News update

This is just a brief news update about what is going on at the moment:

  • Release date: The latest ISO is passing all my tests and I’m approving it for an RC release. It still needs to go through Exploder’s testing and it requires his approval before it can go out publicly.
  • Windows installer: Mint4Win is back and it’s fully functional. The version that comes with the CD installs what’s on the CD. We’re also considering to maintain a standalone version which would be able to download and install editions of Linux Mint as we release them.
  • Translations: The RC release will come without full localization. In particular, the installation slides are only in English and for some of the new tools (the new software and backup managers for instance) most of what is on the screen will appear in English. We’ll ask the community to give us a hand on this and we’ll wait until all major languages are fully supported to release the stable version of Linux Mint 9, but we decided not to hold the release of the RC in the meantime.
  • Java: The decision was made to remove Java. This allows us to keep large applications such as Gimp and Pidgin on the CD. Java was taking 122MB of data (compared to 48MB for Gimp, 28MB for Pidgin, 31MB for Mono/Giver/Moonlight/Tomboy) and was only used by the OpenOffice database application ( and the applet plugin (sun-java6-plugin). The decision was based on the fact that few people needed the database application and that most online gaming websites use Flash nowadays. Edit: The RC will come as a liveCD without Java. The stable release will provide both a CD and a DVD image. The DVD image will include Java, and a few extra (Thanks to all the people who provided feedback on this).
  • Moonlight: The moonlight plugin was removed because of a bug that made Firefox unstable. The browser would crash, sometimes immediately after being launched.
  • New software: Gwibber, Startup Manager and p7zip were added to the default selection. A new local repository was also set up, containing the same packages as found on the Ubuntu CD as well as GnomePPP.
  • Community Editions: No more references will be made to “CE”s. These editions will now become official and efforts will be made for them to be released as early in the release cycle as possible.
  • x64 edition: Linux Mint used to have a Main and an x64 edition. We’re trying to remove the gap between the two and to brand them identically.. a single edition, available in both architectures. Our goal this time around is also to release their stable versions at the same time.
  • OEM disks: A dedicated OEM CD will be made available with the stable release. We’ve encountered a lot of people who were wondering why their username was “oem” after they installed Linux Mint. OEM installations are for a very particular audience and can confuse a lot of users.
  • Universal edition: Two things were missing with the universal edition; it was only available as a DVD and only in 32bits. This was a significant problem for magazines and distributors in the USA as they could not distribute Linux Mint in 64bit. We’re going back to CDs and we’ll do it for both architectures. Further down the release cycle, we’ll also provide a remastering tool which will allow you to transform a Linux Mint ISO into a fully localized Linux Mint ISO booting in the language of your choice and including the necessary language packs.

Feel free to give us your comments, questions and reactions on this. In the days to come we’ll see the public release of the RC. We’ll work closely with the community to eradicate any bugs you may find and to make sure everything is fully localized. If we have time we’ll also talk about the new features and see how you feel about them, or maybe this will happen through discussions after we get our first reviews. For now, I just wanted to let you know about these things so I can start collecting your thoughts on it and so you can have a better idea of when to expect the public release of Linux Mint 9 RC.

Thank you for your patience.

Note about the picture:  The Talento design background was selected as default. Tomboy is still installed in Linux Mint but it isn’t featured in the panel by default. Update Manager uses a new set of icons and the sound applet was replaced by the new Ubuntu Indicator applet.


  1. I honestly dont understand how you do it. Every 6 months I think ‘there is no way they can improve on Mint’. And every 6 months I am (quite happily) wrong.

    To not have to wait until July for a 64 bit version would be enough for an upgrade itself. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

  2. I think removing Java is not a good idea. Instead of releasing Mint on CD, it should be released on DVD. Releasing it on DVD will allow more software packages to be included with operating system.
    You should also look after making Nokia PC suite compatible with Linux Mint. I have to keep Windows XP alongside Linux Mint just because Windows XP has got Nokia PC suite and Canon drivers installed on it.
    Hope you will look after my suggestions.

  3. Why was removed possibility to start standard installation from boot menu – like in Mint 7 ?

  4. Hurry up¡¡¡¡¡ I can’t wait for test LM9… for sure Mint it’s the best… thanks friends for a necessary touch of elegance on our day life

  5. Awesome, i just finished doing a mintbackup using the latest version and i was about reinstall 8 because my HDD was failing. I decided to check the site while i was going through the install on the live CD. So i’m typing this from the LiveCD, lol. Now i can stop with the install. Because i might as well wait a couple days for 9 since i already backup my drive. Talk about perfect timing. Can’t wait, guess i’ll put my old HDD back into my Laptop.

    Thanks Clem!!!!

  6. i am disappointed about java its great to have it on cd, instead i always remove mono from the system.

    7z – is a good decision.

    also i don’t use compiz and it would be nice if its removal would be easier.

  7. will Java be available for installation from a repository?

    I noticed Ubuntu itself only has Hardy packages for sun-java and not Lucid packages.

    I’m hoping Mint will at least give us the opportunity to download sun-java* should we the user have a need for it.

  8. I am excited that it will be available soon. Great work!!

    I assume Java can be loaded from the repository or website. I use MoneyDance for accounting which uses Java.

  9. “The decision was made to remove Java.” i think a lot of people will just end up installing it anyways, but it’s not that big of a deal if it was taking up that much space.

    “Startup Manager and p7zip were added to the default selection.” YES! :)i really wanted startup manager included by default, it’s basically necessary to include a startup wizard, how else can the OS be noob-friendly?

    “No more references will be made to “CE”s. These editions will now become official and efforts will be made for them to be released as early in the release cycle as possible.” this is GREAT NEWS! i’m so happy i could… type out my happiness here. this is exactly what i wanted most from mint 9, and here you are giving it to us. (i use the KDE edition)

    “Linux Mint used to have a Main and an x64 edition. We’re trying to remove the gap between the two and to brand them identically.. a single edition, available in both architectures. Our goal this time around is also to release their stable versions at the same time” this sounds nice, i can understand putting more work towards making them equal, but i have no quarrels wiht x64 coming out a little later if it needs more work… and does this also apply to the KDE edition’s x64 version?

    anyways, overall, sounds like great news, im really excited! keep up the great work! (P.S.: nice background choice 😉 )

    1. About Java: It’s in the default selection of repositories. A simple “apt install sun-java6-plugin” will reinstall it.

  10. woops,i forgot to mention, it would be nice if the Linux mint logo was somewhere on the background… but i suppose it isn’t completely necessary, but it would be a nice touch.

  11. IMO the team should consider not including pidgin and using empathy instead which although lacking plugin support currently, is shaping up to be a much more competent all communications all-rounder.

    If java is going to be removed a download link should be added to the default menu as should a link for skype.

    Is the ubuntu-one client going to be included in Isadora? If not is the music store going to be removed from rhythmbox/banshee as otherwise it will appear broken I believe?

  12. … This gets my approval. Go Mint-crew! mintWelcome’s looking hot, default wallpaper is just dashing… and the stuff in the repositories will of course have improved from the Karmic base. Happy days, these!

    But what’s with the blog-spammers? (See #7/MIBOX and previous italian gibberings.)

  13. Here’s an idea… in addition to individual CD’s for each edition (Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE, etc.), why not also make a DVD which includes all of them. The user can select which edition to try out and install when the DVD is booted. The user could also install multiple versions on the same system (since they can all be installed at the same time on the same installation), and select which to use from the bottom of the login screen. Just a thought.

    Oh, and depending on how much space is left over, the DVD could also include these programs your removing from the CD’s, and others people might think would be good as default.

  14. I agree with Sidarta, you should use aMSN or emesene instead of pidgin. Cant wait now for the RC to come out

  15. There is a bug in ubuntu 10.04 that is crucial. it does not allow the computer to fully shutdown. upon installation won my test laptop. when i press restart / shutdown it doesnt fully shutdown it just logs out. It is in ubuntu’s launchpad. another bug sound sometimes doesn’t work upon bootup. I have to restarty twice to get sound working. I hope you guys dont overlook these bugs as they are from ubuntu and this distro is based heavily on ubuntu. I can’t wait for teh RC release. and thank you for doing a great job on thsi distro my thanks goes to everyone who made linux mint happen and contributed towards it. and also a big thanks to the great linux mint community.

  16. Another suggestion.
    could you please give us the asound choice again? pulseaudio doesnt work well with alot of laptops. if you include an asound option in your repositories or somewhere were we can get it. it would be great. pulseaudio has alot of known problems especially on laptops. IF there is a way to break away from gnome ubuntu and include asound as an option in gnome linux mint. hat would be a HUUUGE improvement for mint. especially since mint is now considered to be the number 1 for user friendliness. ( at least in my books)

  17. Great work, I’ll give Mint 9 a try, I’m now running LM7. Could you please give an update on the planning with Moonlight? Not including it is one thing, but is installing it afterwards resulting in the same bug? Not having moonlight makes a lot of multimedia (live) streams unavailable, which is giving me a hard time defending Linux to the person I share this computer with….
    Anyway, I appreciate your work very much, good luck making the release!

