Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” Cinnamon RC released!

Written by Clem on June 17th, 2015

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” Cinnamon RC.

Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 17.2 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

  • Watching Flash DRM content
  • Issues with Skype
  • DVD Playback with VLC
  • EFI Support
  • Misconfigured Swap when using home directory encryption
  • Solving freezes with some NVIDIA GeForce GPUs
  • Booting with non-PAE CPUs
  • Issues with KDE apps
  • Other issues

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution (1024×768 recommended).
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Bug reports:

  • Please report bugs below in the comment section of this blog.
  • Please visit to follow the progress of the development team between the RC and the stable release.


Md5 sum:


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!

Monthly News – June 2015

Written by Clem on June 16th, 2015

News will be very short this month because we’re just about to release the RC for Linux Mint 17.2.

A huge thank you to all the developers and all the people who worked with us to make this happen, within Linux Mint but also in the Cinnamon and MATE projects. Many thanks also to the moderation team and to all the people who fund us (donors, sponsors, partners): If it wasn’t for you we couldn’t focus on the development as much as we do.

Linux Mint 17.2 introduces exciting improvements to the MDM display manager,  the update manager, the configuration of locales, software sources and PPA, the formatting of USB sticks and the creation of live USB devices, and on the system: bash and apt. The desktop environments, Cinnamon 2.6 and MATE 1.10 also bring a lot of new features. LibreOffice 4.4.3, HPLIP 3.15 and a 3.16 kernel were also selected.

I was tempted to give you a quick overview of the new features, but since we’re so closed to the release you’ll have to wait for the announcements :)


Improved PPA handling in Software Sources


Thanks in advance to all the people who will test this RC. We hope you’ll have fun with it. We look forward to receiving your feedback so we can fix as many bugs as possible before the stable release.


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Donations in May:

A total of $7,068 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 356 donors:

$109, Jouni S.
$109, Oliver Z.
$109, Eberhard R.
$105, Herve C.
$105, Arend Stemerding
$100 (4th donation), Magne L.
$100 (4th donation), James G.
$100 (2nd donation), Margaret P.
$100 (2nd donation), Kenneth M.
$100, Gerd M.
$100, Jamison G.
$100, Doug S.
$100, Gwendolyn H.
$100, Simon Speich
$80, Les S.
$70 (5th donation), Doug L.
$55 (2nd donation), Louis Ayotte
$55, Fritz-christian S.
$55, Jae-cheol K.
$55, Charlie C.
$50 (61th donation), Matthew M.
$50 (9th donation), Richard H.
$50 (8th donation), Jon Espenschied aka “xeno”
$50 (5th donation), V. Mark Lehky aka “SiKing
$50 (3rd donation), Paul L.
$50 (2nd donation), Paul W.
$50 (2nd donation), Andrew W.
$50, Sebastien B.
$50, Ara B.
$50, David A. A. D. L. P.
$50, Roderick A.
$50, Bjarne G.
$50, Stephen M.
$50, Larry D.
$50, Maeda M.
$50, Sueellen S.
$50, Leonardo E.
$50, Anthony L.
$50, Jesper D.
$50, Robert S.
$50, Aaron S.
$45, Dan R.
$44 (2nd donation), Stuart Tilley
$44, Felix K.
$44, Gérard V.
$44, Karl N.
$40, Kim B.
$40, Ronald B.
$35, Peter L.
$33 (3rd donation), Frédéric B.
$33, Markovic D.
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$33, Jose M. C.
$31 (63th donation), Olli K.
$31, Jamie O.
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$30 (2nd donation), Andrew aka “Uniquely Linux”
$30, jowind
$27 (2nd donation), Emil N. P.
$27, Alan R.
$27, Brian F.
$27, Servconsultit S.
$26, P G
$25 (44th donation), Ronald W.
$25 (22nd donation), John M.
$25 (6th donation), Bill
$25 (4th donation), Jon G.
$25 (2nd donation), Mario F.
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$25, Deirdre K.
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$25, Randall M.
$25, William E.
$25, Stephen Westwood
$22.22 (2nd donation), Eric B.
$22 (5th donation), MartinF aka “badwolf9
$22 (3rd donation), S D
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$20, Drone Mapper Imagery Processing aka “Jon-Pierre Stoermer
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$16.42, Retired Telecomm Enginner, do occasional consultancy
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$13 (2nd donation), Jean-françois E. aka “Jeff
$12 (2nd donation), Marco Zani
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$11 (20th donation), Raymond E.
$11 (4th donation), Carsten Wehner
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$10 (50th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
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$8, James E.
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$7.77, Patrick M.
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$5 (8th donation), Stuart K.
$5 (6th donation), Crusader
$5 (5th donation), Crusader
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$5 (3rd donation), Casper M.
$5 (2nd donation), Christian M. aka “Bitcoin
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$5, Benjamin C.
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$4, Martin V.
$3 (6th donation), Anton
$3 (5th donation), RoDi – správa siete
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$3 (2nd donation), Benoit V.
$3, Business Entity Search USA aka “William
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$3, Commercial Bridge Loan Capital aka “BLL Capital
$2.78 (4th donation), Luis G.
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$2 (9th donation), Albert J. P.
$2 (3rd donation), dhyana-fitness
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$2, Alberto C. V.
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$18.4 from 18 smaller donations

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Monthly News – May 2015

Written by Clem on May 28th, 2015

Many thanks to all the people who donated to Linux Mint. Donations are lower than last year but they’re still pretty high. We also have more developers than before (which is great) so we adjusted our budget accordingly to ensure they wouldn’t see a drop. This budget is there thanks to your efforts to support our distribution, so a big big thank you to all the people involved in funding us, donors, sponsors and also to our partners.

