Linux Mint 7 roadmap


I’ll try to be brief as I’m extremely busy working on the upcoming Linux Mint 7 release. I haven’t communicated much in the last few days so here’s a quick post to let you know what’s going on.

  • Ubuntu 9.04 is planned to be released today and the very first DEV ISO for Linux Mint 7 Gloria (LinuxMint-7-DEV-001.iso) was successfully built last night.
  • The development of the new features coming in Linux Mint 7 is finished.
  • We’re now starting to deploy them on the brand new Ubuntu 9.04 base.
  • It’s too soon to say how long it will take before an RC release but no risks have been identified so far.
  • Some of the new features of Linux Mint 7 are:
    • “Suggestions” and hotkey support in mintMenu
    • “Featured Applications” in mintInstall
    • Service configuration tool, SCP and SFTP support in mintUpload
    • mintWelcome, which replaces mintAssistant
    • new artwork
  • A lot of bugs were also fixed and some of the GUIs were enhanced.
  • For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, please read the roadmap.
  • Some planned features had to be postponed:
    • OEM installation
    • Theming and layout choice in mintDesktop
    • Slot-mechanism in mintMenu
    • Packages section in mintInstall
    • moonGrub

The new artwork is based on Shiki-Wise. It looks fantastic but it also presents a few usability problems. I’m planning on releasing it as the default artwork for the RC release and eventually switch back to the traditional artwork and have this new one as an alternative for the stable release.

Please be patient and if you connect to the Gloria repositories to give the new features a try, please remember that Mint 7 isn’t stable yet. Screenshots and updates will follow as we get closer to the release.


  1. wow! sounds great! Will there be an upgrade tool from mint 5 to mint 7 for those (like me) who skipped mint 6 due to intrepid-relatied problems? that would be really awesome.
    thanks for your work, clem. mint simply rocks.

  2. I just got 6 and like it alot. Looking forward to 7. Thank you for a new none windows world for me to use.

  3. Just one thing: will “Gloria” packages include Spanish (and other language/cultures) localizations of mintMenu and company? Felicia did not, and it felt like a big miss for me.

  4. please if we have to get a mint with same bug as ubuntu better wait , i remember old mint’s were amazing the 6 was full of problems and bugs like the ubuntu , so honestly i didn’t picked up mint just for the green look but cuz it was better then ubuntu , so try to keep it better .
    best regards

  5. Hello,
    I’ve got one request for MintUpdate. I would be nice to see there “hold Package” option. There are few packages which have useless (for me) new options (in their newer version) and they are more resource eating. Sometimes I want to use old version, but current version of Mint Update not allowing me to do this.

    I have hold this package in aptitude, which I m using to upgrade my system.

    Best regards.
    Thank you for your hard work.

    Sorry for my English.

  6. I dont know how to file a bug-report in Mint, so I don’t know where to post the bug…
    1, mount NTFS gives weird error.
    2, WIFI card stop working after sleep/turn off-on
    Maybe it just on my laptop…

  7. Aw come on already. Ubuntu 9.04 is out! Where’s the Mint?!?!
    I keeed.
    No, really, hurry up.
    It’s all in jest, great work Clem.
    Seriously, get it out here. A.S.A. to the P.

  8. +1 for what szamot83 says I have a bunch of Nvidia crap sitting in my mint update if I install it my graphics break.

  9. it would be nice if you guys used that countdown ticker that ubuntu had on their site, so we can follow and KNOW when you’ll release the new editions.

  10. I also have packages that keep insisting i update. the newest version of wine doesn’t work with a few of my programs, I also wish there was a “hold” option.

  11. hi, I can’t wait for the new LinuxMint 7 ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope the new linuxmint to have more compatibility with more hardware.
    I love the LinuxMint UI, I believe is the best linux UI at the moment!
    I hope also the new LM to be closer to Windows 7 Aero look but with LM look ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Mint Update is the best thing for me in the LM ,is SUPER SUPER useful ,that tool makes Windows to cry!

