Linux Mint 9 KDE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 9 KDE.

Linux Mint 9 KDE

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 9 KDE“.

Known problems:

  • Splash screen resolution
  • Moonlight
  • Two kernels (amd64 version)
  • Browse C:\
  • Upstream issues

To get more information about these problems and their solution, read the “Known problems” section of the release notes

System requirements:

  • x86 processor
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 5 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from Linux Mint 9 KDE RC, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Linux Mint 9 KDE is available in 32-bit and 64-bit as a liveDVD, via Torrent and HTTP download:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Congratulations to Boo, Clem, and the rest of the development & testing teams! 🙂


  2. Congratulations – after a long wait!

    As was said before:

    KDE is “a beauty and a beast” at the same time …

    As written in the forums, there are issues with nvidia drivers
    (the “current/recommended” driver may cause problems on KDE64 at least, so use “Version 173” if problems arise);

    Also, I feel as if certain KDE apps start slower than before (I have a dual-core with 10 GM RAM). E.G.Konqueror, even Dolphin. The newest Google chrome runs screaming fast in comparison.

    Is it just me?

    Can’t resist KDE cause some features are just quite nice (the plasmoids for example). But KDE is never flawless it seems.

    Anyway – kudos to boo who shouldered the “Mintifying” into KDE-Mint-9.

    Goog job.

  3. Very good job – Very impressed by the work and the successful integration of the Mint tools.

    Congratulations – Mint was known to be an excellent distribution for Gnome, now it’s also the case for KDE

  4. I agree with sylvainsjc; Mint is an excellent distro for KDE, even better than openSuse IMO. I’d get the 64 bit, but there is little reason to since the 32 bit RC has been doing nicely with my apps and games, like Lugaru and Nexuiz.

  5. This is great news. I’ve recently switched from GNOME to KDE and I keep hearing how nice Mint is. Will there be a CD version of Mint 9? I don’t have any blank DVDs.

  6. Congratulations! I know this was a long, hard road for all of you. Thank you for the phenomenal effort!

    Two questions:

    1. Has this edition been tested with the real-time kernel?
    2. Are there still operational KWin issues with ATi fglrx?

  7. Hi,
    thanks for the great Mint distro (I’m using the GTK version right now).

    I do not want to re-install from the DVD – could you give any hint which packages do I need to install from the Software Manager in order to get the KDE as an alternative system to GTK?


  8. Muchas gracias desde Barcelona por vuestro trabajo.
    Estoy instalando LinuxMINT KDE 32 i 64 bit en mis ordenadores y de muchos amigos. Os animo en vuestro trabajo y por ello ya hize una contribucion monetaria y dentro de unos dias la repetire.
    saludos Salva TORRES

  9. waiting for kde 64 stable release since installed lxde,so a million thanks and congratulation to team.

  10. felicitaciones desde el salvador centro america he estado esperando esta version desde hace mucho tiempo actualmente tengo la rc pero necesito tener esta version final les agradezco de todo corazon su esfuerzo ya que de manera economica no tengo como dar.

  11. @SalvaT
    Please, SalvaT, write in english.
    Por favor, SalvaT, escribe en inglés, porque hay personas de varias nacionalidades como yo, por ejemplo, que soy brasileño, pero hablo español, pero los demás no te van a comprender, vale? saludos!

    Omg finally he’s come, thanks!

  12. Now, Now, I wanted Mint in other languages directly from DVD. Languages, Top 7 languages: Mandarin, Enlish (ok), Hindi, spanish, arab, russian, portuguese; or offer language packs (.deb) exempli gratia: .deb spanish, .deb russian etc

    A Universal version is very much needed when we realize that there are other people and the poorest countries where the Internet is poor or nonexistent.

  13. I actually upgraded a couple of days ago and very glad I did. Runs just super. Only minor problem is for my auto-mounts it keeps asking for the password when I login, it didn’t do that before, so have to track down how to fix, but not a huge issue.

    BostonPeng wanted a cd, but I don’t think that will happen. Best bet is to get a 4gb usb thumbdrive. Its how I upgraded and it works great. Better than burning a disc. Though a problem if you can’t boot by USB.

