Linux Mint 8 “Helena” released!

Written by Clem on Saturday, November 28th, 2009 @ 6:53 pm | Main Topics

The team is proud to announce the stable release of Linux Mint 8 Helena.

Quick steps:

  • Download the ISO or the torrent.
  • While it’s downloading take an overview of the new features and make sure to quickly go through the known issues.
  • After the ISO is downloaded verify the MD5.
  • Burn the ISO at low speed and enjoy Linux Mint 8.

Introduction to Linux Mint 8:

The 8th release of Linux Mint comes with numerous bug fixes and a lot of improvements. In particular Linux Mint 8 comes with support for OEM installs, a brand new Upload Manager, the menu now allows you to configure custom places, the update manager now lets you define packages for which you don’t want to receive updates,the software manager now features multiple installation/removal of software and many of the tools’ graphical interfaces were enhanced.

This is just a summary of the new features coming with Linux Mint 8. For a complete overview of the new features, please read: “What’s new in Linux Mint 8 Helena”.

Introduction to the Universal Edition:

The Universal Edition is a customized version of the Main Edition with the following differences:

  • It comes as a liveDVD instead of a liveCD
  • It comes with built-in support for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese/Br, Portuguese/Pt, Arabic, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Galician, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovenian, Catalan, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Marathi, Norwegian [nynorsk], Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hindi, Finnish, Hebrew, Serbian, Belarussian, Basque and Bosnian.
  • It comes with no codecs, no support for restricted formats and no proprietary components.
  • It features an extra item in the Sound & Video menu which launches the installation of all missing codecs via a built-in .mint file

The purpose of the Universal Edition is to bring a localized live system to non-English speaking users of Linux Mint and to facilitate the distribution of Linux Mint in countries where software patents are enforceable (USA, Japan).

System requirements:

A minimum of 512MB of RAM is recommended. Once installed the system works fine with as low as 256MB RAM. The installation process deals with 2.5GB of data compressed on a 700MB CD and it can hang or fail on systems with less than 512MB RAM. If you have between 256MB and 512MB RAM you may have to try to install several times.

Important information and known issues:

For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

Upgrade instructions:

To upgrade from Linux Mint 7 “Gloria”, read these instructions.

To upgrade from Linux Mint 8 “Helena” RC1, read these instructions.

Download Linux Mint 8:

You can download the Main and Universal editions of Linux Mint 8 via torrent or via HTTP:

Main edition:

Universal edition:



Northern America:

Rest of the World:

* Mirrors marked with a star weren’t fully synched when this announcement was made.


Have a lot of fun with “Helena” and let us know what you think. Reviews will be answered and your feedback will be used to improve the distribution before the next release. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed making it and we wish you a very nice experience with Linux Mint.

267 Responses to “Linux Mint 8 “Helena” released!”

  1. PolishStatue says:

    Will seed at 20Mb/s :p

  2. Kiskaresz says:

    \o/ mint 8 is here!!!

  3. akuardit says:

    upgrade in progress….

  4. Xoo says:

    Awesome. Thanks, ‘yall.

  5. RevesYoSoy says:

    Congrats!!! I’ve been using RC1 since it was released, but right now I’m downloading Stable because I have to update my friends’.
    Is there any idea when we’ll see Linux Mint 8 KDE CE??? I’m really waiting for it (just like every KDE CE).

  6. eNdra says:

    Hurrah!! What a happy day 😀

  7. Ev says:

    Haha, I JUST now installed RC1 so I could get the stable edition. And the hour I do, this gets released. Oh well. Very good release.

  8. Zac Davis says:

    Statue is lying, he’s not seeding at all.

  9. mohaned_nj says:

    congratulation …………… i was waiting for it for month’s ago

  10. shinkan says:

    here is megaupload link *REMOVED*

    main edition

    Edit by Clem: We’ve got rsynched mirrors for this and no assurance that the link you provide has the right md5sum.

  11. beto chile says:

    gracias gran aporte , no pense que seria siperada la version 7 gloria gran distribucion pero ojala no dependa de ubuntu si no DEBIAN .


  12. chris says:


    Already installed, it was released yesterday. On my MSI Wind u100 everything works except the screen luminosity that changes. It seems a bug in the version of Karmic Ubuntu 9.10.

    Thanks to all for this version. Long life to the Linux Mint distribution.

  13. David says:

    This is not 64-bit, correct?

  14. PolishStatue says:

    @ Zac Davis

  15. svenny says:

    finally. been checking this site every 10 minutes today because i knew it was going to happen today! i am downloading MINT 8!!!!

  16. chris says:

    yes 32 bits.

  17. Márcio Santos says:

    Long live the mint team… 😉
    i will install mint 8 waiting for the 64bit…

  18. Uncle Spellbinder says:

    Fantastic! Excellent! And a job well done. What a fine release 8 is.

  19. Cody says:

    I’ve gotta get a blankcd now. lol.
    I’ve just started with Linux, and tried ubuntu and it was a horrible experience with compatibility issues and other issues with my laptop.
    I had spent a week trying to fix the issues, and then decided to instal Gloria and it worked right away!

    Love the work you guys (and girls?) do for LinuxMint.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    LinuxMint FTW!!

  20. brian says:

    i love linux mint. it is an absolutely fantastic OS in my opinion. and i love the felicia and gloria wallpapers, but the new ones are absolutely atrocious.the older wallpapers had a crisp, clean elegant appearance. such things are what attracted me to mint in the first place. wallpapers however are not the essence of the OS, especially with linux because linux allows you to change every little detail about the entire OS if you want. just some feedback.thanks for all of the hard work and the amazing Distro.

  21. new says:

    what is the difference between the stable release and the RC updated today?

  22. Phrostbyte says:


  23. 64User says:

    64 bit version should be made before 32 bit. Its pretty obvious more people are waiting for 64 than are using 32. And why was gnome-do removed? It should be the very first application installed in every gnome/xfce based distro created.

  24. AfterEight says:

    Thanks Clem and the team.

    Downloaded the .iso file for myslef.
    Downloading the torrent at over 350Kb/s to seed for the rest of the ‘community’.

    Thanks again and looking forward to the KDE Edition.

  25. jay says:

    A huge thank you and congratulations on the release. Two full upgrades and a dual-boot upgrade coming up! I must look at ways to get some $ to your project from the bondooks where I live 🙂 Currently downloading on “broadband” at a whopping 14-22 kbps…

  26. Zac Davis says:

    I’ll be dual-booting this with Windows 7. I finished it a while ago, and am still seeding. My ratio just hit 3, so hopefully you’ll connect to me, as my upload speed has been over 200 kb/s for the past hour.

  27. dequire says:

    Great news. It means Mint 8 KDE can’t be far behind! 😉

  28. Roberto says:

    Good work!

    Now the job done for the Main Edition 32bit, gimme the x64 please…

  29. vprasaj says:

    What’s this? New mint? One copy please! Thank you.

  30. ice says:

    very nice

    i am waiting for the 64-bit version

    hope it comes out soon

  31. Kai says:

    Too bad Air Mint isn’t the default wallpaper. Well, I hope you consider it for Mint 9.

    Anyway, congrats for the release! 🙂

  32. Brian says:

    Is there mint4win for this release?

    Congrats on the stable release.

  33. manny says:

    Yesterday I upgraded the RC1 which I’ve running since release. I have Mint 8 running on a flash-disk on my work laptop. I’m telling you, Linux Mint should be named as the Distro of the Century. What a job well done in Helena! It fixed everything it was broken in Ubuntu 9.10 plus the extras. Boo is going to have a rough time fixing Kubuntu but I’m sure the Mint team will succeed in this challenge also.