  18. Wow that was fast – I was expecting to wait a month for for the first signs of Mint 9 – great work Clem and gang.
    But I really regret that you will be removing the java plugin – It was such a great selling point here in Denmark, that everything was working right out of the box.
    We need the java plugin in order to do banking and stuff.
    Where as the people that need the high end gimp picture manipulation stuff would have no problem installing it, it will be much harder to get my aunt (or whoever) to install the java plugin, before she has a complete working machine.
    I you really decide to take it out please make it super obvious what you have to do to get in back in.
    And I don’t think it’s enough that I can read on a blog that I have to open a terminal and type “apt install sun-java6-plugin”.
    I know several people who shy away from the terminal.
    Is it not possible to install a “mini” version of just the run-time jre in less than 122 MB?

  19. @Sidarta: Emesene is only Msn, PidGin is much more(Msn,Yahoo,GoogleTalk,ICQ it does even IRC)

    I really want to see the final release of LM9..for real!
    Java off,ok I will download it by myself.

    Thumbs up for “Gwibber, Startup Manager and p7zip”
    I’m not sure if install the RC candidate or to wait the final one..
    what should I do? 😉 I’m really excited there is the RC 😀

  20. Too bad Java is removed… 🙁 ‘Cause this is what Mint is about – to provide a COMPLETE system.
    And don’t release Mint 9 until you test it and it is stable enough. Mint 8 has a lot of bugs. I hope LTS version will be more stable.
    Good job! Keep it up! 😉

  21. Great news, Clem. Looking forward to testing “Isadora”. From my perspective, leaving out Java might be a good thing because I may be able to run my specialised software (which is picky) like I could with Gloria (but not Helena!). If I’m not mistaken, other distros like Fedora and MEPIS do not include Java.

  22. Bummed about removal of Java as I am a CS student and Mint is my main OS and I do all my Java programming in it, but then again, adding/installing it is stupid easy so not a big deal. I spend the first day uninstalling old stuff and installing new stuff, so I’ll just add Java to the list of install and do the rest as usual. Not a big deal.

    Can’t wait for Mint 9, especially hearing that the x64 version (which I use) should be released along with the main edition!

    GO MINT! W00000000000000000000000T!

  23. Looking forward to the RC coming out soon and KDE version not as long a wait apparently. Java used to be always needed but I find very few sites use it now that I visit so not a bit loss and if I need it, easy to install.
    Really like that startup screen being transparent in the screenshot also.

  24. Wow! My old bones can’t keep up! The changes and improvements are coming down the pike FAST!

    You guys are Grrrreat!

  25. Nice to see, I definitely like the separate disk for OEM idea. Lots of good stuff, I’m quite anxious!

    Java is easy to add but considering that so many things keep being brought up about the limitations of a C.D. I have to ask why a DVD ISO is such a bad thing? I am aware that some people do not have a DVD burner, but it would be a nice option: to have more on the disk and less to download, especially for people like me who install this for friends on Dial-Up.

  26. I can’t wait and, as I use both the 32 and 64 bit versions it will be wonderful to get them together.

    How about a script with a selection of APT packages within it? The user can then edit it to their requirements and Bob’s your uncle! Some of us may even learn about producing scripts in the process.

  27. This is looking to be another great release. I felt tempted to install Ubuntu 10.04, but it has a look and feel I don’t like and seems to be going in the wrong direction. Looks like Linux Mint 9 really is worth the wait and will be Ubuntu 10.04 done right.

  28. It’s a shame about Java!

    I like to have a fully functional system right from the install – and having the database in Open Office available right from the start has always been one of the great things about Mint. Taking Java out of a default install and therefore crippling the database is a big mistake.

    Also – please remember that if the ISO has to be a bit bigger – who really cares? And more importantly – even if you have an ISO that requires a DVD….. you don’t have to fill the DVD. It’s not an offense against the universe if the DVD isn’t full to bursting with all the junk that most of us would never need. Just look at Kubuntu – it’s about a gigabyte and needs a DVD – but it just uses what it needs to have and no more.

    If there’s one thing I hate – it’s having to download an enormous ISO – and there’s another major detail that people always forget…… if you’re in western europe or the US…’s most likely you have unlimited broadband. the rest of the world isn’t as fortunate…. and here in NZ, most of the non-business accounts seem to be capped at ridiclously low levels!

  29. The decision was based on the fact that few people needed the database application and that most online gaming websites use Flash nowadays.

    That statement from above seems to indicate that the emphasis is on home users who are more interested in on-line gaming than serious use for business? Does anyone remember that there are Mint users who run their businesses on Mint – because so far – it’s been the best out there?

    This is worrying…… I can’t be the only one who uses Mint seriously for both work (and play) – can I?

  30. Really excited for this release.
    I agree with the dvd sized iso proposition. Everyone has blank dvd’s laying around these days, limiting yourself to a cd is pretty old school.
    As a java programmer i gotta disagree with the decision to remove java, but its pretty easy to install. There are a large amount of LM users who have commented about Java’s removal, but its really up to you guys.
    Release the RC 😀

  31. For the next release, i hope Clem will consider conducting a survey of the applications a Mint user uses or would like to have on the default install,

    Simple survey with a list of applications/technologies with a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ checkbox/radio-button by the side.

    The surveyor can just go on clicking and finally click submit. Easy , right? Sorry if I’m being condescending, with all the bad news about H.264 being adopted instead of ogg theora, and now mono getting included in the default install, I’m just feeling down guys.

  32. Clem what about the grafic interfaces for login screen, we’ll be able to change it? i mean for others themes, like mint 7, maybe it’s not interesting that i asking about it, but i’m a user that i like the decoration things and those stuffs….and i dont like the idea that in mint 8 we cant change it =S, i mean change loging screen =S…and what about for gamers, java its necesary…in some games…im waiting for mint 9 =)…regards

  33. My two cents:

    I use the Java browser plug-in a couple times a week (US National Weather Service radar sites need it to display loops).

    I generally don’t use IM, XChat or Twitter type apps. If e-mail is too slow, I call or text.

    As long as Java is available, I won’t be too freaked out.

    I really like Helena. I think it is much nicer to use than Ubuntu 9.10. I had been using Ubuntu 9.04 prior to coming to Mint and liked it, but the distribution upgrade to 9.10 pretty much hosed my machine. Mint restored my faith in Linux.

    Looking forward to the new release.

  34. great news. can’t you hurry up plz.

    I use mint on my machine, and i have it on a flash disc, so :

    I need the live mint because i use it when outdoors. why removing valuable programs ?

    I suggest to have 2 distros , the first is a CD distro. and the second is a MEMORY STICK distro. the cd distro is about 700 mb. and the memory stick is larger ( no need to remove java for example ) .

  35. Two additional notes after reading more comments:
    1)I disagree with some comments and believe that Pidgin / libpurple is superior to alternatives still, though it might be challenged soon.
    2)The new PulseAudio integration of Ubuntu/GNOME is quite… aggravating…. and I agree with raj that dropping back to a more asound and/or straight up alsa approach would be beneficial. (though PulseAudio is a neat toy and nice to have around)

  36. I love Linux Mint, best Linux I have use ever! It would be better if in the installer after installing Linux Mint to the computer and before being asked to restart. give to user the option to install additional software. Like Java for example. That way the user get what they want and you get to keep the CD sized download. “Windows users” moving to Linux for the first would love this. A lot of “new Linux users” don’t know how to install software on Linux. And/or the mintWelcome screen could help to new user and tell them how to install software in Mint.

    Also upgrading to DVDs would help A hole lot!!! You could have a DVD and CD download if you wanted.

  37. Sun-java out of the box was one of the main points of mint for me. Most others if they include java at all its open java and I’d have to remove then install sunjava. As long as there is no java then adding won’t be that bad but it was really nice having it out of the box as I tend to install OS’s alot.

    SunJava was the main reason I was able to convert my home to linux and Mint made it easy out of the box. My family plays club pogo mainly and it really needs the sun version.

    As for the CD thing I am glad they still use CDs as only my laptops have DVD plays my desktops don’t and I’ve gave a lot of older computer new life with linux mint and a CD. If Sun java is sacrificed for the CD (but easily available from update) I’m ok with that.

  38. Removal of Java is not a good idea. I use Java for everyday use. I use it to provide technical support in which allows me to connect to other’s computers to see their desktop screen so I may tell them what they should do.

    I also use Java to upload photos to Facebook easier, same goes for MySpace. I use Java for a lot of applications and to hear it will be removed from Mint is horrible. Unless there’s an easy way to install it from the software manager, I want Java to stay. Sure remove Mono, Giver, Moonlight, and Tomboy since it’s not really used, but seriously Java? Again, put Java in the software manager if anything.

  39. Also, with reguard to the community Editions its great they becoming official. I’ve tried most but had to go back because they just couldn’t access my Windows shares with pyNeighborhood. When I did get it to work manually, shares would not unmount. It never had filemanagers set properly in it either. The only other solution was going back to nautilus was fine, but then it was better off with the main branch.

  40. My thoughts:

    Include java, use empathy instead of pidgin and take advantage of Ubuntu’s new social features for the desktop. The MeMenu and new indicator applets for mail etc. are great enhancements and why you would choose not to take advantage of them is beyond me.

    Things I’d like to see which wont happen are:

    Removing mono and its applications, replacing openoffice with abiword/gnumeric

  41. Oh, and if a DVD image was too much you could just have an installer span 2 discs instead… You know, insert Disc 2 to continue.

  42. I’m looking forward to Mint9 – i was going to install 8 on my lappy today, but i’ll hold off a few days. I would love to have seen support for raid-1 in the installer and maybe a ‘net installer’ as i find a few weeks after release, the updates almost replace every package anyway. I’m also disappointed that there’s no new theme like the one i saw on the net weeks ago. Can we test it? – maybe as a ppa?

