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After a long period of preparation and work on the mint tools we’re now entering phase 2: the migration towards the newly released Hardy base. Work has begun and the very first BETA of Elyssa was built today. Of course it’s highly unstable at this stage, it doesn’t fit on a CD and it’s full of rough edges. Things look very promising though and we should expect a first public BETA release within 2 weeks. We’ve had 6 months to think about this and almost everything is ready to be included so we should have a very smooth release.

Also, Octy and the Italian community translated the Daryna User Guide. The document should soon become available on all official mirrors.

Finally, Kronophage is working on the software portal and adding a lot of applications in it. The Elyssa section already features 145 applications. When finished the portal should contain around 1000 apps. Each application will feature a screenshot and we’re planning on using the same authentication system for both this portal and an upcoming home-made Brainstorm clone to encourage people to post comments, reviews and ideas online.


  1. Will be looking forward to the brainstorm and software portal 🙂
    Cant add much but I love leaving comments on what I’ve used.

  2. 2 weeks it’s a long time to see the future of Mint…
    I hope that the time goes by quicker than the usual…

    I wish the team makes a good work, as allays…

  3. krooil: We’re planning to support a 64bit edition but as an additional edition, so it won’t delay the Main one and will come after in order of priority. I think it’s reasonable to say the 64bit edition might come in June/July.

  4. my questions are A)will the kde follow the main B)will the kde be just another 3.x version or are we gunna get a great minty kde4?

  5. Great!!! I look forward for the 64Bit edition (my laptop has 4GB of ram). Anyway, I will install the 32Bit and beta test it; for the greater good.

  6. i had ubuntu 8.04 on my machine for about a day – i’m now back with daryna and not going anywhere. can’t wait for elyssa!

  7. i just hope those bugs can be ironed, hardy has many. Probably the ubuntu devs will take care of it in the following weeks with a few updates.

    one thing i didn’t like in mint 4 was deleting the original google search in firefox, which took much time to find and re-install it, for my work i need the extra functions. I think that while “google-mint” stays as default (which i consciously use when not working), the original could still be kept on the list for people who need it for work as me. Deleting it really harmed the user experience for who really needed it.

    another big complain many have is flash too slow making not so modern hardware unusable. It would be a good idea to keep the faster flash 9,0,48 in the live-cd and whom ever needs to upgrade should get it from adobe website (or a mintflash to revert back or update to latest..).

    Apart from that am really looking forward to mint 5. Am sure it will be superior.

  8. Awesome news. Have been using Mint as my main OS for a year and love how you build on Ubuntu. It will be a long 2 week wait!

  9. Yeah it would be awesome to include the original Google search bar in Firefox. I use google for alot of currency conversions and stuff like that because I’m too lazy to get software so I would really appreciate it if you could provide both ^^

  10. Ya, great news related to Software Portal enhancements.

    ….talking about order of priorities, Mint’s Gnome Mean
    Edtion and KDE are the ones for me although i appreciate
    XFCE and FluxBox – (Cds are the best choice).

    Mint’s google search engine it’s alright for me.

  11. I’m looking forward to see the new Linux Mint, specially the KDE edition! 🙂

    Keep the good work.

  12. I have followed the Hardy developement for awhile now. Will pulseaudio be included? Most users have no need for it, and it is causing havock on FF3, and flashplayer. Also, will it use the new xorg? Hardy is having a lot of problems with xserver-xorg-video-nv. Cards on my desktop(nvidia 6150), and laptop(nvidia 7150) are not playing nice. They were both supported in previous releases.

  13. Help – I’ve got a live cd of linux mint which I got with LInux Magazine and I love it but when I tried to install to my hard drive it wiped out windows. How do I create a duel boot system? An idiot guide would be brilliant.

  14. Why the importance of squezing the whole kaboodle onto a CD, for crying out loud!
    I should think that most people these days have at least a DVD ROM, and most can also burn a DVD.
    Downloading a bigger image should also pose a minor problem, most 700MB releases can be had in a about an hour via Bittorrent.

    To sum it up: switching to DVD format would remove the need to pinch pennies, and leave ample room for nice additions to the release.

    Keep it up guys, I love Mint!

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