Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” Cinnamon released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 20 Ulyana Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 20 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2025. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

Announcements will be made in July with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3.

If you are running the BETA use the Update Manager to apply available updates.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Thanks to the whole team for all their hard work on both this release and the Beta as well. Cheers

    1. Hola tengo problemas con el grup ya que lo instale y ahora para iniciar debo hacerlo con la pendrive porque el grup me da error .
      Podrían ayudarme?

    2. When i run update manager in Linux (mint 20 cinnamon) after successful installation, my hdmi audio output disappears and no sound via LED monitor. And i don’t know what to do with it.

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur neuen Version!
    Vielen Dank für Ihre Arbeit.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi, thank you for another great release. I have a question regarding kernel updates in Linux Mint: Mint 19.3 was released with kernel 5.0, but earlier this year it got updated to kernel 5.3 as part of Ubuntu 18.04.4 HWE. As far as I remember, previously Mint didn’t get major kernel updates during a certain release. Does that mean Mint 20.1 will be updated from kernel 5.4 to kernel 5.8/5.9 in early 2021 once Ubuntu 20.04.2 HWE will be released?

    1. You’ll have the choice. Two series receive updates: LTS and HWE. By default you’ll stay on LTS but if you install an HWE kernel you’ll then switch to HWE updates.

    2. When will be HWE available? Audio on XPS 17 9700 is not working, uses new soundwire. Also alsa-lib is not which will enable to make soundwire by myself. Will some of this be done in nearest future?

  4. Thank you Clem and the rest of the Linux Mint Team. you guys do an awesome job. Beta ran great so been looking forward to the final release.

  5. Clem, this S.O. are so good, thank you for this.

    But i find something that can be a bug. When i’ve install the cinnamon stable version, i’ve mark the option for the system start without windows login. But now, i am trying remove this and i can find how. I have look on Windows session but have nothing there.

    More one time, thank you for all you and your time made for the community.

    1. Clem,

      I did this, but without sucess. I don’t know why. Maybe be a local bug..

      But, it’s not a problem, because i will change my HD for a SSD só i will install the system again.

  6. Thank you for this better than ever, quick, stable, modern and user-friendly release! Especially nice, besides all the improvements, that a user can decide for yourself to choose between the classic and the Modern UI. I really think that Linux Mint 20 is cut above the rest!

    1. I thought the ability to switch between classic and modern had been around since at least 19.2?

  7. Wonderful… Linux Mint users may check out how to upgrade Linux Mint to latest version.

    [Moderated]: Link removed.

    1. This article seems to be about upgrading to Mint 19.3. I would advise folk who want to upgrade to Mint 20 to wait until the official upgrade instructions are released by Mint shortly and follow those instructions, not the ones in this link.

    2. No, the process will be completely different since this is a new major version and a new package base. We’ll make announcements in about 2 weeks.

  8. The article describes the process t upgrading to latest version. Just updated. Updated article is available on the same link.

    1. Your tutorial upgrade is *not* valid for upgrades to Mint 20. I suggest that you remove that page and only re-publish it, modified accordingly, once the official upgrade path has been revealed by Mint.

  9. What about hybrid laptops , that have an amd CPU with integrated graphics and a discrete nvidia one like the asus TUF models?Is it possible for mint to work on those systems and have the options to switch gpus/profiles like with inte processors ?

    1. Ok , thanks for the reply.Hope this changes in the near future (I don’t actually know if this is on the hands of open-source programmers or closed source nvidia drivers) Because with the new Ryzen 4xxxx mobile processors we are going to see more and more of these types of configurations.I hope at least i can run mint and be able to somehow manually change active card whenever needed.

    2. I work with 19.3 on asus TUF. Manual switching of video cards works via the command line DRI_PRIME=1

    3. Recently I bought a laptop model Asus TUF Gaming And I will be waiting impatiently for this type of laptop.

  10. if sm1 looking for open source cross platform warpinator, lanxchange and kouchat may help for the time being.

    1. I installed the LM 20 Cinnamon Beta when it was released and then upgraded to the stable release from the beta version. After using the fully upgraded stable version of LM 20 Cinnamon I noticed a few odd things happening. For example, when I brought my laptop out of Suspend mode Cinnamon would oftentimes be unresponsive. I would have to then press and hold my power button to make the logon screen appear. I also noticed that the system was a bit sluggish at times so I decided to start from scratch and do a clean install of the stable release. After a couple of hours of reinstalling some apps and reconfiguration everything has been very smooth. So, for me the upgrade seemed to bring up some issues so I elected to go with the clean install as a solution. Best wishes for you with your decision!

    2. It’s entirely up to you. Personally, I do clean installs for the major versions (18, 19, 20, etc.) but upgrade for the point versions (20.1, 20.2, 20.2 etc). This allows me every two years to go over the software I have, decide what I want to keep or replace, etc, as well as giving my system a fresh start. On the other hand, I make backups of all my data and also have extensive notes on the settings and installation instructions for all my software to allow me to easily do this. It takes me about a day to do a fresh install and get everything configured and running again, and I also install the new version to a new partition so that I can revert to the previous version if anything goes wrong with the new version, crucial software is not yet supported by the new version, or similar.

    3. Hi Pete,

      Thanks for your response to Darco’s question. And thanks for your many informative and helpful comments on the Linux Mint Blogs! 🙂

      As an experienced Linux user, if you have the time, for the benefit of new users, would you be willing to post *a few more details* about how you do your backups?

      For example, when you say that you make backups of *all your data*, what specific data are you referring to? Just your /home directory? Or do you also include some other directories, such as /etc, /usr, or /var?

      In order to make backups go quicker, are there any “superfluous” files or folders that you exclude, such as temporary files or cache files?

      Are your backups in compressed form or are they mirrors? Are your backups password protected? Are they encrypted?

      Is there backup software that you’ve used that you would recommend to beginners, such as Grsync, Déjà Dup, luckyBackup, or the Linux Mint Backup Tool?

      If you know of a good, simple tutorial online that you would be comfortable recommending to new Linux users who’ve never done a backup before, could you post a link here?

      Thanks, Pete!

    4. I usually do a clean install and then spend a lot of time installing gcc, libs, additional programs like pcb, gerber viewer and lots of strange Linux toys that I like to play with. I guess there is no way to keep this stuff? I always have all of /home/* saved on backup. I am using 18/3 cinnamon and it is great so no rush to 20.1. I guess that it has the latest Firefox without having to have two versions like now. Regards Ian

    5. I use clone zilla running under a live distro on a flash stick and make a copy of all the disk. This is good should the drive KRASH (as in disaster) and you restore the lot to a new disk. I keep the cloned file on a USB external drive. I also have a copy of /home on this external drive. On a new clean install I can restore /home/me/.thunderbird and a few others keeping my settings from the previous version. I am sure there are better ways to keep your data whatever that is? Regards Ian

  11. Hi, Clem and the team, thanks for great work! I just love Mint and Cinnamon!
    But in this release I faces a problem with nemo-share/samba. Non of my phones or TV sees shares folders. I have 19.3 and 20 versions installed on my computer and in 19.3 everything works perfect, but in 20 in doesn’t.
    Is samba and nemo-share working well? I need this option!

    1. I am using nemo./samba to share on v20 Beta and it works find, at least in the beta

    2. Hi Eugene
      I have the same problem : No access to my LAN box server (Freebox Revolution) even in FTP .
      Is it because it uses a deprecated version of SAMBA1 ?
      No such problem with 19.3 version or LMDE.

  12. Clem and Team,

    Congratulations on the release of LinuxMint 20, thank you all for the hard work in creating a distro I absolutely love to use daily. I really appreciate how you listen to all the user feedback and take a careful and balanced approach when releasing a new version.

  13. Congratulations! I want to upgrading to newest version of Linux Mint. But, since i use 5500 XT cards, i think will wait people write about it in forum. Anyway thanks for great works!

  14. I downloaded LM 20 Cinnamon June 25th, had a look at it yesterday (live system), and was – well, somewhat amazed, if not irritated.

    Synaptic LM 20 read 32.00 packages and something, LM 19.3 contains 67.300. What has happened?

    1. Perhaps due to the almost complete removal of 32-bit packages? Apart from the odd few 32-bit packages retained for Steam, Wine etc., support for 32-bit has been dropped in Mint 20.

    2. You could add the i386 arch to be able to install those older packages with the dpkg command. Note, however, that you’ll have to edit the apt sources list to add Tina’s package repositories back in for 32-bit apps.

    3. wow, no no no… you cannot mix different package bases. They’re not compatible. As for the dpkg arch, it’s already installed. It always has been in Linux Mint.

    4. Hi Robert,

      Update the cache, there are more than 60.000 packages in the base (the vast majority are inherited from Debian).

    5. Excellent !!!!
      I installed the beta versión on friday. Hoy can i check if they system update to the stable release?
      Thank You very mucho! I love mint + Xfce. Y used since 17.
      Sorry for My English.

    6. @Santiago – I too installed the beta version and then updated. If your Update Manager is showing no new updates, then you’re now running the stable release.

  15. Mint has reached a degree of maturity that makes it very easy to use, avoiding major complications when starting in GNU-Linux.

    Thanks to all the team for this great distro !!

  16. Thank you for your hard works. This distro is not only a life saver but also we can sleep in peace knowing that it’ll always maintain integrity when it comes to privacy

    1. Hope your words about the privacy are full of sense, otherwise I see how the devs are laughing at your post, thinking how naive we are.

    2. save your life with Mint! Don’t go sleepless with Mint! i wish if i were that sensitive to my privacy.

  17. Amazing look different new linux mint 20!!!! I am happy and I work a art linux mint wallpaper more only gimp fun enjoy

    Thanks Clem 💚💚💚
    Linux mint my team!!!

    1. The upgrade instructions will be in another post within the next two weeks according the this post and Clem’s comment above.

  18. Thank you all, I have been running on the beta for about a week and loving it. Question, it says to use update manager to upgrade from the Beta, I am not seeing any updates available?

  19. Hi Clem,i had a bug with Linux Mint 20 cinnamon,I have a latop connected to a monitor, and every time I turn on the computer the monitor freezes,
    It works well if I only use the laptop without the monitor.

    1. Hi Clem,today i had other problem wiht Linux Mint 19.3,it was imposible to connect with the monitor,now it is ok,i think it would be the cable,i will change it.

  20. Quick Question, Why would the instruction be upated in July for upgrade from 19.3 to 20?
    If the update is possible why not release it to people? Its not that you do not have the release ready, unless your update process is not in place. Also most of your upgrades are through update manager this one probably would be the same then why not push it to the users?

    1. It’s not ready yet. We need to work on the upgrade tool and test to make sure everything is smooth before opening up the path. It’s not the same as upgrading a point release.

    2. i think at least Mint should mention in the release post itself that upgrade path shall be provided soon in future. coz many ppl keep asking the same question, every time of release. fill their appetite at once and ease them.

    3. @fork: It was mentioned in the release post above under “Upgrade Instructions”:

      “Announcements will be made in July with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3.”

      Clem also stated in a comment above that it will be in about two weeks. They have to get it right first.

    4. @Clem Thank you for response. Yes I do know that point releases are different just wanted to know about the work on upgrade process which you confirmed that it is under way and path will be open after testing. Thanks again.

      @Fork you probably misunderstood the question but all well.

      Excited for the new release just like all you guys. Congrats to the mint team for yet another great product. Sky is the limit guys dont stop now. Cheers.

    5. @Vaibhav Hello there, i wasnt aiming at u but it was a general concern i was feeling to express. by ur comment its obvious u already know its going to come. misunderstandings can crop up like anything haha

  21. Thank you for the new Linux Mint Clem.
    Wanted to ask if you can hire some designer to design LM logo because many people including me find it ugly compared to the perfection that Linux Mint represent. I suggest that we users should donate money for several logo examples and choose which we like. Thanks.

    1. I’m using only portable apps. Radio Sure and Music Brainz Picard are not working because there is no internet connection from Wine. As i said above i have no problems with 19.3 and with Wine from the source i’ve mentioned previous.
      Thank you for the answer!

  22. Congratulations Clem and team for this release and thanks for making this amazing Linux distribution.
    The Cinnamon and Mint Portuguese(pt) translations are very well done!!!
    In general, all the choices made by the team are excellent. I really like the consistency of the look and feel.

  23. I was a very happy 17.3 mate 32 bit user user until support ceased leaving me with the defective firefox version. I have struggled with 64 bit 19.0 thru 19.3 cinnamon. FSCK has been my friend. . Is there a 32 bit cinnamon available or planed?

    1. I’m not on the Mint team, but as far as I am aware, 32-bit versions of Mint are now a thing of the past since the launch of Mint 20. If you have any specific problems regarding any of your software, including Firefox, consider asking about them on the forums at if you have not been doing so already. You certainly shouldn’t need to be struggling.

    2. Jim, you can still download, install and use LM 19.3 Cinnamon 32bit (if that’s your CPU’s architecture) and it will get updates till first few months of 2023. LM 20 versions are 64bit only. If you get File System ChecKs regularly, you may be in need of a new or non-faulty harddisk. Disks will show a warning about the amount of bad blocks or clusters, if you suffer those.

  24. To add my plain English Australian comments now. Mint is based from the Ubuntu LTS system, but with more adventurous changes. The Mint team pioneered the Cinnamon desktop environment (DE) and many other innovations, which have been used in other Linux operating systems. All three environments, including MATE & XFCE, have the same Mint core. The “package list” of programs used in each three differs, so they are not the same, as implied by one very well known web site.
    The official Ubuntu versions are not populated with the extra repositories that are added to Mint. Each desktop environment is more modified than usually might be offered in other Linux operating systems. Mint is downstream to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is downstream to Debian. All of these are downsteam to the frequent kernel updates released by “The Linux Foundation”.
    Updates to the Linux kernel are released every few days. All the Mint operating systems can easily & quickly use these compiled Linux kernels. These kernels are ready to include seconds after the raw source code is released by The Linux Foundation.
    These compiled Linux kernels have included within them commercial binary bits. There do exist many other compilations of this original source code, & sometimes specialists can modify, add or remove this original source code. There are wide choices using Linux, if anyone wants to chase those choices.
    All Ubuntu based operating systems, including Mint, also can have speed optimized Linux kernels for the AMD64 CPU. These “Low Latency” Linux kernels are released along with other Ubuntu kernels.
    All the Mint, Ubuntu-based & some Debian based operating systems can also test the beta & alpha releases of future Linux kernels. These are also published freely & easily on the official Ubuntu web site.
    Most Linux operating systems, including Mint, also can access many versions of applications. Those from the official Mint store are preferred. Next selections are those added to the PPA section of all Ubuntu-based systems, including Mint.
    The third selection of applications are from the repositories kept under the packlages: appimage, snap & Flatpak.
    There is a fourth section of applications available to all Linux operating systems: compiling the raw source code sometimes available from the creator of the application. This last is the most demanding skill, time & computer resources.
    The easiest way to use Mint is just to use Mint as the creators made so easy for most people. The additional suggestions above are bonuses for the very fussy users.

  25. My HD is encrypted. I tried to upgrade the system and ended up with a broken installation. Thank god for TimeShift!!! How is the upgrade performed on systems with encrypted LVM.

    1. I have tried twice with encrypted swap and failed twice. Even after disabling it as per mintupgrade instructions. Looks like systems with encrypted LVMs will not upgrade, period. The only way is a fresh install.
      Huge thumbsups for Timeshift though.

