Linux Mint 9 “Isadora” RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 9 “Isadora” RC.

Linux Mint 9 “Isadora”

New features at a glance:

  • New Software Manager
    • 30,000 packages
    • Review applications straight from the Software Manager
    • APT daemon
    • Visual improvements
  • New Backup Tool
    • Incremental backups, compression, integrity checks
    • Backup/Restoration of the software selection
  • Menu improvements
    • Editable items
    • Transparent menu
    • Always start with favorites
    • “Add to” shortcuts
  • Desktop settings
    • Changes apply immediately
    • Additional options
  • Better look & feel
    • Backgrounds
    • Welcome screen
    • Update Manager
  • System improvements
    • Windows installer
    • Husse quotes
    • USB Creator
    • Default software selection
    • Local repository and Gnome-PPP
    • Apt hold/unhold/held commands
  • Project changes
    • Community Website
    • CD & DVD
    • Community Editions
    • OEM installation disks
    • USA/Japan distributors disks
    • 32 & 64-bit
  • Upstream improvements
    • Faster boot
    • Long Term Support

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 9“.

Known problems:

  • Splash screen resolution
  • Missing translations
  • File Uploader not closing
  • Editing items in the menu doesn’t take effect immediately
  • Moonlight
  • Upstream issues

To get more information about these problems and their solution, read the “Known problems” section of the release notes.

Important information:

As an RC (Release Candidate) this release is targeted at developers and beta-testers who want to help Linux Mint find and correct bugs before the stable release. Please do not use this release as your main desktop.

  • Java and
  • OEM disks
  • Distributors disks for the USA and Japan
  • Tomboy Notes
  • Local repository and Gnome-PPP

To get more information, read the “Important information” section of the release notes.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (for both 32 & 64-bit versions)
  • x86_64 compatible processor (for the 64-bit version)
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 3 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive or USB port

Bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find in Launchpad.


Linux Mint 9 RC is available in both 32 & 64-bit as a liveCD, via Torrent and HTTP download:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. I let it boot on the default option on first boot and my monitor turned black during the whole process: “no signal” !
    After one hard-reboot (as I couldn’t see anything on screen and the different key combinations didn’t result in anything) I rebooted in “safe-mode” (second option) which gave me a normal boot process except that on the final stage I got a message saying something like: “Ubuntu (sic) will be running in low resolution mode”. There I could try to change the display settings (there were 3 options) but everytime I selected one of the options and accepted, the same screen was proposed to me. In the end I just clicked “cancel” and I could access the desktop, in normal resolution.

    Then installation went fine.

    After next boot on HDD, first thing I did was to modify my /etc/fstab to hide those volumes I don’t use under Mint from Nautilus. The nice thing is that as soon as I saved the file, it was instantly in effect in Nautilus which was kept open ! The bad thing is that when I tried to reboot, well, I couldn’t anymore ! The boot process got stuck with a message about a partition that could not be mounted (labeled “Windows” in /media/Windows), with an option to wait, skip (S) or manually modify (M). Nothing worked. Soft reboot > stuck > soft reboot > stuck > …
    Next I tried to boot on another linux distribution to try to repair my Mint installation (at least try to access the /etc/fstab) but none of them could boot, the grub2 installed by Mint gave me “kernel panic” everytime (trying to boot several PCLinuxOS 2010 installations and Mandriva 2010.1 beta 2, all of them are still using grub1 I think).

    So except for the few minutes I had access to the desktop, it was a really bad experience to me.

  2. Congratulations to the Mint team for a job well done.
    I have Isadora on my test disk since yesterday.
    Working quite well so far.

    1. Euthymius: When it’s ready. The missing parts are translations, a few fixes on bugs already identified in the release notes, fixes to the bugs the community will find in the RC and the user guide. After that there’s more testing… and altogether we’re aiming to release all 8 ISOs (cd, dvd, oem, us-japan for both architectures) before the end of the month.

  3. When will the final version be released?

    I’m very much excited with Isadora, I hope my customers enjoy using mint 9 as much as they enjoyed using mint 8.

    I’m using linux mint in my internet cafe 🙂

  4. Downloading now!, i’m just glutton for punishment.. Mint 8 is working real well at work.. i just hope all issues with mounting/bookmarking ssh/smb connections in nautilus is fixed ( something toodo with password management.. sea..something? ). Whats this about backup/restoration of software selections? Can i auto install everything from my mint8 install?.. that would be cool.

    Best of luck Clem and team.

    1. Steve w: Yes, you can backup your software selection and have it reinstalled in Mint 9, see section D1.3 and D3.2 of this tutorial: Also, you can download the Mint 9 ISO and install usb-creator-gtk in Mint 8, then launch the Startup Disk creator from the menu and point it to the Mint 9 ISO to put it on a USB stick.

  5. Thats just awesome, better than i expected. I’ll install tommorow. Do you know anything about the bookmarking/passwording of ssh/smb shares? I know it didnt work correctly in 10.04 beta, but it may be fixed. Well done Clem, ive installed Mint on computers years ago and there still going strong, users who didnt even know what windows was!. All my Windows-to-Linux converts get Mint, its the best choice.

  6. Another visually appealing version of Mint, and kudos to you for releasing the RC so soon after 10.04 came out! The Backup Tool looks brilliant!

    Just a quick question: have you added any functionality to improve on wireless networking and especially wireless broadband compatibility which seems to be all but missing in Ubuntu 10.04? I live in a part of the world where at least 60% of the time we must rely upon various wireless broadband providers, most of which do not work at all with Ubuntu.


    David (based in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore… soon to add Indonesia Vietnam and Laos!)

    1. David: There are some wireless drivers in /usr/share/local-repository (deb packages, that repository is set up automatically) and /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintWifi/drivers (ndiswrapper drivers)

  7. Will it be possible to get the final translations (e.g. german) without reinstalling the stable release?

  8. Wonderful! I’m torrenting now! 😀
    Regarding the removal of Java, I’d suggest copying what PCLinuxOS 2010 did – “Get OpenOffice” ( It’s a basic script that installs all components of and, of course, Java. That way users will have easy access (which, once you know how to use a package manager, users admittedly already have!) to both OO.o and Java, and there’ll also be the benefit of significantly reducing the iso space, allowing for other out-of-the-box-experience apps.
    Anyway, that’s my two cents for now. I’ll have another two in a few hours, to be sure!
    PS. Thanks again for the fantastic release that was LM8 Helena! 😀 You set the bar pretty high with that release!

  9. [..can i make a bootable USB of Mint9 from Mint8?..]
    Yes. Use Unetbootin to create ir (brilliant tool). You need Mint9`s iso already downloaded of course.

  10. And, will transmission the default bit-torrent client in mint? May be, replace it wit something “utorrent-like”, for examole, Deluge?

  11. Hi Clem and LinuxMint team! Glad to see the pace LinuxMint developed.
    A suggestion:
    How about writing something like usb-creator-gtk/portablelinux (or better, patch it) so it can create liveusb-persistant on ext2/ext3/ext4 partition on partitioned usbkey (say, 2, or 3 partition).
    say, I have [sdb: sdb1(vfat) sdb2(ext2) sdb3(ext3)] and I want to install LinuxMint-persistant liveusb with on sdb2, persistant-data on sdb3.

    I can do itu manually, but, it became a pain when i must repeat it for times.. (my student, friends and colleagues sometimes ask me to set it up for them). I’m quite busy now, so I can’t dive into usb-creator or portablelinux.

    Warm Regard,

  12. Congratulation!! 🙂

    I’m really glad of these release, really surprise to find Mint 9 yet today!!

    Thank You so much at all Mint developers!!

    Paolo (Italy)

  13. Thank you for a great release, It seems very fast but alas ( as expected ) there is no raid-1 support.. i’m sure that me and others will miss this. My mint8 install started life as a ubuntu-alternative disk + raid-1 then with a sprinkle of Mint-meta + other tweaks which i forget, i turned it into Helena.. but now where do i go?

  14. Only problem I’m noticing so far is that in VirtualBox 3.1.4 I cannot use the GuestAdditions with Mint 9. Upon reboot it says it’s running is low graphics mode. Only option that works is to run in low graphics mode for this one session and to continue doing that. I’ve run Ubuntu 10.04 in the same VBox 3.1.4 and used the GuestAdditions w/o error so I’m not sure of the problem. I’ uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times just to be sure.

  15. Some issues:

    – Window Resize area is realy small. So you need to be exactly on the border of the window to resize it. Maybe this can be bigger, so it would be more user friendly.
    – The panel below is not height enough for the icons (or the icons are too high). I miss the upper part of the icon.
    -If I compare the Window manager I mis the Window fuctions like “Aero Snap” & “Aero Peek”. Which are very handy.
    -gEdit enable line number by default
    -By default not trash icon on the panel (likely express)

  16. Clem and others, thank you very much for Isadora RC. All we looking forward for final version. Isadora looks good, didn’t have enough time for serious testing. If I find any bugs I will report as always. Good luck in further improvements.

  17. Excellent work!!! keep it up. Just started to download and i have already spread the message in my community 🙂

  18. 1 extra issue:

    – Monitor resolution is fixed at 640 x 480 pixels within VirtualBox. I tried several times to reinstall the guest additions, without succes. Keep the message: “Monitor Unknow”
    This could be a VirtualBox problem, but you never know…

  19. when will you release the final main version? I’m desperately looking for it. I’m just an average user shall I download mint 9 or wait for the main version(new to linux). Have you included any new themes in mint 9 as posted earlier…

  20. i could not boot linux mint in usb. i used both Unetbootin (in windows) and usb Creator (in ubuntu 10.04) but it gives an error after “Default” selection in grub menu of Mint 9.

    Error codes are :

    Loading /casper/vmlinuz…………………………
    umcompression errortrd.lz………………..
    — System Halted….

    what i need to do boot my Asus1005ha with usb ?

  21. In RE: Windows “Snap” and “Peek”:

    I never got why people liked these features so much – at least, as much to want to commit the system resources to such trivial eye candy. “Snap”, I guess, would be sorta useful for people just getting used to working in multi-window environments, but it’s really only useful for two windows.

    I typically work 4 windows to a screen, so if anything the feature was an annoyance. Then again, not a lot of people work 4 windows to a screen. I guess its greatest use would be for transferring files from one window to the next, but hell – I’ve been alt+tabbing for what seems like a decade now. Ctrl+A, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+X. Lather/rinse/repeat. But to each their own, I suppose.

    “Peek”, though, is dumb. Its only use is for grouping windows in the taskbar, and I don’t have that many related windows open. Ever. Matter of fact, I don’t know anyone who really does. Most people have between 4-6 windows open at any given time on average, and that’s not enough to trigger grouping in most cases – even with nearly 50% of the taskbar consumed by quicklaunch buttons and the “systray”. And it’s certainly not the resources it consumes, in my opinion.

    Personally, I can take it or leave it, and despite Redmond’s best efforts to play up these trivial little baubles in their overpriced OS, it doesn’t seem like a lot of our testers care either. (The exact number of people who cared? One. My wife. And she just cared about the Peek feature; she also thought Snap was dumb.)

    Linux just needs some good marketing and a dedicated group of sellers willing to leave a few bucks on the table in order to capture market share. The only area Windows is superior is gaming, and once Linux enjoys sufficient market share (it is inevitable; I don’t see Microsoft surviving after 20 more years) that will change too.

  22. Hi. Yesterday I downloaded iso called linuxmint-9-gnome-rc-amd64.iso I think it is the same I checked md5sum.

    After install current nvidia driver my usplash have a really bad color and torn font.

