KDE 4.6 to be included in Linux Mint 10 KDE

I know many people have been waiting for the KDE edition of Linux Mint 10 for a while now. This edition includes KDE 4.5.5 and both its 32-bit and 64-bit ISO were successfully tested about a week ago. After a discussion with Boo, we decided to upgrade KDE to the recently released 4.6 version. Because of the importance of this upgrade, the current ISOs are being rejected and the release will have to go through another cycle of testing again.


  1. Clem, no doubt KDE 4.6 will be worth the wait. Thanks a lot for this great news. I wish that the work you will be doing go as smooth as you would like.

    Best regards! 🙂

  2. Currently I’m using LMDE amd64 edition. Will it be better for me to replace it with the new KDE edition of Linux Mint based on KDE 4.6? or else shall I continue with Linux Mint Debian Edition amd64? Kindly guide and suggest me on this issue because I’m very confused and want to enjoy best of all the Linux Mint distros. Shall we expect KDE edition of Linux Mint Debian in future?

  3. I’m anticipating Mint 10 KDE greatly, I’m pleased to see that the latest version of KDE will be implemented, great work! I’m a big fan of your distros.

  4. I’m currently running Linux Mint 9.0 and have been waiting for Linux Mint 10 to come out as I want to repartition the HD and reinstall some other O/Ses.
    Love the 9.0 KDE theme and hope the 10.0 theme will be even better.
    Thanks to team and the developing community for their hard work.
    Glad to hear it’s almost here and happy to wait for a few more days.

  5. Hello,

    Is there a date for the publication of Linux Mint KDE 4.6? If yes, move it there for us. Hugs. Good work 😀

  6. Not complaining, there are some great additions/improvements in 4.6; but is it stable?

    @BK Singh: You should ask your question in the forum, the answer is to complex for a blog comment. (Although, I too, am curious about the possibility of LMDE KDE).

    Thanks for the update Clem.

  7. Clem, thanks for the good news. Is there any chance you’ll do the same with Xfce? The Xfce edition of Mint 9 is still fresh and I’m sure most users would rather wait a little longer with the upgrade to Mint 10 in order to get all the goodness of the new Xfce 4.8

  8. This is very good. I don’t know about the stability of KDE4.6, but it is quite snappy, and aesthetically pleasing. And knowing how the Mint team gives importance to this+usability, I think we can expect a great release! 🙂

  9. And I think it’s worth the wait, rather than having an outdated and worse release, a month from now with KDE 4.5x. Kudos to the mint team.

  10. I knew, I knew they were preparing this surprise for us! 🙂 THANKS CLEM AND BOO! At least no more worries caused by lack of information.

  11. I knew this had to be the reason. Makes me glad to know I’m not getting so old that I can’t still call ’em when I see ’em. 😀

    @John – I’ve got KDE 4.6 running on Kubuntu 10.10 in my test partition and I have to admit I was surprised on how stable it actually is. Any few crashes that occurred were solely due to that (lousy) KPackagekit which, despite what they might say about the new version, is still buggy and crash prone. It was even more of a pleasant surprise that these few crashes didn’t affect KDE 4.6’s stability in anyway. It just simply restarted KPackagekit and that was it. And like Varun said, it’s very snappy even compared to 4.5.5 and very good looking to boot.

  12. very good news indeed! VERY GOOD NEWS GENTLEMAN!

    Thank you clem, this action will make mint kde the BEST kde distro out there (well, as long as it releases, lol)

  13. That’s great news!! KDE has been improved immensely in the past year. I was wondering what had happened to the KDE version of Mint 10.

  14. Good news. It is a shame that’s timing has delayed Mint10 KDE even more, but I’m glad to have it be fully up to date, so worth the extra time.

  15. PLEASE NO!!! LMDE is perfect using GNOME, KDE seems slow and too much eye candy, I have Kubuntu Maverick and I don’t like it.

  16. Nice surprise. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for our next LM KDE, but I guess it will be worth waiting for. Thanks for the update, Clem & Boo.

  17. Excellent news! I am currently using KDE SC 4.6 under Kubuntu and cannot wait to replace it with my favorite Linux distro real soon!!!

  18. Excellent news as I have been waiting for the release of LM10-KDE to install on my new laptop . . . I’d prefer LMDE – KDE but this will do in the meantime.

    Many thanks for all the hard work everyone puts in behind the scenes, much appreciated here.

  19. Rejected? If that ISO-s are tested and passed, then you dont want to release as a different KDE flavoured version? And when the 4.6 version will be tested, release it too. This is a wasting of that ISO-s, in my opinion. (And I read some not so good post about 4.6 If somebody dont want to use 4.6, that ISOs will be perfect for that people.)

  20. I saw KDE 4.6 on the Linux Action Show last night. They gave it great reviews. I was hoping to try it out on Mint10 KDE and am glad I don’t need to try to install the desktop myself. I am patient enough and will gladly wait for it to come out. Thank you.

