Linux Mint Debian (201009) released!

Linux Mint Debian (201009)

Today is very important for Linux Mint. It’s one day to remember in the history of our project as we’re about to maintain a new distribution, a rolling one, which promises to be faster, more responsive and on which we’re less reliant on upstream components. Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) comes with a Debian base, which we transformed into a live media and on top of which we added a new installer. It’s rougher and in some aspects not as user-friendly as our other editions, it’s very young but it will improve continuously and rapidly, and it brings us one step closer to a situation where we’re fully in control of the system without being impacted by upstream decisions.

LMDE also represents an alternative, with the same desktop, the same functionality, but a different base, and a difference in hardware support and compatibility. In the scope of our distribution, and our role, which is to provide a modern and elegant operating system, it’s important to give people a choice. We did it with many upstream components. The Software Manager gives users an easy choice when it comes to selecting their favorite applications. We maintain editions for alternative desktops such as KDE, Xfce, Fluxbox and LXDE. And we also provide a choice between 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. From a technical point of view, a package base is a huge part of an operating system. It makes the system using it a derivative of the distribution maintaining it, something that is both based and fully compatible with it. From a user and project point of view though, this is yet another component, and like any other, it can be changed and replaced with alternatives. The Linux Mint desktop which you’ve come to enjoy on top of an Ubuntu base, can be ported to alternative package bases. By the past, I expressed my enthusiasm about this and my interest in experimenting with Debian, Fedora and our own independent base. Work started on Debian about 3 years ago, it was hesitant and we didn’t have the resources to make it a priority. After the release of Linux Mint 9 LTS, we decided to set some time aside for this project, and we’re now proud to announce that Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is out, and available for download!

Welcome to Linux Mint Debian. I’d like to thank all the testers and our development team, Ikey Doherty in particular, for the work that they put in it. I personally had a lot of fun working on this project, and I hope you’ll enjoy this new distribution.

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LMDE in brief

  • Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.
  • At the moment, it comes as a 32-bit live DVD with a Gnome desktop.
  • The purpose of LMDE is to look identical to the main edition and to provide the same functionality while using Debian as a base.


1. Is LMDE compatible with Ubuntu-based Linux Mint editions?

No, it is not. LMDE is compatible with Debian, which isn’t compatible with Ubuntu.

2. Is LMDE fully compatible with Debian?

Yes, 100%. LMDE is compatible with repositories designed for Debian Testing or Debian Squeeze.

3. What is a rolling distribution?

LMDE constantly receives updates. Its ISO images are updated now and then but users do not require to re-install it on their systems.

4. How does LMDE compare to the Ubuntu-based editions?


  • You don’t need to ever re-install the system. New versions of software and updates are continuously brought to you.
  • It’s faster and more responsive than Ubuntu-based editions.


  • Although it’s using Romeo for unstable packages, LMDE continuously changes as it receives updates and new software. Compared to a frozen version of Linux Mint which changes very little once it’s publicly released, it’s not as stable. Things are likely to break more often but fixes can also come quicker. For this reason, LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux, dpkg and APT.
  • Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu. Expect some rough edges.
5. Will it come in 64-bit? With KDE or other desktops?

The decision wasn’t made yet. LMDE is an experiment. Although we’re quite confident it will gain in popularity, we want to get an idea of how many users will switch to a Debian base before going further with it and bringing impacts to other editions. The idea of reaching the same level of functionality without using Ubuntu is quite challenging. It means there are missing pieces in the equation, components which need to be ported or re-written, and whether the pros outweight the cons, this is something we need to assess. A 32-bit Debian-based Gnome edition allows us to work on this with the community. When it’s fully on par with the Main Edition and if there is a demand for it, further editions will come for LMDE.

Additional notes:

  • About the installer: The live installer is developed from scratch with Debian in mind. It’s configurable and it can be re-used by other Debian-based distributions. We noticed a lack in live technologies and in live Debian installers, so we’re happy to take the lead on this. If you’re a developer and you’re interested in using it, have a look at its source repository and don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you fork it and merge upcoming changes between our two projects.
  • About bugs: Please do not use Launchpad for bug reports. We’re considering the best strategy to collaborate with upstream Debian developers. In the meantimes, we opened the following forum thread.
  • About the “wrong ISO”: We recorded that 0.3% of our user base got the wrong ISO, which was synced a few days ago. If you did, you can either download the correct one, or simply update live-installer using the update manager.
  • About the media: It comes as a liveDVD. Locales work differently in Debian and the package base requires more space. We made LMDE compatible with unetbootin though, so you can install it using a USB stick.
  • Dedicated chat room: #linuxmint-debian is open to new LMDE users on


  1. @Clem: was a very fun project to be working on 😀
    Not to mention the stress….. 🙂
    I’d also like to thank the following people:
    Steely (Dale): Kept me sane and provided endless sources of knowledge
    Justin: Helped concieve and test the original LMDE Voodoo Scripts
    for spinning the base ISO.
    exploder: For actually giving me the motivation to go ahead with
    the project
    Suhana: For *the* most rigorous bug testing and ruthless studying
    of the LMDE project, without whom would be lacking in many areas.
    You’ve all been great to work with and really pushed LMDE into
    the limelight, been a pleasure 🙂

    There are countless others who made this possible, whether within
    the testing/development teams/irc/moderation or the community, but
    this textbox is only so big and those people know who they are 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Ikey Doherty

  2. Being more serious. It makes me happy that things once promised by the Mint team are coming into fruition. One of the things that Husse left with me was the thought that if you promise it, then it SHOULD be done. It’s outstanding to see yet another of those promises has been met. 🙂


  3. Hurray! Congrats to the team. I have been anxiously awaiting this release, though I think I will not switch over from the Main Edition straight away. I am curious to see what the reactions are, especially with regards to the differences with Ubuntu-based Mint.

    If all is well, there is no question that I will switch!

  4. I’ve been waiting for this since I read the announcement that you’re working on it. I’ll definately switch to this from the main edition and see how it goes.

    Thank you very much and congratulations to the team!

  5. Congratulations to the superb Mint Team!

    I hope this experiment becomes successful and if that happens I want its default environment to be KDE.Well that was a long shot.

  6. Curious to know what version of xserver intel driver it uses ? Does it suffer from the well known and documented kernel/xserver freezes of latest Ubuntu distros ? If Debian have listened to the many thousands of complaints from Dell Linux users world-wide (who use the problem intel graphics chip set), it would be a god send.

  7. Nice! I have always desired a debian based distro that is based on debian testing yet with the nice finish of linux mint. Il be downoading this one. Hope to make it my Main Distro after checking it out.

  8. cool

    I’m interested in how Debian was different good/bad to Kubuntu as a base? i could understand the reasons you saw in moving (seeing Ubuntu change packages the broke a lot of stuff etc) as was publicized at the time. I’m wondering if there are some technical reasons as to why it is easier to use Ubuntu rather than Debian as a base. I suppose it is just time however. like everything if you had the time and money to spend with Debian or any OS as a base it would be just as polished.

  9. Hello,

    my dreams come true Linux Mint with a real Debian base, it’s fantastic it’s awesome!!! LMDE give’s me now the real and only true DEBIAN. Ok Ubuntu is a very good base too but since the last releases I thought (maybe it’s only a subjective feeling) that the Ubuntu base slipped into a Mac OS like direction. In my opinion Ubuntu is a Mac OS wannabee. Of course there are many users which are taken with that. But the fact that partially some packages like Rhythmbox, Banshee, Pidgin etc. where patched with these curios excesses like App-Indicator makes me a little bit warily about the future of Ubuntu. And Debian was my Linux-childhood I still have strong memories of my first Linux-Steps with Debian.

  10. Oh, yes. Great news! I feel like those dudes on Apple keynotes when Jobs announcing another one iThing. Yes, yes, yes! Congratulations and wish you a big success with this amazing, awesome, magical project and more developers, developers. Will try it as soon as possible.

  11. Thanks guys for the effort in bringing this dream a reality. I really appreciate that LinuxMint would be based on Debian.


  12. Thanks, I’m looking forward to trying this out (I’m keeping a backup installation of old fashioned Mint9 installed though on another partition – if problems should arise.)
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  13. In the first paragraph, I believe “and on which we’re less reliable on upstream components.” should say “and on which we’re less reliant on upstream components.”; Mint is hardly unreliable, after all 🙂

  14. “we want to get an idea of how many users will switch to a Debian base before going further with it and bringing impacts to other editions”

    You are missing the boat on this one, many of us from the Engineering world can’t do anything with a 32bit system as the majority of our software for development is 64bit only due to the memory requirements being 8gig.

  15. Well it seems that you do keep your promises. Looking forward to downloading (very shortly) and trying it out.
    Onwards and upwards, one small step for man etc. etc.
    Keep up the good work, and long may LMDE live!

  16. I have it running on a spare drive using my nvidia hw and my phenom II cpu. I have just about loaded most of the apps I was using w/LM9 and I swear, it hasnt missed a beat!..Awesome job to all involved. I may not even upgrade to x64 when it comes out…I may just go w/the 32bit cause I really never saw a difference using x64 expect issues like flash etc..

  17. What kernel version does it have. Just asking cos my laptop only works with 2.6.35 and I don’t wanna install it if it’s under that.


  18. I hope you bring more stability to mint. Not only to mint, also as we test the distribution (testing/squeeze) the contribution of bug reports and bugfixes go back to debian.
    after crunchbang#, I expected another distro also takes base from debian. I am glad Mint did. Congratulations to all developers and testers.
    I struggled with a lot of distro to make it work on my ideapad s10. Recent changes in didn’t go well with the Linux as far as I observed. After Ubuntu 8.04 installation on my thinkpad z61t, I never saw a new distro stable. I observed updates and Gnome version never stabilized. Hope they will be stable soon.

    I also request your team to consider creating a distro with Enlightment desktop.

    Best wishes!

  19. I’d be more excited about a 64-bit version too, though I have absolutely no concrete reason for that, with this machine (3 Gb RAM, Toshiba laptop). Still, I’ll give this a thorough run in VirtualBox before installing. I rather like my Mint the way it is – and losing the localized Ubuntu-repositories will be a blow (downloads are some 300 kb/s faster through local servers compared to foreign ones) – but why would I use Linux if I don’t like trying something new once in a while? Bring it on!

  20. Now, this is very tempting. I wanted to stick to LTS and stop wasting time on testing distros but this is one is just too tempting.

  21. Yes!!! This is fantastic news! It was quite a surprise to read that LMDE has been on the drawing board for the last three years. For some reason I was under the impression this project wasn’t that far along, so I was quite surprised to see its release today. I just didn’t expect a completed version so soon. Kudos to all who were involved in making this a reality. I have a new hard drive on its way and it is NOW earmarked for use with this distro version. Linux Mint with a rolling release and Debian based is something that many of us Mint users have been dreaming about for some time now, but to see a version ready for download, well, it’s like Christmas coming several months early. Now that it’s here you can rest assured the masses will download, install, and put it through its paces. Soon you and your development team will be receiving tons of meaningful feedback for ironing out the wrinkles in this project. Great things are coming our way. Once again, thanks to all for your efforts.

  22. Good Work Mint Team! I hope Mint will use a Debian Testing Base in the Future over Ubuntu as Debian Testing is More stable and there is no Need for New users to Reinstall everytime they want the Latest Version

    Very Big Plus! and a Move in the right direction…. Away from annoying Ubuntu Bugs

  23. I was looking for a rolling distro for a while now… if this project will keep working, I think I’ve found mine!! good idea mint team!!

  24. @Mint developers: WOOHOO! 😀 Thanks a lot! I’m already fine with the first ISO, but it’s good to know the fixed on is live.

    @Ian (#10): I have two computers with Intel graphics. Here are the mainboards:
    – D946GZIS (GMA 3100) on Linux Mint 9 “Isadora”
    – DH55TC + Core i3 530 (GMA HD) on Linux Mint Debian Edition

    Both work perfectly.

    @Lorin: This is an experiment. Based on the adoption rate, the Mint developers will know if it’s worth the effort or not. In my opinion the adoption rate AND the system’s stability over the next 3 to 6 months will be enough to draw conclusions about the future of LMDE. If you really want a rolling release of Mint based on Debian you could start testing it on one of your machines. Every user counts. Just think about Mint LXDE – it’s also very new but now officially supported. use it yourself, report issues and if they’re minor encourage others to use LMDE. That should take care of your need for the 64-bit edition. Others want it too, but the developers need to start from somewhere and also find their way on the new grounds.

  25. Downloading now and putting on bootable usb. Never used Debian but I have a good feeling about this one. Bye-bye Ubuntu old friend bring on the DebMint!! 😀

  26. Very solid move, Mint devs. After a while, you should make this edition THE default one. Also, the rolling release aspect is very appealing to me.

  27. Thanks and congrats to the LM Dev team. It will be quite refreshing not having to upgrade my entire system every 6 months.

  28. Ikey,

    Thank you so much for the appreciation – it was an absolute joy working on this project with you and everyone else. It was a great experience to be a part of. This was my first big project, and I couldn’t imagine having a better group to work with than the rest of the Mint team.

    Big thanks to clem and Suhana for their hard work and support like you have said, and to exploder and Steely for all the encouragement the whole way through. When rough patches were hit, everyone was there to press on.

    Others as well, too many to be named. Thank you for the opportunity, it’s been nothing but bliss. We’ll do this again =)

    Many thanks
    – Justin

  29. Absolutely awesome guys! I’ve been using Debian apt-pinned with Squeeze/Sid for about 6 months due to several issues with Ubuntu’s non-rolling releases, moving common window buttons, etc. I’ll put this one into my /boot and add it to Grub2 to test out, but I’m sure I’ll install soon.

  30. I was trying to write the image onto a 1GB partition of an 8GB USB stick, using Helena’s usb-creator-gtk, but I cannot open the downloaded copy of linuxmint-debian-201009-gnome-dvd-i386.iso (895.628M) as the input file. maverick-desktop-i386_0906.iso (710.158M) on the other hand can be used just fine.
    Can anyone tell me why that is and how I can fix it?

  31. Wow, this one is great. Just read on distrowatch and was very excited. I like rolling release as you never have the hassle of downloading iso and reinstalling on new releases. But a rolling release Mint with Debian as base would be complete wow. Thanks Mint Team. Great Work – even if there are rough edges, this would be my main OS.