    I don’t know what You want to do with java, but I think it is really bad decision, because now it is not “out of box” I saw You want to do 2xCD for linux Mint for me it is bad too. Linux Mint Isadora can lose to much with this two huge things.

    But what was happy for me it is start and shutdown – really fast – briliant 😉

    Salute from Poland I think Linux Mint is the best linux from seven to nine. I tried a lot of distribution and mint has without any problem !

  23. @Trans: Wait for the full release. This is the RC, which is pretty much for developers, system builders and people who actually enjoy having their OS crash. (Their insanity is matched only by their lust for stomping system bugs.)

  24. Guys with VirtualBox Guest Additions issues: Install the packages from the Ubuntu repo or download the 3.1.7 guest-additions ISO from the VB website and manually install it. Both options worked for me, although it seems the GNOME panel icons keep getting switched around all over the place upon reboot, even when they are all locked in position. Note that I did move them around a bit initially, I don’t know if they are fine when left untouched.

  25. It looks real nice. Only problem is software center does not work. Had this problem and reported bug in 10.04, but still exists in Mint 9 rc. I am told its because gnome polikit crashes or doesn’t load.

    So in Software Manager no action happens when install or remove is selected.

  26. @Clem: I do not see any mention of a forum thread for the RC. One should be created asap to avoid ad-hoc ones popping up.

  27. Installed on two machines this morning – posting from the second one. Both installs went perfectly – Dell dimension 2400 and a new Optiplex 380. Backing up the laptop and loading a fresh install on it when it finishes.

    Everything looks and feels great!

  28. @Brian Paone: You’ve fondly reminded me of the time Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 couldn’t start a GNOME session after a certain update, and I took much pleasure in running “sudo apt-get update”, “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”… which fixed it. 😀 Unfortunately, however, I seem rather bad at bug reporting, lest it be done pretty much automatically…
    Ok, here’s my first thoughts about this wonderful OS:
    1. It’s as generally awesome as LM8 Helena, but with an even better background (although I’m still fondest of LM7’s default background, which has sadly been removed from the default install of LM9) and system update icon. (And, yes, I know I can download the background. Also, apparently the Felicia theme doesn’t come up properly because Clearlooks isn’t installed… surely Clearlooks needs to be there, considering it is the GNOME default and all!)
    2. Software Manager is very, very nice (again). However, for beginners I think it would be better if this was the only option, rather than having both this and Package Manager right next to each other. Of course more experienced users (and I) will probably prefer having the two together, but the target audience is beginners. Imo it’d be better to relegate Synaptic to just the Admin menu under All Apps. (And, yes, I’m aware this is the same as LM8, but this is something worth changing for LM9.)
    3. Take some inspiration from PCLinuxOS 2010 and use Get OpenOffice (which should also install Java), instead of just taking Java out and not even having it in the Featured section of the Software Manager. This will make for more space to include other potentially good out-of-the-box items that some Mint users may suggest during the LM9 RC testing.
    4. As in LM8, the Control Center is intuitive and pretty. Wonderful! 🙂
    5. LM9 Isadora seems pretty darn stable already! Most excellent! (And considering the base, i.e. Ubuntu 10.04, this is most impressive!) 😀
    I hope my comments are perceived to be nothing other than constructive criticisms (when they’re not actually compliments), as LM9 RC is actually quite ready for release as it is, at least for my laptop!
    Cheers Clem and co! 😀 Here’s to the future of the best release of LM yet! 😀

  29. Is everything removed from Java or is JRE (not JDK) still installed allowing at least running small java apps?

  30. What can I say… Mint is a beauty…
    Thank you guys.. keep it coming..
    can’t wait for the stable release


  31. Back on my first comment: I took the time to give it a second chance and now everything is ok…

  32. “CD & DVD: Linux Mint is now available both as a liveCD and a liveDVD. The DVD simply contains a few more packages which could not fit on the CD, such as Sun Java, Samba and ttf-DejaVu.”


    I wonder why JAVA is not included in the LiveCD… though the CD image is only 673 MB..

    Release Isadora
    Edition Gnome RC (i386)
    Desktop Gnome
    Media CD
    Size 673MB

  33. Looks great so far!
    But: Is it supposed to be, that there is no workspace-switcher applet by default?
    You are able to put windows on other workspaces, but there is no way to get them back…

  34. I burned the iso and tryed to boot from it but with no success. I could not get to desktop. There was some black screen and “mint@mint:” and I did not know what to do. 🙁

  35. Clem,

    I like what I see about new improvements. Especially with regard to upgrading and incremental backup capability; but also with the transparent menu and your other improvements. Thank you.

  36. Hi thanks for all of your hard work! I am downloading the torrent now and will seed as much as possible.

    Looking forward to another fantastic release from the Linux Mint team.

    Props from Canada.

  37. Clem,

    I added the repos the way it was suggested to do so on medibuntu’s site = adding mirrors to sources list. My question is do I leave it like that when everything is stable or will I add the repos again with the key? Thanks.

  38. Can someone tell me why I should choose Mint over Ubuntu Lucid Lynx?
    I was waiting for months for this Mint LTS release, but now that I’ve seen screenshots and clips of Lucid Lynx and read some about it, I am kind of unsure wether to wait another few weeks for the final Mint release.
    So far I really like what I’ve seen of the new Ubuntu.


  39. I’m waiting for LiveDVD 64Bits edition.
    Too less software directly on Live CD
    (Gparted, Java, Openoffice-base, translation…)

    I love Linux Mint but only if all software is included.
    Second round next week ????

  40. I just tried this RC from LiveCD and one thing I’ve noticed is that Youtube is running veeeery smoothly! Is the problem with lousy flash performance on linux finaly over? 😀

  41. Jonny,

    I tried Ubuntu but found way too many issues that were very hard to get resolved because of their support. The guys here at Mint tend to solve many of those issues prior to the stable release. I have had virtually zero issues with Mint and the support here is excellent. Also, in my opinion, Mint is much more user friendly.

  42. Hi folks!

    @clem: you said ‘and altogether we’re aiming to release all 8 ISOs (cd, dvd, oem, us-japan for both architectures) before the end of the month.’ on top of the page as a part of an answer.

    Does this mean that the 64bit version won’t be treated any longer like a redheaded step child, and thus the 32bit and the 64bit will be published at the same time, at least with Isadora? *hope* 😉

  43. 1st impression:

    Running this on a whitebox Intel E1400 on 1GB RAM, onboard graphics- nothing special, but more than enough to watch HD Hulu or play AVIs – and so far, so good.

    VIDEO: Tested using a recording of last night’s Simpsons episode (“Tik Tok”? Really?) on Movie Player – as flawless as when I recorded it on the HTPC. Smooth playback of HD Hulu, Youtube, etc.

    AUDIO: Audio just seems to sound so much better on Linux. Rhythmbox read my MP3 player flawlessly (Philips GoGear 4GB), imported with no problems, playback was smooth and the default settings seemed to be fine for the average listener.

    REMOVABLE DEVICES: Tested with SD, thumb drive, external HDD drive, and USB keyboard/optical mouse. No issues with any.

    MONITOR: Thankfully, everything seems to be working so far. When I tried Helena on this particular development model, I couldn’t get any of my test flat-panels to display at anything better than 800x600x16.

    Isadora doesn’t have that problem, even on the obscure Princeton model I’m using right now. Funny thing – it seemed to look even BETTER on our EV700 CRT monitor. Go figure.

    THEMES AND BACKGROUNDS: I miss the galactic slideshow option and need to figure out how to make similar slideshows for the desktop. Will Clearlooks be on the final version?

    OVERALL: For casual home use, this will likely fit the bill. Handled common multimedia content without incident. Next tests will be social networking and gaming.

  44. @Jonny:
    Well it is really a matter of what suits you most.. I would recommend Mint to those who are new to linux and want everything to work out-of-the-box. Every one though have his own reasons. Personally I find the fact that your opinion here really matters a very good reason to switch to mint. My advice is to wait a couple of weeks, download both ubuntu and mint and try them out yourself to see what suits you most

  45. Delicious =D

    I can’t try it due to my timing (I will not have have time to test this RC as I’d love to, at least until May 20th), but I’ll wait for the stable release.

    I’ve downloaded Ubuntu 10 and I’m going to install it but just for seeing if my laptop will have any major flaw with the drivers or architecture, for fix it (and learn how to), and make my Mint installation flawless when the final version be released.

    Here’s something I put as suggestion for the DVD release: Put desktop themes. Lots of ’em. From the default Mint 1 desktop theme to the latest ones, and any extra that designers make. This will allow to show how customizable is the system. And all the wallpapers listed three threads ago.

    I promise, when I have Mint 9, I’ll make a full review of it.

  46. Boot from CD…ok
    I try to play something but no sound….any help. It works very fine with Mint 8.


    mint@mint ~ $ aplay -l
    **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
    card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC880 Analog [ALC880 Analog]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: ALC880 Digital [ALC880 Digital]
    Subdevices: 0/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 1: HDMI [HDA ATI HDMI], device 3: ATI HDMI [ATI HDMI]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    mint@mint ~ $

  47. Hi guys thanks a lot for you work.

    I tried to boot from flash drive, in order to do that i used UNetbootin, but nothing happened, i saw only boot screen with mint logo , after that the display became black.
    the same happened with ubuntu 10.04.

    i don’t know maybe the problem is with UNetbootin or maybe the problem is with my Intel graphical card. i use old dell latitude d505 laptop, based on Intel Centrino platform.

  48. ahm, sorry, concerning my first – now obsolete – post at 7:15 pm.

    I am very happy due to the fact the 32 and 64bit versions will be released at the same time (@see release_notes).
    Sorry, but the first – unnecessary – post is the result of the very slow lm pages today (30 secs and longer loading time with my broadband from austria) …
    sorry again and thxal for this great news!

  49. So far not as good as Helena which is not surprising as Isadora has the horrendous Ubuntu 10.04 at its base. But nice job as always especially under the circumstances of such a handicap

    Put Ubuntu to bed once and for all and go Pure Debian !

  50. Hi, I am looking forward to the new Mint.

    I have installed the 64bit version on VirtualBox 3.1.6r59338 running on a Windows Vista 64bit host.
    The GuestAdditions install with out any problems.

    Seem to work fine.

  51. Well…

    I tried the Mint 9 RC.

    As I tried earlier the Ubuntu 10.4 RC.

    Same result : bad.

    But let me explain…

    One of the things that I love about Mint is that it deals best, out of the box, with WIFI drivers, like my Atheros card, in my old Sony Vaio. In Ubuntu, since version 9, my WIFI card was not well supported. A thing that Mint 8 did great. Now, it seems like I’m back with problems… My connexion keeps failing. Pretty frustrating. I had to disconnect and reconnect my router many times to get the connexion back. For a while…

    Also, when I tried Ubuntu last RC, I experienced lots of sluggishness. The pointer was often slowed down by what it seems to be some background activity (checking for updates?) Applications were not responsive, had hard times to close many, as for windows of any kind that is.

    I did not try to see if my iPod Touch was seen by Mint, as it is by the latest Ubuntu. I guess it is.

    I manage to install Java right away. I had to install Google Chrome 3 times… Well, 2 times actually, because I also installed Chromium. The third time, I had a black screen with a sad computer face in Chrome.

    At that point, I decided to get rid of Mint 9 RC, and my biggest fear is that it will be like Ubuntu for me : too much problems to enjoy it.

