Exploder happy with KDE ISO

Boo’s made his final touches and Exploder’s happy with releasing the latest ISO. Expect a stable release of Daryna KDE CE in the days to come.


  1. The Beta, I must say, is EXCELLENT. However, I have one gripe about it which is the default KDE panel. I never liked it. I hate it being double layered. I wish you make a customized single layered one. Though you can customize the height, but once you do it, the icons get ugly especially the menu’s. It gets too small and out of place. More power to Linux Mint…


  2. Great, I already using the Beta and have no problems with it. Is there a possibility to upgrade my beta without reinstall? Thank you

  3. The title caught me by surprise! Boo has put a lot of hard work into the KDE CE and it is great to see so many happy KDE fans. It is a real pleasure to work with Boo and test out the KDE CE.

    Congratulations Boo, this is a really nice release!

  4. I too would like to thank Boo for all the hard work. Having a very stable KDE and ease of use is very important to n00bs and those of us who have been trying to get something usable on a daily basis going. Once I can get my printer/scanner working I might be able to convert completely away from windows. Then I’ll only have to dual boot so my boys can play UB funkeys.

    Thanks again for all who have been and will continue to work so diligently for the ease of the rest of us.

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