New logos acquired

Written by Clem on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 @ 5:46 am | Main Topics

No decision was taken as to whether we should move to a new logo, improve the one we already have or keep our existing logo just the way it is. What we’re planning is an overall refreshing new look for our websites, including the main website, the blog, the forums and the community website. We’ll organise contests and seek the best look and feel for our websites in the near future, but before we do that, it’s important we know what we want from our logo going forward. With this in mind, we organised a contest on our logo.

An artists called Vast improved our current logo by adding contrast to it, more depth and a silver look:

Click on the picture to make it bigger

We were also impressed by Lazar Bogicevic, who designed a logo which retains our identity and is more workable/handy for branding than our current one:

Click on the picture to make it bigger

Our logo is our identity and it’s not easy to change. A long process and reflection is ongoing about this as to whether and when we should switch and/or improve our logo. We acquired the copyright for both designs.

332 Responses to “New logos acquired”

  1. Baz says:

    Wow, I really like the second one ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would really like to see that one as the new logo for linux mint

  2. Giorgio says:

    I like the second one (Bogicevic’s), apart from the “LM” font. I think he should work on it to make the two letters more readable. But I like it, looks more modern than ther current one while reminding it.

  3. Hans-Mainz says:

    I vote for the first one – the second is boring.

  4. Ivanhoe1024 says:

    I agree with Giorgio. I think the new logo has to remember closely the old one, unless linux mint is going to change radically its purpose/features.

  5. ketan says:

    me too a fan of second one. I would like to see linux mint somehow incorporated in such a pattern on the leaf. It is not apparent to me if it is already done ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. kage says:

    If Mint will stick with the Ubuntu base: Dont change the logo totally and I would vote for the first one.
    If Mint decides to choose NEW ways I would definitely choose the second one!!


  7. ketan says:

    i like first one also, but the border i feel is too thick including the font thickness

  8. Peter Beattie says:

    Love the artwork in #1. #2, though, looks like a winner, as itโ€™s fresher, leafier, and more recognizable, I should think.

  9. Subhashish says:

    The second piece of logo is interesting although ‘lm’ font could look more like it is suggesting ‘lm’ like Giorgio said.

    Also the logos should look good in monochrome.

  10. Hernan says:

    The one from Lazar Bogicevic is amazing…. !

  11. Turin says:

    IMHO, the second one is more impressive.

  12. Joe H (JoeFootball) says:

    I know we’re not voting yet, but I agree with some of the previous comments that said the proposed logo should resemble the current logo, therefore I’d go with the first one. Not that the second one is without merit (it’s great!), but I think it’s too much of a departure from the current state.


  13. deaconmacmillan says:

    the first one is ok but it dosent have the visual impact of the second. the second is the stronger logo, but maybe it could be refined a little more?

  14. says:

    The second it’s cool!

  15. Yas says:

    The second one is widely greater, I vote for the second one.

  16. npap says:

    The first one is close to the original logo and it would be desirable.
    Moving away from the original one would pose problems of identity.

  17. Pierre says:

    It should be as close to the existing one as possible – that’s the “trademark” of Mint. That ‘readily-identified-logo is what is Mint.

    you wouldn’t see M$ changing it’s ‘butterfly logo’ would you ??.

    It’s Mint Logo – that we are talking about, folks.

    BTW:- and the colour GREEN !.

  18. Yas says:

    The first one was and still rubbish, I never liked it. Specially because of the slogan below, it’s gives really a look rookie and not professional at all for a distro like Mint.

  19. nore says:

    i vote for the second one!!!! It is “just” perfect!!!!!!!

  20. exploder says:

    I like the first logo, it looks like a nice refresh of the old one. I don’t like the lettering in the leaf on the second one. The first one would better retain product recognition.

  21. Vigo says:

    I vote for the first one.

    It rocks with the dark bakground.

  22. freesiete says:

    My vote for the first one

  23. Shane says:

    I guess it’s just me, but I find all these extra embossed/gradient shiny bits just seem a bit… gimmicky, tacky, cheap… far from an improvement, it just seems like overkill.

    However, the second one appears to work it, for some reason. Especially given that it has an option of both a green or silver border, which gives it better versatility for layouts/backgrounds.

    I think the second one would be the clear winner, if it still has the old “LM”, which would better avoid the identity problems (and be more legible.)

  24. Dee'Kej says:

    From the second one glows something like nobless. It’d give your Linux new style, depth and seriousness… ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s just an improvement forward to next level… ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. deep64blue says:

    Keep the 1st one for the Ubuntu based distros and use the second one for Debian.

  26. Ghostrock says:

    I’d vote for the second logo. It looks more like a mint leaf to me.

  27. Carlos Felipe says:

    WOW ๐Ÿ™‚

    For Linux Mint 11, 12…1000

  28. Rodislav Moldovan says:

    +1 for the first

  29. Wouter says:

    My vote for the first one, it look very nice!

  30. Poz says:

    +100 for the second. the shapes might seem odd at first, but to me it seems it could be used to implement DE specific logos.

  31. Vikram says:

    It is important that the logo be unique and consistent so that Linux Mint’s logo can be easily identified from amongst 100’s of different distros. The font can be experimented with easily.
    Logo 1 is a progressive enhancement of the current logo. The ‘L’ and ‘m’ can be easily identified from the logo itself. This is not possible from the 2nd logo. Logo2 is too awkward, with the outer shape devoted to Mint’s current logo, while the inner lettering is abstract.
    I vote for Logo1.

  32. Suo_Eno says:

    +10 for logo in artwork #2 IF it’s combined with #1’s fonts?That way both wins right?

  33. billiecowie says:

    From an artist’s perspective the first has a stronger corporate identity or Brand.While the second may be a better design it’s appeal is more aesthetic and it is less identifiable, in short the first says Mint without having to spell out Linux while the latter demands it.

  34. vuk says:

    I vote for the second one. It looks modern and sleek. It rocks!

  35. George says:

    I like both logos. If I had my choice, i like the first one just a bit more.

  36. WARvault says:

    Don’t really mind either, but I can’t really see what number #2 is/means. Looks like something from a Dan Brown novel

  37. ะกะตั€ะณะตะน says:

    I vote for first.
    It is easier to read and has good communication.

    The second simply floats in the air and not understood by most people who know nothing about Linux Mint.
    Thus, we can modernize the first or give us more examples of the logo:)

    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Inoki says:

    second one, end of discussion. by the way there is one i like more than both, here’s a link to the avatar a user has

  39. billiecowie says:

    From an artist’s perspective the first has a stronger corporate identity or Brand.While the second may be a better design it’s appeal is more aesthetic and it is less identifiable, in short the first says Mint without having to spell out Linux while the latter demands it. The second is simply “pretty.”I agree with Kage, though, the New Logo design needs to reflect any new direction for the software and any competition input should inform people of that.Are you sticking with Ubuntu, emphasising Gnome or Unity or going completely Debian? You appear to be making an Identity Crisis for yourself and for no reason.A new Logo won’t help you define your direction, to the contrary it is the new direction which should define the new Logo.
    I personally don’t understand why you are changing anything before you know where you are going.In the final analysis-” If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

  40. skin27 says:

    I vote for the first one

  41. anup says:

    vote for 2nd one ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Colin says:

    The first one has more strength, structure and is more solid in it’s definition. The second one is light and easily forgotten.

  43. killinjoe says:

    My vote goes to the first one.

    I don’t like that the second one is so different from the old one.

  44. Jerry Hoover says:

    I like the first one the best, because it looks more like the current logo so as not to lose the identity of the distro, it looks very clean and smart.

    I also like the second logo, but, like some other posts have mentioned the “LM” in the logo doesn’t look like an L or M, if this was improved and Linux Mint went to an all Debian base, this could make a case for a bold new look to signify change in the distro.


  45. ะกะตั€ะณะตะน says:
    That is good logo.

  46. lightonflux says:

    Not the first!!!
    But maybe the other.

  47. Kevin Wright says:

    Be careful with the concept of “a fresh look”. Successful companies keep good brands for _decades_ because the know that re-establishing a brand takes a long time. Do not lightly forego the current brand for no reason other than “we feel like doing something that really adds no value”.