  52. correct me if i am wrong, but i dont think that this is the BUG REPORTING FORUM. its kind of DUMB to report bugs on the blog instead of THE FORUM. im not going to paste the link here either. if you cant find it in your links or use google you dont deserve to post there.
    its rather obvious that developers arent going to spend their days checking the blog to sort out your problems. why would they scroll through what would amount to one long thread describing many different bugs, when instead, they could sift through many different threads about one issue each IN THE FORUM.

    also R.C. basically means its a BETA and use at your own risk, whith no guarantees of stability.

  53. I really hate the indicator applet in Ubuntu Lucid, is it implemented in Mint9 or have they avoided the disaster?

  54. About the resolution under VirtualBox. It did work, but suddenly it stopped working? So I tried suddenly VBOXADDITIONS_3.1.6_59338 & VBOXADDITIONS_3.1.7_59409 without succes. I even tried a complete reinstall of Mint 9 RC.

  55. mint4win is still not working. Got an error when finishing installing on windows 7 – PGPFormatError: Invalid tag data. Check len(d)=1, (ord(d) & 128)==128. Received->(
    ) Maybe it can be solved?

  56. I’m quite happy the final version will come on dvd with Java and all installed. Without it, it’s just not worth the hassle for me and I might as well use another product (Uberstudent is shaping up nicely for example). Hope the final version will run smoothly as I had quite a few hickups that I did not have with version 8. Then again, what do I hear there in the distance…. “have faith young jedi” :-).

  57. i am very sad (sad like Marvin, and maybe like HAL 9000).
    i tried to boot from usb with Helena , everything is fine
    but when i tried to boot from usb with isadora rc and ubuntu 10.04
    after the boot logos the screen become black and nothing after happened.

    my graphical card is Intel 852GM/855GM – intel centrino laptop dell latitude d505.

  58. tested 64-bit live CD on main computer: Mint logo loading screen looks extremely pixelated (video driver probably running monitor at super low resolution). Next the screen goes black and I can’t do anything but hit reset.
    This computer has a Radeon 5850, which I understand isn’t supported properly yet, although I’m able to use Mint 8 with it. Isn’t Catalyst 10.4 in Lucid and therefore also in Isadora? It doesn’t seem like the system automatically loads that driver. It would be great if it did so.

    same live CD works well on another computer with a GeForce 8800

  59. Just finished installation but with unsatisfied results :(( Fresh install with original Mint 8 home partition used…..the panel was empty,no applets, no launchers,no network manager (ok I was requested for a keyring pass) nothing ! If I minimized window I could not find it, it did not appeared in the panel.

    Any solution ? I would really appreciate it ! 🙂

    I am not in the mood to back up everything and reinstall again :((

    So or so….Linux Mint rules ! 😀

  60. Sadly there is no other spinoff of Ubuntu which just includes codecs on its CD (only bloated DVD versions) although that would be enough for me…

  61. Installed from USB via Unetbootin last night, so far I love it. Very stable, especially for an RC. Software manager could use a little tweaking still, but so far everything is smooth! Looking forward to the Stable Release!

  62. Hi,

    thanks for this release.

    Well, mute is activated by default in Sound preferences. Then, sound is mute in task bar.

  63. Hello all
    I have read carefully the release notes and failed to conclude what distro this release is based on. Recent news reported that Linuxmint would be Debian based soon. My question is if this is still the old Debian-ubuntu-linuxmint, or the new Debian-Linuxmint. If it’s still Ubuntu one, I’d like to ask if someone know what’s the estimated date for the Debian based one.

  64. Great, great, great, but… ;o)
    MintMenu, Window Selector and System Clock had to be put manually on the desktop main bar at the bottom;
    During boot, it says “acer blah could not find wmid device blah” (it’s an Acer laptop_

    The inclusion of MintDropbox was GREAT! First thing I always do is installing it to have access to my apt script to reinstall some key applications (sort of a home made mint backup ;o)

    I’ll keep using, testing and reporting things

  65. mint4win still not working. Tried it out on a friends Windows 7 installation

    Please consider dropping Ubuntu in future releases as 10.04 is utterly dreadful and not a worthy base for such a fine distro. as Mint . Isn’t it time to go Pure Debian ?

    Sorry but I will be sticking with Mint 7 and Mint 8 for now

  66. I love Linux Mint 8 and I want Linux Mint 9 when the final version is released but is there a way to install it over Linux Mint 8?

    Thanks in advance!

  67. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I like the changes, but I am still having the problem with AMD64 that kept me from using Mint 8 x64.

    The problem is..Flash! More often than not, Flash unceremoniously torpedoes my Firefox. No warning, no delay, just Firefox immediately dies. This happens particularly on more sophisticated flash sites, (youtube is OK, kongregate crashes).

    I have a first gen AMD64 laptop.

    I find this so frustrating, because I notice a real performance improvement with 64 bit 🙁

    Thanks for the graet work. I know this is something upstream, but let us know if you receive an enlightenment on it..

  68. Well, it surely looks nice and is fast, but without full LVM suport out of the box, it’s useless. Every other major player has it.

  69. Just loaded into the laptop. After the Ubuntu 10.04 test drive I was happy to see the window buttons top right, and configurable to left should someone want that.
    This is the first version of Mint the wireless is non-functional.
    Tool tips, the little pop up helpers, all blank. Thunderbird, unusable, and these are same in Ubuntu. Oh the window candy, wobbly windows and those effects worked perfectly. Guess I need to find the proper forum and post useful info on my findings. Not bad, I am going to keep using and tweaking. My first and required fix: wireless.
    Thank you for all your Mint work.

  70. I am currently using the x64 RC.

    There are two things that will make me use the 32-bit version.

    1. Hulu cannot run a 64-bit Flash Player.

    2. 64-bit seems to lack the stability of the 32-bit, even with the improvements.

    Also, there was a very big problem with the video driver provided by Ubuntu that seems to be the same one on Mint. My video goes blank whenever I install it. It didn’t happen with 9.10 or Helena.

    I have 2 9800’s with SLI. I don’t think the SLI is the issue here. Any ideas?

  71. tried the 64bit version yesterday, i’m impressed with the changes:) especially the menu, i just love it.
    now i am waiting for the stable DVD version.
    Why not include additional applications like wine, vlc media player, gnome games etc… in the DVD version.

  72. Running the RC on my Dell D630 now. Fantastic. Gesture scrolling works on the trackpad…something not even Windows 7 can do (though to be fair I haven’t tried the Vista driver yet). Already cleared the space on the drive, now all I need is a final build to do the install. I love being able to run the LiveCD though; with XMarks, I have access to everything I need site-wise.

  73. Downloaded the RC, installed on USB flash drive, and immediately encountered a problem:

    The default network manager does NOT work well with my network card, which is the fairly common Intel PRO/Wireless 3945abg. It will connect to the network, albeit slowly, for brief intervals. Then it loses the connection and takes quite a while to reconnect, for another couple of minutes, then this cycle repeats.

    The same thing happened with Mint 8, though I don’t remember if it started with 8 or 7. Earlier versions, pre-7 or 8, had no such problem, and worked beautifully. My fix is to install wicd, after which everything works perfectly. I must say that I find it rather disheartening that this bug has still not yet been fixed. Perhaps it is a Ubuntu bug, but I am not a linux expert, so I do not know for sure. In any case, it is now a long-standing bug.

    Fortunately I know a fix, and will gladly try Mint 9 again once it is released in earnest, and I’ve loved it since Celina. However, this is a major, all-bets-are-off deal breaker for linux newbies who are curious about linux but don’t yet know how to fix things. A serious flaw like this at first boot would ABSOLUTELY have turned me away immediately, and is certain to do so to potential new users who try Mint but happen to have Intel 3945abg wifi. Big disappointment, because I want Mint to succeed and for everyone to give linux a fair trial period, but this is hurting Mint (and Ubuntu?). Please tell me this will be fixed, or at least that someone knows the cause of the problem. I’m totally on your side, Clem and company, but I am a little bit perplexed about why this hasn’t been addressed.

  74. Sounds awesome!
    Is there a way to upgrade directly from Mint 5 Elyssa to Isadora (since it is possible to upgrade from Hardy to Lucid)?

  75. Downloading it right now and will seed for probably around 12 hours or so at least. 🙂 Looking forward to testing it. Went back to Windows recently since I have a problem with any kind of windows emulator when it comes to playing World of Warcraft. Seems that Wine and everything else won’t let me change the settings in the game, like graphics effects and resolutions. So I will dual boot this with Windows 7.

  76. Mint 9 Isadora seems to be ok on my laptop. However, one thing i’m worried about is my netbook. Currently I’m using Mint 8 on my netbook and it works pretty well (except bluetooth and the webcam which i don’t care about really – in mint 9 bluetooth actually works tho). Anyway, the problem i’m worried about is that i can’t scroll anymore using the netbook’s touchpad. Now, i dunno if this is just a problem when using the USB Flash so for those of you who have installed mint 9 on a netbook, does the scrolling with touchpad work? (hp pavilion dm1 1020ez in my case)

    As i tried Linux Mint 9 on an USB-Flash drive with the persistent feature (4GB in this case) i encounterd the exact same problem as in Ubuntu 10.04 (which btw i’m not too fond of really). So dunno if there are plans to fix this because it seems that the problem only occurs on the USB-flash drive (update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)) and it basically has problems installing every new app)

  77. Hmm, installed using mint4win just to try it out before I go to bed, and the menu isn’t transparent. Maybe it would be if I went ahead and installed it the real way tomorrow.

  78. Anyone tried to boot another distro from the grub installed by Mint ? I only get kernel panics (only Mint boots) !

  79. What about some digital photo importing/sharing software? Why is F-spot or some equivalent left out? People use these things a lot, this should be in basic installation.

  80. Another “known problem” should be: nvidia drivers!.. I have to do a “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” and restart gdm in order to keep my nvidia drivers working(at every reboot). I’ve read about this online and others aparently have similar problems. I’ll keep trying to tryout the fixes i find but so far nothing works.
    I just hope this is fixed by the time Mint 9 is done and ready to leave its “RC” state..

  81. Hi.
    Mint 9 looks great, but some programs like Baudline fail to run properly (same as un ubuntu 10.04). It looks like the problem is Xorg, so perhaps you should consider Xorg 1.8 for the stable version.


  82. It’s beautiful! I’ll be using it on my netbook at work tomorrow … just to show it off a bit … and it deserves to be shown off.

  83. Congratulation. I really like Mint 8 Helena, now I believe that Mint 9 is better. In my opinion, the main problem for Mint users is wireless doesn’t work, and can’t chat using camera (like YM). Anyway, I’m counting the days to upgrade my Helena to Mint 9.

    Well done,

  84. Oh god please let the rumours above be true. If this supports iPod touch 3g’s out of the box I’ve hit Linux nirvana

  85. Amazing!!! I really can’t wait until the full Version will be released!!! Great job, love Linux Mint the most =) If the full version comes out, I will run it on both systems (Laptop and PC!!!). Mint 8 was awesome, so will be Mint 9 Isadora!

  86. Congratulations Clem and the team, you have made my day, it’s brilliant and I’m already posting this from a LiLi 2.4 created USB stick.
    Both downloads passed MD5 and in-built integrity checks and the 32-bit version was used to create the USB stick. Unlike the Lucid CDs, the Package Manager performed straight away, allowing me to add ubuntu-restricted-extras, sound-juicer, exaile, acidrip and vlc etc, although NVIDIA-73 installation failed, so I’m using the default driver with a ‘Monitors’ controlling desktop icon.

  87. i had a lot of problems with ubuntu 10.04 in my acer notebook , mint looks great and goes really very good, congratulations

  88. And when will the KDE version be available? When ready is great, but which month do you aim at?

  89. I was disappointed this rc: The theme is old and is still the same, the backgrounds are ugly and confusing … : (

  90. i tried 3 times to load mint9 and keep getting errors
    i did a disk integrity check and 3 file errors come up
    that is on all 3 disks
    same with the 4win install
    i will try a torrent now

  91. Can’t play Audio, can’t play flash videos! :'(
    Tryed all and everything to get it working, 32 and 64-bit – no chance!