  32. Downloaded & installed the iso from heanet website about 3-4 days back much before this announcement 🙂 and was quite impressed. For a normal user the differences won’t be much apparent, since Mint with Debian or Ubuntu base worked flawlessly anyway. The new difference that i spotted atleast was Debian logo for the pkgs in synaptic 🙂 which previously was not there i think. Yes, there seem to be some small glitches (quite insignificant though) and hoping they’ll be resolved in the days to come and hoping to have a much polished Mint in the future.

    Just a quick couple of checks – any idea when KDE version will be out?
    Can we please change the default green color to something else please? I know it’s easy for anyone to change, but green seems to be overdone, i see green everywhere which is not bad, but some change, is it too much to ask???????


  33. im happy. it is the right way for linux :))… im waiting on 64 bit architecture for my intel processor. :)) but while the 64 bit version will be, i install this on my old pc 🙂 thks and good luck 🙂

  34. Was wondering if support for Nvidia or ATI drivers are available or if re-engineered drivers for these graphic cards with flash work.

  35. congrats to the the linux mint development! Great change. The linux mint is better and better! I have annouced this fantastic release at the linux mint Brazil. The users are very happy with this wonderfull idea. Now, with the end of the sidux is another great option to the “rolling release” fans.

  36. Congratulations guys. Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate it. Hope the Debian Edition can become an important edition among others in Linux Mint.

    I am sure I’ll try it out when I finish my current work.

  37. well, congratulations clem, ikey, suhana, and all other contributing to the linux mint debian edition.

    downloading it now…

    P.S YOU GUYS ROCK, like….. ROCK!

  38. I was waiting for a long time a rolling-release distro based on debian with gnome.

    Congratulations Mint Team. You just won another user.

  39. Yessssss! 🙂
    Thank You guys for all your effort.
    Hope some day Debian Edition will be the main edition of Mint!
    Regards, zolix

  40. awesome! you better drop the ubuntu edition and only develop on this :P.
    but i would really like to see a x64 version

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  42. looks great. Im currently running debian testing, so there is no reaseon for me to switch right now, but next time I install a new system I defintly give it a try!

    I really like Linux Mint but wasen’t happy withe the Ubuntu base.

  43. Congrats Clem and Ikey! A huge, huge round of applause is necessary!

    Mint just broke through one glass ceiling… dependency on Ubuntu. AWESOME!

  44. It’s already looking like ‘the Linux for human beings’ that’s been abandoned by Ubuntu, and is already without the ‘let’s break it’ bugs that are infesting Maverick.
    I love the way that VLC works fully straight away, with gstreamer etc plugins that immediately support added sound-juicer VBR re-profiling, but I miss the AcidRip of 64-bit Isadora so that will remain as my distro of choice for a while.
    Harking back to Cassandra/Celena/Daryna debates, by all means have a ‘blue KDE version’ for Linux traditionalist, but please don’t abandon a Gnome version that’s actually easier for newbies to get used to. As to colour, that’s in the eye of the beholder, with green being the most responsive part of the visual spectrum, but a different, say silver hue could delineate a difference that rather like car colours attracts more universal acceptance, but a psychologist could probably provide better advice ?
    Meanwhile, as said, LinuxMint continues to rock !

  45. Please, do not follow in Fedora’s and Debian’s footsteps. I always found your distros to be user friendly and easier to migrate to 3d apps than Debian of Fedora. Certainly as a server it may get attention, but pleeeeeeeeeze give it your own spin and make it less boring than the other Debian distros. I have tested 100’s of distros in the past three years and yours was my favorite because it was user friendly and admin friendly. Please show DEBIAN???? how it should be done, the same way you showed UBUNTU……….!!

    Mr. Jack Edelson, CEO
    Smartbyte Systems, Inc.
    An Opensource Company!!!

  46. Great news. Great project.

    This is the future.

    Mint 9 Gnome =>>> Mint Debian 😀
    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    waiting XFCE and KDE…

  47. Just when I thought I had finally found THE ONE, Mint, you have to tempt me with this! I’ll definitely be downloading and using it.

  48. Great! I believe the two great dists will surely benefit from each other and Mint improvement payload with Debian rolling base will be wonderful. Cheers!

  49. Just a check, is this edition going to be a RLTS (really long term support 😉 ) since it’s rolling release.

    Can we also get some how-to’s on how to upgrade the kernel to the latest version as well..

    Based on this stmt {we want to get an idea of how many users will switch to a Debian base before going further with it and bringing impacts to other editions.} i hope this project will gain traction and not stop abruptly. What will happen to those who will use this edition as the main OS instead of existing ‘buntu based mint. Atleast i plan to..

  50. I just wait for 32 & 64 bits on one DVD. I think it’s possible.
    I test it but wait a 64 bits LMDE for a fresh install on my desktop.

  51. Awesome!! Just saw the release notice on –highly polished Linux Mint with Debian Squeeze rolling-release base!! Doesn’t get any better than that –huge thank you AND congrats to ALL the devs that made LMDE real!!! THANK YOU

  52. Thanks a lot to the whole lm team!! This is exactly what i’m expecting to happen every day in the Open Source/Linux world.
    I can’t stand the wait…. downloading the ISO right now.

  53. I really do not understand the reasoning behind not offering a 64 bit version. If a 64 bit version was available I would switch today. This will end up being a chicken/egg situation: You will wait for users to be plentiful enough to justify a 64 bit version, while a lot of users will wait for the 64 bit version which will not come because there aren’t enough users on 32 bit.

  54. I started the download this morning before heading off to work, got home and put the iso on a usb with unetbootin, and I am using it now as I type this. So far everything works great, but I am only using it as a liveUSB at the moment. I will do a full install later tonight. It will be great to not have to do a fresh install every year or so to get the latest release.

    Thank you to the whole Mint team.

  55. Hmm,if Debian crashes more and more things are done via console,I will stay with Ubuntu. I need something stable to work productivity and sure I will give a try to this one. 🙂

  56. Congrats to the Mint team. I like Ubuntu, but I can see advantages to switching to the more streamlined Debian base. CrunchBang has made the switch with excellent results. I’ll be trying this out. Based on what I’ve seen with CrunchBang Statler alpha(!!), I expect LMDE to be rock solid.

  57. Cool! Finally! I think it’s great and I would definetively choose LMDE over regular Ubuntu based LM!

    Keep it up lads!

  58. Please add 64bit KDE version. I will definitely not use anything else. I’ve been looking for a good debian based, 64bit, rolling release system with KDE. This is my holy grail of distributions.

  59. minus having to get graphics driver manually this rocks just installed over windows so i hope i can still take surveys

  60. Dear Ubuntu,

    Thanks for the good times, and I will remember our relationship fondly. however, it is time for us to go our separate ways. No, I don’t need to take some time to think, I’ve made up my mind and this is for good. I’d say “It’s not you, it’s me”, but it is partly you, though I’ve fallen for someone else. Good luck in the future Ubuntu, and I’ll see you around, but Debian is what makes me happy now.

    PS: Congrats to Clem and the Mint team! This is a great milestone, and a great decision. Ubuntu is great, but building a better distro off of a cleaner, leaner base will yield even more amazing results, once your efforts mature. Can’t wait to install!

  61. gran trabajo probare la iso. adiós maldito ubuntu, y fedora cuando?? también creo que deberían ofrecer un entorno para netbook como meego. prefiero la versión de 64bits.

  62. Congrats to all of you guys…
    Now looking into it…the apt will have the debian repos as u said right…so the users r limited to use apps designed to run debian…one shud add the debian repos manually at work and not ubuntu repos as usual(pls i need some clarification there)…but the power is great..more responsive more beauty and excellent as mint…great work..
    i always get inspired by u people…i sometimes feel like learning the complete programming and do my part with u..
    Just take things easy and concentrate more on LM10 then just come back onto thid dude again pls…a debian based Mint…sounds like user in power…

  63. So sorry to not have a 64 bit edition,I’m thinking…what about changing sources with debian testing will it help or will it brake !?

  64. I’m a fan of Ubuntu, but i’m still glad that my first linuxlove, Linux Mint, appears to be moving away from it – it makes sense for Mint not to be tied to such a strong upstream vision.

    You also have to respect Debian’s FOSS principles, so having the Mint team’s code sent back upstream to improve Debian is great news. I’m seeding LMDE now and will try to provide some bugtesting/feedback.

  65. This is great news, rolling release is a step forward, future of Linux.
    Have you thought about using Arch Linux as a base? They have a large software repository, very active community, although it’s a rolling release, packages are usually well tested which makes it quite stable and it’s lightning fast, fully customizable because it comes with bare minimum of components installed.

  66. Thank you – while I would have preferred an all out 64 bit ready to go final product, who would not, I need a ready to go box before I leave the country tomorrow.

    If this works, great, if not, there is always 9.

    However, many of us would have used Mint a long time ago were it debian made perfect or fast or easy.

    The more similar to a gnome standard desktop, the less gui stuff, but everything working including dvdcss, flash, and so on, otob, is a huge thing since few still have the time we did ten years ago to spend a day install debian.



  67. Congratulations, good work!!! I will stick to Debian, because I am a geek. In the past for “normal” desktop users I recommended Ubuntu, if they want to give Linux a try. In future my recommendation will absolutely sure be LMDE, because its a Debian with the eyecandy and ease of use from Mint.

  68. I thought I found “the one” with CrunchBang#! Statler, which is also Debian based. I’ll have to put this one on VMware to try it out. I may be switching distros yet again. 🙂

  69. This sounds great, but why no 64bit? I would install the 64 instantly…right now it looks like I’ll just play with this off a flash drive.

  70. Bravo for the great work.
    I was expecting a Mint debian-based and one based on fedora.
    Half of my wishes has been fulfilled.
    A great challenge for Sidux and Parsix (based on debian testing)
    thank you and good luck for the future

  71. Great news. Well done to the devs.

    This is the future of desktop Linux right here. The best base with the best deployment. Awesome.

    Another donation on its way!

  72. Amazing! I can watch a video on youtube in the virtual box, which suggests it’s really fast. Looking forward to trying it as a live cd and cant wait until a 64bit version!!

  73. When you get the KDE version out I will switch to the Debian base. Have always been a Debian user until Mint. This will be the best of all worlds.


  74. Wow! Debian used to be the base for many distributions. Now most choose Ubuntu, which I don’t like.
    Right now I am using Debian Testing, configured by me with all proprietary drivers and plug-ins.
    Great job, guys 🙂

  75. Nothing shows up yet on Wikipedia about Mint/Debian. It would be nice if someone added the new information to the Linux Mint page there.

  76. Seems okay, but the search function in Synaptic won’t work for some reason. Kinda sucks that there isn’t as much software selection as well.

  77. I am really excited on this project. I have it on VBox right now and runs Flawlessly!!!!

    Looking forward to have it on 64bit and I hope this grows in popularity and demand so you can keep going further!

    This is a serious alternative to Ubuntu, and I am considering dual booting them just to give it a real dayly basis try.

    For you reading this right now, try it! You will not regret it!

  78. Congrats to the whole team! The only thing cooler than a Debian based Mint would be a Debian based Mint with KDE Trinity but in the meantime I can handle that part myself. thanks….

  79. About time! Less stable than Ubuntu 10.04?? Unlikely, imho. I had to install aptitude on 10.10…

    I can’t wait to try this – maybe this is the “Ubuntu” that I’ve always been waiting for (i.e. an ‘easy’ Debian installer!)

    sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade;

    but… Rolling release? You mean ^^ until Squeeze is labeled “Stable” right?

    Let me know when the 64bit is out (my 8G don’t like 32bit OSs).

    I’ve been using #! (crunchbang) alpha2 (Debian based instead of Ubuntu) just to get away from Ubuntu. Great for my laptop, but it would be a waste of my desktop resources to just run Openbox.

    Lets see 64 bit and Gnome 3.0!!!!!

  80. I have been looking forward to this release with great expectations for over a year! Ubuntu has become buggier with every new release for the last three release cycles. Therefore Linux Mint has also suffered as well from these problems since it uses Ubuntu as a base. I have always believed that Canonical rushes the stable release too early, and lately, Ubuntu for me has behaved more like an early Beta when released.

    Since Ubuntu, and thus Mint uses a six month release cycle, you are reinstalling the OS twice a year. With a rolling release, this is eliminated! I am certain that the “rough edges” will be smoothed out with time. Thank you Ikey, clem, exploder, and all the developers, developers, developers and all the testers that have poured their heart out for us to make this possible! Thank you!

  81. Done downloading.

    I tried to install the virtualbox to no luck.
    I’m stuck on “Mounting /dev/sda1 on /target/” 🙁

    Anyone else encountered this problem installing in virtualbox?
    What did you do?

  82. It would be really nice to have a 64 bit…I will give this a go on a VM, maybe an old tower. Really disappointed that a lot of distro devs keep things 32 bit.

  83. I will install on my back up system hopefully 64bit will be out soon so I can install to my main computer 🙂

  84. Sounds like a fun and cutting edge distro, glad it’s finally in here. Is the error version describes LMDE as “LinuxMint” is because it should be linked to lsb_release /etc/distrib-release??? and not /etc/linuxmint/info ???

  85. I have installed it. Installation was smooth.Its fast on my pc took only 2.6 gb . Now I will try to install it on my Asus 901.However I did miss my Amarok.

  86. I think this is great…but very important..ubuntu and kubuntu and distros based on it like Mint has the BEST FONT RENDERING i have ever seen in linux distros, so please get that mastered along with the various other fixes and polishing you will do) to make it a true Mint triumph!

  87. As a loyal LM fan for some time now I always loved the fluxbox editions but I have toi say that having just installed LMDE, I’m impressed!

    FYI loading the Nvidia graphics packages abd building the kernel module took some figuring out and isn’t as easy as on the standard editions, but I now have Nvidia running and all is well.

    Hardware is P4 @ 3GHZ with 2 gig ram. Video is GEforce 9500 with 1 Gig ddr2.

    Speed seems very good and is responsive… all the attributes I look for in a daily distro.

    I think I’ll keep this and follow it for awhile. well done guys!



  88. reading the second paragraph i thought there WAS a KDE edition already (with the Debian base) but it seems there isn’t… oh, well i suppose i can wait. but… did it say there that it wont work with Ubuntu’s package repositories? because if i can only install Debian’s packages, i wont use it. i asked this before and people told me it will have the same repos, now im confused… :S

    oh well, good work anyways.

  89. OMG! You guys just wrote linux history! Debian(stable) is by far the best linux server OS and Debian(testing) is propably the best branch of it for desktop use or use it as a base for Linux-Mint!

