Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” Cinnamon released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 21.1 Vera Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 21.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2027. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

  • If you are running the BETA you don’t need to upgrade, use the Update Manager to apply available updates.
  • Upgrade instructions for Linux Mint 21 will be provided shortly.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Thank you for another great release, LM team. I have played around the beta for a bit and both the subtle and major improvements greatly enhance the experience. Can’t wait to get my hands on the final release.

    In terms of user experience, may I suggest a couple of things that could be added to a future release, please? I ran a poll on the linuxmint subreddit recently about features the users would like to see. The result was overwhelmingly in favour of adding touchpad gestures support. I understand that it can be added using third-party software, but it would be fantastic if it was part of the LM settings. Secondly, as a personal suggestion it would be great to see a toggle for Battery performance baked in LM, which would allow you to switch between Full performance/Battery Saver/Balanced. Would the team consider adding these features in the future?

    Again, thanks so much for a great release. Hope you enjoy the holidays!

    1. It would also be useful to add a scroll bar for themes, access to the system monitor in the taskbar and power profiles [like Gnome/Deepin].

    2. 100% agree!
      Touchpad gestures and different battery modes out of the box would improve massively the experience and are my biggest wishes, as well.

      btw I just donated to Linux Mint because I want to support the development of new features and give appreciation to this new fantastic release!

    3. Thank you. We can have a look. Can you elaborate on touchpad gestures? Which use cases do you have in mind? Is it implemented elsewhere in a way you like? etc.

    4. I have seen touchpad gestures in Fedora. I think the touchpad gestures came with Gnome 40. By swiping up with three fingers up you can see all workspaces. By swiping down with three fingers you can see the desktop. By swiping to the left/right you jump to another workspace. I know that keyboard shortcuts exist for that but with the touchpad it’s much more convenient. I’m using these gestures since at work we have either Macbooks or Thinkpads with Windows.

    5. Thank you for the response, Clem. I’ll try to explain the best way I can. I think Fedora has a decent implementation of one-to-one gestures, which is more Mac like rather Windows.

      By one-to-one, I mean the windows move along with your fingers, rather than reactive, which is where you complete a gesture and a command runs (eg, moving workspaces)

      I think Wayland APIs allow you to perform one-to-one gestures. For x11 there’s a library called touchegg that allows reactive gestures, which I think elementary has integrated and implemented one-to-one gestures. I haven’t tried it in Elementary, but I guess it now works similar to Fedora. This kind of implementation would be great.

      I am not sure how the battery profiles are implemented. but I’ve seen this in Fedora too. Many thanks.

    6. Other touchpad gestures implementations are: Libinput-gestures, Fusuma and Touchegg. Regarding Power Profiles/Power Mode Gnome and Plasma have the best implementations in my opinion.

  2. I believe it`ll be great if you release it after finalizing the upgrade instructions. It makes no sense to release it first and give the upgrade instructions later.

    1. There’s plenty of people (like me) who do a clean install each time there’s a new version of Mint.

    2. We release when ready. Not before but not after either 🙂

      The release is ready.
      The upgrade is almost ready, we’re still testing 2 of the 3 paths and we’ll let the pkg update sync with mirrors before announcing it, so we’ll probably publish it on the 22nd.

    3. So, would you prefer the upgrade path be delayed until the upgrade path instructions are completed? Or, release the upgrade path instructions prematurely, yet concurrently with the os upgrade? I’m confused.

    4. @Joe, There’s nothing wrong on what I have written. U wanna install it via ISO, go ahead. Doesn’t mean everyone gotta do your way.

    5. @Clem, No doubt your team is doing a wonderful job everytime. 🙂 Usually, minor versions would be distributed via repos through update manager. On LM 21.1, some websites mention we gotta do via upgrade tool. Hence was confused.

    6. @clem, I heard “darker” look which existed in earlier versions of LM is going away. Some users like me don’t prefer either fully light or fully dark. Darker themes used to give a mix of both. And the curved edges r removed on darker themes from LM 21. Would really appreciate it it can be bought back.

    7. What makes no sense is to complain just because.

      I think we can all agree that it won’t harm you if you wait a bit longer.


  3. Congratulations to the development team on this new release. Loving the new themes and folder colour, and all the other improvements. Happy Christmas/Holidays and here’s to another great year for Mint in 2023.

  4. Great release, thank you! I criticized the new default icon theme and stick to my guns but the system is amazing and I really like all the improvements you have made in “Vera”. The overall change is from better to excellent. Your names should be cast in bronze 🙂

  5. Wow, I did the In situ update and it was done so quickly with no fuss . So pleased.

    I can see that in-situ upgrades do not include the new Icon Themes. Are they avail as a separate download in Software Manager. I did check but they packages there are not the new styles for 21.1

    1. Breeze, Yaru, Papirus are packages from the repositories (look for packages ending with “icon-theme”). The new folders and colors are just new versions of mint-themes and mint-y-icons. Legacy icons and themes are in mint-y-icons-legacy and mint-themes-legacy. New cursors are in mint-cursor-themes.

  6. Bonjour à tous! Hi everyone!

    La mise à jour, signalée par le ‘MinrReport’, s’est déroulée sans problème et je suis très satisfait du résultat. 🙂
    Félicitation à Clem et à toute l’équipe de Linux Mint.
    Joyeuse période des Fêtes à tous.

