switching from Gnome (and those who but for the coming changes might have migrated to LM Gnome from a different OS.)

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