Linux Mint 8 x64 RC1 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 8 x64 Helena RC1.

Quick steps:

Introduction to Linux Mint 8 x64:

This x64 edition of Linux Mint 8 is almost identical to the Main Edition but compiled for 64 bit processors (Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, AMD Athlon X2 64 and all x86-64 compliant processors). It comes with all the improvements featured in Linux Mint 8 Helena Main Edition.

System requirements:

An X86_64 64 bit processor (Intel Core 2, AMD X2 64, etc…) .

A minimum of 512MB of RAM is recommended. Once installed the system works fine with as low as 256MB RAM. The installation process deals with 2.5GB of data compressed on a 700MB CD and it can hang or fail on systems with less than 512MB RAM. If you have between 256MB and 512MB RAM you may have to try to install several times.

Important information and known issues:

As an RC (Release Candidate) this release is targeted at developers and beta-testers who want to help Linux Mint find and correct bugs before the stable release. Please do not use this release as your main desktop. For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

The upgrade path from Linux Mint 7 x64 will be finalized for the stable release.

Feedback and bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find via the Linux Mint 8 x64 RC1 Bug Thread and give us your feedback on this release by posting a comment right here on the blog.

Download Linux Mint 8 x64 RC1:

You can download Linux Mint 8 x64 RC1 via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 686MB LiveCD
MD5Sum: 7320db360aae3d2e119f4eeb6ca893bf

Torrent download:
HTTP download:



    Northern America:

      Rest of the World:


      Have a lot of fun testing this release candidate and let’s all hope it will help us make a great stable release.


      1. Wonderful!!
        I already got it off the Irish mirror, but can help seed the torrent.
        Thanks to Clem and the Mint Team!!!

      2. Nice congratz to you guys. Haven’t used Mint since Mint 5 and I have to say….you all came a LONG way since then.

      3. More great news ! I am downloading it now in the hope that it will prove to be more multi-tasking stable than the 32-bit version, as was the case for 64-bit over the 32-bit version of Mint-7.

      4. Great. I was anxious to get it. But I guess I’ll wait the stable version, just to be on the safe side.

        Thanks to Clem & the team.

      5. I am neither a developer, a programmer, de-bugger, or anything like that, but am a giant mint fan. Should I even download the x64 mint RC1? Is it possible for me to help de-bug? Anyone have any advice? I would love to help if I could.

      6. You can always help debug the RC version by reporting the few mishaps you’re bound to be faced with… if you’re lucky.

      7. Congratulations! I used Mint 7 x64 and have been waiting for this. Just curious, does Mint 8 have that whole Palimpsest disk tester like Ubuntu and Fedora?

      8. Wee so excited =D had to skip mint 7 due to it’s sudden hatred to my graphics card but mint8 works like a dream. Can’t wait for the full release of the 64 edition =D

        is it me or are you guys getting faster in the 64bit releases?

      9. Just downloaded it from the torrent and everything works flawlessly. (I’m seeding right now) Thanks for getting the 64 bit edition out quickly. Seems to be ready for prime time.

        My only complaint is that the installer attempts to download language packs. This makes it difficult in leave in alone on a slow connection. Plus it wastes bandwidth of both ends.

      10. please a version Universal Edition 64-bit

        and when you go to stop 32-bit verions out that in 2009 the see, useless

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      13. Hi,
        I noticed most of the mirror’s ISOs are dated 3 Dec. The RC1 wasnt officially released until 4Dec…is the 3 Dec ISO from the correct image?

      14. @ PureMint
        Clem pushes the ISO to the mirrors before the announcement to be sure they are there at the time of the announcement – it can take quite a while to sync all servers

      15. I tried this version for a while and I feel it’s good, and speedy, and stable. My current system is Mint 8 (x86). I like this version but I’ll wait for the official one. 🙂

      16. As hoped, it’s more stable and slicker than the 32-bit RC1 or 32-bit definitive releases !
        GRUB2 still can’t cope with my multi-OS configuration so I have again reverted to GRUB, whilst a Brasero Update hasn’t restored Checksum verify, which is more annoying. On my E4600 rig the default Pulseaudio hardware configuration is working well, allowing simultaneous sound.
        It still has some other minor glitches which I will try to report but it’s looking good enough to use ‘as is’, and bodes well for the definitive release. So far as I am concerned, all other distributions, including the Ubuntu Karmic source, are still just ‘also rans’.
        More great work by Clem and his small team !

      17. Just trying this version and for now no serious problems found. Install was very slow (4GB memory) but after install it runs ok.

      18. Very nice. It’s more stable than the 32 bit main. My thanks to Clem and
        team. Looks like it is so as Gloria x64.

        But there is a problem. As usual after a release I want to seed.