    The update, reported by the ‘MinrReport’, went smoothly and I am very happy with the result. 🙂
    Congratulations to Clem and the whole Linux Mint team.
    Happy holiday season to all.

  7. Sorry, don’t like the new obese, rounded mouse pointer. First thing, I had changed. The theming for the calculator app seems to be mess up. Looks like two taskbars each with their own maximum and minimum buttons. Speaking of themes, missing the new icon themes: Breeze,Papirus, Numix, Yaru during the upgrade. The folders with the stripes are there however.

  8. Just installed the update – cinnamon edition. Looking good. But have only one issue. The update manager icon is red and I get a message that says “Could not refresh list of updates” Odd… it seems to work normally otherwise. Should I just wait for this to clear itself or do I need to try to correct it?

    1. I have exactly the same problem. Unfortunately, the Mint forum still doesn’t have an answer. Clem, please advise!

    2. Update on my earlier post…
      The Update Manager has started working suddenly by updating Flatpack. However, I still get the following error:
      GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4EB27DB2A3B88B8BThe repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY EB3E94ADBE1229CFThe repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY EB3E94ADBE1229CFThe repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is not signed.

    3. I was getting that too. Tried again 8 hours later and it was fixed. It’s because of the flatpak update.

  9. Hey Clément!

    First of all, thank you and congratulations on the new update. I dislike the new folder icons at first but they grew on me. I’m currently running the stable release of Linux Mint 21. When will upgrade instructions be made available? Thanks right away!

    1. Clem mentioned in a reply to another comment that the upgrade instructions will probably be published on December 22.

  10. A minor problem: when updating the ‘corner bar’ it doesn’t load in some themes… you have to add the applet manually or reset the cinnamon configuration to default for it to load it

  11. I’m sorry, but I just feel that the green color theme is part of the Linux Mint trademark, so I don’t think Aqua is the right choice by default but whatever, it’s not that important, there’s always choice within the Themes manager.

    Great release! Linux Mint is the best!

  12. So, using Panel edit mode I was able to move the “Show the desktop” button (or Corner bar, as it seems to be called) from the right back to the left, where it rightly belongs.

    I know Windows has placed it to the right, but that makes absolutely no practical sense. Since it minimizes all applications, the only logical place for it is just next to the application icons that can be used to selectively minimize or maximize (after using the button to minimize all) applications.

    But now I would also like to restore its square icon form so it doesn’t look out of place. How can I do that?

    1. I might add that even in Windows 10 it is possible to undo the impractical silliness of ‘Show Desktop’ in the far right corner by adding a specifically crafted shortcut in the taskbar to the left of the taskbar, and it even results in a nice icon in the proper place.

      If I sound frustrated, it is simply because I didn’t expect Windows flaws and silliness to follow me to Mint.

    2. From the main menu, if you go to “Applets”, you should be able to disable the corner bar applet and enable the show desktop applet so it’s the same as before.

    3. Thank you so much for these instructions JosephM. Me too I’m with Esko on this.
      Actually I didn’t feel to upgrade to Linux Mint 21.1 just only because I very much dislike the Windows corner bar.

  13. The best linux distribution ever, thank you Clem and team. Happy holidays for everybody and families. I said in another comment, please just consider the possibility of having Papirus with the same new green color folders of Mint-Y theme.

  14. Hello Clem & the Team, once again a wonderful smooth upgrade to Vera 21.1. Thank you to you and everyone in the Mint Team for all your hard work & the very impressive end results. I really am a big fan on Linux Mint. Once again Thank You for such a great OS. And for your ongoing commitment to MINT its deeply appreciated.

    Very Best Wishes IR

  15. Thanks Clem & Team, real happy with 21.1. The upgrade from 21 just became available and was flawless. Using it at work (network admin) and at home. Thanks again.

  16. Hello Clem and team,
    Thank you very much for LM 21.1 Cinnamon. The upgrade process worked properly. The new colors provide a fresh look.
    One question: Where are the new themes Breeze, Papirus, Numix and Yaru? I can’t find them at system settings / themes.
    I wish you a happy christmas and all the best for 2023.

    1. They’re installed by default on the ISO. If you upgrade you can add them at your discretion from the repository: “apt install breeze-icon-theme yaru-theme-icon papirus-icon-theme”.

    1. I believe the usual answer to that question is that you must upgrade to 21.0 first, then to 21.1. The other option is to reinstall directly to 21.1.

  17. Updated without an fuss here, as I now didn’t replace “nala” as an default “apt” replacement.

    I had done it before the LM 21 upgrade, and had to do an ‘inplace’ apt from nala replacement as I had replaced apt to nala in Linux Mint 20.3, but kept apt as an default now before this upgrade…

  18. Sorry to say that, but this colored strip across the corner of folder icons that serves no UI purpose and spoils the appearance is ridiculous.

    1. Well, who and how decided that one strip looks better than no strip and or 2 strips? Why not 2 strips? Or 3? let’s go crazy and put 4 strips at all the corners, and 1 or 2 across.

    2. I have to say that I don’t like the changes to existing themes at all. Folders don’t have to be manilla because no one outside the legal profession still uses manilla folders and filing cabinets. I don’t see much point in putting a stripe across the bottom. Leave manilla/yellow folders to those people who want them and leave the classic mint-y and mint-y-dark themes as they were.

  19. Have you fixed being kicked out to login screen if homedrive is full? If not .. Idk what your priorities are
    When you have 0 b space left, you get kicked out to login screen with no warning or message (20.3)
    and users have to know about ttys to go and manually remove some files, this isnt optimal for newbies.