    2. No you can upgrade with full disk encryption and/or home-dir encryption, but if you have home-dir encryption it will simply unencrypt your swap.

  26. Would you suggest upgrading 19.3 to 20.0 or simply installing 20.0 and we installing all my programs and and restoring my data from backup

    1. @ David Mulkearns ; I heard some say they have been upgrading through some major versions of Mint and it worked okay enough. but I would imagine to be a bit more safe and on the side of caution…

      -Major releases (i.e. v18 to v19 to v20 etc) = clean install
      -Minor releases (i.e. 19.0 to 19.1 to 19.2 etc) = upgrade

      but it sounds like roughly mid-July they will have more info on upgrading Mint v19 to v20.

  27. Che, quiero tenerlo pronto, solo la tercera temporada de Dark mitigo un poco la ansiedad de ver Mint 20 en mí PC. Gracias por todos estos años y por muchos más

  28. Very disappointed. Just tried the live-usb and noticed the new vibrant colors are not there, and installing them from the .debs is no longer possible (“newer version already installed”). So I’m not upgrading. Thanks for nothing.

    1. Are you sure? There does probably not exist any right system for you all over the whole distro-universe…

    2. Have some patience, if the vibrant icons aren’t on the ISO then they are not finalised yet.

      As and when the vibrant icons are ready for release and arrive I will decide which set I want to use. Hopefully those and the revised logo backgrounds find their way to Debbie too so they match the already upgraded icon theme.

    3. Hi John, this was not set in stone and also was only ever mooted as far as i could see. However, I do like the vibrant colours too and I totally get it, if they aren’t available anymore. I saved the more vibrant themes AND the Icon themes and re-versioned them for my own use (fair bit of typing/renaming folders and index) with a “far off” version number and repacked to install alongside without conflict. I am guessing the decision was based on lack of demand and/or overall appearance in multiple scenarios. It has to be for the greater good and not just you or I. I am certainly not going to complain as Mint is free and incredibly useful to my family and I, maybe the brighter colours will be back, but its not a problem if they don’t come back. I’m hoping too, Mint is awesome either way.

    4. Hello John:

      You can always manually install that package into ~/.icons and ~/.themes by opening the Debian packages with the ‘Archive Manager’ navigate to icons … extract.

  29. Hello, thanks for your work.
    I haven’t upgrade to Linux Mint 20 yet but looking forward to be able to 😉
    As I have a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphic card supporting Optimus with older driver Nvidia 304.137 that is no more available into Ubuntu package, I’m wondering if the new implementation of Optimus in Linux Mint also works with Nouveau driver ?

  30. Hi Clem / LM-Team,

    i am using LMDE4 and installed warpinator 1.0.2.

    1. How can i upgrade to the latest version? Is it possible to add a repository to get information in the update manager?

    2. The program is in English language. Is there an option to install – in my case – a German language package?

    Thx for you help in advance. 🙂

    1. Hello Harry,
      thanks for your reply. But this download is for LM20. I have LMDE4 on my computer.

      Clem was talking about some “feature updates” for LMDE4. Maybe warpinator is one of them.

      Looks like i have to wait…

  31. Great work. The installation works perfect. To join into a LDAP Domain (UCS) the package auth-client-config is missing. In Mint 19 it was part of the distribution. Could you add it to make LDAP integration a little bit easier.

    Thank you in advanced,


  32. Hi. I have an issue in LM 20 Cinnamon installed today. When close laptop lid, and get back from sleep mode sometimes lock-screen does not appear, though screen is still locked. I have to put password in (I can not see entering password) to get back.

    1. @Pete, thank you for the comments!

      Yes, definitely the ‘add-apt-repository’ cannot install the Docker. But Mint20 fails with ‘add-apt-repository’ for Docker. I also followed that official docker and it worked for Ubuntu 20 but sadly not for Ulyana.

    2. It is normal it is not available for Ulyanna
      This command will show you your linuxmint release $(lsb_release -cs)
      But if you change it by focal (as linuxmint 20 is based on ubuntu 20 focal), it should work
      It worked for me

  33. Bonjour, Clem,

    et merci pour ta réponse du 27 juin, 23.18. Je ne savais pas que l’on pouvait ou devait mettre à jour le cache dans le système en direct. Plus rien ne m’empêche donc de passer à LM 20 🙂

    D’ailleurs, merci aussi pour tout le travail et l’excellent résultat.

  34. Hi Clem & LM Team,

    thanks so much for another great version of LM! I’ve checked the live image to see whether I could use fractional scaling with my ultrawide monitor Dell uw3419w. Unfortunately I found many problems just during quick testing. I’d be very glad to see fractional scaling to be working well ASAP, is there a way to file detailed bug reports regarding this issue in particular, or is it an Ubuntu-related thing?

    thanks & all the best Stefan

  35. Will Mint Cinnamon 20 install under WSL 2? Microsoft supports Debian and Ubuntu in WSL 2, so it ought to support Mint as well. For me, having smooth and quick interaction between Windows and Cinnamon would be a dream system assuming that all the claims about how great WSL 2 is are true. I recognize that Microsoft often does not get things right until about the third try. Feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all you do to make Mint great.


  36. Pendrive installation fails.

    I’m trying to use UNetbootin to install linuxmint-20-cinamon-64bit.iso stable in a 6 GB Fat32 partition pendrive. sha256sum is OK. There is an issue here. When extracting file 511 (/pool/main/g/gcc-7/libubsan0_7.5.0-6ubuntu2_amd64.deb), representing 95% from the total 532 files, it breaks. It doesn’t matter if I set 1024 or 2048 MB persistent mode size. It doesn’t matter if I do fast or slow formatting before. Pendrive does not boot, even when UNetbootin says: “the installation is complete”.
    Beta version worked very fine with the same installation process, unless that persistent mode (1024 MB) did not work after reboot.
    Pendrive model is a Patriot XT 32 GB USB2.

    1. UNetbootin is no longer a supported tool for quite sometime. Not sure why you are still using it. Please try another tool to do this such as gnome-disks.

    2. Survivor, if persistency is important to you, try Ventoy (, which is a rather new and smart-made USB-Boot-tool. You can just copy one or more .iso’s (just as a files!) on it. It will give you a boot-menu and you’ll have advanced tweak-options, including persistency.

    3. Thank you, Harry. The version of UNetbootin that caused the failure was outdated. The latest version worked correctly.

  37. Well done to everyone has contributed to the project—be it from code to documentation, support, etc. Congrats!

  38. I suspect I’m missing something basic, but:

    Linux Mint 20.1 is now available. What I understand a standard upgrade is to open Update Manager, and under the Edit menu select a fourth, bottom entry to upgrade Mint.

    However, when I pull up Update Manager, the Edit menu has Preferences, System Snapshots, and Software Sources.

    I have run, for instance, an aptitude update and aptitude upgrade since said 20.1 was available.


    1. The upgrade instructions will be published by Mint when they are ready in July, as mentioned in the blog post above – they don’t exist yet.

      Just a note that it is Mint 20 that has been released, not Mint 20.1 – that will be the next point version in a few months’ time.

    2. @Pete I don’t doubt that you are right, but I must confess to being very puzzled.

      Linux Mint is known for its UX.

      This is my first time since growing up on Unix that I can remember being informed that an OS version is available, but upgrade procedure(s) are TBD.

      C.J.S. Hayward

    3. I actually like the approach. If the new version and the upgrade path are launched at the same time, you may receive a myriad of reports which could concern one or the other, confusing issues. In this way, the new version is reasonably well tested out in the field while the upgrade path is being developed and tested in the background. That way, when the upgrade path is released, most issues should only really concern the upgrade itself. Not only does it keep these two separate and allow focus, but it also allows more testing before the vast majority of users jump aboard with the upgrade.

      In saying all that, there’s only normally a wait of 1-2 weeks for the upgrade path anyway for major versions. Not a huge wait when the wait between major versions is two years.

    4. The rationale you have given does not overlap with direct concern to the end user.

      If this approach is easier for implementors so as to have two waves of reports instead of one, we’re talking Microsoft-like rationale here…

      This is unworthy of Mint’s claim to be the best UX in a Linux distro, The decision which has confused more people than me (how can I request notification when the upgrade path is available?) does not, on your account, even take enduser interests into consideration.

      C.J.S. Hayward

    5. C.J.S. Hayward,
      The delay in the upgrade procedures from Mint 19.3 to Mint 20 is standard practice for Linux Mint, especially when moving from one Ubuntu LTS base to the next. The upgrades between point versions is far less complicated and is usually accomplished through the Update Manager.

  39. I’ve been running LinuxMint for 10 years on the same desktop PC with sequential upgrades and re-installs, depending on the situation, and now for some odd reason ver.20 doesn’t get past the first menu when I boot with USB stick . It just stops cold. It’s okay on my laptop. It’s the same with the release and the beta. Never seen this before. It has a BIOS, not a UEFI if that has anything to do with it. Can Anyone help? If not, I’ll wait for upgrading inJuly if it will do it. Maybe in the meantime I’ll try a DVD, so hang on. have a nice day.

  40. Thanks for your amazing job as usual, Clem! But, I would love to know if there is a way of upgrading from LM 19.3 to LM20 avoiding a fresh installation. Best regards, Jonathan.

    1. As many other contributors have noted, there will be that upgrade path from LM19.3 to LM20 in the near future, timescale quoted is a few weeks.

  41. I started my LM journey from 19.3 and will upgrade to 20. Mint Guys, you are best and doing amazing work.

  42. Absolutely the best distro around!
    Keep up the great work Team Mint can’t wait for the upgrade instructions.

  43. Incredible version, thank you! I got my WINE direct from WineHQ and internet works perfectly with Babaschess and Radiosure. Streamtuner2 isn’t usable because of a big white box in the middle of the screen that blots out individual radio station listings (theme issue? I selected “dark” during install). I haven’t tried to install Bitcoind or Armory Wallet yet but I’m afraid the same python-gtk2 problem that killed FSLINT and EKIGA will be an issue so I hope this bug gets resolved soon. In the meantime if anyone can recommend fully comparable alternatives to those programs I’d be most appreciative. One more item and this happened with 19.3 also, sometimes at boot the GRUB menu allowing me to choose Mint or Windows (installed on different SSD’s) does not come up, just a GRUB command line. If I type “exit” it then goes to the regular GRUB menu. Doesn’t matter if I’m booting cold rebooting from one or the other OS it just happens randomly and yes, the correct boot device is specified in BIOS. What am I missing?

    1. Oops – Forgot one item. Trying to relocate icons on the panel but they’re locked and I can’t find the setting to fix that. I’m sure it’s just a setting I’m missing because initially desktop icons were locked too and I was able to fix that.

    2. Hi,

      Right click on the panel and invoke panel edit mode. All panel applets will be drag and droppable. Uncheck panel edit mode when done.

    3. Hi Steve M.
      Panel Edit mode won’t let me drag and drop any pinned shortcut. Tonight when I booted up the LM icon was in the middle of the panel but I didn’t put it there. I was able to relocate the LM icon to the lower left corner where it belongs, but Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, the command window, folder icon and desktop green box are locked.

  44. Thank you for this release Clem and Team, i started using Linux mint on version 18.3 it has been great except for one thing the default Firefox installed on a fresh install has never had working search suggestions for me. i have tried all search engine options but i could never get any search results in the address bar. it only shows browsing history. i have also looked in Firefox settings and show search suggestions in address bar results is checked. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

  45. 19.3_Tricia was giving all kinds of Bluetooth connectivity trouble. I spent about two hours trying different suggestions but Nothing worked. Then…. I tried the Live Version on a thumb drive and immediately it found my Bluetooth Headphones. The 5.4 Kernel is a great improvement. Well done Linux and Team Mint! Keep improvements coming. 😊

  46. Hello Mint team. Thankyou for your new version. I just did a fresh install of Cinnamon 20 on my old ASUS laptop and installed all existing upgrades on update manager, including kernel 5.4.0-39, and installed the recommended nvidia-driver-440. Everything appears to work fine, except:
    In the Welcome screen, when I try to select traditional panel layout, I click on it. It goes blue for a few seconds, and then it reverts to the white background as it was, as if I didn’t click at all. Nothing happens
    If I click on the modern, the same happens, ie, nothing. I reboot, nothing changed.
    Also, any changes I do to the panel (ie, add a new icon, etc) are lost after I click on traditional or modern.
    Bot I never get the traditional layout, which I prefer very much over the modern.
    Thankyou for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Luis,

      The traditional switch only changes the panel settings and the default panel applets in Mint 20. It wouldn’t make sense to change the theme aswell (as it used to in 19.3) if a new user had already made choices in the section immediately above in the Welcome screen.

      When you select traditional you should see that the panel gets thinner and the grouped window list pinned apps are replaced by panel launchers and the window list.

      If you want the theme changes as-well you will need to do those manually in the Themes settings module. Mint 19.3 traditional was Mint X for window borders and Controls, and Linux Mint for the Desktop theme

  47. Since mint 20 I am not using chromium any more.
    Any suggestions what another browser should I use (except firefox)?

    1. I like Vivaldi. Not in the software list but works great, has Chromium parts, uses less resources when streaming video, just a slight learning curve, many config options.

  48. Thank you so much for all your work!
    My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of Linux Mint for such a long time.

    I realize you guys improved the situation concerning the Swiss keyboard.
    Thank you very much for that.
    But there’s still a problem which will make users unable to login after installation of Mint 20.0.

    Linux Mint setup uses wrong keyboard layout when selecting Swiss keyboard. (in both cases, manually or automatically)

    If you enter a password like “zzzzz” the system actually will understand “yyyyy”.
    As a result, users wont be able to login to the newly installed operating system.

    – login password
    – full disk encryption password

    Tested with:
    – German language setup
    – French language setup
    on release .iso of Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon.

    1. During the install-procedure, you can select your keyboard-language/layout, choose sub-settings and test those options (via a button?) by live-typing keyboard-characters and see/check their actual output.

  49. How can i upgrade my virtualbox on mint 19.3 its still 5.3 and there new one 6.0 ??
    and for Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana the virtualbox come with v 6.0 ??

  50. Been waiting for Warpinator but the descriptions a tad vague: will it also work with Windows machines on the network (don’t see a Warpinator app to install on them)?

    1. Hello Steve:

      For Warpinator to work, you have to start it or leave it running on each computer. So that won’t work with Windows based computers, since it is a Linux only application.

  51. I think there’s a bug with the 20 cinnamon release on my hardware..
    Just trying to install on a x570 with ryzen 7 3700 and when the live usb boot, after the “start”, I’ve got the message ” initframfs unpacking failed “.
    I’ve tryed to install with kernell, and, same trouble.
    I verified the sheksum, change my usb key, but it’s still like that.
    Just a big freeze sometimes when I reboot… not everytime.

  52. Hi,
    I just did a fresh install of Linux Mint 20 and I received the following error: “initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed”. The computer still boots and is useable. Has this been reported?

    Thank you Linux Mint people for all your hard work

    1. I’ve noticed this too. It just flashes quickly when I boot. Almost too fast to read.

      But the OS still boots fine and I haven’t really noticed any issues yet.

    2. Harry W Haines III:

      I tried this fix on a clean install of LM 20 (I see the same set of errors fly by) as mentioned in the bug report. And although the system still booted fine after the change to gzip I now had two sets of errors fly by instead of one. Unfortunately, they flew by so fast I can’t read what they say. I changed it back to compress=lz4 and I was back to one set of errors.