  21. Hello Mint users,

    At the moment I am using Mint Gloria (7) on my laptop and Mint Debian on my game server computer.
    Mint Debian rocks big time and I will install it later on my laptop.
    Both are 32Bit systems b.t.w. and have Gnome.
    I started with Ubuntu some 4 or 5 years ago with gnome which worked well but the double task-bars didn’t seem right somehow.
    And how else could it have been after using Win95, Win98 for so long in the past.
    Then I read about Mint which is Ubuntu based with Gnome (more secure then KDE I have read) and tried it.
    I was able to view all movies with no pain out of the box and it had just one task-bar at the bottom which gave me some kind of Windows feel (childish I know) but it was THE operating system of my choice from that time on.
    What also gave me some Windows feel was the menu system,…I tried KDE in Ubuntu but it wasn’t that what I wanted, Mint menu is just great, I wish Microsoft stole it (like so many other things they stole from Mac and others) from Mint so Windows users would have a little better operating system to deal with.
    To cut a long story short,.. why the heck are some people asking for KDE when there is Mint Gnome with Mint menu???
    Okay, now flame me as much as you like, I have a hard skin. 🙂
    Clem, thanks for your Mint Linux, it is so good I have no words to describe it, Mint Debian is a hit you have no idea!
    Mint Debian Gnome is the way to go, thanks for this great gift.


  22. I’m with verona007. Rejected? Seriously, after they were passed? It seems most people are so happy about this. And I wouldn’t mind having the latest KDE myself but now when it’s finally released we’ll be ready to move on to 11, of course if we switch to gnome. Once again, after waiting for so long, I have to just go ahead and download the gnome version and install whatever KDE I can get in the repos. I know this sounds selfish but Mint really needs to find a way to get the KDE releases out at the same time as the gnome version, at least very close to it.

  23. Never been a fan of KDE but I will give it a try just to see what the fuss over 4.6 is about. So in that regard, good strategy. It will make more people want to try it. I personally never like OS that are resource-heavy. It defeats the purpose of having it. Any idea as when we should expect Linux Mint 10 KDE?

  24. Awesome news. I’ve read reviews and watched some YouTube movies about KDE 4.6 and I’m willing to wait a bit longer to get this new version. I’ve started my Linux life with Ubuntu+GNOME, then discovered Mint and later discovered and switched to KDE. Simply amazing desktop.

  25. @Kabs
    Well, Gnome and KDE work different because of their different bases. While KDE uses the Qt Toolkit Gnome is using Gtk+ and this defines the look and feel of each desktop environment because therefore they both are coming with different tools and progs preinstalled.
    And as usual there will always be people who prefer one over the other.
    Like MacOS and Windows. There will always be people who prefer Windows and others who prefer MacOS.
    But one important hint: You can change the look and feel of Gnome. If you don’t like two panels, move what you need to the bottom panel and delete the panel at the top. Mint menu can be installed afterwards on Ubuntu as well as you are able to install all needed codecs for music and video. These things should not define your choice of which distro you are using.
    But, nevertheless … however… you are using the right distro, even if it’s because of the false reasons… good choice. 😉

    I’m using Linux Mint Debian Edition amd64 on all my machines and I’m loving it. There is no distro better preconfigured than that and is based upon Debian Sid/Squeez.

    Thanks once again to the Mint Team!!!

  26. One point missing at my last post.

    It’s not even the best preconfigured Debian, it’s the best looking, too!! ^^
    Just to thank the Theme-Team, too. ^^

    Greatz and thanks…
    Pierre from Germany/Berlin.

  27. I have installed a lot of Linux distros (x86_64) to my system ( GNOME and KDE) since 2007. I really like KDE , it’s very beautiful and user friendly. ISADORA is a perfect OS.
    I always keep 2 Linux OS to my PC. These days I work with FEDORA 14 KDE and Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE).
    Fedora is like a very beautiful, very smart, healthy and sexy woman. So sexy……
    LMDE is the FATAL woman (to me)…….!!
    I always need a KDE edition but I am really sure that LMDE is the future. It’s a Debian rolling distribution but ……. under Mint Developers !!
    It’s a new philosophy so excited. Please give to the LMDE users stability and updates and try to make LMDE the final frontier of Linux.
    The dissemination of efforts and resources must stop in the Linux world.
    It’s time to make some egoist hardware constructors to kneel in front of Linux idea.

  28. Please, don’t reject the kde 4.5.5, the x64 pass all tests and it seems faster, is a better idea release both ISOs

  29. Linux Mint 9 was great, I’m sure Mint 10 will be too.

    I strongly feel that you guys should just sync Mint KDE to the KDE release cycle, like Ubuntu does with GNOME. Mint KDE could become the premiere KDE distro!

  30. If KDE 4.5.5 ISO was actually made and passed some QC then make it available as the proof, please.

    Otherwise, I am suspecting that you spent too much time and attention while working on the “Debian Edition” (I got absolutely nothing against it). But you decided to use KDE 4.6 as the excuse to explain the delay.

    I would be more than happy to apologize if I am wrong.