    Do be careful with glossy icons, logos, etc. In far too many cases, the gloss/shine is overdone and makes the artwork MORE difficult to look at. The worst examples are buttons/title bars with strong gradients. Strong gradients really make overlaid text hard to read–a light-colored font is hard to read against the light part of the gradient and a dark-colored font is hard to read against the dark part of the gradient.

  48. John H says:

    The first logo is still a Linux Mint Logo, no explanation required. The second logo reminds me that branding is important and needs continuity and instantaneous recognition, so that when you see the logo you understand it by association without asking who, what, where, why, etc., and with out the explicit words “Linux Mint” logo 2 has none of these qualities.
    Same problem as the “new” Pepsi Logo.

  49. Ruben Grimm says:

    I don’t like the first one. It’s too much in my opinion…

    I’m a fan of the second one. If you have to change your logo, choose that one. But I would also say, that such a change should come with another change.

    Perhaps like focussing on LMDE? ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. Orion says:

    I agree with the remarks that the first design is more recognizable (though I like the second a lot). My only criticism is that the “from freedom came elegance” on the first design looks a bit cramped. The space between the words is to close to the space between the letters.

  51. orschiro says:


    that one is indeed impressive. Personally I agree to statements above that it should be at least no complete change of identity and recognition.


  52. Kev says:

    I prefer the symbol in the first one and the font in the second. personally i think it would be better to drop linux and just call the distro mint!

  53. tim says:

    I like the idea to fresh it up ๐Ÿ™‚ like โ€บketanโ€น said the edge|border of #1 is a little thick. The font of #1 is nicer so why not mix both up ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Chris says:

    Can’t wait to get the chance to vote on the updated logos.

  55. Scott says:

    Logo (LM Portion)
    – Vast is more readable. The LM is lost in the Lazar version. If it were more legible I might go for the Lazar version.

    Logo (LinuxMint Portion)
    – I like the Lazar version much better.

  56. ikeluther says:

    The second one is awesome!! I’m a big fan!

  57. Faur says:

    The second one would do great!

  58. Serge Lussier says:

    I am bored of the first one. And since I am myself enjoying anything that changes and evolves, with the second proposition, I think it is a refresh and beautyful logo to mark the evolution of Linux Mint.

    There should be more propositions and maybe better ones (but this one is the very good start) so I think a change is welcome.

    Thank you again for this Linux distribution ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. ace says:

    First one has my vote
    it is shiny and strong

  60. Tom aus Breuberg says:

    To me it’s #1, because I think there should be a continuity in the logo. (Maybe the thickness of the border in the “LM” should be reduced as suggested above).

    #2 has it’s charme too, but the “LM” in the leave is not readable, if you don’t know what to read. At least this has to be improved – maybe only one line between “L” an “M”?


  61. Designist says:

    The community should pick the second one. If you want to attract more users, the second one is more “fluid” and “fresh” like a leaf (like linux). Also a brand new website based on a cms like drupal would be great with refreshing and breath taking colors. Just remind yourself what happened when ubuntu redesigned. Ubuntu is now more attractive and welcoming then the old brown.

  62. eugenio says:

    me to I’m impressed about the second one, but the first is the real identity of LM… so I can suggest a merge between the two logos!

  63. ikeluther says:

    The first logo inspired heaviness, it is much too massive even though it is very well done. This may suggest that the system is a tank. The second suggests the contrary: lightness, maneuverability, modernity … It is only my point of view ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. GR says:

    I vote for the 1st logo for two reasons: 1) It is closer to your current logo, 2) it has a more professional look.

    If someone showed me the 2nd logo out of this context (I’m referring to the Minty logo, not the Linux Mint string), I would not have any idea it referred to Linux Mint…..

  65. funkajja says:

    Stay with the first one. LM should be a brand. A stable,Debian based distri, with the chance to add packets of the own choice sid or testing is to prefer. Good luck Funkajja

  66. kwatson512 says:

    +1 for the first one, but I agree that the border and font should be thinner. I think we need to preserve our brand identity, and this should apply to both LM11 and LMDE. Great work on both!

  67. Maurรญcio Camara says:

    Wow! Some artwork!

    What about a mix?

    I really appreciated the first text logo… with the maturated “leaf” of the second choice.

    Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

  68. BK Singh says:

    My vote goes to the first logo. It’s simply more clear and logical.

  69. o_unico says:

    First logo with leaf design like in the in the second one. But keep the “M” icon. Just lay it to some 45ยบ degrees.

  70. LMUCS says:

    Hold the “old” one or switch to the logo from Vast.
    The logo from Lazar Bogicevic is not good readable, so I dont like it much.
    Thanks for the work!

  71. AKiRa121 says:

    I’m sorry, I respect the work of the artists who made those logos, but I don’t like any.

    I think Mint’s been losing its identity for the last two releases. Wallpapers haven’t been even closer to the beauty and elegance of previous releases, and I think these logos are going away again.

    Just take a look at Henrique Percarati Mint KDE logo, that was oh-boy! beautiful and a natural evolution, it was taken without any doubt by us (Mint KDE users) unlike these.I can see a lot of doubts and divission with these logos.

    I’m sorry, I don’t like them.

  72. Troken says:

    I agree with Kev, the name of the distro could just be “Mint”, drop the “Linux”. More punchy that way.

    I think the first one is too messy so to say. Too many visual effects and layers, it’s not clean enough. Its more or less the old logo with some bling, so I’d rather keep the old one as is.

  73. asymmetros says:

    Between the two of them, i prefer the first. Easy to recognize, keeps the continuity. The second one is very confusing; you have to dig very deep in order to find out the meaning of those lines.
    Now, regarding the first one, i totally agree with orion (#50): the text “from freedom came elegance” looks a lot cramped, there is almost no space between the words.
    My opinion is that this phrase must remain in any case. I take it that it summarizes LinuxMint’s spirit.

  74. Raven says:

    Second, mean the new one !

    I never like the current one, so kinda amateur.
    But at last hope you will change it in new Mint 11!

  75. ะกะตั€ะณะตะน says:

    Needed Changes. New Mint will need introduce in more bright light.
    I think that Gnome 3 will help. And it’s good that you use him.
    You must use the new
    technology. I was very
    impressed and happy when he I
    heard the news that the Mint
    project will move regardless of
    Ubuntu. It would be a very
    good if team the Mint issued a
    separate release author
    OpenOffice. We believe in
    you ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t give up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. JoJo says:

    I don’t like either of them. I would not think if either of them are bringing “new” and “fresh” look. We wouldn’t need to add flashy colours and special effects for the logo. Simple colours and elegant design would speak everything. Like someone suggested, we could dump the word “linux” and just keep “Mint”.

    However, if I have to choose between the given two, I would go for the second.

  77. xcbiker says:

    I love the leaf shape of the 2nd and the font and color of the 1st.
    Compliments to both artists!

  78. fudda says:

    Both look great! I dont really care about the logo as long as the distrobehind it keeps up this magnificant standard!

  79. Old Frog says:

    My personal opinion is to change to the new ones by Lazar Bogicevic. They are excellent.

  80. Verix says:

    I honestly think we can do better than either, they still look plain.

  81. alexi-br says:

    The number 2 logo will remove all the Linux Mint identity. No Chance.

    The actual Linux Mint logo was refined. I vote for number 1 without

    no doubt.

  82. @go says:

    I like the Vast one!!! I don’t like at all the Lazar one… :-/

  83. GR says:

    Altho I voted for #1, I agree with others that it can be improved…especially the tagline where spacing is too tight between words….overall, it’s a bit too cramped….I would ask the designer to revise it if that’s not too costly…

  84. Kittum says:

    I like the first one.

  85. edi says:

    the first one definitely.
    the true linux mint logo, polished and refreshed the right way.
    that’s the way to go.
    we don’t forget our roots, we improve them.

  86. Jaime Frontero says:

    I much prefer the first (Vast) logo.