    Thanks Clem.

  43. I think complaining about what software is added/removed is pretty pointless. All they are removing and/or adding is easy to add yourself or remove. As long as I get a rock solid Mint 9 x64 release with minimal bugs and the same kick ass Mint quality we’ve all come to expect, I will be MORE than pleased!

    Go MINT! W000000000T!!!

  44. why putting p7zip when file roller is installed by default?

    i seriouslly think that a standar software choice should be established, so to mantain the same software selection if possible in all the releases.

  45. Well done Clem!! Well done team!! Some others have already said it well but I join them in wondering how you can blow the doors off with every release.

    Now to parade my stupidity before the group… You mention that the RC is approved by you. Do we have to wait for the exploder results before we can crank it up on our own? Or am I just too thick to find the download?

  46. I think, removing Java or GIMP is not good idea. I’m using some java applications (for example, NetBeans), GIMP and many other heigthweigth apps. I was happy, that I sjouldn’t download a lot of them on my unstable 512kbps internet connection. May be, it’ll really good to do small CD and DVD, including much more applications?

    Best regards, Viglim.

  47. Oh, and another idea: do, like Acid_1 said:
    During installation, installer asking: “Have you a disk with additional software?”. That disk can be simply AptOnCD repository, where situated a lot’s of soft. So you can choose, use one disk and download soft, you need, or use 2-disk installer. Pls, sorry for my bad English.

  48. been testing kubuntu 10.04, i can’t wait for Mint 9 for my netbook.

    oKAY,,, Newbie question,, can i just do live upgrade from Mint 8 to Mint 9?

  49. when Cups prints a test page, it has “Ubuntu” at the top. Any way to replace that with Linux Mint? I brought this up in the forum 1 year ago. Thanks

  50. I’m glad about the announcement about the former CE’s.

    I like a lot the look of gnome 2.xx, but in the same time I can’t stand what the gnome developers are doing: pulseaudio, compiz, gnome-shell looming on the horizon. Can’t promise not to try the RC – I won’t resist the temptation, but since I have a radeon 3470 videocard (that behaves horribly in Lucid Lynx), probably the XFCE ed. will be the one for me.

    Only hope you managed to ged rid of that annoying plymouth bug (especially the unattainable shutdown part).

    I have all the confidence in the Mint team, but since I cannot approve of what upstream is doing, I urge you to really take into consideration moving Mint to a Debian base, if possible.

  51. My internet banking requires java. When I was distro-hopping, I found that Fedora and Ubuntu-x64 didn’t work with my banking site even after I installed java, which is why I chose LM. If java is removed from LM9, I hope that my adding it back myself is enough to make internet banking work (i.e., no fancy tricks are required); otherwise I will reluctantly be distro-hopping again.

  52. I completely agree with the decision to keep the distribution on a single CD. I still regularly recommend LM to friends who do not have DVD burners/drives and multi CD is just a bad idea IMO. If it requires removing java, so be it. I would think there would be some other way to trim down (GIMP would be my choice) but at least keep the distro on a CD. And seeing as Java is bigger than GIMP, Pidgin, and mono combined, it is probably the right choice.

    I also love that pidgin is still included by default because it is cross platform and allows me to use the same client (as well as the same settings synced with dropbox) across multiple computers. Most other IM clients don’t have that as an option.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing something like Gloobus Preview installed by default for a little functionality and flare. I also didn’t see mention if PiTiVi is installed by default, did that make the cut?

  53. Clem have you read about the nVidia graphics driver issues with Lucid? I hope this issue is solved for the final release of Mint 9.

  54. Wow, that’s great news, hoping we don’t have to wait for long, finding it tough to curb my excitement about LM9.

    I stumbled upon Gnomenu (latest stable version) just about a day back and was blown away by it, i feel it’s Gnome on steriods. Everything loads like a snap compared to the traditional menu and this is on the same machine which is unchanged in it’s specs. Don’t know if anyone else has used and found it useful, but it’s worth a shot to give it a try.

    Same with gnome-do, a real time saver (for all the keyboard enthusiasts who don’t want to reach out for the mouse everytime they have to startup something. Ah! Life without Windows it’s so amazing!!)

    I think both should be included or if not, atleast gnome-do. This is from a non-technical user point of view. For people who are quite well versed with Linux in general installing and configuring either shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    I second with everyone who feels Java should be there but again installing ourselves is not a big deal anyway 😀

    I can go back to sleep peacefully now 😉

  55. Wow, Mint 9 certainly sounds promising and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀

    I’m really not sure why staying within the limitations of a CD image is such a big deal – I mean, nowadays I can hardly imagine a person, even in developing countries, who has a computer that would run Mint (with the modern GNOME desktop) but who still doesn’t have a DVD drive and relies on the old CD format instead (do they even sell new CD drives nowadays?… :\ ).

    Also, if a person has enough money to allow himself to connect to the Internet in a way that allows him to download a 700+ MB installation image plus all the updates and extra software within reasonable time and for a reasonable price, I can hardly imagine that the same person can’t afford a DVD drive nowadays.

    Also, it feels like it doesn’t make sense to “trim down” the installation any further with anything when it comes to a decision when you have to throw away truly useful applications that many people need. Many people need GIMP, many people need Java, many people need – throwing away any of those would feel like a sacrifice to a great number of people. If you sacrifice too much functionality in the end, and the people would end up downloading and installing hundreds of megabytes of extras anyway to make their operating systems feel complete, would it even make sense to stay within a nowadays mostly artificial limitation of 700 MB? Wouldn’t it make sense to make the image a little bigger (800, 900 MB) – a DVD image doesn’t *have* to be a full 4.7 GB worth of data – but preserve the integrity and completeness of the operating system?

    At least it sounds like it would be a good addition and alternative – if the CD standard is *really* so important today (which is hard to believe), why not provide two distributions, one barebone 700 MB one for the people who don’t have a DVD drive but who have a decent high-speed unlimited Internet connection (hmm, will anyone honestly use it?…) and one complete that’s 800-900MB but that includes everything from the get-go?…

  56. Great news. Thought I would have to wait a month or so. I love Mint as a fully working environment from the go, even though it is easy to install stuff.

    Removing Java seems to be a mistake. In Norway we need Java for banking and authentication. Everyone uses on-line banking nowadays.

  57. I agree with Gadget2006. There should be a poll about the CD size issue. It would be interesting to find out how many people still actually care about a CD image size of no more than 700MB.

  58. Sad news for me. When I tried Linux 1st time, I choosed Mint exactly `cause it had EVERYTHING what average user needs “out-of-box”. I can imagine OS without HTML5, which is still in pre-alfa (or sorta) stage, but I CAN`T imagine any OS without Java or flash, which still are very important technologies. 🙁

  59. “Further down the release cycle, we’ll also provide a remastering tool which will allow you to transform a Linux Mint ISO into a fully localized Linux Mint ISO booting in the language of your choice and including the necessary language packs.”

    Remastering is like creating digital offspring, it is very important I think to have users create their own customized versions. Especially when they are allowed to re-distribute! Add extra-drivers wifi drivers, virtualisation out of the box etc etc.

    Does this keep all the licensed LinuxMint/Firefox etc logo’s alive or are these automatically replaced for legal reasons?

  60. Removing java is a good idea, I haven’t had a chance to use it in years. Last time was to do my tax declaration, and now it is not even needed anymore 🙂
    I’m still waiting for Mono to be removed though.
    About the size: it matters ! Yet I’m also waiting for the day CDs and DVDs will be dead and we will only use usb sticks or memory cards ! Currently you have to choose: optimize as much as possible to make the maximum fit below 700MB, or go for the DVD and try to fill it with maximum crap in order not to waste space. With USB sticks/memory cars at least you can find in-between sizes: 1GB/2GB…

  61. If you look at PCLinuxOS, you can put a link on desktop such as “get-GIMP”, or “get-other-apps” then bring shortcut for GIMP, OOo, Java etc. This way you can always keep CD “philosophy”, thus give people choices (some may not need GIMP, nor Java).

  62. Some of us may be able to wait hours for a download of a 700+MB iso – that’s not too bad…. but if you’ve not got a high speed connection and/or a reliable connection…. then having to add in all the bit’s that used to come with Mint becomes a pain.

    This is what happens if you’re not living in Western Europe or the US!

    If we’re having an office suite in Mint, it should certainly be a full one – which Open Office is….. but, please don’t cripple it’s functionality – which is what leaving Java out of the iso is going to do!

  63. Thanks Clem and team for putting so much into LM9. Am I dreaming, or is it mere days since Ubuntu 10.4 shipped? And here we are looking at RC very soon!

    With the CD debate – it looks like trying to keep the distro workable for older machines. These may have a CD drive, no USB. Another goal has been to have one single CD – the silver bullet – and not multiple as some distos have had for years. And as more and more good packages come out, LM will need to face this barrier and the team make decisions. It seems we are at that point, more or less.

    One way is a larger image (DVD / USB stick), the other is adding CD2 (and one day CD3,…). As long as we don’t land up with 7 CDs of utter trashware like some distros, we are Ok. Those zillions of half-baked apps were my chief complaint that kept me from adopting Linux for many years. With LM, everything is vetted and works and has a need to be in the distro.