  31. KDE 4.6 is great!
    I think that “Plymouth Manager” must be included as default prog too. Very useful when handling plymouth settings.
    Also found that 9-th version breaks after adding kubuntu/backports repo, home next version will be more compatible with kubuntu repos

  32. I’de Love to see Mint-KDE get more help in this community so that the Kde Version comes out at the same time as the Main edition. There are very few good Kde Distros out there but Mint Kde is quite good… It’s a shame development is lacking here… By the time it comes out the Next version of Mint is nearly due… sorta kills the excitement of having a Mint Kde edition…..

  33. Thank you for the news, & effort your team did. Hope on Debian base KDE 4.6 will soon be available too. If yes, I will switch ASAP my LMDE at home workstations.

    More power guys!

  34. After going through so many comments, I’m confused between GNOME & KDE. But I’d definitely like to try the new KDE 4.6. Sometimes in these comments I find endless GNOME & KDE discussions. I think we should leave it to individual’s choice and flavour. Both are right in their own way. Because nothing is perfect in this world except God.

  35. @BK Singh

    KDE is better overall technically speaking than Gnome. It has more system customizability, but all that isn’t necessarily good. Some things are mind-boggling, like not being able to put folders on your desktop. And all those features also end up stepping on each others toes. It also doesn’t have nearly as many things in the software packages, but on the flip side, you can easily customize the look and feel of your desktop without looking for various third-party upgrades. It’s also resource-heavy, but has more features to regulate energy and graphical prowess. Until I updated my Kubuntu 10.10, my laptop was running cooler than on Gnome (after the upgrade everything went to hell).

  36. Linux Mint(Gnome) has always been my distro of choice. With the release of KDE 4.6 I’ve been thinking about taking the plunge into KDE. Gnome is just getting, well, boring. And Mint 10 with KDE 4.6 just sounds wonderful! 🙂

  37. I can’t wait! I am using KDE since their 2.x days and I really want Linux Mint to be the distro on which I can run KDE 4.6, so please hurry up!

  38. i tryed up KDE in LMDE, a sad experience…, the menu had no comparation point whit’s LM’s, kde’s menu looks so primitive. And the “plasmoids” are anoying, just a few of ussless or almost things in the desktop….

    So, i clean up my computer, but keeping amarok, just love it.

  39. “i guess mint11 gnome and mint10 kde will get released about the same time.”

    Yep that’s what I’m thinking. At one time they were promising to get the KDE releases out faster, soon after the gnome releases. But obviously that’s not been happening and now it’s going to take a much longer time. I think it’s time to give up on Mint KDE. But I still want Mint so I’ll just install KDE myself from the repos, may not be KDE4.6 but it’ll still be fine. Thanks Clem. You’re doing great work on Mint. I think it’s the best distro out there and I plan to keep using it. I just wish there was a way to speed up the KDE releases because to me personally Mint + KDE is absolutely the best. 🙂

  40. Frankly I wish it was available a version of the Mint with KDE 3.5.10!
    Call me nostalgic, or more than they want, but frankly I still think KDE 4 very heavy!
    Not that the Gnome has fattened to the point of look more the Santa Claus than a gnome, but at least he is still agile, though I can not get the same performance in a HP notebook buyed about 5 years ago compared to Daryna for example or Ubuntu 7.10 installed on it!
    In this case, only xfce or fluxbox or….
    KDE 3.5.10!

  41. taking too long and no real sort of feedback. kubuntu alpha 2 NattyNarwhal already out for d/l and testing.

    +1 @ nomadewolf comment

  42. Thanks for your distros, men! My old laptop with VIA C3 1.2 GHz and 256 RAM resurrected from dead with mint 9 fluxbox!

    Kubuntu’s KDE is the worst KDE compilation ever so I’ve been waiting mint 10 KDE for a long time, because Kubuntu 10.10 is an epic fail imo. Unfortunately, fedora 14 appeared:) With very stable KDE and I’ve installed it as main desktop OS… So mint 10 KDE is going for my new powerful laptop.

    Cannot wait!

  43. Hey guys, there’s no need to be blaming LMDE or KDE or whatever for the late release. It will come when it’s ready. If you’re that anxious, why not install it yourself? In the time it takes to complain, you could have the new KDE installed yourself. Or better yet, get involved in the development process to help out.

    Keep up the good work Clem + Mint Team.

  44. i have always wonder, is it possible to put the mintmenu in the kde version of mint? that would make the mint kde probably the best kde out there.
    mintmenu is the best menu in all the os-es around the world while the kde menus are obviously the worst.
    so have you (mint team) ever thought to put the mintmenu in the kde or that is impossible?

  45. A couple of suggestions for Mint 10 KDE:
    – Make the Categories in the kickoff menu Vertically aligned instead of horizontal (or just give the option, i don’t care).
    – An app/gadget or whatever, that allows direct CPU frequency control, like in gnome (right-click taskbar> add app> cpu scale & frequency control). KDE power management sucks…

    This, if you have time, of course.

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