A preview of the MintBox Mini was posted on Segfault at The mini-computer is very cute and surprisingly small in size :)

MintBox Mini

Beta-access to Cinnamon 2.6 was given last week to Rebecca and Betsy users via the Romeo repositories. Many of you took the initiative to help us test the new desktop environment and thanks to your feedback many bugs were fixed early. If you want to join them, please visit

In the next couple of days Cinnamon 2.6 will be released officially and it will then reach the Betsy and Rafaela repositories. Its list of new features will also be announced. I know some people were excited by the new look and feel of the settings when testing it, but there’s much more than initially catches the eye, so we’ll detail all of that :)

An example of the new Cinnamon settings

MATE 1.10 is almost completely labeled upstream but still not officially released. Packaging started and we’re planning to add a couple of things in time for it to join Betsy and Rafaela as well.

Work continues on MDM. The display manager is now able to unlock sessions via both consolekit and logind (and does it more smoothly than before), to display avatars on systems using encrypted home directories and to work with infinality fonts.

Work is also planned on the Mint tools. We gathered a lot of bug reports and great ideas from you on many of them, so we’ll try to make as many improvements as we can there as well.


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Donations in April:

A total of $6,542 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 295 donors:

$500, Am33r
$105 (8th donation), Goran A.
$105 (4th donation), Frederic L. aka “”nofrog””
$105, Juergen W.
$105, DeMus aka “DeMus”
$100 (2nd donation), Nono W.
$100, Mike G.
$100, Louis Ayotte
$100, Eugene H.
$100, Sunshine Elevator Products, Inc
$100, Bo D.
$75, Patricia L.
$60 (4th donation), Gabriel D.
$52 (2nd donation), David Barrow aka “barrowd”
$52, Garikoitz L. C.
$52, Ulrich H.
$52, Bernd P.
$52, Sybren H.
$52, Adri R.
$51.3, Lorenzo N.
$51.3, Thorbjorn W.
$51.3, John G. aka “newlinuxuser”
$50 (60th donation), Matthew M.
$50 (7th donation), Marcus M.
$50 (6th donation), James S.
$50 (5th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (3rd donation), Roy B.
$50 (2nd donation), Meta N.
$50, Gerard D.
$50, Michael D.
$50, Carl T.
$50, William S.
$50, Wong Y.K.
$50, Eric K.
$50, Gary H.
$50, Joel W.
$50, Matthew D.
$50, David W.
$50, Daniel S.
$50, Boyd W.
$50, Kristopher D.
$42, Felix W.
$37.5, A B Custom
$36 (4th donation), Reinhard W.
$35 (2nd donation), Yang C. C.
$35, Mohammad R.
$35, Alan B.
$31 (7th donation), LDW
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$31, Carsten M.
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$30.78 (62th donation), Olli K.
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$30.7 (4th donation), Ole P.
$30.7, Zerlono
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$29, Ian D.
$26 (2nd donation), Michał M. aka “Zaraki
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$25.6, Alberto M. P.
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$20.5 (3rd donation), Daniel W.
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$20.5, Marcel K. aka “Emsik88″
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$20 (9th donation), Henry W.
$20 (7th donation), David Kelly aka “Daveinuk”
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$20, Efran G.
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$20, Kim S. M.
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$20, 末次 英.
$20, Roger K.
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$20, Dana M.
$20, Lewis E. D.
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$20, Wombatacus
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$20, Garry W.
$20, Sean S.
$20, Gary I.
$20, Chris S.
$20, Russell P.
$16, Mathias W.
$16, Hermann G.
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$16, Felipe H. M.
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$15.62, Doug B.
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$10, Carlos N.
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$5.13, satan64
$5.13, Michael L.
$5 (17th donation), Mein Lenovo aka “LinuxMint
$5 (7th donation), frisky
$5 (7th donation), frisky
$5 (5th donation), Knut E. E. aka “Animoy”
$5 (4th donation), Crusader
$5 (3rd donation), Crusader
$5 (2nd donation), Earl H.
$5 (2nd donation), Marko R.
$5 (2nd donation), David G.
$5 (2nd donation), Ryan L.
$5 (2nd donation), Steven M. C.
$5 (2nd donation), Sascha H.
$5 (2nd donation), Frank R.
$5, Domagoj M.
$5, Oscar P.
$5, Chris Quedado
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$5, Bruno B.
$5, William V. P.
$5, Alex C.
$5, Kevin D.
$5, Crusader
$5, Tobias R.
$5, Matthias W.
$5, Ihab R.
$5, Andrew K.
$5, Michael B.
$5, Crusader
$5, Itshak M.
$5, Andre T.
$5, Joel N.
$5, Randle L.
$5, Gregg M.
$5, Иванов Д.
$5, Sean B.
$4 (7th donation), Nicolás Costa de la Colina aka “NCosta”
$4, Jannik T.
$4, Francisco G. R.
$3.98, Chen Liang-Yu aka “Andymememe”
$3.31 (2nd donation), Taeyuun M.
$3.15 (2nd donation), Peter F.
$3.07, Jofre P. C.
$3 (4th donation), RoDi – sprava siete
$3 (3rd donation), Ankur R, Kerala, India
$3 (2nd donation), Ankur R, Kerala, India
$3, Rey aka “Software Download
$3, Alexandros C.
$3, Ilpo J.
$3, Nima C.
$26.84 from 20 smaller donations

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