  64. Looking forward to Mint 9 which is looking excellent.

    Agree with some of the foregoing: Removing Java isn’t a good idea because it’s needed for DHTML which is prevalent on a lot of websites. But on the plus side, Java can be easily installed if needed.

    If there isn’t enough room on a CD then DVD is the way to go. Most computers these days have a DVD writer and most magazines including Linux Magazine which I subscribe to, distribute on DVD.

  65. I’m looking forward to Mint 9.
    But I’m disappointed that Java isn’t with it. Tomboy & Co I never use, and I’m and the people which computer I maintain, are not are not playing around with chat and messengers.

    For me Java is an important piece of functionality.
    So the first time I’m working with Mint I have to install something extra to make it functional, sad.

  66. Forgive me, however if there is the removal of the following applications: Java, GIMP, or OpenOffice this is going to bother the heck out of me.

    I’m sorry, but removing Java really defeats the purpose of Mint. Might as well go with Ubuntu 10.04 plus having the social features, but what good am I going to get out of Ubuntu? The reason why I chose Mint over Ubuntu was all about Flash and Java, plus there is no extra bar on the top of the screen to take away from the pixels.

    I feel like we’re going backwards by the removal of Java. It feels as if we’re turning into Apple and we’re using the iPad without flash. That’s how dramatic this situation is… it’s bugging me a lot… forgive me, however I can not use an operating system without Java…

    Reading this about Mint 9 is freaking me out….

  67. I discovered the polished attention to det
    Removal of Java is not a good idea. I use Java for everyday use

  68. I discovered that Mint of late but i run it ever since.

    I appreciate very much the all-inclusive approach and i hope that you may reconsider your decision to exclude Java from the incoming mint.
    I rely on java for several mmedia progs and Gimp can be so easily instally from the app center…

    Best regards,

  69. I would strongly recommend the inclusion of an Install GRUB option that only launches an X session with the installer as Window manager.

    The reasoning behind this being that it enables the installation of Linux Mint on machines with limited amount of RAM. As it turned out on the last release the installation could sometimes fail even on computers with 512MB RAM because there was so much running in the Live CD environment.

    Even tough Linux Mint is not the fastest or smoothest of Linux Distributions, it is still a lot faster and smoother than the other Windows OS the person with a slower machine has running on their computer. Not allowing them to install Linux Mint for the simple reason of their computer not being good enough is a bad idea.

  70. Oh and another comment I have after using Ubuntu 10.04.
    Autoscrolling, the scroll function triggered by pressing the middle mouse button, in Firefox should be enabled by default instead of the to new users odd Unix behavior that is if the option is disabled.

    You enable autoscrolling in firefox by going Edit – Settings – Advanced – General – Use Autoscrolling. I could have translated something wrong since I am using Swedish locale.

  71. Why removing some application ?
    Don’t have enough places on a DVD.
    I didn’t believe you continue to create Single CD (700Mo).
    Are u crasy ?
    Your system take about 385 Mo Ram after install.
    I can’t believe some people don’t have DVD reader.

    Please, Addddddd software, Addddddd Language, and one DVD with Both 32 & 64 Bits.


    Thank you so much.

  72. a large portion of the people i distribute mint to, ONLY go for the mint as the java is built it and was runable on a live CD.
    i will still use mint, and enjoy downloading the java on all the machines i use mint on, but for distribution, people choose mint over ubuntu as it used to have java built in. Now without the java able to run on a live CD(without installation), they will simply have to wait until the next release which will have java? maybe every 6months alternate between java release and gimp (dont use/need it) pidgin (dont use it, seriously wtf is it included for) and Mono/Giver/Moonlight/Tombo (never used them, seriously waste of disk space IMO)

    why MINT is sticking to a cd size is beyond me, go for a mini dvd size at least, and also make it available as 2 cd set.

    in the very least, distribute the main edition to your discretion, and have an ‘add on pack’ similar to the way edbuntu works.

    keep in mind that the people that ask me for a distro are often unable to download it themselves, so to expect them to be able to download over smaller programs like pidgin is just unrealistic.

  73. I think removing Java is a nonsense.
    Java is heavy but there are a lot of applications using it, like home banking, openoffice and others.
    A modern OS can’t be without java like it can’t be without perl or python.
    You should remove instead a lot of unuseful applications like cowsay, dc, festival, fortunes, tomboy, gyver, mono, …

  74. I want mint 9 now 😀
    sunday, im bored and want something to day and try the new mint out =)

    Peace out!

  75. I like the new approach and proposals explained by Clem, except for one. I’ve been promoting Linux Mint as the distro it works out of the box, giving lots of free CDs to my customers and friends. Linux Mint have a reputation that differentiated from the rest. I know it is easy to install Java, no problem with me but if you do a demo on a Live CD and Java doesn’t work then it defeats what we are preaching. Clem, I’m sure you will listen to the community which favors with their comments above not to break the functionality of the OS, for many of us it would be a degradation and we need to prevent that. I’m sure you will find the way to make room on the CD but not by crippling what Linux Mint is famous for. Linux Mint really rocks!

  76. #28, #76, #77

    I agree. Why not make the “normal distribution” on a DVD with java and Gimp and accepting that distro will grow if you want to have a complete system out of the box.

    If the American magazines are so significant, there can be a “stripped down to CD” version for this purpose.

    Like in Scandinavia, in Finland the Java is widely needed for Banking.


  77. I love how clem manages to deduce what the community wants so well and then delivers!

    looks like this is going to be a great release =]

  78. Since 2 years ago a never burn a cd or a dvd to install a linux distro ( i try many times news distros .. LinuxMint is the best one ),
    i allways use a memory stick usb to do it .. in internet has some software to place a iso bootable by usb .. So if Clem wants to make a iso bigger , this is not a problem ..

    I use Mint since a the first time a put my hand ( and eyes ) on it ..

    Great Job Clem .i am waiting to put LM9 in my all computers .. I bet that it will be great ..

  79. STALonge has something there. In this day and age, why not a Mint download that installs to and makes bootable a USB stick? I think as time passes, non-USB bootable computers will disappear and “basic” requirements in software will increase, unless the way to go is a “get-any-internet-connection-to-run” (I mean ANY wifi card!) out of the box install and then download everything else that’s needed.
    Internet connection speeds are making this a feasible idea in much of the world. Maybe we who have high speed connections can burn DVD’s and send them by post to those who don’t? That would be a community!

    I’m so impatient for the new mint! i put Ubuntu 10.04 on my box since beta 2, and it’s great, but it’s not Mint.

    Thanks Mint team

  80. @InchKape

    I just use a Memory USb stick to place iso bootable image on it , and make a regular install on HD . And it works ..

    I have 3 Partitions in my note and i place and a ubuntu 10.4 in one of then . Lucid is a working great here .. So , i waiting hard to see Linuxmint that comes to U 10.04

    I am agre with you that Clen should prepare a iso with all features in it .. We can call Mega edition .. :o))


  81. Don’t remove java 🙁 Though you are right when claiming that most use Flash anyways.

    Although on second thought: isn’t there also a better/slim office suite than “Open Office”? I think OO is very bloated.

    Also I have read that some Linux distributions exchange Gimp with another application called “Color….X” (sorry I can’t remember the name), but imo that would be enough. It’s not that Gimp can compete to Photoshop Emulation anyways. So why not take a smaller application?

    And then: what about the blogging clients (gwibber)? It is fact, that no one will care about all these billion blogs in the world, because most of them have nothing of interest to say… so you could remove these things was well…, instead of important things.

  82. Just I want to make a clarification about my comment on #100, What I’m referring to is about the decision tacking by the Linux Mint team to remove Java from the OS. I strongly believe in kipping the integrity of the OS the same way as the previous releases which made LM to excel by being an OS that worked out of the box. Thanks

  83. Include iPhone and iPod touch support please!!! This is a must! If there is no iPhone and iPod touch support I WILL LEAVE MINT and SWITCH TO UBUNTU 10.04. I need to use my iPod touch for music it’s been bothering me that I need Windows/Mac to use it.


    Mint still needs a lot of work and I hope your team reads this and acts on our feedback because most of us here are disappointed with the improvements to Mint 9. You guys are NOT ready for the RC. Mint needs more work and just by considering to remove Java, I would stay with Mint 8 if so, but because of Ubuntu 10.04 supporting iPhone and iPod touch plus they’re now a more social operating system, I WILL SWITCH TO UBUNTU 10.04 if Mint doesn’t get on top of things. Forgive me, however I have contemplated on the needs of the community and this is what is required of our needs.

  84. My two cents:

    Java is a platform so removing Java sacrifices out-of-the-box (OOB) functionality. Removing 48MB for Gimp, 28MB for Pidgin, 31MB for Mono/Giver/Moonlight/Tomboy is a better idea. If users want GIMP and/or Pidgin, then they just download it. And Mono, perish the thought. If we are pushing Linux Mint as the newbies’ choice of distro, we better choose OOB functionality over the hassle of downloading 122MB Java. Just imagine thousands or millions of newbies downloading 122MB, instead of just 48MB GIMP and/or 31MB Pidgin? Newbies may not have even heard of Mono so why bother?

    In addition, the idea of Linux Mint having CD and DVD edition is a good one as well as getting the pulse of the community through surveys .

    Unless hardware vendors stop manufacturing CD drives on computers, the CD edition is not going away. It’s the market that dictates how Linux Mint is behaving, and that’s why Linux Mint is squeezing all it can so that only the most relevant packages get in a CD. But then, why not have a DVD as well?