    Im writting this using Debian-Mint right now. I won’t convert my main desktop yet because I would like to wait for an x86_64 version, but I’m happy to say that from now on, Debian will keep powering my servers and DebMint will power all my desktops/laptops!!!

    Thank you for making a dream of mine possible!

  90. BTW… Coming from an Arch-Linux background I can say for sure that the “rolling-release” model is the right way to go for a modern desktop distro!

  91. This post is from LMDE, running from a flash drive prepared with unetbootin, which worked flawlessly. Everything seems to be working, including wifi (which was my main concern), so I am just about ready to install to the hard drive.

    Thanks again folks, this may prove to be the best Linux Mint yet, which is no small feat.

  92. Good luck with this! I recently just went the other WAY, keeping my /home partition and ditching Sid (by way of Parsix) to come back to Isadora 64 (Gnome).

    a few things I’ve noticed.. Debian by default uses ALSA as opposed to puslseaudio. I can’t count the numerous time I had to kill via cli npviewer in Debian. The Flash plugin (32-bit wrappered) works MUCH better on Mint’s Ubuntu base than in straight Debian.

    Iceweasel. Granted 90% of the people who install “DebMint” will know Iceweasel is a renamed Firefox. The other 10% are gonna be REAL confused. And those who get it installed may feel that they are coming up short. Iceweasel’s latest release for Testing: 3.5.11 … Firefox version currently running in an updated Isadora environment: 3.6.8 … you CAN get Iceweasel 3.6.8 from Experimental but it crashes if you breathe too hard.

    I applaud your efforts. I’ll give it a quick spin for my own curiosity and take a more serious look at this when/if it is available for amd64.

  93. Has anyone given a try on installing KDE with this edition? Found ram usage on gnome with LMDE to be about 325MB with just firefox (+3 open tabs) running. However on KDE (with sidux & mepis) ram usage was just about the same but this time it was either ff/chrome with more than 3 open tabs and few other apps running. So gnome seems to take quite a bit of ram, wanted to check if it’s the same story with kde and lmde or is it much better in kde world.


  94. My processor is Intel T4200, it supports 64bits, so should I install 64bits OS or 32bits OS?

    My ram is 2G, if I install 64bits OS, will be run better or faster than 32bits?

    I don’t know why 64bits Processor come out.

  95. ***ATTENTION***

    I know I speak for many on here when I say “IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU RELEASE A ROLLING RELEASE!”

    We have been wanting one for a very long time, Either Mint or Ubuntu.

    I’ll tell you this, I see Mint destroying Ubuntu now for good in terms of use solely because this can now be installed once and left alone.

    It’s alot easier to get people to use a distro when they know they won’t have to bother with anything else, except updating to maintain their machine for years to come…

    *****I have 1 QUESTION though*****

    I’m running the LIVE Version through a USB in my other machine and ran into a problem.

    Mint was able to work with my wireless ( the notorious broadcom driver ) before but with this one, it doesn’t

    Is this because it’s more on the Debian side now or is it because I have to install then be able to use it?

    Thanks again for this…

    Goodluck and all the best : )

  96. Love this idea! I will be back in a month or two to check on the progress and probably replace my Ubuntu 10.10 with this. Can’t wait to see if there will be a 64 bit version!

  97. G-L-A-D!

    This is simply… awesome. Our Christmas gift came three months and a half earlier!

    I am not the only one waiting for a new Mint distro independent of Ubuntu. In fact, the problem is not Ubuntu: it’s not bad, and it’s quite popular. But there are… things better than Ubuntu. 🙂 And we are eager to test it and improve it in many ways.

    Downloading now. Feedback will be reported.

    CONGRATULATIONS for your superb work!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  98. Stop whining about 64bit. Until adobe gets there @#! 2gether your better off with 32bit and I believe that is what the mint devs r thinking 2.
    Hey mint team thxs 4 LMDE y’all finally pulled me away from Mint 6 fb/ce.

  99. Tested it, but gives problem with drivers. My WIFI (which is broadcom) wasn’t working, I didn’t got the option to install the drivers (which I got on normal version of Mint, and the computer sound was giving problems (also had no problem at all with normal version of Mint).

    I noticied also some Compiz default settings weren’t working.

    Unless drivers work as well as on the “normal” mint it doesn’t make any sense to change version.

  100. Torrent at 50%, Looking forward to growing with this new distro, it will take the place LM8 and dual boot with LM9, til I’m done making the first few silly mistakes, then it will get it’s own home, as I want my cake and eat it too!
    Thanks Team you made my day.

  101. I have successfully installed thru VirtualBox.

    During installation, I choose Philippines as my country since I’m from Philippines. But after installation, some of the text(especially the Date/Time) are indeed in Tagalog language in which I don’t prefer this language in the OS in my system. How can I change it? I wanted to change it to pure english. All english, no tagalog in some text.

  102. I decided to use Ubuntu as a base and run Debian Mint in a Virtualbox session to see how well it works but it is running on a spare machine very well

  103. I love this distro. I am really pleased to have this distro in a Debian flavor. Debian, its good to be back home after all these years of Ubuntu…!

    I noticed the installer did not ask me to create a root password. Unlike Ubuntu, in Debian the root user’s PW is different then the normal user’s PW. In the case of this installer, it made my normal user’s PW the same as the root user’s PW. In the spirit of keeping this a true Debian distro I will try to manually change the root user’s PW to be its own unique PW separate from all normal users.

    A few hints for those who have never used a straight Debian and the “super user” system.

    To get super user privileges, pull up a terminal window and type, su then press enter, give your password and press enter. The term prompt will change from user@user$ to user user# and now you are the super user for as long as you keep the terminal window open.

    After becoming the super user “su” you can make any command without having to retype su again. This is unlike Ubuntu where you have to type sudo in front of each command even after you have already given the sudo password in an earlier command. “su” is never a part of any command. It is a command. It is the command to change a normal user to super user.

    Example: user user# apt-get install package (notice no su or sudo or anything in front of the command). That is because you should have already given the su command and become super user.

    I don’t know how to make this any clearer, and I hope it is not confusing anyone.

    Thanks you Mint!

  104. @windsor marketing

    Format the swap partition from within Gparted. Don’t format it using the main window (the window before Gparted). I’ve tried it formating in that window and I experienced the same problem.

    Again, format only the swap partition from within Gparted 🙂
    Don’t write click on main window, select, and format as swap. Don’t do that. I don’t know why but I also was stuck with the same part when I format swap outside gparted.

  105. To get a Broadcom wifi card to work, plug into an internet connection with a cable, bring up the package manager and install packages “b43-fwcutter” and “firmware-b43-installer”. There are actually three different “firmware-b43xxx-installer” packages, so you may need to try each installer package depending on your broadcom card.

    B43-fwcutter is required regardless of which …installer package you need. Mine worked with the first combination.


  106. I’ve just put it onto an Acer Aspire One – it’s amazingly fast and everything works out of the box. I am so pleased to see a Debian-based version of Mint.

  107. Great job with all of the hard work getting a Mint Debian up and rolling!

    This is the snappiest version of Gnome I’ve ever seen. I look forward to watching how this evolves.

  108. This is exciting. Not many Debian based xfce distros out there so will be looking forward to LMDEXfce. Thanks guys!!

  109. I Hope so you are not trying to reinvent the wheel…I Use Linux Mint but also Ubuntu, and one of the reason i am using the Mint is because it’s sharing almost the same packages.
    not matter what are you doing UBUNTU it’s the leader in the Linux World
    and that is the fact and you can’t change.
    it’s the only Linux distro can challenge M$ and the only Linux operating system which is the most stable and the only one update it on the time..
    you are trying to re-invert the wheel and it’s shame and ungrateful
    UBUNTU always will be the leader and that is fact whether your want to hear that or not…goodbye from me and I choose to follow only

  110. I will be installing the modified kernel that another user mentioned for even better desktop performance and am glad you released this!
    I had to go into GParted to fine-tune my advanced partitioning needs during install however, that was it. Whats the deal with not having swap space? I get “Mounting /dev/sda1 on /target/” so guess I’ll retry this without one. Thanks!

  111. First though: You are my Heroes!

    Seriously speaking: I’m testing Debian Squeeze in a VM for month now, and nothing got broken. I’ve also installed bleeding-edge packages from Sid (unstable) repos without any issues. It’s a MYTH that Debian is so difficult to work with. APT and Synaptic are the same as in Ubuntu.
    It would be great to have a PPA community support as Launchpad for Ubuntu… even Fedora is going in this direction recently.
    Last though: why not Freenode for IRC?
    Waiting for a x86_64 version..
    Cheers from Italy!

  112. I had some problems with Mint 9 – went back to Mint 8 – tried Suse 11.3 – went back to Mint 9 and now I am (so far) happy with Debian Mint. Everything works and what didn’t was easy enough to fix. Happy.

  113. I am downloading LMDE now. Even though I have not used it yet, I believe it is the future of Linux Mint and Linux in general.

    The six month release cycle is the turd in the punch bowl from the viewpoint of most OEMs. If an OEM sells a computer with Linux pre installed, it would often times be out of date before to consumer even takes possession of the machine.

    Of course there are other rolling release distributions out there. I can not think of one that is user friendly though.

    If the Linux Mint team can make a distribution that is user friendly without the short shelf life of other distributions, it can probably bring Linux usage into the solid double digits.

  114. VERY excited about this! If this doesn’t take off I’ll be seriously disappointed. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  115. I have downloaded and installed it on both my home PC and office PC. It’s wonderful, very fast (really really fast). All the applications are of latest version. I thank Linux Mint team for this marvelous gift. I hope Linux Mint team will never give second preference to this edition as it is expected to be one of the most usable editions for many linux users. Thank you, once again.

  116. Hello! I am mainly using Mint 9 LTS and I think this debian project is very interesting. I will keep a keen eye on it but I will wait a while before installing it as a primary system. Anyway, I thank you for your efforts delivering a great distro! 🙂

  117. From the Netherlands mint forum we say congratulations whit this great Mint edition.
    We have some Debian users on our forum and they can help iff there are questions.
    I hope Mint wil go on whit the Debian base and drop the Ubuntu Base some times becaus the Debian base is mutch more stable.
    Thank you for this release.

  118. Fantastic!!! Waited for this de day it was announced, can’t wait to test it. Hopefully there will be a 64-bits version soon as well :p

    Amazing work LM team thank you very much.

  119. This should make for a big improvement in power consumption, running temp and RAM usage, based on my experience with the new CrunchBang Statler vs earlier versions.

    I wonder how hard it would be to have CrunchBang and Mint as alternative seasons on the same installation, given that they’re both based on Debian Testing? (Though I think CrunchBang might be planned to stay with Squeeze even after it becomes stable).

  120. Basing it on Debian Testing. Does that mean that we’ll have old packages quite a long time in “Debian freeze” period and new unstable packages after Debian turns Stable?

  121. Just put as much as possible drivers, even if all of this would take a full dvd. This would mean that you have the most complete distribution. Many appear to have a problem with the Broadcom drivers and do not understand why they do not put in the cd

  122. Great!

    I’ll wait for 64bit edition, but I’m glad there is a distro that follows testing schema of Debian; I’m very tired of waiting for (important) updates on ubuntu based distros until the next release.

    On the other hand, it will improve the Debain base software; they need it.

    Congratulations, and good luck!

  123. I think is good to have 2 editions of mint debian. A rolling and no rolling.
    I install it yesterday and is perfect already:)

  124. Super! Absolutely no hassle installing, I didn’t even have to fight the installer about which partition to place it in.

    I think all the developers should take a bow, you deserve massive amounts of praise – thank you on behalf of all us users


  125. Great work guys!

    Just installed and write this message from it.

    I hope this distro not just experiment but a serious work for a future.

  126. Hello to everyone,

    To report the boot dvd, much faster than other versions based on Ubuntu.

    Here, it is installed on my hard drive.
    Installation in eight minutes on partitions already prepared to receive it (they were waiting for this for some time).

    A little over 250 updates later, everything went well.
    It is faster to all views, boot and use that Xfce Mint (Ubuntu based).

    The team did a superb job.

  127. If the number of comments here after only a day or two says anything, it’s that there’s ALOT of interest in this. Only 150 or so comments behind the Linux Mint 9 Main Edition blog entry, which has been up for months.

  128. As a daily user for years of Linux Mint (several desktop environments) I am pleased to notice how much faster Linux Mint Debian runs on my 10 year old Dell desktop with only 512MB RAM and a low spec video card! Even installing Picasa is a piece of cake after a Google search using Terminal. Drop Ubuntu and continue the splendid team work under Debian.

  129. Congratulations, I suggest you to make versions from the faster ARCH or even better Sabayon or Gentoo.

    Your distro is the best for new users in my opinion because of your web based system of adding apps.

    And of course increase the apps supporte in your web.

  130. I’m installing LMDE right now on my laptop. This is what I always wanted: a rolling distro based on Debian testing with some tools like Mint has for the lazy person in me. I don’t wan’t to loose much time configuring my Debian system, but I just love Debian.

    Thank you for doing this, I hope you’ll continue the development and keep it 100% compatible with Debian repos.

  131. For the next Linux-Mint LMDE I would suggest an installation like in Sabayon DVD.
    In Sabayon DVD would be asked which Desktop Environment you prefer and it will installed. Because of the hard work of Linux Mint team to give the possibility to choose between lot of DE and KDE, it may be a goal of LMDE.
    For me a LMDE Fluxbox installation possobility would be great.

  132. Congratulations everyone, Clem, The Linux Mint Development Team, The Community and Every User interested and involved. Each and everyone of you, make me feel fortunate and proud to be part not just of the development of an operating system with real people in mind, but a concept around a clean, honest and intelligent way of life, really, if I pass 10 hours or more working daily in front of my PC, then how great is to feel so nice doing what you do for a living and knowing that also the not so privileged people around the globe have the chance too? Priceless. Mint rules! Congrats, In my eyes, independence day. The chance to begin anew and keep on designing new exciting tools to be truly unique and keep evolving what is already great upon a really stable and dignifying base. Now where is the ultra minimal Slitaz edition for really old machines? just kidding. No complaints, no requests, just gratitude… This day is to celebrate… Cheers!

  133. Distributor ID: LinuxMint
    Description: Linux Mint Debian Edition
    Release: 1
    Codename: debian

    Linux ianforrest-debian 2.6.32-5-686 #1 SMP Tue Jun 1 04:59:47 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

    I’ve installed it on my desktop unit for testing before installing it on my laptop. Everything’s working fine and now it’s downloading the current updates.