      Since the bug was first reported in Launchpad for Ubuntu 19.10 perhaps the “fix” no longer works?

  53. Hi, I have version 19.2 Cinnamon and I would like to install version Cinnamon 20, I will be able to simply upgrade or I have to do an installation from scratch and lose

    1. You should upgrade to 19.3 and then, when instructions are provided, perform the upgrade to 20.

  54. Congratulations team for this release, thanks for making this amazing Linux .
    This increadible Cinnamon and Mint Brazilian Portuguese(pt-Br) translations are Ok!!! Tks a lot!!!

  55. Thanks for your effort and support.
    Is it possible to see comp behind second router? I tried to do it with two LM 20 betas computers in live mode but without success.

  56. Clem,
    I have a couple of questions/comments whilst you are finalising the update path from 19.3 to 20.
    1. I have 3 users on my three main machines and each has an encrypted home folder in /home which is a separate partition. Will the update mechanism handle encrypted home folders?
    2. One of my machines with Optimus (Nvidia/Intel) graphics and I currently use Bumblebee to switch. Will the update procedure handle bumblebee or will I need to switch back to Nvidia Prime first? I would normally keep Bumblebee so I can support the Applet I wrote.
    3. Many of my machines use LUKS encrypted folders auto-mounted by libpam-mount at user login for a separate Data partitions in addition to the ecryptfs home folders. I would not expect a problem but it would be nice to confirm that they will survive the update.
    And yes I have multiple backup procedures!
    Nice job – 20 is very stable: I still have a LiveUSB running (straight, not persistent) after 7 days and many many installs and tests including wine programs. Very fast. Just works. Keep safe

  57. My host is Mint 20 Cinnamon. I installed Mint 20 Mate and Xcfe as guests on a KVM running on the host. Worked fine. Nevertheless, when I try to install Mint 20 Cinnamon, the cursor does not show up. Since I am following the same steps I used to install Mate and Xcfe, I must suppose the problem has to do with the Cinnamon ISO.

    Even so, I tried all possible KVM configurations for mouse input. None worked. I still can’t install Mint Cinnamon on KVM.

    Any hints?

    Thank you

    – fernando

    1. Cinnamon seems to have problems detecting the display in QEMU/KVM. To set the correct display device and resolution, run in the VM this command (set the resolution):
      xrandr –output Virtual-1 –mode 1920×1080
      You may also want to add this command to Startup Applications in System Settings in the VM.

    2. Problem here is that I can’t even install the VM because I can’t see the cursor so I can´t move from radio button to radio button or from field to field to select the information needed for the installation. I tried to to do it blindly, but it did not go so well…

  58. May I suggest a name for the upcoming versions, 20.x? That would be Urraca, a name commonly used for several medieval queens in the kingdoms León and Castile. For free 😉

  59. I have been using Linux Mint 20 “ulyana” for quite a long time.
    It is a slow transition from 19.3 to witness the advent of 20.
    I am very honored.
    Best wishes for LinuxMint Team.
    Thank you.

  60. Wow! Yesterday I installed it. I like to make fresh install everytime, after writing a list of my preferred additional software and where I get it (not everything is apt). I’m impressed: every version is better than the previous one.

    It works faster, looks nicer, accepts all my special requirements, and doesn’t change where things are, so as far as I, as a user, am concerned, I never have to re-learn anything unless it’s worth it. No change for change’s sake, only getting better.

    Thanks, thanks a lot!

  61. @Clem and team

    When I first install Mint 20, it detects headphones and speakers, playing through them fine. After building my system, it plays from only the monitor.

    In Sound Settings:
    Under device, the monitor port is the only one listed.
    Under device settings, there’s only one item in the drop-down box, “Analog Stereo Output.”

  62. Warpinator sounds like a UI for a subset of KDEConnect file-sharing functions. I’d say a Connect daemon that can be extended by De-specific functionality by KDE, Cinnamon, etc, would be better.

  63. I made my transition to LM 20 yesterday. Everything went smooth. The latest iteration of LM is, as usual, delightful to use. Speed and responsiveness of the system seem to have improved. Much appreciation, thanks and congratulations to Clem and his wonderful team for coming up with yet another version of this wonderful OS. This is my 6th year using LM as my daily driver. Thank you, indeed.

  64. Olá,

    Tem um bug na hora de alterar o driver da impressora. Fica pesquisando e não sai disso.

    Não consigo instalar o driver da minha impressora por causa disso.

  65. Mint 20 Cinnamon is good except incompatibility with Timidity 3.5.
    In Mint 19.3 I have Line Out Built-in Audio, using Timidity 3.5.
    In Mint 20, I do not.

    I need Timidity to set up midi service for my music editor, NoteWorthyComposer ( Windows application run by wine ).

    I wonder if other Mint users have a similar issue.

  66. Nice work linux team!!
    One question… How do i directly upgrade from 19.3 to 20? without losing my customization, tweaks and files?

  67. I hope that the installation program for Linux Mint can include the minimum installation option. Like Ubuntu, do not automatically install software such as LibreOffice, because many people do not need it, which makes it feel like Windows 10.

    1. I agree strongly with Zhong that there should be options in the install process for not installing parts of the package.

    2. I would also very much appreciate a *minimum installation option* for Mint 20!

      For example, I don’t need an office suite! I only use a word processor. (I uninstalled LibreOffice in Mint 19.3 and installed AbiWord.)

      Another example, I don’t need Flatpak (and would like to know how to safely remove it). I uninstalled HexChat, since I never used it.

      Although some of the Mint 20 default installation apps may work just fine for me, I would prefer to install *my own choice* of music player, video player, disk partitioner, backup software, virtual keyboard, and sticky note app.

  68. Dear Mint team, after installing 20 Cinnamon, I’m having problems with my external monitor connected to the HP laptop:
    HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook HP Intel© Core™ i7-6700HQ
    Kernel: 5.4.0-39-generic Desktop: Cinnamon 4.6.6
    Graphics: Device-1: Intel HD Graphics 530 Device-2: NVIDIA GM107M [GeForce GTX 950M] Driver manager Nvidea driver 440
    External monitor ASUS VX278Q (27″), via HDMI cable

    Problem: Connect external monitor, everything Ok. Define external as primary, OK.
    If I set laptop monitor off (leaving only external on as primary) AND reboot, the problem happens: ext. monitor goes dark (no wallpaper whatsoever), only remains panel and desktop icons. Mouse is there, I can move it and click, but nothing happens (icons and menu don’t respond).
    In this situation, I can only do two things:
    -shutdown the computer on the physical button.
    -unplug the HDMI cable, forcing the display back to the laptop, but if I do so, the laptop image is complete with wallpaper and responds to the mouse, but the image is not stable: flickers and jumps around.

    The only way I can get the config I want (external as primary, laptop off) is:
    1. Start PC with hdmi cable off. Everything is fine.
    2. Connect HDMI, external as primary, laptop off. It stays OK until I reboot, in which case the problem described happens.
    OR: Do 1 and 2, but leaving laptop monitor on, either as mirror or as secondary. In this case, i can reboot without problem.
    So it seems that whenever the laptop starts with his screen off, the external monitor doesn’t work well.
    If the laptop starts with its screen on, the external monitor functions ok.
    With my previous MINT 18.x and 19.x, everything was fine.

    Any ideas?
    Thankyou very much for your help

    1. Luis, I also have exactly the same problem. My laptop is Dell and the external monitor is Samsung. No an NVIDIA GPU, just the Radeon card.

    2. Same here with Acer Notebook Radeon R5 Graphics and external Samsung Monitor. Live CD Mint 20 Cinnamon works fine, after installing and upgrading the problems Luis described appear.

    3. I will add that the problem does NOT seem to be kernel-related.
      To see if it was caused by kernel, I installed Mint Cinnamon 19.3, and upgraded to kernel, and to driver NVIDIA-440.100-=ubuntu0.18.04.1 (the recommended driver).
      Everything worked fine with the external monitor. So I assume the kernel 5.x is not the culprit.

    4. Same issue with me.
      Both VGA and mini display port (with mini-display to hdmi adapter) have the same problem
      My system is a Thinkpad 450s with Intel 5200U (internal graphics) with a ACER, 60Hz freesync monitor.

    5. I’ll prioritize this update and attend to it tomorrow. I didn’t expect so many people to be impacted (this passed QA and BETA).

  69. Hi, I’m using a AMD R9 380X card, linked to a 4k display using a displayport to HDMI converter. Under Windows I correctly have a 60Hz refresh but Mint sets the output to 30Hz at max. I’m using this setup because my video card only have HDMI 1.4 ports (limited to 4K/30Hz) , while the displayport 1.2 can reach 4K/60Hz. How can I set a 60Hz refresh rate? Everything is sluggish now. Thank you

  70. Dear Mint team, one more problem is with the laptop’s ventilator. It is running very noisily and constantly. With the previous Mint-KDE 18.3 version and with the actual dual-boot MS Windows OS on the laptop it does not. How can I fix this noise?

  71. Can I make a persistent USB drive, test this DIstro and get all my hardware settings right, then install from the USB drive with all the same settings / config copied over onto the HD? Or at least save some kind of a basic configuration file from the USB stick that can be used once the system’s installed on the HD?
    Or do I have to go through the whole process of getting everything to work, all over again?

    1. You should be able to use the dd program to copy the partitions of your working USB to your HDD. This will make identical copies of those partitions, down to the UUIDs, on the HDD.
      You will need to make empty partitions on the HDD, of identical, or slightly larger, size to those on the USB.

  72. Works like a charm. Faster boot, friendly navigation and great Taipei desktop image. Ah memories. Wonderful country. Linux needs to put a rocket up mBlock and Scratch.

  73. Hi. I noticed that since ubuntu 19.04 (I think) the OS installs the printer automatically. But LM19.3 did not yet have this and apart from having to configure the printer manually, everything worked alright. Ubuntu and now LM’s automatic config of my Canon (TR7520) is a disaster: some operations that were available on LM19.x are not alright. Like recto/verso printing of pdf documents: it’s printing recto only but turns the page as if it was going to print it but just skips and print the verso page on a new sheet. Does that with whatever program I use. That was not a problem on the LM19.x.
    Remiving the printer does not work as it is automatically re-installed on it’s own immediately after. And is still not working properly. Don’t know what to do.

  74. Great release, much better High DPI support than before. Overall seems more stable.

    But Clem I wanted bring your attention to a persistant problem I have had (at least with the cinnamon releases) is flawed multi monitor support. In particular, there is an issue where with a Steam game, you try to launch it on the primary monitor, and it will launch on the right most one. Never found a perfect work around for it. There is a github issue open for it. I found that in some games, if you add a taskbar to the 2nd monitor and make it slightly taller than the one on the primary, this fixes it at least for most things. But this workaround doesnt work for everyone.

    1. Another issue – HDPI support should be extended to the login screen. Even though I had it on on desktop, when I turn on my PC and login, its teeny tiny.

      There are some applications that dont seem to scale at all – VLC, the nes emulator fceux, and probably others. I am not tech enough to know whether or not this is an issue in the programs themselves or the system. But its an annoyance.

  75. LM 20 running fine on my machine from a clean install. Feels snappier than LM 19.3 even before I switch off the effects I do not use.

    One annoyance I will switch off, if I can, is having multiple instances of an application stacked behind one icon. It is faster to see them spread out with the file name or URL displayed.

    My first install used the wipe disk option and the result was a funny disk layout. I started again with one big Ext4 partition made in Gparted. Installed. Booted. Installed Backintime. Restored snapshot. A few application installs from Software Manager now that everything is current. Back up in running as fast as the restore could read from disk.

    Outside of a few funny icons in Libreoffice, everything is the same or better or faster.

  76. Thank you for your amazing work! I can definitely notice an improvement from 19.3. The system feels lighter, cleaner and more efficient. Browsing files is noticeably faster and snappier. The same can be said about opening and closing applications.

    The only difficulty I have is with installing AMD/Vulkan driver. AMD’s release notes indicate that you need to install Vulkan SDK [] but Vulkan SDK package for Ubuntu 20.04 is not yet available which is strange considering that it’s been out for 2 months already. And I don’t want to go through some complex and “risky” install from source code.

    That’s the one general area in “Mint experience” I want to see improved – a simpler process for installing all the necessary graphics libraries and drivers to be able to launch Steam and play video games. When I was setting up 19.3 I didn’t actually notice the buried info in AMD’s release notes that I needed to install Vulkan SDK for AMD Vulkan driver to work, and I ended up spending many hours trying to figure out what wasn’t working. Manjaro is able to pack all of it into their repositories and standard installation that includes Steam – so you can launch Steam and play video games right after the initial installation without having to go through any manual and complex installation procedures. It would be great to see some easy process worked out in Mint’s environment especially that video gaming is becoming a big part of the Linux experience.

    1. Ok, never mind. 🙂 I learned that open-source AMDGPU driver is baked into the Kernel and Vulkan driver is already installed. Somehow, it didn’t work that way with Mint 19.3 – games wouldn’t launch – so I went through with the installation of AMDGPU-PRO from AMD’s website which is their proprietary driver version. I thought I needed to go through the same process with Mint 20, but evidently there is no need for doing that. Everything just works. Nice!

  77. Hi everyone,
    I read the whole blog to see if anyone has my same problems with removable devices, in LM 20. But it seems that I’m the only one. The system does not always detect USB sticks and not even the two removable HDDs. When it detects, it does not open them, as has always happened. Even changing the settings (in the specific box, after your favorite applications). However, I noticed that this started right after cinnamon version 4.6.5. Can anyone advise me how to fix it. Now I am returned to LM 19.3 to have the availability of all the devices. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Gian Piero, I think you should take a look at the built-in program ‘disks’ and its possible settings per device for the behavior you wish, like mounting (connecting and/or opening) disks automatically or not.

  78. Hi Clem & Mint team,
    thanks a lot for your continuous good work.
    It’s really a pleasure to use this Linux distribution.
    Every two years I make a fresh install of my LinuxMint system partition, leaving the home partition untouched.
    Thanks to your continuity in Cinnamon it’s really only a matter of 30 minutes and it’s done.
    Some system settings like firewall etc. need to be adjusted – that’s it.
    Once again: Thanks
    Can only recommend it!!!!

  79. Bonjour Developpeurs de Linux Mint
    j ai voulu installe linux Mint sur un pc de clavier francais Belge qui n est pas detecte pendant l installation
    la detection du clavier dit que c est francais mais pas tout a fait
    merci pour vos renseignements

    1. Anjad, mon Francais n’ est pas bien; please put my text in Google Translate! 😉
      I think after installation you can go to Keyboard in Configurationcenter. There you can add and test, show and adjust the Settings for your specific Keyboard-layout.

    2. Bonjour anjad.
      Le choix du clavier est fait pendant l’installation, dans le même menu qui a le bouton “detection automatique” vous pouvez choisir manuellement le pays et la variante du clavier.
      Si vous avez déjà le système installé, allez sur le menu “préférences – clavier”, Là il y a trois bouttons en haut, cliquez dans le plus à droite (“Layouts???”).
      À gauche, en bas, il y a le signe + (plus) pour ajouter une configuration de clavier. Choisissez le pays (Belge) et la variante qui vous convient.
      Désolé pour mon français, et aussi je suis dans in système en anglais, donc je ne sais pas les designations en français des différents menus.
      J’espére vous avoir aidé.