  34. Neytrix says:

    Por fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  35. Hernan says:

    Downloading via Torrent, so I can seed it later!

  36. zons says:

    thanks thanks thanks 😉


  37. Gerard says:

    Congratulations to you all or, as we say in the deep South of The Netherlands: PROFICIAT

  38. kshitij says:


  39. Coach says:

    Wow, what a surprise. Thank you guys so much. Clem, thanks for everything.

  40. yoshula says:

    Well done. Thanks!

  41. Coach says:

    Downloaded pretty fast. I am seeding on torrent now. Looking forward to see it installed on my system. No dual-boot, just one and only Linux Mint 🙂

  42. topher says:

    Great!! Mint is by far my favorite distro! Looking forward to the x64 version. I would like to know if there are any statistics available on what percentage of the userbase does not have a x64 compatible CPU. I’d expect the x64 version to become the main release at some point.

    Let’s see how high the Mint hitcount will jump on

  43. Danang Hartadi says:

    downloading. too bad that Indonesian isn’t built in. but it’s ok. many thanks.

  44. William Patrick Wend says:

    Awesome! One question: is there a flash drive install like there is for Ubuntu? That would be very helpful for me…

  45. William Patrick Wend says:

    Oh wait the program I used to create the flash install for Ubuntu will work for Mint too. Apologizes for the brain cramp.

  46. Andy DCH says:

    Some of my friends in Indonesia will be happy to know this…



  47. Patrick says:

    Well Done and thank you for the hard work!
    Just tested the live cd.
    I am happily waiting on the x64 version which I find to be faster on my core 2 laptop.

  48. roger says:

    it’s a bad night gloria upgraded from 7 to helena 8 final now does not work the keyboard or mouse not done anything

  49. Olivenheinz says:

    No 64Bit edition yet?
    And this on the download page:
    “Note that the Main Edition (which is 32bit) is usually more stable”?

    Wrong priorities I’d say!

    What should I feed my 6GB Ram Machine with? (6 GB Ram is no sign of elite guys with too much money anymore, it’s standard for a 600,-$ PC nowadays).

    No hard feelings, I think Mint is a very nice and lovely distro for everyday use. But who is using 32bit only CPUs nowadays (beside Atom netbooks)? Don’t start to stay behind!

  50. Brett says:

    I downloaded this the other day and already did the upgrade path from Mint 7. For those of you doing an upgrade from Mint 7, here are a few notes:

    1.) You might need to download and install os-prober. You’ll also need to install Grub2. I noticed my mouse stopped working after my upgrade, it was due to Grub2 not being installed. Not sure why, but it fixed it. However, I also have a dual-boot with XP. Grub2 did not find that OS, so I ran os-prober and then update-grub and the issue was fixed. I was then able to run the update-from-legacy-grub command that completely removes the old grub loader safely.

    2.) Alsa has a problem and it seems to not be dependent upon any particular sound card so it will most likely affect everyone. Sound is real choppy and it can cause video to also be choppy. Choppiness is due to the audio constantly jumping back due to an empty buffer. The solution is to download a specific Ubuntu backport module:


    and reboot. That seems to have fixed my sound issues. Also, it might seem to work fine at first, but if you listen to music long enough or start doing other things with the computer, this issue will crop up. Once it starts, it usually won’t stop until a reboot it done. It can also get bad enough that the movie or music source will lock up forcing a kill of the application playing it.

    3.) Brasero isn’t working right. This will most likely affect everyone. You can find out by trying to burn the Mint 8 iso to a new disc by right-clicking the iso and choosing “Write to Disc”. It will fail and you won’t be able to view the error log. Issue is being worked on, but latest version Brasero seems to still have it. I’m using cdrecord for the time being to avoid this issue.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving 8! It fixed my iwlagn issues (I have wireless again! whoo hoo!) and my sound card actually has acceptable volume levels again (with 7, my sound card had a very low volume, even when turned up all the way). Oh! Clem! Thanks for adding that gnome-disk-utility package to the Mint 8 live CD! It discovered that my HDD had about 5000 bad sectors on it. You just saved about two years of school work, man.

    Have fun, folks!

  51. Jürgen Kazmirzak says:

    Great work! But allow one question:

    KDE CE. WHEN? please!?


  52. Mike says:

    Thanks for a great release. I dual boot with MacOS 10 and because I think Linux is better I spend 99% of my time using Mint. The only problems I’ve had in the past have been with bluetooth for my mouse and my wireless card would never work with any version of Linux but with the Propitiatory wireless driver included this is the first time it’s worked ever. I’ve always had to use a usb wireless to connect which worked but it’s just not convenient because it takes up a usb slot and because of not being able to use my bluetooth mouse I had to use my usb mouse and that used up all my slots, so thanks again for a great product everything works great.

  53. Iceman says:

    i have already updated 2 PCs to 8 by upgrade, but now i will install on my netbook where i have mint 6!
    Thank you

  54. MysticGold04 says:

    Can’t wait to see it. When done downloading, I’ll leave the torrent up for a few days!!!

  55. elsabarto says:

    many thx Clem

  56. MB says:

    Wow, so you asked people what artwork they liked and you ended up using the one that everybody hated? Great to know you listen to feedback! lol

    Reply from Clem: We do listen to feedback. In this particular case there was a vote and we used the artwork people liked the best:

  57. ekeko says:

    I tried first on my tablet hp tx2650 the upgrade from 7 and it was not so smoothly as some stuff like wireless didn’t work. So i tried then with a fresh install and after some small troubles almost everything works without any special configuration: tablet touchscreen, wireless, sound (all them took me some days to configure in 7)

    great! I love mint more and more! keep the good work and I am looking for ways to contribute! muchas gracias! saludos peruanos!

  58. IsaoHK says:


  59. Simon says:

    Congratulations – I’m a big fan of Mint since first installing BEA. Will look forward to the 64bit edition.

    Regarding artwork and such – if it’s not to your taste – change it! That’s what’s great about Linux and open source in general – you can make it just how you like it given a bit of time and patience.

    Thanks to everyone who put their time into this. Much appreciated.

  60. Napster says:

    Yes….Got it…..
    Its been a week since I’m waiting for it…!
    Cool, and I like this distro the most!!!

  61. MInted says:

    Yaaaayyy!!!!! thank you so much LinuxMint team for your efforts. I was going crazy refreshing the sites every few minutes everyday ever since the Latest Ubuntu was released hoping to see the Linuxmint 8 released.I can’t help it, i’ve fallen in love with the Mint,have been since Mint 4, hence Minted. I hope this release rocks.

    I haven’t really contributed to mint up till now, but now, I really feel like doing something for it. I am looking my options.

    Thanks once again.

  62. kos-mos says:

    @ Olivenheinz
    Linux Mint 8 uses a PAE Kernel “enabling access of up to 64 GiB of memory on 32-bit machines. A PAE-enabled Linux-kernel requires that the CPU also support PAE. As of 2009, many common Linux distributions are beginning to use a PAE-enabled kernel as the distribution-specific default because it adds the NX bit. It has to be noted that the maximum virtual address space for each process is not increased by PAE.”
    (Mainly quoted from Wikipedia)

  63. Pablo says:

    Congrats on the stable release. Any idea when 64-bit will be released?

  64. Andrew says:

    Just downloaded the RC last night, and got the upgrades this morning. I have been playing with this now for the last 6 hours. While overall this release seems nice and airy, I am thinking about going back to Mint 7. I am having issues with Global Menu, the stupid wheelchair icon is stuck in the panel, I can not load my own login screen, I have so many scratches and burps starting up and shutting down. I know that most of these items are Ubuntu related and not Mint. I do like that I seem to have had my video driver without having to add it and restart and I got HULU desktop to work on this release. I would have liked if we had got some fresh artwork though. Same stuff as the last two releases, and the icons use the Ubuntu icon all through out the system. There were some items changed like the renaming of items, two much using Ubuntu type items just re-branded. I think this release aesthetically was rushed.
    I will be going back to my Mint 7, so i am not jumping ship, but rather waiting till the new items get sorted out, and the branding and everything up to speed in another release or two.