    Frankly, I am sick to death of logo-designers churning out aesthetically pleasing yet meaningless squiggles that have no bearing at all on the companies they are meant to identify.

    Unless you fancy using slave- and child-labor in some disadvantaged third-world country for all your coding, you don’t really need some nebulous, geek-equivalent analog of the ‘Swoosh’.

    Take a look at the IBM logo sometime – and at the history of it. You’ll never mistake an IBM-branded product for a fishtank, or a car. In the history of the company it’s never been possible to make that mistake – and I feel quite sure that will be the case in any future foreseeable between now and the heat death of the universe.

  87. Al says:

    I like the metallic 3D look of the first one and the subtle “mint leaf” reference in it. Great job!!

  88. Jeff says:

    I agree with Kevin Wright (47) and billiecowie (39): Why change?

    Personally, I like the current logo just fine. If you must make a change then I suppose that option 2 is more aesthetically pleasing. Also, if a change is going to be made, why not just call it “Mint” instead of “LinuxMint”? This is common usage already.

  89. Carl Gerdes says:

    My vote is for the VAST logo. The subtle changes are very nice, with out the loss of identity.

  90. srikant says:

    I am using mint since 9+, even till today Mint-10 has not WVDIAL in the bootable live DVD, this causes problems for the users having USB modems, but yes i know mint-KDE do include wvdial. Please add WVDIAL in Mint-11 Gnome.

    And as logo is concerned, my votes for FIRST one ๐Ÿ™‚


  91. Kichi says:

    The second is way cool !!

  92. eyeleica says:

    I like the original !
    KISS= keep it simple stupid

  93. Imhoteps says:

    2nd logo is definitely pwnzor! Perhaps it should being polished a bit more, but it rocks for sure.

  94. nomadewolf says:

    The second one is AWESOME!!!
    Get it! NOW!!!

  95. Jesse189567 says:

    I was never that impressed with the current design. Is there a reason for a “leaf”? Given the two proposed, I agree with some of the previous comments:

    #2 Giorgio:
    make the two letters [“LM” in second one] more readable

    #9 Subhashish:
    Also the logos should look good in monochrome
    [What do they look like in grayscale (many shades of gray including black and white) and black & white only (two color)? This would be important, for example, in non-color printing.]

    #25 deep64blue:
    Keep the 1st one for the Ubuntu based distros and use the second one for Debian.

    #33 billiecowie:
    the second is more aesthetic [but] less identifiable
    [Definitely make the “L” of “LM” more identifiable, and you have a winner; so I guess I prefer the second with changes. Perhaps the lower/left of the leaf could identify the “L” via a different color?]

    Also, let it take time, if necessary, to get it right. Then don’t change it…for 10, 20 years…or ever…to ensure brand identification.

  96. inhuman4 says:

    It took me forever to make out the LM in the logo for the second one. I prefer the first, but the second would be okay if it was toned down a bit.

  97. Mike Freeman says:

    While I like bits and pieces of both designs for different reasons, I have to agree that we don’t need to get rid of our current logo. I don’t think it’s lost its freshness at all.

    If a change is made, my preference would be to just take the *current* logo/font and maybe add a light effect to it (maybe some reflection/3d shaping like #1, but less intense, or a simple shadow like #2). Otherwise, keep the text, font, and leaf logo the same. No need to lose ourselves in unneeded art projects when we can put more effort into getting Mint 11 stable and elegant out the door.

  98. Bobby says:

    I really like the 2nd one. The font really speaks Linux Mint to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Guy says:

    Personally I am a stick in the the mud. Currently I am running Mint 10 with the Felicia theme and background. Its good to see other optoions open but can we still have the older options available in forthcoming releases. Oh and can we have the traditional Mint Menu button back please

    I,ve been working with the distro. since Mint 3.0 Cassandra

  100. ct2193 says:

    Personally, I think the current graphical logo should stay the same. I did however, like the grey Linux / green Mint of the text logo.

    I think the site would look sleek, yet calm and organized if you applied a theme visually similar to default desktop in Linux Mint 7 / 8 / 9. The charcoal grey window boarders would make great menus and footers. Treat the web site like a control panel / desktop of sorts.

    Better enabling the visitor to navigate the site would be a bonus, though I must admit it’s fairly well organized already.

  101. ct2193 says:

    On a side note, please tell me that the next version of Mint won’t follow Ubuntu into defacing the default desktop by replacing Gnome / Kde with Unity. At least not as the default install. Even a choice within the installer to choose which one for the default install, defaulting to the current Gnome?

  102. Adam says:

    I’m not too keen on either one, to be honest.

    The first has too much going on. It’s just a busier version of the current logo. All that shiny metallic stuff reminds me of ’80s action-movie posters.

    The second one’s just odd. It’s too far removed from the current logo to even be identifiable with Mint.

    I say keep the current green-and-white logo. It’s simple, iconic and classy — everything a good, strong logo ought to be. Why ‘fix’ what isn’t broken?

    If anything needs changing, it’s the text that accompanies the logo. You don’t need it. Save the slogan for the welcome screen and the website, and let the logo stand on its own.

  103. Michael Lucky says:

    2nd one, it looks perfect

    first one is too trying

  104. tdockery97 says:

    I agree with others that the second one is basically unreadable. The first one is prettier than the current logo, but still has an old-fashioned feel to it. Personally I still like Troken’s logo the best.

  105. kneekoo says:

    I just love the logo in the first images. The colors look great to me. As for the text, I prefer the one in the second image because it’s closer to the actual “Linux Mint” text. If the second variant would get the color styling of the text in the first picture I think it would look even better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. christopher patrick says:

    love the first one better

  107. awong says:

    I like the first one better; I can identify with Linux Mint more with that one.

  108. Fernando says:

    I preffer the first one, because if we look only to it, the “LM” make an refference to Linux Mint. I can’t see that on the second one.

  109. Deluxe says:

    I much prefer the 2nd one.

    Either keep the actual one (which is good) or use the second one. Either way it would be a good idea to use the font from the first design…

  110. Lumenary says:

    Absolutely love the first (top) logo. It modernises the logo without changing it too much.

    The second logo looks great, too, but it’s abstract enough that it could take a while for people to make the association between the logo and “Linux Mint”. It is also somewhat evocative of the old Sun Microsystems logo, with its prominent use of segmented S-shaped and U-shaped symbols. This could work both for and against Mint as a brand.

    Given that Mint already has an established identity, but is still growing in popularity, I would say that the first (top) logo would be (IMHO) the safest and best choice.

    However, if a change is going to be made, now would be the time to do it…

  111. Juan says:

    Another vote for the first one!

  112. flaminglemon says:

    The first logo, but with the second one’s text.

  113. Jens says:

    Definitely the second one! It oozes class!!!

  114. baffle-boy says:

    i liked the FONT and text colours of the second one, but really disliked how the logo didn’t have LM in it… the first one IS very nice, but i’d prefer if linux mint didn’t move in the direction of a metallic theme, too much like mac OSX.

  115. KoHoSo says:

    Both of the artists have done a fine job; much better than I could ever do. However, my “vote” would be to stick with the current logo and lettering.

    On the first rework, I just do not care for the overly shiny effect on the logo. I also do not like how the brand name is run together in lower case making it look like one word even though they are done in two different colors.

    On the second example, the design in the mint leaf looks cool but it does not help in identifying this brand. I also think that taking off the stem makes it lose that extra bit of leafy identity.

    Just on anecdotal evidence, it seems to me that Linux Mint is spreading extremely well among those like myself wanting a distro that just plain works right out of the box and gives one the luxury of learning the deeper things about Linux at one’s leisure. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I see nothing wrong with Linux Mint’s current identity. At least consider what I have to say as somebody that has been involved in many types of marketing over the years…don’t change something just because you can, change something only if it will bring in more people.