        Every bittorent app that I tried this day can’t contact the tracker. First thought was, my provider is blocking the protocol, But I reached the Fedora project trying to make clear if they do so. They do not.

        So, what is with the tracker?

      19. @Bruce R:

        Hey, Bruce. I had a lot of problems with Grub2 also. Did you see the post I put up under the official release of Mint 8? It has the steps necessary to get Grub2 to recognize your other OS’s.

      20. @Brett – thank you for that, I will try to find your advice, but it may not help. GRUB2 installation scan correctly identifies my OS partitions across two hard drives, as being on ‘hdx,y’ etc but then fails to interpret that information correctly when run, for example only booting my offline WinXP correctly, the online WinXP menu entry being mis-directed to the offlne WinXP, effectively ‘hiding’ the online WinXP.
        Wanting to get on, and being a ‘use wot works’ kind of a guy, I have reverted to GRUB and overcome some UIID limitations and am now able to quickly reboot into quite different, pre-configured OS suites !
        Why bother you may ask. Well, a lot of Helena outstanding ‘glitches’ are actually down to Karmic, so it helps to quickly boot back and forth, to report those bugs to the ‘correct team’, which can help to reduce ‘buck passing’.

      21. @Brett – presumably you were referring to your No51 entry about using os-prober, but I don’t think that would help, as it’s the subsequent incorrect usage of such data that’s the problem, with GRUB2 documentation being more concerned with customising complex splash screens etc. Meanwhile, I’ll ‘use wot works’ with GRUB.

      22. Hello,

        great work guys! But, do you able to release an alternate cd?
        An alternate CD like the ubuntu ones would be very nice!

        Thanks a lot.

      23. Congratulations!
        I’m very happy with Mint, since it is one of the most comfortable distributions on the planet. I hope the development goes on that fast and we will see a headline “Linux Mint 8 Xfce released!” soon.

        Looking forward for the best distributions with the best desktop available 🙂


      24. Hi Mint team!! Can I install this 64bit edition on a Dual Core (not Core2 Duo)?? BTW, I posted this comment over here at Linux Critic:
        You guys are truly on to something special. Besides, a lot of us over here in Kenya are getting FED UP with viruses, worms, malware et al on our USB sticks when we go to the cyber. I don’t have that problem any more. 🙂

        Manny, I couldn’t agree with you more!! I just did a full Linux Mint 8 install last night using the Ext3 for my / folders and Ext2 for /boot. Anyhow, it’s AWESOME!! I am soooo AMAZED. I’d go to sleep and then I’d wake up just to peek the sexy green wallpaper.
        Linux Mint 8 is like a hot girl whom you just can’t keep your hands off. lol!! 🙂
        I’ve installed WINE to play around with Windows apps (only to convince friends), Mixxx a Linux DJ Studio a la Virtual DJ (Windows), plus a lot of GOODIES from the Software Manager. Damn, so much software to download at the click of a button — all for FREE. 🙂
        My hats off to the entire Linux Mint team — seriously. All they have to do now is write drivers for Huawei HSDPA and EV-DO 3G modems and I will convince a ton of peeps here in East Africa to break up with Windows for good.

        In essence, Linux Mint is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 🙂 Everything just works on my Toshiba Satellite L305-S5944 lappie — everything!!!


      25. Will there be an update from v6 to v8?

        I skipped v7 due to the flaky Intel Video drivers.
        I sure hope v8 has that issue taken care of.

        Great job the distro though!! I have converted several people off Windoze.

      26. Wow, that didn’t take long at all!!!

        It seemed to me that a large minority of folks were upset by, or critical of, the fact that the 32-bit edition of Mint 8 was released without the 64-bit version being ready. Well, here it is! Not much of a delay at all.

        I don’t know that I need this, as none of the machines I run Mint on have more than 4GB RAM, and I don’t really need to run x64-enabled software, but it is good to see this option for people who want or need it. The main edition has been great so far! I’ve worked out the two minor kinks I experienced, and now I’m even toying with KDE.

      27. Oops, I didn’t see the “RC1” even though I looked for it. Hmm, oh well, I’m sure the stable release will be just around the corner. Maybe I’ll even put this on a non-mission critical desktop when I have time to play around, just for the heck of it.

      28. I tried x64 RC1. I added and deleted some software. After it was very unstable. After 5 minutes working on my desktop I needed waiting 30 sec to run firefox, second was waiting 30 sec to specify http://…. All was like that. I uninstalled it after 2 hours. I have the same configuration on stable x86 and it work great. My configuration: M61PME-S2P, AMD Phenom x3 2300 Mhz x64, 1GB KINGSTON, HDD 250 GB, Geforce 6100 256 ram

      29. Thanks, Clem and Mint Team for wasting no time releasing x64 platform! This is the best one yet! Will test and jump over to stable as soon as available.