    ~THANKS LinuxMINT team :)~

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  13. Looking forward to Mint 7, but while we are waiting, could you shed some light on whether there will ever be LVM and RAID support in Mint.


  14. dunno why my comment was removed , but i repeat i prefer to wait to a stable mint instead of download an ubuntu with mint color

  15. I can’t stop looking foward to this release. I am trying to get people to donate. And i wish the store would be open so i can buy stuff.

  16. hi,

    great work! will LM 7 support Intel restricted Graphics drivers for the 945 Chip Family? Having great trouble finding some way getting them to work under jaunty 9.04 Ubuntu. Looks like the ubuntu guys forgot forgot about us low-end laptop graphics chipset users ๐Ÿ™
    Compiz has very poor performance with the new jaunty xorg drivers for Intel, compared to 8.10 – i’m ab bit disappointed


  17. same goes for me, i’d rather update only what is necessary. But great job tho, looking forward for the next release !

  18. Thanks Clem and the team. I for one really appreciate your efforts. I’m between jobs for a while so I might find some time to do some testing.

    Best regards

  19. The OS you guys have built is beautiful and functional. What more can the audience ask for?

    I just pray that you guys keep the bloat to a minimum. Mint is the best Linux Distro I have ever tried. Seriously, it’s just so complete and great to use.

    I recommend it to everyone I know.

  20. Awesome!
    I’d really like to help you guys somehow. How could I join?

    I got skills in Python for about a year, I don’t get classes and I’m not good with Tk gui.
    I have very basic C++ skills. I’ve just done a simple console calculator and an application that calculates quadratic equations.
    I’d be happy to test & debug.

    I also have some 3d artistic skills, mostly in Blender 3d and the GIMP. What’s wrong with the usability problems in the new artwork? I might be able to help…

  21. I am excited to try it out. Where can we download the DEV ISO’s? I can’t find them on the website…

  22. I get open source and the community development concept, buy why does it seem like there is one person driving LinuxMint? What am I missing? The blog states “I am…” several times. Help me understand.

  23. awesome news! i have been using the 9.04 release canditate for a few days now and it is by fat the quickest running and stable running ubuntu install “out of the box” thus far

  24. – Thanks to LinuxMINT, I had my first experience with success to the world Linux (LinuxMint v.3)
    – Use and recommend to me the best and most friendly distro.
    – I appreciate the commitment and dedication from you.
    – Long live LinuxMINT.
    – Thankful


  25. plz correct an error. When you turn off mint without the computer shutdown properly, when it starts it gives error that tomboy applet(
    delete or not delete). Due to that, google search tab in the firefox does not work in the tab.

  26. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work… I truly love Linux Mint. Really looking forward to Gloria. Keep it up… -G-

  27. Very nice! I haven’t problem in waiting. Just hope that this time it will be available a safely procedure to upgrade my Mint Box. I do not like very much to spend all the time to make a new installation and reconfigure all my services ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Nice, Shiki-Colors (Wise) is the theme I’ve been using for a few months, look like we have some tastes in common ๐Ÿ™‚
    But what are the usability problems it presents ?

  29. How about Nouveau support? I have lots of problems with Nvidia drivers, after a will Mint freezes. I never tried Nouveau drivers before but would be great if they got support from the mint community. Maybe for us that have nvidia cards will have a easier life in the future.
    Keep up the great work

  30. I just hope that ctrl-alt-del will not be disabled by default as in Jaunty… I think it’s a useful feature.
    Thanks for your great work!

  31. Awesome news! I can’t wait for the release! Yours is by far my favorite Linux desktop OS. Keep up the great work!

  32. Please add 1024×600 AND 1024×768 resolutions for netbooks. Some applications overrun the screen at 1024×600 (like VLC’s preferences screen) and the ability to switch to 1024×768 temporarily solves this problem.

  33. hey. Great progress as always. I have one question: Will this have better connectivity for mobile phones and mp3 players? I know I keep harping on about this but in truth, I reckon this sort of thing as soooo important to the marketability of any operating system. I do note that the Mint6 KDE (which Im using and enjoy) connects readily to my new cellphone.