    However, as for the Linux Mint website, I do think it could use an overhaul. I would not overdo it but it definitely could use a little more zip. Sure, it gives people all of the information one could ever need. However, when compared to the websites of the other major Linux distros, it does seem a bit drab and might turn some people off. But, like I said, please don’t go nuts on the new design…use the KISS principle. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    All of that being said, I will be fine with whatever is decided by Linux Mint. I’m certainly not going to stop using it and encouraging others to try it just because of a logo or its website. It’s what’s under the hood that really counts, and I give thanks to the computer gods every day for Linux Mint coming into my life and saving me from the eternal damnation of Windows. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  116. Rob Brill (Roberto) says:

    Logo # 1

    The Mint’s logo became more polished now but only one request:
    Ask for Vast or somebody else to let the logo background 100% green.
    No color mixed within the logo background.

    Mint is green
    Green is Mint


  117. Raphael says:

    I’ve always found the first logo quit difficult to integrate into an interface due to its shape. It looks like a printer cartridge seen from the side.

    I personnly prefer much more second logo which is way more sleek and streamlined. The new abstract design inside the logo (letters strokes re-arranged)that reminds me Psion logo, is awesome.

    The new font is definitely more sleek! congrats!

    I personally vote SECOND LOGO without a doubt.

  118. willie42 says:

    In my opinion I like #1 best. #2 looks good but #1 seems to look better to me.

  119. tacoz says:

    the first one… vastly better for sure!

  120. Mike Simms says:

    I’d just continue everything like in Mint 9. Mint is green. This metallic gray color looks like the gravestone of a fine distro. Sux. Why ruin a good thing just for the sake of change?

  121. Mitch says:

    I like the first one because it has so much depth, just like linux mint. I associate depth with elegance and beauty and with the look of things in real life. I also like the metallic look because the word “mint” could be either a leaf or reminiscent of something of value like a coin (coins are minted). Tying many associations together makes a thing memorable. All the associations are positive ones, and the depth helps to give it that extra touch that associates all the positive associations with the vibrancy of life itself. Certainly this vibrancy and beauty remind me of linux mint and that beautiful phrase “From freedom came elegance.” Yet, you could entertain the idea of a shorter statement, easier to remember, and easier to print clearly in a shorter space: Freedom and Elegance. Yet I am completely enamored by the first design. I really like it.

  122. Mitch says:

    Let’s add something here. Why not have people, to emphasize their vote, promise to donate if their choice of logo is chosen. They could give more anytime but just 5 dollars to say “Hey, I really feel strongly about my choice.” That way the choice isn’t bought but it’s a small way to emphasize how strongly they feel, thus allowing a vote but also a way to give a sense of the strength of feeling behind the vote. When I see that number one is chosen I will gladly donate a token amount of 5 dollars. Let’s see how strongly people feel not just how many happen to vote. Larger donations would not be allowed in this vote so no one can say the logo choice was bought. Hey, it’s just a suggestion.

  123. fandi says:

    for me… #2 looks better.

  124. Ceteco says:

    #2 ALL IN!

    From a Graphic Design Standpoint:
    – Its Balanced
    – Constructs something new using the same old elements.
    – Its not boring, because it has dinamism provided by the lines movement!
    – Conveys a more lasting impression than the first one trough the use of more natural progression of curves and shapes.
    – Excellent reduction of the overdone shine.
    – Further abstraction of the leaf makes for an even more easier to remember logo. Also provides a base to create support materials that convey better the mint image.

    If it worths something, studying Graphics Design College Degree.

    The mass effect of everything in #2 its just better by leaps and bounds. Go for it blindlessly!

  125. Anil Kumar says:

    The original one itself is very good and is an identity for Linux Mint for freshness, lively, simpleness etc etc. Both of the above are also good but they can be used as variations. But it is Clem’s and his teams decision to change or not or is there a change required.

  126. Alexio says:

    What do you think about using the both logos? The first one for the Ubuntu-based editions and the second one for the Debian-based LMDE.

  127. Miljenko says:

    I vote for 1st one, it’s known mint logo, easily recognized.

  128. Andreas says:

    I’d vote for the second. Where’s the poll?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. Marc says:

    The first one is a bit too much design for a logo that size.
    The second one looks pretty good but for the average person it is difficult to read an “LM” out of it. The font is superb!
    I would like to see the original logo with the font of the second set. That would look astounding!

  130. Jac978 says:

    I vote to the first one.

  131. Howard Rogers says:

    The second one looks like a bad case of leaf miner.

    Also, the font on the second one is atrocious (no dotted i’s makes It Look Like Someone Doesn’t Know their lowerCASE from Their Uppers; and the final t looks like it’s about to fall over). Horrible.

    The first one looks like the leaf has become a tent. What’s with all this OSX gel-like 3D rubbish anyway?!

    Leave it alone, basically. Dump the ‘from freedom came elegance’, though: I use Mint because it’s highly functional, not because I think it elegant.

  132. A.G. says:

    The second one is beautiful !

  133. Se7enArchangel says:

    I totally agree with AKiRa121 , those two logos are okay . but are they up to my expectations ? absolutely not .. you guys are missing the point here , a good logo isnt about the fancy effects .. the first one is just the old logo with effects , didnt add anything new to it .. and the second one is okay but dont see it as the default logo for Linux Mint , ..
    if you guys are willing to keep up the good reputation that Mint has , I suggest you come up with a better logo.
    Se7en aka Archangel.

  134. Buckster says:


    I really miss the Mint Green too. The dark gray ‘Julia’ stuff looks like a Harry Potter flick.

  135. Robin says:

    I don’t really see what’s better about the second one.
    The first one is a bit nicer than what it is now, except that “From freedom came elegance” looks like one big word there.
    Maybe it’s also time for a new slogan, or maybe to just remove it from the logo…

  136. ibm450 says:

    1st one
    also add it to the start menu. lm10 gnome start menu logo (it looks like a star or flower) look rather, um, lame. its one of the first things i personally change to mintMenu.png

  137. Micah says:

    The ID Linux Mint is already established. I like the border shape of the 2nd option but warn against changing the LM logo too much. I vote for a modification of the border shape and some tweaking. A newbie would never see the LM is the 2nd option.

  138. Aljoriz Dublin says:

    If this was made into a poll between the 2 designs. I’d have my pick on the 2nd one.

  139. H xu says:

    I second the idea of using the 1st one for ubuntu based editions and the second one for debian based editions.

  140. Ethan says:

    I love the second one!

  141. fgh says:

    The first logo with the second font!

  142. Mike says:

    I love Lazar’s! The second one rocks! The first one looks fine on its own, but I wouldn’t even call it an incremental improvement over the current logo. In fact it even busies the logo a bit too much in my opinion.

    I also support the movement to rename the distro simply “Mint.” What a great idea!

  143. Carl says:

    I love the second one =] the way the design on the leaf looks like an m and maybe the hint of an l before it when you turn you head is very nice!

  144. Joerg D. says:

    Now, I think I have to “vote” too:
    1st one! – of course. This logo is well known, I like it since years and it is a traditional familiar sign or icon on all my desktops…
    Yes – improve it, looks nice, but…please don’t change it.

  145. Potato says:

    First one.

  146. Ceteco says:

    It’s hard to take a very familiar image and ask “how could we do this better?” Sure it isn’t to everyone’s liking, but nothing is.
    — Inspired in Martin Pilkington words.

    It WORKS better. #2 Its the way to go.

  147. Aledesign says:

    Honestly I do not like any of the 2 proposals. He was wearing all my attention on designs that can be viewed here:

    I especially liked these two proposals:

    I think these variants give a certain freshness to the current logo. Sure it is possible to improve them, perhaps with some effect.

  148. mack says:

    i love the second logo very much wish i can install it right now on mint 10 i guss logos should be given in software manager with new themes

    what mint lacks is less themes they at least create one new theme for mint every month or quarterly that gives mint edge over other distro’s

    what average people want is ease of use, stability, eyecandy looks and decent security by default if mint can maintain all …it rocks

    i dont say they change every 3 month their looks but at lease they can provide themes and wallpaper in their software menu so those who like to change they can …………where in core mint stick with its default gnome rock solid base and menu-looks without changing its menu……etc they are perfect (ie different theme icons mint-menu-colors mint-menu-background looks ….wallpaper …..etc without compromising real mint)



  149. mack says:

    i like 1st logo as well i look very elegent and maintain mint old style and class 1 logo very classy

    where 2nd is new and fresh and eye catchy best thing i suggest that what i suggest before mint should provide themes with these logos and let user to decide it make every one happy even artist :))

  150. Logos says:

    There are no technical rules for designing logos. A good logo is onethat can easily be recorded in our memory and captures ourattention and that should be associated with the company vision.