  80. Thank you all, Mint Team! Really looking forward to doing the update as soon as I have the time. Watch this video I found yesterday (, it’s really nice how the guy becomes amazed at Mint’s ease of use and suitability for the desktop. To me Mint is also not just “another project”. You guys never get tired of polishing the slightest rough corner in Linux Mint, and that’s impressive and I believe Mint is becoming something great for the world.

  81. LM 20 running fine on my machine from a clean install. Feels snappier than LM 19.3 even before I switch off the effects I do not use.

    One annoyance I will switch off, if I can, is having multiple instances of an application stacked behind one icon. It is faster to see them spread out with the file name or URL displayed.

  82. It would be great to compile this “warpinator” for win and i-os too. is there a possibility to do so? that’s definitely one function that other systems should have by default but no one is having, personally i am using usbs and mail address and all kind of weird staff to simply transfer files around my own pc-s 🙁

  83. Have been running since Beta with no significant issues. Continuing on after full release and I’m loving Ulyana. Somehow she’s noticeably faster than previous releases, the NVIDIA Prime Offload is FANTASTIC, a really solid upgrade.
    Thanks to the entire team that makes this amazing distro.

  84. Fractional scaling is very blurry for me. It’s almost the same as just lowering the resolution the old way.

    I’m testing this on a decade old laptop that doesn’t need scaling though, I just wanted to see how well it works because the new laptops have screens that require scaling.

    Can anyone else comment on how well the fractional scaling works for them?

    1. PX, Fractional Scaling is indeed ‘lowering the resolution’ in order to ‘blow up’ the image. But after that step you should couple it with the Hi-DPI option to make the image looking sharp again! When you experiment with the settings, take screenshots, look at the pixel-dimensions and think about the math behind it, it proves to be a masterpiece, in my opinion! I’m very pleased with it 🙂

  85. Hi Clem, I have tried to run it from USB Pendrive, but it only runs in Compatibility mode. When running it the screen keeps in black and nothing happens.
    The machine is running perfectly Mint 19.3 version.
    Do I need to change something?
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Guido, it might be worth to find out in your LM19.3 which video-card you have exactly and take note of that, in order to use that info later on in LM20. I think our local help-team ran into such rare case sometimes with for instance a Sis-chipset with onboard video for the computer.
      You can start your Live-USB in compatibility mode and once you are on the desktop, you can open Display and try to adjust it’s proper resolution settings. Consider it a good sign if that works at that point.
      Next check the driver tool to see if something is offered there for your system. If not, chances still are that once the system is installed, it will handle your ‘not-too-common’ video-card quite well; possibly just not immediately in Live-mode. Sometimes an old or buggy bios may be the hindrance.
      You can just test it all out, after making a ‘backup’ of your LM19.3 system partition with TimeShift. Depending on the setup of your partitioning-scheme; either to a separate Home partition (next to your personal data and settings). Or if your setup is only at one partition, you should also use the backup-tool to put everything else in /home to an external harddisk as well. This way you can go back to the working situation you have now, if the new installation turns out not to handle your video-card at all, which would be very rare, especially if in LM19.3 it does work. Good luck & maybe also ask further help on #linuxmint-help channel by running inbuilt HexChat.

  86. Well, I made a backup of partition where LMint Tina&UpgradedtoTricia with a BootRepair usb bootable selecting GParted from ini Menu. Then I decided to install Ulyana from zero. And it works fine. I am starting to put all things almost equal to before and just to say that I installed WINE right now in less than 5 minutes using the command line sudo apt install wine-installer. Easy and quick responsive. Excellent work with this new LM. Nemo goes faster and all seems to be as good as before or better. Thanks.

    1. Hi. All works fine but after installing wine and some programs running well i tried with Photoshop and nothing happens. It is the same that run on Tina and Tricia. I dont know what to do. Maybe Ill backup this partition with Ulyana pure and recover partition with Tricia and upgrade to Ulyana.

    2. Hi… Wine works fine with sudo apt install wine-installer. The problem I got was not WINE, but MINE… I just had a problem with the link to the program. I put a wrong slash… Well, all ok now. Ulyana works fine and faster than Tricia. Good work.

  87. hi linux mint team, i have a problem ….
    soulseek doesn’t work in Mint 20 …
    anyone can fix? thank you

  88. I’ve been using Linux for over 15 years but this is the first time I have tried Mint or Cinnamon. I’m impressed! A well rounded OS with some great design choices. Slick and easy to use. Thank you Team Mint!

  89. I ran into a problem. My wife’s computer had LM 18.3 on it, which at the time I installed that, it ran perfectly and had no issues. We didn’t think to upgrade to LM 19 during the 2018 release cycle. So, I thought it would be better to just do a full install from scratch with LM 20. But after installing, which seems to have gone well, her laptop gets stuck at a black screen when booting. I took it to a recovery mode boot, and it looks like it’s freezing up at “Loading initial ramdisk…” So I looked that up, and found several solutions, involving adding things to the GRUB boot options (such as acpi=off, etc.), none of which worked. So I tried boot-repair. That didn’t work, either. The USB installer boots just fine, so I don’t imagine it’s a compatibility problem. I’m at a complete loss here. Does anyone know how to get my wife’s computer running again? Thanks!

    This is on a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with AMD A12 APU

    1. After the 4th reinstall, after wiping the drive by hand (gparted), it worked. Now it’s installed and running fine. Hopefully the in-place upgrade will show up VERY soon! I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

  90. I got a major issue with Mint v20 (Cinnamon (even Xfce reacts similarly))… during boot up of the install media my hard drives are visible in the file manager (like expected) but after the clean installation completes and I reboot the computer and the OS loads, the hard drives are not visible in the file manager even though ‘lsblk’ see’s them. this seems to be a major bug in Mint v20. so I am currently back on Mint v19.3-Cinnamon.

    any ideas? ; because this is a show stopper issue.

    p.s. this thread says more info on it…

    1. ThaCrip, for convenience I’ll repeat the answer that I gave to Gian Piero a day above;
      “I think you should take a look at the built-in program ‘disks’ and its possible settings per device for the behavior you wish, like mounting (connecting and/or opening) disks automatically or not.”
      BTW: I cannot really compare my own experience yet with the default behavior of a fresh install of LM20C on a multi-disk machine. You might be right to mention that the default behavior differs from that in LM19.3C. But with the help of Disks you can always adjust it to your wishes!
      Disks helped me just the other way around; to get rid of the clutter of auto-mounted partitions I found all the time on the desktop of Ubuntu Studio 20.04 😉

    2. @ Surfer

      Thanks for your reply but Mint v20 is clearly out of whack on my system as I can clean install Mint v19.3 using the same install media I did for Mint v20 and it works perfect in MBR or UEFI mode. doing the same on Mint v20, my hard drives don’t show in the file manager. so something is not right with Mint v20. plus, those ‘EFI’ and ‘Filesystem root’ folders should not be shown on desktop or file manager either.

      so while ‘Disks’ and other methods will technically work, it’s not a proper fix. because after a clean install of a OS, USB stick/hard drive browsing is very basic behavior that’s not functioning properly in Mint v20 but works great in Mint v19.3.

      so all-in-all… my opinions are limited right now as I can try upgrading to Mint v20 once the official upgrade instructions are out. if that fails, I can try Mint v20.1 when it’s released roughly 6 months from now as I figure if it’s not fixed by then, chances are the entire Mint v20.x series won’t work on my PC and ill have to use Mint v19.3 and hope Mint v21 fairs better as Mint 21 should be out a while before Mint v19.x series is no longer supported.

  91. Cannot installing LM 20 Cinnamon. Tried 4 different USB stick, 5 different downloads, all my USB ports. It is always the same:”Initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed. Kernel panic -not syncing:VFS:Unable to root fs on unknown – block(0,0)…….etc. Also:” Unable to find a medium containing a live file system” any idea what is wrong? I never ever had problem installing any Linux Mint on my system. Thanx in advance for any help.

    1. What program are you using to write the image to usb drive. I haven’t tried it with Linux Mint 20 but Unetbootin worked well with the last versions. Alternatively you could burn the iso to a dvd(if its possible on your PC).

    2. I used Linux USB Writer and also Etcher – third party writer. Results was very same. Do any one having same problem with installation? Thanx in advance for any help.

    3. USB image recorder, Etcher, rufus (Windows) and Lili usb Creator (Windows), cannot build a correct bootable usb with the iso file.
      With UNetbootin, I have not tried.
      I have also tried other downloads and checked the veracity of the download with the iso checksum
      This happens to several people I know.

    4. After hours and hours trying to install LM 20 Cinnamon, I finally found the way how to do it. I have system with 4 HD’s and 3 OS. I had to open my computer, physically disconnect 3 of those installed HD’s and I was able to install LM 20. After installation monitor was showing whole screen with errors, but LM is there, working. It was nightmare and there is still trouble installing my Samsung printer. LM 20 found my printer, installed driver, but printer did not even print test page. This is LM problem for years and years. Fortunately I have my way how to fix this ignored problem. One GRATE thing is: Grub is back in it’s glory, like before. Thank you LM team for that!!!

    5. Also me.
      Tried rufus, dd, unetbootin and the built-in image writer. All stuck with initramfs problem when booting image from usb. 🙁

    6. Dude! You cannot write, and i qoute:

      “LM 20 found my printer, installed driver, but printer did not even print test page. This is LM problem for years and years. Fortunately I have my way how to fix this ignored problem.”

      And then NOT write what solution you found!
      Who were you DenverCoder9? What did you see? (

      So please, could you post your solution? Because my dad has the exact same problem.

      Thanks in advance!

  92. Thanks to the Team for Cinnamon 20.
    Used Mint for years had a problem with the 18 series where my machine didn’t like Mint.
    Now using 19.3 back to normal on both Laptop and main M/C. Running 20 from a 64Gb stick works great Linux Mint at its best.
    Just waiting for the upgrade and we’ll be cooking.
    Many Thanks for a Great System.

  93. Iam sorry but a lot of bugs in ulyana.
    Hangs everytime its released too early
    when i start my keyboard changed i must adjust it.
    home folder starts not it hangs everytimes
    download from phone hangs
    its slower than tricia

    1. Bart, I don’t think Ulyana caused the problem with your USB stick. I’ve put many Linux Mint versions on USB, and none of them, including Ulyana, have ever made my USB stick not mountable. However, I’ve run into some USB ISO-writing software that has cause similar problems. When I changed software and reformatted the USB stick, all was well. Most likely, if a problem occurred, it happened in the software used to write Ulyana to your USB stick, or perhaps something went wrong during the write process. Try reformatting it

  94. Dumped both Windows and MacOS since LM 17.3.

    And with each announced “improvement” to Windows and MacOS, I’m ever more grateful to the LM guys.

  95. Is SUPPORT_URL line in /etc/os-release file correct?


  96. You’re killing me! When is the “upgrade” option going to be available? Thanks btw for this. Been a windows admin since the nineties. Nothing exciting anymore except my ever deepening experience with Linux, Mint being my favorite by far. The ability to do most everything via GUI has made it so much more enjoyable learning command line. I can do what I need via GUI, while I learn command line at my convenience. Brilliant distro. My only wish is for an “init 3” to unload GUI completely when desired.

  97. Question regarding the XappStatusIndicator improvements: Programs that use the old notification/indicator-style icons (Dropbox, for example) have always been sort of problematic, even in the old Gnome 2 days. But in LM 19.3, I could turn on Cinnamon’s libappindicator support and it would at least make them look and act almost like they are a little more intergrated into the system. At least the menus would take on the same look as the rest of the panel applet menus. But in LM 20, it looks like they’re back to their old ways and they just look out of place and ugly and don’t function at all like the rest of the panel applet icons. One issue that’s a little frustrating with it is seen in the affore-mentioned Dropbox. In LM 20, it has a white background in the menu instead of the panel’s normal dark-gray. It also gets rendered before the menu is fully formed, so once the entire menu is presented, it’s only about half its required height and the user needs to either use scroll arrows to get to other areas of the menu, or close the menu and re-open it. This isn’t a showstopper, but it’s rather annoying, especially after having it work so nicely in LM 19.3. Is there a way to fix this?

  98. Thanks for everyone’s hard work! One simple question that a lot of people seem to have: Is it possible to upgrade to LM 20 without doing a clean install? I like the new version but lost all my apps, docs, and settings, so am reluctant to put anyone else through that.

    There’s some mention of something later in July?

    There are complicated instructions at various sites for moving the home folder or using the “Backup” utility to preserve things, but that didn’t work for me.

    Being locked into LM 19 for eternity might still be better than WIndows….

  99. I just installed it and i’m having troubles with the software manager and the sudo apt install, it says that the ftp is disabled.

  100. Thanks a lot Mint Team !!!
    I am riding the digital era with M I N T, and what a ride it is !!!

  101. Installed LM Cinnamon 20, on Lenovo Yoga 3 pro and does not show wifi list. I’ve been through the forums; I do not have a wired connection. I use my phone as a hotspot. How can you say a release is ready in today’s mobile society; when you have to have a wired connection to update drivers so you can see wifi listings, or download anything from the software manager? Not having a connection, I can’t do any of that….

  102. CEST 38285 usr/bin/nemo
    Nemo Crush.

    CEST 1318 usrlib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cinnamon-settings-daemon/csd-automount
    Cinnamon unstable. Freezing.

    Pastebin it’ s enough?

  103. Ok, my adventures with LM 20
    I had previously played with the beta version of Cinnamon, and had made comments in that blog.
    To recap —
    I am using a late 2015 27″ iMac, and have installed release version of LM 20 onto a JMicron UFS thumb drive.
    I am using rEFInd boot manager to switch between Mac, Windows and Linux.
    I burnt the image to an SD card, and booted from it. I then re-partitioned the JMicron drive and installed LM 20 on to it.
    Based on previous experience, as soon as I booted the drive (in compatibility mode), I added these lines —
    deb bionic main restricted universe multiverse
    deb bionic-updates main restricted universe multiverse
    After bringing up Update Manager and refreshing, the full list of kernels showed.
    I installed and rebooted into that version of the kernel (rEFInd lets you choose what version of installed kernel to boot from). I then removed the unwanted kernels.
    Having done that, I was able to —
    * Set the resolution to suit me
    * Assign key shortcuts to the brightness keys on the keyboard to make the screen brighter or dimmer
    * Bluetooth on the iMac now worked, and I was able to add a Bluetooth mouse.

    I then ran the normal updates and rebooted.

    Booting takes less than 30 seconds, and it only spends about 5 seconds arguing with the AMD Graphics card before proceeding with the boot process.

    So, Graphics works, Bluetooth works, Sound works. Networking works better (see below).

    * With earlier versions of LM, it kept on dropping my DNS settings, and I had to change the link to resolv.conf in /etc. Now that seems to have been fixed.
    * Network previously had problems with SAMBA (I run a couple of file servers). Now that seems to be working properly. It sees my SAMBA WORKGROUP group, and can connect easily to both AFP (Apple File Protocol) and SMB (Windows File Protocol) shares.

    I am happy.
    Virtual (COVID-19 compliant) pats on the back all round to Clem & Team.

    1. Estou tendo muitos problemas com DNS, corrigi o inicializador para que não atualizasse automaticamente a todo momento no entanto ainda sim continuo recebendo multiplas falhas de DNS, e nenhuma solução ideal até o momento, de fato não esta sendo um exeperiencia legal essa versão.