  65. Jag e Jag says:

    When do you plan to relese 64bit Mint?

  66. RooTed_Wombat says:

    Have installed mint8 rc1, no partr manager and wont load telstra aust. Next usb prepaid modem. Wants to mount as cd drive not optical drive. have multiple OS( Vista, Fedora12 Mint8 RC1) loaded. Might be that I have more than 4 derives mounted and cant see any more than that. will try another drive. Kubuntu 10 also works fine.
    ..Wallaby Bob’s brother, Roo Ted!

  67. Andrew says:

    And Ubuntu Tweak does not work at all, while it works perfrectly on the new Ubuntu, it does not load any of the applications on Mint 8.

  68. swapnil karyekar says:


  69. Craig says:

    As soon as my new 2GB RAM module arrives on Monday, I’ll be downloading this and replacing Mandriva! Whooooooeee!


  70. Brett says:

    note on last post. I listed the wrong backport module:


  71. Louis Richards says:

    I had been waiting excitedly for this. I really loved Mint 7. I run some pretty old clients here and Mint ran nice.

    I haven’t run Windows since RH 4.2. I’m no newbie. I am, however, spoiled. I used to edit config files all day and still do a lot of that on my servers. I don’t think I should have to do that on my clients for simple things like changing sounds though. I use NIS and used to have an easy time of changing GDM … no more. Oh … I got rid of the useless list with gconf … but this is unacceptable.

    very disappointed and moving to another distro.

  72. hamburn says:

    thanks for the Hilarious Helena

    deluge is running.

  73. abzoloot says:


  74. Dushi says:


  75. Munera says:

    waiting for x64!!!!!!

  76. Leo says:

    Have been using Mint 7 at home and office. Mint is the best Linux Distro. Thanks for another great realese.

  77. shawon mahmud says:

    great news 4 me . thanks a lot 2 all member of it’s team . it’s my favorite distro . now i m using it .

  78. Pranay says:

    Congratulations! to Mint team.
    I’ve been waiting for stable version eagerly.
    I’ll donwload, try and then post comments .

  79. Sergio says:

    Excelente Distribucion! No se como habran hecho para superar a la version 7, que es excelente!

  80. lee says:


  81. Jasper says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  82. bob says:

    Is there a 64 bit version?

  83. Dekaband says:

    Thank you Linux Mint for the hard work you put into this release, less headaches and more freedom! Keep up the great effort!

  84. Adler says:


    I’ve not used the Mint in a while, but have used the latest Ubuntu (9.10). I’ve also not been Blogging or editing my Web Site in a while.

    I’ve found a good tutorial here –

    How does the latest Mint look in regards to repositories? I’m running well over 200 right now.

    Best Regards,

    Phoenix, Arizona

  85. Dave says:


  86. Warren says:

    Congrats on a job well done. I am running Mint8 on my Lenovo R61i and it feels good. It will feel great I am sure when 64bit hits the trackers.

  87. Radimir says:

    Seuls LinuxMint peut surmonter LinuxMint … ne peut en être autrement … La “mint” verte est belle… FELICITATIONS!

  88. TuxDVDs says:

    Congrats on the new launch

  89. Milduser says:

    thxs again for work well done, cheers.

  90. boomplee says:

    I’ve been waiting for it for days since it was announced to be fixed

  91. PErou says:

    AWESOME!! Now waiting, as a lot of people, for the 64bits release.

  92. Eusebe.B says:

    Que du bonheur.

  93. jay says:

    Can someone post a link in this page to information on upgrading a dual-boot (alongside Win XP) from Mint 6 to 8? Thanks.

  94. Alex says:


    Congrats on the new version out, but I have a question, in Ubuntu 9.10 network manager is broken when using pppoe connections. How is the situation in Mint? Is net-manager also broken in Mint 8?

    Thank you and take care.


  95. mescaline says:

    This codec thing bothers me.
    Does it mean that I am breaking some law when I enter the USA with my laptop and Mint8+all kinds of codecs installed ?

  96. brudu says:

    Yay its finally released! 😀

    Can someone post the time-frame for which to expect the x64 version to be released? Like this week, next month? Im new here so no idea..

  97. Gie says:

    awesome! thank you Linux Mint team 🙂

  98. says:

    Great! Thx from Linux Mint Ukrainian users 🙂

  99. Paul says:

    Thanks for all the hard work. I can’t wait to try Mint 8, but I love my Mint 7 so much. I’m worried something may not work any more, so I will try and wait for a few days for any teething troubles to be fixed.

  100. Saif says:

    ITS VERY DISAPPOINTING That it has no installer to install from WIndows!

    ITS VERY VERY DISAppointing!

  101. Prince says:

    Great. This is cool. I want to try the Helena but I think I will wait until undiscovered bugs are fixed. So sad, I love Gloria but I going to break up with her soon.

  102. Kurti says:

    Please, please give me 64 bit !

  103. Neb says:

    So I downloaded Helena and installed it right away. Then I had to restart and it kept on showing me the log in screen over and over…Something was definitely wrong but I didn’t have the time to try and find out what. I just downloaded another copy of Helena, slowed down ISO burn and …. here it is! I’m writing from my new Linux Mint 8. Did not have a chance to do much yet but the feel of it is: clean, strong and sophisticated OS. Thanks Team! All the best!


  104. osman says:

    that’s great news dudes, i am downloading it right now.

  105. Prince says:

    By the way, ubuntu does not have GUFW. Bad idea. Linux is all about security and stability. I felt ok when Gloria has GUFW. It makes setting up a firewall easier. On more thing, is there a better security suite comparable to ZoneAlarm or Kaspersky? I want something with a full database of the nasties. Just asking.

  106. Aaron says:

    I’ve also noticed problems with ‘Ubuntu Tweak’. Its working but its not possible to load/add applications.

  107. Ivan Pernar says:

    Can I update from Mint 8 (stable) Mint 8 “Helena”? or are they same?

  108. Sigra says:

    KDE user here (KDE 4.3.3) after reading the feature and bug release for KDE 4.4 beta 1 coming december 1st. mix that with mint. Thumbsup. So waiting for Linux Mint KDE WTG on Linux Mint 8.

    Best Regards

  109. dz says:

    Hi all,,
    when flash player issue will be solved?
    or mine only having this issue?

    @Ivan: I believe that Mint8(stable) and Halena is the same..
    the stable release after been tested by developers & participant from all over the world in mint8RC

    I’m not having Anny issue except flash player in firefox…same with ubuntu karmic..

    have anyone have anyone know how to fixed it?

  110. Olivenheinz says:

    @kos-mos (comment #63) – about PAE Kernel vs 64bit –
    Thanks Kos-mos for pointing that out – especially for the normal guys reading here.
    I appreciate your efforts very much – and of course you are right.

    I did know that PAE support is buildt in and that it’s there to do exactly what I criticized: Support more than 4GB of RAM. I just didn’t want to go down to this depth of detail when writing my comment because I personally *don’t take PAE serious* (!).

    You people got to realise that this is a workaround! And a workaround is always a performance issue. And surely it is a performance issue: There is no native way on 32Bit Space to go beyond 4GB adress space. So there are some kind of translation tables (“Paging”) to be used to achieve this – calculations are necessary for every ram access then (simple ones, most CPU generate those pages internally nowadays, but they have to be done – even if it’s just one cycle… it sums up) .