  151. clucker says:

    the first logo is way too shiny and shoots brightness like little spears of death ๐Ÿ˜›

    second has a better color palette, but way too abstracted like a noodle with the wiggling.

    one problem of using highlights is that contrast becomes an issue and heavy abstraction loses the meaning of the “lm”. however, combine the color palette and treatment of subtleties in the second with a less contrasty version of the first and you’ve got an awesome logo that says “I’m Mint, I’m Free, and I’m not a half-baked Apple clone!”

  152. hamburn says:

    If you wish to change anything, I would prefer
    #1. It represents clearly Linux Mint, just with the wording “From Freedom came elegance”. That is Mint.

    #2 are only unreadable wild lines to me, which represent nothing. Someone who doesn’t know Mint can’t identify it by that logo.

    To change a well known logo, that has gained prestige over the time, only because of the wish to change something, doesn’t stand for seriousness and respectability.

    Mint has a name to lose. From Freedom Came Elegance. Don’t destroy it.

  153. Pavlo says:

    First one is much better.

  154. z0mb1e says:

    The second one is definitely better.

  155. Kai says:

    I absolutely love the second one, it kinda looks like a leaf but the squiggles sorta suggest “LM”. I always preferred the Ubuntu & Kubuntu logos to the current Linux Mint logo but that second one up there is really original as opposed to just initials “LM”. I think it would also go nicer on the KDE “Start Button” ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Brandon says:

    I vote for the first logo, very refined and clean. The second one doesn’t make the connection with me.

  157. frenchy says:

    Realy like the second one. A Leaf, no real letters = a sign !
    could be for LMDE suggesting by other, and writting LMDE in the same maner could be really fun too!

  158. Bruce R says:

    Natural progression – first logo
    Dramatic change – second logo

  159. John M. says:

    I agree with ketan (#7) “i like first one also, but the border i feel is too thick including the font thickness.” I also would not like to loose the slogan “From Freedom Came Elegance”. It is the heart of Linux Mint.

  160. Lady Quindecim says:

    Okay, where is that “tweet this” button. ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. reference2myself says:

    I like the shape of the second one because it doesn’t have the square part in the top left corner, but the LM is not at all visible, I think the current LM font used and the one on the top image are better.

  162. borgio3 says:

    I prefer the first one.

    Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. manny says:

    Both logos have lots of merit and deserve to be taken into consideration, however in my opinion, the first one is the best of the 2 because represents better the current one and a drastic change is not desirable.

  164. cosmo says:

    There’s no need to change. Stay with the current logo.

  165. Superdurt says:

    The second one! I don’t like the current one; I use the LM leaf I found via Google. By changing it to the second one makes me reconsider my change.

  166. joseph says:


  167. Daniel says:

    I like the first one! looks more simple

  168. mockturtl says:

    Would they permit their designs to be combined? Vast’s logo with Lazar’s text looks very classy. It accentuates the “LM.”

  169. Elvargius says:

    I like the logo referred in ะกะตั€ะณะตะน’s post (post 45). It is, sweet, simple, aesthetic, and to the point.

  170. TROY says:

    I guess I like the first one the best. I thought about it for a long time because I think that it is important,

  171. Dave Sherrah says:

    Leave all you’re Logo alone,and improve on other things .

    I do have other Ideas

  172. abz says:

    This is my first post on an LM forum. I’ve been using LM on and off since its first release.

    The only thing I thought LM could do better, is its logo.

    A logo is like a reflection of the amount of perfection in the work.

    Seriously, the current logo, lacks a “professional” touch. I really like the second Lazar Bogicevic’s logo . It makes LM stand out, is does LM justice.

    I’m sure LM would go places, and a new, better looking logo, would only add to the grandeur of it all.

    Changing the logo to something better, is a very good idea. Please do it.

  173. S. Merchant INDIA says:

    I would not change my logo. its Linux mints identity. a identity of continuity.. you can change text of Linux mint..

  174. Marc Smit says:

    I like these logos but what is wrong with the current logo Linux Mint have always an very nice logo so don’t change too much and keep the very good work up.

  175. Herman says:

    Second one get looks awesome

  176. ReckouNT says:

    Just leave it as it is

  177. ropetili says:

    I propose to choose the logo that looks like the most about the current identity. In this case, the logo of the first image.
    PS: Clem, add a poll?

  178. sijoy says:

    I am very much impressed by the second one…Bravo Lazar Bogicevic!!
    This will be a nice move to have a refreshing new look for a highly potent OS

  179. Subhashish says:

    Second thoughts:

    I think the second logo is not that impressive as I thought it to be and the team should wait till the ideal, prefect logo is designed.

    I agree with #95 Jesse189567 on the things he pointed out but with ‘monochrome logo’ I meant that the logo must be like the ubuntu logo (top left corner on the panel) – white on dark panels and dark on light panels and not like the one that currently sits beside the ‘Menu’ of the mintMenu launcher.

  180. Antonio Alcides says:

    El LOGO mas lindo es el segundo. Es hora de cambiar.-

  181. Silent Warrior says:

    I see what you mean about the second logo being handier, but I don’t really like the stuff in the leaf… I agree with Subhashish that it’d be best to wait for other designs.

  182. sefudien says:

    I vote for the first one.. looks awesome..

  183. boboysdadda says:

    I prefer flashy this font with a cleaned up x would be amazing to me. But I like over the top. My work btw

  184. Sly says:

    Stick with the 1st one. I strongly identify with it. It’s strong, clean and efficient. The second one is too artistic to be a brand logo.

  185. David says:

    I like the 1st one, too.

  186. Tuxor says:

    I prefer the first one

  187. Johannes Schmidt says:

    Still using Mint 9, I like its boot splash very much. Slim and elegant font.

    As for proposed logo #1: 3D here, 3D there, 3D everywhere. They have it, we must have it. Why was that again?

    As I don’t understand the proposed logo #2, I don’t like it at all. It’s anything, but not Mint.

    Also, the green shades are not the Mint ones. They are grass green, not mint green.

    What was the problem with the current logo again?

  188. Ben says:

    From the “Constructive Opinion Department”: I rather not be a contrarian, but I have a different take on the logo. I subscribe to the school of design that says it’s great if a logo looks like sexy eye-candy, but the first priority of its design should be to convey what the logo truly represents. What is the message of the current mint leaf theme? Does it convey optimal and intuitive meaning? In the case of LM, both the tag-line/slogan and it’s main value proposition via other distro’s is that “from freedom can elegance”. I can list a dozen ways that LM embodies “freedom” and “elegance”. But the most significant seems to me, IMHO, is that individuals across the globe are contributing to the world’s most elegant, flexible and accessible OS (period). Additionally, the perspective that “the whole (LM) is greater than the sum of it’s parts (contributions)”. All that being said, how does a representation of a shiny leaf with two (meaninglessly?) connected letters (LM) embedded inside the leaf convey the key purpose, activities and main selling points of “Freedom” and “Elegance”? While the proposed logos might look pretty and elegant to many of you, it seems somewhat empty in meaning and purpose other than to look cool and distinctive. LM is anything but *just* a pretty face. Additionally, the distinctiveness here is questionable, since there’s a popular financial web service site called “Mint” that prominently uses the mint leaf for it’s logo. OK, two last thoughts: take a look at the collection of exemplary logos at Secondly, I have some thoughts on an alternative design that is very different, but,of course, that I think is way better :-/ Is there any interest in entertaining very different ideas from the current logo theme? I’m not a super great artist, (I design UI requirements and layouts professionally) but I can sketch my ideas sufficiently that perhaps a more artistic Fan of LM could help beautify and professionalize it? Just some earnest thoughts. Oh, and BTW, to those of you who have made Linux Mint possible, THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. Ben says:

    Oh, dwats! I guess in my case today, my Freedom begot a silly typo. Obviously, it should have read “comes” not “can”…Oops. (Chuckle. Sigh). I am sooo human…

  190. Vika Elyka says:


  191. Jacmoe says:

    I prefer the second one. It’s more elegant.

