Isadora KDE Development Report

After using the new Mint Community website for testing, with some new tests too, the last development ISO still had some minor bugs. Two were easy to fix, but the other two KDE ones have been a real pain. Well lets say they are very easy for a user to configure using system settings if you know where to look but to have them enabled by default is…. well… I gave up. KDE 4.4 now has new ways to generate the configs it wants after putting your configs there first. I’m sure it is just a bug, but it can wait till nest time.
I am uploading a new ISO to test via the Mint Community website testers.


  1. The ctrl-alt-bs and “Dolphin delete” issues are soooooo minor — specially if one takes into account that this is a RC.

    Anyway, what is the “known problems” section of release notes for?

  2. I can’t stop checking the community site for updates! So far it’s at 87.5%! Question though, are there really that many themes available for KDE, let alone Minty ones? I think that that was an unfair failure . . . just sayin 😀

  3. “…they are very easy for a user to configure using system settings if you know where to look…” Maybe include a popup window (similar to that Welcome window that pops up after install) detailing the KDE bug and how a user set the system as intended?

    SxFlare’s idea of a script is also a good one, if it’s feasible.

    Lastly, Marco makes a good point. LM9 Gnome has a “Known Problems” section on its release notes page. Why not include these KDE bugs there on the LM9 KDE release notes page?

    Regardless, thanks to Boo and the rest of the LM9 KDE dev team!

  4. I’m going to have to agree. I love Mint KDE, but having to wait this long over such minor bugs makes me begin (leisurely) searching for alternative distros. I mean, c’mon, Kubuntu came out two months ago already… : (

  5. People don’t be so dramatic. Patience is a virtue. Besides, waiting makes it more suspenseful and exiting! 😀

  6. hello
    I have been following every day through the blog the evolution of the tests of isadora kde and it wanted to congratulate for your strenuous work and dedication and very much thank you.
    P.s .espero that omeu ingles is corrcte, so I used a translator on line.

  7. I’d rather wait a bit longer for a quality release. We’ll still have to wait even longer for the final 64-bit, so I’m comfortable with Helena for now. Have patience, everyone.

  8. Well it has not been approved, so uh, where is the download link? GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

    I feel like I have waited FOREVER for this.

  9. @Keljaden: Have a look here. Says “Approved for RC release”. 🙂 If you click on the ISO link there, you’ll see that Boo is putting the Release Notes together. I’m sure it will be posted soon.

    Everyone: We’re all very anxious for Linux Mint 9 KDE. But I think we can all agree that Linux Mint KDE is one of the best distros available, correct? Things this great take time. Given that Linux Mint 8 KDE was released only four months ago, I’m amazed that Boo & team can get such a great product out that quickly.

    Like I’ve always said, I’d rather use a stable Linux Mint 8 KDE now, rather than a Linux Mint 9 KDE that’s buggy because the dev team rushed it out the door to meet some imaginary deadline.

  10. Well from what I understand, Boo is the only developer, and he submits there iso to the testers…which seem to take a while to test the iso. I have been carefully watching the testing progress, just seems like it takes a little longer than it should.

  11. @ Joe H
    Eh, sounds like business major hogwash…intelligent people can make things get done fast, cheat, and still be epic.

    Okay, where is the bloody iso, the RC has been approved. What’s taking so long. It’s most defiantly ready.

  12. Will I be able to install KDE over the main edition like installing Kubuntu-desktop in Ubuntu? I have a sound issue with KDE that requires me to have pulseaudio installed for sound to work.

    Thanks guys!

  13. Probably the best idea in retrospect would have been to release the RC with the 2 bugs and a warning, then continue to work on them for the final release.

    I know people are anxious, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I’ve been waiting for a Mint KDE since 7. 8 wouldn’t install. I’ve been hobbling along with GNOME, but it just seems to get in the way.

  14. I like it.
    I usually use Ubuntu but I’m seriously thinking about changing to Mint.
    I can play movies with Mint without searching for codec.
    Which is handy when my wireless IP goes off-line.

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