Linux Mint 9 KDE RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 9 KDE RC.

Linux Mint 9 KDE

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 9 KDE“.

Known problems:

  • Localization (keyboard layout)
  • Linux Mint branding in mint4win and Plymouth’s text theme
  • Ubuntu branding in Software Sources
  • Splash screen resolution
  • Moonlight
  • Upstream issues

To get more information about these problems and their solution, read the “Known problems” section of the release notes

System requirements:

  • x86 processor
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 5 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive or USB port

Bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find in Launchpad.


Linux Mint 9 KDE RC is available as a 32-bit liveDVD, via Torrent and HTTP download:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. Thanks again guys for another incredible Mint environment. You guys never cease to amaze us on every release you publish.

    Dakkel nga iyaman…

  2. amazing work Boo! many thanks for this. so the 64bit build will come out the same time as final 32bit build? no x64 RC?

  3. thank you very much for all your work on Mint with KDE. Love it ever since I switched from Ubuntu about a month ago. Looking forward to 64-bit version.

  4. @Boo/Clem

    When will the 64 bit version of Linux Mint 9 KDE be released?
    The wait has been very long. 🙁

  5. I have Mint 9 KDE on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop, I Like it!
    I’m going to try Mint on my NetBook today.
    Then My desktop.

  6. “I Like it.”
    I have Mint on my Laptop ( Desktop replacement)
    I am going to try it on my NetBook Today, then my AMD desktop tomorrow.

  7. I have encountered the following problems after installing Mint 9 KDE RC on a HP 2710p:

    1. You get funny akonadi error messages when kontact is auto started at login.
    My solution: start akonadi before kde is loaded (script in ~/.kde/env)

    2. When you define keyboard shortcuts in the menu-editor (right click left down corner) they aren’t working.

    apart from that it’s quite stable for me.

    And some points about the package selection:

    Why the hell there are 2 music players and 3(!) video players available by default?
    There are also 2 java runtime environments (sun and openjre) installed.
    What happened to you, jamie boo?

    On a elegant linux desktop the clamav stuff is unnecessary too 😉

    To sum up I would say Mint 9 kde is good but not superior. There are better kde4 alternatives at the moment.
    For example mandriva 2010.1.

  8. I have tried so many versions of Linux distros, but I rate Mint to be the most appealing in terms of ease of use, clarity of layout, simplicity from cluttered, as close to Windows XP experience. Here are my top favs: (1) Linux Mint 9 (2) Zorin 3.0 (3)Puppy 5.01 (4)Ubuntu (5) Kubuntu. Feature I like developers to include are: (a) allow a refresh menu item — hoping to do the same as Windows XP does (I know it is not required … but I want for the habit) (b)Pre-built firewall GUI which shows what packets are dropped etc…(c) include a data sanitizing routine (such as CCleaner, CleanAfterMe, etc…(d) pre-built Webcam app. It is the last one that keeps Mint9 second only to Windows XP. I hope future version will incorporate, otherwise, top-notch Linux distro that Mint9 is. I bestow highest felicitation to Mint9 developers.

  9. Linux Mint 9 KDE … called itself imposes its own respect!
    A big thank you to all developers, because without you, the computer world would be corrupted by Microsoft.
    NB: I am French, and seeing no comment in that language I am trying to translate. So please excuse me for errors.

    Silverio Shifter

  10. :DDDDDD

    i’ve been waiting for this! 🙂 ill download it and install ASAP. then ill be back to report bugs! 🙂 and if wurzel is correct, i dont see why there needs to be 3 video players. and especially not 2 java environments 😐

  11. Hi!

    After splash screen, computer halts, monitor goes to stand-by mode and hard restart is required.
    I burned dvd on lowest speed, check it for errors…

    What could be done?
    Thanks …

  12. Hey guys! Quick question.

    Can I install the Mint KDE environment over the main edition (sort of like installing the kubuntu-desktop package in ubuntu)?

    My laptop has a sound issue with KDE that requires me to have pulseaudio installed (which comes with Gnome)but then that way I can use KDE and have pulseaudio installed 😀

  13. so whats the deal in mint 9 with hardware that once worked is now DOA??? i.e. netgear wg511 prism chip (v1) worked fine now it dont ???

  14. Is the Community site down? I have been trying to find help with a problem, and I can not access the Forums. I get:

    A Database Error Occurred
    Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.


    General Error
    SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

    Too many connections [1040]

    An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

  15. Does anyone know what the time frame is for a 64bit release? If it’s a matter of testing sign me up and let me know what to check.


  16. Felicito al grupo que construye los sistemas operativos LinuxMint. Yo estoy utilizando el LinuxMint 8 y es muy bueno. Mucho mejor que Windows vista. Ahora que tenga trabajo los apoyare para que sigan trabajando.
    Les escribe un Mixteco, México

  17. Hi all,
    I am new to Mint but I have used Ubuntu for years,
    Would someone be so kind as to forward my bug report.
    My MSI Wind U-100 has been working Great with Mint 9 KDE until now.
    I continue to get low battery warning then I am shut down when I know I have at least 50% battery remaining.
    I am slowly being shut off so I will format and reload mint.
    I currently use Dual boot Ubuntu 10.04 and Mint, Mint being primary os.
    I will load system test on next install of Mint.

    Thank you

  18. @Justin

    Thanks! Looks like here is one more way (instead just kubuntu-desktop) how to get KDE? 🙂

    Interesting- how it lives together with gdm (gtk) environment…? Isn’t headache with it? 😀

  19. Wow, very nice indeed. I’ve only been using Linux for a month or so and adopted Linux Mint as my OS of choice. I’ll have to run this KDE version too.