    One question: Was it really intentional to remove the Administration->Hardware Drivers menu or just not supported under the Debian-based? I really need this feature to automatically install the B43 driver for my Lenovo laptop wireless without any source compilation.

    Cheers and congratulations for releasing such wonderful distro.

  134. WONDERFUL to see this non Ubuntu based version of Mint released so soon! I had half expected it to take another year or so to even see a beta. I look forward to jockey and the like popping up soon to help make it easier to use, but for now I’m already pleased to see my dry running speed (nothing running) dropping from nearly 370mb down to 180mb. A truely astounding drop in ram usage given that nearly everything I’ve needed to make Linux more pleasant for myself is still present in this release. Makes me curious just what Ubuntu has been doing to their system to raise ram usage in such a way…is this huge spike in ram really what we’ve been paying just to boot a few seconds faster?

    And as for those saying Ubuntu is the only one capable of challenging windows….don’t forget that Ubuntu started the way Linux Mint Debian is getting rolling. A project choosing the most stable base and building on top of it with the ‘original’ goal (for ubuntu) of making Linux usable for human beings. Only main difference is we’re not deviating so far from the base project that we need to spend hundreds and hundreds on debugging our own mess and ‘reinventing the wheel’ each release with this project :P. A situation which has gotten…messier and messier for Ubuntu per release. Heck, I’ve never had another distro where I had SOME kind of hardware regression every single release that nearly broke my install. Heck, even 10.04, the most stable I’ve seen in awhile, has a hardware issue where I need to REBOOT to re-enable my touchpad!

    But off that topic, I fully look forward to seeing this project in x64, and I will fully support the project by using x32 until one is released (which I am confident in)! Just don’t take user numbers to heart, as many won’t install due to a lack of x64 (I nearly didn’t, but I already know how to install the bigmem kernel to get 64gb max ram support in x32)

  135. Congrats to the whole team…

    I guess this will be the first step towards Freedom….

    Independent Mint is always a good sign…

    Eagerly Awaiting the KDE version….

    And Lastly…It is good that LMDE is released…But to atleast Differentiate with the MINT 9…A colour change should have been done…Tired to see the Green…!!!

  136. I’ve been using Mint since 5, and 64 bit for 2 years now. LMDE is the best gift so far this year. I was about to move to Parsix due to Ubuntu 10 audio bugs and related that show up in Mint and make Mint look bad. I’ll use the 32 bit LMDE and upgrade to 64 bit as soon as it is available. I can also alpha or beta test a 64 bit version. Did I mention I really want a 64 bit LMDE ? Please.

  137. This has been a great week. Vacation time and now LMDE. 🙂
    Still working on it with my testing desktop and love what I see. To Clem and developers, well done. I hope that this is the direction that Linux Mint will follow permanently as it has much more pros than cons (which I don’t see any).

    Great job all.

  138. Glad to hear you guys are finally making a Debian based distro! I’m looking forward to trying it out this weekend.

  139. Oh wow, now Mint sucks even more. No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to say Ubuntu doesn’t sucks. It just sucks abit less than Debian.

  140. That was really good news. Personally, I switched to Arch Linux,and I can not see that I switch back any time soon. But the kids use Linux Mint. I think there will be a reinstall soon, on their computers.

  141. I saved an extra 116GB when I set up my new laptop. Now I know what to do with it. I’ll give this 32bit edition a shot and play with it, and I’ll probably switch completely if/when the 64bit LMDE comes out.

  142. Just installed on my test box – seems to be running wonderfully! My thanks to the Mint Team for taking my favorite OS into a new direction!

    I will install on my production machines after the 64 bit version is released, which I hope is soon!

  143. Installed Debian Mint on my Asus Eee PC 900a. Works great. Very responsive. No periodic freezes. As I write this, I am using Google Chrome,4 tabs open, youtube video playing in one and my memory usage is 257 mb.

    This distro seems to work a bit better for my netbook: “Disk Utility” normally displays larger than my 1024×600 screen. Now I am able to scroll up and access all functions. Great

    I have been wanting to put debian Squeeze on my netbook for some time, but the lack of an easy to use installer frustrated me. Thanks for this effort.

  144. Congratulations Clem, Ikey and all the team.

    I look forward to trying it in a week or so, with the intention of eventually making it my main. Thanks to all for their efforts, which are much appreciated 🙂

  145. Awesome!!! Keep on the good work!

    Please go ahead with other versions. I will test this but I will wait for KDE x64 to switch as my main OS.

    Many thanks.

  146. I just finished installing LMDE to my laptop (Triple boot XP, Mint9 XFCE & LMDE). I must say that I’m already impressed with its out of the box performance and ease of installation. A few notes on my experiences thus far:

    1) (from Windows) best to use Unetbootin vs Linux Live USB Creator when transferring the live DVD image over to a USB stick to try out the the DVD or to install to a hard disk from USB.

    2) Linux Live USB creator was unable to create a persistence file for this ISO and also when a “live” drive key was created, a kernel panic occurred when booting from USB (best to stick with Unetbootin, imho).

    3) If an existing version of Linux Mint (or another flavor of Linux) is already installed and one wishes to create a multi-boot system DO NOT check the last option during installation that installs the boot loader. Leave it unchecked, reboot system and go into recovery mode and choose the option to update grub. Continue with normal boot/login as guided by the recovery menu, then do a “sudo reboot” and Voilia! You have a triple boot system (granted you partitioned your HD manually and using Gparted directly instead of the Ubuntu version of Gparted is very refreshing and easy on the eyes).


    “Enable mouse clicks with touchpad” IS NOT enabled by default! Which means you can tap, tap harder, tap even harder (hit, bang, punch) the touchpad as hard as you like and it wont work.

    *** This is something I think should be changed and mouse clicks should be enabled by default because potential Windows and Mac converts will expect this feature to work and the goal should be ease of transition over to Linux Mint ***

    In order to fix this go to:

    Menu > Control Center > Hardware > Mouse > Touchpad Tab:

    Then check “Enable Mouse Clicks with Touchpad” box (and by the way even though I disabled the touchpad while typing feature, my cursor still jumps (but that is not a Linux Mint issue).

    5) The standard Google custom search is in use in Firefox and there is no installed option to use the Original Google (as in the Ubuntu versions of Linux Mint). I live in the US and I hear peeps in the EC have an issue with this but I’m ok with keeping it. The ad revenue will help keep the dev of this terrific and (in my humble opinion) the hottest distro of 2010 funded.

    Great work guys!!!


  147. one thing i would like to know is how codecs will be handled. I know that when crunchbang went to debian, although it was really cool, it was a real PITA to get the stuff that would normally be found in ubuntu-restricted-extras.

    Also, it was harder to install the necessary stuff to get my nvidia card working.

  148. Dear Clem,

    Congratulations for you the great job you all have done with the version LMDE.

    I’m writting you because you should know that I have finded through system monitor zombies processes.

    The symptom is :
    when you open an application there is not problem but when you close it the zombie process is produced. It can be killed but if you do it twice, if I open again the same application or any other it happens again.Not only me but some other people have told me the same occurred to them.

    This not only happens with the LMDE version but also with the Isadora 64 bits version.

    I think is a matter you should be informed about.

    Thanks for your kind attention
    Greetings from Valencia, Spain

  149. I’ve been contemplating going back to Mint 8 because I’ve had a few issues with 9. Now I am d/l the torrent for LMBD and will start testing. If my testing goes smooth enough, there will be at least 12 other computers converted to LMDB as well.

    Keep up the excellent work!!

  150. It would appear that PulseAudio has been imposed in this Mint edition, without the option – there isn’t even a multimedia selector in the system preferences as far as I can see. This alone is enough to make me give LMDE a wide berth.

  151. This is great!

    I have sent a donation as a way of encouraging you to move to 64-bit.

    Some people say that there is nothing to be gained in taking a desktop OS to 64-bit. Anyone who has run the the same desktop OS in 32- and 64-bit forms, compiled using a recent GCC, will tell you that is nonsense! The 64-bit version performs much better – as it should. Since all new computers, apart from netbooks, are now using 64-bit processors, is it not time we laid 32-bit software to rest?


  152. I’ve been waiting for this, but … I wanted a KDE64 version. I think I’ll stick with the Ubuntu-based KDE64 edition for now, while I await the Debian-based, KDE64, no-replace version.

  153. I was looking long and hard at Debian before I decided to use Mint. So I am really happy to hear about LMDE and will be extremely happy when the 64 bit version is released.

    Off to download LMDE for a 32 bit install.

  154. for all of those that want a 64bit version, I have been playing with it, and have been able to basically recreate a 64bit version. Some things are different but for the most part it runs exactly like the 32bit LMDE version… Let me know if you guys are interested.

    In a nutshell do a debian testing 64 bit netinstall
    do standard install (no-gui)…. change squeeze to testing in repo and add contrib and non-free. Add debian multimedia repo and debian mint repo… add the keyrings for both repos you added and then install as much of mint-meta-debian as possible and add gdm3 and xorg and you have yourself a 64bit version. Yes you still have to install sudo and add yourself to sudoers file and you have to change the panel, but other than that its very minty….. I have started working on script that will do this after installing base netinstall of debian if anyone is interested…… Not that the script is very good right now but it works.

  155. Hy! If the LMDE will out in KDE flavor, I will test/use it. But now, I wont, thanks. I am not like Gnome. But I am happy, that LMDE is out!

  156. I wish there will be a KDE 64-bit version soon. I was waiting for this, guess i have to wait a little longer! Until then, i will stay with mint 9 KDE.

  157. thks. a lot for this good news. Downloaded and installed in a virtualbox machine. Until now running awesome. Will change to it as main distro as soon as used a little bit.

  158. moved quickly from testing it to installing on my 3 yr old toshiba laptop. Excellent distro- install and update process has some warnings and prompts that would confuse newbies 4 sure. Also fonts are different than Mint 9 and a little clunkier. Overall though A++

  159. I already intalled it and it’s very stable, but GDEBI is absent, please put it in the updates or in a new version.

  160. no 64-bit seems an odd decision (faq says no 64 bit??) if it was rolling and 64bit I’d be all over this in favour of Ubuntu who seem to be making some odd mac rip off choices….

    give us 64-bit ie modern hardware on a rolling release with packages true to the individual projects output and I think you’ll see a decent number of people forsaking MacBuntu

  161. Looks good, but my system time wasn’t set correctly. Not sure if that has something to do with UTC. Also the quick search in Synaptic doesn’t work.

  162. I’m just curious. What sort of stability are you expecting over the latest release of either Ubuntu or Linux Mint 9 with this new release off LMDE?

  163. Hooray! It’s installed and running nicely. The idea of rolling releases intrigues me, so I hope this stays around.

  164. This is fantastic! I’ve been reading about this for a while and am so happy it’s come into fuition!!! (or however you spell it)

    To be honest I’m a big fan of LM. I’ve used it on my laptop for about a year now. Very impressed by what’s presented out of the box.

    But the truth is I was always a big Debian fan. Just the quality of the system. Not the politics etc. It’s just a quality system that has worked well for me in the past on the desktop.

    One more thing is the idea of a rolling distro. I considered Arch, but like Linus, I think a GNU/Linux desktop should be what I call “stupid easy” to get up and running.

    The quality of straight Debian, the great team at Linux Mint, a rolling release…I AM SOLD!!!

  165. Just when I thought I was done distro hopping (I fell in love with Arch Linux’s rolling release system) you go and do this to me!

    Congrats Mint team! I’m very eager to test this out!

  166. Like everyone says, great news! Just waiting for our hero Merlwiz to tweak up LMDE Xfce before I switch from Linux Mint 8 Xfce…

  167. Really glad this came out! Looking really good, thank you LMDE team!
    I just love to work with debian. It is nice when things(debian) become more user friendly, but still remains Debian!
    One vote for a kde version.

  168. re: Brian49 (249):

    I have problems with pulseaudio and some apps I use, and had been using special ppa packages to remove it in standard Mint 9. One thing I really like about LMDE is that it is easy to remove pulse without losing your volume controls. You will lose the applet on the panel momentarily, but if you add a new one it works – with alsa as the backend. No need for any tricks like in the ubuntu base.

  169. Glad to hear it! I’m not a huge gnome fan but its deb based now so switching should be easy? i’ll have to test on another system tho because this one is a 64bit one

  170. First of all, thanx Clem and devs for your tremendous effort¡¡ Second, I just have installed LMDE in my PC and works flawlessly BUT… a word to Normal Edition’s users: some works are needed to fit this distribution on its boots….but learning new things …ITS FUNNY¡¡

  171. Hello!
    Forgive my ignorance, but I was just wondering if the upcoming March release of Gnome 3, when eventually integrated into Debian Testing, will necessitate a re-installation of LMDE? I’m only concerned because the package dependencies are naturally going to be so different. Any light shed on the matter will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  172. WOW IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS! i have been waiting for the day this came out since it was first mentioned, but have been too busy to keep tabs on it. let me say that this has MADE MY DAY. i have been meaning to play a bit more with debian, but the lack of compatability with unetbootin and the slowness of the net install method have kept me from playing with it much in an environment where i dont use optical media.

  173. Am very tempted to install this on my parent’s rig, which currently runs LM9 Gnome. Very, very tempted…

    As usual, this is excellent work and we thank you for it. Looks like the community is thrilled, and why not? Mint is for ease of use, and what’s easier than a system that stays up to date without bi-annual reinstalls?

  174. Wonderfull!! Here’s my vote for 64 bit edition. Guess I’ll stick with vanilla Mint 9 as my primary until 64bit comes out, but I know what I’ll be installing tonight to start checking it.

  175. The installer worked pretty smooth, with one exception.

    Using jfs as root filesystem caused displaying information, that jfstools installation is required. Even after installing jfstools and successful formatting of the filesystem, installer failed to mount it as /target, causing installation to be made to tmpfs ending with a warning about low disk space after which the installer hung.

    Tried again with ext4 – with success 🙂

  176. I was using Ubuntu and Linux Mint, but since ubuntu 10.04 my system starts freezing, and I was unable to solve de problem, I have to switch to debian. I’m using squeeze since april and I start to love it. Finding that mint has a debian based edition is very good news, because debian is a terrific OS. I will preffer a x86_64 edition, but 32bits is ok. I will donwload LMDE an install to see what happens.
    Will you in the near future planing to release a LMDE x86_64?
    Congratulations LinxMint crew

  177. Installed LMDE just now.Triple booting with XP,Mint 9 and LMDE.Font rendering is very poor.Any hints on how to fix it.Its spoiling all the fun of a new distro.

