Firefox 3 – Mint 5

One of the big components of the Mint desktop is Firefox. In the upcoming Linux Mint 5 Elyssa, Firefox 3 will be installed by default. Of course, this new version of the popular browser will bring many new features and a better looking interface, but did you know it was using far less memory than the current version?


  1. true, but the Mozilla developers are doing a better job on Firefox – the Web 2.0 sites are flying!

  2. firefox 2 is really the buggiest browser in linux (but is hard to be without it because of extensions and website compatability)

    here are just a few of the problems with firefox:

    -flash 9,0,115,0 300% slower than 9,0,48,0 (only affects linux version)

    -firefox staying in memory and sometimes locking-up the system (only happens in linux version)

    -sometimes not able to post to blogs or forums (it kind of hangs). Again, this doesn’t happen with any other browser or the windows version.

    really using firefox linux version can be a horrible experience… “you don’t need viruses when you have bugs..”

    firefox 3 is better but still hangs with *flash* and some other problems.

    i hope you guys keep 9,0,48,0 around in the repos (for an easy downgrade) for us idiots who upgraded. Flash 9,0,115 makes my dual-core processor crawl just by opening 3 or more youtube videos, with 9,0,48 i use to open 20 or more vids without performance hit…

    adobe has done it again: make browsing in linux suck (they doing this intentionally?)

  3. sadly because all the firefox bugs many of my friends go back to windows to do their web stuff or install ff2 in wine.

    seriously this can’t be called cross-platform software..

  4. Clem,

    I can hardly wait for your latest.

    I’m still playing with those YouTube videos, and am trying to attempt something new. All, of course, to show off Linux Mint!

    I do love the Mint!

    Keep up the good work!

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