World of Goo & Bombono DVD

2 applications were added to Linux Mint today.

The first one is the demo of a very popular game called World of Goo.

This is the demo version which lets you play the first “World” of levels in the game. It’s quite a lot for a demo and you’re guaranteed to get addicted. The full version of the game is about $20. I was very impressed with the quality of this game and with the fact that it was made available to Linux by its editors, so with their consent it’s now added to the pool of applications available to Linux Mint (repositories, portal, software manager).

The second one is an open source application called Bombono DVD.

I was contacted by the developer behind that project and I couldn’t see any reason why this software wasn’t already available in the Ubuntu repositories. So this got added as well and I hope to get your feedback on this.

Note: If you want to efficiently rate applications and help other users to find quality software, please use the Software Portal to do so:

To install these applications, refresh your cache (“apt update”) and install the packages “worldofgoodemo” and “bombono-dvd”. Alternatively, use the Update Manager to update the package “mintinstall-data” and then run the Software Manager.

Portal links:


  1. Thank you for adding software to repository.

    Is there any chance to see Thunderbird 3.0 stable soon? It’s a big improvement over the version included in Linux Mint.


  2. World of Goo is a fantastic game. I was addicted to it almost immediately. Maybe this Christmas I’ll buy the full version (since you guys just reminded me of this game!).

  3. These are two great apps, thanks, Clem! They’re both a good choice.
    Although, if I were You, I’d add not two but at least a hundred apps… But that’s me, and I’m a bit crazy 😀

  4. Shock! How will Mint development do if Clem is now addected to WoG!!
    But then again, all work and no fun makes Clem a dull boy…

  5. I think more people will vote on a program if it could be done in the software manager itself.

    Can this feature be implemented in the software manager?

    1. Metamorphoustle: No. I’m very selective when it comes to adding things in the repositories but there’s no business model around packages, in particular I look at how it integrates with the desktop, the menus, how well it’s packaged and whether it would be popular among users. There’s no formal boycott on proprietary software, we just prefer Open Source. And there’s no formal boycott on paid software either, it’s just that it makes it harder to distribute and because demos are usually big in size and small in content they’re not always worth the download.

    2. Metamorphoustle: Now, having said that… I wouldn’t mind receiving a full version of the game, but then again I’m not sure I’d have enough time to play it 🙂

  6. Good news!! Even if you don’t have the Linux version. Wine owns World Of Goo perfectly. The only thing is it changes you screen resolution but that can be changed back easily with Nvidia X server settings (d^.^)b

  7. It would be great if the Software manager could get all updates automatically and have a filter-button which says: “new software” – so every one – even my grandma – would be able to see what has been added recently without having to ask me:

    “what does he mean apt update????”

    Jürgen Kazmirzak

  8. Eoghan,
    I’ve been using DeVeDe for a few weeks now and I like it a lot. It works very well with default settings and doesn’t take long to learn. Bombono seems to have a slicker-looking interface and more extensive preview capabilites.

  9. The creators of Bonbomo DVD should note that if they get a PPA on Launchpad up and running with Ubuntu builds, that is usually the first step towards inclusion in Ubuntu Universe builds. (I’m sure there is a wiki page on it with more information on formal processes for submission once you have Ubuntu builds.)

    Launchpad supports either synchronized copies with version management off-site, using it as a “downstream” package development site for your “upstream” or supports using it as a primary project development hub.

  10. Clem, you should really consider adding Teeworlds to the Mint games list. 🙂 The game is excellent – it’s a Worms look-alike but probably more fun, actively developed as open source and it has a lot of fans as well – myself included. 🙂 The last time I tried the Linux version it worked very well. Give it a shot… err… thought. 😀 Mint fans would love it, I’m sure. It’s also quite small – ~5MB. 🙂

  11. Where is the proper place to post “repository includes” suggestions?
    Been a former UltraEdit user, i’m very pleased with ‘Editra’, but it never comes to be included in any repositories…

  12. The only problem with not including demos is that people won’t know about the software. What about an “Other Software” page where software can be submitted and reviewed by Mint users, but not added in the repositories? You can’t maintain every piece of software out there and keep up with the updates, but a list with download links could be maintained by several people. Page could be almost the same as the Software Portal page, just not install it (main page with categories anyway). Several people could then maintain each category page so Clem won’t have to do it all himself.

  13. man that Goo Game looks fun. I’m a Game junkie! 😀

    wierd it costs $20 I thaught everything on linux was supposed to be free? Hehe I’m new to the scene. Well… $20 is still better than paying $60/50 for a mainstream game.

  14. @Marton: 🙂 Editra looks very good. But have you tried Geany? It’s very good as well. I like it a lot. It’s not the only “light” editor with a lot of useful features, but it certainly deserves trying. Go ahead and see how it suits you.

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