  20. Amazing! The update already worked even before blog has been posted.

    Smooth upgrading…

    + New colors look good.
    + Mono font for date time in Nemo looks also nice
    + Overall things feel quote polished
    * New applet like corner menu must be added to panel and moved manually
    * Yellow folder icons… well, not so minty anymore
    – New start sound is meh, old one better

    Great work as always, thanks Mint team!

    Have a nice Christmas holiday!

  21. Thank you for the new release. The new colors look good too.
    I am only disappointed with the loss of the default mint green. I am convinced it would be better to keep “our” default color default, at least some shade of it. We don’t have to imitate colors from windows 30y ago. And who In their right mind wrote down “the color that looks the most sexy out of the box”. “Sexy” is not an argument. It sounds like written by a teenager that never saw linux. That paragraph made me a little disappointed.
    I am glad you kept the “legacy” mint-Y, although it was not necessary to have them also change the path bar colors like pre 20.2 (or when that ended). Reconsider that too please so 20.3 stays the legacy look.

    “You know, that green looking OS.” – Is how I was trying to make my mom remember that she tried it once before. I will not be able to say that anymore. This (yellow and blue) is the most boring color combination you could have chosen.

    Ps: Happy holidays and thank you once more for the hard work that really makes for a better user experience. I still don’t know about another distro that has such a good input method wizard. Things like that we need. Trying to look like legacy systems, now, we don’t.

  22. I updated from LM 21. I don’t like the new theme because folders color isn’t very visible. So, I chose Mint-Y-Legacy theme. But in Nemo, folders that were already in another color stay in new theme, they don’t go back to Mint-Y-Legacy theme. I must manually change again their color, one after one.

  23. @Clem – Thank you for your amazing work, as always! Upgraded today, and have some observations, beyond my comments in the beta blog posts:

    1. Theming: I’ve already discussed the things I found problematic, so I won’t reiterate those. Aside from that, I think the icons look great, especially the non-flat elements! I love that there are subtle shadows. The Mint-Y window theme could use some, however. The all-flat-all-the-time look of Mint-Y is the reason I still adore the Mint-X theme. I can’t stand flat themes without at least some shadowed raised elements. The new default mouse theme is kind of weird. I’m definitely glad there are still the legacy options.

    2. Theme Manager: I’m really not liking the separation of themes by dark/light. That makes things much more difficult to find, as they are no longer in alphabetical order. Also, it would be nice if a scrollbar could be added to the list of themes. Having to scroll by either hovering over a tiny bar at the top and bottom of the list or with the mouse’s scroll wheel is slow and difficult. Adding a scrollbar in addition to the current scrolling methods would allow the user to immediately jump to any point they wish instead of waiting for the list to slowly scroll down.

    3. Update Manager: I like it! It’s great that it incorporates Flatpak, and that Flatpak can be upgraded more like regular packages now. That was one of my gripes about things like Flatpak – that there wasn’t much user control over updates. There is still the problem that I first noted for the Mint 21 release, where installing PPA’s causes a warning, which triggers a pop-up in Update Manager. This warning is caused by Ubuntu’s PPA handling GPG keys in a deprecated way. It would be nice if this could somehow be ignored by Update Manager so that I don’t have to keep seeing useless dialogs that I have to dismiss everytime I update the cache.

    4. Software Manager: It’s… ok. There are visual problems. There seems to be too much padding along the edges. The scrollbar on the right side isn’t right against the edge of the window like it normally is, and it overlaps the window content a bit, which doesn’t look very nice. If that could be shifted over to the edge where it normally is, that would be better. And the boxes listing the applications could do with just a little bit more padding between them and the categories section. As it is, it looks a bit too visually cluttered. I might also be more useful if the user could determine what’s being displayed in these new boxes, and how they are sorted. For example, could these be sorted by a variety of filters, such as by rating, by alphabetical order, by software source/repository, or by package release date, and could selected categories just update this list with that filter, so that the categories are still displayed and can be selected without having to hit the “back arrow” button? Also, might there be a way to set the preferences for how packages are displayed, both on the initial window and in the search view (these new boxes vs. the older list view)? The columns and rows of boxes are a bit difficult to search through for me, visually, and I would appreciate the option to have a single-column list instead, like it used to have. And I have a suggestion: One future upgrade I would love to see that might set this tool apart from others like it, would be to give it the ability to present packages that are new (not new versions of older packages to upgrade to, but any completely new packages that have been added to the repositories and flathub since the Software Manager was last opened). That way new software can be easily discoverable. As it is, packages are sorted by rating. New software won’t likely have any ratings yet, and so they get lost down near the bottom of the list. Making new software showcased would be a nice feature.

    5. Icon selection: I don’t really like that there’s no change to icons when selected. I feel like there should be *some* kind of change made to the icon, even if it’s not shading it with the theme color. I’m not sure what would be the best solution, though, aside from what was done before.

    1. I forgot one…

      6. System Sounds: I’m not a fan of some of these. Specifically, the volume indicator and the login sound. The volume indicator is too low-frequency and soft for its task. It doesn’t give an acceptable indication of actual volume level. The login sound is just strange. It’s just a single pitch that gets louder then softer. There’s nothing distinctive about it at all. Fortunately, I knew this was coming, and I backed up the old sounds, so I could replace them. You might consider offering a “mint-sounds-legacy” package as well.