  14. thanks a lot! glad to see the stable is finally out! i’ll go and update my packages immediately! great job!

    @carlos felipe, it comes in other languages in the install menu, and with a new feature provided by the mint team, it should be very easy to amke one in your own language from the DVD.
    look here:

  15. Congratulations team and meny thanks to Boo! Nice work…

    PS. Just one typo in Release Notes page: KDE version in Linux Mint 9 is no more 4.4.4 but new one!

  16. Everything is working great with the distro, but does anyone have a fix for Google Earth? It crashes the xserver and takes Mint kde back to the login screen. Really un-usable situation since I use Google Earth a lot.

  17. SalvaT said:

    From Barcelona, thank you for the good work.

    I am installing Linux Mint KDE 32/64bit on my computers and computers
    of many friends too. I encourage you to keep the good work.I have made a donation and in few days more i will do it again.

    Greetings! TORRES

    @ olligod
    (and to other blog readers)

    Yes you are right Olligod. Big trouble with NVidia current driver
    for installing it on Linux Mint KDE Isadora x64bit
    It makes the X to crash
    Mine is Nvidia graphics cards 8400GS .
    I think base-files linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic
    (amd64.deb) – broken packages

    Linux Mint KDE x64 Isadora
    I tried to fix it and did it but i think i can’t reproduce
    the whole process because i got lost in one part of it.

    Well, i will try to say something:

    Live KDE DVD boot – start ubuntu in low grafhics mode – Say Ok
    Next – run ubuntu in low graphics mode for one session – Ok
    (Linux Mint KDE is based on (off) Kubuntu – so not a problem)

    The Live KDEx64 will load quite good
    After installing/update the system(mintUpdate)/restart the system
    I chose current Nvidia driver to install – restart the system
    No X any more – X crashed
    Manually restarted the system – option – start in recovery mode
    Choose – Fix broken packages + enter

    linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic – amd64.deb

    Say Y (Yes) and for the next questions say No to all (default)
    Be connected to the internet – 31.4mg
    Pressed enter and normal initialization
    It did not work

    Here is the harder part to reproduce
    console – sudo reboot
    Then comes again that low graphics for one session,
    reconfigure hardware and other options related to graphics
    I think i tried the options twice and luckly i got the X again
    Which is the right procedure? I can’t remember, sorry…
    Users can try the options like i did

    I removed the Nvidia current driver(no driver seemed to be installed)
    NVidia X Server indicated it
    Restarted the system.
    Installed the Nvidia current driver again and restarted the system – Bingo!
    Terminal – glxgears – working
    Open gl screensavers working
    start menu > admin > NVidia X Server – shows the driver installed
    Went to Youtube and cought some animations in 3D – working

    There are other commands to fix broken packages from the console
    sudo apt-get -f install
    sudo dpkg –configure -a
    but i already had fixed the broken packages

    A new entry in grub appears with a new kernel – now we have 3

    The actual Kernel

    ~ $ uname -a
    Linux mintKde 2.6.32-24-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 5 09:20:59 UTC
    2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    Linux Mint KDE “Isadora” is the Beauty for me – Absolutely no beast!

    Thanks Boo


  18. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! AT Last!!!!! Linux Mint KDE ^_^ Now im going to get rid of Kubuntu and Install Linux Mint KDE 9 ^_^. WOOOOO im going to celebrate with my clients….. Horraaahh Horraaaahhh!!!!

  19. CD version of Mint-KDE will probably not be done.

    This has been asked multiple times before – but KDE is just large. I believe efforts to slim it down were given up some time ago – since a well equipped out-of-the-box working operating system is desired.

    Therefore, I understand that it will be DVDs in the future.
    I second the notion that DVDs are definitely a compromise though.

    The only option to go without DVD will be to install KDE on top of another Mint edition: the relevant Meta package could be
    Mint-KDE-desktop or similar. That will, of course, then download lots of data.