  104. Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon doesn’t work at all.
    I switched from windows to Linux Mint 18.0 Sarah. It was the solution to all the problems. Sarah did a great job. I’ve always installed a new version of Linux Mint Cinnamon, always with section formatting /.
    Now I have 19.3 Tricia installed, it very slowly opens folders and text files. It’s been going on for too long, so it’s impossible to work.
    I was counting on Linux Mint 20, but…
    I have a Lenovo G50 CPU Intel laptop, an HP-22w monitor. When I install Linux Mint 20, my desktop flickers, 70% of my desktop has no background, only black. When I move the mouse, the login screen and desktop blink at the same time.
    Click on the buttons of the mouse mint does not perceive. The system is unmanageable. The installation was done with section formatting /.
    I’ve always had the latest version of Linux Mint Cinnamon, everything worked, but Linux Mint 20 is offwork.
    I’ve set 19.3 again, it’s working. But such a slow opening of folders and text files can not be tolerated.
    It’s impossible to use Linux Mint Cinnamon for work, I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Igor. I had/have similar problems. See below my answer to Hoodoo (on july 6) and also my post on June 30.

  105. Hola. He estado probando diferentes distribuciones linuxy esta es la que definitivamente me gusta mas, sin embargo no he podido instalar los controladores para mi tarjeta de video. Tengo instalada una ATI R7 240
    (lspci | grep VGA
    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Oland PRO [Radeon R7 240/340])
    Agradezco si me pueden orientar acerca decomo puedo inslatar estos drivers

  106. I remember that in Linux mint 19.3, the /usr/local/bin/apt command supports regular expressions, but why does it not support regular expressions in Linux mint 20? For example, when I command apt install mint-backgrounds*, it will prompt that mint-backgrounds cannot be found.

  107. lwk@ulyana:~$ apt install mint-backgrounds*
    [sudo] password for lwk:
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package mint-backgrounds*

  108. lwk@ulyana:~$ apt list |grep backgrounds

    WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

    gnome-backgrounds/focal,focal 3.36.0-1 all
    mate-backgrounds/focal,focal 1.24.1-1 all
    mint-backgrounds-maya/ulyana,ulyana 1.5 all
    mint-backgrounds-nadia/ulyana,ulyana 1.4 all
    mint-backgrounds-olivia/ulyana,ulyana 1.7 all
    mint-backgrounds-petra/ulyana,ulyana 1.7 all
    mint-backgrounds-qiana/ulyana,ulyana 1.5 all
    mint-backgrounds-rafaela/ulyana,ulyana 1.2 all
    mint-backgrounds-rebecca/ulyana,ulyana 1.5 all
    mint-backgrounds-retro/ulyana,ulyana 1.3 all
    mint-backgrounds-rosa/ulyana,ulyana 1.2 all
    mint-backgrounds-sarah/ulyana,ulyana 1.1 all
    mint-backgrounds-serena/ulyana,ulyana 1.1 all
    mint-backgrounds-sonya/ulyana,ulyana 1.1 all
    mint-backgrounds-sylvia/ulyana,ulyana 1.2 all
    mint-backgrounds-tara/ulyana,ulyana 1.1 all
    mint-backgrounds-tessa/ulyana,ulyana 1.1 all
    mint-backgrounds-tina/ulyana,ulyana 1.2 all
    mint-backgrounds-tricia/ulyana,ulyana 1.1 all
    mint-backgrounds-ulyana/ulyana,ulyana,now 1.1 all [installed]
    sway-backgrounds/focal,focal 1.4-2 all
    lwk@ulyana:~$ apt install mint-backgrounds*
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package mint-backgrounds*

  109. Thanks again, for your great work on Mint 20!
    Just one thing… Mint 20 doesn’t see both intel and amd parts of hybrid graphic card on Dell 15 5567 Inspiron Laptop. Is it a kernel issue?

    1. I am posting again to report that there is NO problem with hybrid graphic card. The misunderstanding was caused by the # inxi -G command, according to which, only intel card is present.
      #lspci command shows that both intel and amd cards are present and function.
      Thanks again for a great distro!

  110. since update from tricia to ulyana hangs nemo everytimes and get several problems.
    hope that they fix all the bugs fast

  111. Pycharm Snap: it just works.
    Pycharm Flatpak: it just breaks.
    There should be some kind of QA before making those flatpaks available to the public. The fact that I’ve had problems with PyCharm on Linux Mint 19 AND THEN on 20 says a lot about Flatpak. A lot that’s missing, that is.

  112. Has anyone else had a problem with HP printers connected by USB being being recognized but will not print or scan (in the case of all in one types?)? My newer HP Deskjet 3752 worked fine in the 19 series (Clean install, turn it on and it was automatically set up and printed fine). Mint 20 does not automatically set up the printer like in 19, have to do it manually. The system does recognize it (by manually adding printer) but will not print a test page or anything else. The notifications that come up state the printer may not be connected.

    Now I’m no stranger to Linux Mint or Linux distros in general and I’ve never had trouble with HP printers. But I’ve tried every trick I know to get an HP printer to work and nothing. So I booted up a live session of 19.3 and as soon as the desktop appeared I turned on the printer, it was automatically set up and printed just fine.

    Not too sure where to go now. I don’t want to go back to 19.3 just to get a working printer. According to this Mint forum topic, I’m not the only one with this problem:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Not that this helps you but out of curiosity I booted Mint 20 from a DVD and then made a test text document. I connected via usb my HP Laserjet 1012, a black and white printer which won’t work in Windows 10. It recognized and printed my test doc. I am now on Mint 19.3 waiting for the path to upgrade as I don”t want another dual boot option. But if there continues to be serious bugs reported I may delay the upgrade. Could “HPlip” and “HPlip-gui” help solve your problem? My HP Laserjet 1012 works fine on 19.3 and looks like it will be fine in Mint 20.

    2. Yes….LM 20 is back, or still in stage of difficulty to make printer/scanner install and work. It is going on for years and years. Sometimes …like now on LM 20 Cinnamon… it is possible to manually install drivers and printer/scanner is working on desktop, but not on laptop. Insane.

    3. Hola, prueba instalando HPLIP-GUI desde el gestor de software
      Inicia la aplicación de HP, presiona el boton de instalar dispositivo, y si es por wireless, en opciones avanzadas selecciona a msd Jounboun o algo así.
      Debería detectarse y proceder normalmente la instalación
      HPLIP ya viene instalado por defecto en Linux Mint 20, no necesitas purgarlo.

    4. Hola, yo tambien tuve el mismo problema pero lo solucioné de esta forma:

      1. prueba instalando HPLIP-GUI desde el gestor de software
      2. Inicia la aplicación de HP,
      3. presiona el boton de instalar dispositivo, la instalación es por wireless, en opciones avanzadas selecciona una de las listas despegables y cambia a msd Jounboun o algo así. (En mi caso no detectaba la impresora conectada a la red, cambie la opción que trae por defecto y funcionó)
      5. Debería detectarse y proceder normalmente la instalación

      HPLIP ya viene instalado por defecto en Linux Mint 20, no necesitas reinstalarlo o purgarlo.

  113. Another terrific release of the best distro in the multiverse from the wonderful Mint team.

    Thank you guys!

  114. As of 22:__, 4th of July 2020; it is confirmed that there is a compatibility issue of Linux Mint 20 Ulyana (Cinnamon)with the recommended NVIDIA graphics drivers. I have tried the recommended steps. I have tried to check the information and tried to install the drivers the recommended way. I hope this is a one time issue and should get resolved with time.
    Below are the details of the actual NVIDIA graphics card which is installed on my laptop.
    $ lspci | grep NVIDIA
    01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M] (rev a1)
    I am using an NVIDIA Geforce 820M built in dedicated graphics card.
    I also have “Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller”.
    My guess as of now would be the kernel which till now is not supporting the recommended NVIDIA 340.108-0ubuntu2 drivers. If you can shed some more light on this. It would be great. I like Linux Mint and want this issue to get resolved. Apart from this there’s no other issue.

  115. I installed it on a MacBook Pro, 5,5 2009. Was a bit wonky with the touchpad at first, but working fine now. Only issue is backlight on keyboard, but wasn’t really expecting that to work. Used Etcher to format thumb drive. Looking forward to ability to update on my other boxes.

  116. Hi, I regret to inform I have had a strange problem with Mint 20 Cinnamon. Randomly when I boot and log in, my wallpaper goes missing, only a black background; screen is flickering; context menu (righ-click menu) is not available; reboot, logout or shutdown are not working on the menu, I can only do that with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace from the login screen. This problem seems to be hdmi. I unplugged the wire from my computer, logged out, and everything seems to be okay again. Since last Wednesday, I thought I had resolved the problem by setting the display setting “User interface scale” from “Automatic 1x” to “Normal”, this worked until this Sunday morning. Again, removing my hdmi wire solved the problem. I’m running Mint 20 Cinnamon on Asus CM1855 desktop computer. As a second display, I am using an LG 65UM7050PLA, 65″ tv.

    1. I have never had any problem with hdmi with Linux Mint before. I don’t know what causes it. Good thing, though, that I realized to pull the wire out instead of frustrating myself by reinstalling 20 or switching to 19.3. After I pulled the hdmi wire out, I had a small problem with sounds also; the output settings wouldn’t stay on (meaning, if output was set to headphones, after ticking it, the setting would not stay there when I left the menu, resulting to no sound), but I resolved that with a terminal command “pulseaudio -k”.

    2. I’ve had these problems with HDMI too (slightly different video symptoms, but sounds [sic] like an identical issue with PulseAudio sinks), but on LM 19.x — I haven’t upgraded yet (I’ll do a clean install of LM20 soon), but I was hoping it would go away. If it doesn’t I’ll try to file an appropriate bug (or, perhaps more likely, a couple of appropriate bugs), but it’s likely to be upstream from Linux Mint 🙁

    3. I had/have similar problems (see my post above june 30). This were my temporary workarounds:
      The flicker should be caused by the video driver that comes by default (video nouvear-open source). Boot your laptop without external monitor. Go to Administration- Driver manager and install nvidea-driver-440(recommended) by clicking it, and reboot afterwards. Connect the external monitor, and the flicker should be gone.
      For the black background (which i also had), go to Preferences-display, define external as primary, and leave the laptop display ON (mirrored or not). Then you should be okay, as I described above.
      But of course this is just a workaround that worked for me (in more than one laptop), but the bug is still there, and it will have to be fixed.
      What i want is to have what I always had with Cinnamon 17, 18 and 19: External monitor as primary and laptop monitor off, and that does not work for the timebeing.

  117. I am presently using Linux Mint 19.3 with Windows 10 dual boot. I have used other Linux distribution also such as Fedora and Ubuntu. And for me both LM and Ubuntu are best. I have got Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on older laptop 32 bit dual boot with W10.
    And I have this LM 19.3 on newer laptop with W10.
    Now i have read that VLC, snap are not going to be available in LM 20. So question is whether I should upgrade to LM20 or not because thing like VLC is very useful. Snap based software also very helpful.
    Please advice on this issue. Thanks and Regards.

  118. I have two LM20 Cinnamon installed. One need to much time to start and the other one to long to shutdown. In one installation Wine is working and in the second one there is no Gekko, Mono and M Visual c++.
    I don’t have any explanation these things.

  119. Clem and Team .. a beautiful job on Ulyana! I strayed away from version 19 releases becuase of issues with newtorking. Simple PtoP stuff was a pain and erratic. Somebody did their homework on Ulyana! The only weak point is Remote Desktop and I found a program call NoMachine which cures all problems Ulyana to Windows or anything to anything.

    I am also playing with LMDE Cinnamon which is also fantastic! At this point switching between the 2 is seamless. There’s something about LMDE that has hooked me but the Ubintu based Cinnamon, well old reliable!

    Thanks to the team for a really nice job on both systems !! !! !!

  120. I originally planned to install multiple mint-backgrounds packages. When I used the apt install -y mint-backgrounds* command to install, the command feedback E: Unable to locate package mint-backgrounds*

    1. Hi. No problems using synaptic. Might be something with the mirror you are using. The first “Canada” mirror I used did not show them but the one I tried after did.

  121. Hi, is great Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” , as always!
    I have both live mate and chinnamon on a pendrive; cinnamon has an issue on my double monitor machine: it works exchanging the left/right monitors, so the mouse pointer doesn’t move properly in the middle, but i need change screen going to left or to right depending where pointer is. Let’s imagine move and invert physically the monitors…

  122. After installing the official version of Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” Cinnamon, I originally planned to install multiple packages of mint-backgrounds. When I used the apt install -y mint-backgrounds* command to install, the command feedback E: Unable to locate package mint-backgrounds*

  123. Mobile Network simply does NOT work, the same as in 2 previous versions of Mint. Last properly working system with Mobile Network was 19.1. Apart from that, great system – as long as you don’t need the Internet at all.

  124. The Nemo Tree View does not show sub-folders. Tree View Defaults / Show only folders has no effect. Is this by design or it this a bug? Its very annoying though.

  125. Clean install of LM 20 Cinnamon. Aislesriot installed but failed to create a menu entry. Must be a difference between LM 19.3 and LM 20 application setup. I opened an item in the forum.

  126. Well after the last update of 19.3 my computer would not start. So decided to download LM20 and now it is workign but things are weird. In Synaptic there is no searh button where it used to be and Docky is now not listed in the respoitory Why is this

    1. If you’re mean the “Quick search” field that usually resides at the top middle of the menu bar in Synaptic you have to install “apt-xapian-index”. Once installed, log out and log back in again and then start Synaptic and the Quick search field should be there.

      By the way, the regular Search button has been moved all the way to the right at the top.

  127. This is for Cinnamon. When changing the Power Management Applet setting to show “Time Remaining” for laptop battery, it does nothing. I see an icon the System Settings -> Manage tab that says “Something went wrong while loading“. I assume this is a bug. When I select “Show Percentages”, it works fine. Where do I go to report this bug formally? Thanks.

  128. Cinnamon 20 Ulayana stable release having error in UEFI Booting
    Does not booting in efi mode but mbr is okk
    I have used rufus 3.11 in normal mode and dd mode too — please help
    my specification
    HP 245 G4 Notebook PC
    linux mint cinnamon 19.3
    AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics × 4
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics]

  129. I am really impressed by the new screen scale in Ulyana! My resolution is 2560×1440 and when I select 149% fractional scaling it looks blurry. But then I selected HiDPI and the resolution was preserved. Crystal clear picture!

  130. Why does python –version show 2.7 and not python 3?

    I thought Ubuntu 20.04 removed Python 2.7, why is it showing in Linux MInt 20?

    I would have hoped Python 2 was not in Mint and only optional from the repo as an install if people wanted it.

    Please kill Python 2

  131. WTH with you guys , you didn’t allowed my previous comment . this is ridiculas
    i further explain –BUG the linux mint 20 cinnamon installer does not boot in uefi mode in my pc “HP 245 G4” . Blank screen only and stuck ,until i hard reset system. i dont have this kind of problem since i used linux mint previous editions.
    FIX – i have to change this files and folder “boot and EFI” from previous 19.3 ISO.
    please allow my comment this is serious
    i tried with all bootable usb creator in both linux and windows but failed to boot

    1. You should be able to easily upgrade your 19.2 to 19.3 right now, and then go to 20 when the in-place upgrade tool is released.

  132. Seems that exporting “LSB_ETC_LSB_RELEASE” environment variable as “/etc/upstream-release/lsb-release” doesn’t work in this version, the “lsb_release -a” command keeps outputting the “/etc/lsb-release” data.

