Just a quick reminder about the translations for Linux Mint 9. You can monitor the progress of each individual language and contribute to the translation effort by visiting this link:


  1. For Romanian language is not completely translated.

    Do not think we have time to finish translated into Romanian for Linux Mint 9, but for sure next version will be available in Romanian.
    PS: Linux Mint 9 Main, if there is more than one month, we hope to have and Romanian .

  2. I sure hope this isn’t what’s holding Mint 9 back from release… If so, it’s pretty pathetic. Just release an English version, since English is spoken all over the world, and as a second language to most other countries.

  3. Rizzo: I think that you don’t understand the philosophy behind the most if not all linux distributions, for example the point 2 of Ubuntu philosophy: “Every computer user should be able to use their software in the language of their choice”. I speak Español, so why i must stay tied to English??. Any way is just a thought (and sorry my English is so bad). Regards from Corrientes – Argentina.

  4. wow, n-slutzker gave lots of good suggestions for mintbackup, and now I can say the hebrew translation is finished. I’ll take another look tomorrow to make sure my mistakes are not too big, but it seems that we are done.

  5. Portuguese translations completed!
    I am wating do click on download link of LM9
    Thank you for your GREAT work.
    Linux Mint new user (started with LM7) and still learning….
    Portuguese translation team member

  6. @ Rizzo

    One language to rule them all…

    I wonder what is more “pathetic”, to use your word.

    I think the Mint team, and Linux distro in general, are more open minded and respectful than that.

    Vive la différence.

  7. Peter, I’ll help with the Romanian translation, don’t worry. 🙂 As soon as I get back at work I’ll translate bit by bit and hopefully I’ll finish it or make it easier for the rest. 😉

  8. I burned a Lightscribe Disc tonight on CD-R for the 64-bit release that’s coming, in anticipation of Mint 9’s release. It’s labeled with 4 different fonts from, and eagerly waiting to have the Mint 9 ISO burned to it’s data surface! 😀

    (As for now, I boot the Mint 9 RC from a 60x 8GB SD card) So far Mint 9 runs beautifully on my HP TX1000 Tablet PC. I wonder if they will ever add drivers to the kernel that get the touchscreen working. -_-

  9. Wow! We have such a great community. I’m so impressed. It seems like we’re an army, getting tasks done! Great job every one!

  10. I’m quite impressed to see everyone working together to complete this huge translation task. I only wish I knew a second language beyond English and bad English. 🙁

  11. Just finished the translations for Norwegian Bokmål! Waiting inpatiently for the final release.. 🙂

  12. Hmm true, I did not read the color codes correctly, I thought all must be green, but in fact it ain’t. Now that most translations are done hopefully the final version comes soon…

  13. kneekoo, Team of Romania began to provide aid to translation. Hopefully we can finish up Friday to be translated. I joined the list of members who approve translations. You are novel? Community here in romania:

    Thanks for the reply.

  14. I’d love to help with the Swedish translations (I could even do some of the easier Icelandic ones, with luck), but I feel pretty silly as a non-programmer/-developer to register for a Launchpad-account…

  15. @Peter: I’m not new to Mint. I know it since Bianca and I use it since Daryna. By the way, coman norbert contacted me on PHP-Fusion Romania to tell us about your new community.

    // off topic
    Sorry guys for the few words in Romanian. I just want to make sure we’re clear.

    Peter, ceea ce am tradus până acum în mintBackup este la persoana a doua singular din motive de lungime de text. A intervenit şi Smilefish în două locuri în care lungimea traducerii nu e aproape deloc influenţată de modul de exprimare (alege/alegeţi), dar o voi pune la loc pe cea cu “alege” pentru că traducerea trebuie să fie făcută în acelaşi stil, nu într-o propoziţie cu formulă de respect (pers. a II-a plural) şi în alta la per tu. Nu ştiu dacă face parte din echipa voastră, dar sper că citeşte şi el.

  16. Well on the Mint homepage, we have less than a week to wait for Mint 9. Congrats to all you hard working people for putting in so many hard-working hours for our little community. Much appreciated! 😀

  17. This is not a little community, Rizzo. 😀 You can easily fill a small town with all Mint’s forum members. 😛 (currently 31010) We could call it Mint Town.

    Hello everyone in Mint Town! 😀

  18. @Rizzo
    Open your mind and Give a try to POSH english. It’s very tasty ;).

    Awaiting for KDEx64 version…

  19. Slovak translation done, just needs to be fully checked few times to keep all happy( there are always some bugs). As I use English version, would be nice to get some feedback for Slovak translation.

  20. I’m waiting for Mint “Isadora Universal here in Brazil we are using this very system, and our language is PT-BR Portuguese Brazil
    Thank you.
    Linux Mint in the World Cup Football.

  21. If everything’s true, we’ll have a Hungarian translation that talks in the name of “we” and calls the user “You” instead of “Thou” everywhere. Something similar was the Romanian fellow translator’s problem, see above. I think it’s important that we’ve replaced “kérem” (I ask you) with “kérjük” (we ask you – since there is no better translation for “Please”), because every single OS “speaks” this way. It looks more natural and last but not least it shows that without the contribution of many people Linux Mint would not be even possible. Thumbs up for Isadora!

  22. Korean translation – 100%, and reviewed once.

    While doing translation, my laptop has been broken, a stranger screwed up some translations, and whole bunch of things to do (spring term!)… It was HELL.
    But I’m really really happy to finish this. 🙂

  23. I was very sad to know that the Universal version will not leave.
    I’m from Brazil and we love this system.
    Let’s not run Linux Mint, for not having included the language PT-BR ..

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