  178. I’ve been using LMDE for 24 hrs now, brilliant, I hope this project keeps rolling on as I don’t want to go back to Ubuntu edition.

  179. Downloading now. Love Mint, and Mint Debian is the perfect combination. This will be my standard desktop install, and what I recommend to most of my customers and friends.

  180. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this since you proposed the idea. I’m starting a course in school where we study linux in virtual machines, so this is perfect timing! Thanks again!

  181. This looks great 🙂
    Well done and thanks!

    I’ll personally hold out for hope of a 64bit version before I make the switch since some scientific apps I use this makes a huge performance difference.

    Keep up the good work

  182. Ubuntu is becoming bloated and sometimes slugish.

    This is where should LMDE jump in, i love rolling releases.

    With Mint Team working on LMDE, LMDE should become much better os than LM9….

    LXDE would be nice, since i have seen many good benchmarks with LXDE and Debian working together like made for each other.

    It would be great to see LMDE evolve to be on par with Ubuntu

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  184. This is almost exactly what I’ve been waiting for. As soon as the 64 bit version is ready I’m switching. I’m currently testing the 32 bit version using VBox. Keep up the great work!

  185. I installed this over my generic mint (gnome) install in the hopes that it would fix some of the sluggishness(videos not running properly, youtube freezing in the browser and minitube) I used unetbootin with a usb card. Install seems to work fine but… NDSLwrapper doesn’t seem to work. When I install my driver using the same program and the same method in my generic mint I get ”FATAL ERROR” in a window and It asks me if NDSLwrapper is installed. Without internet I can’t update(in the hopes that this was fixed)

    I had hope but it seems that I will be going back to the bloated Ubuntu, I know you are waiting to see how many people are on this distro before investing yourselves fully. Sadly I won’t be of those people, thus lowering your incentive to fix this. I will be watching to see how this evolves.

  186. Greetz from Germany 🙂
    Thx 4 this wonderful piece of a Linux-Distri. Installed on a HP Pavillion with AMD-3-Kernel-CPU und NVIDIA GT220 Graphic without Probs and it runs smoooooooth…. Linux @ his best :-)) ..

    Dear Devs, keep on rockin’

  187. Read about it at work today… wow… just in from work and downloading it now… 🙂 will this be the way ahead as a company model too??


  188. wow! 262 comments in 2 days! this wasn’t expect,was it?
    I hope this will encourage clem to rewrite jockey and some other useful applications!
    oh yes , I hope also there will be a less confused bug thread 🙂

  189. Another issue I have noticed after using LMDE for a while was the lack of graphic acceleration on Intel 965 chip. It was caused by libgl1-mesa-dri package not installed by default. Installing the missing package fixed that.
    Note it might be a crucial problem, as a huge part of notebooks include those Intel chips.

  190. Congrats and a big thank you to you guys for having the foresight to pursue a debian rolling release.
    The advantages are certainly numerous for this.
    It is stated that it pulls from romeo. Is there an effort to have the system safely use squeeze/testing as an option (exclusively)?

  191. I wonder if the real question isn’t how many users will be interested, but how many users would rather have a rolling distro based on Debian?

    Does there need to be a version built on Ubuntu/Kubuntu? What are the pros/cons of doing this?

  192. It would appear that PulseAudio has been imposed in this Mint edition, without the option – there isn’t even a multimedia selector in the system preferences as far as I can see. This alone is enough to make me give LMDE a wide berth.

  193. A lot of enthusiasm for this reached goal!
    I’m very very happy for you all, the team.
    Parsix have just done a good job with testing.
    But the sidux team consider testing the worst base for a distribution.
    Because it is not thinked packages to work togheter, but only newer version of the sid ones.
    Now you will have a good stability, but after the release of squeeze, you’ll meet a lot of breakage.

  194. Anyone knows where to post issue list? Found few problems –

    1. Included pulseaudio fails to generate the right sound output even when speaker is at 100%. With LM9, output was really quite loud and with not much disturbance. When i removed pulseaudio, sound output became loud and probably that’s how i’ll end up using the system. Looks like pulseaudio version is not good or probably buggy. This is on Thinkpad R61 and never had issues with any of the prior Mint editions.

    2. Flash issues on Firefox/Chrome. When flash is in effect, skype doesn’t work, no sound at all. And neither does it work after suspend/hibernate. And this was never the case with LM9 as well, where things worked without any glitch.

    I know lot of issues like this would be resolved in further revisions, just wanted to make sure these can be addressed.


  195. Ooooh, was really excited about using LMDE. It felt so much like the main Linux mint release as almost everything worked out of the box except my wireless. The same thing happened with the main edition except I was able to use ‘sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic’ then the wireless began to work.

    Yeah, I’m gonna stick with the ubuntu-based Mint until the drivers work on LMDE.

    Will be keeping an eye out

  196. This is a great milestone for Mint. I have loved Mint from the first time I installed it, but had this nagging feeling that we were a step-child being a forked distro of a forked distro (ubuntu). Now we are a first generation fork, and I think that this will increase Mint’s profile tremendously. Ubuntu is good, but has strayed far away from it’s roots and is really no longer compatible with Debian. Mint will now maintain that compatibility yet be more than just Debian with eye candy. Congratulations and thanks to the Mint development team. I have no doubt that Clem and the team will be amazed at the increase in Mint users over the next several months.

  197. Thanks one million time for this version of Linux Mint. I have been affected since Ubuntu 9.10 of a bug in the Intel 845 drivers that hanged up the computer randomly. Up to know, in Maverick there was a fix for it however the performance of the graphics were pretty much below the expected levels. Nonetheless, I have installed this version of Linux Mint and it works snappily! I’m able to run again games such as Runescape! Only thing I miss and I know it’s not your fault, its the newest version of Gwibber. I mean, the packaged version of Gwibber in Debian is far too old. However, appart from that, I really appreciate this distro and I think that after all I will not be anymore an Ubuntu user on my desktop and become a Linux Mint Debian Edition user! Thanks!

  198. Ive been putting off using mint in the past dispite all the good i’ve heard about it. Im not really a “distro hopper” and i was pretty satisfied with ubuntu. But recently many people have been telling me to try debian and i’ve had some issues with ubuntu 10.04 lately so now since mint is using debian i think i’ll try it. i’ll download and throw it on my usb stick. Thank you everyone involved for your hard work.

  199. Hey Guy’s! Congratulations!
    Aguardo a edição 64 bits. Se estiver tudo beleza, com certeza passarei a usá-la. Coisa pessoal, mas não aguento mais ouvir falar de Ubuntu. No momento estou com o Mint 9 64 bits a mil maravilhas. Deu um trabalhinho com o ALSA em razão do Kernel inapropriado que vem na edição, bem como com o driver nvidia. Mas agora está resolvido. Passar a usar o Mint com base direta do Debian será show de bola. Torço para que tudo corra muitíssimo bem com o projeto. Abraços.

  200. Are there any reasons, advantages why I should install this.

    I currently use PCLINUXOS which is very user friendly.

    The reasons and advantages please.

  201. Thanks Clem, Ikey Doherty
    Promise Kept

    Pik, Pik, Picked Pan
    The release sound of Mint Debian

    I am glad Mint Debian finally came out. Have tried the
    Live DVD out. Excellent! Hope very soon install it on
    the hard drive.

    I’ve heard we will need a tool to install the NVidia/ATI
    current drivers automatically (something like Jockey i think)
    to make Mint Debian Edition more and more use-friendly.
    By the way, what is the codename of this release of Mint Debian
    Edition? Isadora? No? – 201109 Sounds awful! No codenames?
    Just a suggestion:

    Why not take the codenames from the Movie “CARS” – Pixar’s last
    before Pixar/Disney times. Debian Gnu/Linux took them from Toy Story.

    Radiator Springs
    Lightinng McQueen
    Doc Hudson

    Here we have a link for further information about the
    animated movie, a list of the characters and the movie plot.

    Other Pixar animated movies as a second choice:
    A Bug’s Life


  202. Alright, so after I’ve painstakingly manicured my ubuntu lucid just the way I wanted it, I’m just going to wipe it off my hard drive and install Mint 9 Debian? You think I’m nuts?

    You’re right, of course. ^_^ So I replaced Lucid with Mint Debian. Besides the obvious lack of pulse-pounding difference with Mint 9 Ubuntu based, the one thing that made me decide that for the moment I’d be better off with Ubuntu or Mint-Ubuntu based is Mint-Debian’s lack of support for wireless broadband on usb stick. At least, it’s not easy to connect, afaik. The service provider for my usb broadband is automatically configured by Ubuntu and Mint-9-Ubuntu. This is very important to me.

    I’m sure many folks would be ecstatic over Mint-Debian. To each his own. I’d be checking it out in its future (rolling) releases to see if the kinks have been ironed out.

    Thanks Mint Team.

  203. Yeah! Just installed it! everything so far seems to be working fine! the LMDE team is heading toward the right direction taking Debian as the system base!
    The livecd and a graphical installer are the things I have been waiting for long time to see on Debian, the LMDE team made that great.
    One more thing… how about an even lighter edition using LXDE? It’s a great desktop, simple,lightweight, elegant and speedy. With that I’m sure many lubuntu users will switch to LMDE.

  204. Downloading now. I can’t wait. This project is exactly what I’ve been hoping for since I came to linux. Thank You! Keep it up!

  205. Very nice, i have installed it on an USB-stick formatted as ext2. (one partition and Grub also installed on it) I made it this way because I had so big problems with LM9G and wanted to test before installation.
    So far the LMDE-release seems to be very stable and fast, I like it.

    Thank you all who has been involved in this release. 🙂

    But I wonder: There are a lot more updates shown in Synaptic then is present in the update manager??
    Could I also install all the updates shown in Synaptic or is it any disadvantages?

  206. WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW. Now I love you guys even more. You are the number one.

    Bye bye Ubuntu for always. No more restricted drivers and no more mac like windows button. I will install this on my pc and all friends and family.
    THX you are the best.

  207. thanks a lot. Wonderful distro, I’ve already installed it on my home PC, it works flawlessly. I hope that you will be able to develop a 64bit version soon

  208. Thanks again
    Its fast and gives a nice feeling that i’m no on the peculiar ubuntu

    Its not as user friendly as the ubuntu flavor but clem knows already

    Please, if you find the time take a look at language support so menus can easily change to other languages (nvidia ‘restricted drivers’ are top priority i think)

    Amarok 1.4.10 alredy installed and rocking

    Thanks mint thanks debian ( i didn’t know what to put fist)

  209. So far, so good, I really like it a lot. This is probably the compromise I have been looking for for ages, between Arch and Ubuntu.

    I just lack the “ubuntu alsa backports modules” — without it, my audio chipset doesn’t work properly.

    BTW, I would love to support you through a recurring payment subscription.

  210. Just wanted to put my two cents in. I Thank the Mint Team I have been running the Debain as my main OS Love package manager and all the packages, but hate some of the configs that are need. Like what I see in LMDE cant wait for a desk top other then Gnome, and a 64bit addition. Again I say Great work and thank you.

  211. Make a LXDE version of LMDE (which means I don’t have to lose time configuring LXDE to work decently with the OS) and I’ll switch from my Lubuntu anytime. 🙂
    Great project so far.

  212. LMDE as it is today is not for me. I can’t even install it. I have two O.S. each one in its own dedicated hard drive.Now after LMDE install I can’t boot into any. GREAT !!!!!.Something like this happened two years ago under ubuntu. back to ISADORA.
    @nolarut thanks, what you experienced was part of the problem. ( of the many problems may I add.)
    some are switching because problems caused by ubuntu, only to find more problems (of the basic kind). for a moment a thought installation problems were a thing of the past.
    All is well ISADORA is here- ubuntu based-I have no problems with that.

  213. Excellent news! Looks like I have one more reason to procrastinate on my homework this weekend! RR Deb/mint + open broadcom drivers = crazy delicious laptop. Keep up the great work mint team!

  214. Great great news! I’ve been a long time ‘dating’ Mint, but did not install because it was Ubuntu based (which is heavier and, at least in my point of view, Ubuntu is the MS Windows of linux distros). But now you guys have released a very interesting distro. The solid rock power and freedom of Debian plus the very well sharpness of Mint. I’m gonna change my alpha Crounchbang (also Debian based) for this new LMDE in my notebook. But, do you guys intent for 64 bit release? If so, this would be perfect for my desktop.

  215. Congratulations team!

    Re: “considering the best strategy to collaborate with upstream Debian developers”

    Seems no mention of this grand event on Planet Debian. Hope that’s not an indicator of things to come ….

    And once again, big thank you to the team for their work on this.

  216. The solely only problem I can see here is that the Linux Mint Team has to focus on 7 types of editions now:

    Mint Ubuntu, Mint LXDE, Mint XFCE, Mint KDE, Mint Gnome, Mint Fluxbox, Mint Debian…

    Wouldn’t it be easier to focus on 1 edition only (hopefully debian)? Otherwise I could imagine they’ll run out of time when trying to update all versions… maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but within a few feeks… just a thought…

  217. \o/ I was looking for a rolling-release replacement for my current linux mint 8 Helena…

    Seems like I won’t have to switch to another distro 🙂

  218. I love this. It is fast, very fast. I am guessing Ubuntu-based distro’s are doing a lot of something, don’t know what, but the boot time, much faster than Ubuntu as well as the Login. My whole system is more responsive, perhaps due to less memory usage.
    All I wanted to say way, “A job well done.” I hope that in the future this will become the defacto from the Mint group.
    I could go on about what I would like to see as enhancements, but I believe that is for another time.
    Thanks again Linux Mint.

  219. @ CLEM First it was Linux Mint LXDE, now LMD. Very cool Clem, and Linux Mint Team.
    What’s next, Linux Mint Debian with the BSD kernel? LOL Hmmmm….

    I’ve been using Mepis 8.0 for a while now on two older machines (pentium 3’s). So I can certainly see the “unpolished” side of Debian.
    But the fact that the Linux Mint Team has been enginuitive, certainly puts a move viable outlook to Linux’s expectations.
    Plus using a rolling release will bring up further feasibility for rollout’s. 🙂

    WELL DONE!!!

  220. This reminds me, I have to stop on my way home from work and pick up some hand lotion at the grocery store. This release is awesome!! Thanks Clem, and Team!

