LMDE: Wrong ISO file in download mirrors

Description of the problem:

Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) was approved for a stable release yesterday and an ISO made its way towards our download mirrors. As we were ready to make the announcements, a bug was spotted and a decision is now being made to re-spin a new ISO for this release.

We’re in the process of re-spinning a new ISO file. The ISO that is currently available in some of our download mirrors isn’t the correct one.

Information about the bug:

It’s still unclear what causes this bug, and why it wasn’t detected by the three testers (including myself) who worked on this ISO. The last step of the installation cleans APT by performing a call to “dpkg –configure -a”. This step hangs the installer and consequently the user needs to force-kill the installer and is faced with a dialog asking him/her to run “dpkg –configure -a” the first time he/she launches mintUpdate or Synaptic. Once this is done, the system acts normally. The installation itself, apart from not cleaning APT, isn’t impacted.

Information about the (wrong) ISO:

What to do if you downloaded this ISO:

If you successfully installed LMDE, you can start using it. Please throw the ISO and the DVD away though, and don’t re-distribute them to anybody.

What to do if you haven’t downloaded this ISO:

Wait for a few days and we’ll have everything ready for you. Our apologies for the delay and, though I still don’t understand how it did, for letting this bug go undetected.


  • Apparently this bugs only affects installations using the en_US locale (this explains why it wasn’t detected by our 3 testers.. using en_IE, fr_FR, sv_SV and en_GB).
  • Another bug was found which affects hard drives on which there is no valid partition table.
  • Both bugs were fixed in preparation for the new ISO.