  24. Please don’t do such visual design changes in point releases, especially when getting the full theme back is buggy with regard to the mouse pointer. It’s already bad enough when the current user settings get overruled without being asked in major releases. Also, the default font change in the Nemo list view with monospace for the date items looks really out of place.

    1. Yep, just upgraded. The “Dates in Nemo are displayed in monospace fonts” is quite dizzying.
      Quickly scanning from left to right; from file size & type to my eyes now have to refocus constantly.
      It’s like trying to read a book with alternating fonts every other word.

  25. Many thanks to everyone for all the hard work.

    I feel removing the Computer, Trash, and Network icon from the desktop probably will confuse elderly users who depend on workflows they are familiar with for many years.
    The Windows corner belongs to the same category in my eyes. I absolutely dislike it from a handling point of view.

    Maybe it would be an idea to make these changes reversible more easily? For example by adding a section to the Welcome Screen as part of the First Steps? (e.g. “Desktop Layout” – Modern/Traditional)

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all. (^v^)/

  26. First, THANKS. Smooth upgrade from Mint 21 here.

    I am glad it was possible to revert to the previous (Legacy) Mint theme. I did not like the new one at all, nor the mouse pointer. and think that switching or sticking should be an option during an upgrade. I don’t see any changes to my panel however-no separator or corner bar applet. I’d also like to revert the sound changes and to be able to do so with a click. I don’t mind changes I can revert, preferably easily. Pleased w the rest so far.

    1. Being aware of the upcoming sound change, I backed up the old sounds so I can still use them if I want to. It would be good, though, if they had a legacy sound set, like they have the legacy themes. Then you could just install the sound set you want. Maybe have a mint-sound and a mint-sound-legacy package, and put it in the metadata that they conflict, so you can just install one, and it automatically uninstalls the other. That’d make it pretty easy, I’d think.

    2. Thanks Mike F, I took your tip and did the same as, after trying the new sounds for a while, I much prefer the old sounds. I concur a “legacy sound set” would be great

  27. Icons related: –

    I always install: obsidian-icon-theme

    “Modern and intuitive Obsidian provides several faenza-like icons
    for panels, toolbars and buttons it also provides squared and colorful
    icons for your applications, folders, files and devices.”

    They are very nice and there’s some differences between color choices/schemes but overall I find it to be one of the best.

  28. Awesome release! Would just like to say thank you for the visual refresh too. It’s a small thing but makes Mint more modern feeling and competitive with other desktops. Makes a big difference imho and makes it an easier sell to newcomers.

  29. I will not update until grub is updated to 2.06-2ubuntu16, because i already ran into the “not enough memory” problem with 22.0 and a combintion of a 5.15-lowlatency kernel + NVidia 525 gfx-driver. A generic kernel or staying with an older NVidia driver worked around in that situation and i am convinced nothing else was testet. For serious audiowork a lowlatency kernel is needed so a strongly propose to update grub to the fixed version ( range was risen ) anyway. Having the risk left with an unbootable or suboptimal system is a nogo for me.
    Nevertheless, thanks for providing Mint, i use it now 7 years without noticable struggle.

  30. one of those best distros ever, but always bored me the design. The new folders icons aren’t good. The theme with a colorful inside in the “x”, but I have faith one day Clem will hire a truly designer

  31. Thank you for developing Mint.
    The only thing I didn’t like was the yellow color of the folders, and the blue accent color.
    You see, green was the style of Mint, it was unique and beautiful.
    But the new cursors are nice.
    Please, as much as you can, in the future work on translucency and rounded bottom corners.

  32. Hi,

    Can someone provide any improvements about Blueman please?

    I’ve got pairing issues since BlueBerry replacement in LM 21.0

    Thanks !

  33. Thank you for another great release of our beloved OS of choice! Great work!
    I noticed a small bug: if you change the folder color via the right click menu the changed icon is displayed at lower resolution. Refreshing or reloading Nemo does not fix this.
    Happy holidays Guys!

    1. There is a simple ‘fix’ I’ve found: before you change the colour via the right-click menu, make the folder icons in Nemo as big as possible (I use the slider at the bottom but I guess you can do the same otherwise). Then change the colour. Later you can make the icons smaller or enlarge them again as you wish, the icons should stay crisp. BTW do you know how to fix ‘my problem’? I often use list view in Nemo and when I try to enlarge the icons to allow more space between the text lines with file names etc, the text gets bigger as well, which is not what I like… I know this is a minor complaint, Nemo is a gem anyway.

  34. Clem

    The definition of the word MINT by Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, in case you and your team have forgotten it:

    [uncountable] a plant with dark green leaves that have a fresh smell and taste and are added to food and drinks to give flavour, and used in cooking as a herb and to decorate food

    Like another user commented here, the green like the trademark of Linux Mint. Or identity is perhaps a better word.

    I had to go back to legacy themes and icons. I installed the mint-themes-legacy and mint-y-icons-legacy packages and sat the themes settings as this: Mouse Pointer: X-Cursor-Pro-Light, Applications: Mint-Y-Legacy, Icons: Mint-Y-Legacy, Desktop: Mint-Y-Legacy-Dark.

    Now almost everything is back to how it used to be, and how I like it to be, except one thing that does not seem to be possible to do?

    The terminal window now have a gray bar at the top, and the usual dark theme below.
    This is not bad, I think it used to be like this a couple of years ago?