  221. Thank you LMDE team. I am Mint user from Darina, however I always had problem with each OS (sound, wireless etc). Now I have Sony Vaio laptop, on which the latest Mint had also sound problem (ALSA). The live DVD of LDME has no sound, but after installing the OS everything is working out of the box: wireless, sound (I even have shut down sound). Plus considering it is a rolling distribution, I think I will stay with it (I hated uninstalling everything and installing back another half day my data). Very good job Clem and all. You and your team should focus on LDME till you will be bought :-).

  222. G’day,
    Let me start out by saying that I am a happy user of PCLinuxOS v2010.07 with KDE4. But it is always good to have a look over the back fence to see what is going on.

    Very interested in this project. Connected to Oceania mirror and downloaded copy of LinuxMint Debian 201009 -Gnome-Live DVD-i386 to try on my laptop.

    My laptop is ASUS model X51RL and comes with Intel Pentium dual core (Duo T2370 CPU) running at 1.729GHz, with 2GB of Ram, and has ATI Radeon X1100 graphics chip, to drive the 15.4″ LCD screen. Also fitted with 160GB hard drive, and DVD-ROM drive.

    Installed disk in DVD drive after burning and checking MD5. Green intro screen came up – “clicked”, and menu was then shown. “Clicked” Start LinuxMint. Then following information came up on the screen.

    Loading /casper/vmlinuz …………..
    Loading /casper/initrd.lz ……….

    Then computer halted. (I waited 60 seconds to see if anything happened).

    Turned off computer with power switch.

    Retried again – same result as above.

    Also tried other choices on menu – only thing that worked was the memory test. Down loaded a copy of LinuxMint 9 Gnome Live-DVD – i386 from same site, and it worked fine on this ASUS laptop.

    Tried out LinuxMint Debian 201009 disk in desktop computer at work, with ASUS motherboard running AMD 64×2 black 7750 CPU, with 4GB of DDR2 RAM and Nvidia GT250 graphics card, and the LinuxMint Debian 201009 Live/DVD disk started without a problem.

    So it looks like something in my laptop hardware configuration does not want to work with the initial boot files, on the LinuxMint Debian disk. More than happy to try out some other configuration files to see if we can resolve the problem – could help other newbie’s like myself, having similar boot problems with LinuxMint Debian.

    Regards, from Down Under.

  223. This is a great step which I support 100%. Ubuntu is a very good distro but debian is what I have used since I left windows 3 years ago. I would like to thank those involved in making this happen. Great work guys and gals

  224. Wow, I’m running Debian Mint from a live USB stick and this is FAST!

    Only just loaded Mint9 on this laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520) but think I need to install this Debian release instead. KDE asap please guys 🙂

    Going to try it on the wifes netbook, very impressed.


  225. A lot of people have been wanting to see LM be based of debian and move awya form being an ubuntu derititive, now its actually here, cant wait to try it out.

    Wish the development team all the best, and a big thank you for your efforts.

  226. Hello! This sounds amazing! Im an Ubuntu user and the only problem i have is watching ubuntu developers not really working upstream. This bothers me and i was thinking moving on to Debian.

    Can you help me understand the difference between installing LMDE and installing Debian testing?


  227. I struggle to access files as root in KDE so always install gnome and use nautilus, however for daily use I like the KDE desktop so just installed “KDE ALL” even though it is not updated to 4.5 yet, and my debian edition is working fine with the KDE desktop

  228. Now posting from the wife’s netbook (Packard Bell dot S2) which booted fine from the USB stick. All seems fine, video, sound (including youtube straight from boot up) wireless ALL working without a hitch.

    This ROCKS! The speed increase is very useful on this little atom processor equipped device.

    You guys who are wondering what all the fuss is about, just put it on a USB stick (I used unetbootin to create it) and boot it up, it’s FAST 🙂

    2 new installs tomorrow after removing Mint 9, which is a great distro, but this just seems better?

    I’m very impressed, well done Mint team!


  229. Congratulations on implementing a great idea. I have used MEPIS as my primary distro since before there was such a thing as Ubuntu. MEPIS tried using Ubuntu as a base, but it was found to be far too unreliable as compared to Debian. I’ve stopped using “stable” based distros because some of the packages are too old for my needs. I’m currently using Ubuntu out of necessity, but this Mint version of testing might be a great option. I look forward to seeing if it lives up to its potential.

  230. This was a great decision. I have been waiting for something like this. I haven’t had a problem yet. It is much faster than linux mint with an ubuntu base. I didn’t know debian could load firefox so fast either. I am also a fan of the root terminal. I hope you keep this project because it looks like it is the most promising out of all of your spins.

  231. What exactly are the implications of providing an x86_64 version? except for the Mint developed applications all other packages is available for x86_64.

    If it is a matter of resources I would gladly provide some time for porting packages to x86_64.

    Keep up the good work.

    Happy hacking,

  232. First installation “hang up”; but second try worked.

    Everything works, and indeed faster and more responsive! So I am happy to have replaced Mint Xfce (which I installed because I found gnome to sluggish) by Mint Debian Gnome on my old laptop. 🙂

    Also the first update was rather “deep”, it even changed the boot. But still waiting for something like a Control Center.

    And one question, it seems that the software offer is less -not clear how to install for example Opera.

  233. For all you Samsung NC10 netbook users, all is well using LMDE. Thanks again to ‘Supergoo’ for a great post (LM forums) on installing SKYPE in LMDE.

    Live update: Norwich City 0 – 0 Barnsley (HT)

    On The Ball City!

  234. Great job i just installed on my Desktop.

    Please fix the problem with gnome network manager DSL connection and also Mobile Broadband, none of them worked for me.

    I setup DSL after i installed the packages ppp. modconf and pppoeconf manualy.

    We need the network manager to be perfect :), keep up the good work.

  235. So far so good. I’ve used the main Mint editions for a long time now, so there’s something of a learning curve with LMDE. However it’s nothing that’ll run the train off the tracks if you take it slow and think about what you’re doing! ..Good job Clem and the Mint Team!

  236. GOOD IDEA better faster version of linux mint i thnik inux mint 10 will be in Debian system

  237. I have an enorme worry I wanted tested lmde, it feels be nice air but something me despondent I use a netgear wn111v2 very well acknowledged by isadora but not by mint debian, I wanted then installed by ndisgtk but he says to me that module ndiswrapper did not go up while he is installed a little of help svp

  238. I’ve been using mint for years, but this something else altogether .
    My printer installed in 4 clicks and within minutes I was recording music with Ardour from a usb port thingy. Now, guys, how do you do that stuff? How come you ain’t flyin’ off to Microsoft to make millions? (you ain’t yeah?)
    I mean, WOA, nevermind 64bit KDE for now, we’ll wait, have a cup of tea.

  239. Ok, further to my previous raptures in post No. 404 (sorry about O.D’ing on the exclamation marks by the way) I’ve had to boot back into Mint 9 for a while.

    Spoke a bit too soon in all the excitement…

    I’ve just discovered LMDE can’t play sound in YouTube and Kaffeine simultaneously. I know, shock! horror! Could be all manner of reasons for this of course; my hardware, some Gnome/KDE conflict, the naff way I’ve set it all up (probably) who knows. lol.

    Still love Mint though. You can bet I’ll be booting back into the LMDE partition again tomorrow and looking for what fixes I can find…

    It’s all good fun…!

  240. Awesome. I will use LMDE over Mint/Ubuntu any day. Thank you! I’ll be looking for and awaiting the updates and fixes as they come along in LMDE. This is exciting.

  241. Yesterday I got the news and went right on to install on my 3 machines, and it worked solid. The only difficulty yet is to be unable to change national date formats on Gnome after install but the rest is wonderful.

    I always dreamed to have a Debian, a true Debian distro easy to install, complete and very well lay out.

    It behaves crisp and solid. Bare to the metal.

    Thanks to all of you that made this possible. I wish you the best.

    For me the future is Linux.

  242. I’m a long-time debian testing user who is quite interested in LMDE, but can’t use it until you have a 64-bit version. Just adding to the chorus of support for you effort and helping you gauge the 64-bit interest.

  243. Hi,

    This to me is like a breath of fresh air. I am not new to computers and programming (been in the game since mid 1980s). But I am relatively new to the Linux world. (I am not a Windows hater, but Linux sure has made computers interesting and fun again.)

    I have been sampling many distros and doing some in depth investigation of the Linux landscape for a little over a year and a half. Started with Ubuntu. I now use Mint (Gnome) for my general computing needs. I am also looking for a distro for Audio/Video editing, but that is another story…

    I have played with this Debian based version of Mint and it all looks good so far. I hope this one stays alive because at this point I will be replacing my Mint 9 Gnome (Ubuntu based) with this one. Kudos to the Mint boys and girls. And thanks.

    Bottom line is that I have been looking for the best way I can get involved to give back to the Linux community. With the release of this version of Mint I have finally found the distro that comes closest to the one I would like to create for myself (which it was looking like I was going to have to do). I knew whatever I was going to build would be based on Debian. I also wanted a rolling distro. It’s a hat trick. Those 2 things combined with the fact they are now part of Mint gives me a place to settle. I will definitely be checking into how I can get involved and how I can help. But that too is another conversation.

    All the best. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  244. Just found out!…four days late :((> but now I’m very exited to see a Debian based Mint…..for sure! Hope any fixes come as soon as possible, I feel REALLY POSITIVE about the future of this! Haven’t had a chance to read ALL the posts yet, but will, as soon as I get LMDE D-loaded and on my box. I HOPE to be able to contribute to any complaints I may have that may lead to any fixes. Also, maybe I didn’t read correctly somewhere earlier, but, Thanks to the whole team for working on this “for 3years” amazing, thanx team MINT!

  245. Man oh man… I just want to say a HUGE thank you for this Debian Edition. Beta or not, its my OS now. You guys do really great work on all your releases, but IMO this one (bugs and all even…) is the absolute best. PLEASE keep up the great work and dont sell this one short. You may find with the way Ubuntu is going that more and more people will be thumbs upping your debian release. I am curious tho, as to why you chose the testing over stable debian repo? I’m no guru so I dont even know if I am phrasing that right, I barely started using linux a year ago, really enjoy it, its always something new to learn heh. Thanx for all your work,
    Raymond W.

  246. @Stuart
    I had the same problem with you.My external soundblaster couldn’t play sound from youtube videos,but it could when I was using vlc.I solved it after I install gnome alsa mixer AND I change the usb soundcard with the onboard soundcard.

  247. This is the future of Mint: Debian based, rolling updates.
    It needs to develop further, but this is where the focus should be.
    Prefer LXDE for speed and KDE for everything else over Gnome, but I’m sure that will come in time.


  248. I decided to install LMDE… figured I could used Gparted to resize (shrink) my 20GB root partition, and make two 10GB areas; one for the current LM9 (Gnome), and one for LMDE. Well, Gparted couldn’t deal with the ext4 filesystem, so my only choice was to overwrite. No problema.

    Installation was a breeze, and quick, too. However, the problems began when I tried to recreate my Mac4Lin environment (yeah, I like the MacOSX look ‘n feel). One issue after another. Gnome-globalmenu needed to be compiled from source, but tons of unmet dependencies; Gyache was a bust, and Skype too.

    In the end, I reinstalled LM9. Hey! A clean install is a Good Thing!! I’m not complaining. If I wasn’t so hung-up on Mac4Lin, I’d be with LMDE.

  249. I’m curious, will Virtualbox (non-ose) be available and working under LMDE? I’m having headaches trying to get FreeNAS 0.7.1 running under virtualbox 1.5.6 OSE which is available for Linux Mint 5 Elyssa KDE.

  250. I tested this new release yesterday but I ended to give up and return back to Isadora. 🙁

    Positive aspects while testing:
    – It seemed to me to be a stable installation than Isadora without some bugs that really irritate me on the Isadora version (ex: space on the icons on the bottom left, my laptop microphone doesn’t work properly, the login screen sometimes doesn’t appear);
    – It was quite fast;
    – Being a rolling version would be quite interesting.

    But then come some negative aspects:
    – I lost a lot of time trying to install my Broadcom wifi because the “Restricted Drivers Manager” was taken out of this version;
    – Compiz wasn’t working properly from what I guess was because the acceleration of my Intel graphics was not turned on (this was that made me give up of LMDE);
    – The installation process is not so user friendly;
    – There is no possibility to turn on encryption during the installation process;
    – Compiz comes with less plugins than in the Isadora version;

    In the end, seeing I was loosing so much time trying to make things work properly I just gave up. I love Linux Mint because it “just works”, the LDME version, unfortunately, can’t be classified as the same… 🙁

  251. I have been waiting for this.

    Missed the gnome-language-selector from Ubuntu/Mint, also need to install ttf-sazanami-mincho and ttf-sazanami-gothic to enable japanese text in the browser.

    Other than that, LMDE is a very nice distro indeed.
    Fast, user friendly and powered by Debian, my fav o.s. 🙂

    Congrats and two thumbs up to Clem & team.

  252. Excellent ideea, a genius one i can say. I installed and work very well with some exceptions of course.

    I have a modem EVDO (ADU510L) who work with usb_modeswitch. In regular mint it work ok

    In LMDE – simplay do not work , he is recognized , is ok , he reach carrier , but he cannot acquire the IP adress for the server.

    Can be a dhcp problem? do not know.

    But the distro have future – A GREAT ONE I CAN SAY

  253. Today I saw that Linux Mint is rated as No 1 at DistroWatch top-list. 🙂
    Tis must be caused of the release of LMDE..

  254. Sorry for my bad English, I am French-speaking
    Considering the reputation current of Mint, I do not understand how Clem continues are time on ubuntu bases, debian, etc etc
    Mint lays out a beautiful collection tools which are clean for him of which even have was began again by other. (The ubuntu for example that our MintInstall existed already since perpetuity) I think it would be time for Mint of its own wings, considering gained experience, the quality of the work of the developer, Mint should start to think of following Linux From Scratch and of becoming 100% autonomous.

  255. Hello everybody,

    I’ve got some trouble installing LMDE on an USB disk, hope somebody can help me.

    I put LMDE ISO on a USB stick and boot from, it works fine (very speed). I plug my USB disk, and the partitions are mounted (created before with gparted) : sdc1 for /, sdc2 for swap and sdc5 for /home.

    I start the installation : easy and fast, but on the final installation screen, it’s blocked at “Calculating file indexes…”. So I quit, and restart the installation from command line : sudo /usr/bin/live-installer

    And here is the error message i’ve got :
    –> Installation started
    Base filesystem does not exist! Critical error (exiting).

