CNR in Linux Mint 5.0

We are currently working with Linspire to make CNR available under Linux Mint. The CNR server should host Linux Mint software and packages and the CNR client will be made compatible with our distribution.

Once this is in place focus will be put into implementing CNR capabilities into the mintInstall client.

This way you will be able to use the same mintInstall client to install software from both the Linux Mint Software Portal (mint protocol) and the CNR server (CNR protocol).


  1. Why using CNR, and try to use getdeb? There are very similar, and works nice.

    Actually what I like the most is the Add/Remove feature of Ubuntu.

  2. Well great Idea – I used to love CNR some time ago. Althoug – will CNR portal sometime leave Alpha stadium, or won’t they get back where they were?

  3. Not sure if I like the idea of CNR making its way to Linux Mint. I left Linspire/Freespire because I became tired of their hurry up and wait game with all of their products. Not really dependable in their timeline department and not very good at keeping to a schedule. IMHO.

  4. CNR is not going to replace mintInstall. Both tools are going to be present (if CNR works fine that is) and eventually CNR capabilities will be integrated within mintInstall itself.

    So from the user point of view… you’ll see no changes on the desktop. The only difference is that instead of being able to pull software from the Linux Mint Software Portal, you’ll be able to pull software from both the Linux Mint Software Portal and the CNR Portal.

    Some apps are not free of charge and our portal is designed for downloading software, not paying for it. CNR will extend the range of software you can get by adding these kind of software to their portal (Transgaming, Vmware…etc, etc..).

    Anyway, in brief: we’re not going to make things worse or more intrusive. The priority is the quality of the desktop, not the number of features. We’ll work hard on integrating CNR, see how it behaves and if we find that it makes things better for the user, then we’ll add it to Mint.


  5. i really really like mint.i test alot of distros,very few make it as my main system.linux mint 4.0 xfce is first on my hoping things continue to improve,so far its great.

  6. I agree with dracorx Ubuntu’s Add/Remove would be a great asset to Mint 5 as well as the software Portal/CNR mix.

  7. As long as 4 things remain, I cannot forsee CNR benefiting any Distribution, Specifically here, LinuxMint.

    1. SUID Scripted Installation. Its not safe, never has been, and wont be.
    2. Dated software packages (the version of Gimp on CNR was for a long time 2.2 release, Gutsy based distros get 2.4 by default in the repos).
    3. The current beta (they wont call it that from what I understand) for 64bit Client will break your system.
    4. It generally provides , as far as the devs state, exactly what the repos provide, thus kinda redundant.

  8. Clem, Join the dark side. I am your father, and with the help of your mint we could rule the universe!

  9. Bill: How do you guys from the dark side get all this skin tanned, I always wondered? If you get Sid to open source Civilization, I promise, I’ll consider it (fingers crossed) 🙂

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