      30. I have now loaded RC1 64 bit to my Sony VAIO laptop and have found that my Benq 5000e scanner is now working (I have always needed XP in VirtualBox before). Well done someone!

        All I need now is for the reversed printing on my Epson Stylus Colour 760 to work (I presume the cups driver has a problem).

        One interesting thing is that Mint finds the screen resolution on this laptop (1200×800) easy enough but when running it in Sun Virtual Box there is only 800×600 or 640×400 to choose from. I know when running say XP in VB this isn’t a problem. Ideas anyone?

        Anyway, thanks to Clem and the gang, I’m sure I will be able to get plenty more computer incompetent people using Mint 8 soon. It is really a wonderful polished distribution suitable even for the great unwashed!

      31. Mint 8 x64 RC1 under test on my machine for last few days. Everything works fine, fast and stable. My previous OS was Mint 6 and it’s nice to see many of great improvements. Excellent, thanks !

      32. Wow, the 64bit version sounds like it’s a winner already. Is there a way to upgrade from my Mint 8 32bit setup? Or,should I do a clean re-install?

      33. This 64bit version have some problem in sound architecture. When play music in rhytmbox (on sound blaster audigy se) listen some screech.
        On 32bit version I don’t have any problem.

        Anyway, thanks for this version Linux Mint 🙂

      34. hi everybody! I have a question: if i install this RC version, would i be able to upgrade to the final one without the need of a clean install?

      35. Ray Woods, you need to install the VirtualBox Additions in order to benefit from more resolutions in the virtual machine. It’s just a matter of drivers.

        Congratulations, Mint Team! 🙂

      36. Hello Mintmakers,
        I really enjoyed mint 6 and mint 7. But what is wrong with Helena?
        Impossible to create an Internet connection. Everytime I try to install my DSL-connection the ethernet (eth0) breaks. Without ethernet no Internet…
        Hope the upgrade-version will be in well-known quality!

      37. Not quite the same impact as Gloria, but decent upgrades overall. The only hitch being grub2 with win on sda and mint on sdb, boot loader on sda. Takes about a minute or so to see the OS menu, and 10 seconds to clear it after selection. Boot speed after that doesn’t seem to be all that much shorter.

        There are many folks out there with the same setup. Any hope for a fix now, or at least in the final release? It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it is a real problem, and will turn away some new users.

        Thanks for the great work, and I’m really looking forward to the Mint-Debian release.

      38. Using Mint 8 x64 as main system and it works perfect, no kind of problems until now and I have left it perfect.

        This 64bit version have some problem in sound architecture. When play music in rhytmbox (on sound blaster audigy se) listen some screech.
        On 32bit version I don’t have any problem.

        The stability always depends on what hardware configuration you have. That wouldnt be diferent in Ubuntu x64 in my opinion.

      39. Congrats on the RC– Just one step closer for people with x64 processors to have the latest technology. Even though I’ve converted to Fedora(due to ubuntu-related problems), Mint will always hold a special place in my heart.

      40. ‘The only hitch being grub2 with win on sda and mint on sdb, boot loader on sda. Takes about a minute or so to see the OS menu, and 10 seconds to clear it after selection. Boot speed after that doesn’t seem to be all that much shorter.’

        I have exactly this problem, second 32 bit 8 install to a six year old pc,what may be of interest to someone who will understand better than I is that first install on this box was dual boot, xp on sda, mint 8 32 bit on sdb, standard ide hd setup, sda master, sdb slave, no issues with grub 2, slightly slower than grub1, otherwise normal. 2nd install is sda on ide, sdb is now sata, combination needing and supported by bios, now grub2 takes about 45 secs to load, then 10 secs approx to start boot after selection. This may well be of concern to new uers if it happens, needs fixing please everything else is fantastic as usual, thanks Clem and devs

      41. You should also mention: What is the benefit of x64? Is it much faster? Will ubuntu-x32-packages work with it?

        There are a lot of people out there who would like to know before downloading.

        Still – nice work, what do I say, brilliant is also appropriate 🙂

      42. Can I install the mint8 over ubuntu (not loosing all the things I’ve already installed) or need to re-install everything again?


      43. first rate release again. Number one
        Linux distro.

        Just 2 small comments.

        I would like to be able to install a
        vanilla firefox. i dislike not being able to
        set my preferences.

        I would also like to remove jokes in terminal,
        before you could refuse them in the install.

      44. I am still using Mint 7 to write this as using Mint 8 has a problem
        I can not connect using my 3g modem
        I get GSM not connected and then “Error cannot mount device”.
        how do I go back to the old connection manager in ?

      45. IT CAN’T DETECT MY WIRELEESS but i plan on checking right now if it can detect my modem. i am using an hp pavillion 9000

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