    Because it’s better and because the current logo reminds me too much of the nVidia logo.

  192. dodgefan67 says:

    i like the first one, just update the already great Mint logo, dont completely change it

  193. dfhifj says:

    I have never really understood the slogan… And I don’t think you should be changing the logo too radically, you gotta think about the brand…

  194. Ray Woods says:

    I do like the first logo, by Vast and, the font used in the title (Linux Mint), by Lazar Bogicevic is wonderful, different and clear. Can’t we combine these together?

  195. stephan says:

    i absolutely do not like the second one – way too complex and way too much change.

    the first one does what everyone seems to be into – adding some shine and reflections.

    but what the hell – mint is just a few years old. you cannot build a brand if you change your logo every few years. and the current one is nice and simple. i vote for no change at all.

  196. stephan says:

    has apple ever changed it’s apple? has bmw ever changed the graphics of its blue and white logo? the more i look at those logos the more i think it is dead wrong to change your logo and those logos are definitly not good enough to justify such a move.

    develop a mint-font if you need.

  197. Guest says:


    I chose the first one.

    Border should be removed.

    If not should be 1 pixel thinner.

  198. Old Frog says:

    [quote] 186. # stephan Says:
    March 11th, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    has apple ever changed itโ€™s apple? has bmw ever changed the graphics of its blue and white logo? the more i look at those logos the more i think it is dead wrong to change your logo and those logos are definitly not good enough to justify such a move.

    develop a mint-font if you need.

    Actually, yes, they HAVE changed their design of the apple. [img][/img]

    Same as the second logo. If people would OPEN their eyes and ACTUALLY see it. Then they would SEE the LM for Linux Mint CLEARLY.

  199. jariadi says:

    yes .we need to change linuxmint logo, both its cool….., but i think they look old and to complicated….. its must be look sinple and modern.also timeless

  200. nerjamartin says:

    I like the actual, and the propose made by elav… but if I must to choose between these two I prefer the first one…

  201. ginjabunny says:

    I like the first, but the second not so much

  202. Lkzwieder says:

    The second is impressive, we have a distro what changes every six month… if we made the change right now in one year the first logo cannot be remembered.

    How many people uses Gloria or Helena??? ok, thats your answer. A logo in a distro it is something you see every day, in every place… with the new version of Mint maybe feel extrange the first two month… but in the version 12 the second logo will be established.

    The Second Rocks!

  203. Seiryu says:

    First one looks more classy; futuristic. Second one is more confusing.

  204. David Oliveira says:

    Love the first one!

  205. Komboy says:

    Come on, what’s wrong with the original vintage LinuxMint?
    It’s simple, beautiful and marketable.

    If you’re talking about redesigning PCLinuxOS logo, now that’s something I truly truly understand.

  206. Rhane says:

    I like the first logo more, because it looks closer to a leaf than the second, which is too schematic.

    However, the font [not the one in the leaf] used in the second logo is more elegant, I would suggest a creation that uses the best parts in both logos.

    Keep up the good work!

  207. justmyopinion says:

    The first logo is better. It is easier to identify with linux mint when quickly looking at it. The second one looks like a logo for something called greenleaf.

  208. karrar says:

    the first is more professional . but still needs some work
    it could look better ,
    my vote for the first

  209. acoromi says:

    I vote for the fist logo. I think i retains better the mint “spirit” than the second one.

  210. Glen says:

    I liked the first design.

  211. Eramok says:


  212. JohnF says:

    Here’s an alternative Mint Logo I think would work:

  213. James says:

    If you’re going to think about rebranding – then why not ditch the ‘linux’ and just call it ‘mint’?? I think the second logo plus the word ‘mint’ would be perfect. I think a lot more people would get involved then, as many newbies are put off by the word ‘linux’

  214. beasonhill says:

    Like the first one it should keep close to the old one.

  215. Hawkeye_52 says:

    There are elements of both that are attractive. I lean toward the first. Linux Mint has risen quickly, and with just cause, to be a highly appreciated and recognisable distro in the world. There should be something significant to cause a shift from that. That being said, I feel the both the border of the logo and the letters inside the logo should be thinner. Linux Mint doesn’t need to be ‘big, bad, and bold’ in visual presentation; it’s quality and effectiveness says everything. Also, I really live keeping the slogan visible, unless you are considering dropping it altogether.

    For me, I will use Linux Mint, if it shows up in lavender and fuchsia!

  216. Twodogs says:

    First one. Without a doubt.

  217. Luis Solano says:

    I like more the first one

  218. opeter says:

    Actualy, whatever logo will be choosen for the final brand, get rid of the wet floor effect.

  219. thartist says:


  220. Gustavo Roselli says:

    i like the second one itโ€™s more nice

  221. metamorphousthe says:

    I like the second one. I think it’s time to come up with something new new

  222. wilkybar says:

    i like them both. could you add the first logo into the leaf of the second logo?. that would look good

  223. Think_About_It says:

    “You can never make the ‘hard decisions’ too soon,\ KISS philosophy number two”

  224. Morpheus says:

    Wow! Like the first better of the two, as it seems the leaf in two is more tagging than saying LM, IMO. But I REALLY like the one in the link Inoki posted. It ROCKS! In case you missed it, Here’s the link:


  225. Selden says:

    #1. It’s a logical evolutionary move, and very “crisp.”

  226. spelingchampeon says:

    I think the 1st logo is more indicative of the L and M and should be used simply for recognition purposes. The 2nd logo leaf, while stylish, does not reflect the LM very well. Looks more like a symbol than letters, and hard to figure out what it would mean if you did NOT know it was Linux Mint.

  227. IT-FishGuy says:

    While both have good appeal, I prefer the first one as it keeps with the original moniker. Too much change usually isn’t so great look at M$ and their constant change of doing daily tasks. Second one is interesting though as it actually resembles a mint leaf. Might be able to use it as an alternative theme within the OS. You could change if you choose another direction from Ubuntu, but I think that would lend to more confusion. Just my 2 cents.

  228. Jeff says:


    Great job! Those are some wonderful designs. If a change is going to be made then they should certainly be considered or incorporated into the new logo.

  229. Magnus says:

    First one !!!!

  230. maesehn says:

    I prefer the first one with no hesitation: it is more modern, it has more impact. The only problem is the fonts used, they should be more elegant: the one used for LinuxMint text is “brutal/heavy” too much and the second one is “casual” too much. There’s also a big problem with spacing between words in the “from freedom came elegance” text! And maybe the LM logo letters should be more “white” to create a better contrast on the green background.
    IMO, the second logo is not good for many reasons: the overall shape (square with two opposite rounded corners) is “already-seen-everywhere” contrary to the actual logo which has a very original shape, very personnal. The “metal-style” border is not as good as the one in the first logo. The overall logo is too symetrical. The “white snake” (supposed to be the LM letters, isn’t it?) is absolutely unreadable. And last but not least, i really dislike the “MacOS reflection” under the logo, LinuxMint doesn’t have to mimic the Apple style as Ubuntu does, LinuxMint have its own style and that’s what i like. The only good thing is the font: it reminds me simplicity, elegance, purity and is easy to read.

  231. JBHoren says:

    I agree with #110 — I was an early-adopter of SunOS (v3.2) in 1988, and the proposed new Linux Mint logo (#2) immediately reminded me of the Sun Microsystems logo. Let’s not go there… the original logo (#1), with the displayed enhancements, is fine. “Brand recognition” is not something to be changed on a whim… it ain’t broke, so don’t “fix” it!

    My $0.02… YMMV!

  232. iweb says:

    First one.

  233. Arturi says:

    Don’t change!

  234. Maurรญcio Camara says:

    Hum… what about a pool? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Vast and Lazar Bogicevic did some artwork! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  235. Arun Haridas says:

    Please change the current green color! No one likes it !