    Thanks for the heads up so far.


  34. Thanks for your work! I like Linux Mint because it’s always pretty and more usable “from the box”.

  35. Congratulations !
    and i am very pleased to hear mint Gloria is coming
    in a new distribution , I am a newbee in linux but for years (15)
    i am following this operating system growing and growing,all the
    distributions i tryed this monts from ubuntu to mint and 15 other
    distributions.on a old p4 system and a old laptop 800mhz
    and i feel now on a installation on my new laptop toshiba tecra S1
    that this linux felicia is outperforming all the others also
    ubuntu , i like the beatifull desktop and all the included
    software and when i look for some other things it is there
    exept a epson scanner and a dia scanner gives problems,
    but i am releaved from virus, worms, etc, there is a good firewall,
    and this Felicia is stable as a rock, in my wifes laptop is still
    Windows XP pro and freezes at least 3 times a week slows down
    whith a virusscanner on the background and needs maintanance once
    a 2 weeks.

    I tryed pclinux,mandrake delft,centos,zenwalk,fedora,dreamlinux,
    paldo, pardus and Parsix,

    I remember Parsix and Fedora and Dreamlinux as fine distributions
    Now i installed Linux mint Felicia on my Toshiba Tecra,and i buyed
    a second hand system 2,8 Ghz 500mb P4 and it runs there fast and stable and i am keeping it there!
    All the years i runned windows on all the computers i owned,
    but i believe there is a time for a change,and i also like the idea
    of the open comunity so anyone can have it to work whith it,
    please exuse my poor english i do my best.

    I am very pleased to hear from de successor linux mint Gloria

    Thanks for your work on it!


  36. U9.04 is supposed to be better for netbooks, so I assume Mint 7 will be, too. Any chance for a netbook remix-type interface for Gloria?

  37. I really like the felicia version. I hope new fixes and solutions will be available for ati drivers 2x series that can support dual monitors. Can’t wait for the version 7 of mint. When I tried upgrading my ubuntu intrepid into jaunty ati/catalyst worked flawlessly. I hope it would be the same with MINT ver.7.

  38. I pray that it will be a lot better than Linux Mint 6 Felicia kde ce
    I have yet to get Amarok to work or any media. very disappointed.
    In mint

  39. Clem,

    could you fix the Fn key issue for people using SONY VAIO laptops?

    Im not an expert so i couldnt follow what this site was saying:

    i hope you can do something about it, so all sony vaio users could happily install the new mint and not worry about problems with the Fn key and stuff like that ๐Ÿ™‚



  40. y are the best really, i`am using linux mint and i think that is the best linux distribution.
    thank you

  41. Just put 9.04 on top of mint, Finally my Compaq Wireless works as-is! Can’t wait to put Mint back on.

  42. Being a business owner one of the things that could be done to have a better acceptance of Linux (Mint) is the ability to plug in your phone (you could start with popular phone like Nokia first) and have it automatically syncing with a PIM or evolution.. this would go a long way for me.
    my second wish would be to get either quickbooks or myob fully working with linux

  43. I use Linux Mint since the first beta releases of Elyssa (always with Gnome), and…whoa, it’s getting better all the time! I can’t wait to see the new installer of Mint7 in my laptop…and I expect that my (shitty) RTL8187B wireless card would work in this new version – the only complain about it, although I couldn’t get it working also in Winblows…o.O
    Can’t wait to see the new artwork as well! Excelent work, Clem! Keep it up! =D

  44. Hi

    Thanks you for the great LinuxMint.

    So what do you think that new version (7.0) release?

    Good Luck.