  85. Man, don’t leave Java out. It is critical for “out of the box” functionality. Most Internet Banking websites require it, and thats the first thing I check when I install a new distro. Please reconsider. Thanks for all the awesome work and keep it up guys!

  86. Hai there Mint team,
    I can understand your decision to remove Java, but why not have two .isos? One with, and one with out it.

  87. I have the Mint 8, Samsung Q35 laptop constantly hangs for 20-30 seconds. Will the issue resolved with additional drivers? It is Intel graphics card, RAM 2 GB …
    I downloaded Fedora everything works fine, but like most of Mint.
    Recommend you the gap problem?

  88. @Mario Vidal Fernandez:

    a quick google of iphone support in rhythmbox pulls up a good link with the how to of getting iphone os syncing on debian-based distros. i use it, have not touched the windows partition except to bring all my media into linux

    not having java isnt a big deal for me cause i plan on package-upgrading anyway.

  89. I love Mint.
    “MintyLamb” suggestion might be the missing link for those who want more packages pre-installed. If I remember correctly Mint 7 was installed via dvd.

    No matter what, I will remain a loyal Mint user. Mint has been the most significant OS I have used in my lifetime, aside from DOS which got me into the digital community twenty years ago.


    No, yes, no, no.

    Pidgin is a well-known IM client on every significant OS, it would be a huge loss if it wasn’t installed by default (Empathy is for masochists >_>). Support for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch will be included anyway, and if you read the GNOME 2.30 release notes, you will know why. I don’t care if Java is going to be removed (apt-get install sun-java6-jre, done), but don’t include those super-duper-extra-brilliant social features like Ubuntu does. They’re just unnecessary.

    Just keep it elegant 🙂

  91. I would be happy to download a mini-Mint CD without applications.

    Include the OS and supporting apps like Gnome and Nautilus, and the tools to get the computer connected to the net so Mint Software Manager and/or Synaptic work.

    Then I can choose and download the apps I use.

  92. Regarding the removal of Java–I’m sure this isn’t a big deal for most users, but I’m wondering–why not release LM on DVD?–so you won’t have to deal with the CD capacity issue?

  93. Like many others I don’t agree on removing java. I understand that wanting to fit everything on CD is the best way to make sure everyone can install, but from the other side most pc’s come with a dvd reader. I have been waiting excitingly for the new mint9 as it’s my favorite distro (especially for being a linux noob).

    Again like many others I would like very much a DVD edition. Personally I prefer to wait 2-3 hrs downloading a dvd image, cause in the end I know it’s gonna be worth it.

    My 2 cents. 🙂

  94. I choose DVD if all of the required/important software and plug-in must be included in this release.. I love Linux Mint than Ubuntu..

    Is there any release date for Linux Mint 9?

  95. @David Brown: sometimes I ask myself if it would be better to start off from scratch using only the 200mb pure debian image and then installing via apt/synaptic only the packets you want yourself

  96. I see you put Java back in by going to a DVD image. This is great! Thanks for continuing to provide a great distro!

  97. Well if people are going for DvDs they can also grab “Ubuntu Ultimate Edition” with everything included, java, codecs etc. This edition is already available.

    Mint 7 was the golden middle of useful apps on small cd, but it seems getting worse now…

  98. jalcradus, where did you see that they are going to a dvd image?? I do not see that anywhere.

  99. I have tested DEV-27 and it has passed all my tests. Things are looking very good and you will be pleasantly surprised with the release candidate.

  100. I read this blog yesterday and was not sure what to say. Removing java does defeat ‘works out of the box’. I thought that removing some other apts that could could be easily installed made more sense.
    Checked back today I see that has change. I think that’s a good decision.
    I love Mint and appreciate all the work that goes into it.
    I’m really looking forward to the LXDE edition!

  101. hi guys awesome work can’t wait to get lm9.i always do my own spins and change wallpapers and splash scream.will do a new respin of lm9 in spanish ready to work out of the box.would be nice to have a mini-mint edition with no applications just the basic os.i done some alpha test on some respins but removing applications creates broken dependecies as really there is no description of what dependecies the iso depends.hope you release it soon.rebelde

  102. The past week I were thinking on the possibility of install XFCE version instead of GNOME… but I hesitated because it wasn’t supported directly by Linux Mint team… now I’m very happy because my each time older computer will work with XFCE.

    Thank you for doing a great job.

  103. > The stable release will provide both a CD and a DVD image.
    > The DVD image will include Java, and a
    > few extra…

    A lot better now!!! Why not to use DVD image, huh? 🙂 Seriously. No need to try to put everything on CD when we also are able to use DVD.

  104. Thanks for providing DVD image of Linux Mint 9 along with Java. This was my first recommendation that has been accepted and I am elated. I thank people those who maintain this site.

    I also have one more recommendation..PLEASE do something to make Nokia PC suite compatible with Linux Mint.

    I hope you will look into this matter.

  105. Thanks for working so hard on the update – I’ve been teetering about making the jump to Linux Mint, and I think that LM9 is going to do it.

    If you need a stripped down fits-on-a-CD version, that’s fine.

    However, I personally would much rather have the kitchen-sink-ready-to-go-KDE-and-Gnome DVD or bootable USB iso/live version.

    When I am home, downloading everything is easy. When I’m on the road – not so much, but I always have my live CD/DVD and a USB stick, which currently just houses portable apps. Much nicer if it were a portable everything.

    Space on a USB stick has gotten very cheap these days.

  106. Also, will LM9 have TRIM support for solid state drives? TRIM offers significant write performance protection for these drives once they start getting real use (the explanation is probably longer than I should get into here.) I’ve heard that TRIM support is being/has been incorporated into newer kernels.

  107. I dont get the big issue with java. include it, dont include it, it doesnt really matter.

    just place a link on the desktop, that automatically apt-get it, and there you go. the latest stable version of java is installed on your machine!

    thats the beauty of debian based distro’s just apt-get what you want!

  108. I agree with alot of ppl replying to this thread. Instead of removing Java and other appz, just make this a DVD release period.

    I’d hate leave this wonderful distro as I have done others in the past. But since finding Mint I have stayed faithful since Mint 5.

    So, PLEASE just make this a DVD release.


  109. OK. You’re seriously killing me here with the anticipation. Since I read the blog post yesterday, I have been checking the website about every half hour in anticipation of LM9 RC. I’m so impatient.

  110. Great work Clem and all the great community contributing in making Mint the best distro our there!

    I think removing Java is an okay decision, it’s always easy to reinstall it. Personally, I would remove Mono (which a lot of people hate) as there few applications who uses it and most of the one using it have more stable or superior equivalents (yes Banshee I’m looking at you).

    Thanks and keep up the stunning work!

  111. Ugh. I just installed ultimate edition 2.6 out of curiosity and I do not like it at all. Bring on LM9 RC.

  112. One of the point who people like on Linux Mint is : The have an comlete
    System from first booting – not in the future so limeded on 700 MB ?
    Hmm… Why make not a Iso greater than 700 MB include all the goodies ?
    On the other Side is it a good idea to put a tool in LM9 who people can remaster there own ISO. Thats great and make it simple to install a comlete system on other maschines.

    Thanks Clem and the gang for the best distribution of the world !!!

  113. Thank you Clem for listening to the majority of us, this is why LM is so much loved by a faithful crowd. I believe every one will be a winner with the introduction of the DVD and Java reinstate in it. LM 9 will be praised for its excellence. Linux Mint really rocks!!!

  114. For English speakers:

    I think it is wonderful that Clem and the rest of Linux Mint Developers Team really take the community feedback on account. I am totally sure this kind of behavior acts as a very powerful magnet to keep current users and to atract new ones.

    Congratulations, Clem and all Linux Mint Developers Team´s members. Undoubtedly, you have developed an excellent and very very popular distro. Keep on going ahead!

    Thanks a lot!

    Para los Hispano-parlantes:

    Pienso que es maravilloso que Clem y el resto del Equipo de Desarrolladores de Linux Mint realmente tomen en cuenta la retroalimentación que les da la comunidad. Estoy totalmente seguro que este tipo de comportamiento actúa como un poderoso imán para mantener a los usuarios actuales y atraer nuevos usuarios.

    ¡Felicitaciones, Clem y todos los Miembros del Equipo de Desarrolladores de Linux Mint! Indudablemente, ustedes han desarrollado una excelente y muy muy popular distro. ¡Sigan avanzando!

    Muchas gracias.

  115. Can we get some idea of when the rc is coming so I can stop checking this site every 2 mins? Lol

  116. Could you use a 3d-look theme, like Moomex-Theme, as Mint’s default theme. Because first image is very important for new users. I think, a 3d theme implies stability of the system for the first look.

  117. Please consider Mint to a Debian base,
    The DVD option is a good prospect, the CD option is old hat now, most computer users deal with DVD’s these days.
    Please look out for the Ubuntu bugs I found a few of them, ( sound is a major problem) I would hate these bugs to be ported to Mint

    It would be great if Pulse Audio was removed
    ( installable as a option )

    Don’t forget those of us using VPN/ SSL connections,

    JAVA is a must,I hope you reconsider and offer JAVA in the RC of Mint 9

    Could you consider SABnzbd Open Source Binary Newsreader It would be great if the program was installable as a option.