    This is just comparable to the old MS-DOS EMM386 extantion (in the 90s – most of you kids weren’t active back then 🙂 ) to get more than 640KB/1 MB RAM (to get beyond 16Bit borders). Slow!

    And btw. the 32bit adress space problems are already starting on 4 GB machines, because GFX cards (and other extentions) just need space to make themselfs adressable. So on a 4GB machine with a 1GB GFX card you end up with 3.2 GB usable memory for 32bit kernels (I mean native here – not PAE boosted).

    So what happens here is pimping old rotten 32 bit architecture with speed reducing methods just to get *one* feature of what is natively available in 64bit space… since many years.
    And not even complitely – as you, dear kos-mos, pointed out already by yourself – one single application will never get more than 4GB for itself.

    Also – every – yes every – 64bit CPU on the market has at least SSE and MMX support build in. So every sane compiler compiling for 64bit is turning SSE and MMX optimizations on – by default. So the chance is, that even programs that internally only use 32 bit arithmetics will still be speed up on 64bit Linuxes because of the automatically kicking in compiler optimations.

    That’s why I keep saying – it’s a pitty that there is no love for 64bit at Mint-Linux. Priorities are wrong for the ending year 2009 by still favoring 32 bit.


  111. Jon says:

    I dont like that you cannot visually separate one window from another as they have the same color and no border in another color. Especially in the row with ‘File’ and so on.


  112. Ace says:

    Brett Says:
    November 29th, 2009 at 12:26 am

    “(with 7, my sound card had a very low volume, even when turned up all the way).”

    Have you checked the Volume Control PCM setting? Turning this up fixed my low volume problem…

  113. ngrodri says:

    congratulations and thank you very much for this excellent release.

  114. Andrew says:

    waiting for the x64 version cant wait to try it so many positive comments grats

  115. Martin says:

    Fantastic, and congrats to the team.
    Hopefully the 64-bit version will arrive soon.
    Groeten uit Nederland.

  116. libertyernie says:

    It’s not at all a problem, but I’ve always found it odd that the Universal Edition adds one thing (languages) and takes away another (codecs). It seems like the one without codecs should be the CD, since it would make it easier to refurbish computers without DVD drives by installing Linux Mint. Of course, you could also just “apt purge” the codecs after installation.

  117. rusmanik says:

    Yes … what a nice day.
    Thanks for the Helena

  118. mario says:

    Can you install it with BTRFS and COMPRESSION enabled? That would make it suitable for netbooks with small disks.

  119. jay says:

    Clem, Helena is beautiful. Thank you!
    My Windoze XP machines – 3.xGHz chips, tons of RAM, newish dual CPUs – take 2-3 minutes to boot up, login and all that.
    My trusty P4 with 1/4 the RAM, CPU speed and stuff – has Helena.
    ON button to logon screen: 33 seconds!
    after password to usable desktop with no waiting cursor: 14 seconds!
    “Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!” doesn’t begin doing Helena justice.

  120. Linuxopjemac says:

    I was surprised that my NVidia 7600 card was not automatically configured. X didn’t work after installation. I had to manually install the NVidia driver and run nvidia-xconfig. It was slick after this though. Gloria installed without a glitch before.

  121. Haydn says:

    Outstanding – again! Thank you!!

  122. Roberto says:

    What is going on? It is almost impossible to browse the Linux Mint site on this special sunday. Can’t vote on Distrowatch!

    Many and many downloads i guess…and a heavy internet traffic even…

    Are the LM servers ok?

  123. Silence says:

    Hi, I am new at linuxmint, I have a question ¿when will be released the linux mint helena 64bits edition? Also, I am reading in the page that “the Main Edition (which is 32bit) is usually more stable” is that true?


  124. Ram says:

    I have Linux Mint 7-32bit on my two desktops working like clockwork. Elegant, very well-behaved, rock-solid. They were installed instead of several other distros like Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Mandriva and Fedora because of these reasons.

    I am writing this off Mint 8 Live CD and as usual, I am impressed. However, there are a couple of reasons why I am not going to replace Mint 7 yet:

    1. I use k3b in Mint 7 and it works perfectly. The new version of k3b, 1.68 alpha 3 is useless for me- either in Mandriva 2010 or Ubuntu 9.10. Perhaps when they release the stable version I’ll take a look again at it. As for Brasero, I never had any luck with it ever since I got interested in Linux 3 years ago.

    2. I love the log-in screen of Mint 7 and how easy it is to configure the thing. In Mint 8, as well as Ubuntu 9.1 the log-in screen SUCKS BIG TIME! I thought Mandriva 2010’s would be any better but its the same.

    The things I don’t like about Mint 8 are obviously not Mint’s fault. K3b is the only thing holding me back from changing to Mint 8. I can live with the crappy log-in screen.

    Thanks Clem for releasing another wonderful distro!

    God bless.

  125. Steve says:

    Absolutely excellent (as expected). A few issues with the grub owing to the fact that I am using a 3 OS system and Ubuntu studio (the last one installed) uses grub2. Perhaps this can be resolved in future updates? Speaking as a graphic designer, this distro is understated and pure class – it work pretty well too!!!

  126. ZeroG says:

    Where is Mint4Win???

  127. Zak says:

    Hey Clem,

    Just installed Mint 8 on my Presario V6000, looks fantastic, runs flawlessly and reminds of the Golf GTI MKV to MKVI upgrade “how did they better such an already wonderful product?” Good thing i can upgrade the OS for free! Going to install on the two main rigs when x64 is out and donate soon, absolutely awesome job guys.


  128. nath says:

    Selamat dwehh. Nanti malam donlot ah trs install. Thanks banget untuk Tim Linux Mint.

  129. Brett says:


    It wasn’t that. It was a driver issue with my sound card. Regression problem, if I remember correctly. It works fine under Mint 8 after I did the backports module I mentioned in my first post.


  130. fromWinToLin says:

    So far everything is running smoothly on my 3-year old laptop! This is probably my favorite Linux distro, especially for requiring the least amount of effort to get everything working.

    Audio (Intel HDA), Wireless (Broadcom b43), Video (Intel integrated), keyboard hotkeys, suspend to ram, and just about everything are working on a fresh installation.

    I love the new Shiki-wise theme, especially the simple, yet “elegant” icon set. I noticed a nice improvement on the (now brandless) Mint Tools.

    Thank goodness fo Ubuntu and Linux Mint! It gives us former Windows users a real alternative!

  131. tjutju.tea says:

    akhirna nya muncul oge Linux Mint 8……….
    I do download through Indonesian mirror……

    Thanks to Clem and the team.

  132. Brett says:


    I don’t disagree with your arguments for a 64-bit platform. However, your assertion that Mint doesn’t “love” it I find incorrect. The real issue is that, since Mint is based off of Ubuntu, the developers here need to wait for it to come out so they can build the Mint version. Also, there are fewer developers and testers here than over at Canonical, so releasing two versions of the same OS simultaneously is a bit more of a strain. Hopefully, in time, this won’t be an issue. However, it will take the community being involved in the development cycle to overcome this issue.

    Until then, since Canonical releases the 32-bit version first, Mint needs to focus on completing it’s own 32-bit version before moving onto the 64-bit version. If Canonical turns this around, I’m sure Mint will follow suit.


  133. Kifni says:

    start to download it…


  134. Pouyan says:

    AT Last thanks :))

  135. Gorzka says:

    Have Helena the ACX111 driver in the kernel? I need it for my network card.

  136. minty minterson says:

    64bit! 64bit! 64bit! (maybe we should send these mint guys some more money. . . . It might help. who knows. . . )

  137. Pablo says:

    I looked up release dates for Mint 7, and the 64-bit version was not released until a month after the 32-bit version. Looks like we may have to wait a small bit for 64-bit…

  138. derMerl says:

    Nice job! Thank you guys!