  45. I’ve been using Ubuntu 9.04 since the 23rd and I’m really impressed. I’m really looking forward to the Mint release. The reduction in boot time is so much better than I could have expected. It boots 2-3 times faster than 8.10. Everything feels extremely snappy too. If I didn’t know better I would think it was set to noatime. The Ubuntu community has really outdone themselves with this realese. This will definatly be the best Mint to date. Adobe-flashplugin is gone though, which is too bad. I had to get the .deb from adobe’s site to get it working right. It might not be a bad idea to include something in the Gloria repo to make it easier to get flash content working right. In previous releases of Mint, the first thing I had to do was replace the default flashplugin-nonfree with the adobe-flashplugin. Otherwise I would have problems.

  46. Hi from France and congratulation for your amazing work. My main computer is under Linux Mint since the Daryna release. Mint made me forget about any dual boot with Windows. Mint, just mint, all I expect from my computer is released in your distrib. Looking forward for this 7! Good job and for sure, Good luck!

  47. I’ve just killed Jaunty – from my Eee PC 1000H and switched back to Felicia.
    You did a great job with this distribution.
    I hope in the next release, you will integrate TOR and I2P for secure browsing.
    Ubuntu just took out TOR and hasn’t integrated I2P.
    It would be great to see the wonderful SHIKI and MELIAE in Gloria – and a USB-Installation-Image would be great!

    Keep on the good work!


  48. Well, I just installed Mint 6 and if its as good as this Distro, then Seven (Gloria). will be really cool! I’m speaking from Ashington in Northumberland, England or the United Kingdom to some ๐Ÿ˜‰ Howdedoody to all you good folks in the US of A! When I’m not on the PC I’m cycling on a hardtail…


  49. Will Mint 7 have netbook support like Jaunty, I am currently an ubuntu-eee user, which is so far behing its getting painful, I have heard really good things about minty and am thinking its time to abandon the ubuntu-eee ship…

  50. Clem, please, what do you mean by ‘moonGrub’? What will it be? moon… hmm another mono app? Thanks.

  51. “Deadguy Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Great to hear that your hard at work on Mint7 Clem ๐Ÿ™‚
    I eagerly await itโ€™s release!!”

    wow, even dead people cant wait to use it!


  52. I think that Ubuntu 9.04 has at last restored the installed stability and multi-tasking of Ubuntu 7.10 to a wider range of hardware with it’s better kernel and has also overcome the flaws of Ubuntu 8.10 that handicapped the far better, more newbie friendly functionality of Mint6, so I’m really looking forward to Mint7.
    Ubuntu 7.10 and Mint4 were the turning-point for NTFS-3g, but Ubuntu 9.04 and especially Mint7 could be the turning-point for so much more, so it’s great news about Mint7 progress.

  53. I have been using Mint lately (i used Mandriva, tried Suse, Fedora, Sabayon and several other distros, then used Ubuntu). Linux Mint is by far the best desktop Linux distro IMHO.

    I run Linux Mint 6 on a desktop, a laptop and an Asus eee 901 (with Adam’s kernel).

    I’am looking forward to installing Linux Mint 7.

    Thank you for the great job.

  54. wow… really nice… i can’t wait to install mint7 in my office… we are currently switching from vista to mint6 but hearing mint7 is coming out we’ll just wait until its available…

    great work for linuxmint team and wish u all the best…!

    love from indonesia

  55. Please, please, please fix closed source ati driver support for legacy cards and wifi encryption support for mint 7. Jaunty is having serious issues with both, and open source ati drivers just don’t cut it right now.

  56. You guys wouldn’t happen to be planning to include a fix for the problems so many intel chipset users are having in this release would you? If so, I’d like to thank you prematurely for picking up the pieces of a broken distro that Canonical should not have released yet.

  57. sounds great, im really excited!

    I personally do not recommend to upgrade Linux, it is always better to partation your harddrive (root/swap/home for example) and then do a full reinstall


  58. Thanks Clem. You do a wonderful job. Clearly 9.04 is having some strange issues with intel graphics. They don;t work. Am going to remove it and reinstall Mint 6 and use it until 7 is ready. Thanks again for you hard work and dedication to this fine operating system.

  59. I’ve been a big fan of Slackware and UbuntuStudio but for various reasons spent time bouncing back and forth between those distro’s until I found Mint. For the first time in years I feel I can settle down into a sense of OS satisfaction. Thanks Mint. And cheers to seven’s release.