  92. @whatever

    for your problem there is the root account. you can fix it from there

    don’t use “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” , use the nvidia x-server-settings. log in as root then hit Menu -> System -> nvidia x-server-settings -> xserver display configuration … change what you want, then hit apply -> save to x-configuration file -> merge with the existing file, -> ok, then it will tell you that you can’t do that, but a click on “open that file” and then “save it” will do the job.

    It’s not rocket science

  93. @hambum
    Sorry for my lack of info here 🙂 The reason i must use the “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” is that i installed nvidia drivers, and after i rebooted i get the message that the nvidia driver faild and i can boot in some lowres-mode(vesa or nouveau i guess, and i can a bunch of other stuff from here, like go to terminal, se logs, and stuff). From there i went to terminal and typed “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” and restarted gdm. And if im not misstaken i cant do the things you told me to because nvidia drivers are not active at this point.. well thanx for the info anyway..

  94. Hi there LM team,

    I have a question for you, a lot of users have various types of Mobile Phones, and have noticed one or two questions about Nokia phones, do you have any ideas about how to install BlackBerry apps, or Palm Treo-680 apps?.

  95. @ whatever

    then you maybe have the wrong nvidia driver, there are more than one. take that what is offered over the panel.

    de-install that what you have now and look what offer (in the panel and/or in Menu Control Center) the system has. install that offer. (Don’t install the nvidia 3D-driver you can get over the softwaremanager)
    and after that change to root and do it the way I have described above. for me it has worked. That’s why I had cried so loud when Clemens had the idea to close the root account in mint7

  96. Installed from usb stick in minutes. Working fine. No issues except those listed.

    The only hiccup is the new software manager that runs relatively slow refreshing the 30K+ packages (I have quadcore 2.4 with 3GB of 600MHz RAM and standard sata hdd with plenty of space and still have to wait couple of seconds for the application to respond). But this is peanuts.

    Thanks a million! I am impatiently waiting for final release.

    Glad Mint User.

  97. @hambum

    ok, but cant i just use sudo/gksudo with the nvidia x-server-settings to be “root” and the do i the way you described? is the root account really needed?

  98. Live on an old Inspiron 1000 notebook, very nice (sees ethernet and windows shares in my network–Ubuntu 10.4 on the same machine didn’t pick up network card, no network, no web…..)…also picks up sound, whereas Win7 will not……

  99. I am wondering if I can download the whole linux mint 9 desktop on to my ubuntu 10.04 installation via a repository.

    If is there is a way, could you please tell me how to 🙂

  100. Ahh, waiting until min4win will be working. I hope you will fix it somehow 🙂 Because Ubuntu 10.04 and Wubi on my system which is based on windows 7 was working perfectly! But min4win have some problems now..Cmon guys!

    1. cluendo: I don’t see any bug reports on mint4win in Launchpad. We tested it successfully on multiple systems. If it doesn’t work for you, report a bug and please be more specific.. simply saying “it doesn’t work” and not providing details about the problem will likely result in the bug being rejected. “Cmon guys!” is right you’re not giving us any “clue” here.

  101. Hallo, Clam!

    Please, add madwifi wireless matters at least in LinuxMint 9 repos and I mean You will win some things behind Ubuntu 10.04… 😉
    There are problems with Atheros AR2413 wifi card (or cards, because of ath5k diver) when connecting with WPA encryption (wpa supplicant doesn’t help!).
    My wifi works fine in Mint 8 ( default kernel 2.6.31.x). But Ubuntu 9.10 since January updates had problems with wpa connections. The same is in 10.04 (kernel 2.6.32.x and tried too) and now Mint 9 too… 🙁

    PS. This message I am writing from Mandriva 2010.1 beta2 (kernel live CD, where wifi works out of the box (driver ath_pci = madwifi enabled).

  102. *does a happy dance* Nvidia driver worked first time for my GeForce 9800 GTX. Sound, internet, graphics tablet all detected and working from first boot. That’s just what I’ve come to expect from Mint though, it’d be more surprising if it crashed 😉

    The new artwork looks brilliant, great choices.

    Thanks for the great work!

  103. Loving it so far, one concern.

    No Gparted or “Disk Utility” on the LiveCD. IIRC, Mint8 was the same during RC and the final version had it.

    I can always use 8 for that, and it’s no big deal, but if final version has those built in, I’m one guy who will use it.

  104. @ whatever

    you can do what you want. but the “nvidia server settings” is a graphical tool. -I- don’t know how to use that from a command line.

    And why not as root? I pull my cable to the net, because I’m little bit paranoid, and I do only that in root.

    But for that it’s the best way for me.

  105. Great, super, excellent!!!! Very good job.
    I’ve started Mint 9 RC Live CD x64 on an old Vostro laptop and works like any other Linux distro tested on it. I have compiz with cube desktops, ring app switcher and all the other effects enabled (which mean that recognized and installed an old ATI mobility video card). Also, I have sound and most surprising, recognized and installed wireless card. I’m writing this within Mint 9. I’m amazed that this laptop can go so nice and so fast.
    When the final and stable version will be released? (the x64) Anyway, I think I will replace the currently installed XP from Vostro with Mint 9, even if is a RC.
    Once again, great, great job!!!

  106. @Abzoloot: Yeah, i totally missed pysdm or something similar for automounting my ntfs partitions.

  107. I installed LM yesterday and it works like a charm and is the best OS I’ve ever seen – again. So much to the obvious. What is strange though: a few days ago I installed Ubuntu 10.4 to check out the iPhone support. It did not even boot up a single time. Now I tried LM and see: it works. Good job. Thanks to the team for putting so much time and effort into the OS I love.

  108. Don’t know where to put this. It could be completely MY fault. When I installed LM 9 RC, I installed it to the system partition which is mounted as / and in the process, I reformatted it from ext3 to ext 4. I kept my data partition which is mounted as /home and it was still formatted as ext3. (I did not reformat this in order to keep all of my settings, but I had made a complete backup via the new Backuptool.) After installing, I rebooted and logged in without a problem, but once the desktop was up it was freaked out – no background, no menu button, no systray (or whatever the equivalent is showing clock, wireless, sound, update manager, etc. in the lower right corner). I could right click on the desktop and shortcut keys worked, but the gui was really freaked out. I thought that maybe something messed up during the install so I did the install again by reformatting my system partition and reinstalling – again with ext4. Same thing. So then, knowing that I had a full backup of my /home directory, I reinstalled LM9 RC by reformatting my system partition again (again to ext4) and also formatted my data partition during the install from ext3 to ext4. It worked like a charm. I restored my backup and now I am up and running. Sure, I had to reinstall my apps via Synaptic, but once I did because I had restored my old /home partition, all of my settings were there.

    Also, prior to doing everything, I tried to backup my software selection with the Backuptool, but it didn’t work. The icon just kept spinning, but it wasn’t accessing the hard drive (to my perception, no work was being done after a LONG time of waiting). This stuff related to the software selection could have been because I was using LM7 and not LM8.

    All of that to say that this is only my 3rd install directly to a system partition and a data partition in Linux other than installations to a virtual system within LM7. So…I could have done something wrong in reformatting from ext3 to ext4. Just thought I would throw this out and get comments. (I understand that this may not be the right place to comment on this, but I didn’t know where else to put it.)

  109. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get drivers (wireless drivers) that were working in Mint 8 and I think 7 too. I didn’t think this Dell USB wireless unit was so old that the ubuntu driver culling would catch it!! Its really nice except this though. Thanks.

  110. Please do more testing on systems with Nvidia cards. It’s kinda a big deal when the livecd doesn’t work. Of course once installed, the proprietary drivers work but by that time, you’ve scared people off. :/

  111. I really miss something like a “Linux Mint 9” or an “LM9 Logo” on the desktop background… on first startup (judging from the screenshot above). Otherwise it looks like “a nothing”.

    There is also a reason why I suggested another background than the one shown on the screenshot: the wallpaper looks very noobish e.g. if people use digital imaging apps like photoshop for the very first time(!) you can see lots of them putting “lens flare” effects and “sunrays” on it hoping to make a picture look better. In fact it doesn’t and causes them to look very amateurish. And this is the same case on this background shown above.

    So if there is a logo missing, or an amateurish looking background, it does not look professional, which is imo completely contrary to the Linux Mint idea.

    Please reconsider this again…

  112. I like Mint 9. It seems zipper than previous versions on my three systems (acer 8.9 netbook, gateway 11.6 netbook (lt3103u), and AMD Homebrew system [4years old]. I like your software choices over ubuntu 10.04, matter of personal preference. I also like your Mint Customizations, MintMenu, Mint Software Manager, etc… I Have installed Mint on alway systems since Mint 6. The only issue with Mint 9 is the Gateway Netbook Graphic Driver (ATI x1270) I have 5 lines in the middle of the screen that are shifted one or two pixels to the right during full screen playback. This condition exists with totem, gnome mplayer, smplayer, and vlc. I’m think it’s a issue because the open source driver. The open source driver weren’t as effective as the proprietary driver that I was able install on Mint 7.

  113. Will this ship with the GRUB2 bootloader configuration bug that Ubuntu had? 😉

    Can’t wait for this LTS 😀


    1. custangro: If you mean the one that doesn’t recognize your other OSes, no, it’s been fixed in Ubiquity 2.2.24 which is present on the respinned ISOs of Ubuntu 10.04. The ubiquity fix was backported into Mint, so it’s fixed in both distros. Note that we would not release, even an RC, with a bug like this one. To Ubuntu’s credit, they were also quick to react and quick to fix the problem. The solution was imported in both distributions around the same time, only hours before the release of Ubuntu 10.04. I know how they must have felt. We had an issue of this magnitude with root passwords on one of our releases a few years ago and I’m glad they managed to fix this in time.

  114. D/L and installed the x64 bit on a spare partition…installed perfectly. Hoping for some 3d drivers soon as nouveau is fine but lacking….

  115. Hi,

    – Gnome menu seems to have Ubuntu logo and not Mint logo.
    – It seems that splash Lucid screen is displayed at start and splash Mint screen is displayed when we go out (sometimes).

  116. Just installed mint 9 per the recommended install; backup install; restore. Worked like a dream I have a gateway ec 1803 11.6 inch laptop:

    System: Host prolinux Kernel 2.6.32-22-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Distro Linux Mint 9 Isadora
    CPU: Single core Intel Core2 Solo U3500 (UP) cache 3072 KB flags (sse3 nx lm vmx) bmips 2793.09 clocked at 1400.00 MHz
    Graphics: Card Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller X.Org 1.7.6 Res: 1366×768@60.1hz
    GLX Renderer Mesa DRI Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset GEM 20091221 2009Q4 GLX Version 2.1 Mesa 7.7.1 Direct Rendering Yes
    Audio: Card Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller driver HDA Intel
    Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Version 1.0.21
    Network: Card-1 Atheros AR8131 Gigabit Ethernet driver atl1c v: at port 2000
    Card-2 Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 driver iwlagn v: 1.3.27k
    Disks: HDD Total Size: 250.1GB (12.8% used) 1: /dev/sda ST9250410AS 250.1GB 44C
    Partition: ID:/ size: 92G used: 27G (31%) fs: ext4 ID:/home size: 14G used: 3.0G (23%) fs: ext4
    ID:swap-1 size: 1.00GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap
    Info: Processes 172 Uptime 33 min Memory 662.1/3868.5MB Client Shell inxi 1.3.2

  117. This was surely an oversight, to regress back to eye of gnome for the default image viewer… this tool STILL can’t make an image fill the window when you click on the corresponding icon. GThumb works well… if you make it the default again it’ll save lots of people a little trouble and avoid some new threads in on this in the forums.