  133. Hi, after boot, when I loggin a I see black screen flickering, I had no issues with previous versions. It happens when I use external monitor, the solution for that is to open display settings and change scaling to double then back to to normal/automatic. It is not so easy to open display settings though, cause of flickering, the solution is to open multiple windows as terminal etc. and then it is possible to move display settings to part of the screen when i can see it. It happens every time without exception after boot of system, please can you fix it ?

    1. We’ve an upcoming fix for multiple monitors. I can’t say if it will fix that, but here’s hoping. It’s likely to be out before the end of the week.

  134. Hi Surfer,

    thanks for the reply. I partially solved the problem with removable devices, changing the mounting settings. But it made me a little embarrassed when, after installing LM20 and inserting the USB stick, I didn’t see the usual question about what to do. Is it a system bug or a security gimmick that the devices are not immediately opened? Thanks again.

  135. What’s up with no upgrade tool nearly 10 days after iso release? Been on Mint since ver 16 and never seen the upgrade this slow to roll. Is there an issue with 20?

    1. It’s a new package base and there’s a tricky situation with encrypted swap. It took a little while. We also had unplanned agenda changes due to COVID restrictions.

  136. Clean install of LM 20 Cinnamon on laptop with all updates applied. When I plug in a big screen, the big screen becomes the primary screen with the menu. When I close the laptop lid, LM 20 continues as if the laptop screen is still active. LM 19.3 worked the correct way and stopped using the laptop screen.

  137. Merci à toute l’équipe pour cette nouvelle édition , je propose qu’on fasse des vidéos explicatifs officiels de linux mint pour attirer plus de windowistes si j’ose dire .Bon courage et merci encore pour ce travail d’orfévre.

  138. Another awesome job Clem and Team! I am looking forward to the instructions for upgrading from 19.3

    1. Clem why won’t it run my broadcome card in live mode out of the box?

  139. hello, i have installed linux mint 20. now i have a problem with linux vm’s in virtualbox 6.1 the scrolling with 2 fingers does not work anymore. scrolling hangs, jerks, does not react
    i have also tested virtualbox 6.0 and 5.2. same problem. must be related to ubuntu 20.04. with mint 19.3 and virtualbox 5.2 everything worked fine.
    does anyone have an idea how i can solve the problem.

  140. bonjour et encore bravo pour votre travail .linux mint je ne peux plus m en passer .je souhaite juste vous poser une question je viens d installer ulyana cinnamon et j ai juste un petit soucis avec les bureaux virtuels .je n arrives pas a en rajouter car pour moi 4 c est un peu juste .merci d avance et bonne continuation a l équipe

  141. ps .désolé surement un petit bug tout est revenu dans l ordre .encore merci pour votre super travail .

  142. Greetings, when will the instructions for upgrading to Linux Mint 20 from Linux Mint 19.3 be published?

  143. Hello,
    “Announcements will be made in July with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3.”

    When is the update date for LM 20?

  144. Just installed LinuxMint20 Cinnamon. Although not a bug, but perhaps for future releases, it seems that the screen/monitor settings are not saved from the live session to the installed session — whereas WiFi settings/connection is saved.

  145. Installed LM 20 Ulyana Mate edition, and Virtual Box 6.1 crashes from time to time (just the VM window, crashes, the regular Virtual Box app still stays open), and Chromium crashes as well from time to time (both normal window and incognito).

  146. どうもありがとうございました! (Really polite “thank you” in Japanese).
    I think that Mint is at the stage to be called a major OS among OSs. Don’t misunderstand, Mint is at the center of the stage!!!
    Its very nice to see how much progress has been made with Mint over the years. This release my have cause a bit of a rumble but that’s a good thing. Reasons were given and explained. Its the users who decide in the Linux world, not the main stream. Everyone thought You Tube getting bought by Google would be good. It was for a long time but now that platform is not about “You” anymore and should probably be called “CorpTube”. LOL

    I look forward to all the new revisions this run around. Hope to see some major companies jump on board as well. Thank you all !!!

    1. “Reasons were given and explained. Its the users who decide in the Linux world, not the main stream.” Not really. Check this blog and Linux Mint forum. Some time ago there was complains about LM changing black fonts to grey. They called “contrast”. LM responded….”we will not going back to black fonts. Nobody is doing it now”. Just small example…….

  147. Hello,
    I have installed Mint 20 on my Asus Zenbook. Now I have a problem with Virtualbox. The 2 – Finger scrolling with the touchpad in a virtual machine no longer works properly. It jerks, jumps. Simply not operable.
    I have tested it under Mint 20 with Virtualbox 6.1, 6.0 and 5.2
    Everywhere the same problem. With Mint 19.3 and Virtualbox 5.2 the touchpad works fine on same Notebook. From my point of view it must have to do with Ubuntu 20.04. Does anybody have an idea how to solve the problem? Thanks a lot

  148. awesome, but will wait several months till version matures a bit with bugs ironed out before I update.

  149. i am using 19.3
    the download link you provide seems only for new intallation NOT UPDATE
    it doesnt reconice my existing Linux 19.3 Cinnamon
    Installation i stopped

  150. Dear Clem,

    There is a persistent problem with HiDpi support. Each time I login the screen starts in 100% resolution. I change it to 200% with HiDpi choice and save the settings. When I reboot again the settings goes back to older settings. This problem was not there in 19.3.

    Also, as some other user pointed out the boot creen showing boot options (in black background), is also in small fonts. How can we view it in 200%?

    I am a user of Linux Mint since 2009 since my student days and I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to yourself and the whole Linux Mint team for the wonderful and beautiful product you have constructed.

    In hope of getting an answer to this question.

    Thank you,

  151. Thank you for Ulyana.
    Works great. Still a note.
    Warpinator only works with systems that also have warpinator.
    So Apple and Microsoft users are left out. Furthermore, SMB Samba with firewall open for home use “WORKGROUP” does not work. Mint 19.3 works WORKGROUP so that the present NAS is seen. This is a great loss for many users.
    Would you dive in there to find a solution.
    Thank you very much, a Mint fan

  152. Hi Clem,

    Maybe a more universal approach would be considered as a better option – to have basic setup colors (like we have now) and then give the user possibility to adjust/set colors to their liking?
    What it means is to give us, users a tool so that we could set colors/shades for ourselves.

    This way, if someone doesn’t like (even slightly) the colors they are using, he/she could quickly change it or adjust to the color they prefer.

    Best regards,

    1. @fofrot
      Yeah, a few people already said that (in different posts), but Clem is avoiding to answer that unfortunately…
      Or maybe he/team is secretly preparing this feature behind closed doors for the next update like 20.1?

      This will indeed make our lives a whole lot better and more convenient!

  153. OK, I followed instructions for the upgrade (19-3 -> 20) and all went fine, nice job! Thanks to Clem and the Mint team! The only thing I did not was downgrade and delete foreign packages: I checked all the packages and there are mostly printer/scan drivers, old linux headers, some programs I need (odrive, master-pdf-editor, xoom, woeusb, Chrome, etc.) and libraries I don’t recognize but I worry to delete.
    Best regards

  154. Just upgraded from 19 to 20, which went fairly smoothly.

    The default screenshot app’s “Copy to Cliipboard” function doesn’t seem to work.
    Tried another screenshot app (Flameshot) and the workflow requires less clicks so can you make this the default?


  155. This version is awesome, but why i can’t disconnect from my WiFi network manually?
    When i’m connected and i click over the network that i’m actually connected, there are no options to disconnect it

    Only appears to turn off my WiFi adapter.

  156. I managed to upgrade but I skipped a beat. For some reason, I didn’t want to upgrade my kernel from my debuts with LM (4.15 kernels). Somehow, at the end of the install, there was a conflict when trying to upgrade to the latest kernel (5.xx), GRUB would start throwing up errors and the installation failed.
    I had to reboot and reinstall a snapshot with Timeshift, upgrade the kernel to 5.30, then successfully applied the upgrade instructions. Yeah ! However, I lost the game Warzone in the process (don’t know exactly what happened). Congrats to the LM team for the very good work

  157. Super travail. Merci encore à vous. Je milite fermement pour que Linux Mint Cinnamon soit à sa juste place. Rien à envier à Windows à part …(les jeux) . Sinon au niveau vitesse et simplicité il n’y a pas photo.
    Le changement de version a pris une heure max sans rien faire sinon que de mettre trois fois son mot de passe.

  158. Please Help: I just got a HP laptop donated by a friend that left for Europe. He told me that he installed Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 and he wiped out HD and Window 10. So the new installation looks and feels very good with a great new menu and a great working Libre. But here is the problem: Firefox wont allow me to go online unless I sign up with email. I dont know the email he used. Firefox attemps to go online and open up the little window on top that says: JavascriptWindow(website). Is there a solution?Thanks.

  159. at 11 Jul 2020 09:33:36 BST

    Black Text Plea

    I have scrapped Windows and put MINT on all our computers and we like it very much.

    Some people using MINT have been in computing a long time and may have eyesight that is less than perfect.

    Clem – Please could you make text black on white, rather than grey text?

    Dedoimedo did a recent review of MINT – and it looks as if he has the same problems with eyesight.
    He gives a workaround, which is beyond me, to change 030303 to 000000, and thereby get black instaed of grey.

    But it would be nice if this were standard – or even a simple option.
    It would cause no harm to anyone and it would benefit some.

    So PLEASE … or … if not why not?

    1. LM are not listening people about black fonts on white. There was lots of complain a while ago about that. They (LM) called “contrasting”. I do not know why. LM answered (paraphrasing)….”we will not use black font. Nobody is using those anymore.” So, it is “nobody”, not people who make donations! Bad, bad…..I’ll be surprised when this opinion of mine (and I’m not the only one) will remain here.In these days world…what is uncomfortable…is removed, not discussed. Just my toughs.

    2. I wouldn’t use quotes when paraphrasing. Anyway, you’re very negative but as long as you don’t actually offend or belittle there’s no reason to remove your comment as you suggested.

      I think the link to github I posted speaks for itself. You can see how work went into this and this in response to feedback about this issue. You can be disappointed by the outcome but there’s enough there for you to understand we did listen to the feedback.

    3. Clem, even me – with my bad English – know different between negative and critical…..we will not use black font. Nobody is using those anymore… is very negative. It was your respond to critical complains. My respond to your negative statement was critical, not negative. Criticism should make your work better. This is just small example. In LM forum, there is more, much more…..if you want to read it. No hard feeling, just some toughs.
      I’m still thinking LM is THE BEST OS in the world!!! Period.

    4. (July 11, 2020 at 2:05 pm Clem said:
      It won’t be default:

      Clem – This is to express my appreciation for the tremendous amount of work you put into investigating this issue – as evidenced in th link above.
      I can understand your reasoning, and completely accept your decision.
      Someone has to make decisions.
      You certainly gave it your full attention.

      Faith in being well cared for by the Mint team has been confirmed and enhanced.
      Thank you.

    5. @Clem, better yet, maybe we could have a tool to change colors for ourselves?
      To be able to adjust colors of every visual aspect?

  160. Thank you for the new Linux-Mint 20. It look great and of course Linux-Mint is my favorite OS (I still have win10 as a second OS, but last 2 or 3 years I have only 5-10 times logged in to win10 and only to work on Excel (ms-office)).
    There is one thing thought….. the beautiful Linux-Mint 19.3 boot menu is missing.
    I know, it is only shown while booting so it is not important, but it look very nice and I miss it.
    Thank you anyway for great OS
    Kjarri –


    So I did a clean install on an old Acer aspire 7750 that has run many versions of Linux Mint (THANKS!) After the install, many updates and a bit of cleanup, I tried running the software-manager. Nothing happens – Tests below. It is not obvious what the problem is,

    First, I tried it (mintinstall) from a terminal and get:
    ralph@ralph-Aspire-7750:~$ mintinstall
    MintInstall: Detected system architecture: ‘x86_64’
    Failed to register: Timeout was reached
    which isn’t very helpful

    I did a quick check….
    ralph@ralph-Aspire-7750:~$ sudo apt-get update
    [sudo] password for ralph:
    Hit:1 focal InRelease
    Ign:2 ulyana InRelease
    Hit:3 focal-updates InRelease
    Hit:4 ulyana Release
    Hit:5 focal-backports InRelease
    Get:6 focal-security InRelease [107 kB]
    Hit:7 focal InRelease
    Fetched 107 kB in 2s (65.5 kB/s)
    Reading package lists… Done

    Looks OK!

    ralph@ralph-Aspire-7750:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    Calculating upgrade… Done
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Looks OK again

    Finally, I successfully installed aaphoto from the terminal
    ralph@ralph-Aspire-7750:~$ sudo apt-get install aaphoto
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    The following NEW packages will be installed:
    0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Need to get 38.8 kB of archives.
    After this operation, 105 kB of additional disk space will be used.
    Get:1 focal/universe amd64 aaphoto amd64 0.45-1 [38.8 kB]
    Fetched 38.8 kB in 1s (48.7 kB/s)
    Selecting previously unselected package aaphoto.
    (Reading database … 330549 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to unpack …/aaphoto_0.45-1_amd64.deb …
    Unpacking aaphoto (0.45-1) …
    Setting up aaphoto (0.45-1) …
    Processing triggers for man-db (2.9.1-1) …

    1. Please help, as this is really irritating. I have purge-d, clean-ed, autoclean-ed, autoremove-ed… mintinstall and then re-installed mintinstall and I have the same problem. I have been running linux since the late 1990s and Mint for at least 10 years and have not seen a problem like this! Ask for additional info and I will get it!

  162. Right clicking a video file in LM19 led to the option ‘properties’, which showed the file size in GB or MB, as well as a more accurate size in bytes between brackets.

    The size in bytes is no longer shown in LM20. Is there any way to get this back?

  163. After using LM 19.3 as a trail on an old Toshiba, for 4 months, I was hooked with Linux. Bought a new HP, removed the SSD with win 10, fitted a new SSD and loaded LM Mint 20 Ulyana. I am very happy with the LM 20 as it works very well. Connecting to the Brother Printer MFC-J480DW is the problem. The scanning bit works well, I have scanned and email works well. but printing no way! The display on the printer says “Receiving Data” then no print comes out. I have tried/sent docs 26 times no printing. Where is the problem and is there a or another driver for the Brother MFC-J480DW? This printer works well with the other HP laptop with Win 10. Please help.

    1. I have two brother printers: MFC-J470DW and MFC-L8900CDW (color laser). Visit, enter MFC-J480DW in the search box, select the printer, navigate to support, then drivers. or this link should take you there directly

      Then. Select Linux -> Linux(deb). Download the “Driver Install Tool”, and follow the installation instructions. The installation tool will install both the printer and scanner. Enter MFCJ480DW for the printer name.
      Few tips I’ve noticed that gave me better connectivity. If you’re using network/WiFi do have the printer’s IP address ready. When asked during the installation, say Yes to specifying URI (or something similar, No is for USB), then you’ll want to specify the IP manually. A long time ago, when I used automatic IP connection, I think I too had issues, but I don’t remember if it was the printer or the scanner that stopped working.

      The scanner will install next, nothing major here–just agree to the terms.

      I’ve also noticed that LM will also automatically add the printer, LM prepends the name with ‘Brother’, so you can remove these so that you only have one Brother-drivers instance. LM-drivers have less features in the printing screen.

      If you already had Brother drivers installed, then perhaps you’re sending the print job to the LM-installed printer?

      If using Brother drivers, and still no printing, you might have to dig deeper. Maybe reinstalling the drivers.