  20. Plz do something with this plasma + xorg + nvidia bug , during wallpaper change xorg consume more cpu and freezes the playing video at the moment of wallpaper change, it was worked fine with gloria but in after version like helena , kubuntu 10.04 whether 32 or 64 bit in both arcs it happened.

  21. I installed Mint KDE 9 RC two days ago. Everything
    seems to be quite normal,pretty,fast and stable.
    I have received many updates from PPA (enabled by

    KDE v. 4.4.5
    Firefox 3.6.6

    To fix keyboard layout:
    Kde control center

    system settings > region/idiom
    Plymouth and screen resolution for some NVidia/ATI
    graphics cards after installing the driver.
    Install startUpmanager through Synaptic and change
    resolution to 1024x or 1280x and 24 bits
    Restart the system.

    Thanks Boo and The Linux Mint Testing Team.

  22. Hey, looks great guys! Wish you’d do a e17 spin off though but loving the KDE edition never the less! 🙂

  23. Riu: I think they already have a lot of work to do with releasing Gnome, LXDE, KDE and other spins.

  24. Morning Chris. I loaded Mint KDE on my netbook and all worked well untill I started an update. After a restart I could not get a stable boot. I’m running a AspireOne AOD250. I’m ready to go back to LXDE.

  25. I am unable to get my wireless going also, but overall this OS looks fantastic. Once I get wireless running again I will be very happy. Installation was quick and painless, as usual. Thanks for a great OS!

  26. @necromantiarian

    GNOME one is green because its… you know… mint. and cuz gnome doesnt really have a theme colour. the KDE version is blue because KDE itself usually comes with blue themes, blue applications and is blue-themed overall. so they decided to match that (which looks way cooler than green 🙂 )

  27. Great work guys, this looks and works awesome, installation was very fast and easy. Just need to wait a few hours now for WoW to install.

  28. Im having the exact same problem as cavin is, I have tried to install it using mint4win on several Windows 7 systems now and the installer fails to finish sucessfully. It gets as far as “Downloading installer information” or something like that right at the end than just closes.

  29. Mint 9 KDE RC LiveCD has network-manager-pptp-gnome package instead of network-manager-pptp-kde. Please fix for final release. Thanks!


  30. great work!!
    just a question…
    why is not include kmozillahelper to get better kde integration with firefox???

  31. Any way to install KDE alongside Gnome. Kde from Synaptic seem to install (K)ubuntu version and not the Mint one, is that correct? Which repositories need to be included to get Mint Kde?

  32. Having an issue with Mint 9 KDE….installed it on another machine; an old Power Spec 6340/ MSI mobo/ 1.5GB ram/ AMD Sempron 1.3Ghz/ Nvidia FX5200/ 320GB WD. My issue is that during live cd play, everything works ok, including the Mint boot up logo w/marquee. After install, I have the moving dots on marquee, but no logo and the resolution on the dots look like they’re in480x680, other than that, everything else is fine….Oh, BTW the drivers for the nvidia won’t allow me to use the compositing in Open GL, I tried Xrender makes it run way to slow and sluggish…anyone have any suggestions for this issue?….Thanks for all the help.

  33. Wonder if i can install the final and during startup just pick between Gnome and KDE without partitioning. I am more familiar with Gnome even as a n00b but KDE just looks so damn sexy.

  34. Think I’ll wait for the rolling release… Until that I’ll stick to kubuntu and I’m already on Maverick 🙂

  35. I wanted to say mint with the KDE desktop is the most polished functional linux distro I’ve used to date. It has amazed me. Keep up the great work guys, we appreciate it!

  36. Dear Clem,
    while I m working with LM9 GNOME,i would like to report some bugs.
    with the one that checks hard disk errors in boot login,
    with software manager .7 version it is little stucky and
    mint updater is little stucky too…
    Bt on any basis…LM9 is the best.Bt Perfection is little more to do.
    dont know where to post i did it here.gud to see mint in another look.

  37. Absolutely terrific. I am using this at home and work although having troubles getting it on my laptop – more RAM required I think. Thank you so much for a great dist.

    Is there a thread for bug reports as I have the following issue;

    I have dual monitors with an NVidia GeForce 7800GT graphics card which works fine with Twinview and the NVidia drivers. If I right click in each monitor, select Desktop Activity Settings and then set the Wallpaper Type to Weather it works great on the primary monitor but the 2nd monitor just has a plain blue background after a reboot. It works when initially set but not after a reboot.

    Thanks a lot.

  38. I like Mint 9 KDE. I was using another minimal Ubuntu/Debian distro (using Openbox), and this is a far cry from the minimal atmosphere that I was used to! 🙂 I’ve been looking for a more complete OS, and I didn’t want to install Windows on my netbook if I could find a Linux distro that would satisfy all my needs. The minimal Openbox distro was functional, but too minimal aesthetically. Mint 9 KDE is aesthetically beautiful, fully functional, and my favorite Linux to date.

  39. Help me….

    Sorry but i dont know the diference

    Linux mint 9 and linux mint 9 KDE…?

    Is better or what..? i must delite the nimt 9 and download the KDE.?


  40. @Boris

    KDE is simply a desktop evnironment. It is just the look and feel of the desktop. The KDE version and the regular version are identical under the hood.

  41. I used Mint 9 KDE in my laptop and dont look like a RC version, it’s very stable, now i stay waiting for a final version whit a x64 arquitecture…very good job XD

  42. After a few days i am liking it more and more.

    The sleek GUI pulled me in and the extra features hooked me. Liking this better than Gnome.

    so far

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