  236. Juan Matรญas Olmos says:

    +100 for the first!
    I like the second one, but the first is more mint!

  237. JD says:

    I like the first logo better.

    It’s sleek, elegant and updated, but obviously not too far a departure from the original, and it’s readily identifiable with the “L” and “M” in “Linux Mint”.

    The second one is attractive, but I can’t connect the dots between it and the brand; it requires more work from the viewer. It would be one thing if Mint had started out with it, but I think it would seem a bit awkward to switch to something like that in midstream after all this time.

  238. NewW2 says:

    The first logo is my pick. I agree with all the reasons stated by exploder. In particular I don’t like the lettering on the second logo. I can just see people looking at the second logo with a head tilt.

  239. JAHGoVeg says:

    omg like everyone voted. lol i vote for the second one just so fresh.

  240. Tomek says:

    DON’T MAKE IT SHINY LIKE FIRST ONE, its NOT elegant, its cheap. Make mat colors and simple shapes. Definitely second one is more elegant and way better!

  241. JAAP says:

    Should Mint change its logo?
    No, if there is not really an important change in the project. To improve web resources is not really such case.

    Would be interesting to created a new logo now?
    Yes, if you apply a new logo for Debian project and put an effort to evolve such flavor. This is something new and it seems to me the only way Mint can go beyond Ubuntu.

    First alternative logo is unpleasant to view.

    Second alternative logo is not easily identifiable with “Linux Mint”. Please remember we are not “Mint” but “Linux Mint”.

    Try another one!

  242. devlin says:

    I like the first logo the best therefore my vote gos to the first logo.

  243. Gyges says:

    The second one is great, looking like a symbol at first glance, revealing the letters l & m at second glance.

  244. neoshock says:

    Call me crazy, but I like the current logos better than both of those logos. The original logo makes it easier to integrate it with many different elements if needed to, from background images of a wallpaper, or print material. I’m all for changing to improve, but I think neither of these do that

  245. Roberts says:

    I prefer Vast’s logos’s (the 1st set). A nice freshening for the current logo. The squiggly lines of the 2nd logo do not intuitively communicate to a new user that it represents the words “Linux Mint”.

  246. says:

    i like the first one

  247. merelyjim says:

    I like the first of the two better, but excellent work done on both!

  248. azurea says:

    I vote for the second one, it’s really cool!

  249. JD says:

    I like the first one better.

    The second one is attractive, but requires a bit more work for the viewer. The first one is more readily identifiable with Mint.

  250. JD says:

    I like the first one better.

    The second one is attractive, but requires a bit more work for the viewer. The first one is more readily identifiable with Mint.

    I like the old font style better, though. The lettering on the new one is bit stocky and squat, not as elegant as the old, slender lettering.

  251. Koninator says:

    Don’t fix thinks, which aren’t broken!

  252. hibuna says:

    keep the old one!

    Or take the second one if you must (but make letters more readable)! (the first one is nice but too shiny and I don’t like that it appears to be a bent piece of plastic…)

    Why not make a proper poll?

  253. Nippon says:

    Second one much better
    So fresh, minimalistic, modern.
    Remember that only cow don’t change point of view ๐Ÿ˜‰

  254. Hoffmann says:

    The first is from far better.

    The second is too minimalist and yet confusing.

  255. Carl Gerdes says:

    I would like to hear comments on the idea of dropping ‘Linux’ from the logo. For me MINT says it all. And the more I look at the second logo the more I like it. It is new, fresh and yet unmistakably it says MINT.

    I don’t think we are ready for a pool yet – as lets make sure we explore all the options and ‘get it right.’

  256. Joshua Kiley says:

    I like the idea of dropping “Linux” altogether and just being called “Mint”

    I like both, they are stunning, but I’m inspired to try and create one myself, because I don’t think either do enough justice to the “From freedom came elegance” theme…

    Though, no disrespect to the authors, they’re gorgeous.

  257. idiot101 says:

    The second one.

  258. Cippaciong says:

    I prefer the second one but as billiecowie previously said in comment #38 the first one points out clearly that we’re talking about Linux Mint.
    As a compromise I would use the first logo with the font of the 2nd.

  259. Chris says:

    I like the first one. It has got the old logo with a more modern look and feel about it.

  260. Gramps says:

    I guess I am old school and I like the 1st set which was a remake of the original logo. That logo in my opinion is established and though it can be improved as Vasi did it should retain the original look.

    1. Says who we are with the LM een if the rest isn’t seen

    2. Nice design but don’t see how it relate to Linux MInt without the wording. Maybe in time it would become reconisible as our curremt one but it would be like starting over.

    Both artist did great work and thank you both for your work.

  261. Tim says:

    The first one all the way. It is still the old logo, still recognizable, and yet it is new and modern. That makes it the best of both worlds.

    I personally don’t see the appeal in the second one. I mostly agree with what comment 255.

  262. Leo says:

    Either one is fine! Good work.

  263. Corbin says:

    The 1st Icon is very nice, the 2nd is hideous. However, the logo [Text] on the 2nd is not bad, maybe better than 1st Text. Please use first ICON above all.

  264. weike says:

    I think the first one it sample and nice!

    and Mint should keep its style! the seconde one is too confuse!

  265. kaddy says:

    The First one is Far Better

  266. machinebacon says:

    as long as you *finally* change the ugly linuxmint font, i’m game!

  267. HarryButt says:

    Neither of these two are bad.
    But the second serves the term “logo” better in my opinion.
    You could easily make it monochromatic black&white, which makes it very usable for letterheads and many other things!

  268. Birendra says:

    When we say “not bad” it means we are judging critically. To say “good” has a sense of appraisal. I am new to linuxmint and quite impressed with the complete OS. For me the first image(logo) is good enough and has Corporate message in it while the second one is undoubtedly artistic. The 1st can have the Text showing mirror reflection as in the 2nd image.And also, colours are essential for life
    If any improvements are to be made it is in the first image.I Liked the first image.

  269. Troken says:

    There is nothing like a logo-contest when it comes to engage people. So many different opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

  270. Joe-1 says:

    To me both look like they could use some work;

    #1 – don’t like the fact that it relies completely on color; it’s true that a good logo also works monochrome

    #2 – don’t like much the font used for the LM; it’s not readable enough.

    On the other hand I really like the work done by @Aledesign in response #147

    Perhaps we should do a poll vote on more concepts ?

  271. Richard Castle says:

    I think the second design is the better of the two.Works well as desktop background.

  272. Akashtaker001 says:

    Guys go for the second one it is really refreshing & cool will certainly make a worthy successor of current classic logo.

  273. Jeremy says:

    I personally do not care for the idea of a re think of the logo. Too many companies have lost following because they get too wrapped up in change. I start to question where the groups focus is when they worry about the appearance more than the content.
    That said I would vote for the first if i had to.

  274. JP says:

    Love the second one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  275. SE7EN says:

    I vote for the fist logo.

  276. cesar says:

    me gustaria tener elecciones del logo a usar!!!

  277. vash says:

    voting for the first one. Even if the second had a better idea in general, the quality of the first is better

  278. Microsalm says:

    Ditch the LM in the logo. Just use the leaf in a matte fashion with a nice silver border only. Keep the border small and tight. Emboss the border to make the center look sunken in a little.

    A simple logo can be used as small or large as you like. Add the words as needed for staionary, titles etc..

  279. Eugen says:

    Both are great, i suggest the first one because is Mint identity but, i wood change it with the leaf shape from the second, is not a big change, it will bring some refreshments and also will keep stability in identity.

  280. Wr4tH says:

    +1 for the second logo, looks more modern, refreshing. I think it suits Linux Mint better, changing isn’t a bad idea since you now maintain LMDE which is really great!! Maybe writing the L and M separately on the leaf would be better, making LM actually readable.