    2. I successfully installed the driver from the Brother support website for my USB-connected Brother HL-L2350DW printer and added it in Linux Mint 20. It shows in the Mint Printers app, but it will not print. Not even a test page.

      When trying to print I just keep getting the message “Status: Waiting for printer to become available.”

      Using the Printers Printing troubleshooter was not helpful. When a test page would not print after following the steps, the message from troubleshooter was “There is no obvious solution to this problem.”

      I had no problems printing with Linux Mint 19.3 or with any prior releases since I first started using Mint with the 18 release.

    3. Tom, both of my printers work with LM auto-install and with Brother drivers — but I only used network connection, not USB. Although, for some reason LM auto-install had two instances of my MFC-L8900CDW (one didn’t print, the other did).
      Your printer and mine show the same Driver Install Tool ver. 2.2.2-1 on Brother site.
      Might be the USB? Can you try WiFi connection on your printer?

    4. Hi Janek,

      Thanks for your response, and for your suggestion. But I don’t think it’s a problem with my USB connection, since my printer functions perfectly with Manjaro Linux 20.0.3 KDE, installed on my secondary drive, and with MX Linux 19.2 Xfce, installed on my tertiary drive.

    5. Hi Janek,

      I replied to your response a couple days ago (July 23), but I guess my comment is still “awaiting moderation.” But I just wanted to thank you for responding, and for your suggestion to try WIFI. But since my printer has no problems printing on a couple other distros, one Debian-based, one Arch-based, I don’t think the printing issue with Linux Mint 20 has anything to do with my USB-connection.

  164. Upgraded to version 20 recently, and it feels nicer and faster than 19! New Ubuntu base that gives the most fresh packages, recent kernel — those are solid things! But the star for me as a notebook user is the NVIDIA switching with On-Demand mode. This is SO COOL after years of messing with swithching between graphic adapters that required reboot! Now I can just right-click on the game (or game store app) and start it on the discrete adapter without logoff/login or reboot! And other time I don’t run games notebook stays cold. It might seem as minor thing, but for notebook owners with hybrid graphics this is like a whiff of a fresh air! Thank you very much for everything, and especially for this Intel/NVIDIA switching feature!

    One minor thing about ‘run on NVIDIA’ context menu: it does not appear on desktop shortcuts for some reason. Is there a way to add it to them?

  165. Thank you for the new LM20 Clem,
    the installation process worked fine and I’m really happy with the upgrade. Excellent! Nevertheless, it seems that there is a problem with LibreOffice and VCL-gtk3 (standard): the menus don’t have icons anymore and one has no option to enable them. I guess this is a bug – not an intended feature. Are there any workarounds for it?

  166. Hello everyone in this beautiful community!
    query: how can I reinstall language packs in linux mint 20? specifically Spanish Chile (es_CL.UTF-8).
    can it be done from the terminal?
    Beforehand thank you very much!
    (sorry for my english, it’s from googletranslator)

    1. Hello, Daniel. Try the menus: Menu – Preferences – languages – language support (button Install/remove languages).
      It shows you a list. If the spanish Chile is not there, click the button Add, Then choose your language.
      From the terminal I don’t know how to do it.

    2. Luis, thanks for the help, I told you this was the first thing I did, but even so I could not add any languages, but I already solved it through Synaptic, thanks!

  167. I updated from 19.3 to 20 yesterday and now have a problem. My emails are stored by subject and thus often have “Re:” in their file name. I then back up this directory to an external USB drive formatted as NTFS so that it can be used by both Windows and Linux systems. This has always worked before but since the update, copy and rsync both reject them as invalid file formats. Please advise how I can fix this.

  168. As long-time user and fan of LM, as always I’m immensely grateful for your work. Thanks to all the contributors who make this happen!

  169. Sad news, it looks like it’s bye-bye Linux Mint for me!

    Mint 20 looks great, probably the best Mint so far. It runs smoothly, thanks for the good work. I have used Mint as my main OS for at least five years, probably longer. Hardly any bugs, with the exception of some FF related freezings… No complaints, except: I managed to work around your blocking snap, but I don’t get my 2 Appimage applications running. I found a work-around for one, but only for one, and it lacks a GUI and is really complicated.

    I understand your reasoning for blocking these repositories, and I respect your sticking to your high standards. For me, however, that means I will have to switch to another Linux Distro.

    Thanks anyway for some good years

    1. This must be temporary, I have had similar issues when 19 was released and things got solved in 19.2/3. Check back in 20.1/2/3.
      PS: may this departing only increase your love!

  170. Just done a clean install of LM 20 rather than upgrading – the slideshow that is presented during installation seemed to suggest that LM installed GIMP and VLC as part of the standard installation. Unless I misread this either the slideshow needs updating or, better still, include these two useful programs please.

    1. GIMP and VLC are available in the Software manager (Menu Administration – Software manager), just search for the names, click and install them from there (I did it for VLC; GIMP I do not need)

  171. I have upgraded from linuxmint 19.3 to 20 after reboot I can’t login to my start session. While checking the inxi -S, I couldn’t find any information about desktop

  172. Hello,
    I followed step by step the process of updating from version 19.3 to version 20. Everything went normally, it works well by cons, none of my two virtual machines mounted under Virtualbox no longer work, nor any of the software installed under Wine.
    It is annoying since the formal condition to go from Win 10 to Mint definitively was that I can continue to use certain software that I need. For the moment, I returned to version 19.3 despite several hours trying to solve the problem (insoluble at my level)

    1. I’m using Virtualbox with previously installed Win 10 and Win 7 and everything works flawlessly with a fresh installation. Upgrades especially for a major OS change are known to have issues in general so it’s better to just do a fresh install and reinstall all the programs that you need. I copied my 19.3 installation into a separate partition on the drive for backup and did a fresh install onto the main partition to first make sure that everything that I need to use will work. I keep a log file of all the programs that I install so when I have a new installation I reinstall all the programs I have in the log file. It usually does not take more than an hour and is a better way than doing an upgrade and then discovering that there is a problem.

      I don’t know the specific process for an upgrade, but if you think about it, problems are likely to occur because of all the different libraries and inter-dependencies that exist between the OS and different applications (that may continue to reference some libraries that are no longer there or have changed somehow). And it looks like VirtualBox is using a different build for Mint 20 so it is possible that there is some disconnected with some libraries. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling VirtualBox?

  173. Tried installing it on my new NUC10i7 and networking does not work either running it from the install stick or once installed on the system. Same problem as with 19.3 (which I had just dug through the net to find out why and correct when installing it).

    Everything was fine under 19.1 on my old i7 4770K, but when it died I had to replace it. Chose the NUC and decided to upgrade to 19.3. Ran into problems with the network not working. Got that fixed and discovered Mint 20 was out. Setup the install USB stick an it has the same problem as 19.3. Rather than go through the pain of installing and finding a fix I just stayed with the now repaired 19.3.

    Now setting up my trusty old OfficeJet Pro 8100 isn’t working… Arrggg… I hate upgrading. Something (or two, or three) is always broken. HPLIP does not work on 19.3 and I’m assuming on 20 as the same network failure was there. Where do I go to find posts on when this sort of thing is fixed before installing? Not being able to work, then having to restore the old system is not a way one can run a system they depend on to get work done. Production upgrades have to work out of the box, without fail, every time. IF 19.1 works, then upgrading to 19.3 should not break things. If 19.3 works then upgrading to 20 should not break things. Especially the network it needs to install the system.

    Nuff said…

  174. Ulyana boot time:
    $ systemd-analyze time
    Startup finished in 8.033s (firmware) + 6.071s (loader) + 36.285s (kernel) + 10.278s (userspace) = 1min 669ms reached after 10.261s in userspace

    I have an nvme drive and it gave me amazing boot times for Tricia which I really never appreciated until I saw how slow Ulyana is. One minute boot time is really atrocious considering how fast Tricia was, she went like a rocket and on dual boot with windows. I never measured Tricia though .. but it may have been in milliseconds or maybe a few seconds. What did you guys do to slow her down? I am now wondering if I should do a backup and a clean install of Ulyana instead of the upgrade.

  175. The upgrade went smoothly for me. However, my boot times have increased as well. I was getting consistent hangs while shutting down too, but I’ve cut the hanging down a little after I noticed my Swap Disk was set to equal my 2GB of RAM. After doubled the size I still have the system hangs while shutting down, but not nearly as often. I have my fingers crossed and Update or Kernel patch will address this soon.

  176. Hi!

    Besides the issues with initramfs and ACPI I’m getting several (8) messages regarding the TPM chip:

    ima: Error Communicating to TPM Chip

    I ran 19.3 before without issues; Chip is active

  177. @Clem

    I’m wondering if I’m the only mint user having a hard time getting an HP printer working in Mint 20 that works in Mint 19.3?

    1. All my friends with HP printers have problem Other my friends with Brother printers have problem also. That’s LM weak spot for years and years.

    2. @Clem and Mint team and everyone who replied:

      After HP-LIP failed, I swapped printers with my wife.

      The need to do that is not Mint’s fault. It’s amazing how many printers are maintained in Linux data bases. After several years, a older printer yield’s room for a newer one. I’ve had printers go physically bad sooner than that. On the bright side, my wife can use my printer in Windows 10. I have printing capability with hers in Mint 20.

      To everyone who helped, “Thank you.”

    3. My HP Deskjet 3630 doesn’t work under LM20, doesn’t print and doesn’t scan.
      It worked perfectly on previous versions LM19, 18, 17.
      I keep a small partition with LM19.3 installed, so I can access LM20 /home and print from there.
      And I am not going to install any HPLIP, I never needed it before, I do not want to need it now.

  178. “You are old, Father William,” the young man said,…,_Father_William

    Some old people are still using Windows 7, and thereby putting themselves and others at risk.
    I cannot help them as I normally would – because of lockdown.
    So… I am wondering what an ordinary person might be able to do on their own.

    Do you think someone without computing knowledge could install Mint dual-boot with Windows 7 just by following instructions?
    Or would it be a big mistake to encourage such action on their part?
    What might such a person be likely to be able to do?

    The above questions are far too general.
    I realize that.
    But it may trigger a useful thought…

    1. Yes it would be a big mistake.
      The “upside” is much smaller that the “downside”.
      You are over estimating the _possible_ risk of continuing to use Windows 7.
      most folks would be really miffed if their computer no longer worked at all.

  179. Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)
    The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver is either not loaded or not set up correctly. Please reinstall virtualbox-dkms package and load the kernel module by executing
    ‘modprobe vboxdrv’
    as root.
    If your system has EFI Secure Boot enabled you may also need to sign the kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, vboxpci) before you can load them. Please see your Linux system’s documentation for more information.

    1. sorry,
      Please, Does anyone know how to do this? about virtualbox?
      Does anyone know how to do this? about virtualbox. I use mint20cinnamon
      ///////Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)
      The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver is either not loaded or not set up correctly. Please reinstall virtualbox-dkms package and load the kernel module by executing
      ‘modprobe vboxdrv’
      as root.
      If your system has EFI Secure Boot enabled you may also need to sign the kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, vboxpci) before you can load them. Please see your Linux system’s documentation for more information..//////////

      alguem sabe como fazer isso? sobre o virtualbox uso mint20cinnamon
      //////////Driver do kernel não instalado (rc = -1908)
      O driver do kernel do VirtualBox Linux não está carregado ou não está configurado corretamente. Por favor, reinstale o pacote virtualbox-dkms e carregue o módulo do kernel executando
      ‘modprobe vboxdrv’
      como raiz.
      Se o seu sistema tiver o EFI Secure Boot ativado, também será necessário assinar os módulos do kernel (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, vboxpci) antes de carregá-los. Consulte a documentação do seu sistema Linux para obter mais informações.//////////

  180. Error after woke up from suspend.

    Process 2560 (cinnamon-screen) of user 1000 dumped core.

    Stack trace of thread 2658:
    #0 0x00007f90d1a46d5a __GI___strlen_sse2 ( + 0xb4d5a)
    #1 0x000055ca3eba59eb n/a (cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper + 0x29eb)
    #2 0x00007f90d1dc2c62 n/a ( + 0xb5c62)
    #3 0x00007f90d1c001d4 n/a ( + 0x7c1d4)
    #4 0x00007f90d1bff931 n/a ( + 0x7b931)
    #5 0x00007f90d16f9609 start_thread ( + 0x9609)
    #6 0x00007f90d1ab4103 __clone ( + 0x122103)

    Stack trace of thread 2560:
    #0 0x00007f90d1a72361 __GI___clock_nanosleep ( + 0xe0361)
    #1 0x00007f90d1a77eb7 __GI___nanosleep ( + 0xe5eb7)
    #2 0x00007f90d1aaa82f usleep ( + 0x11882f)
    #3 0x000055ca3eba5da9 n/a (cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper + 0x2da9)
    #4 0x00007f90d26c5357 n/a ( + 0x26357)
    #5 0x00007f90d1bd5e8e g_main_context_dispatch ( + 0x51e8e)
    #6 0x00007f90d1bd6240 n/a ( + 0x52240)
    #7 0x00007f90d1bd6533 g_main_loop_run ( + 0x52533)
    #8 0x00007f90d213c37d gtk_main ( + 0x24e37d)
    #9 0x00007f90d26c58c2 cs_auth_verify_user ( + 0x268c2)
    #10 0x000055ca3eba5b4d n/a (cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper + 0x2b4d)
    #11 0x00007f90d1bd5e8e g_main_context_dispatch ( + 0x51e8e)
    #12 0x00007f90d1bd6240 n/a ( + 0x52240)
    #13 0x00007f90d1bd6533 g_main_loop_run ( + 0x52533)
    #14 0x00007f90d213c37d gtk_main ( + 0x24e37d)
    #15 0x000055ca3eba5729 n/a (cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper + 0x2729)
    #16 0x00007f90d19b90b3 __libc_start_main ( + 0x270b3)
    #17 0x000055ca3eba581e n/a (cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper + 0x281e)

    Stack trace of thread 2661:
    #0 0x00007f90d1aad70d syscall ( + 0x11b70d)
    #1 0x00007f90d1c23483 g_cond_wait ( + 0x9f483)
    #2 0x00007f90d26c5018 n/a ( + 0x26018)
    #3 0x00007f90d171e287 pam_vprompt ( + 0x9287)
    #4 0x00007f90d171e4de pam_prompt ( + 0x94de)
    #5 0x00007f90d171a9b6 n/a ( + 0x59b6)
    #6 0x00007f90ced56852 pam_sm_authenticate ( + 0x4852)
    #7 0x00007f90d1719056 n/a ( + 0x4056)
    #8 0x00007f90d1718934 pam_authenticate ( + 0x3934)
    #9 0x00007f90d26c54b2 n/a ( + 0x264b2)
    #10 0x00007f90d1bff931 n/a ( + 0x7b931)
    #11 0x00007f90d16f9609 start_thread ( + 0x9609)
    #12 0x00007f90d1ab4103 __clone ( + 0x122103)

    Stack trace of thread 2653:
    #0 0x00007f90d1aa796f __GI___poll ( + 0x11596f)
    #1 0x00007f90d1bd61ae n/a ( + 0x521ae)
    #2 0x00007f90d1bd6533 g_main_loop_run ( + 0x52533)
    #3 0x00007f90d1e2beda n/a ( + 0x11eeda)
    #4 0x00007f90d1bff931 n/a ( + 0x7b931)
    #5 0x00007f90d16f9609 start_thread ( + 0x9609)
    #6 0x00007f90d1ab4103 __clone ( + 0x122103)

    Stack trace of thread 2652:
    #0 0x00007f90d1aa796f __GI___poll ( + 0x11596f)
    #1 0x00007f90d1bd61ae n/a ( + 0x521ae)
    #2 0x00007f90d1bd62e3 g_main_context_iteration ( + 0x522e3)
    #3 0x00007f90d1bd6331 n/a ( + 0x52331)
    #4 0x00007f90d1bff931 n/a ( + 0x7b931)
    #5 0x00007f90d16f9609 start_thread ( + 0x9609)
    #6 0x00007f90d1ab4103 __clone ( + 0x122103)

  181. Hello Linux Mint Team, my mane is Franklin from Nicaragua and I want to say you thank you so much for Linux mint 20 is really great, beautiful and useful, I installed one month ago and it’s work fluently, I have no problem at all, great work, congratulation, cheers.