  60. Very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can hardly wait to see Mint 7 in action. However, one of the reviews linked on DistroWatch presents Ubuntu 9.04 as a not so mature/stable OS with few new features compared to 8.10. I’m really curious if Mint 7 will have similar issues or it will run as smooth as we want.

    Now there are two things I am eagerly waiting for and that’s Mint LXDE CE and RAID support. I’ve built someone a RAID-5 configuration and it’s quite a pain I cannot see the data in it and as far as I know the plans for this functionality is not yet on the table. I hope I’m wrong. Am I?

  61. Linux Mint 7 selalu dinanti..
    semoga linux mint selalu menampilkan keindahan, dan tetap menawan.

    Salam dari Indonesia

  62. Great, I have used Mint 4, 5 & 6 …. and found it to be a stable OS. However, I have tried Ubuntu 9.04 and it is the first distro that suspend to ram (S3) works, so please don’t break that element on the conversion to Mint.

    Thanks to the Mint Team for all their hard work!

  63. Thanks very much clem for you and youer gorupe for the hard work

    I hope that you include delauge bit torrent clinet as defult one insted of Transmission and also PDF editor

    this website is also usefull I hope mint is doing the same

    like moonlight + apturl in firefox and opera


  64. Wow, day 1 and a test build was done. You guys r-o-c-k.
    My first Mint was Felicia and I look forward to Gloria.
    Upgrading is as simple as popping the disc in, right?..

  65. I’ve tried all distros of Linux (SLAX, FEDORA, PUPPY, UBUNTU) and have finally found MINT to be the most stable distro , without the bloat and with all the applications and codecs I want. However, the font rendering after all the tweakings still leaves a lot to be desired.

    The fonts on the new Ubuntu 9.04 are good but the distro is disappointing as it does not have all the right multimedia codecs – the synaptic manager was unfriendly and useless.

    Will Mint 7 improve the font rendering ?

  66. I’m one of the “regular” every day people that would normally not be commenting in a tech site like this, but I just wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work, and for changing my computing life forever.

  67. Saya pengguna LinuxMint 6 Main Edition. LinuxMint sebuah distro yang bagus menurut saya. Boleh dikata semua keperluan multimedia sudah “out of the box”. JRE pun sudah terinstall. Kestabilan? Baik! Repositori? Bagus. Alhamdulillah. Rasanya, sudah tidak ada alasan bagi para pembajak software atau pengguna software bajakan untuk bermigrasi ke Linux. Btw, kini saatnya menunggu LinuxMint 7. Semoga tetap hebat seperti sebelumnya.

  68. RALAT: Rasanya, sudah tidak ada alasan bagi para pembajak software atau pengguna software bajakan untuk bermigrasi ke Linux.
    YANG BENAR: Rasanya, sudah tidak ada alasan bagi para pembajak software atau pengguna software bajakan untuk TIDAK bermigrasi ke Linux.

  69. Linux mint rocks!
    Why? Its the only dist that works 100% on my notebook.
    Really wierd that Mint 6 works but not Ubuntu 8.10.
    But thats how it is?!
    Like the mint menu alot also!
    Keep up the good work!

  70. Can’t wait for Mint.7 – what is the gir’s name along with it? To be honest, Im quite happy with Mint.5,6 but to be updated, shuld I also install mint.7? I felt like yesterday i just install felicia. I hope it also working well in NETBOOK which are bombing Indonesian Market and there is a rapid movement from notebook to netbook. The question is HOW Netbook is Mint linux?

    Rizaqu: Please speak in english so, others will understand. Salam!

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  72. @DJ, I run Mint Fluxbox on my netbook, because I don’t need all the fancy Gnome stuff (even though Fluxbox is pretty :-)). It flies :-), though I had to install a different kernel but that’s Ubuntu’s fault, not Mint’s.

    Eager to see Gloria too, but please, take your time and thanks for all the hard work.