    SOO – either broadband internet or DVD
    for Mint KDE

  20. Hey I love Mint KDE but I’m wondering if the KDE version can get the same login sound as the Main edition? It’s the last thing left to do that would I would like to see. But I’m loving that you guys came up with a backup program that allows for the backup of software! No longer have to remaster anything to keep my software. One thing though; does it back up software repositories as well?

    Great release! Will be supporting this distro from now on.

  21. KDE is a little prettier (that is debatable because KDE is looking really ‘Fisher Price’ these days, people hated XP for that) and all but I will stick with Gnome. I used to be a huge KDE fan but they are out of control with desktop gizmos and folders that are only confusing and annoying now, even the application menu is annoying, I switch back to classic immediately when giving a KDE based distro a spin. Gnome has come a long way and there is a lot to be said for simplicity.

  22. thanks boo for your fine efforts. thanks to the other code monkeys and testers too! linuxmint kde has become my laptop distro of choice. and let me add another vote to moving “back” to debian as the direct-source distro. sipping from the source (hah!) is a very good thing for future releases.

    happy trails

  23. Just upgraded KDE to 4.5 RC2 from kubuntu beta ppa repo 😉 Works well and… looks better in mint 9 than in kubuntu 10.10 alpha2 🙂

  24. ¿Podría alguien decirme si Linux Mint está disponible en español?

    ¿Existe algún foro de ayuda de Linux Mint en español?

    Gracias por responder.

  25. The KDE version for the Linux Mint KDE 32/64bit Live DVD/install
    “Isadora” LTS Edition is 4.4.5 NOT 4.4.4 as it is described on
    the release notes and also on Distrowatch Website.

  26. Thanks a lot.

    I have been using RC version until now without problems.

    As always, you did a good job.

  27. Hi!!! as everyone here i am satified of this incretible work on mint 9 KDE… But i have a little probleme. I have a set of logitech speakers but theyre only USB no headphone jack!! and my sound is not coming out from my speakers only from de jacks. On previous version i knew how to set it but this time my settings dont make a differents… So pls someone help!!!!

  28. And i all most forgot… Dont get me wrong this is the most stable and elegantess linux in the world..

  29. Mint is the perfect distro in any flavor,every other Linux distro has a flaw somewhere,i tried a lot of them they give you a headache somehow down the road,but Mint never gives u any kind of trouble

    Mint is The Best in: GNOME,KDE,LXDE,XFCE and Fluxbox

    Thank You Guys for the best distro and best of luck.

  30. I am shocked at how well Mint KDE works! The Redmond people must be getting red faced. Mint has nailed it and Desktop Linux is ready for mainstream.

  31. Tried it. Programs load slower and system not as ‘snappy’. Even with effects turned off. I have nivida 8200 gforce graphics using version 173 of driver. Tried everything. No improvement.

  32. This looks and runs so nice on my laptop but I can’t load the Broadcom STA driver, it fails saying there are not kernel files and that /sys/modules/wl/drivers doesn’t exist. Sorry to report this, but the fluxbox version installs the driver just fine. Any help would be great, I really want to run the kde version.

  33. Writing from the Live DVD right now, and I must say I’m impressed. The appearance is much improved from Kubuntu, which makes KDE look tacky and gaudy with overdone gradients, etc. This is beautiful! Great job.

  34. Downloading KDE version now for my hp mini netbook….I recently installed Gnome Mint on an Eeepc 900 netbook, anyone familiar with those knows that they have low resources (500mhz celeron processor, 512mb ram) and I have tried dozens of other distros on it and everything runs slow, and consumes too much space (netbook has 4gb solid state drive) until I installed Mint…and WOW what a difference! There’s actually a little room left to add a few programs, and it runs great!

  35. I’d like to thank Boo, Clem, and the rest of the Mint team for the most well put-together KDE 4.4.X distro that I’ve had the chance to try. I’ve used mint for a year (7,8, and 9), but when I decided to switch from GNOME to KDE I tried Kubuntu, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS, and Mandriva, and this blows all of them out of the water. Seriously, this is amazing. I love the software selection, speed, and professional appearance of Mint KDE. I really didn’t have to configure or tweak much compared others that I’ve tried. I appreciate all that you guys do. Mint 9 KDE is now the only OS on all of our laptops now. Thanks.