    But I would prefer the terminal to be in fully dark theme, also the top bar (menu bar).

    This is possible to do if I choose the Mint-Y-Legacy-Darker under Applications.
    But then many other system applications (and some user apps as well) such as System Settings also get the dark bar on top, which I don’t like. I all other apps except the terminal to stay grey on top.

    Do you, or someone know if there is a package that set’s the terminal in all dark theme, while keeping the setting under Applications set to Mint-Y-Legacy?

    1. In the terminal preferences under the “General” tab make sure you have the theme variant set to dark.

  35. Excellent work! I’m in love with Vera! There’s not much to nitpick except the following:

    The nemo path bar change makes no sense. It seemingly renders the location entry toggle obsolete. Why would nemo devs assume the user wants an editable path bar at every dir change? I’m unsure how this change fixed anything.

    The cursor size is illustrated in lightdm settings. Thank you! Yet, the same cannot be said for cinnamon-settings. Users must still navigate to /org/cinnamon/desktop/interface/cursor-size to retrieve their absolute size.

    Great release; awesome gift! Minty Christmas, devs!

    1. Concerning the pathbar/location entry there is a toggle in the in nemos view/toolbar menu for the default setting. I think the idea was that most people prefer one of the settings and only change occasionally for a quick action – thus saving them click.

    2. Hello, atze! Thank you for information! I see now options from menubar View>Toolbar (Nemo 5.6.1). That escaped my attention before. I now agree with change: saves me extra click! Merry Christmas, atze

  36. Today a Christmas present showed up in my LMDE5 update manager: Cinnamon 5.6.5+elsie. The update was fast and uneventful. Now my LMDE5 system is apparently equivalent functionally to Mint 21.1. I’m continuing with most of my previous settings, except for using the new default cursor and installing Inkscape 1.2.2 as a flatpack. I’ll explore the new features later.

    This is remarkably good on many counts! The update arrived only two days after 21.1 release. It behaved no differently than a routine update. And everything is working fine, as it has been since installing LMDE5.

    So impressive! Thank you Mint Team.

  37. Clem, team and Linux Mint users

    Today I gave the new teaming a second chance. Instead of your Aqua teaming that you had set as default, I went for Bibata-Modern-Classic, Mint-Y, Mint-Y, Mint-Y-Dark.

    With this setting I get a touch of Mint, instead of your default Aqua. I think the desktop environment is quite nice with this setting.

    However, there are two things that you need to fix:

    1: When choosing the above setting, when logging in to the system, the line that draw the box where you type your password, is still Aqua. Could you fix this so that this line would match a user’s chosen theme? In my case I would like this line to be green.
    2: Some users already commented on this. Only the default Mouse Pointer Bibata-Modern-Classic is working correctly. If I choose any of the white mouse pointers (cursors), in some apps the colour shows as black instead of white.

    Thank you everybody who help develop Linux Mint (all distros).

  38. Hello

    To everyone who struggle to come to terms with the new themes and the abundant choice thereof.
    Perhaps you feel Linux Mint kinda lost its soul with it’s new, shiny and modern themes.
    After having experienced a little back and forth with multiple themes, including numix and papirus, this is my favourite and final setting for themes:

    Mouse Pointer: Bibata-Modern-Classic
    (for now at least as it’s the only cursor working correctly with staying black across desktop and apps)
    Applications: Mint-Y
    Icons: Mint-Y-Legacy
    Desktop: Mint–Y-Dark

    It would be appreciated if anyone knows if there is way to get Mint-Y type lines or box where you type your password to login to your system.

    1. Thanks for the settings Paul, just what I was looking for. Quickly finding and grouping folders is vital for me. Mint-Y (now Mint-Y-Legacy) made this easy by allowing to change folder colors just by right clicking on them. The current Mint-Y, with thin colored stripes only, made me miss that.
      Aside from that 21.1 works great so far.

    2. Hello Paul. Regarding your login screen: did you try lightdm settings? Menu>Preferences>System Settings and search Login Window. The GTK theme drop-down with options should change line color.

    3. Guys

      How about this combo:

      Mouse Pointer: Bibata-Original-Ice
      Applications: Mint-Y-Teal
      Icons: Breeze
      Desktop: Mint-Y-Dark-Teal
      Terminal Window: GNOME dark
      Login Window: GTK theme: Mint-Y-Dark-Teal


      WOW. I never thought I would leave those green mint-y-legacy folders behind.
      But now I think the day for doing just that has arrived.

      Note: The breeze themes must be downloaded and installed first: Package: breeze-icon-theme

      Happy New Year everyone! ;D)

    4. + ++

      Login Window:
      Icon theme: Mint-Y-Dark-Teal
      Mouse pointer: Bibata-Original-Ice

      So that everything is uniform across your systm

  39. Software Manager is really screwed up now. The new look makes it difficult to read. The previous 1 line listing was much better. Is there a way to configure it back to the way it was in LM20.0

    1. I have to agree: the 3-4 column view is simply annoying to read through if you are looking for something

    2. I have exercised the Cinnamon Software Manager, and I don’t really care about the reformating. My issue is that the SM keeps freezing, requiring a Force quit to get out of it. I’ve filed an issue on Github. Anyone else seeing this issue? If so, feel free to add something to the Github issue.

      I’ve done a fresh load in a VirtualBox VM, and everything else I’ve tried seems to be working just fine. Don’t really like the Theming changes – old eyes here, so looking for lots of contrast in my display. Otherwise congrats to the Mint team – thanks for the great work, as usual.