  118. Installed RC, no installation issues. However feel it’s slow compared to 8, didn’t find the sluggishness in Helena.

    Software manager especially seemed to crawl especially while installing more than 1 pkg simultaneously. Synaptic seemed fine.

    Startup seems marginally faster than 8 but not, however shutdown is really fast.

    Have been waiting for 9 for long, really hoping final version doesn’t suffer from these issues, Mint has never let me down, keeping my fingers crossed 9 lives upto the reputation.

  119. Come in the waters fine! I have always used Mint as a Os with Ubuntu as a side partition Os. I have to say the mint community, they did a amazing and great job with this. When ubuntu 10.04 came out i switched from mint 8 to it dued it was faster and video performance was greater. I have waited for the new mint distro to come out from the derived ubuntu. I didn’t have to wait long and again mint is now my favorite os to use again. Installed on acer aspire 5517 laptop–flawless.

  120. WoW!!

    Downloading the RC now. As of now, im using Ubuntu 10.04 with transparent proxy running. With WINE, of course. Got this annoying problem, sound ticking when using mouse scroll, when playing a movie, when playing flash games in firefox. When closing an application, i get a tick sound (firefox, nautilus, any window). No ticking when playing a music from rhythmbox. Ticking stops when muted. Ticking comes back when unmute. Ticking still going even when all volume levels are set to 0.

    Will try Linux Mint 9 RC if i don’t get the same problem with Ubuntu 10.04.

    By the way, if this RC works for me, without problem, do i still need to reinstall, fresh install the final version? or i just have to update and update from RC.

  121. Installed RC as main desktop and it looked nice.
    But I wondered why the GNOME desktop took about half a minute to show the wallpaper after login in my machine. Haven’t made a bootchart on it but I think there must be something wrong in the background.

  122. The Splash Screen issue has a fix, you may be able to supply a shell script to do the required steps, possibly using SED to update /boot/grub/grub.conf, and /etc/defaults/grub as well.

  123. Also, Lucid has a bug, where if you edit /etc/fstab, and use LABEL= or UUID= duplicate disks appear in Places and Nautilus (and file dialogs).

    Fix: Simply use /dev/disk/by-label/XXX or /dev/disk/by-uuid/XXX in /etc/fstab -> problem solved!!!

  124. I have eagerly expected this release! Downloading the torrent …

    About GoustiFruit’s experience: When I setup a NEW linux distro, I NEVER give it permisssion for installing Grub into the MBR. I ALWAYS install Grub into the ROOT partition, and then I use the older distro’s Grub …

  125. @Schionat: my Windows boots, it’s all the other *linux* distribution that get kernel panics !

    @matematicomarpla: I hope that’s not your solution: Mint installs grub in the mbr by default, if it does not do it right, then Mint is faulty, not me for having accepted the default behaviour !

  126. Great job! No issues out of the box running on bare metal. I enjoyed the larger logo (No words) on the previous boot (Helena), but the new wallpaper is much better IMO.

    Hope we can update to stable – Awesome job.

  127. Great looking release. Running for a day now. The only problem I see is it takes a long time to open folders ( up to 30 secs ) on the menu. The software manager hangs up sometimes and have to force quit. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the final release.

  128. Yup. It installed just fine on Sun Virtualbox. I ran some generic programs and tested out some other stuff like compiling my school projects. Seems to work fine. Not installing it on a real computer yet.. I need both computers almost every day.

    Thank you for keeping up the good work. Linux Mint is the distribution I install to all relatives who are unable to use Microsoft Windows® without breaking it.

  129. I’ve tested the 32-bit LiveCD on three machines and subsequently installed it on two (a Compaq C700 laptop and an eeePC-701SD netbook). No problems in either case.

    I was interested to note that Java and OO-Base were downloaded automatically during the installation process on the Compaq. which had an open connection to the Internet – I wasn’t offered any choice in the matter (I suppose that I could have skipped the downloads if I had been following the process avidly). I’ve no real objection, in the sense that I think Java should have been included on the LiveCD anyway, rather than GIMP, Mono etc, but the result could be a lengthy installation process for those who have initially tested a LiveCD on a slow (or limited) connection, then chosen to go ahead with the hard disk installation. I simply made sure that the Internet connection was not active when I carried out the eeePC installation.

    The “kernel panic from Grub2” problem referred to by other respondents is not peculiar to Mint. I have experienced exactly the same problem with a triple boot situation. In that case, the easiest solution was to take advantage of the elegantly simple “Fix MBR” mechanism built into PCLinuxOS, and thereafter boot via PCLinuxOS. Grub2 is still a work in progress.

  130. Is there a place for posting bugs?
    I have a serious problem with Isadora crashing quite often. The screen goes black and after a few seconds I see squares of video floating around like in a digital TV program breaking up.
    After that I must reboot.
    I have an on board Intel 845 graphics card.
    Does anybody else have such a problem?

  131. I tried the livecd. I still experience the problem i have with my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop installation. Sound ticking during video playback, when playing flash games with firefox, and when using mouse scroll. I downloaded Mint 8 and tried the livecd, sound is normal. No ticking. I guess I should stick with the previous release for now. 🙁

  132. OK, i’ll be waiting for the 9. Just today, i don’t have any space on my disk drive coz full with ubuntu 10.04 and family’s. I hope in the future, Linx Mint getting better and better. Everything i do in Launchpad just to help LinuxMint can be familiar in Indonesia especially. Keep the good work guys!!

  133. i have the same problem the screen goes black
    i have dell inspiron 510m intel 852GM/855GM graphics card
    what i can do?

  134. The Fn key doesn’t work on asus eee 1000 HE ( Fn+F4, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12), also wifi Fn+F2 doesn’t work properly. Wifi is disabled, but you are not able to enable until restart(and the control light is on all the time)

    The system is Linux Mint 9 , kernel 2.6.32-22

  135. Looking sweet. Had Dropbox issues on the RC 64bit and Keyring issues on both the 64 and 32bit versions. Pidgin asked for a keyring but I can’t figure out where it’s gone (no more Passwords and Keyrings?)…

    Otherwise, great job!

  136. It’s wonderful, especially the new add to shortcuts. One problem I had was using my 2Wire PCMCIA WiFi card. On the old Mint 7 it worked fine. Not so on Mint 8. I could not get it to work.

    Also – I need to enable a touch screen interface. How can I do that?

    Keep up the good work.

  137. I am rally sorry, it does have the same problem as new ubuntu: nvidia driver. It does not work nor 64 nor 32 bit version 🙁
    I did try on desktop with nvidia GF 9500 GT 1GB and on laptop with ATI card. Nvidia shown random cut puzzle of the desktop when ATI work well. It sucks. As much as lack of lightning in Thunderbird 3.0.4…
    I am happy using Helena 64 on 2 computers and I will wait until the new distro changes…
    Thank you for Mint 8.
    Best regards.

  138. RC has been running on my Dell Inspiron 8600 for a couple of days now.
    No problems except for quite slow when typing in some of the dialog boxes.
    Noticed that quite a few of you has referred to PClinuxOS. I had never heard about it but got curious and gave it a try (as a newbie I simply picked the first one on their download list). I must say I’m extremely impressed by the installation and the little I have seen so far. I think it will a dual boot with Isadora if it keeps up.

  139. Laptop: day2
    Wireless works fine now. Seems a reboot WITHOUT THE HARD WIRE ETHERNET plugged in is what it wanted. (yes did a disconnect) Works.
    Loading up with software and so far it is doing nicely. Just the blank tool tips that bugs me. Lots of updates come in so I know you guys are busy. I’m keeping it. Great work. Like playing w/ Beta.
    Now if the Mozilla folks will fix Thunderbird!

  140. Is there a way to upgrade from Mint 8 to the RC release(s) of Mint 9? I thought there used to be a setting in update manager to grab beta releases, but I didn’t see it there.

  141. Hi,

    It seems some have problems installing the NVIDIA latest driver. I did install GF 9500 GT but in two steps.

    1) System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and update your driver to version 173 or 185 whichever you see as the latest. Reboot. You have to reboot.

    2) Download the latest NVIDIA driver and install it in the usual way. X Server should be stopped.

    a) press Ctrl Al F1
    b) cd to the directory where the driver file is
    c) chmod a+x your file name

    The following stops the x Server
    d) sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

    The following installs the driver
    e) sudo ./your file name

    After the installation is complete, you can now go back by pressing Ctr Alt F7 but I prefer a reboot

    f) sudo reboot

    I hope this helps…

  142. Mint 9 will be my OS for the two years ahead. I feel like I will have a sort of an intimate relationship with it.

  143. I retract my previous statement about no Gparted, I found it, and after further testing on several machines I am glad to report that I LOVE 9!..

    @Clem – Marry me, have my wife too. I’ve been running Mint since 5, and it’s just getting better.

    I thought Mint 7 was perfect, and it took me a couple weeks to accept that 8 was really an improvement in all ways, and it took me ~30 hours to conclude that 9 is even better yet.

    Amazing work. Haters gonna hate, but anyone who has contributed so far has really just nailed it. Thanks again, donations from me will follow ASAP.

  144. No body is hating your work! What a nonsense! There are things that need to be fixed! The sooner you do this the better for all of us!

    But what is not working is not working. And the earlier we tell you the earlier you can do it…

    Best regards

  145. Hi All,

    My computer is a Toshiba A205 S4567 with 2 GB of memory. I have the Epson Artisan 800 printer and Apple time capsule with Verizon DSL.

    I Dual booted Isadora with Helena. Restored my Home backup which includes Sweet 3D home and Moneydance. Everything is running great.

    Clem and teams

  146. Hello and thanks
    wifi not working
    Its a level1 WUA-0614 b/g/n with a detachable antenna

    0bda:8171 Realtek
    RTL8188S WLAN Adapter

    I’ve found drivers that worked on mint8
    Not working on mint 9 (probably because hal was removed)


    but i have to patch and recompile the kernel

    Better buy another adapter -pitty its a good one

    This chip can be found on many adapters

    Any suggestion clem? (or inlude it in the kernel so mint9 plays OOB)

  147. My Mint installations continue to be trouble free, and the modest but useful advances between 8 and 9 grow on you. This is supposed to be an LTS version, of course.

    Mike Lewis, I understand that Thunderbird 3.1 will be released in early June. There are a few new features and, judging from the Bugzilla notes, the new release will squash a heap of bugs. I think this is one case in which, after due testing, the point upgrade should find it’s way into the Mint repos to maintain a seamless user experience. In any case, given the frequent crashes I have experienced in Evolution under Ubuntu 10.04, Thunderbird is much the better option.

  148. Tested Mint 9 RC last night on an Acer D250 netbook for six hours. Just thought I should finally post something as this is the third version of Linux Mint I’ve had the pleasure of using. I pulled my wifi card last year so I can’t comment on wifi for LM9, but it did work with LM8. Everything else worked flawlessly. The very tiniest of boot up time improvement, so I’m not sure if Ubuntu made the wisest decision exchanging this for the ease of boot up screen configuration we’ve come to expect in the past – but that’s NOT a Linux Mint problem. I should go ahead and admit that I like linux because I love eye candy, and that’s just a fact. I’m glad LM is offering a DVD version with java. I use Java apps, so it’s a must for me. I’ve been using USB to install, so lack of appropriate optical drives is not always a problem. Slick little OS that works right out of the box. LM squeezes high performance out of this rather lowgrade technology without requiring additional downloads, and that’s why I like it. Thank you for making this linux alternative available.