    Please help ! 🙁

  256. Yes, I agree. LMDE is a kick on the table to linux world. awake! friends, Debian is like a virgin and this is it’s best strong. No commercials and ambitions. Pure talent & freedom. No volves with ship skins.
    Go ahead Mint enjoy your crown!

  257. Downloaded and installed on my experiment’s partition 🙂 It’s working much better and faster than i expected, except compiz by now… Anyway, it’s a great news, for experienced users Ubuntu may become a pair of narrow shoes

  258. For Marc (459). Yes Marc, Virtualbox Puel work fine on LMDE you have to download a version for Debian Squeeze and forget. I am using this version and virtualized Widows XP Ue with sp3. All work fine enclosing Itunes, Autocad 2008 and, the best of all Autodesk Inventor 2008.
    Of course, speed is not the same but good for me.
    If you use windows like second system, this is a good option.
    good luck.

  259. Siempre me gustó más Mint que ubuntu, pero no me agradaba que se derivaba de esa distro, este lanzamiento es ideal para mí. De aquí en adelante lo usaré junto con mi Debian Testing-Unstable.

  260. Just installed LMDE and immediately at home … still a bit raw and i immediately missed the language support but was able to install Japanese fonts from Synaptic & my video titles and office files in that language became readable again 🙂

    i am using the nifty Epiphany and Firefox as browsers (not sure yet about Chromium and Opera on a Debian base, as they are not available in Software Manager), but Epiphany makes a good second browser … this is a very exciting time for both Linux team and users … of yes, i checked on Distro Watch (last 7 days and Refresh) and Mint has had the most hits this week! Great stuff. Thanks team, you are full of good ideas.

  261. @kAzz.

    First I also tried with separate partitions for “/” and “/home”. It was not successful. LMDE could not find the /home partition again after reboot.

    Do in this way:
    Create only ONE partition on the whole USB-stick, ext2 is preferable because ext2 is not journalizing. You should NOT have any journalizing or swap partition at the USB stick because of limited read/write cycles of the USB stick. (It will be worn out)
    Make this only partition as “/” and start the installation. Put the MBR at the USB stick also.
    I am running in this way now since a couple of days and it works really good.
    The only thing that I am disappointed with is when making updates the dpkg-process is a little bit slow. I think it is because of the USB-stick..?

    Good luck,

  262. @tux-sven

    Hi and thanks for your help, but after deleting all partitions and creating only one on the whole disk, the problem is exactly the same 🙁

    I’m booting on an USB stick (sdb) to install on a USB HDD (sdc), something special to do for this ? I did the same with LM9 without having this problem, but the installer is quite different.

  263. I’m currently using Linux Mint (LMDE) loaded via DVD as I type this. I’m very impressed. I don’t currently use Linux Mint because I’m not a huge fan of Ubuntu — their philosophy seems to involve trying to do way too much on every install — and Compiz has caused me lots of problems. Please keep this version of Linux Mint simple if you can — definitely better in my opinion. Currently I’m trying to find the “rough edges” spoken about in the introduction and am having trouble doing so. Thanks! for all your hard work.

  264. Installed this a few days ago, and so far zero problems. Noticeably faster for me than both the gnome and kde flavors of LM9, and I really like the “rolling” aspect of it. Nice work, Mint People!

  265. Hello!
    Sorry for bad English friends
    Live Dvd only 875mg and no pppoeconf package installed?
    Running the Live Dvd Linux Mint Debian i could not connect to
    the internet because pppoeconf typed in terminal RETURNS the
    PACKAGE PPPOECONF is not installed. I am in a single computer
    and my internet DSL provider requires authentication as Login
    and password and no router here so i WILL WAIT next ISO of this
    edition to install it to hard drive in dual boot with Win 7. It’s
    pity because i liked it too much. Boots fast, a light system and almost complete
    I don’t want to install the pppoeconf package deb because of its
    To install NVidia video card driver via Synaptic internet connection
    also is necessary. Thank you for letting me Know at least running
    the Live Dvd you do really did a great and amazing work. Looking
    forward to the second release of this Edition over Debian-Testing
    I’m sure many things will be fixex improved yet following the
    feed backs reported by the users

  266. Well done everyone at Mint: I had initial problems with installation (froze at copying dev/console), but that was cured by pre-formatting the partitions and then running the live install. Worked like a charm. I’ve always like Debian and, adding the ease of use of Mint is a perfect marriage.

  267. Great, I appreciate LMDE really VERY much! As soon as LMDE with KDE Desktop will be available, I’ll download and test it.
    Thank you very much for all LinuxMint development, especially that on Debian base!

  268. @ kAzz

    Have you checked if MD5-sum is correct on your ISO-USB-stick?
    My (target) installation-USB is 16 GB large and the whole installation takes 3.6 GB at the moment. Is your installation-USB large enough?
    By the way, I pre-formatted my target-USB to ext2 and selected “not format” for installation. But the installation program seems to reformat anyway…to ext2. Don’t forget to choose where to put the GRUB-starter manually. (I put it on sdc, not sdc1)
    Are you sure your (target) installation-USB is all right?

    I am sorry, I don’t have any more ideas at the moment…


  269. Just to say this release has brought me back to Linux Mint, I mainly use my pc as a media server for my PS3, Downloading from Usenet and making DVD’s as well as the usual Desktop stuff.

    I have found it very stable to use although If I hadn’t used Debian at some point in the past I may have had some problems getting everything working to my liking..had problems locating and installing some required Libaries.

    Keep up the good work I am now using it as my main distro.


  270. Great work !!!

    I have testing this release on an USB hard drive and it’s very easy to install and use.

    Now I hope that a LMDE 64 KE release will born someday 😉

    I french, so I say : BRAVO !!!!

  271. I also had to think about sidux too when I red about Mint Debian. In #64 “the end of the sidux” has been mentioned. But Sidux is not gone. It has a new name: “aptos”.

    Nevertheless, I like Mint, although I now am using Arch. But to users, who do not want to dig too much into the workings of linux I still recommend Mint.

  272. @Mark Mashup
    Thanks for comments. I notice at least one thread has been started on this topic in the forums:
    I’m wary of fiddling with sound properties as I don’t really understand them (seem quite convoluted in Linux) so will hang on a bit ’till more info comes in. I can get sound ok with a log-out/in if needed. Guess these are just teething troubles with the new baby! Cheers.

  273. Many thanks! This will make it easier for me to manage Mint installs among relatives (and not making a major update every 6 months or so). Hoping for the imminent release of the 64bit version else my RAM would be lonely 🙂

  274. really satisfied with this new release! a few minor things that could (and certainly will) be improved as time goes by. As for my main OS, still LM 9 (32 & 64bit) which is still my fav OS. I’ll keep playin ’round with LMDE tho – a lot of fun! cheers

  275. Glad to see that the creators are taking steps to have fuller control over future distributions. I tried this edition over the weekend and while it ran smoothly and most things worked, some items did not (and I had to go back to regular Mint). One oddity is that using trackpad as a mouse click was unselected by default (which is odd for those using this on a laptop). The main edition uses the trackpad properly by default.

    Hope to keep seeing this develop, and maybe by V10 it’s working well enough to be my main Linux install.

  276. I waited for this for a long time!!! Downloading to give it a try. Thank you guys!! I look forward for a KDE version 😀

  277. Linux Mint is my first totally good Linux experience and I’d love to switch to a 64bit rolling release

    thank you developers for all you’ve done 😉

  278. @tux-sven

    I found the problem : my USB stick was damaged ! thanks for your help, it’s Ok now, LMDE is installed succesfull on my USB HDD 🙂

    And thanks a lot to the Linux Mint team of course, it’s really a great work 🙂

  279. Excellent!!! I was about to dump any distro that was Ubuntu related but you have given me new hope!!! I loved LM9 but the Ubuntu bugs were just too much.
    I will give LMDE a whirl, but a 64 bit version is mandatory for me. So add another vote for 64 bit!

    Great work LM team!!!!

  280. I noticed several recommendations to do a kind of “Mint Arch”. As mentioned earlyer, I am usind Arch and stopped Distro hopping since then. I hope, that there will be *no* Mint Arch, as Mint Debian as a possibly emerging distro and Arch as an established distro both are excellent. I like that diversity.

  281. I have downloaded this edition and will be putting it on a netbook. I would really like to see a 64 bit editions as almost all of my machines are 64 bit and have at least 4 GB memory.

  282. La estoy testeando y me parece muy buena. El soporte para el software complementario a funcionado de buena manera, algo importante para el usuario promedio. La he instalado incluso en un notebook de 64 bits el cual también a respondido en muy buena forma.

    Espero ver pronto una versión en 64 bits, ya que no me queda la menor duda de que van por muy buen camino.

    Felicitaciones y no duden en continuar con ésta linea.

  283. I am sooo in favour of this. I loved the rolling release aspect of Arch, the stability of Debian and the usability of Mint. Now the three together? It’s like you read the contents of my geeky little soul and wrote it large in cyberspace.

    With a love that will echo through the ages,

  284. @richard,

    very good point you mention. I was always in love with arch but in case with usability on a laptop where everything should work out of the box is quite painful. Therefore I’m using Linux Mint but it drove me mad to know that I had to reinstall it by time when a new version is out.

    This should be over now without any loss of usability?

    Well give me a 64bit version and I’m yours.


  285. Very smart and recommended. I love it.

    Rough edges:

    (1) Installer is a pig and an installer like in Linux Mint 9 Isadora gnome is needed.

    (2) The system password box pops up when I try to shut down (It tells me I need root permission to shut down because another user is using my machine) and this is a waste of time and an irritation. There is only me using the machine as user/administrator so i guess the system sees user and root as 2 different people.

    (3) The wonderful application Gimp, used by millions of Linux users, is not shown by default in the Main Menu and it has to be edited in. This may cause confusion with inexperienced users moving from other Linux operating systems. Gimp deserves better, it’s one of the best applications ever created for the Linux world.

    Overall rating, Linux Mint Debian is the bee’s knees, and with a new installer, will reach out to many new users, thanks team.

  286. Just installed THIS AWESOMENESS onto my main computer after being a happy Mintuntu user for many years.
    I doubt i will miss the pleasantness of the past though…

  287. I recently stopped to use Ubuntu and I switched to debian, I was realy happy with it but it took ages to configure. I tried Linux Mint 9 and I was quite happi with it but I will wait for LMDE 64bits to try it.
    Anyway, that’s a realy good idea, I cant wait for a 64 bits version 😀

  288. My standard setup for a laptop these days is 32-bit Mint, 64-bit Debian Sid (with Experimental repos.)

    I’d only use this version if A) there was a 64-bit edition, and B) it allowed you to use the Sid and Experimental repos. And I’m pretty sure that (B) would be too much trouble, so I’m not asking you guys to do it– but that’s why I’m sticking with standard Debian, even though I really like Mint’s artwork and improvements to GNOME.

  289. This space is already occupied by other distributions, that also offer a more user friendly experience with all drivers and codecs out of the box.
    I fail to see why allocate resources to reinvent what is already out there.
    Just a search on distrowatch and dozens can be founs, of which a few are according to that criteria.
    Also their distros seem to already have much wrinkles ironed out.
    I am a bit of a beginner, so forgive me if I missed something – I’d be eager to learn the why’s.

  290. Super! Très bon boulot. La distribution telle que je l’attendais.
    Very good job. Simple and effective on my Toshiba P300-1GK.
    Merci aux développeurs. Thanks a lot.

  291. I’m very excited about this release & I’m all for a 64 bit edition since I wish to take full advantage of the 5GB of RAM on my system.
    Until then I’m forced to keep running the Ubuntu-based release, but I’ll keep a close eye on the LMDE in VirtualBox 😉

  292. Hey guys, this change is what I want from Linux all the time .My MSI EX620 is faster than UBUNTU mint now.

    Less memory used
    Faster response of OS and aplications
    Better, better one more better in any side:)
    Good work guys!Go Go Mint!:)

    Please make an 64b version soon:)

  293. I was hoping I could use this rendition of Linux Mint, but with the complete lack of manual on this Debian version, and install stating “please select a root (/) partion before proceeding” with no help on creating such partion, I will have to look for another version of Linux. The Ubuntu version is decent but I am looking for something NOT based on ubuntu.

  294. Beauty folks
    I for one am waiting for all things to be sorted ’cause I like things to go without any fuss. I am greatly impressed with Mint 9 (my system of choice) and look forward to Mint breaking completely from Ubuntu. More power to your arm! I for one will donate as I did with 9.

  295. Hi Timmi, I’m still a newbie myself but I have installed hundreds of times trying to find the right one 😎

    I was running sidux (Based on Debian Sid) and found it to be an excellent distro, very fast and reliable (but sadly browser etc updates were slow and it only allows “free” software to be easily installed)

    Mint and PCLinuxos are both very polished distos and I believe the plan is to have the polish of Mint with the speed of Debian (Try the LXDE version of current Mint which is very much more responsive than Gnome or KDE versions)
    Have fun!

  296. Hi LMDE,
    I really like this new concept. I was thinking to use Debian but cannot due to older version of apps.

    I really like Ubuntu but now it is more heady on my system and I need to reinstall it in every six months, that’s what I don’t like.

    Thanks a lot for Debian Mint 🙂

  297. I thought I had submitted a comment, but it has neither appeared on this page nor did I receive a notification that it was being held for moderation. When I tried to submit it again I received a notification that I had already submitted the same post. What gives?

  298. I am very pleased with this release the only thing stopping me from installing on my main computer and using as my main OS is no 64bit hopefully it will be out soon Great Work!

  299. I am very pleased now with the Linux Mint Team. LMDE is what I wanted!
    Thank You all Mint developers!!! Be healthy and fruitful!

  300. If you’re so keen on an easy to use KDE desktop distro based on Debian, why not try/use SimplyMepis? It seems to be doing everything you’re asking for. Personally – and it is only a personal and unimportant preference – I prefer Gnome as a desktop. I worry sometimes that people latch onto a certain distro, and then make demands of it that have already been met/expressed elsewhere. An easy to use distro based on Debian and KDE, that’s Mepis surely, a distribution which, incidentally, probably did itself a good deal of harm by briefly basing itself on Ubuntu. Mepis used to be one of the leading newbie distros, but sadly seems to have fallen out of favour recently. As a Mint user, I thought I’d try to redress the balance somewhat. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer KDE, and is already based on Debian. As Linux users, we’re spoilt for choice these days.

  301. With LMDE you fixed the only real downsides I could mention about Linux Mint: Having to install a new version now and then, and the dependance on Ubuntu (wich makes the system more bloated and slower on every release). I’m very confident that there will be a fast growing interest and userbase for LMDE, wich will soon exeed the already great existing Mint community. This could lift the popularity of Mint -and Linux in general!