  40. So far, no problems with using or installing v21.1 on two “old” laptops I’ve been playing around with after they would not run later versions of Windows. I use one for PCB development from some Arduino sketches as both programs run 3x faster than my Windows boxes ever thought of doing. And the other for whatever else suits my needs. Started with v18 on both a couple years ago and have had no problems with either. Also installed v18 on an older Dell desktop, but have not moved it up yet as I found the laptops easier to use for just experimenting with.

    I do have one “complaint” like a few others before me. The new sounds are very weak and almost impossible to hear. Maybe the designer used external amplified speakers, but neither laptop plays them adequately even though all volume settings are all the way up. And they all sound pretty much the same, no distinctive sounds anymore. Give us a easy way to restore (or add) the previous versions of the sound files at levels that we have grown accustomed to on standalone laptops as we can always turn them down if too loud. At least have the option to use them again.

    I too had to change the mouse cursor to a more “normal” one that actually points to something. And finally, I restored the “Computer” and “Trash Can” icons to the desktop where they belong. Everything has been an easy adjustment to make — so far.

  41. I just wanted to hop in here and say that I am quite pleased with this new version of Mint. Cinnamon is my interface of choice. It’s been stable for me thus far. No issues on that front. I like the look and feel quite a bit. I’m a fan of the separator near the menu and the corner bar. It looks very clean and polished. I’ve always liked the default wallpaper also. Thank you, Clem and team for all of the hard work you guys put in. It certainly paid off. I admire your guys’s attitude of only releasing when you’re absolutely ready. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, everyone!

  42. New sounds are lower in volume and do not fit in anyway shape or form into my volume scheme —-> I.E. I am not setting my overall volume up to hear them. We have access to backgrounds going back years and today I lost “all” sounds cause I hate these – Change should be in addition to and not a remove and replace…

  43. It would be nice to be able to easily restore the previous sound theme.

    Just a thought: how about instead of suddenly changing the default theme (sound or visual), first propose it as an easy to enable option and somehow check if many people start using it?

    1. After almost 4 month of using LM 21.1, I still cannot get used to the new sound theme: it sounds arbitrary, I do not understand what the different beeps and blups have to do with the events they are supposed to reflect.

      In contrast, when I first started using Linux Mint many years ago, many system sounds (like medium ejection) immediately sounded natural and intuitive.

      Could you please provide an option to activate the previous sound theme?

  44. I prefer the “universal edition”, last iso was I guess was Mint 7, than this a lot of bloatware we have now: too much icons, themes and wallpapers preinstalled; please more code, less redundant visual options. Just one option and I hope to be a great one :/

  45. An amazing release!! Thank you very much for your hard work, it is such a wonderful system!!! Everything works great!!

  46. The Mint team has put a lot of effort into a new look. In the older releases I did not really like the Mint-Y themes, but now it seems as if I could begin to enjoy Mint-Y. Gratulations! But for a perfect appearance of Linux Mint system there is one important element missing: an option in the user’s settings to theme the window borders as is was possible in the older releases. I understand the technical reasons why it was dropped but the current situation having only one single appearance for the windows borders is very unsatisfying.
    Moreover, the mouse pointer theme is not really consistent. I have selected the old DMZ theme for my mouse pointer in the settings. But even so, a lot of programs (e.g. celluloid) still show the new Bibata mouse pointer. That means that there must be an additional place in the system to be tuned to the user’s mouse pointer settings.

    1. Bug Confirmed, i too have DMZ-white mouse pointer with applications and icons mint x and desktop linux mint. Celluloid shows the new bibata mouse pointer

  47. I truly wish Mint would be released with versions including the last 4 Nvidia drivers built-in, or even separate releases with the Nvidia drivers built-in!

    It SUCKS that we always have to shake the dice on if the latest Nvidia driver is worth using until AFTER we do an upgrade, instead of being able to try them out without being forced to INSTALL before deciding on if the upgrade is worth the hassle of being FORCED to back down a release!

    This expectation is not brain surgery nor unreasonable, as Nvidia has a massive percent of the GPU market, so please include the driver in the live releases!!!

  48. I’ll be migrating from Win11 to Mint and I gotta say I love everything except the two-finger tap on the touchpad which does a right click or the two-finger swipe that scrolls up & down.
    I hope they get added soon.

    1. these exist and are optional features in mouse/touchpad settings, you can experiment with them on the liveboot amd I use them daily since many years ago

  49. I am just about to make a fresh install of 21.1 over 20.3 and I got such a shock, I almost contacted my laptop manufacturer to aks. Who thought it would be a good idea to set
    Mouse and Touchpad > Touchpad > Tap to click OFF by default ! ! !
    I thought my touchpad is broken!
    Please, I hope some of the devs is reading this, this has to be changed!

  50. You know it sucks that Mint is slowly, but surely losing its identity.
    First it lost the iconic leaf icon, and now its familiar default green theme.
    What’s next, a black wallpaper with nothing on it?
    Mint dropping its mint X and Y themes in favor of adwaita icons and theme?
    Just dropping the name “mint” entirely and just call it Linux: easy edition?

    1. When was trying out distros years ago I skipped Mint for a long time *because* of its looks (the green especially). Everyone has their own tastes I guess.