    I’m proud of the Mint Community 🙂

  118. Hi

    I am most pleased about the idea of releasing 32 & 64 bit editions together, I have finally switched to 64 bit with Gloria, (on mint since Daryna) but was always disappointed with the extra wait & the sort of marginalisation of 64 bit (also happens with most other OSs). As I think Mint is fantastic, I’m really pleased that you are looking forward in this good way.

  119. I’m having problems with my monitor on Lucid Lynx. Would it be possible if the same problem arises on the release candidate of Linux Mint 9 LTS to fix it in its final release if I re-report this bug on your bug tracker? If it’s possible I would be so grateful to you than you could imagine.

  120. I don’t expect Linuxmint should be democracy. But the way you guys listen users makes Linux Mint become the best distro out there. DVD will be welcome as I will use USB/Unetbootin anyway. For old PC, just CD and a list of application links (only click on desktop and voila, they are installed in the same way of update after fresh installation).

  121. I have been reading the ubuntu forums, and evidently they are having a HUGE problem installing lucid in dual boot configurations. The install is evidently destroying the boot loader of the adjoining os (windows usually), so that the second os will not boot from grub 2. It won’t matter for me because I am planning to wipe windows anyway when I install Mint 9, but for others sake please make sure this is not an ubuntu bug that will carry over to Mint 9. Keep up the great work!

  122. i never thought after the new release that i would be back to mint on both my computers im damn sure now blows ubuntu away and i think ubuntu is slow

  123. I know that microsoft didn’t popular here, but it still the market leader. And when it use dvd, is time for us to use dvd too. Its a good decision.

  124. Mint 7 was almost perfect, aside from the crippling ‘freeze’ bug that effected Ubuntu 9.04 as well.

    Mint 8 was 100% perfect. Flawless in every way, with ZERO Bugs.

    Mint 9, so far, appears to be even better in every way. I cannot wait.

  125. Mint on DVD… Now my life is complete. I’ve been thinking that there needed to be a CD and DVD version for the longest time. Thanks, Clem and thank you Mint Team. Feel free to load that DVD image up 🙂

  126. I agree with the numerous correspondents who have protested at the removal of Sun Java from the CD installation. Like it or not, Java is essential for many business-related functions, including internet banking, and its removal destroys the “out-of-the-box” functionality that has been one of the primary reasons for the widespread adoption of Mint in preference to vanilla Ubuntu.

    Anyone who needs GIMP will certainly have the expertise to get it from the repos very quickly. I didn’t know that anyone needed Mono these days.

  127. Just checked back today to see what was being commented on….. and I feel great now!

    I was already to ditch Mint – and switch back to one of the other distro’s – probably the new OpenSUSE or Mandriva… or even OpenSolaris… but with todays news, I’m waiting for the torrent for the DVD release!

    Thanks, Clem – for keeping Mint fully usable right from the install!

  128. PS: I didn’t mean to fix my problem on Ubuntu but on your distro. Because I’m thinking to switch to yours if it gets fixed. Because the problem is that my monitor doesn’t work at all with 10.04.

  129. why i love mint rather than ubuntu ( the father ) ?

    1 – because it is so simple for the new users .

    2 – because it is very useful as a live distribution. if you are not home, don’t worry. you are still able to use a ( very ready ) linux distro. on your flash memory. e.g. the audio codecs.

    if you use ubuntu as live cd, you can’t run *.rm but if you use mint you are able to run it by default.

    so, I really enjoy mint and want to have a mega version ( e.g. dvd live version )

  130. I hope that this comment isn’t too late to help with the great news.
    Thanks to its Karmic roots, Helena had problems for me, which Lucid has now largely overcome, but only if I use its 64-bit DVD that allows ubuntu-restricted-extras to be added. There’s even a version of mencoder with a new variant of x264 ‘wot works’.
    So, whilst waiting for Isadora, ubuntu-10.04-dvd-amd64.iso is my choice of distro source.

  131. I have to say removing Java from the CD is not my favourite idea..I do enjoy being able to have everything function “out of the box” and I feel there are so many other ways to reduce space on the disk, such as leaving off OpenOffice or Giver/Tomboy/etc…applications can always be installed but I think a platform should be there in the beginning..but hey if I knew what I was talking about I’d have my own can’t wait to try it out and here’s hoping the Lynx is mightier than the Koala.

  132. My late comment seems to have vanished, so here’s hoping this addition makes it and helps.
    Because Helena effectively used the flakey Karmic as source, I have now replaced it with 64-bit Lucid, installed from ubuntu-10.04-dvd-amd64.iso which allows the addition of ubuntu-restricted-extras, whilst a new mencoder provides new variant x264, missing since Daryna.
    However pclinuxos style CD links for adding large packages like the OO suite might indeed help avoid the need for alternative DVDs.
    Meanwhile – waiting for Isadora, so great progress news.

  133. hey clem, thanks for listening to the community.
    hmmm since you gonna make the dvd version…why not you make use all the extra space by adding the software/apps that cannot make it before..

    4.7GB is a lot of space..i don’t mind downloading the image..if it make the MINt experience complete..

  134. Why not have an option in the installer to download and install java, gimp after Linux Mint is installed? It would be one step closer to personalizing the install process.

  135. i’m a novice linux user and have recently switched to linux mint. I would like a virtual DVD drive application for mounting iso images instead of typing the commands. One can mount through archive manager and browse through it, but one cannot install any software if it happens inside an image file. In any case i am fully satisfied with linux mint and am looking forward to mint 9.

  136. It sounds good, but…

    I’d rather have Java. I always uninstall Mono/Evolution/Tomboy right away anyway, so dump them and keep Java in the default installation.

    Keep Pidgin. Empathy and similar applications are just not there yet.

    Keep OpenOffice. AbiWord is okay, but limited. Gnumeric is perfect–if you’re in 1998–so it shouldn’t even be considered for the default install. Recent versions of KOffice are closing in on OpenOffice for functionality, without the bloat.

    Gimp is kind of scary for new users. You do need it sometimes. But as long as it is quick and easy to install, it is okay to remove from the default installation.

  137. Waitin eagerly for the RC. However I have a few thoughts…

    Is it possible to skip a release, like we could have skipped Karmic and made Helena from Lucid. I dont think ppl will mind using Gloria till now. So, how about skipping the next release of ubuntu and making Mint 10 from the Ubuntu release which should be released same time next year.

    It reduces work for the ppl involved in mint. They can spend their time perfecting what they have created. I think this because I dont feel Helena achieved anything that Gloria did not.

    We will make sure that we dont skip LTS versions of Ubuntu. I was using Gloria and changed to Helena when it came, but I could have easily skipped it and moved to Isadora. But after Helena came out , she was the one who got all the attention and Gloria took a back seat.

    It would be even better if we made Mint from only LTS editions, but I guess that is asking too much. I am not telling to stop innovating or stop implementing small but useful new features. We will continue to improve on the current mint version, but let one release of mint be the current release at least for a year.

    So guys any one support this ? Or is there a problem in doing this.

  138. Please include DVD rip software, avi to dvd converter and a download manager similar to download accelerator plus in the pre installed software packages category. You can provide this softwares in the DVD version of Linux Mint 9.

  139. Good job, Clem! It’s good about DVD-edition! So, will CD-edition be 32-bit only, yes? Whats about all localisations in DVD-edition?

  140. The people that says about downloading a DVD image, isn’t thinking in something important:

    Linux Mint isn’t going to be downloaded only on USA or any country where downloads at 4 Mb/s and DVD recorders can be bought practically with the money of a quick snack.

    Linux Mint is downloaded in countries where technology isn’t of easy access or cheap, and that include laptops/computers that are not so modern, or that for economize a bit, will have a DVD Reader/CD recorder drive.

    If your drive can’t record DVDs… how are you going to burn Mint in a DVD for being installed?
    Have that on mind.

    I prefer having the CD ISO and downloading just the 40 MB that the Java .deb packages have, than having to download a whole DVD with loads of programs for just filling it and for trying to please everybody… that for worse, will slow down the DVD if it were to be a LiveDVD. Remember the RAM cost too. How much RAM required Ubuntu Ultimate for the LiveDVD to run well?

    Now technology is cheaper, true, but you aren’t thinking in places where technology isn’t.

    (And sorry for my horrid english; I’m not a naive english speaker).

  141. quote
    Edit: The RC will come as a liveCD without Java. The stable release will provide both a CD and a DVD image. The DVD image will include Java, and a few extra (Thanks to all the people who provided feedback on this).

    Thank you, that’s very good news.

  142. I wish I was as good as the people who convinced you not to remove Java; then I would try to convince you to remove Mono ! 😀

  143. Applause for the changes i.e. Java included and the alternative DVD image. I’m looking forward to the extras on the DVD. Many thanks for taking note of the feedback.

  144. PCLinuxOS comes without openOffice, but they have script ‘GetOpenOffice’ that is available on the CD. It installs openOffice in whatever language you like.
    Why not use the same scripting technique – GetJava – to allow newcomers to easily install Java?

  145. You are awesome! You seriously DO pay attention to what the users want! Cheers for that. Hurry up cause I’m stuck with Vista!

  146. TO DRAGON TRAINER…You will enjoy the LM 9 on a CD also, we will have the best of the 2 worlds, so you will be able to choose which one you need. Chears!

  147. Will the package upgrade facility become available at the RC stage, please? I ask because I would prefer to upgrade to an English-only version of Mint 9; I don’t need the localisations, and have uninstalled them from Mint 8 using BleachBit. On the other hand, perhaps the package upgrade wouldn’t install them anyway, even for the final release? Many thanks.