  149. I’m already using a mint 9. I have a problem a mint 8, but when starting to use mint 9, i have nothing problem with this version os.

    Great work, thank you!


  151. Using Isadora for 2 full days now on HP laptop, ati graphics and atheros wifi card. After install, everything works great including sound. In Helena I had to edit alsa-base config for sound. That has been fixed in Isadora. Seems much more stable than 8, which is saying a lot because 8 was very stable. As far as Mint 9 is concerned, it’s a keeper! Using it as my main system. I assume with updates it becomes the final. GREAT JOB TEAM!

  152. I’m very satisfied with the RC since it booted, installed et run very smoothly on my desktop (all the contrary to the official 10.04 which refused to boot, then froze on the installation…).

    You did a great job on this and i’m Mint from now on !

  153. Chrome should be in release 9! I know that is hard to change mentalities, but Chrome is MUCH faster than firefox! I’m sorry to Firefox lovers but for me firefox is dead already..

  154. Isadora continues to run well for me. However, I ran across an odd glitch when I installed it on a third computer (an Acer-EL1301) which had previously been running Helena (installed with separate “/” and “/home” partitions). Obviously, I tried to install it by formatting only the “/” partition, preserving all my data and settings. That worked perfectly with a similar Ubuntu 10.04 set up.

    Things appeared to go smoothly with Mint as well, with the single, somewhat alarming, exception, that I was presented with a perfectly blank panel at the bottom of the screen (no menu, no time and date, no icons at all). Those functions that I could access by shortcuts or contextual menus all worked as normal, but I didn’t think that my wife would appreciate such workarounds.

    After messing around a bit with no success, I decided to do a completely clean install, formatting the “/home” partition as well. That worked perfectly, and, after a couple of hours of tedious work, normal service was resumed. Not quite a deal-breaker, perhaps, but certainly worth either fixing the problem or at least issuing a warning note for early adopters.

  155. Inspiring work guys. Everything worked straight out of the box including full iPod support. I no longer have any requirement for Windoze so can’t thank you enough for finally freeing me from the Micro$oft ball and chain.
    Very noticably faster boot up. Desktop is familar enough for a nub like me to carry on business as usual.
    ‘IF’ I find any bugs I’ll let ya know but as this isn’t the bug forum…


  156. Trying to install within an older virtualbox version (2.1.*). It opens the grub and shows the available options. After selecting an option it does not open the selected screen. it only shows the black screen with the text that it is still loading.

  157. Hi, I have downloaded linux mint 9 X64 Bit and had problems with installation, first I had linux mint 8 X64 installed on two separate partitions, one “/” and one “/home”, then I made like all the others times, making a clean install but keeping my “/home” partition.
    After install I reboot and he says me don’t find “grub…something”(sorry I haven’t, so I made a re-installation of grub2 and after that and reboot, he give me the grub boot screen, I push ‘enter’ to boot linux mint 9, and nothing, he stay blocked on the boot wallpaper, so there must be a problem with a script for “Grub2” install and configuration, I leave my post here because I don’t now where we are supposed to leave the problems issue messages, sorry for my bad English, I’m French, thank you.

  158. I have a problem with this version, sometimes the display shows various colors and stripes while I’m watching slides open office, or while I’m browsing with Firefox.
    My laptop (packard bell dot m/a) has an ATI X1270, but in the previous version (linux mint 8) work properly.
    Does anyone have the same problem or solution? thanks

  159. It would be better if some important information above can be bold, highlighted, and use red color. Not just bold.

    “As an RC (Release Candidate) this release is targeted at developers and beta-testers who want to help Linux Mint find and correct bugs before the stable release. Please do not use this release as your main desktop.”

    Just my opinion, because sometimes people don’t read all posting and started downloading and not all users are old users. It could help maybe some new users like me. 🙂

  160. I got 2 concerns, I’d like to make known:
    – if space wise possible by any means, please include lm-sensors and the gnome Sensors Applet into the final version. Sometimes my laptop doesn’t invoke the cooling fan’s high speed mode any more (is this controlled by Linux or exclusively by the BIOS?), causing the system then occasionally to overheat and shut-off. Especially, when FF hogs 94…96% CPU every few minutes for some 60sec for no apparent good reason after running for a couple of hours with 60+ open tabs. Therefore monitoring and “killall -Is STOP firefox-bin” via the applet is essential for me to avoid such sudden shut-offs.

    – Ralink RT2070 WiFi not connecting
    This now became a very serious issue for those, having a WiFi adapter with the widely popular RT2070 chip, suddenly not being able any more to connect via WLAN. Blacklisting the infamous rt2800usb does not help any more in Ubuntu 10.04 and the fix now is quite a bit more demanding than it was in 9.10/Helena.
    Therefore it is paramount for the upcoming release – if not already done so- that the fix for this nuisance will be incorporated right away –>

    Thank you.

  161. yea it doesnt work on my older machine doesnt see as ibm compatible i think because i load it up and installer had a error

  162. I don’t know if this release has the default search engine at Firefox or Linux Mint’s personalizated search.
    The only reason that I don’t use Linux Mint is it, please consider to eliminate the ugly and unusable the Linux Mint search engine.

  163. Is it possible that grub2 installation fails when Linux Mint is installed on existing partitions, if the other already existing systems are installed on partitions physically positioned after those of Mint ? I’m wondering if grub2 could possibly get the partitions numbers wrong ?

  164. I just downloaded the iso, made a cd, and tried to boot to the live image. I could not get the machine to boot. It is a Dell Optiplex 760. I know it is not the final release. I am just trying to help out by giving some feedback.

  165. More info: the boot hangs up at the point where the Linux Mint logo is showing with some colored dots underneath it.

  166. Working just fine thusfar. My only little quibble is a (don’t laugh) GUI one that popped up in 8 and has continued into this RC. I like to have the GNOME “custom” menu in the top-left on a panel like Ubuntu/Fedora have. In Mint 7, there was no Mint branding on it, but it had this little rainbow thing. However, in 8, it has the UBUNTU logo next to the Application menu. The mint logo shows there when you use some different themes, but I like the default theme. The orange Ubuntu logo sticks out like a sore thumb there. Mind Minting that up? lol

    Also, the software center is a tad buggy. If I use the navigation features too much it’ll go all gobbledygook on me. It won’t crash, but all the menu text becomes random characters or blank spaces. Dig the setup though.

    This is the most stable mint RC yet for me yet though, and I have it on my (very) bitchy Acer Timeline 5810TZ. Kudos!

  167. GoustiFruit, I haven’t done exhaustive tests, so can’t entirely rule out your suggestion. However, the only problem that I have experienced relates to a triple boot situation where you have Windows on sda1 and four Linux partitions (two pairs of “/” and “/home” partitions) plus a shared sway space. That always works fine when both Linux pairs use Grub1 or both use Grub2.

    In the previous iteration of Ubuntu/Mint, that always worked when the MBR operated under Grub2 (that is, Ubuntu/Mint was the most recently installed system, or when the MBR was reset to Grub2 from a LiveCD). That relatively comfortable situation seems to have been broken in the most recent versions of Ubuntu/Mint, and attempts to boot the Grub1 system via the Ubuntu/Mint Grub lead to a kernel panic wherever that system happens to be located.

    When the Grub1 system happens to be PCLinuxOS, you can work around the problem by running “FixMBR” from a Live CD and subsequently booting via the PCLinuxOS Grub.

    The problem appears to arise upstream from Mint, and will hopefully be addressed through post-release updates. Given your suggestion, I’ll try a few further experiments.

  168. I ntoiced in the “what’s new” section it mentioned a DVD version containing Sun Java, Samba, ttf-Dejavu, etc. However for RC1 I’m only seeing CD images. Is RC1 CD only, no DVD? Will a DVD release be made for the next RC or only for the final release?

    Also to upgrade from Helena to the current work-in-progress Isador … Can the repos just be changed from Helena to Isadora then run an apt-get dist-upgrade?

  169. I have been running mint 9 on an acer aspire for about 3 days now. Works perfectly. Video performance is greatly improved. Hulu doesn’t work with mint 9 but I found a solution by removing the flashx64 plug-in and installing the 32 bit and nonfree plug-in. I don’t have any problems so far and so impressed i,m keeping the rc as the main os.

  170. one problem i have seen is they dont like to maximize video if the size is big it wont play at all just exits… other then that which is not this distro specific mint kicks ass more then ubuntu that is released already

  171. if wine and games get perfected and easier to use … and if video is perfected then windows requirements has a fucking shitload of explaining to do

  172. …omg sorry didnt explain ….


    7 requires a gig to run at all 2 gigs ram to run good and 512 slowly …this is only to do basics

    where as mint runs like a dual core on my 512 ram pentium m and graphics driver is better

  173. Hi!
    I know this aint the place to report bugs, but atm I am to lazy to sign up at launchpad ;p.
    My observation is that when I change window appearance to wildmint for example, certain texts become hardly recognizable when I am in software manager for example, possibly also in other cases(havent checked).
    In the software manager it’s the texts that I enter in the searchbar and the texts of the descriptions of the applications.
    The light gray is hard to read and especially the descriptions are very small and very hard to read.
    Also I noticed that the space for the text of the descriptions is limited so that some descriptions just get cut off.
    At least that’s the case for me in default resolution, I haven’t checked if that changes with a different resolution.

  174. I installed the RC Monday and everything thus far has been smooth as silk. Props big time to the Mint team. Lovin’ Mint 9!


    Oh when will there be a KDE version of linux min 9 available. I had to wait an age before there was a KDE version of Mint 8.

    Why can’t you do a KDE version along with a Gnome version? Surely it can’t be that hard to make the default ISO a DVD iso with both Gnome and KDE on it and then have an boot up option for the user to pick either stating in KDE or starting in Gnome?

    KDE is now well polished and cooler than coolios cool box full of cools. I install Linux on quite a few people machines and I only ever install KDE for them and don’t even install Gnome as an option and only ever install and GTK apps if there either absolutely the best or there is no suitable KDE/QT equivalent.

    Anyhow, I’m gonna roll my own distro in the not too distant future. It’s going to have on aim and that is to work. Not just for tekies and geeks, but for the kind of people I’ve been installing Linux for and having to spend an absolute age tracking down things and getting proper kernels (like Zen). When I’ve done that everyone wonders why people would ever use Windows, and they also wonder why no-one has ever put together a distro that actually works. They shouldn’t have to get me in just to install Linux and I shouldn’t have to spend weeks tracking down things that are out there once you find them, are re-distributable etc…. and not only that I ended up having to patch horrible naties (like pulse audio) and other stuff (like broken keyrings and mail)

  176. docky seems kind of odd to me with isadora, but I’m new to Lunix and docky so I dont know if this is normal.
    When docky is active it takes away a lot of the bottom screen, so background theme is black in that area, and also firefox browser is missing the bottom.
    I guess same goes for other applications.
    And the panel is reacting weird.
    It goes in autohide (I assume docky tells it to), although I chose the option -show hide buttons-.
    So far I like it, still.
    The menu with favorites and applications is really nice and clear.
    The filter option is really really good.
    Somewhere else I already mentioned that the window appearance -wildmint- shows some problems for me, the texts are sometimes too hard to read, especially in the software manager section.
    I have to find out if the panel is as customizable as in Lynx (I really like the options there for adding stuff to the panel).
    Unfortunately I cant get a working usb boot version, but that|S on a different page, I dont know what the problem is there, prolly has nothing to do with Mint.
    I hope I’ll work that out, it’s kind of a biggie, once it’s done, I can really enjoy it, until I am ready for full backup of my data, so I can make a dual boot without the need to use a usb-stick.