  51. New themes, Icon Yaru, Cursor Bibata, have refreshed Mint, very nice, I would also like the menus of the panels unhooked from the edge and rounded. I think the new 21.1 version is very nice. Congratulations to all the team. Hi Achab

    translated with google

  52. After upgrading to Vera, I couldn’t pick a local package mirror anymore. Clicking on the select-sources dialog, I only see far remote mirrors … living in Switzerland, the mirrors from North- and South-America weren’t really helpful. See

    So I had to manually enter them: via `sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list`
    Now I have these mirrors entered:

    deb vera main upstream import backport #id:linuxmint_main

    deb jammy main restricted universe multiverse
    deb jammy-updates main restricted universe multiverse
    deb jammy-backports main restricted universe multiverse

    deb jammy-security main restricted universe multiverse

    I’m happy with the result. Feel free to copy from me if, you struggle with the same problem 😀

  53. I agree with you Ralph. In my mind, mint is a green, leafy plant. When I first started using Linux 4 years ago, Linux Mint caught my eye very early in my search of distros because of its use of the color and the leaf icon.
    Very good use of the obvious correlation between common understanding of mint and it’s application to the iconic representation of the product.
    I may be older but I don’t recall as significant number of users asking for the changes in themes and colors of Linux Mint. It made Linux Mint, Linux Mint. I would prefer that the default theme return to the prior version and the new theme and color schemes be a personal preference option that could be chosen upon install or upgrade. Just my humble opinion.
    Make no mistake, still love the functionality of Linux Mint and its ease of use. Glad I found it when I was done with Microsoft products.

    1. Not only does the green default theme add to Linux Mint’s visual identity in a uniwue and pleasing way, meaning there is something to loose when choosing any of the other colors as default, but also I have not found any special reasoning to choose another color as the default in this point release… so that’s a small loss with no tradeoff gain?

      same goes to the folder visual style and yellowish coloring on Nemo… plus the stripes look like “too much info”, which is quite the opposite of Mint’s general visual logic that makes it so pleasing

      plus the new default mouse pointer has a rounded tip, which kills click accuracy ergonomics and the icon changer behaviour is inconsistent (a regression in a Mint point release?! for something that’s Mint’s own doing?! It’s a papercut, not a deadly bug, but we never get those, like never ever ever, which is exactly why it’s so user-friendly)
      It’s just weird that Mint has been so visually stable all these years to then choose to do so many deeper visual changes at once with seemingly no real gain and noticeably some loss (albeit none absurdly big)… I wish we at least could easily grasp where this is aiming at, even if flawed, but this one time I can’t…

  54. By any chance will this upgrade *restore* access to my two-disk RAID array that was lost when I upgraded from 20.3 to 21? That was a shock, and I’m still just making-do. There’s nothing wrong with the hardware, as I can still access my data (inconveniently) via other versions of Linux on a flash drive — but not the live or installed versions of LM 21.

  55. From LMC 20.3 to LMC 21.1
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted comments here. I was very disappointed with certain things in LM 21 and especially with handling deprecated keys from third-party PPA repositories. Despite some solutions offered by the community, I refused to upgrade my LMC 20.3 version to LMC21 precisely because of this problem, as I keep a not irrelevant amount of third-party PPAs on my system. A situation that was fortunately solved in LM 21.1, but more importantly I must highlight the stability of the upgrade to LM 21 first through the “mintupgrade” tool and later the upgrade to LM 21.1 through the update manager.
    It was simply brilliant, unbeatable at least in my experience because all this jump was done in less than an hour keeping almost (98%) of all my settings and applications and they are not minor!
    I am pleasantly impressed with how the Linux Mint team “thinks about the user” when developing their releases. I wish you all a happy holiday season and be assured of my humble support for the project. THANK YOU

  56. One minor problem setting key shortcuts with Cinnamon 5.6.5+elsie on LMDE5. When I try to assign the shortcut combination ctl super alt space to ‘toggle always on top’, it shows up as Ctl+Alt+Next Group. Pressing the combination has no effect. When I change to another combination, it seems to display and work as intended.

    Experimenting a little, super+space always displays as Next Group when editing shortcuts … and is ineffective as a shortcut.

    Othewise, haven’t found any problems. Thanks.

    1. Hi, go to Keyboard->Layouts, click the options button in the lower right corner, expand “Switching to another layout” and make sure none of the layout shortcuts is checked. These keybindings unfortunately ‘trump’ Cinnamon’s keybindings. It’s Super+Space by default, but perhaps it’s been inadvertently changed on your system.

  57. Serious fault encountered.
    “File not downloaded. Potential security risk” (This was an attempt via Internode mirror (australia) to download LM21.1 64 bit, on firefox browser
    Then on brave browser . “Integrity check failed…the sha256 sums file does not contain sums for this iso image”

  58. Hi Clem and the entire LM Team,
    Thank you for all the amazing new features that have been added to 21.1, each one of them are well thought of, like the ISO verification tool built into the USB writer, the flatpak integration into update manager.
    Really thanks for all the hard work, happy new year!!

  59. After working with 21.1 for a while, I have some observations:
    What I like:
    * Updated package base, newer kernel, extended support cycle
    * Tweaks & tools, like the .iso Verifier
    * Flatpak integration: I don’t use Flatpaks, but if I did, this makes it simpler. My main objection to Flatpaks is the large chunk of support required for even 1 Flatpak. I’m comfortable with System packages, and have found everything I need without Flatpaks.

