mintInstall to support GetDeb and APT (and CNR?)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Say hello to the new mintInstall, version 3.4. A few little adjustments, some work on HIG and localization and this will hit the Romeo repositories. You can expect a release this week and in the meantime I’ll let you look at the screenshots and guess what the new features are.

With mintMenu now uninstalling applications, mintUpdate updating them and mintInstall supporting not only .mint but also apt and getdeb (and in the future maybe also CNR) chances are you won’t play as much with synaptics anymore 🙂


  1. it’s realy unbelivable… your work with Mint is so great… I hope soon people will agnolage the superb way that Mint is designed.

    keepup the good work

  2. I like the general idea here, but for newbies I think the acronyms are a bit geeky. Are there better labels for the tabs they might be less intimidating?

    Just a thought


  3. More elegant all the time! There’s a reason the distrowatch #’s are getting so high you know:) It’s been said lots, hope it never gets old…Thank You.

  4. Just excelent. It’s remarkable the way mint is becaming less and lees of a Ubuntu derivative. I love Ubuntu and part of the great features of Mint are coming from them, but anyway you have found the spots where Ubuntu can be improved and you are doing a fine job with it.

  5. awesome job, this is one step forward for program installation and integration for linux, 😀

    you are doing exactly what the linux community as a whole needs: “Unification”

    while everyone is “forking” and creating their own clones of everything, You are unifying and making every tool Better 🙂

    linuxmint is really becoming a true work of art.

    Another step forward should be to make the mintinstall program available as a download, so people can start mintifying the ubuntus they already have installed (and for some reason can’t change to mint).

    great job

  6. Clem, you are doing an outstanding job, I am very impressed !

    I just installed Mint 4.0 dual-booting with my regular Fedora 8… Mint is so “ready”… Good !

    -What would be the advantage to install from GetDeb, or CNR over the regular Ubuntu & Mint repos ?

    Thanks in advance for your insights…

  7. How about this for the tab names:
    “Mint Software Portal”
    “Online Repositories”
    And that’s probably the order they should be in, too.

  8. Congrats :).

    I’ve requested it before in the 5.0 version post. Would be really usefull that the Add/Remove feature would be back. Like in Ubuntu. I mean, mintInstall is usefull when you know what to install. But if you want to install some program in the list is more ‘practical’ than search on google for a list of similar.


  9. I disagree with the idea that Mint products should be available on other distros. I think if someone likes the Mint tools they should make the switch and support the Mint community. I did!

  10. I disagree, Mint owes a lot to distro’s like Ubuntu and Debian. It should be only fair if they can get the benefits as well. I’ve installed mintInstall on both Linux Mint and Ubuntu. It works great on both.

  11. I disagree also with the idea that Mint products should be available on other distros. What you install on your private system has nothing to do with the official releases. Nobody can force Clem to share his valuable work with competing distros.

  12. Well let’s not forget why we’re here. We’re here doing this great operating system because many people before us contributed great ideas and a lot of work. If we’re here today with fast computers and powerful desktops it’s thanks to years of evolution, improvements and innovation, thanks to the fact that people could invent on top of what was invented before. We can thank Ubuntu, Debian, upstream developers but also all the people who made x86 what it is today, X and all the components which make Mint possible. Basically we can do so much thanks to the simple fact that ideas are universal and innovation is shared to build upon. Closing our technology would go against this principle and against the idea of sharing, where would be the gratitude and the understanding? We’re quite high in the pyramid but if the great blocks we’re making aren’t square enough the pyramid isn’t gonna go much higher.

    Competition is good but let’s not forget we’re all working for the same purpose, a better operating system. Ideas are meant to be shared and developed further. I personally don’t like the idea of intellectual property and even less the idea of retention of information or vendor-locking. If people like what we do they’ll come and join us, forcing them in doing so by giving ourselves the exclusivity of the ideas we develop is genuinely wrong. If we were to think like that, tomorrow we’d be filing patents and going against the very principle which made Mint possible in the first place. There would be no honor in that and worse of all there would be no intelligence either.

    PS: Sorry for being so direct on this, I feel very strongly about intellectual property, patents, and all the ideas which in the name of business harm the pace of progress and innovation.

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