1. Comment: Mint 7’s mintDesktop is losing its artwork restoration feature (mintSystem now adjusts that automatically) and the nautilus browser mode feature (since nautilus itself now features that). Its GUI was also simplified.

  2. “I still hear some people say “Linux still isn’t ready for the desktop” and stuff like that sometimes.

    Well these people clearly haven’t used Linux Mint.”

    oh yeah B)

  3. Some Comments for me:

    I really like the look and feel of Linux Mint. The artwork and the overall aesthetics of this distribution are very easy on the eyes. In an odd way it reminds me of Mac OS X without all the overbearing Apple glitter or the Apple tax. It’s slick.

    Hmm I think LinuxMint has it own style, I hope in the next version the new UI to has an aero tone but to keep this authentic LinuxMint style also.

    I like Linux Mint a lot. In some ways it’s what I wish Ubuntu itself had been. If I had to choose between the two of them, I would pick Linux Mint because it’s Ubuntu but better. While I noted a few things that could be improved, Linux Mint is definitely worth a download.
    (If I had to choose between the two of them, I would pick Linux Mint because it’s Ubuntu but better.) I Agree!! 😉

    While I love the option of choosing between Apt, Synaptic, or mintInstall to install new software, I do worry that it’s potentially very confusing to Linux newbies.
    (I do worry that it’s potentially very confusing to Linux newbies.)

    No I don’t Agree with this! I’m newbie !
    mintInstall is very helpful anyway!! I love it~!~

  4. yeah a good review. i thought he’d not noticed about the KDE version but according to the comments section he’s going to be reviewing the other version aswell.

  5. I’m a Linux Mint convert as well, and I’m glad to read more recognition for it. However, Extreme Tech isn’t relevant. How can they criticise Mint’s config tool when their site is poorly designed and there’s no frequency to their updates?

  6. @Chrisanthos:

    While it may be confusing, how would a new user even know that Apt or Synaptic exist, when MintInstall is right on the menu? It’s like PC-BSD’s .pbi files and the FreeBSD ports tree; you never need to know that the ports tree exists if you have pbis.

    The Linux Mint team is doing a great job, keep it up!


  7. I agree with the review.

    Linux Mint is a great OS. It can be a little confusing for a newbie but its definitely one the best Linux distribution out there.

    The layout is really nice.

    Its my first time using LM and I`m really happy with it.

  8. Must feel pretty cool to know that you are in the fore-front of making Linux OS a barrier breaker for the average Joe.

  9. I only recently upgraded my main system to Mint 6, and I’m loving it, just as I loved 5 and 4. The upgrade tool (upgraded from 5 to 6) broke CUPS for me, but otherwise it worked flawlessly on my Toshiba laptop. Looking forward to 7, and thinking about trying the KDE CE.

    Something Chrisanthos mentioned above really stood out to me: Mint is exactly what I originally hoped Ubuntu would be for me – a usable, complete Windoze replacement that is maintainable for an amateur computer enthusiast without any specific training. I’m not surprised that it reminds some people of Mac OS X, since it is fairly intuitive and quite stable. But…

    Warren Smith: I don’t think any Linux distro is about to put M$ out of business any time soon. I love Mint, I tried to like Ubuntu but struggled with it, and about ten other distros were just too much work. But I don’t think were quite at the point yet where the average person is able to make the switch without a lot of help. Maybe Ubuntu, Mint or whatever will get there eventually, but until we see Windows-esque driver support (pop in the CD that came with your hardware and hit enter a few times), better out-of-the-box game support, and wider OEM adoption, Linux will not be ready for everyone. Sure, I can google to figure out how to compile alsa and make it work, and spending quality time with Gparted and SuperGrub was fun, but my mom couldn’t be bothered with that or using Synaptic. Most people would rather spend a few bucks for software or trust their auto updates rather than have to work at making their computers run right. I like to tweak and maximize the performance of everything (on a frugal budget): computers, cars, my house, even my garden, but most folks just want as little effort as possible and accept mediocrity in trade, i.e. M$.

  10. Looking back, the wise decision not go down a default KDE route has been well substantiated, whilst the Extreme Tech Mintt6 Review misses an important point, that of Mint’s avoidance, where possible, of problems besetting the source Ubuntu variant. In the case of Mint6, some Ubuntu ‘glitches’ still got through, most noticeably needing the Robb Topolski patch to avoid post ‘real’ installation delays to ReStart and ShutDown etc. VM as used by the Mint6 reviewer can impose other limitations, most noticeably in preventing the use of better graphics accelerators like NVIDIA’s ‘180’ proprietary hardware driver.
    With highly favourable reports on Ubuntu 9.04 now coming in from the more definitive release users as well as from the reviews of the less capable Beta release, I’m really looking forward to Mint7 !

  11. One more rewarding review for Mint! Bravo Mint Team, you deserve it!
    But concerning this review:
    – I just can’t understand how reviewers can test OS in virtual machines!! It’s really not the best way imho…
    – The reviewer says it only comes with Gnome, but didn’t mention the great Community Editions, too bad… It could have drawn the attention of more users (KDE or XFCE fans).

    And please don’t rush out the version 7 as a lot of users ask you to, and stick to your great “philosophy”: It will be released when it will be ready!

    Thanks again for your great work.