  139. margarete says:

    instale ayer helena 8 main edition.

    Anteriormente trabaje con gloria mint 7.

    facil de instalar.aunque perdi mis datos anteriores.

    el gran problema que tengo es que helena 8 se arrastra, el pc esta muy lento . entrar en la internet es demorado .

    tengo un acer 5735 z
    dual core
    4 gddr2

    320 gb hdd
    grafico de intel 1244 mb mobil.

    agradezco si alguien puede drme una ayuda. soy novata en pc.

  140. Coach says:

    If we could have something like “Ubuntu Tweak”. The true is that it is also work on Mint (some functions doesn’t work from Mint 8). But, why we don’t have Mint Tweak?

  141. campamax says:

    Thank you very much Clem, I can’t see the time to see it on my pc!

  142. Markus says:


    You are being so critical, yet Mint 8 is a great release! The benefits of 64-bit are very few or none for most people. Most apps most of us run are 32-bit. Plus, the Mint team uses Ubuntu as a base, no? Finally, belittling people here by calling us “kids” and saying we can’t remember the old days of the 90’s (as if that is a long time ago) is just rude. Adding a smiley doesn’t make rude comments less rude.
    Priorities are not wrong, it is simply much more practical to release 32-bit versions first. Wait for 64-bit if you like, or find something else and stop whining. I know what I’ll do: download Mint 8! (I guess being young and brash has advantages – I get Mint 8 now, though I used MS-DOS, too)

  143. Heraldo says:

    I’m using Mint 7 since long time, and found it great – it worked from the first time, flawlessly, in my Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook. Nevertheless, in Mint 8 the wireless refuses to work: it seems it is not saving the password for my network, and so it does not connect. This happened before, when I tried Ubuntu 9.10 and also Mint 8 RC1; but I expected the problem to have already been fixed in the final release. What I found strange is that the same wireless (Broadcom STA driver) worked perfectly in Mint 7; why it is not working now? If someone can help, I would appreciate very much.

  144. dakochan says:

    I’ve waited for a few weeks.
    Thanks to “Mint Team”

  145. Sergio says:

    I dont like that you cannot visually separate one window from another as they have the same color and no border in another color. Especially in the row with ‘File’ and so on..

  146. Mosqito says:

    Yes, Endlech eng nei Version.

    big thanks from Luxembourg 🙂

  147. Taimu nozhan says:

    I’ve been visiting the blog daily for “Helena”.

    PS: Does anybody know a nice female name starting with I and ending in A?

  148. fredx says:

    I think this is the best OS!!! Thank you guys!!!

  149. Mahenda says:

    Wow, really great, was waiting for new release for weeks. Now hope there are no dependencies broken for Pixel Image Editor, because it requires some special libraries like openexr and libstdc++… congrats!!

  150. ray says:

    I would like to try Linux Mint for the first time but with KDE. When can we expect the KDE version of Helena? (I think the last KDE version suffered from WEP networking issues, like Kubuntu ?)

    Thanks for this!

  151. ray says:

    I would like to try Linux Mint for the first time but with KDE. When can we expect the KDE version of Helena? (I think the last KDE version suffered from WEP networking issues, like Kubuntu 9.04 ?)

    Thanks for this!

  152. tux-sven says:

    Very nice release. I installed on two computers. One is an eeePC900 and it works extremely good. It’s much faster than Mint 7 was. All special keys and everything works.
    My self-build Desktop has an ATI Radeon 3650 HD Graphic card. (often causes problems in Linux) Didn’t work good with Mint 7 but with Mint 8 it works very good. (proprietary driver) I can have Compiz Cube activated and use GoogleEarth at the same time with good functionality. 🙂
    Only missing the nice login layout from Mint 7. 😉

    Thank You all for Helena

  153. Mahenda says:

    Why have been my previous comment on openexr and libstdc++ deleted? I would like to upgrade but previous version was using some different version of libstdc++ and Pixel Image Editor refused to work without hacking some libraries and symlinks. Anyway congrats for new release.

  154. ginjabunny says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, it’s looking good.

    BTW Mint8 fixed the Mint7 Nautilus audio/video properties display problem that I posted about on the forum, which is nice (-:

  155. Witold says:

    Thanx for nice work! But I’ve one question: how can I create root-user? In previos Mints it were easy. And now?

  156. bisnut says:

    @Clem & the Linux Mint team,

    This is awesome. LM8 runs perfectly on my lowly Asus 1005HAB netbook; even most of the function keys work, which is just an added bonus! 🙂

    So, thanks for all the hard work you have poured into this release. It is appreciated.

  157. Heraldo says:

    Adding to my previous email, on wireless problems with Helena in a Dell 1525 Inspiron notebook: running the live DVD, if I update the system, and then download and activate the Broadcom STA driver, the system crashes and I have a black screen, with two lights blinking in the panel. Again, if anyone can help, I appreciate!

  158. Lovetz says:

    Thanks! Install from LiveCD.
    During installation chose Russian as the primary language. After the first boot in the parameters of the keyboard two layouts: Ireland and the United States. Why Ireland?))

  159. Hernan says:

    Grrrreeeeaaaatttt ! Already using it. Installed in 20 min aprox. Everything worked out-of-the-box.
    Compiz now works smoothly with my Intel integrated graphics… in Mint 7 it was impossible due to the known regressions in ubuntu 9.04. YouTube videos now play fullscreen without any problem… impossible in Mint7.

    Now, I whipped off my Windows! (sorry for my english, I mean wiped… in fact both terms apply i think, lol) Mint 8 is now my official, and only OS in my desktop PC!
    Thank you!

  160. Helton says:

    Advice for wanabe seeders:

    You don’t need to download by torrent if you already downloaded from server. Just get the .torrent, pause it, and put the .iso in the correct folder. When you restart download, the torrent client interpretes the file is already finished and will start seeding right away! (since the MD5/hash being the same, of course)

    I’ll seed it a lot, but will install it only by wednesday (some college job in front of the queue…)

  161. Radimir says:

    A 146. Margarete, una pregunta
    Como hizo la instalacion, actualizando desde LinuxMint 7 o desinstalando este e instalando LinuxMint 8.
    El mismo Sr. Clem recomienda a los newbies como usted y yo que prefiramos desinstalar la version antigua e instalemos la nueva.
    En todo caso, le recomiendo que desinstale Helena, reformatee la o las particiones y vuelva a reinstalarla. El sistema de archivos que debe escoger es el predetrminado Ext4. Otorgue al menos unos 20 GB de espacio a LinuxMint y al swap 1 giga, eso es lo que acostumbro.
    Es todo lo que puedo decir. Suerte.

  162. brennus says:

    Thank You Clem for a really great distro! Been seeding all the time, but found time to install only yesterday. And, well, overall impression is really good.
    There are, however, some issues:
    a)Gdm screen looks like it’s back from win95 times. Ugly plain grey boxes.
    b)Wine does not seem to be willing to be installed. Software manager says it has broken dependences and asks to fix them. It could be quite difficult task for a newbie… sudo apt-get install wine1.2 works fine, although sudo apt-get install wine doesn’t.
    c)Had some problems (again!) with screen blinking. It’s a common problem for nvidia geforce go video cards, and it’s constantly driving me mad in ubuntu. Also causes headache. There is a workaround for it, however, Mint 6 & 7 did not suffer from this problem, unlike ubuntu. But this time, in Mint 8, it’s present. 🙁
    d)Software manager lacks applications. Ubuntu Software Manager introduced lots of open-source programs which I didn’t even know of, but, thanks to it, I became aware of some really great software. Well, perhaps the aim of Ubuntu is different from Mint’s… Less programs – easier for a newbie to get around. 🙂
    e)Mint Menu still lacks the ability to add a fourth column. It’s very uncomfortable when all of apps for example, in wine section form a mess in the third one.

