Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 8 “Helena” Fluxbox Community Edition.

Quick steps:

Introduction to Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox:

This release has been built with the emphasis on a lightweight and yet fully functional desktop centered on the Fluxbox window manager. Even though we strive to provide out-of-the-box readiness for all your hardware and common computing tasks, Linux Mint Fluxbox CE is easily configurable to run on lower-spec hardware with the tools needed for doing so readily available.

For a detailed overview of the new features and improvements included in Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox, please read “What’s new in Helena Fluxbox?“.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor
  • 256 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 3 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive or USB port

Important information and known issues:

For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

Download Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox:

You can download Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 656MB LiveCD
MD5Sum:  1b2f311199d2d0d7f5fc431d0252e824

Torrent download:
HTTP download:



Northern America:

Rest of the World:


Have a lot of fun with this edition and let us know what you think. Reviews will be answered and your feedback will be used to improve the distribution before the next release. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed making it and we wish you a very nice experience with Linux Mint.


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  2. I will try this on my Dell Latitude C600. A 850mhz Pentium III processor upgraded to 512MB of RAM, works great with Debian Lenny KDE, lets see how the minty flux works!

  3. Oh and there needs to be more seeders for the torrent.
    I don’t want to bog down the LM servers so torrent is the way to go.

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  9. I’m seeding 😉

    Will try this on my old lappy later.
    After the disappointment about the KDE x64
    I hope this is better.


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  11. Great…can’t wait to download the ISO tonight and give it a try. My old 2003 Dell pc found Mint 8 a bit too rich…hopefully this fluxbox edition will fit the bill.

  12. Great news!! I’ll be installing this unto my IBM x41 sub-notebook once I get back to the office. It’s running LM8 with gnome now, but it’s a little sluggish; hopefully LM Fluxbox will add some needed pep.

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  14. George Borusiewich
    Ubuntu skipped floppy support in general as a default application
    Please search the forum for it and you’ll find several answers which I think are valid for fluxbox as well

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  16. Wow, great!

    I love Fluxbox as small desktop manager with minimum requirements and maximum user friendlyness.

    Combined with Linux Mint, my favourite because working out-of-the-box linux distro, it shines.

    * x86 processor
    * 256 MB of system memory (RAM)
    * 3 GB of disk space for installation
    * Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
    * CD-ROM drive or USB port
    I have an amd64 processor, so i am waiting for the x86_64 version, but because the downwards compatibility i can still use it 🙂
    How much OS have this Hardware requirements, not called linux?

    Thanks, Linux Ment Development Team.
    I love this distro, and since the Fluxbox version got resurrected, its even greater!


  17. @Sean:

    There are no plans to build a 64 bit version of Mint 8 Fluxbox. It’s something I’m looking into for Mint 9 though.

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  19. Mint, any flavor, run’s great on my MacTell mini. Many thanks for that.
    My 5 year old iMac is now sitting in a corner due to Apple, no longer doing supporting the PPC line, and Mint not running on them as well 🙁

    I am looking forward to the next version of a great OS… 🙂

  20. It’s great to see how the LinuxMint team works to get ready our beloved distros …

    Three versions in less than a week …


    Guinness Book does not take into account this sprint? It should.

  21. I’m a dedicated Arch Linux user and usually go openbox, but just been playing around with the Mint Fluxbox edition in a virtual machine. I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s a beautiful implementation of fluxbox. Thank you for the hard work and job well done!

  22. Hurray
    Now my 10 years old Compaq Armada 100S-K6 533 MHz will survive. 😀
    I tried it with Felicia(Gnome), but it was very slow.
    (an USB error floating the tty)

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  26. Im writing this from Helena Fluxbox LiveCD just right now - its Xtremely fast on my almost relic single-core Celeron 2,8GHz, 2Gb DDR2 RAM and integrated Intel`s graphic (8600GT overburned last week:(). Blazing performance, incredible distro. Just BEAUTIFUL! Great work guys, great thanks, great respect of mine! WTG!
    P.S. I recommend Mints to everyone who has any non-windows interests here in Latvia 🙂

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  28. Is there a persistent USB version? When I try to install Ubuntu to a USB or SD card, Grub still overwrites my MBR and messes up my Windows boot. I want to be able to stick in a USB or SD source, tell the computer to boot from that, and run from that – without messing up my hard disk.

    Puppy has a limited persistent USB version, but “limited” is the operative word.

