Mint to use Launchpad for translations, bugs, blueprints and github for code hosting and version control

We recently announced that Linux Mint was now using Launchpad for bug tracking. The decision was also taken to use Launchpad for blueprints and for translations.

We’re also starting to use code hosting and version control. Although Launchpad does that as well the decision here was to use github.

Development has started for Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’ and mintUpdate in particular already features many of the planned improvements.

Thanks to Launchpad and Github it is now possible for me to show you what’s planned, what’s done, how it was done, but also to let you contribute code, bug reports, ideas and translations all throughout the development cycle.

So let’s have a look…


This page shows you what’s currently planned for Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’:

As you can see work has already started for some of the blueprints and some have already been implemented. New blueprints are likely to be added in the coming months and you can follow their status on that page.

If you have an idea and you’d like us to implement it (or at least consider it), you can submit a blueprint by visiting the link below and clicking on “Register a blueprint”:


Translations are done in Launchpad. For Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’, it’s happening right here:

So far only mintUpdate is available. Other tools will appear on this page as they are adapted to Launchpad and to the specifications we designed for Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’.


You can report bugs and follow their status on this page:


Developers interested in following the evolution of the source code, and in the changes made to it can visit our github page:

At the moment only mintUpdate is available over there. Other tools and projects will appear on github as we start working on them for Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’.

Note that mintUpload is now being developed by Philip Morrell and that his gitbub page is here:

If you know git, python, glade and there are changes you’d like to see in our tools, don’t hesitate to clone them, to hack the code and to point us to your git repository. We’ll be glad to consider them for inclusion and to eventually merge them back on the main branch.


I wanted to talk about mintUpdate and how we’re improving it in Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’, but you can already see that in the blueprints and even what’s been done so far both in terms of improvements and code changes. I’ll post about this tool in the near future and I’ll illustrate the improvements with screenshots and explanations. In the meantime, please help with translating it and don’t hesitate to get involved.

If you have git installed (“apt install git git-core”) you can download the latest development snapshot of mintUpdate by typing:

git clone git://

This will download mintUpdate and place it in a “mintupdate” directory. Enter the directory and type “./test” to overwrite your version of mintUpdate with this one and launch it. Of course if you’re Italian (for instance) you could type “LANGUAGE=it ./test”, that would work as well ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hi, why isn’t yet available Spanish language for translation of the Helena version on launchpad?

  2. Victor: You’re welcome to work on the Spanish translation. Translations are open to everyone and we rely on the community to do this work.

  3. Great! ๐Ÿ˜€ I took the liberty to translate everything to Romanian. ๐Ÿ˜€ Finally an online translation tool. This makes our lives so much easier… ๐Ÿ˜€ I love it! Nice bluprints, by the way! I’m all happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. This. Is. GREAT.
    Launchpad makes things so simple to do, and even shows other peoples’ translation of the same word from other projects (great for checking myself!)

    Wonderful step forward!

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. A question to the rest of the Mint Community: Does anyone feel their Latin is advanced enough to help me translate Helena (lovely name, btw) into Latin? I think it’d be awesome, but I don’t know if my Latin is enough…

  6. @kneekoo, thanks…but I meant the distro. ๐Ÿ˜›
    And dictionaries are a bit iffy when it comes to grammar. We need this to be a human collaboration.

    And Klingon would be FANTABULOUS!

  7. hii clem ,

    how can i help to translate anything to arabic ???

    really i want to help

    if you want some help on Translations you can send message tm me

    Thank you…

  8. Hi there, i already stared with spanish translation. But, only appear a few things.

    I’ll keep an eye on it.


  9. Github is closed source and proprietary and should not be used for FOSS projects. There are FOSS alternatives!

  10. Please.. for your translation, to improve the quality. Please, add the Launchpad translations group as yours translations admins.

    Or the Ubuntu Translators:

    Or make your own group… taking in mind the permissions

    This help to avoid bad translations and spam.

  11. @Radimir Rad:
    He meant the distro instead of the word ‘Helena’.