    What I don’t like:
    * Departure from Default Mint Green: Color is huge in Corporate identity: think Oracle – Red, Microsoft – Blue, and any number of other examples. Color is a very big key for most humans. Options are fine, but the default should be consistent.

    * System Themes: Old eyes here, plus 2 cataract surgeries – need lots of contrast. In the earlier themeing, for the Window Borders, I had migrated forward a theme called “High Contrast”, that draws black boxes around the Window control icons (Minimize/Maximize/Close). These boxes show in the window that has focus, thereby highlighting the focus window, as well as helping visually. Now we have no Window Borders setting. I have tried numerous of the available themes, including one called High Contrast, and none work as well as the older themes. Also, many of the newer themes are using different shades of Gray, sometimes gray text on a gray backgrond, where the shades of gray aren’t very different. This is unusable for me.

    * New Sound theme: As others have observed, low volume, not much to distinguish some sounds. Ability to revert to previous Sound theme would be a significant plus.

    * Mouse pointer: As others have observed, needs to have a sharp point. The Pointer themes that have this should be working properly.

    * Overlay Scrollbars: This junk showed up long before Mint 21. I don’t know where this idea came from, but it’s not good – just try editing a huge text document, esp at the bottom. This is one of the things I disable first. I also searched for a scrollbar theme with contrasting color for the slider, and stepper arrows. Found such, and so far it is working fine in Xfce, Mate, and Cinnamon. See the following articles:
    Disable Overlay scrolling:
    Traditional scrollbars in GTK 2 and 3 apps:
    (see the GTK 3 section)
    I configure my scrollbars with Blue sliders on a gray trough. If anyone wishes, I’ll post the .css involved.

    * Main Menu: The scrollbars are not affected by the System scrollbar configuration. The default Menu scrollbars are narrow. It’s nice that the slidet changes color when it is captured, but otherwise, I’d prefer that my scrollbar settings should also affect the Main Menu.

    I truly appreciate the work by Clem and his team. As a retired Software & IT person, I have an appreciation of the efforts involved.

  60. idk if it will be useful for anybody
    We have that out of memory issue at booting that the Mint team had described in their release notes.
    I heard grub team introduced a fix for the issue, but again idk when it will be published in the package.
    For a moment I keep 5.15.0-48-generic linux kernel, for whatever reason the system is loading via this kernel without any out of memory error.
    So, this is some sort of a workaround for me. May be it will help you.

  61. Thank you Clem and many thanks to everyone in your staff and in the community for another great release and for listening users whishing to see a more modern desktop in the Cinnamon edition.
    Since the release of Tricia, I run a blog and a YouTube channel primarily focused on Linux Mint for italian users. I would really love to know that Linux Mint is growing fast in Italy and i just published an enthusiastic review for Vera in both of them. Many followers are telling me they are leaving Ubuntu because of the different nature and philosophy of the project they didn’t know. Bonne année!

  62. Warpinator – sigh.
    Seems to work sporadically since it was released. At the current version 1.4.2 it completely fails. Someone posted an issue #148 on 1 Jan 2023 on GitHub. Me, I am not going to register on GitHub and all that jazz. I don’t have hours to waste tracking logins on all kinds of reporting sites, or signing up for a dev-site when I don’t code.
    So on startup Warpinator wanrs about default code and limit of 60 minutes. “Sees” one other machine that still has the default code, but lists it as offline despite this machine being very much ON. So we change the code to a new one. After several seconds of work-in-progress icon, both machines now declare they are alone in the universe. No other reporting, no refresh button, nothing. Just stuck in a cul-de-sac.

  63. Hi Clem,

    The release notes for Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1 Vera says, “Benchmarks have demonstrated that, in most cases, home directory encryption is slower than full disk encryption.”

    Question One: The installer has a user-friendly way of getting (the slower) home-directory encryption. You just need to click a radio button. But why doesn’t the installer have a user-friendly way of getting the “faster” full-disk encryption?

    Question Two: What’s the recommended/user-friendly way of getting automatic full-disk encryption?

  64. @Mint Team
    Or anyone who knows

    How do we set a unique a code for Warpinator?
    2 machines, one 20.3, the other 21.1.

    What is the step by step process?

  65. Boa noite, estou com problemas, pois fica digitando a tecla “z” sozinho, já testei se era o teclado desativando o mesmo, mas o problema persistiu, já tentei resolver de algumas formais a quais não obtive sucesso, alguem poderia me ajudar, sei lá que passou pelo mesmo problema nessa versão ou em uma anterior?

  66. Unfortunately upgrade is not available to me, I check that I do not have the latest versions of mintupdate (5.9.6 or higher) and mint-upgrade-info (1.2.0 or higher) . I have mintupdate 5.8.4 and I tried all ways to update it with no success. Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon 5.2.7, noyau 5.4.0-139-generic.

  67. Merci, indeed it worked. Nevertheless since Mint 21.1 is installed, I can not install anything any more, the messages being always the same:

    ” dpkg: erreur de traitement du paquet linux-image-5.15.0-67-generic (–configure):
    le sous-processus paquet linux-image-5.15.0-67-generic script post-installation install a renvoy un tat de sortie d’erreur 1
    Des erreurs ont t rencontres pendant l’excution: ”

    I changed for 5.1..0.60 with no success

    1. 21.1 because it’s between 21.0 and 21.2. It doesn’t matter what month it gets released, especially for us. We release when it’s ready, we don’t commit to an ETA and we can postpone if a critical issue blocks a release.

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