  281. wahyu says:

    i prefer the 2nd logo.
    its look nice and fresh…

  282. chad says:

    I like the first one

  283. Ken Harkey says:

    I like the current logo and don’t really see the NEED to change, but if it comes down to it and yall decide to change then for sure Lazars icon (second one) would be preferable

  284. Stormtamer says:

    Please take a deeper look at morpheus (224) link of inokis draft at:

    The form given is excellent. Although the label is more readable.
    How about switching to it?

  285. Ciel says:

    i like the second one ๐Ÿ™‚

  286. Maniak says:

    Dont change the logo. All like you on you going to first place, why change what is really working and is good? Second logo is if you try make India company look japanies.

  287. Warmonger says:

    I think Linux Mint should alter their appearance to a black and green style. A black and green site using the first logo would be sweeeet!

  288. pravin says:

    i like the second one

  289. marlin says:

    I like the second logo (just the leaf part) since it’s a whole new design and not a rehash, but the rehash of the original logo (first design) along with the font are too good to not use.

    My vote is for the first one.

  290. Federico says:

    1st one, all the way.

  291. geminga says:

    I made a logo too. Tell me if you like it or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  292. Francesca says:

    @Geminga: I like it!
    If I should choose between the first two I would keep the actual logo. The second doesn’t keep the soul of the project and the second it’s too Glossy. The Geminga one it’s very cool and fresh!

  293. rhossack says:

    I like the first one … but I also like that geminga made … nice!

  294. biswarup says:

    The first one is very good as a hardware logo. The second one will look good on splash screens, gdm,etc.

  295. geminga says:

    Thank you guys. I think that Linux Mint needs a corporate identity. Everyone knows that the twirl is Debian and a circle with three dots is Ubuntu, star is Mandriva……
    I tried to do this with the mint leaf. So, if someone will see the leaf he will know it is Linux Mint.


  296. vellu says:

    No no no
    Simplify! 2 to 4 colors are enough.

  297. garak says:

    @geminga: It’s very nice! A peppermint leave as dot over an i is a very good idea.

  298. M_Mynaardt says:

    They’re both very nice indeed! I would go with the second design by a slight margin. It is a bit more distinctive and I think it catches your attention a little more because the LM isn’t quite so obvious as the first.

  299. TheThirdOption says:

    Apart from the first logo i very much liked

  300. JFS says:

    and…mixing the contrast, silvery of first logo and the “Extrange LM like serpent” of the second?

  301. Vince says:

    If we’re voting, I’ll vote for the first one. Don’t have a reason, just like it better.

  302. Indigo says:

    There are elements to both that are excellent… however I do prefer the 1st one with the distinctive LM lettering.

    Suggestion: How about using leaf design similar to second and soften/thin the lettering and border a little in 1st. And get rid of caption. It’s not needed I don’t think.

  303. Indigo says:

    biswarup – I like your idea of a hardware logo – I’d have them on my computers for sure… especially with the silver look.

    Hmmm would look cool on a keychain too. Silver/chrome and green enamels with epoxy on the top to give it a nice shiny protective coat.

  304. Josh says:

    I love the second one. You guys should open up a poll if you do decide to change your logo. I don’t exactly have a problem with the current design, but I am a big believer in refreshing things.

  305. Jens says:

    I prefer the first one. Looks great IMO ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  306. Juan says:

    I like the old one… is very simple and elegant.

  307. LMUser says:

    I Currently have my menu logo changed to a modified Atari logo i made. I’d trade that for the second one. But perhaps the gloss of the first one can be used on the second?

  308. greywalk says:

    neither is good.

    I think the biggest problem of all Mint logos is that they are too massive. Much more massive than the letters.
    Take a look at the logos of other distros – they are elegant. The Mint’s logos have never been so. Just big. Green. Massive.

    I think if the developers do intend to change the logo – they should better announce a (new) contest for logos – I’m sure there are talented Mint users that would contribute a better logo =)

    I also think that changing the bad to better is not โ€œwe feel like doing something that really adds no valueโ€.

    Even if the leaf is the symbol, please make it elegant =)

  309. George says:

    Good comments. I do like the second logo. Great job to the artist.

  310. Herbert says:

    Whow, i vote for the second one!

  311. grimdestripador says:

    I like the LM readable in the icon. Although the new one looks cooler, i can’t read it.

  312. Andrew says:

    There’s an old slogan that goes like this: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I’m sorry, I love Mint, but every time there’s some kind of improvement on this version, more and more functionality is lost…..with LM10, my Alps touchpad doesn’t have all of its functionality i.e. (not being able to right click to resize windows and/or making Firefox borders bigger…I have to use a wireless mouse which I don’t like doing) and there are too many glitches with KDE 4.6…it has a tendency to crash a lot. It’s like the standards keep going up to make things run or work…just like Win Vista. I had LM 10 on my Dell Latitude D810, but switched back to 9 because there are to many things that don’t work….I couldn’t even do a crash report because it said there was insificiant information or the fact that I couldn’t remember what I was doing to even give any kind of info. Mind you, I appreciate all the hard work that goes into LM, I would just like the devs to listen a little more intently to us as to drivers…Alps works great in LM9…able to use all functions…10 would have been better if they stuck to 9’s drivers for everything to work correctly. If and when LM11 come out? would you please consider putting the LM9 drivers for Alps Dual Point Touchpad back

  313. Jean says:

    The second logo is the best!

  314. msx says:

    Go for the improved one ;-D

  315. elektronikabersama says:

    I also liked the second logo
    With a brand new logo and it felt more mint leaves

  316. Kirk M says:

    I believe a poll is in order. Include the two logos in the post of course as two of the possible choices in the poll plus a third choice of “Keep current logos” but I’d also strongly recommend adding the logos mentioned in comment 147 (Aledesign) as possible choices as well sans the KDE version shown in the examples. KDE’s current logo is pretty much fine the way it is imho. But the proposed logos for LM and LMDE as referenced in comment 47 are worth serious consideration.

    My two cents anyway.

  317. Dean L says:

    I also think that a poll is in order…both look amazing..I have a hard time between the two….I agree with the comment that if Mint stays with Ubuntu base–keep the 1st one & if Mint heads back towards Debian more in the future keep the 2nd one.

  318. Olav says:

    I like the feel of the first one, and the design of the second one.

    Anyway, as for a new logo, I would really love to see someone play around with this concept:
    Especially the second counting from the bottom of the first page.

    And just take a look at the lovely distrowatch mock up on the third page.

  319. Sasan says:

    Second one of course!

  320. Radexw says:

    I like the first one.

  321. masterbarragan says:

    The first logo us the best!

  322. Rarsa says:

    The first one looks cleaner and clearer. The only problem is that the same shades that make it look better will get lost at lower color depth.

    Most great logos are two at most three colors including the white.

  323. Rarsa says:

    Here are examples.

  324. John Gwinn says:


  325. Christopher Small says:

    I prefer the second one to the first.

    I agree that major changes in logo are best accompanied by major changes is underlying mechanics, but the first one comes off as too flashy/chromy. I don’t really care for it, and actually prefer the current logo.

    The second one is sleek, elegant, fresh and attractive, which I think is EXACTLY what Linux Mint is all about.

  326. Zhiping Zhang says:

    I like the second one!

  327. Jamal P P says:

    The second one is good, I liked it. But old is gold…

  328. Francesco says:

    It would not be a bad idea to use an ambigram logo.
    Something like this :

    What I created is in black and white but just to understand what I meant.

    This image can be turned upside down and you always have LM.

  329. banjoboye says:

    Gentle Folk,
    Mint is worthy of a much wider user base. Any unneeded abstraction of the LM on the current logo seems to me too obscure. Although a nice effort and delicious food for thought, Lazar has modified the LM into a new language that no one can understand, other than the existing choir of Mint Users (bless them.)
    I strongly recommend adherence to the most simple, comprehensible statement. Vast’s polished version of the current logo is better marketing.
    Be well.

  330. Noรฉ Glez. says:

    I really like the #2. I don’t like the slogan below in the #1. In any case both are good designs.

  331. HaTeMe says:

    The first one is better imo.
    More shiny and more Colorful, the less Colors makes LM looking old.

  332. Dan Lake says:

    Both are at least great, but first is greater.

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