    I am glad you have a Linux Mint version with codecs already installed (Ubuntu drives me nuts in that regard and 9.10 is unreliable on a netbook, even the remix) and that you are trying to make it leaner and meaner (Moblin is lean and mean but eats my machine worse than Ubuntu).

    I am downloading this now and will try the “live” version but “persistent” is what I really want.

    (P.S. I got a Class 10 SD card, 16 gb, for this – before I learned how tricky installing without messing up my mbr can be.)

  29. Looks nice! Would it be easy to add Fluxbox as option to a standard (Gnome) Mint Helena installation? I’d love to try out Fluxbox with my existing applications.

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  31. I have install this version of Linux Mint on a Dell Inspiron 8100 (1.13 GHz, 256 megs ram, 10 gig hd) and it is running very well. I do need to learn how to increase font size, change background, setup this distro to suite my own tastes. thank you

  32. You are saying Fluxbox 4.3,but fluxbox is currently at 1.1.0 right?

    Linux Mint fluxbox rocks and the best Fluxbox implementation so far.

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  34. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    but how to get a vga driver shit, i’m on 800×600 it’s very bad very very bad and compiz dosn’t work :'( i’m gonna cry
    xorg.conf!!!!!! help me



  36. I’m very happy with Mint Fluxbox, thank you. Two things, though:

    I’ve changed Sylpheed with Claws. There really is no reason why one should stay with Sylpheed; Claws is as lightweight and can do many more things.

    My iPod, which worked perfectly with Gloria (Gnome) has started giving problems when mounting. I guess this must be a problem coming from Karmic, though.

    Anyway, all in all, it is a very nice distro. Thank you again.

  37. People should realize that this is a “community” edition and as such is not user-friendly. There is no way to change the tiny font size (why do they make 1600×1200 default??) in the main menu – yet icons are provided! It suggests using the “filter” when there isn’t one. The login screen has no writing, i.e. we assume the first is username an the second is password. Not a pleasant experience at all.

  38. Any of you want a free linux cd??? I give this os as well as Ubuntu and Kubuntu.
    Email me at ” ” And i will send you a free cd with no shipping chages. Provide your adress in the email
    The Zinux Team

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  40. Just downloaded it yesterday. Works great out of the box better than Ubuntu and Debian. Much easier to deal with for the average Joe.
    I have been away from Windows for about 2 years now and this is the best. God, I don’t miss Windows!!!! Thanks Mint for the best Linux OS yet in my humble opinion. Barry

  41. About to try it on a HP 1010NR Mini. I can’t seem to find an distro with built in support for broadcom. It’s killing me to keep windows on this POS.

    Gonna try it on my old Aspire 3680 as well.

  42. 8 minutes to download via torrent! Cheers everyone, will seed as long as I can. Several pre-gigahertz laptops laying around will be very happy to be in use again.

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  44. This is a great OS and all but I think it has a terrible flaw. I dual booted with Windows 7 and I got it to work. I then tried installing a proprietary driver or some software through synaptic. I forgot which of the two but it made Linux Mint Fluxbox only do commandline stuff. I pretty much broke it. It runs light and strong but my Thinkpad T400 battery life is like over 3x more on Windows 7 than on Mint because of the fan and heat coming out more even though it’s a light system.

  45. Recently,i changed my descktop.As an ext windows user i’ve installed windows (again) and after that i decided to use linux also as a second OS.
    After trying a few ersions on my old pc,i’ve decided to use mint 8.
    I tryed them for about 10 days,i formated my HDD,and now the only OS that i have is MINT.
    Thanx a lot!!!

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  47. Ubiquity bit the dust so many times I gave up. How ’bout an ‘alternate’ (ubuntu style) version with the less demanding installer. Funny I was able to install Ubuntu 9.10 ‘alternate’ (runs surprisingly well with only 256M of ram) on an old laptop, but not Mint 8 Fluxbox. Might try again with Mint 6 Fluxbox. Mint is great. My normal daily-use Ubuntu (Karmic) system seems to be in a state of flux, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Flash video is annoyingly flaky. Mint 6 was 100 times better. I may just reinstall that. I miss it.

  48. Just want to thanks everyone else who provided this amazing os. I could hardly believe my eyes when I tried this on a loptop with no hard disk at all only usb port and amazingly you can do almost everything. The application is there, it has drivers on it and luckily besides other linux os I have tried this is the most stable version ever for me. Thanks guys, you really did a nice work of art. More power.

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