  182. Mozilla Firefox automatically switch workspace.

    What i did :

    1- I opened Firefox in “Workspace 2” and close it.
    2- switch to “Workspace 1” , and open Firefox.
    workspace automatically change to “Workspace 2” and open Firefox there.
    Any suggestion in how to fix this.

  183. I just updated to 20 from 17.2 (dual boot). And quite frankly, it’s a major disappointment. It’s just frills over functionality.e.g. To change the colors on my terminal. What was wrong with the fast and simple color selector? Now I have an RGB selector? Doing that or dragging and dropping colors from the color palette is SLOWER than just picking the color from the simple palette that used to be there. What was wrong with fast, simple and easy? Now if I have 2 nemo’s open, I cant just quickly look at panel and pick the one I want. (if another program is in full screen. Nope, I have to hold it over the Nemo icon, wait for it to show the two, then pick the one I want? What a complete waste of time! Oh it’s all frilly and neat from a programmers point of view. But it’s just adding more time for me. Maybe there’s some way to use the legacy panel? Luckily I program the “windows” button to show all the workspaces.
    You’re not saving me any time. You’re “fixing” things that aren’t broken. It’s all fancy and all frilly now, it’s a “Windows Lite”.!! Great. I hated Windows, that’s why trashed it. I’ve been with Mint for 8+ years and if it was worth it, I’d jump to something else before this thing looks and acts no different the Windows. (In the worst ways)
    Oh, and I like how the icons for my SD card show up as a USB drive. Nope guys, that’s not a USB stick, that’s an SD card. Frills over functionality = failure. Flunking on the basics. Sad.

  184. I updated my 19.3 to 20 and everythings going bad, alot of programs not working well on it. I didn’t install fresh 20 but the ubdated one is a disaster. I had to format my linux disk and reinstalled the 19.3. Currently the best and stable version is 19.3 i guess. Alot of broken packages and not running alot of programs (like keepassxc, wine) on the 20.
    Anyway thank you so much for your effort. You are the best!

  185. First I want to say thanks to the team for this new release. I have so far put it on three computers and have had no issues to speak of. I do however have an issue with adding a printer and I am not sure if I should use the USB temporary connection to get it to work. Most of my machines get to the printer wirelessly. Oh also does anyone know if wine can be installed or is it already apart of the new release? I have a package that I really need to work but as of right now it will not work under LM20. Thanks again for the new LM20 so far works well.

  186. I can’t uninstall Virtualbox!
    In 4 years of ubuntu and MINT, I have never had so many problems with a program as I did with “VIRTUALBOX”. Apparently, many other people in forums around the world have the same problem. Installs, but does not run. config problem and others when running the ISO.
    When I tried to uninstall, the uninstall failed:
    installArchives () failed: debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    Setting up libpam-systemd: amd64 (245.4-4ubuntu3.2) …
    debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    dpkg: error processing package libpam-systemd: amd64 (–configure):
    installed libpam-systemd: amd64 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    libpam-systemd: amd64
    Setting up libpam-systemd: amd64 (245.4-4ubuntu3.2) …
    debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    dpkg: error processing package libpam-systemd: amd64 (–configure):
    installed libpam-systemd: amd64 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
    Please, how to solve?
    (sorry for mistakes, translated by google)

    in portuguese..

    Não consigo desinstalar Virtualbox!
    Em 4 anos de ubuntu e MINT, nunca tive tantos problemas com algum programa como tive com o “VIRTUALBOX” . Aparentemente, muitas outras pessoas em foruns pelo mundo com o mesmo problema. Instala, mas nao roda. problema no config e outras na hora de rodar a ISO.
    Quando tentei desisntalar, falha na desinstalação:
    installArchives() failed: debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    Setting up libpam-systemd:amd64 (245.4-4ubuntu3.2) …
    debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    dpkg: error processing package libpam-systemd:amd64 (–configure):
    installed libpam-systemd:amd64 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    Setting up libpam-systemd:amd64 (245.4-4ubuntu3.2) …
    debconf: DbDriver “config”: /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    dpkg: error processing package libpam-systemd:amd64 (–configure):
    installed libpam-systemd:amd64 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
    Por favor, como resolver?

  187. Clem, have to say I’m frustrated by no fingerprint support. I’ve dived deep into the internet to get it working but can’t. Have a Thinkpad x260 so it shouldn’t be an issue. It should work out of the box. I’ll keep supporting you but please work on this in the future. Thank You.

  188. Annoying bug in Nemo – might report to bug forums later – but I want to describe it not to forget it — so there is a folder containing 33 folders and 66 files. I press Ctrl-A and all of them are selected and the status bar reports 33 folders/66 other items. Then I use the mouse scroll while everything is selected and the number of items changes – now it says 15 folders/63 items – when I use right-click – compress – it zips only these files/folders, even though everything is marked. To fix this – I have to Ctrl-click on a file, which refreshes the file count, and Ctrl-click on a folder to refresh its counter. If I compress one-level higher, everything is fine. Reproducible – always – you can test in /usr/bin/ – Ctrl-A and then mouse-scroll.

  189. Thank you very much for the new release! I am trying it on now from the bootable USB, so far it’s running smoothly. However, I got very surprised that csh and tcsh were not included in the distro…

  190. When will be HWE available? Audio on XPS 17 9700 is not working, uses new soundwire. Also alsa-lib is not which will enable to make soundwire by myself. Will some of this be done in nearest future?

  191. It was really easy to upgrade from 19.3 to 20Mint Cinnamon. I use 64-bit version on a 12 years old Acer laptop with 3GB memory. Faster then windows, everything works well. Only 1 program I’d like to install in the future: Google Chrom or Chromium 🙂 Thank You !

  192. First time installing linux and the UI gave me the windows xp vibe and my choice to try downloading this
    i had enough of windows with its 2 year olds bugs and not a single fix has been issued
    i think i would be having a bad time installing all the necessary things on linux but i dont hate learning new things
    hope i would have a good time on this OS 😀

    1. Linux Mint is a wonderful OS, I’ve been using it for more than four years and I enjoy it a lot.
      It’s easy to learn and very stable.
      Hope you enjoy it also and have a good time.

  193. Fantástico , me ha dejado gratamente sorprendido. Muy fácil de instalar y su desempeño hasta ahora me a fascinado. Los FELICITO…

  194. hi i am mint user since helena i was mostly satisfied thank you for your effort you are grate.this version i noticed shutdown does restart. i did not menage to close because it start again is there anything to do,thanks

  195. Problem in Cinnamon :: i opened a program, for example Desktop Settings, to change a background wallpaper, to see the wall picture better, i minimized the window, later on click on the panel to open the window again …. when i move mouse over the window it disappeared ….
    That problem is only in Cinnamon, other desktops Xfce, and Mate does good work, no problem.
    I think it was long time ago the same, i was told to change video settings, but sorry, i do not remember what.
    Could someone tell me what too do ??
    Thanks for any suggestions

  196. Hi,

    Is there a way I can enable Ubuntu current (not LTS) updates with Mint? I like staying very current, but I want to keep Ubuntu compatibility, so I’m not going back to Arch or Red Hat.

  197. I did a clean install of Mint 20 yesterday. Everything works except the scanner, which ran fine in Mint 18.3. I have installed other scanner apps (XSane, gscan2pdf) in addition to Simple Scan, but none of them can communicate with my HP Officejet Pro 6970. Printing works fine, but I cannot scan.

    1. I have similar issues with my HP Deskjet 4675. It’s unusable in Mint 20. I can’t install HPLIP because of issues with Qt4/Qt5, and without HPLIP I can’t do anything with the printer. I believe Qt4 has been deprecated and is no longer in the repos, and HPLIP hasn’t been ported to Qt5 yet so even if that were included in the repos (not sure if it is or isn’t), it wouldn’t work.

      Everything worked in 19.3 without problems.

    2. Mint 20 ships with HPLIP already. Try removing ippusbxd. It can get in the way of your printer using the HPLIP drivers which are already installed.

      apt remove ippusbxd
      sudo reboot

      Then remove/readd your printer and see if that helps.

    3. Thanks so much Clem, your suggestions fixed my printing issues and the printer was able to print!

      I do still have issues with scanning though. Using Document Scanner, I am able to scan as Text (the scan is then black and white), but when I try to scan as Image, I get an error saying “Failed to scan Unable to start scan”.

      In xsane 0.999, when I try to scan I get an error saying “Failed to start scanner: Invalid argument”. This happens regardless of whether I select the printer on port 443 or port 8080 when xsane starts up.

    4. Hi Alex,

      OK, there’s another thing you can try then. IPP basically consists in talking to all printers the same way via a standard remote protocol, it bypasses particular drivers.. that can either mean better handling or worse handling depending on the printer and the quality of the driver though. The problem with ippusbxd is that it’s actually broken. The idea is good but the implementation isn’t. The guys upstream figured that out as well and there’s a new alternative called ipp-usb.

      to try this:

      – Remove the printer in the printers utility
      – Install ipp-usb from
      – Reboot

      The printer should be detected automatically (similar to when you used ippusbxd but this time it should work). Test both printing and scanning and let us know if that works better for you.

      For more info on the topic check the “USB Printer Support” in

      Do let us know how you get on. We’re already planning to remove ippusbxd in Linux Mint 20.1 but we haven’t decided yet whether or not to install ipp-usb by default.

    5. Thanks Clem, I removed the printer (it shows twice under Printers, one of them kept coming back after removal as expected), I installed ipp-usb and rebooted. I then went back to Printers, removed the printer again (to make sure we’re starting fresh) and it came back, as expected. I was able to print a test page and scan as text, but unfortunately scanning as Image still doesn’t work with the same error messages as before. So far it looks like ipp-usb is an improvement over ippusbxd, but still not working 100%.

      P.S. Sorry I forgot about that section of the September 2020 newsletter!

  198. Thanks for the great work. Lenovo ideapad100 with UEFI. It needed long time, much more than a new install, all worked fine, only a problem with ttfms-corefonts. Seems to be all ok, but there is now a failing message during start:
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.216969] pci 0000:00:02.0: Video device with shadowed ROM at [mem 0x000c0000-0x000dffff]
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.217081] pci 0000:00:14.0: can’t derive routing for PCI INT A
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.217082] pci 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A: not connected
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.237967] pci 0000:00:1d.0: quirk_usb_early_handoff+0x0/0x662 took 19062 usecs
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.237979] PCI: CLS 64 bytes, default 64
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.238031] Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs…
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.470572] Initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.470583] fbcon: Taking over console
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.482591] Freeing initrd memory: 84792K
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.482701] DMAR: Failed to find handle for ACPI object \_SB.PCI0.SDMA
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.482709] DMAR: Failed to find handle for ACPI object \_SB.PCI0.SDHC
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.501886] PCI-DMA: Using software bounce buffering for IO (SWIOTLB)
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.501888] software IO TLB: mapped [mem 0x95b64000-0x99b64000] (64MB)
    Aug 31 10:50:21 work19 kernel: [ 0.502073] check: Scanning for low memory corruption every 60 seconds
    only the 3 fail-lines on the sreen from /var/log/kern.log —
    Does anybody know if this is to ignore or a bug or to be solved??
    Earlier came mtrr cleanup: can not find optimal value please specify mtrr gran_size/mtrr chunk_size!
    Also the tmp-directory is full with flatpak, can I remove that?
    Thanks for help diet9

    1. with the update kernel instead .46 initramfs unpacking is ok, only 2 messages: Failed to handel ACPI objects

    2. Parece que es un error de ACPI ._. por lo que medio lei

      tienes que esperar a que llegue una actualizacion y si actualizando no soluciona nada tendras que irte a una anterior si quieres

  199. When i run update manager in Linux (mint 20 cinnamon) after successful installation, my hdmi audio output disappears and no sound via LED monitor. And i don’t know what to do with it.

  200. Hey I am an windows user from way back, I have just downloaded and installed mint, man is that sweet to use, now I have to get my head around all the underlying whizzbang stuff, keep up the good work and look forward to using this product.

    1. 19.3 Tricia seems more stable than 20 Ulyana. Right now I’ve been facing a couple of issues with Bluetooth (random disconnections) and some PPA that don’t work. Latest kernel for Ulyana is 5.4.0-47.51. In my case I have downgraded the kernel to 5.4.0-42. No kernel 5.8 release is being displayed in the Linux Mint Update Manager, yet

  201. Awful way for updating, I rather staying in 19.3. It’s no a good updating method. I hove you’ll go back the way you used to update the distribution.

  202. New to Linux products and I like it. want to stay away from Microsoft BS tried so many so far. I have one question: What do you mean will be supported until 2025? does that mean after 2025 will be unusable and unstable? If so we fall again into the same BS of Microsoft products. Why can’t mint people keep one product keep it updated and tweaked it as we go? Everybody hates not to be able to upgrade or can’t install updates to stay safe in this world that is full of corrupted people and such.
    Please reply to me I want to know before I settle with this product and keep it for good.

  203. I am using microsoft Windows 10, email, search engine, documents and spreadsheets on a HP EliteBook. Will all of these transfer from my lalptop into Linuxmint without difficulty? If so, where do I start?

  204. I’m arch user and i want to switch to mint, i have 1 question is this distro will ask you to update just like ubuntu who always ask me to update my system? Thats annoying, if i want update i’ll doit my self with terminal.

    1. Hi Rui,

      We’ll never throw a popup dialog at you to interrupt what you’re doing. We’ll also let you configure YOUR computer the way you like. These are two key principles here.

      We’ve got one of the best update managers available. By default it will show an icon in your tray area and not update packages automatically. You can configure it any way you want.

      If you’re coming from Arch the main difference you need consider is rolling vs frozen. Mint uses a frozen package base. You won’t be running the latest version of everything. We rely on flatpak for this.

    2. Clem’s right, Mint has one of the best update managers around, and it’s very convenient for my friends and family on Mint. For myself, though, I have to admit that I prevent it from auto-starting and do all my package management with apt in a terminal. I have a conky script that updates periodically and shows the number of available upgrades in case I need a reminder. There is one exception, though — I do sometimes find it convenient to fire up MintUpdate to manage installed kernels; it’s great for that too.

  205. Hi, thanks for a great distro 😉
    I have an old pc,
    cpu: core 2 quad q9400
    ram: 4Gb
    storage: ssd 120gb (sata2 on my motherboard)
    can i run x86 cinnamon version perfectly?
    thanks for anything 🙂

    1. Yes, you can. The fact that it is old may just mean it will run more slowly than in a most recent one, but you have enough memory and disk to install it.

  206. hi clem just wondering why i can’t get network with my wifi the network card is Realtek 8821CE Wireless Lan 802.11ac PCI-E NIC

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