  148. Oh no! Remove Java?! My patrons need java working out of the box when they upload pictures to Friendster and Facebook! How about retain Java and remove Thunderbird instead? LOL… Anyway, if Java gets nixed off the LTS, I’ll just have to use APTonCD to update the terminals instead of downloading stuff one terminal at a time.

  149. > Can we get some idea of when the rc is coming so I can stop
    > checking this site every 2 mins? Lol

    Don’t check it, just subscribe to RSS of this blog!

  150. Hi Clem, Hi everybody,
    Excuse my real bad english please, I don’t never talk with nobodyelse but Navajo people in usa !
    I tried ubuntu network edition 10.04 and I find it really usefull and speed. I think this edition is really prepared for intel atom (not like ubuntu netbook remix 9.10).
    Do you think we can hope a linux mint network edition one day please ???
    And thank for your job on mint 9 guys !!!!

  151. Not including Java is not such a big deal. It is so easy to install Java.

    The best solution really would simply to use a DVD instead of a CD. Let’s be realistic… if you want a full-blown out of the box distro… then using a DVD is the way to go so that everyone will be satisfied with their own requirements.

    Look at Ultimate Edition… it definitely cannot fit on a CD but it has everything “out of the box”. It actually has too much stuff but that is easily solved by un-installing them.

    I am all for an LM9 DVD!

  152. Not having read all 170(!) comments, I would like to come with a suggestion for the CD-installer. To compensate for java beeing on the CD, the installer could have a screen where one could choose to automatically install java (and other extras from the DVD)through the web at the end of the installation.

  153. Can someone tell me the difference between Java and JavaRuntimeEdition? Which are we talking about here. On the sun website JRE is 20MB download and installs about ~65mb. The Java JDK is over 100MB download but is mostly for developing. Am I missing something, but is JRE not all that most people require? Confused 🙂

  154. Awesome job mint team! Isadora looks hot! I can not wait for Mint KDE 64.

    I am going to be installing mint of 3 or 4 of my friends computers once with release comes out, and it is running as my primary OS on three of my computers!

    Keep up the great work.

  155. Also, don’t most people make USB installs with Unetbootin? It is faster, and if you guys keep the size around 3.5gigs is easily fits on flash drive.

  156. Clem,

    Thanks for taking all of the suggestions in stride. The way that some of them are worded, you could get upset, but the LM team listens and responds. Thanks for that. I personally like the idea of everything fitting on a CD because while I am currently in the States, I work in a 3rd world country most of the year, and download speeds are terrible. Like somebody else mentioned, I would rather have a CD-sized download and then just download the extras as I get the bandwidth and time. Mint is still the best operating system out there. My wife recently purchased a new laptop with Win 7, and while I am trying to give it a chance, I keep coming back to my LM system.

  157. Absolutely can’t wait! I’ve only installed Mint Helena 2 weeks ago and I’m really impressed and its my main one now.

    Also sad about removal of Java but like it was said its easy to install. Glad about 64 bit and more official support for other desktops. Also Mint4Win is great!! I sometimes need linux of my Wife’s older laptop and like to install it unobtrusively for her

    Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  158. First of I would like to appreciate for the great work you guys are doing over the years. Its my first post n since the day I downloaded mint I’m in love with it(still my first month with mint 8). If you are willing to release mint on DVDs please include some more graphics option n please include nvidia drivers in it. It would ease the work several graphics lovers. If you can include any glassy or metallic dark colored themes along with mint logo(as someone already mentioned)
    it looks really great.
    Finally please unveil the release date. I”m so eagerly waiting for it…

  159. Great news with the DVD version that includes java.
    Great job, and thanks for listening.
    As always you are doing a great job.
    I quite convinced Isadora will be the greatest version of Mint yet.
    Now all we have to do is wait…

  160. As nice as Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is, the bureaucracy behind the scenes at Canonical and GNOME have really regressed a lot of it’s beauty and intuitiveness. Linux Mint fixes these problems and adds more to the user experience on top of that.

    Mint definitely stays true to its roots! I can’t wait for Isadora!

  161. Can’t wait, got a spare hard drive to install on the laptop, and will use Mint as its main o.s. I did try Ubuntu 10.04, which did show me how much work you actually go through to get this thing “beat into shape”. Your team does great. Moving the menus around isn’t too hard, changing the window controls from left to proper right was interesting, but easy once the method is learned. But one thing Ubuntu don’t do is get my Dell 600 wireless going. That is worth lots. So if the initial programs have to be reduced to make this thing build a usable O.S. with all the features on the PC working, so be it. That is why I like Mint, who wants to spend untold hours tweeking each part to get a usable desktop, much less to get all the hardware working. Great job, and also thanks for easy video setups!

  162. Thx zerozero, i will try the RC 64bit 🙂
    Hopefully without problems 😉

    Kind regard,
    Melroy vd Berg

  163. Hello!


    I am using Mint 8 since 5 months ago, and I am really amazed of how good it works with all kind of hardware.

    By my side, I have 2 suggestions

    1) If possible, i would like to suggest BURG as a grub update, I installed it over my MiNT 8 and simply works great and makes a really Nice and different touch in the appearance for a new version.

    for reference I just install it after adding the link to synaptic and was auto configured, so I didn’t use the instructions after add the repo to synaptic, but I provide this link for reference, BUT the instructions for preview the theme choice without reboot is really usefull:

    2) About JAVA since apperas that it would be necesary to put out of CD (and CD is the best option, if You think about the real connection resources available for average around all the world population), I may suggest a script or link option that may allow to install the version in exact way as it was tested and improved on Linux MiNT 8, but for the new 9 Version, since JAVA tends to work better when it came installed in the original distro test cicle.

    Thanks again for Your great work and best regards!

  164. omzg, a RC is available… shall I download it or not? Say, how much longer will the final version take? Because this release came quite fast compared to last time. I wonder if the final comes this week :p

  165. It is beautiful to see the enthusiasm that the LinuxMint team puts on each new version of the distro …

    But… I am honest to say that with version 8 I have not had such good experiences like I had with Felicia.

    In fact, I have had ongoing problems with Gloria because it sometimes does not detect my USB.

    With Felicia I could access my old floppies, with Gloria is impossible.

    Brasero in Felicia finished very well behaved and showed me that is a good application when it want. With Gloria’ve had many conflicts over the strange behavior that sometimes manifests itself with a same rewritable disc or with the same brand of it: Sometimes it accept them, sometimes not.

    Java is great on any Linux distro, but it certainly takes up too much space. It is a good decision not to include it if there is an alternative to the repository, as is customary in Window$.

    I am a regular user of 7z format, but I had no way to use it in Glory. I’m glad to be included p7zip thus solve the shortage we have now. However, 7z files of this application, as I know, have the problem that can not be opened if the names include diacritics. There is a development which is already solved this item: This is PeaZip. Is there any way to have it at the repositories?

    In short, are great news that Clem gives us on “Isadora.” We hope that our experiences with this version are, too.


  166. I am new to Linux in general and was advised to try Mint 7 about two months ago. I love it as an alternative to windoze but am distressed to find that there is not a fully functioning scanner/printer driver in existence and it is all a bit hit and miss. If you are lucky enough to get one that functions out of the box you are very fortunate indeed. Otherwise you have to do a fair bit of tinkering yourself. You might not believe I am a fan of Linux, because I am. It’s just that the above has caused me hours of frustrations and a missed lunch offer because I was too wrapped up in Mint 7 trying to solve the scanner problem.


  167. Regarding the space requirements, and the desirability to streamline editions and simplify ISO offerings…

    That much space for Java? OMG! I had no idea. But not having it is out of the question. Too many sites and software rely on it.

    Might it be possible to lighten up other things?
    Like Office components, for example?
    To remove them and it’s dependencies to save space and speed things up can break the installed distro, sa I’ve experienced – it’s always easier to Mintinstall and add than it is to take away. Some of us may love Mint but not need full Office on their home computers.

    I don’t know how much space the Windoze installer takes up… but perhaps an ISO for newbies (with the windoze installer) and one for those already on Linux (no windoze installer) may be a solution.

    Will there also be a minimalistic Mint LXDE for Netbooks? That would be kewl!

    Finally, let me say that I am soooooo happy to read that this is being released, finally! I’ve been trying every distro under the sun, since support for certain features had been takes out of 8, pending finishing work on 9, and that I needed. (Skype, Toshiba Fn keys working, and maybe other stuff I don’t know).


  168. Does anybody has a link with torrents ? .. in such speed i will finish the download just tomorrow night … everybody have same ideia at the same time … so the link is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow ..

    lets multiply the link and put speed on it ..

    Thanks in advance

  169. Ill need to wait patienltly….
    btw, the power of Mint is the out-of-the-box support of restricted extra’s somehow.

  170. Great work Clem and all others! I really enjoy the “out-of-the-box”-approach with Mint.

    How about an “all-inclusive”-DVD ISO with Skype, Open Office, Wine (for iTunes, Spotify, and others) and other stuff that many newbie users might need? Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity! ^_^ I dream of such a distro pre-loaded on cheap netbooks, mmmmmm. =D

    Looking forward to the release, keep up the good work!


  171. Yea…. I was really excited when Ubuntu 10.4 was released because I knew LM9 was on the way. Thank you so much for your hard work in providing Linux Mint. Looking forward to writing about it.