  177. @bennachie: I have a x-tuple boot: Windows, Mint, PClinuxOS in several flavours, Mandriva in several flavours. Currently 14 partitions, each linux has it’s own / and /home partition, Windows has 3 partitions (main, docs, backups).

    What I’m trying to do now is to use one of my PCLinuxOS to manage the general boot (so grub1), and put all the other systems grubs in their / partition. But I’m having troubles with Mint. I tried removing grub2 and reinstalling grub legacy but grub-install and grub commands (root (hdx,y) setup(hdx,y)) won’t regenerate the usual menu.lst file.

    I still don’t understand why grub2 was forced into our throats when there are no tools to easily manage it.

  178. I installed Mint to a usb stick successfully now.
    When I boot from it, instead of loading the OS instantly, it says ‘will start automatically in 10 seconds’.
    10 seconds is quiet a delay imho.
    Is there a way to install it to a usb-stick and have it start directly without the 10 seconds waiting?
    Maybe a manual creation of a bootable stick, like with a standard PC installation on the stick and manual addition of syslinx and mbr?
    So far mint is working on a netbook, a PC, and a notebook.
    Everything working fine as far as I can tell.
    Except some minor stuff I mentioned in another comment section I cant find right now :>.
    Obviously the ‘fn’key doesnt work on the note/netbook, I dont know if that|s because of the english layout or if that’s a general problem.
    Anyway I hope there will be a way to get it activated, because for the use of a mobile device that key is pretty convenient since it gives you direct access to change the contrast of the screen.
    I wouldnt even know how to change contrast differently, but for sure not as quick and simple.
    To me that is the most important point about the fn- key, the other options are kind of negligible in everyday use.


  179. Linux mint is the first version of linux that is an absolute joy to use. You converted me! and I’m excited about Isadora, cant wait for the finalised version.

  180. @Jonny

    just press enter (or even any other button for that matter) and you don’t have to wait your 10secs

  181. @GoustiFruit

    I’m suitably impressed! My simple triple boot (Windows, Mint and PCLOS-KDE) works just fine on a 120GB Compaq laptop with 2GB of RAM. PCLOS doesn’t pick up Mint on the initial installation, but running “Redo MBR” sorts that out. The usual boot configuration tool then allows you to make the menu look pretty (and to select another distro as the default option if you wish).

    Grub2 is still work in progress, and so far appears to have been adopted only by Ubuntu (and perforce by Mint) and Sabayon. Like it or not, everyone else will have to follow suit sooner or later, which suggests that higher priority might need to be given to developing the kinds of configuration tools already available for Grub1.

    In the meantime, geeks will thank heavens for PCLOS, and non-geeks will express similar sentiments about Mint.

  182. Could you add an option to copy the Live CD to RAM?

    The “toram” function is finally working with Ubuntu 10.04. This is great for those with a lot of RAM (2GB or more).

    Try it with Mint 9 and watch those OpenOffice apps load instantly 🙂

  183. Sorry, but i can start the os!!
    I have in mi pc, mint 8, and is great, but when i can to setup Ubuntu 10.4 or Mint 8, the screen is black, and i can´t begin!!
    I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 (256 MB)
    Thank you!!

    Lo siento, pero puedo iniciar el sistema operativo!
    Tengo en mi pc, menta 8, y es grande, pero cuando puedo configurar Ubuntu 10,4 o Mint 8, la pantalla está en negro, y no puedo empezar!
    Tengo una ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 (256 MB)

  184. Clem for an RC release this is pretty amazing.
    Yes there are a few niggles but that’s what is to be expected.
    To think you and the team do this for your passion of Mint and provide a working and beautiful distro for us that can not and do not have the know how.
    I can only thank you for your time patience and love of mint.
    The new software manager is quiet outstanding.
    My sound blaster sound card runs without having to download drivers and was instantly recognised.
    I really like the improvements with the Mint menu as well.
    If the RC release is this good i cant wait for the Stable release.
    I like the option for the stable release of being able to burn to a CD or DVD depending on Java and open office.
    This gives the option for all.
    Thanks Clem and Team for all your hard work time and love of Mint.

  185. I been running Mint9 since last monday, almost a week now, and apart that Grub2 thing everything goes smooth.

    In my main HD i have Mint7 and three versions of Mandriva, one stable and two cookers.

    There’s no way, as far as i know to install a distro with Grub2 in this situation without having problems. Mint7 boots fine but all the other distros give me a kernel panic.

    Looking further i noticed that Grub2 renames the partitions, giving each one, one number plus. let’s see if i can make this clear, hd0,1 becames hd0,2 so it goes with all the others.

    until i figured it out how to deal with this i installed Mint9 in an external HD, and as i said everything goes well for an rc

  186. I read something about this about ubuntu, somewhere ? Where partitions are numbered from 0 in grub, they are numbered from 1 in grub2. Again one stupid move, because hard disks are still numbered from 0. It’s not even consistent !

    Now if someone can tell me how to properly reinstall grub legacy on Mint 9 and put it in the root partition instead of the mbr… until now I’ve had no success.

  187. This looks fine over here, no glitches at all, but I’m rather hell-bent on using the Fluxbox edition once it comes out. Any word on when others will follow the main edition?


  188. As always you can only please all of the people some of the time, but I would like to confirm that for me, it’s brilliant.
    The 64-bit version is already the default OS on my desktop after applying all the habitual tweaks and purging GRUB2 and replacing etc with ‘Legacy GRUB’. Unmuted the sound, turned up the volume, added ubuntu-restricted-extras for Flash, JAVA, LAME and MScorefonts and then added sound-juicer, exaile, acidrip and VLC etc, configuring without problems, installed NVIDIA-73 driver, used sudo nvidia-settings to change and retain my preferred lower resolution settings, with all working well plus improved Brasero, but it’s a LinuxLive USB (v2.4) 32-bit version created’8GB’ USB stick that’s really impressive.
    Obviously better coded than the Ubuntu 10.04 discs, it’s allowed the addition and configuration of most of my favourites, including Live Gparted functionality, making it a really great portable distro !

  189. I think it would be a great idea to prepare Linux Mint 9 with all packages on one or two DVD’s. I would pay some cash to get it instead wasting my time and money downloading it from the net (Limited Amount Of Data!) Will you guys offer such option? (I am not the only one interested in such option).
    Anyway I’ve been using Linux for over ten years now and I use Mint 8 on all of my computers. I did see all Mint versions since ver 2 (Bianca) and is getting better and better in every version. I was using RedHat before. I am sure Mint 8 is the best Linux Distro available on the market, and easiest as well. I have found few things that require some modifications, but over all Mint is just PERFECT.
    Great job guys, keep it up!

    with Regards

    Michael Ksiezopolski

  190. Nice features list.

    What are the features UNIQUE to MINT?

    (that is added to Ubuntu).


  191. I like the look of Isadora.
    I noticed a few bugs though while testing it in the virtualbox.
    1. During startup the logo doesnt look too good which im sure will be sorted.
    2. After a fresh install with automatic login, the icon theme changes from the nice default mint theme (gnome-wise) to the not so pretty standard gnome theme, though in appearance preferences it claims the icon set it gnome wise.

  192. Unfortunately this version along with all the others following Mint 5 Elyssa are unable to display the streaming webcams on
    If you visit that site, register with your email address then log in.
    Whilst the non log in cams display fine, after you log in the ‘live’ cams just won’t work.

    Mint is not alone in suffering this problem, all Ubuntus after 8.04 and most other distros also cannot display these cams, although they work fine first time and everytime using Windows. Obviously it’s a design fault, can the team have a look and see if they can remedy this problem?

  193. I tried it via USB stick using UNetbootin which stops at Boot prompt but hit enter and it loads.

    Very briefly nosed around and liked what I saw but my main interest is my problems with my TV card and Pulse audio. ( you can see posts on forum for details )
    I have been told that my TV card a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1300 DVB-T/H is supported by the Kernel.
    9 just like 8 only finds this card but only cheese works “out of the box” and not in anything else.
    I have been able to get the TV running in TVtime and zapping in 8 but the sound is still not getting to the pulse mixer even though the selected channel is visible muted during ch change.
    I do hope that in 9 you have invested some time in the TV card problems which judging by the number of posts on the forum are many!
    And that more time is spent making things work correctly with Pulse ie
    Audacity,kdenlive,Sweep etc I’m getting a bit feed up with crashes and the amount of time I have spent with the same problems on multi PC’s.
    It would also be nice if Jack was included as a second switchable option or standard as many many good apps only work using Jack.
    Still think Mint is the best “user friendly” distro out there but please take your time so resolve some of these problems.


  194. Lovely, finally a Linux distro that works almost flawlessly on my MSI netbook, I’m a long time Debian user since ’98 and it’s a bit of a pain especially in trying to get sound to work, Mint 8 gave me wireless network problems, Ubuntu was similar in problems.

    So far out of the box, this one is working well.

  195. I know I did mentions critics before… but it doesn’t change anything regarding that – I WANTS THE FINAL NOWS!!! How long will it take :s ?

  196. Thanks for releasing this, I already had a great experience with this. Mint is a really good choice for my laptop because I’m on ATI and I can access to settings easily such as gnome-power-manager to spin down my hdd, also it’s interesting everything was automated (startup etc.) when I installed cpufrequtils to play with my processors. I find this distribution stable, interesting and “easy to setup” especially if you don’t have time to play with things or with your desktop.

    On my main PC I use more advanced distribution where I do things manually so basically this saved me from a big bunch of work for a computer I don’t use that often.

  197. How started menu GRUB? I use only one system Linux Mint 9 RC, but I don’t now how started GRUB. I want to starting Mint in text-mode to installed Nvidia drivers.

  198. @Lucien
    I know that of course ;P.
    The “just” in your sentence becomes very relative if you think about that you have to press it every time at start up or always except the 10sec delay.
    The much better better solution would be if there were a to have it boot from the stick automatically without delay -unless- you hit a button, just the way you access the bios.
    That’s why I asked, I try to find out if there’s a way to minimize the time to choose the boot menu.
    Most distros always try to speed up boot time, it’s a defintely a goal, this would be an easy way to do it.
    And since when have a usb stick with a bootable OS attached chances are you really want to boot from that stick.
    So the option to do have a shorter delay like say 2 seconds would be very cool.

    at timmi:
    Apparently I dunno which features are unique to Mint AND can’t be added to Ubuntu.
    But I can tell you I like a lot the filter in the start menu of Mint, just type in the 1st letters of the app you want to open et voila.
    If you dont have it installed it will see if there’s a package available.
    Generelly so far I like the structure of the menu in Mint better, as a newb to linux I find it way more intuitive.
    I’m kind of ambivalent on the windows buttons on the left side in Ubuntu, I guess you can get used to it or just change them to be on the right side.
    I’m generelly a little ambivalent on Ubuntu, because oddly the things that I find hard to cope with starting out are actually also kind of nice.
    For example the panel at the top, the absence of a classic start menu on the bottom left, the ability and the ways you can customize the top and the bottom panel.