  12. I am a new user of Linux as of about three weeks ago. Mint was my first Linux experience. I have since converted all my productivity minus quickbooks 🙁 over to the Mint OS. I am probably speaking to the choir – never the less I offer my thanks to you.

  13. @ Sean, until we seen Linux Mint preloaded on computers being sold at big box retailers, linux will not be ready for everybody. My opinion on this subject is that Linux Mint is the easiest operating system to install and configure for browsing the web, listening to music, and watching movies. Its just about perfect for me because it allows me the power and flexibility of a Debian based GNU/Linux distro and it is pre-configured to do 90% of what I need it to do which saves me time and allows me to get down to business. I’ve moved my desktop to Ubuntu 9.04 until Mint 7 comes out but I’m still using Mint 6 on my laptop because it takes more work to get an operating system installed on.
    This was a nice and fair review I think. I personally hate the synaptic package manager and understand where the reviewer is comming from, although he must realize that Mint Install is not enough. I personally use aptitude but that’s what’s so great about basing your disto off Ubuntu, you have access to their excellent repos. Package management will always be difficult for people who are new to linux but I think Mint Install is a step in the right direction. Ubuntu’s add and remove programs is also making it easier for new users. I personaly don’t use either but I’m sure many people find them to be useful.

  14. Mint is 100% perfect for me. After I gave up trying to figure out another Linux distro at about 3am I saw this OS called “Linux Mint”. Not knowing much about Linux other that some ppl say it’s great I installed Mint 6. I looked around and understood everything I needed to and just for a laugh I pluged my Nokia into my HP via usb cable and Mint tells me its found a Nokia and asks if I want to connect to the internet. A second or 2 at max later I was connected. Just like that! Got a bunch of programs I thought I might need and got updates done and that was that. I knew next to nothing about Linux and still know very little but because of the way Mint 6 is put together I can choose to just use it as is or explore what makes Linux better than Bill’s stuff.
    I hope that the change from Mint 6 to 7 will be easy for me to perform as I’m here to stay!
    Great work and well done!

  15. I remember buying Corel linux and installing it on my old Nec340t latop. Very few distros have managed to catch my eyes in the same way since… Until I found Linux Mint. Personally, I feel it has everything for the newb as well as the more seasoned user. Although I still like Windows, I find myself using my linux laptop more than my Windows XP desktop since installing Mint.

  16. The big negative is the various package managers? You are kidding, right? The philosophy is very different here. In Windoze, you google or whatever to find the app you want. You then download it, set a system restore point (in case of explosion), and install it. In Linux, you have a tool that has already found the software for you. You know ahead of time if it will work for your system. You have no fear of installing the software. That is actually light-years AHEAD of what Windoze does. As far as having 3 ways of doing it, most people would only see 2. Both have their place. I have never had a problem using synaptics and don’t understand the reticence.

    Finally, regarding updates, it seems there is the opinion that it works way different from Windoze. Not in my experience. The little lock becomes unlocked which draws my attention. I click on it, find what needs updated and go to town. The only difference from Windoze is that it does not gripe at me that I need it on fully automatic which we have found on Windoze has its own issues. Anybody following the Yahoo Group “Linux Newbies” knows by heart my recommendation of Mint every time someone asks about an easy Linux as Windoze alternative.


  17. The only thing i can say about lm 6 is some new printers don’t work (multifunction), and gaming experience is poor, but lets face it, lm is a stable reliable distro if u simply want to use it for general use.
    If i want to play games i just use w7.
    Watching dvd,s or visualisations can be a pain because lm does not seem to support some graphics cards adequately.
    looking forward to Lm 7 but all good things come to those who wait.

  18. Way to on Mint6. It is my second shot at Linux after windows xp (ubuntu 8.10 was the first). I am entirely impressed with how easy it was to install and configure. I am running it on a homebrew box that is about 4 years old and my hardware runs smooth as can be. It is rock solid and I personally couldn’t ask for more at this point.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!!!!!

  19. Yeah!
    Don’t rush out the release. I’m fine now. I like stability… But I still am going to install Debian on my desktop (mint always on my laptop) because of stability.
    Sean: Dell sells netbooks with ubuntu, but that’s it. I think it’s because of 1. people are too lazy to learn. I know someone who just thinks linux is bad.. 2. bill_g probably pays them to get Windowze on most comps… and a lot of people don’t even know what it means. Most think “PC” means “Windows” and it’s hardcoded or something. 3. It’s not totally ready right now, it needs some fixes.
    4. there are lots of programs for windows, until Wine gets better 😛
    Though it’s very nice now, I dualboot windowze just for games, but I use linux about 90% of the time. I just feel way safer on it. No need to worry about viruses XD
    I already broke and repaired Windows 2 times, one didn’t boot, tried to change drive letters (one thing that I hate of windowze), the other BSOD, and I only broke linux one time after a much longer time of using it because of a mistake, and only the GUI broke. I used the console to back up & reinstall.

  20. i’m a newer on linux, but i have a wish, i want my linux mint which just installed can do like what windows can do easily, i mean its ICS (internet conection sharing), how the way tho share internet connection sharing with host-client type connection network, my host used windows xp and Linux mint felicia 6 and the client use windows xp sp ii. so how the way to share internet connection on linux mint with windows client?

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