    Well, it’s all for now 🙂 Still, a great distro. Thanks and good luck!

  163. AmpJuke says:

    Thanks! Have been using Mint since Cassandra (3.0).
    Mint is _the_ distro I keep coming back to & recommend to others.
    Will download Helena as soon as I can get some hardware assembled. Mint rocks!

  164. Mike Johnston says:

    We just finished a review of the system here:

  165. sean says:

    Just upgraded to Mint 8! I did a clean install, saving my /home partition from Mint 7, of course. I just did this and it looks good but I have already encountered two significant problems:

    My right ALT key is not working. Left one works fine, nothing wrong with the right one before.

    Wireless connection is lost every 2-3 minutes!!! Intel 3945abg I think, in a 2 year-old Toshiba laptop. I have used Mint 3 or 4 through 7 on this same laptop.I will head to the forums and try to get help ASAP, but this is very disappointing after Mint 5-7 worked flawlessly for me.

  166. Diego N.S says:

    PT-BR > Parabens pelo grande trabalho, o Mint 8 esta otimo.

    EN > Congratulations for the great work, Mint 8 this excellent one.

  167. HaTeMe says:

    LiveCD works good (wrong Keyboard Layout) …
    LiveUSB works good (same Problem here – after reboot i see that it install not the German Layout with the German Language – was easier in 7) …

    Installed, booting and … Errors on Mass. 🙁
    First of all it stays into the Command Line aber entering User and Password, then i use startx and it hangs with many Errors … I try to reinstall it later directly from CD but i doesnt think that there is the Problem.

    Btw: I use everytime the dark grey from the darker Skins for the Windows and Fields and the silver / white for the Fonts. Looks good for me – changed the Wallpaper to the Linux Mint Logo with the Scanlines everytime.

    Hope the Colors would be looking better in the Future, the loading Screen looks like a Army Sugarpipe (bah dont know how in English – German Zuckerstange).

    Hope the KDE Version works better – need adjustable Panels.

    Not a stable release for me but nice try and good work anyway.

  168. HaTeMe says:

    *Edit* Sorry …

    I looked again:

    First Error: “Fatal server error: no screens found”

    After loging and waiting a bit …

    Second Error: “xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X server”
    Third Error: “xinit: No such prcess (errno 3): Server error.”

    Btw: The Site is loading extremly slow … 🙁

  169. HaTeMe says:

    *Edit again*

    sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx

    Worked, dont know what exactly runs wrong in the installation but installing it this way worked for me.

  170. joe says:

    cant wait to get wubi for my xp system have both

  171. leodelacruz says:

    Una pregunta porque esta version no trae wubi si la version 9.10 de ubuntu si lo trae? ¬¬

    Y me gustaria saber si la version de 1.00GB lo trae.. saludos 🙂

  172. Andy DCH says:

    Hi Clem,

    Perhaps this is out off topic.
    I see Ubuntu logo after I click test print button on paper as print result. Maybe you can change it with Mint logo.


  173. sean says:

    re: my comment above, # 161:

    I changed my keyboard layout, and it works now. Funny, first time this has ever come up after numerous linux installs.

    Intel 3945abg wifi is running and stable now, but only after using synaptic to install wicd, replacing the included network manager. Again, this is strange, and not something that was a problem with earlier Mint versions. If this had been my first install of Mint, I probably wouldn’t have figured this out, and would have gone back to Windows.

  174. Matt says:

    Thanks guys, can’t wait for the x64 version!

  175. Tom says:

    Hi Clem,
    Thanks go to you Clem and your team for the early Christmas present. While I haven’t done much more than install and give the OS a cursory look, I am nevertheless quite impressed. Tomorrow morning I will start early and put the lovely Helena though her paces. This I’m looking forward to.

  176. Mark says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just checking out Linux Mint 8, and just two things immediately come to mind when comparing to Linux Mint 8 to 7: I think not including the Welcome window is a retro grade step, it was great for introducing new users to Mint, and the background, when compared to Mint 7, is just not as fresh.

    Thanks and Regards,


  177. Mac says:

    Upgrade from Gloria on IBM T23, wifi works

  178. shlomi says:

    Just installed mint 8.

    I want to happily join to previous 169 people before me, and say what an amazingly fine job the guys here at mint (and at canonical) have done! This is by far the best, easiest, prettiest, quickest and just generally finest linux distro around!

    Thank you guys very much, know that your work is truly appreciated.


    ps. installed on a gigabyte w576-v laptop

  179. Lost Timmi says:

    I’m stuck with the only distribution that I found that supports my webcam seamlessly: Pardus… and support is only in Turkish! aaarrrgh! LOL Anyways, I’m glad mint8 is out – finally I can go back to Mint (hoping ubuntu 9.1 will see my webcam this time)… only, it may be helpful if you please provided, on this page, a link to explain how to check MD5 on a distro that doesn’t automatically show it by right-clicking on the file.

  180. ingemar says:

    Very nice it behaved very well.

  181. Marlon says:


    Just want to say splendid release!! It´s fast, stable, and good looking.
    Keep up the good work boys!

  182. detlev24 says:

    PS: Will the “upside-down image” regarding build-in webcams be fixed one day? 😀

  183. Ramin says:

    OMG! The log in screen is darn ugly! Somehow it reminds me of Windows 7. Wonder if I’m wrong.

  184. detlev24 says:

    THX to the Linux Mint team for this great release!

    Unfortunately so far I encountered some problems on my Asus U6SG notebook I didn’t have on Gloria.
    I installed Helena several times from HDD (I used usb-creator 0.2.12) and noticed that GParted (I didn’t check on other applications yet) is missing (different from “live HDD” where I can use it). Furthermore, after running “sudo apt-get update”, “sudo apt-get upgrade” and installing “Software modem” and “NVIDIA graphics acceleration driver (version 185)” my sound card (driver) is gone.
    Also my external HDD (Seagate FreeAgent Go 640 GB) is not always mounted automatically when I launch Helena (it’s already plugged in).

    Can somebody please help?

    PS: Will the “upside-down image” regarding (some) build-in webcams be fixed one day? 😀

  185. Daniele T. says:

    After being almost completely satisfied with brilliant “Gloria” (and with “Felicia” before it), I want to thank Clem & all the Mint developers with all my heart. “Helena” is a shiny jewel, a masterpiece of usability. At last my home wi-fi internet connection is working almost flawlessly.
    I would recommend Linux Mint 8 to anyone, anytime.
    Two thumbs up and keep up this great work!

  186. Peter says:


    Boot from Live CD and 3g modem does not work (K3520 Voda stick). Error message: cannot mount the device. No 3g modem, no device like at Ubuntu 9.10 before the bugfix 🙁

  187. Dar says:

    Have to say after a long time struggling to do most of what I did easily under windows, Linux is now being uninstalled from my system. It’s slower than my optimised Windows system, and it pretty much sucks for all the tasks I did easily under windows. Until Linux can grab at least 40% market share and be a real OS I’ll just stick to the more superior Windows. Bye All.

  188. DistroTV says:

    Very good distribution. I would like to the Linux Mint was able to choose the installation profiles, for example, “minimum distribution (just gnome-core), profile graphics, profile music…

    I apologize for the link but if you want to see video of Linux Mint 8:
    System overview:

  189. Albert says:

    @Taimu nozhan: Isamara is nice

  190. herberden says:

    Ran helena from live cd. Great! looking more and more polished with each new version. But! – tried to look into my windows 7 installation and it just sits there… mmmm…. Cannot see anything from “documents and settings folder” in windows. Is this my cd or somethingelse?