  73. I love th mint, I’m hoping to see a mini-mint version, for netbooks and handhelds. I’m sure it would be better then ubuntu’s atempt, although I do like ubuntu too, mint is just better. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the release!

  74. Mint 6 and my dell inspiron 6400 live in perfect harmony (as Mint 5 did). And I hope it’ll be the same with Mint 7.

  75. Hi, I recently gave up ubuntu 9.04 for felicia. please, try to fix issues with 3D open GL and drivers for i965 intel video chipset; I run felicia on a lenovo notebook

  76. How hard is it to implement OEM installation? Almost everything is done upstream and in Ubiquity already.

  77. I’ve just read all post above, and i’m agree with many reply.
    I’m a long time linux user, since red hat 4.0 (someone remember the complicates and infinity setup by ONLY TEXT interface)???
    I’ve tried the main distro, from salx to fedora straight to open suse.. .I’ve finished my research on Ubunt, with the conviction that itself was the most complete, stable and customizable distro… untill, for a case, i’ve try MINT 6.0.
    It is, just someone sayd, a kind of UBUNTU PRO, (eg Redmond os LoL), it took all the best of UBUNTU, improving the rare area, were improve was possible.. GO AHEAD SO. I’m really sure you will increease Mint’s FANs.

    Have u never think about sell your knowladge to Canonical, mixing the 2 distro’s ??

    I think ther’s too many distro, and a collection of them could mean more new users…

  78. thanks a lot of this distribution, I tried Ubuntu and mint find mint more easy and useful for end users.
    Linux mint more compatible with hardware than Ubuntu.
    I hope Linux mint will be compatible with new Intel chipsets such as ICH9 family.

  79. Would it be possible to include the ubuntu add/remove programs applications as well as the mint installer.
    It can be added manually but for those switching from ubuntu( and use to alot more apps available for installing) this might be too much of a hassle.

    Thanks for Linux mint 6, im enjoying 64 bit

  80. I only wish for new Mint to have better drivers for ralink ra2500 wifi card, ‘cos this is my main problem making internet to work sooo slow! btw. new 9.04 didn’t fix it… anyway, I like mint and waiting eagerly! Appreciate you work over it!

  81. great to see that fast developement. One question: Is where a chance to see a linux mint kde version with 64bit?

  82. didn’t the community releases just come out? I believe that with Mint 7, we should be able to take out openSUSE on distrowatch. Alpha is a bit too early, can’t wait for a RC !!! You guys rock

  83. Please make a choice for the installer to use EXT4 file format … I’ve been using Ubuntu 9 with it and 8 side by side on identical machines and 9 FLIES.

  84. Thanks for great job u are doing for us. keep it work. Linux mint is most advanced and easy to give us all the power i need. So, i can’t wait linux mint 7. I need him!!!!!!!NOW!!!:)

  85. Any chance we can publish how us devotees can help with the alpha, beta, and rc process? I have multiple machines and can put a pre-release on a non-mission critical system.


  86. Clem, I have to say that after recently installing Mint 6 it feels like I am at home with Linux. I have tried several Distros including xubuntu, ubuntu, pclinuxos, etc… and i have to say Mint 6 has been the best “out of the box” distro i have encountered thus far.

    Granted I have not tried it on a vast number of hardware combinations… it has done wonders with an old p4 computer that was virtually crippled in windows98, was not much better with xp pro, and had no hopes of being further subjected to the microsoft torture and privacy invasions.

    Since installing Mint 6, most of my family with a computer have been asking me to set up their pc’s with it as well… it is that good and that simple.

    While I can usually work around most any GUI and deal with most inherent problems with OS’s… the rest of my family can’t…. they need simplicity and something that just plain works…. because guess who they call when they can’t make something do what the want it to? Or when they can’t find the application or utility they are looking for through the endless menus that other distros present?

    Thank you again for all your hard works… I am looking forward to contributing monetarily to your project … and looking forward to the new Mint 7 Gloria!