  172. Off-topic/show-off: Wow! I downloaded the RC in 5 minutes using MultiGet with 5 mirrors. 😀 I’m burning it to a CD-RW right now.

    On-topic: If the Linux Mint developers are concerned about the CD ISO size for computer magazines, removing Java from this image would be a huge mistake in my opinion. Mint became famous for working out-of-the-box with virtually everything the masses use/expect. I would rather exclude non-essential software from the CD, like Tomboy and other software that are simply not essential. What people really need is functionality with all major web technologies and multimedia content and Java is still important in this regard. Considering magazines are a very good source of marketing, the Mint developers should really reconsider adding back the Java package and strip out something else from the CD. Marketing should be done respecting the basic principles that got Mint so far, and this includes Java in the main Mint CD.

    For the future, I would like to see a more modular Mint installer that would allow choosing the preferred:

    1. desktop: Gnome/KDE/XFCE/LXDE/Fluxbox
    2. office suite:
    3. internet applications: web/mail/chat
    4. multimedia applications: audio/video/graphics
    6. sound server: alsa/pulse audio

    All these could be presented with tiny descriptions including requirements and abilities, plus user AND, why not, dev-team ratings.

  173. I installed the 64 bit RC and it went so smoothly I thought I had done something wrong. Lol. The java install was no problem and I have everything working except not being able to enable desktop effects for some reason. Also, I installed the chromium browser and it crashes on certain sites but Swiftfox [Linux’s version of firefox] works like a charm so far. This Mint release is very fast as well. All in all for an rc, it is impressive. Great job Clem and Exploder!!

  174. Sorry to ask a bad question but I’ve installed Ubuntu 10.04 and from the software package installed: Flash, VLC, rar and set as wallpaper from synaptic.

    I had linux mint 8 and honestly with the 10.04 it seems to me as good as linux mint 8 was.

    I’m surely missing some things.

  175. Burned the ISO to a CD, but it won’t finish booting – it gets as far as the splash screen, then no further. Other live CDs boot with no problem.

  176. @Mark: Both should work.

    First impressions with the Mint 9 Gnome 32-bit RC:
    1. The boot splash was shown in very poor quality. I have a Radeon HD5770.
    2. The sound comes muted by default but works once de-muted and turned up.
    3. Apart from the new Update Manager icon and the new wallpaper, Mint 9 RC is just like Mint 8, which was pretty much the same with Mint 7. I wish for a new theme in the final Isadora release.
    4. MintInstall/Software Manager was more intuitive before. Right now it takes too many clicks to install Java – which is not even inside the Featured category.
    5. Using Forecastfox in the Firefox menu bar will show black text on dark gray, just as it happened with the previous dark Mint theme in earlier versions. (this might be an add-on/browser bug)

    I’m too tired to go on with testing. I’ll get back sometime tomorrow. Thank you guys for publishing it so soon.

  177. @ Clem and the Mint team

    Many thanks for listening to the community! 🙂

    I’m very happy to see that there will be a DVD edition, so that Mint 9 will be like we love it : working out of the box, with all the necessary applications and features.

    Mint is the only Linux distro that takes good care with wifi drivers, in my experience. Ubuntu is nice, but Mint is better!

    I’m planning to buy a new laptop, a Sony Vaio E Series, with a ATI HD 5470 video card. I can’t wait to try it and see if I will finally be able to benefit from all the goodies.

  178. Just some questions:

    1) Where is the Empathy by default?

    2) Will there be a “Mint One”?

    3) Why is the Indicator Applet Session not added to the panel by default?

    But the rest is just very nice! Maybe I will notice something else later 😉


    Kind regard,

  179. @ Mike

    I have a similar issue (good access at home, no/bad access when I am on the road) – and I have the opposite view: I would rather have the DVD/USB Key full-on version, since I can carry that with me easily and not have to try and download from repositories.

  180. Removing java and not mono/tomboy??? Why on earth? Who wants those anyway?
    As to pidgin, it is still the preferred IM, according to Linux Journal.

  181. Well it is good news that the LM9 will be out soon. I am looking forward to enjoying it. I have tried Ubuntu 10.4 and it seems good, so I can’t wait to try the improvements the Mint team brings to the table.

    As for the discussion over CD or DVD, I can just say that as a Canadian, I would still rather have a CD and add whatever extras I want. DVDs take too long to download or to share if you are using a torrent.

  182. Just trying Mint9 right now. All is working at this time.

    Just one little thing I don’t like: at the bottom of the screen, in the panel, the separation between bluetooth icon and sound icon is too wide. This “breaks” the look and feel amb the whole panel.
    Can you adjust this, please?


  183. Will thee be an Openbox edition? IMHO Openbox a lot more fun than LXDE or XFCE or Fluxbox. Mint and Openbox and you can name it CunchieMint!

  184. Don’t remove Java.
    I cannot believe you are tampering with the out-of-the-box functionality.
    This is going totally in the wrong direction!
    Throw out Open Office, anything else,… but don’t mess with Java, Flash, codecs..

  185. And I cannot believe that removing Java is announced so casually, while at the same time the choice of desktop background is so extensively discussed…

  186. Regarding Java, would it be possible instead to have an icon on the desktop to get OpenOffice and Java (ala PCLinuxOS 2010)? Not having any OpenOffice on the iso would also save space for any other beginner-friendly items that could create a better out-of-the-box experience…

  187. Mint is now the only operating system in my family. One small thing, phone support is poor, (it goes for all Linux distributions) Movement in this direction would be a great leap forward. Computers need to integrate much more with the mobile devices. It is just the way the world is going. Get this and the future is going to be Mint.

  188. Hi, I’ve just registered, but been running Mint 8 as my sole OS for a while now, & been recommending it. Pleased to report a reply to a link email I sent on Sunday: ‘I’m already running it & quite impressed’.

    Re:#250+#253: For me, OpenOffice is an essential basic component. Also, the inclusion of Java, codecs, etc., as standard, was one of the reasons I changed to LM8. OK, I’m lazy, but I do agree with Bruno #251 over the time apparently dedicated to the choice of desktop background.

    All-in-all, I’m much happier than with Ubuntu: the team have taken a really good idea & made it much better, much faster. I’m looking forward to LM9 final version. I’ll certainly try the live disc, & consider upgrading.

    Mes meilleurs sentiments.

    ‘Seididh gaoth is dearsaidd griann, tro bheas nan craobhan, lin gu lin, ach thig an la is thig an tamh, airson an ubhail as airde na craobh nan bhuain’ (Apologies for my dreadful Gaelic).

  189. I tested Lucid Lynx yesterday, to find that my Huawei E1550 USB modem is not recognised – very poor show: it’s hardly old technology; Jaunty didn’t recognise it, but Karmic/Helena does. So I doubt I’ll be upgrading to Isadora: what other of my hardware will no longer be compatible? I’m happy with Helena & all the Java-jive.

  190. Problem with Ubuntu 10.04 lucid or i think like that , when I open Firefox , and in same moment immediately if I go up to settings panel with my mouse to make settings , I can see because still my mouse (read) and after 15 to 20sec will stop to read….But i don’t know how is now in Mint9 i hope that is improve ….

  191. Just as Saurabh Das said on the third post here, Nokia PC Suite is something that Mint needs for a bunch of people to be happier, so far the distros of mint are all the way great, but lacking user-oriented solutions (iphone support, nokia support, web-cam-friendly-msngr, simple bitmap editor, out-of-the-box audio creation/edition, etc) gives us, the evangelists of Linux, a lot of complaints from the windowed-ones we are trying to convert. Besides that, keep up with the great work!!

  192. I hope the extended ‘Software Manager’ will be extended to LM8 & previous versions, for those of us who like the ‘pick-&-choose’ usability.

    Personally speaking, I’m tailoring this ‘best of all worlds’ system to my needs: i.e.: an ‘office’ version with OpenOffice & Java (I’m not a big gamer or down-loader). Should I work on a portable/slack version?

    Having come from hacking XP to make it work super-efficiently, faster than Ubuntu, I must say that it’s a joy to operate Mint. It’s so much better than Ubuntu; probably one of the most straightforward operating systems available; certainly an excellent candidate for newcomers to Linux-based systems, or, indeed, computers in general. It does work as an isolated ‘stand-alone’, which is an area that seems wanting in the Linux world. I’m almost perturbed by the lack of updates!

    Honestly, LinuxMint marks a genuine turning point for me: I reckon it has more potential than many other possible candidates.

    Great work by the development team, for making a truly friendly, usable distro.

    (P.S.: I removed Moonlight, which made Firefox stop crashing. Although I use lightning-fast Google Chrome as my browser, it doesn’t seem to be able to read web-pages offline; but, Firefox can, so keep it onboard.)

  193. Ubuntu 10.04 is full of bugs maybe it would be better to wait until they sort them out.(I should know i reported a bunch of them) Also I don’t know if its true but cloud computing wont work with mint.Ubuntu one is awesome the music store much like Itunes its great; although it just started so give them time. Cloud computing I really didn’t understand. So I played with it; who-hoo this is awesome too.
    Much of it still a mystery as its all just starting up.
    I’m not a big fan of mint, some of the apps just wont work with it; “Ubuntu only”, and it looks too much like windows and I hate that. But just because its not for me, its still in my opinion the best OS for a new Linux user.
    way easier to use then Ubuntu.

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