The Start of Elyssa KDE

Well I have started on the Elyssa KDE Beta’s using the new Hardy base. My first Beta is up and running live in a virtual machine and it is all looking great so far. I think that since there is not much of a change in KDE 3 (3.5.8 to 3.5.9) that this will speed up development for me. I see the big slow down being porting the mint applications to Qt3. Well I had better get back to work.

Cheers Boo


  1. Keep the good work, Boo! 🙂 When will you guys release a beta of Mint Kde?

    Looking forward for it!

  2. Nice to hear from you Boo

    I really prefer Kde 3. Kde 4 still not totally reliable yet.
    The Kde team are working very hard (version after version)
    fixing minor bugs. It won’t be long to Kde 4 to be a SuperbStar
    To the desktops. (sorry i am a Kde fan)


  3. I love Mint …keep up the good work
    I love the mutlimedia support out of the there anyway to include transgaming …or something like that instead of WINE? and so far KDE look great

  4. Is possibile to upgrade from Daryna 4 KDE to Elyssa KDE simply with mintupdate or not? In this way I lose some of the new features?

  5. Transgaming would be highly illegal, plus Boo would have to buy it in the first place, and its illegal to distribute it.

    However, WineDoors and PlayOnLinux exist.

  6. Thanks for the update Boo. Even when you have very little time it’s much appreciated that you let us know what’s happening.

  7. Awesome job on Mint KDE 4.0
    I believe if 5.0 follows the same path of a polished professional operating system environment which you took great pride in developing in the 4.0 version, you will continue to amaze people. I will use Mint hands down over Kubuntu any day, anywhere. There is no comparison.
    This is a shining star in the OS world IMHO.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  8. Over the years i tried most of the distribs(Bsd/linux) out there and enjoyed have my hand on. But now I’m looking for stable and ready to go with KDE. KDE mint was a very good surprise.Thank you Boo !
    (Fyi:in 2001 kde/freebsd was the most reliable/fast kde I ever had running).

  9. Can’t wait. I always use KDE on my forays into Linux Land. Made an error and wiped partition with LM4 KDE. Never really gave gnome a chance. It’s not as bad as i thought. I really want my KDE 4 eyecandy. I for one can’t wait, even though gnome isn’t that bad…….

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