    Best regards,Russell

  87. As a child in Connecticut I remember strongly Hurricane Gloria….
    May Linux Mint Seven be as powerful….
    It’s kinda awesome that Linux Mint 7 will coincide with Windows 7.

  88. Clem, a lot of thanks for Linux Mint. I and my sister are very pleased of using Linux Mint. I hope that Linux Mint 7 will be better and better ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Hi, Clem!
    Thanks for great work!
    But i have a shame to ask you- accelerate, please (!) Mint menu. At first time mintmenu is appeared about 10 second. It’s terrible! ;-(

    Good luck!

  90. There are some serious Wireless problems in 9.04… running a Dell Laptop e1505 built for Ubuntu. The problems have to do with Network-manager and I am now having to rebuild everything from scratch.

    I have also a flaky problem with pidgin dying at random times– I’m back to Skype. AWN also seems to have issues with 9.04. Other than that its great. 8^)

    Just a headsup…

  91. I’ve tried Mint 6. It’s the best Linux Distro I’ve ever had.

    Please keep doing your excellent work!

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  93. what is the difference between this and ubuntu 9.04 ??? gui only or anything else? a response would be appriciated thank you all

  94. I can’t wait for Linux Mint 7. I am very impressed with Linux Mint generally. It so easy to use and it just works. Keep it up

  95. Clem-

    Please please fix a bunch of arbitrary, system specific things that a variety of forums already point out work-arounds for. I promise to continue not donating to your fantastic work and, as always, will continue to litter the comments section not with constructive feedback, but with non-specific, unresearched issues that have nothing to do with you or your project.

    In all seriousness and respect, keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next release.


  96. I run an old Linuxmint and consider upgrading (with XFCE or Fluxbox). Last time I had a lot of fumbling to do because I don’t want the OS to mess with my HW clock (like MS-Windows does). Unfortunately in Mint 6 again there is no choice between running the clock either with UTC or with local time. Please offer this choice in the next Mint versions because I like Mint a lot.

    best regards from Munich

  97. Hey…

    my favorite flavor is also mint… can’t wait for 7…

    good work…
    cheers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Wonderful news! Hopefully everything will be enhanced this time. Please take your time and fix as many bugs as possible to enable mintล› dream come true. Go Mint – Go Open Source!!! Maluleke (South Africa)

  99. all i got to say is its windows 7 but actually works i will have this and windows 2k MINT IS UNSTOPPABLE !!!!

  100. also how do you upgrade is it a update or a whole new iso that i install from windows or scratch


    RAWK ON!!!

  101. I am looking forward for this new release. I hope the problems with my ATI Radeon 3650 finally will be solved by this. I know it is solved in Ubuntu 9.04!
    Anohter thing I wish should be solved is when I have installed Digikam (It’s a really great photo manager!) I can,t get Mint 6 to understand and automatically select to open Digikam when i connect my camera. You cant even find Digikam among preferred applications.
    Please do so we can select any preferred applications, even if they initially belongs to the KDE-environment.

    Thank you for a great desktop distribution!

  102. Please make a 64-bit KDE edition. I use an application that comes only as 64-bit version and I like KDE very much. Thanks.

  103. ะถะดัƒ mint 7!!

    ะฟั€ะธะฒะตั‚ ั€ะฐะทั€ะฐะฑะพั‡ะธะบะฐะผ mint ั ะฃะบะพะฐะธะฝั‹!! Mint ั€ัƒะปะธั‚))))

  104. Looking forward for the 64bit version…

    I even got my mon’s to change from windows to LM. but on hers old computer the 32bit version I did not get java to work with firefox, can you fix it please!!!!!

    Thank for a very good job.

  105. I hope Mint 7 will work with NTFS partitions and with Floppy units (sometimes useful). Ubuntu 9.04 works great. So … Otherwise, I like Mint very much.

  106. I agree with jungar, “it would be nice if you guys used that countdown ticker that ubuntu had on their site, so we can follow and KNOW when youโ€™ll release the new editions.”

    Getting sick of checking the website every day of the month of May ๐Ÿ™‚

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