KDE Elyssa Update

A quick update on my progress of KDE Elyssa.

So far I have cleaned up KDE Daryna in an effort to reduce it to a CD size with the main applications like Open Office still installed, but this does not look possible. I posted about suggestions for new or different applications and got some good and helpful responses, but keep them coming if there are any more. I have spent a lot of time looking at a new theme for KDE Elyssa, a brighter one for sure. There has also been lots of great wallpapers posted in the forums lately so go have a look.

The next step is to do some alpha builds using my cut down Daryna and the Ubuntu 8.04 beta and then the RC. These alpha builds help find bugs/problems before the full Ubuntu 8.04 is released. I will also start building up my cut down Daryna with some of the old applications and some of the new ones suggested too.

Cheers Boo


  1. Why not a DVD iso even if its a little more than 700MB
    DVD-Rs and DVD players are so ubiquitous nowadays they cost as much as CD-Rs anyways.

  2. JoeV: Yes, but sometimes there are still computers without DVD drives or DVD burners to burn the ISO. If possible, a distro should fit on a 700 MB CD. In the future, are people going to say “Just put it on a Blu-Ray disc, everyone has one now”. 🙂

  3. CD’s are the way to go. Although DVD’s are common, blank DVDs are still much more expensive then blank CDs. Also, I know a lot of people who install Linux on their 8 year old machines with 256mb of RAM. These types of computers do not have DVD drives.

    Also, yay for new artwork. You might consider finding someone off a KDE forum or an IRC channel to do the KDE artwork for you.

  4. Now I know why Kubuntu doesn’t comewith games, they probably wouldn’t fit!
    Maybe some of the programs shouldn’t be on the CD, but the installer could offer to download them for you.

  5. Hi Boo,
    If a CD is the way to go, it will be necessary to leave some applications out. These applications can be installed after ( may be at the first boot a message can pop up reminding to install them), how ever I understand the concern that some people sometimes do not have internet after the installation (they download the ISO in another place), so
    Why not to do a application CD? with the application that did not fit.
    BTW, are you planing to release the Betas based in ubuntu 8.04 beta or rc

  6. Mint Kde Elyssa

    Blank Dvds are only just a bit more expensive than Blank CDs
    Though i have a Dvd device (used to burn the iso for installing
    Mint Kde 4.0).Cds are the way to go for the next Mind Kde version

    Many apps can be installed later through Adept Manager and MintInstall

    Games for instance (Software Portal)

    My option goes to Cds – 700mg

  7. an app like lubi (linux version of wubi) or unetbootin would make it posible to install these things without a CD or DVD.


    the author is open to suggestions and would gladly work with you guys, contact him.

    i got like 400 different linux live/alternate/alpha/beta/etc. CDs am really fed up with it :/

    just “download and install” is the better option.

    this why including wubi in ubuntu was very good move.

  8. Boo, your efforts are strongly appreciated. I just want make a remark concerning the Intel wireless 3945 Abg drivers on Elyssa, and that’s because of actual malfunction of those on Kubuntu/Ubuntu 8.04.

    Is there any prediction for a public RC build of KDE Elyssa in the coming weeks?

    Good work!

  9. Hi manny.

    Are you fed up with Cds and Dvs?

    So am i

    The chances for Cds and Dvs (to burn isos) OFF are zero – 0
    The many reasons why they (CDs/DVDs) are necessary i won’t
    report them here. It would result in a long chapter

    Now: Lubi – Linux-based Ubuntu Installer

    LUBI, yes can be an excellent app to be added as a second option
    i didn’t konow it

    The screenshots show how it works instead of that video tutorial
    which sometimes freezes firefox and not well done

    link – screenshots



  10. If you are trying to free up space, why not strip down OO a bit? Only include word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation apps. The rest of it can be installed the same easy way as everything else.

    One configuration detail that would be nice, though, is making gconf-editor appear in the menu by default.

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