  199. Good job, but I prefer KDE and I’ve been to the effect on the versions of KDE. Is it so hard for you to add the KDE desktop environment? After all, is in the repositories. I will try to do the same versions of KDE with Ubuntu Customization Kit

  200. hay guess when will the last 64bit edition come
    i wish it comes before 13\5 because ill not have enough net after that

  201. I love this edition, thank you for your great jobs, it runs very fast and stable on my compute. I especially like the feature that it can play the viedoes and musics after installation. If it can provide a tool to chose the driver document and install it automatically, it would be better. As a campus network user, it very difficult for me to download the drivers in the “hardware driver” menu, and i don’t know how to install the nvidia driver(.run), so i hope you can provide such a tool to select the driver and install it from the hard disk. Thank you again

  202. Just a short comment. Installed Windows 7 Home Premium on Desktop where Mint 8 is also installed. Windows 7 support Genius Tablet out of box. Mint 9 RC does not see Tablet, but I know how to do this. Installed Windows 7 on UMPC with Touch Screen works great, try Mint 8 no touch support. Still unable to get touch to work.

  203. I need the driver of the card of video sis ubuntu does not have this version of the mint has it built-in?

  204. Hi,

    Where is “Open as root” ? I don’t see it. 🙁

    Will it be available in the final release ?

  205. i Dont KNow If Anyone Reported this Yet But i Hope that Linux MInt does not have the same problem i encountered in Ubuntu 10.04 Which Was Freezing Right at The Login Screen, i havnt installed anything on Ubuntu (No Drivers or Anything)and it froze! i ran Recovery Mode And Went in FailSafe Which Made me go In Low Graphics And i Logged into Ubuntu PErfectly (It didnt have the loading screen It JUst Logged in ). i think this is because i need to lower my graphics or because i need to install my Nvidia Drivers Which Soon Getting ATI.

    i Also Hated that Wine For Ubuntu Was Not Compaitable with 64 bit And i COuld not open my Wireless Setup.exe. so now im installing 32 bit hoping for better results.

    Please Clem And Linux MInt Team Impress me 😀

  206. LM9 installer bug;

    The Linux Mint 9 installer misreads the BIOS boot disk sequence. this causes the MBR to get installed on a disk that won’t get selected for boot by the BIOS. Even if there is a formated /boot partition on the BIOS asigned boot disk. LM9 installer wil place its MBR on hda which is undefined. error is reproducible. effect is that after post, system comes into a “waiting for GRUB ????” situation.
    workaround is to use gparted to redefine the MBR on the correct disk

    Recomment to revert to LM8 installer which doesn’t have this problem.

    Greets, Arend.

  207. Today i tried the Linux Mint 9 RC the system boots from the boot cd and then immediately goes blank. I am using Dell 700m Laptop. Whereas Linux Mint 8 works very well on the same system.

  208. Hi!

    2 quick questions if I may.
    Does anybody know how to activate the fn-key on notebooks?(necessary to change contrast quickly).
    And another question, mint has its own firefox version right?
    How up-to-date is it usually concerning security holes?

    I installed mint on my laptop now, in dualboot with WinXP, was kind of hard for a newb like me to get the partitions smoothly (boot, home var,etc..).
    But for now everything works pretty nicely.
    I hope the final version of mint will come as an update also, I would prefer not to have to install everything again ;p.

    I know I could press enter 😉
    but I was looking for a smooth way so I dont have to do it every time.
    Found the option to change waiting time now, in the startup manager, changed the time to like 5 seconds.
    If I find a way to get to the boot menu manually during startup with hitting a button (in case i might wanna boot XP :p), I will get rid of the automatically loaded boot menu completely.

    And forget about my concern with docky, I had no effects chosen in appearance, now that I changed that, it works without the black bar.


  209. @Rupesh: I mentioned the problem in the first post. Then I thought it was a mistake from me. Then I tried to install Mint again and still have that bug. I’m using a PB X2750 desktop.

  210. I noticed I have video playback problem.
    SD Youtube works okay.
    But comedy central (daily show) is very jerky.
    I have 2 optional nvidia drivers, makes no difference which on I use-
    I installed adobe flash player from the software manager, no improvement.Gnash didnt work at all unfortunately.
    I have a dual boot system with win xp, and in xp video playback of comedy central works just fine, even in fullscreen.
    Same goes for youtube hd videos (tried full screen of 480p).
    Works fine in xp, pretty jerky in mint.
    Could be that the problem is the implementation of the video card, or maybe the cpu or ram isnt used properly in mint.
    I have a toshi satellite m30 pro (pentium m715, 512ram).
    While when I watch a video in mint the fan starts immediately (temperature caused or because the fan control isnt correct in mint), it hardly comes on in win xp.
    That’s a shame, I really want to use mint all the way :).
    I’ll check Ubuntu Live CD next, I guess it wont make a big difference though.


  211. Hi 32bit is running fine but 64bit Live cd hangs on startup with message: freeing ramdisk. same problem with ubutnu 10.04 64 bit only the ubuntu 10.04 64bit beta1 live cd was running gaood and was installing fine.
    any suggestions ?

  212. Same goes for youtube hd videos (tried full screen of 480p).
    Works fine in xp, pretty jerky in mint.
    Could be that the problem is the implementation of the video card, or maybe the cpu or ram isnt used properly in mint.
    I have a toshi satellite m30 pro (pentium m715, 512ram). cars sale hat’s a shame, I really want to use mint all the way .
    I’ll check Ubuntu Live CD next, I guess it wont make a big difference though.

  213. getting this error.

    an error occured
    invalid tag data. Check len(d)=1, (ord(d) &128==128.Received->()
    for more infromation please see the log file

    Using windows 7 64 bit. Is this fixable?

  214. I just noticed one pretty annoying thing.
    When you want to stretch a window, you got like a line with one pixel in width you have to hit.
    Well, and still I dunno why videos dont work as well as in XP.
    I hope I can resolve that, cos that’s pretty annoying too.


  215. AMD64 RC loaded and working very well with my favourite Opera browser.
    Though minor irritations stop me dispensing with Win altogether…..

    Labtec Webcam and Skype won’t play together.
    The web-cam conflicts with Hauppauge DVB-T PCI card
    Evolution mail won’t pickup my pop3 Email provider.

    Was hoping Mint 9 settings would “inherit” from Mint 8. A partition reformat and was the only way in for me. Without the reformat there was the correct desktop but the bottom task bar was blank and had NO menu access.

  216. Hi,

    About “Open as root”, it’s replaced by “Open as administrator”.

    Well, there’s no problem 😉

  217. @RickC

    The present iteration of Evolution seems not to be one of the most stable pieces of software in the Gnome pantheon (no actual data loss yet, though), but I haven’t experienced any problems in connecting to POP mailboxes. What are the actual symptoms? Can you connect to the same mailbox using Thunderbird?

    +1 on your installation problem (blank task-bar) when the /home partition has not been reformatted. This problem has been reported elsewhere in the current blog – hopefully it will be corrected in the final release.

  218. @bennachie
    Thanks a lot for your comments.

    I will experiment with other pop compliant mail boxes as well evolution. The problem:
    With Mint 8 I enter keyring password as ISP my password, and all proceeds. However THAT keyring entry pop-up does not appear in Mint 9 (64 ver) with me. NB I cannot yet rule out a silly set-up error on my behalf

    Will pursue task-bar glitch on the forum.

  219. Might wanna change this:
    x86 processor (for both 32 & 64-bit versions)
    x86_64 compatible processor (for the 64-bit version)

    to this:
    x86 processor (for 32-bit version)
    x86_64 compatible processor (for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

    Great work guys. Can’t wait to see Mint 9 go final ^.^

  220. There’s a local used computer store here in Portland, Oregon that installs Ubuntu on all there refurbished systems for sale. Next time I go in I will talk with them about Mint over Ubuntu. This is SO much easier. I tried Ubuntu 10.04 and immediately had to start looking for and downloading drivers….SO, I downloaded Mint 9RC and POOF! Right out of the box, EVERYTHING works!

    I use an old IBM T40 Thinkpad and it’s now faster and more stable than my wife’s new Acer laptop.

    Thank you,

  221. I tried installing Linux Mint using mint4win but I get the same error as cluendo. I tried installing by mounting the ISO and by making a bootable USB. Both times double-clicking mint4win gave “Disc not found” errors but repeatedly clicking “Cancel/Try Again/Continue” started the installer. However, in mid-way I get the same error as cluendo.

    My system is Win7 Pro 32bit.

  222. it really creeps me out, i cant get mint running fine on a usb stick.
    the nvidia driver just wont install on any of my usb sticks, it loads the driver and never stops loading, i waited for like 30 minutes and nothing ever happened.
    so i cant use any of the effects, and i wanna use docky, but it dont work nice without the effects.
    Also the driver install process cant be stopped, that’s generelly pretty often the case, processes just run and run.
    same happened when i started the update (87 atm), started and never ever would finish.
    no probs with that on a hd, but on usb stick, no chance.
    that plus the general flash video problems (fedora was best at that yet, but has other issues ) many linux distros as mint have, i have to stick to windows unfortunately for every day use.
    maybe some day…

  223. Clem, Looks great from what I’ve seen.

    Only thing not working is wireless on my netbook. It connects but drops out after half a minute or so. Hope fix is done before final release.

  224. I have been eyeing mint for years but i was never able to install it successfully on my acer 8930, this was going to be my last try. I don’t know what you chaps did but OMG i ran it as a trial and everything worked straight off the disk and i mean everything there was absolutely nothing i had to tweak nothing at all. I’m not sure what you chaps did but your all blooming amazing. Out of all the Linux based software i have tried this one has shocked me the most for the fact that it worked with out me (a complete newbie) not having to spend days trawling or crying over the fact that i have no sound. THANK YOU. Super Sonic Hug to one and all.

  225. Day 12 using Isadora without one hiccup. Astounding. Fast to boot and fast during normal use. Unfortunately, there is still one, and only one reason I still have Windows 7 on my laptop: When I log into my Wifi provider at the beginning of the month, the OS I am on at the time has retarded speed (30 KB/s), while the other runs at 160 KB/s or better. If it wasn’t that I need Windows to log in with, I’d wipe it LOL.

  226. The goscomb technologies mirror isn’t updating properly, you might want to check it.

    and tdockery97, why don’t you just boot a linux off a memory stick or cd for that instead of using windows?

  227. my first time to use this buty its great. is there any version that comes ready that you can install windows programmes straight away. i hate the wondows OS but i use some of the programmes like adobe, etc…

  228. Tried with a live cd. For some reason it recognizes a difference between windows and linux. If I sign in under linux it hoses the speed but not in windows, and vice versa. Just weird.

  229. Wow, this is awesome guys, can I get more info about Flash, web design, or programming in general? I am a beginner at those things, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

  230. Hi Clem and Linux Mint team, thank you very much, I am happy with linux mint 8 Helena, there is no problem with that. Middle school kids love to use Linux Mint over 8 Helena, I can not wait mint 9 Isadora, but still I would use linux mint 9 realease the final and I will preach to other friends. May God Bless and I Love you full Linux Mint

  231. Hmm sorry for this stupid question but is the 64 bits versions used to be called “x64” before, are the new “amd64” versions compatible with Intel 64bits CPUs ?

  232. @GoustiFruit

    Yes, they are, or at least the Ubuntu “amd64” versions are, in my experience. Neither “x64” nor “amd64” could be described as being completely non-ambiguous descriptors, and the use of the terms “i386”, “i486”. “i586” and “i686” only adds to the confusion (yes, I understand exactly what is implied by these terms, and why they are not replicated at 64-bit level). In fairness, Ubuntu and Mint make it pretty clear in their documentation just what choices are open to users in most normal circumstances.

  233. Nice, I’m looking for a debian derivative with good hardware support and “when its ready” release politics.

    Until now, I was considering sidux and Ubuntu (being the first the most stable one), but Ubuntu breaks to often with their updates. For I was reading, mint is somehow different, and I like to see that.

    Expecting the final version, but trying RC for now =)

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