Mint 7 RC1 review: Techmiso

Scott Jarkoff wrote a very nice review of Linux Mint 7 RC1 on

I just have one comment: mint4win isn’t functional in this RC release. It will be fixed in the stable release.

Happy reading everyone.


  1. Good review. Specially impressive, I’d say, for those who still don’t know the Mint.

    Clem, please answer us:

    – There will be an upgrade tool from Mint Felicia to Gloria?
    – When Gloria will be released as stable?

    Many users here already asked about this content, with no sucess, and we are all anxious about the stable release.

    Thank you.

  2. I’m still having trouble enabling 3d effect on my laptop.
    L6721 Notebook Specifications
    Part Number: 1014764RGateway ML6721 Notebook
    Feature Description
    Processor Intel® Dual-Core Mobile Processor T2310
    1.46 GHz | 1 MB L2 cache | 533 MHz FSB
    Chipset Intel® GL960
    Display panel 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 × 800)
    Memory 1024 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2 × 512)
    Operates at 533 MHz
    Total slots: 2 DDR2 slots | Available slots: 0 DDR2 slots
    Video controller Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
    Up to 384 MB of Dynamic Video Memory
    Audio High definition audio – 2 channel
    Hard drive 160 GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive
    Optical drive 8x Multiformat Dual Layer DVDRW with DVD-RAM with Labelflash™
    Write maximum: 8X DVD±R, 6X DVD-RW, 8X DVD+RW, 2X DVD-R DL, 2.4X DVD+R DL, 5X DVD-RAM, 24X CD-R and 16X CD-RW discs
    Read maximum: 8X DVD-R/RW/ROM, 4X DVD±R DL, 5X DVD-RAM, 24X CD-R/RW/ROM discs

    Modem Integrated V.92 56K modem
    Network 10/100 Ethernet LAN
    802.11a/b/g wireless LAN
    Memory card reader 5-in-1
    Memory Stick®
    Memory Stick Pro®
    Multimedia Card™
    Secure Digital™
    MiniSD and RS-MMC (when used with adapter that is supplied with card)

    Four – USB 2.0 ports
    One – VGA port
    Microphone jack
    Headphone jack
    RJ-45 port
    RJ-11 port
    One – Kensington lock slot
    Power input
    Pointing device Touchpad with vertical scroll zone
    Expansion slot Expresscard™ Type 54
    Battery 6-cell Lithium-ion
    Dimensions 1.31 to 1.40-inches (H) × 14.09-inches (W) × 10.39-inches (D)
    33 to 36 mm (H) × 330 mm (W) × 264 mm (D)
    Weight 6.24 pounds

  3. It’s good to see all the positive reviews about Gloria! I can’t wait for the stable release. Keep up the good work guys 😉

  4. Another good review. I love it! I think it’s great that so many people are saying what a good RC candidate this is 🙂

  5. I ve been using Mint 6 felicia for some months, its been wonderful from the day I installed it on my Laptop.More over I was able to give this to my friends who were having issues with other distros on their laptop.Mint worked on all of them with exceptional performance. Its been wonderful. Waiting for the latest release.

  6. [quote]The new default theme is simply orgasmic! [/quote]


    The author is right. But I think, the other parts of Gloria are glorious, too 😉

  7. anyone here using a sony vaio FW? there are NO brightness controls on ubuntu 9.04….. I cannot change the brightness of my screen.

    Clem, are you doing anything about that for mint 7?

  8. Sorry to be ‘late on parade’, but my main rig on which RC1 is installed, has been acting up, but it’s now got a replacement motherboard plus a new, faster CPU.
    RC1 is looking very good, maintaining the traditional, conservative style of sticking with ‘wot works’ rather than copying Ubuntu – great work by Clem.
    For me, a couple of minor niggles. Added ‘inkblot’ doesn’t work where it was starting to for Ubuntu Jaunty (Jaunty #243410 refers), whilst x264 coding for added AcidRip still only works in Mint4. (Still halts with ‘mencoder interrupted by user’ message.)
    As 64-bit Jaunty has been slicker and more stable than 32-bit Jaunty, I’m really looking forward to 64-bit Gloria, but only ‘when it’s ready’.

  9. Hi, I am tryng de Linux Mint 7, and their drivers are extraordinary, everything just works great! This was a pleasant surprise.
    I have Acer 5520G, the only problem is with video playing it is a bit choopy, and the sounds while playing the videos (avi formatum) even more choopy.This happens with Totem Player and Gnome Player, with Mplayer it works normaly.And when I install XMMS2 it doesn’t apear in the menupoint > Sound and Video.

  10. Just checked out Gloria for myself and WOW. This really is THE Linux distro. What else could you ask for, beautiful and just works. Also, Clem, is there a chance that Handbrake and maybe a PSP iso compressor could make it into the final repositaries. I can’t wait for the official release.

  11. My personal desktop crashed the os was MS (xp). I had a LinuxMint Daryna cd. First tried to recover all the data to WD Passport. Then installed the same version on the PC. Then connected to net and found there are many updates available.
    As per the documentation went on updating the OS. And upgraded all the packages.

    As per the documentation on this wiki upgraded the daryna to Elyssa which went smooth over internet.
    Had a issue when restarted the os. The hard disk was hda which was then recognized as sda … only change was at the boot prompt and things started rolling.

    Then from elyssa to Felicia was smooth.

    I have a personal desktop on linux mint with basula, mysql, apache, Games and all are working fine as expected after the upgrade.

    Looking ahead to update to Gloria.

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