    I have two years knowledge of translating Latin to Dutch. Not English to Latin. So it might be quite difficult for me.

  12. I have been using Mint since Casandra inception and i’m now using Gloria, I would love to help translate it in my home language (Xitsonga) Please help Clem as to how to go about it. tHANKs. I run a company where we provide ICT support services to other companies in a managed and professional way. Go unloca ICT solutions, the road is open all the way to the source!

  13. How can we help translate Helena to our home language! Xitsonga is the best language I would love to see the next release of mint supporting. We can’t wait…Unloca ICT Solutions supports you guys all the way! God bless, indeed the best things in life are free. God bless South Africa, Linux Mint project and the REST!

  14. Hi Clem!

    Can u make a Norwegian translation option in Launchpad ? I want to contribute ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. Hello there, anybody can help “please” I still using mint 6 on my ASUS laptop X58L with intel celeron, successfully installation everything works! I tried with Mint 7 upon I tried to install some additional applications and reboot the laptop I get error 111 even if I press enter go back to the same message… I couldn’t boot at all, any reason why does happen with mint 7 when mint 6 works perfectly?
    Thanks very much! AL

  16. Launchpad was closed source not so long ago… just because something is proprietary doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go near it. Anyway, please mention the alternatives so we can consider them.

  17. @Mork:
    Linux Mint is not completely Free (codecs/flash etc. all work ootb), if you want a truly Free OS, go for Fedora or something. To be fair to your suggestion, I went through all the Free options listed at and even tried out the most popular (gitorious), but none of them could provide the functionality github does. An essential feature I’ve found is the network graph, which you can think of as a kind of todo list of what other people have been working on, without them having to send you message first:

    @wannabe translators:
    see The gist of it is, we donโ€™t โ€œaddโ€ any languages, you just enable it for your account, and it should appear in the list.

    post your problem in the support section of the forums to get more help, not everybody reads these posts.

  18. Please, Moderator, this is my complete text… I had a “lapsus digitae”….

    Oh what a shame …

    I did not understand what was said by___ Thank you, Floris, on clarifying the problem.

    Well, neither my Latin is good. But I know a freeware that is useful for students and professionals. I mean

    WORDS Version 1.97FC


    for DOS, Windows 95 > XP, Linux ( versiรณn 1.97Ed ) :D, FreeBSD, OS2 and Mac OS X, that we found it at the following address:

    > <

    It would be fantastic to see a version of LinuxMint in Latin.

    I hope that Endless Linux meets their desire.

  19. To 22. Floris and 9. Endless Linux

    Oh what a shame …

    I did not understand what was said by Endless Linux. Thank you, Floris, on clarifying the problem.

    Well, neither my Latin is good. But I know a freeware that is useful for students and professionals. I mean

    WORDS Version 1.97FC


    for DOS, Windows 95 > XP, Linux ( versiรณn 1.97Ed ) :D, FreeBSD, OS2 and Mac OS X, that we found it at the following address:

    > <

    It would be fantastic to see a version of LinuxMint in Latin.

    I hope that ___ meets their desire.

    Edit by Clem: Changed URL (previous one was no longer valid).

  20. metamorphousthe: we don’t do beta releases (and in fact don’t even make isos until the ubuntu base is ready) but you can test the latest version of the tools on Gloria by running the latest code from github. Additionally, some versions are released into Helena’s repositories, so modify your sources.lst appropriately to get these, and I put all versions of mintUpload into my ppa, as explained at

  21. Hi thanks for the great job! One suggestion, it would be cool to have in the new version of mintupdate would be an “un-update” feature since some of the updates don’t work correctly on all computers.

  22. You have made it forbiddingly hard to report bugs, and harder still to find *where* to report them. The links to Launchpad are useless, all they say is “Linux Mint must be configured in order for Launchpad to forward bugs to the project’s developers.” with no further links to anything. There’s no form, and nowhere to report anything. Is this temporary? There is a serious issue with installation timezone data wrong in Mint 20, so it really shouldn’t have to wait. Does anyone have a working like to a bug report form?

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