  191. Koninator says:

    Congratulations on new release.
    Waiting for x64 version.
    And wondering, Linux Mint 8 User Guide is only in English?

  192. daspooky says:


    What is the correlation between this story and Linux Mint? If you prefer Windows over Linux, there is no need to rant about it on the Mint website. As far as I’m concerned, it’s your loss…

  193. jbalazsi says:

    @Taimu: Imola

  194. margarete says:

    Obrigada Radimir.

    Instalei desde el comienzo el mint 8 helena main de un cd.

    borre todo lo anterior y me olvide o no supe guardas mis datos..

    aun no se cual es la diferencia entree main u edicion universal???

    tengo las dos versiones y como dije instale la main.

    es posible que pronto funcione mas rapidamente. Si no funciona emigrare a ubuntu9.10.

    De todas maneras debo reconocer que es facil instalar mint y bastante bonita.

    gracias de todas maneras


  195. Alister says:

    Unfortunately Linux Mint 8 suffers the same problem as Ubuntu 9.10 which is, that Huawei/ UMTS modem users cannot use internet. I hoped Mint 8 would eliminate this issue prior to release – but it didn’t. For now this version is unusable. I am completely dependent on UMTS modem internet connection and cannot use any other. Many others have the some issue after looking through many forums. I’ve also read a lot of complaints about this specific issue 2 months ago. It was also confirmed in the Ubuntu Bug report but not fixed in their release.

    To cut the long story: I hoped the Linux Mint 8 devs would have used the updated kernel in their release which is claimed to fix this issue, but they didn’t. It is ridiculous in a way because Linux Mint 7 had zero issues with that kind of internet connection. I would gladly see an update, else this is a deal braker and will turn people away.

  196. legion1978 says:

    Mint should have kept the gloria wallpaper… the new one just doesn’t fit..

  197. legion1978 says:


    “This edition aims to provide the same features as the Main Edition without including proprietary software, patented technologies or support for restricted formats. If you’re a magazine, a reseller or a distributor in Japan or in the USA then choose this edition.”

    Osea, es igual que la edición main, pero no tiene software propietario o formatos restringidos o patentados.

    “It also comes as live DVD and features built-in support for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese/Br, Portuguese/Pt, Arabic, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Galician, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovenian, Catalan, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Marathi, Norwegian [nynorsk], Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hindi, Finnish, Hebrew, Serbian, Belarussian and partial support for Basque and Bosnian.”

    Osea que tiene muchos mas idiomas de instalación y para el liveCD.

    Ambos aspectos están orientados a la distribución de linuxmint sin restricciones en mas lugares..

    Lo que mencionabas de los archivos.. preguntas para recuperarlos? o solo como una nota?

  198. JeffM says:


    Just waiting for x64

  199. delebru says:

    Very nice work! I’m loving linux mint more and more every day!

    But I have to agree with what some other people said about x64 edition, it should be the new standard for next releases. I also use the 32 bits edition but where I use it, I don’t really care if it has the lastest version.

    I’d like to have installed Helena on my PC and laptop but i’ll have to wait a little more =(

  200. margarete says:

    resuelto problema de velocidad. Helena funciona perfect@.

    No hice nada en especial…puede ser que se resolvio…despues de una autualizacion….no estoy segura.


  201. orphee says:

    Thank you. I didn’t agree with the ultimate wallpaper choice, but everything that matters is, as always, well done.

    “PS: Does anybody know a nice female name starting with I and ending in A?”



  202. Jens S says:

    Cool, a great Job !

    Fresh install, everything´s works fine.

    Thanke you so much…!


  203. Jon says:

    Is it possible to install from the universe dvd to a system with only 256 MB RAM? The Universe Edition doesn’t seem that much compressed?

  204. Jeffrey says:

    Great distro you hard working dudes! Works great on my AMD 64 panel pc and also onmy little netbook with the Atom processor. Keep up the great work! The generic Karmic Koala seems a bit flaky but you guys got this working great! Thanks to God for your effort and expertise!

  205. Kane Summers says:

    I’m a newbie to the whole Linux world, I’ve been a Apple guy for many years. I enjoy Mac OS X 10.6.x but I’m looking for something else
    to twist my aging brain around. After spending the past 6 weeks downloading and burning every copy of Linux distro’s that I could find. Now I think that I really found a something that I could really enjoy learning! I was also most set on OpenSUSE 11.2 but finally packed it in.
    when I had endless issues with the wireless. I’m running this on a “MacBook” and connecting via Apple Airport with all the security set.
    I’m also doing a triple boot with Mac OS X 10.6.2, Windows 7 Pro(don’t ask!) and Linux. After downloading, burning, and installing I was connected and sending this in under 1 hr via the wireless, no drama!
    Thanks for the great OS and I’m really looking forward to getting to know Linux Mint (very Mint!)

  206. Murali says:

    To begin with A Big thanks to the entire team behind Mint, the latest version is just superb. I was quite a distro hopper until i discovered Mint. After switching over since Felicia i’ve never bothered using other distros even though i try them out in VirtualBox at times.

    Have few thoughts (these are just my thoughts and not criticism or anything) to make Linux even better –

    1. I think all variations of Mint (KDE, Gnome, XFCE) should get released at the same time like Ubuntu. Since there would be factions for each variation and if they get released at different times or get delayed, some ppl might defect to other distros which might not be good for Mint.

    2. Wallpapers/artwork should be reconsidered to something else, green looks good but getting monotonous now. I know this is just a personal choice but going with a little bit of change might draw more ppl. I got a blue background (meant for Gloria) and it just looks awesome.

    3. Since artwork is one of the fortes of Mint, some exciting themes should be introduced. I stumbled upon Azenis and it has given more color to my aging laptop. Ditto for fonts, Mandriva has gorgeous fonts that is so pleasing to the eyes.

    Above are just my thoughts to make Mint even more popular. I’m doing my bit to introduce everyone that i know of into using Mint with quite a bit of success of late.

    Cheers to the entire Mint team.

  207. Joseph says:

    Just tried the net upgrade from 7 to 8, and things did not seem to go all the way. Nothing really unstable, but bootloader was still listing 7, lots of icons didn’t update, overall, what I expected given the warnings.

    So ran a quick format and upgrade (and jeez, it was actually really quick to be up and running) and things seem good. Only have a few quirks, like how the network applet in the tray always shows the disconnected icon even though I’m connected to cat5 and internet works. nvidia-config still doesn’t save my resolution settings correctly, even when I save to xorg.conf, or even hand insert it (correct resolution, but fuzzy lcd, so I reset it to 1280×1024 75hz and everything goes crisp, have to do this every time I reboot) And I have this weird splash screen that comes up before gnome and slows everything down, so the boot ends up taking 10-15 seconds longer than it used to, which I think had been mentioned somewhere. Shows the default Mint wallpaper, and has a spinning unmovable cursor, eventually cuts over to the actual desktop with my chosen wallpaper, but not so elegant like…

    I’m still liking Mint more than any other Linux distro, but it’s the little things like this that I can’t fix that will always bug me.

  208. Joseph says:

    Hmm, also managed to totally break things just now. Load up the menu, and remove the “Assistive Technologies”. Actually, don’t do that, because it will remove gnome-applets and many other dependencies which it (probably?) shouldn’t…

    Sorry, I don’t know how to report bugs, so I’m posting this here.

  209. Mark Chad says:

    I just upgraded from Gloria to Helena through the terminal on my MSI windtop and everything is flawless! The screen resolution is fixed and now I can finally use my touchscreen the way it was intended, before if I slid right the cursor would go left. Thanks to the linux mint team for all they have done! My wife and kids will love the computer now!