    Many thanks for your good work!

  302. I’ve been playing with LMDE for about a week now, trying different things I’ve reinstalled a few times, used the partitioner a few times, and installed the Catalyst drivers. On my 1st and 2nd reinstalls to a new 650G SATA hd, upon 1st restart I had several permission errors, ie not able to write to ___. So I went back to the installer, erased all the partitions on the drive and rebooted, then installed / and /home partitions and installed and all was well.
    When I tried to install the catalyst drivers from synaptic, the system wouldn’t run X on reboot.
    Installing the .run drivers from AMD website works well except for running the Catalyst Control Center as Root from the menu hangs on my system. Running it from cli sudo worked fine.

    I added the PulseAudio Device Chooser, a small utility to select your sound card. Or did I miss a better way to set that? It wasn’t available in Control Panel – Sound that I could see.

    Mint Debian on my (Phemon 2, 3 core w Radeon 5450) is more responsive than Mint 9 XFCE 64 which was much faster on my machine than Mint 9 64.
    I like the clean desktop theme and can’t wait to try the 64 version.
    Thanks for the early Christmas present. Great job.

  303. XFCE Linux Mint with openbox combination and a KDE that would be wonderful,Mint is the perfect distro.

    Good Luck Clem & Co.

  304. Excellent work Mint team! I’ve been using Mint for about 3 years and love it. I’ve always wanted a rolling release and have been playing with Sidux (aptosid) in VBox but I’m more of a Gnome guy than KDE. I couldn’t believe when I heard about LMDE! Now all I need is a 64 bit LMDE and I’m in.

    The only issue that I’ve encountered is a GLX missing on display error when trying to play AisleRiot Solitaire. Perhaps it has something to do with running it in VBox?

    Once again Clem and the rest of the Mint team excellent work.

  305. i was never much of a fan of either ubuntu or mint, but with a debian base and a rolling release, i’m considering switching. keep this one alive!

  306. Discussing the differences between LMDE and aptosid, what would you see as the pros and cons of both distributions compared with each other?

  307. I love this new Linux Mint Debian. I’am a Java web developer and I don’t like reinstalling all my software every six months however, I do love the new look and feel of Ubuntu 10.04 and since it is LTS I will now probably just stick with that for a while. I do love that LMDE is a rolling release I wish Ubuntu would get the clue. LMDE is a great release just wish it had restricted drivers for wifi and was 64-bit maybe that will be coming soon for when I buy my new notebook. I love the multi-media support in LMDE, with Debian WOW!!!

  308. orschiro: The biggest differnce between LMDE and aptosid is LMDE is ready to use for most things out of the box where as aptosid is “free” software and you need to add the “non-free” repositories,if you so desire, which is very easy enough to do. Aptosid has excellent documentation and you use terminal a lot where as LMDE you have the choice to use GUI’s for things like package management and system updates.

    I have been testing aptosid 64 bit using VBox and in order to view youtube videos I installed the latest release of gnash which seems to be working fine. I like aptosid but it’s not for someone new. LMDE, once you get passed the install, which really isn’t that bad, could be used by a nube. If you started with Ubuntu or Mint and want to try something a little more techie without going to an Arch or Gentoo, aptosid is a great choice.

  309. The installer is kind of idiotic for noobz.That should go under ” advanced”
    What happened to “use entire drive” ?

  310. Installing “gnome-alsamixer” package fixed my soundproblem, now everything is fantastic.
    Speed is better than mint 9 main edition. No ubuntu upstream bugs like cursor problem with compiz, and notification area is nice again. If you feel confident with mint 9, try that out. Nice work Mint team.

  311. Awesome!!! Installed and working!!! And available packages are a lot since the first day!! Now I just can’t wait to see the rolling-system working. 😀

    BTW, I think Mint software in new versions is really useful, MintInstall last version’s GUI is more useful for experienced users, perhaps a little harder for newbies, though.

  312. Like the idea and hope it goes on – but, it’s a shame that the font rendering has gone back to the almost painful colour fringing of Ubuntu 8.04-10/Mint 5 & 6 days. I’m imagining this was put right with one tiny file which oddly unless a distro is based on Ubuntu is seldom used even now. OpenSuse and Fedora still have the problem for example. I’m surprised how few people are fussy about this. Ubuntu 9.04 and onwards and its derivatives have the best font rendering of all the operating systems.

    Anyway, I hope to defect to Mint-Debian at a later date. K.u.t.g.w.

  313. uraaaaaaaaaa one of the biggest news in my linux life :)) , happy to know that ment went to the origin and im the first one to go with u all the way .

  314. I am very excited for this release. I’ve been waiting for a good Debian-based, full-featured, desktop-ready, rolling-release distro for far too long, and I suspect that I’m not alone…

    This release will be rolling over and over on my desktop…

    Impressive !


  315. Just a note to clem and company. Im running the Debian version and so far so good only issue i have noticed so far is that the default profile of network manager uses eth1 instead of eth0 no big deal but can be confusing for some possible do not know where to post bugs in general so i figured i would dump it here.

    By the way i believe this is the best way to go from here on out… no need to be in Ubuntu’s shadow.

  316. WoW, awesome. I loved it!
    And it just works. No more strange bugs ubuntu introduced into mint 8 and 9. I was already desperate without any LTS version working on my laptop … but this is perfect!
    Thank you Clement, and your team.

  317. Thank you very much!
    I installed this on my old laptop and it’s amazing!
    However, I will have to wait for a 64bit edition to run on my new laptop with 8Go RAM.
    Anyway LinuxMint rocks, keep up the good work guys! Can’t wait for the 64bit.

  318. I use Debian since a long time as a working system (University)
    nice to know that the computer is still running in the evening as well as in the morning, shortly after the start. Stable!! This is important if you do not want to just play. Debian is stable! Mint is nice and user friendly. The symbiosis is a dream. Please support this development. People like me need a system that is 100% reliable.


  319. @john (543)
    Good you mention SimplyMEPIS as alternative KDE-distro. I like SimplyMEPIS and also think it deserves more attention. But you should mention it is based on Debian stable while LMDE is based on testing.

    I hope there will be a LMDE KDE version soon. No doubt it will be my no.1 distro!!

  320. It was a long time coming but now please 64 bit and KDE as the default. Gnome is too limiting though lots of the softs are excellent. The idea of a distro with incremental upgrades is what I have been waiting for. And Debian stability is legendary. YES!!!

    This comment window could be bigger too 🙂

  321. Not even a single negative comment?? wow!!! makes me impatient going to try right away
    thank you linux mint team doing great job please continue

  322. I am the proverbial “ordinary user” who knows how to turn on the machine and follow simple directions as they pop up. With the help of some of the great minds in this community I have been able to install IMDE and even remembered how to reinstall it. This release even excites me. I have gotten rid of windows which I was seldom if ever using in a dual boot with mint9 and given mint9 the whole space. LMDE has its own HD as well. LMDE is very easy to use and allows those of us who didn’t even know what HD meant or how to install anything except a big mac in their mouth to learn and find a bit of the excitement not only in LMDE but in the entire concept of open source. Congratulations to a team I have come to admire and who have given me a bit of excitement and joy in my late middle aged state. 🙂

    I would like to give a feeling of how open source, so brilliantly engaged by the mint team, is pictured in my mind. Perhaps this can be turned into a part of the theme “song” of the mint community. I see this vast universe and the core of it that seems to have a dance with symmetry, creating ever new versions of it, as an open source project. I see this visible universe like a big ocean of symmetries, which are the core of beauty itself, with waves lapping against the wonder of the unknown unseen universe, the waves being the universe rising above itself to know itself, and we are all part of those waves, rejoicing in our different perspectives and marveling at the height some waves achieve, all valuable all breathtakingly beautiful and some of the waves before my eyes take on the shape of birds which are the flights of our imagination and these birds fly even higher calling out to all the other birds finding lands beyond count and changing to human form looking toward the stars above the ocean, yet more universes to discover. We are wonder itself, the universe pondering its nature stretched out in time, we each are a part of that wonder learning to join hands share our imaginations and fly. From all this babble ha, I get this first open source offering of a possible theme for LMDE: “The universe is open source, catch the wonder! LMDE”

    Sorry for the length I am a blow hard ha. But I hope you like my idea for a logo statement. Hoping some artists will add work to this logo project for LMDE. Perhaps it could read at the end MINT TEAM, or just MINT. So many possibilities.

    Thanks for a great new distro and thanks for bringing Christmas early for me this year.

    David Mitchel Stow “optimist”

  323. sou utilizador de linux á 3 anos(só linux, 3 maquinas). era utilizador de ubuntu e mint, mas como gosto de rolling distros tinha mudado para pclinuxos á 6 meses, agora este sistema veio mesmo calhar gosto de debian e rolling distro é simplesmente fabuloso, mais um louvor para o Mint. ja esta tudo a bombar com Linux Mint Bebian

  324. Hi Clem and Team LMDE, could you please update the mintified version of firefox to 3.6.10? Firefox 3.6.10 is out at, and it apparently does some important security bugfixes, and so it’d helpful if the LMDE version is updated as well. Thanks in advance.

  325. I am lovin it!

    I have been an ubuntu user, i am actually a debian user.
    I installed LMDE on py asus eeepc 900. I must say that i am very impressed! I installed xfce as desktop, and it is rocking !!

    I am seriously thinking of switching my laptop at wok to LMDE…

    Congrats you all, this distro is already perfect !!


  326. I don’t think this belongs here … but fyi

    3D graphics intel855GM (dell latitude D505) on lx-mint-debian 2010-09

    sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri
    sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-gl
    sudo apt-get install xlibmesa-gl
    sudo apt-get install xlibmesa-glu
    sudo apt-get install mesa-utils
    sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx

  327. I just have to say that I love the idea. I just wish that it came in 64 bit as I only have access to half of my ram at the moment.

  328. This is a welcome addition to the mint family. It is certainly more snappy than the Ubuntu based versions. There are only 2 regrets..1)The kernel isn’t the 2.6.35 version so my hardware isn’t fully supported 2) no 64 bit version.

  329. Wow – a Mint based on Debian – very cool. Seems much more responsive than Ubuntu.

    I’m currently an Arch user and like rolling releases. One based on Debian is very appealing. Will seriously consider a change when the 64bit version is released 😉

    Thanks guys, top effort

  330. Excellent job for a first release. I know it’s thanks to solid base of Debian, but even thought you have my congratulations. I’ve been 100 % sure I will replace Mint 9 LTS with expected CentOS 6 as soon as it’s released. But Mint Debian is a new competitor. I’ll have to decide.

  331. Main Edition is a wonderful system but i believe that LMDE is the one that points to the future. Right now, is my primary system.
    If you find the time to focus in this effort, sky is the limit.

  332. 1 fabulous week of MINT DEB!
    Looking forward to the rest of my life with it (…at least ’till something more awesome comes along…)!
    Salutations to the WHOLE TEAM!

  333. Isadora is a wonderful system but i think that LMDE is the one that points to the future. So right no is my system of choice. You are doing great work and if you keep working on this new project, then -the sky is the limit!

  334. As to the install, Like Murdoc stated above What happened to “use entire drive” ? My question is What happened to Use Free Space?

    I do Multi-Boot and set between 20 and 60gig free space for an alt-OS. With the install from Ubuntu based Mint, use free space work every time.
    With this Debian based, it wont even install under a virtual machine like VirtualBox let alone free space etc due to NO HELP at all with setting up the partion(s).

    Just my .02$ worth, your millage will vary..

  335. Good job in making a Debian based distribution, hope you guys make a 64bits version soon. Waiting to install that 🙂

  336. I believe a 64-bit version should be released at same time as 32-bit. The world is switching to 64-bit and it is the future. Windows and Mac OS X have already began the changes to 64-bit and comprise the majority of their user bases. Besides many of us have pretty good systems. Once the 64-bit version is released I will do a native install in the meantime i’ll play with the 32-bit live dvd. Thanks for the work and I’ll be waiting for x64 version because I know it’s going to happen. =)

  337. Great job! I hope that in the end it will be a little more polished than Debian (after all, there some people more working on it!).

    And, most important, I’m waiting for it to include KDE!

  338. Just installed LMDE, seems to work fine. I’m less content about the installer since it had a few issues:

    * The keyboard layout USA International AltGr Dead Keys was not listed, had to choose USA and change the layout after installation had finished and I’d rebooted into the newly installed LMDE.

    * LMDE appears to require the home directory to be on its own partition. If no home partition is specified installation will fail without notifying the user. In fact it would be better if the partitioner warns the user who’s trying to proceed having only specified the root partition.

    Also the user guide appeared to be copied from the main edition as it had screenshots of the Ubuntu-based installer and not of the LMDE installer.

    I hope these issues can be addressed to improve the Debian edition, from which I expect a lot of good things.

  339. Isadora is a wonderful system but i think that LMDE is the one the one that points to the future. Now, its my preferable system. You are doing an excellent jobs and you find the time to work on this new project, than, sky is the limit!

  340. For a first release I can’t see anyone making or leaving a negative remark. I remember the transformation of Mint 6 to Mint 7. I learned to be more patient as Clem and crew have the best GNOME and KDE distro and now LMDE is embarking on having the best overall distro. You 64 bit guys – why the fuss as all ordinary productivity work is still 32 bit. Besides this is the “first release” and a darn good one. Mint has removed me from “computer hell” and has done more than I anticipated. When I consider the limited resources of Mint – I continue to be amazed with the results. As far as I am concerned Mint has made Linux “main stream”.

    Speaking for myself and my close friends that now use Mint – all I can say is Thank You.

  341. Excelente distro. Muy bien organizada y estable. Programas con versiones actuales y la gran fortaleza de Debian. Estoy contento con este sistema operativo, que es mi principal sistema en la computadora. Saludos a todos desde Argentina

  342. oh great work. i love it.

    just do an 64 bit version with nvidia-grafic-card-support (easy installation) – then i dont need a kde-version 😉

  343. Just what i have been waiting for. just 1 problem my old laptop does not have dvd drive just a cd any chance of a cd version
    laptop specs
    2.2ghz processor,512mb ram,40gig harddrive
    please !!! cherry on top

  344. Thanks everyone,
    Installed, fitted out with Xfce desktop and running perfectly. I’ll replace my standard mint9 Xfce os as soon as a 64bit version appears.
    Any chance of an Xfce version?
    Thanks again.

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