  36. Et rigtig flot arbejde fra Mint KDE Teamet, og specielt med software håndteringsprogrammet for Mint KDE. Lidt ærgerligt at denne distribution har flere af de samme fejl som ses i K/Ubuntu 10.04, som f.eks udelukker Intels 855 grafik chipset, i bla. lidt ældre ThinkPads, at fungere uden speciel Linux kendskab (i915.modeset=1 i Grub) – måske vil det være optimerende at basere distributionen direkte på Debian. Skønt også at se at endnu en distribution endelig har accepteret det fremragende arbejde KDE levere med deres Desktop.
    Fortsæt det fine arbejde gutter, og gerne med samme perfektion som i har leveret indtil nu….

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  38. Mint 8 was the first Linux OS I tried when I first started using Linux OS’s (as well as a hundred other Linux OS’s). 🙂 I was a distro-hopper as a noob, and though I’m still a Linux newbie, I have decided to stick with LinuxMint 9 KDE. In my usage of Linux (trial and error of distro-hopping), I’ve found that I’m not a fan of GNOME, but liked KDE a lot. I also tried lightweight WM’s like IceWM, Fluxbox, and Openbox. They did not have the “feel” and functionality that I liked so much in KDE, though. This OS is simple enough for new Linux users to understand, but sophisticated enough for experienced Linux users to appreciate. Windows users looking to convert should definitely try Mint KDE, and Linux users looking for a more complete system should give Mint KDE a fair chance as well. Good job Mint team, and thank you for your hard work.

  39. PS — I’m using an Averatec Buddy netbook as my main computer, and I’ve had NO driver problems. Though KDE is a little bloated, my 1.5 GB of RAM and 160 GB hard drive are actually much more than enough to run this OS smoothly. For what its worth to those of you thinking of loading Mint KDE on your laptop or netbook, don’t worry — everything will run just fine. 😉

  40. I installed the Linux Mint 9 , KDE x86_64 OS and I believe it’s lovely.
    I started with Linux OSs 3 years before and I have tried a lot of Debian and Red Hat 32 and 64 bit distributions.
    I really was waiting for the Mint KDE 64 bit distr. and it’s really stable, strong, quick, user-friendly and ….. why not … luxurious !
    Congratulations to the Mint developers for this excellent project.

    I strongly believe that KDE is the future.

  41. is this can be installed from inside of windows like ubuntu?
    if this can’t I’d think another way to manipulate grub again.

  42. A bit disappointing on my eeePC netbook. Although, gnome worked out of the box, KDE seems to have some issues. I am big fan of the KDE apps but I am afraid I will have to go back to gnome for full functionality.

  43. (Just adding to my previous comment) Despite the problems I had with the KDE version, congrats to Linux Mint people for the excellent distribution. I strongly recommend it especially to newbies.

  44. Always been a windows-user, but after dabbling a little in Ubuntu every now and then the past years I think I might settle for this ‘un. Very nice distro! Thanks!!!

  45. Thanks for all the hard work team Mint!!!I have been using the gnome version since it was released. It is stable and faster than any other Os I have used on my system. Ran the kde version for curiosity…nowhere as as neat and polished as the gnome version. No luck with google earth,my favourite app… it runs once then crashes (I know its video card issues but for some reason the gnome version does not have this problem)…also the boot up is so much slower than with the gnome version and grub is by default confused with options. (dont have the skill to tidy it up) I can do without the eye candy if it sacrifices performance so much.
    Thanks again to Mint for widening the linux portal!

  46. Hi,
    Have tried the Gnome version and liked it, but there was some problems with sound and streaming, so switched to the new version of Ubuntu, but that kept switching off my Laptop after a few hours. I am going to give Isadora KDE a go,Mint has always been my favourite.

  47. Thanks a lot for this release. One question, why google must to add windows 7 promotions in this site ?? We should have a free web engine search too!

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