  210. ekss says:

    will there be an xfce version for this release? if there is, when? thanx

  211. xyzdio says:

    Does Mint use the same kernel as ubuntu 9.10 ?
    The kernel revision used in ubuntu was bugged and i wasn`t able to play EvE Online (via wine)

  212. milil says:

    Is mono included in live DVD?

  213. Anastas says:

    I think like Murali. Mint must release all the different versions at the same time like Ubuntu. It’s not serious that…
    I’m using ubuntu since 5.0 and I’m waiting several months more, than the Gnome version. This is not fair!

  214. brennus says:

    Does anyone else have a non-functional Lock Screen button in Mint Meniu? Tried reloading plugins, enabling, disabling, still nothing.

  215. ozz says:

    How can I install for dual boot with XP? i tried but now xp won’t boot.

  216. rhY says:

    Mint 8 is buggy. For the exact same reasons that the latest Ubuntu is buggy. 🙁 Mint is my favorite distro, but the latest version is unusable!

  217. jay says:

    Hmm, install spent loads of time downloading language packs – huh? Should be an option as I picked language on the very first screens. Maybe its an inherited problem from Ubuntu?
    Also no mint4win 🙁 so no easy upgrade to the dual boot on my “production” machine (with all the Photoshop and other Windozeware). Will XFCE edition carry mint4win?

  218. Rufus says:


    Sorry to say, having severe sound problems. Have recently upgraded from earlier Mint and now Ubuntu 9.10. I don´t have the time to rant around forums anymore for fixes. Sudo, apt-get/dev and so on. Now it´s time to move to Win 7 – sorry to say. With Windows you can use your computer the right way – not always trying to fix something.

  219. Cristobal says:

    Gracias por esta nueva versión.

  220. tux says:

    LOL@rufus – you’re a transparent shill, you’ve never even used linux, you just showed up here to dump your FUD and then split.

    Oh and trust me, windoze 7 doesn’t all “just work”. There are several brave souls (early adopters) using windoze 7 in our office, and they have to put up with all kinds of bugs. In contrast, the linux users here are having no such problems.

  221. Pablo says:

    I just sucked it up and tried the 32-bit edition, and so far it runs flawlessly. My only complaint is: The login screen is horrid. Definitely looks like Windows 95/98. In Ubuntu 9.10 there was no way of changing the login screen, I take it that Mint 8 is the same way? I didn’t mind it on Ubuntu so much, as it was not a bad looking screen. But after using Mint 8’s login I got a flashback from when I was six years old when Win 95 had just come out.

  222. Peter says:

    I checked again, 3g broadband doesn’t work with Mint 8 🙁
    Although it was a bugfix, now Karmic doesn’t want to use the 3g again, have to reboot 5 times about and than voila, 3g modem. It shouldn’t be released like this 🙁 Unusuable.
    At Ubuntu forums some user write this is kernel problem and no need to check other new distros because same thing can happen. Well, I downloaded opensuse 11.2 Gnome and Fedora 12 Gnome and with Live CD the 3g broadband net works perfectly! Today I switch to Fedora I want to use my system, not waiting for bugfix and more bugfix. (or if nothing else, older version of Ubuntu / Mint)

  223. nanu says:

    It would be good to see how it works in competition with other linux distributions like debian, ubuntu and red hat

  224. Jimbo_tank says:

    Hi Peter (nr: 246),
    Try this out:
    it works for me. I’ve just wrote about it here:

    The drivers works just fine on Linux Mint or Ubuntu Helena 🙂
    Good luck

  225. margarete says:

    Gracias legion1978.

    Perdi mi archivo personal ya que reinstale helena 8.

    No supe pasar de mint 7 a 8. Como en linux de 9.04 a 9.10.

    Espero que para la proxima version venga un metodo mas facil de actualización.

    Gracias por la ayuda.

    . Estoy muy contenta con el funcionamiento de Mint Helena 8.

  226. bpds says:

    Linux Mint 7 installed the firmware for my Broadcom wireless card from the CD. Linux Mint 8 requires a hard connection. Linux Mint 8 sound is broken. I’m going to skip 8 and go back to 7.

  227. swapnil says:


    I am using Helena. Thanks for such a wonderful OS….. I really liked it…!!
    But, I am facing some problems recently. I have Bluetooth adapter in my laptop.For last few days (15-20 days) I was using it perfectly…but suddenly it is showing me that the adapter is absent….
    when I am looking at dmesg it shows that Bluetooth stack activated… but Bluetooth is not functioning..!!

    Need some help…!!


  228. kroon78 says:

    I really need to give mint a try. I’m a big fan of ubuntu.

  229. crondon says:

    I love Mint 8, but do I have one qualm that is rather minor, but is frustrating. No matter how many times I change my power management settings, my screen still dims after 10 minutes of being idle. Not usually a big deal, but I do watch alot of movies, and this is really beginning to bug me. If anyone has a fix, please do let me know.

  230. truthisfree says:

    Am having same problems with 3G modem, E220 and E270, works fine from live CD but does not when installed. Same problem with 9.10 Ubuntu.

  231. Ganesh says:

    Great distribution for countries like India.

    Has wonderful job. Everything worked out of box. [ Sound / mice / keyboard / dvd writer / graphic card with proper vga resolution / ethernet card / card reader / wireless / camera / microphone / internal tv tuner card / laser printer / ink jet printer / internet ….. ]

    Do not user pirated version of windows, instead use Linux Mint 8.

    We could install and use even tally, coreldraw, pagemaker, google earth, picasa, msoffice.

    Its a complete distribution without any doubt.

    We are now decided to drop windows and install linux mint 8 on every pc in our company. [ Qty 232 ]

  232. Joe says:

    Tried Mint8 – problem is that it won’t suspend successfully. When it does restore, the PC hangs up even though I have altered the power management settings to accept suspension.

    Also found a problem with ctrl-alt-backspace.

    I found no such problems on Mint7.

  233. anonymous says:


    Please consider updating the screenshot preview on home page.

    Thanks for an excellent release.

  234. miss-u says:

    Thank U! Thank U for new Linux Mint. Finally I have no more problems with polish fonts on Opera Browser.
    I don’t know it is new version of Mint or Opera, but thank you.

    Helena also works better with my ATI out of the box and look so elegance.

  235. Eddy says:

    I’m not that tech savy and having setup dual boot Vista & Mint some time ago on my wife’s & my PC’s, I have already forgotten how I struggled to do so! I have been real pleased because Mint6 & graphic upgrade to Mint7, have given me trouble free computing 🙂

    However, my wife’s PC crashed at Grub a few days ago, really had me stumped (not hard to do), struck it lucky by trying to install Mint8 from a Live CD, just had no idea any more how to proceed with the manual option so I could do a dual boot with Vista??

    Aborted the process, then struck it lucky because somehow this fixed Grub and Mint7 booted again 🙂

    OK, what I would like to see (so would many newbies I’m sure)

    1. Another automated option to dual boot on existing Win PC’s, with just a screen that then asks how much space to allow for your existing Win OS & the Mint OS, including swap file (recommended sizes provided), maybe for the even more PC naive, have this in a percentage of HDD. This should also allow a fresh Mint install on a existing dual boot PC

    2. I have seen many people suggest having “Home” in a separate partition, why not include this in an automated option for initial setup and when doing a fresh install of a newer Mint edition, having a simple check box to leave existing Home partition untouched and used by the new version?

    For a newbie, the jargon of partitions is all a bit confusing and the more the dual boot process can be automated and simplified, the more people would be encouraged to try out a Linux OS, of which I have found Mint to be the best I have tried!! Great work Clem & the gang 🙂

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