Monthly News – June 2020

We’re almost ready to release Linux Mint 20. Following this release, before we move on to the next development cycle, we’ll take two weeks to work on the upgrade path from Linux Mint 19.3 and the port of the new features in LMDE 4.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the BETA. Thanks to your participation, we received a lot of feedback and we were able to fix very important bugs. 167 reports were processed. Among other important changes, Cinnamon fractional scaling was made more intuitive, many translations issues were solved, LVM encrypted installs no longer require an Internet connection, panel layout selection was brought back in the Welcome Screen, support for StatusNotifier icons (Qt and Electron apps) was improved. Many components received bug fixes and as always the BETA phase allowed us to identify new issues and get a better release.

We also had to make a few tough decisions. The new Mint-Y colors were postponed until Linux Mint 20.1. The change which made the Grub menu always visible was reverted, and the Grub theme, which in this release prevented Linux Mint 20 to boot on particular laptops was removed.

As we made these changes, we felt the need to document them, so we took the opportunity to start gathering info into a new guide called The Linux Mint User Guide. At the moment it’s just a collection of pages which cover new topics such as how to configure and theme Grub, how to install Chromium, why Snap is disabled and how to enable it. As we go along we’ll add more and more information in this guide and we’re hoping it will grow into something very helpful for the community.

Last but not least I’d like to thank you for your donations and for your support. We receive more than 700 donations a month. When we make difficult decisions or take a stance we also feel your trust and your support. You make us strong, you empower us and you allow us to be more assertive, demanding and focused on what we want to do, who we want to be and where we want to go as a distribution.

Each release is an achievement and a celebration. It’s an amazing feeling when it’s ready and you enjoy it. I hope this new series of releases will be as successful as the previous ones and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun and pleasure using them.


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  1. Can’t say enough to thank everyone on the Linux Mint Team for their efforts and the community involvement in the LM20 Beta. For those who don’t care to deal with some of the Ubuntu upstream issues, be sure to check out LMDE 4. Personally, I think that is a ‘knock it out of the park’ release. Even more so if most of your hardware is more than a few years old. YMMV on the newer hardware. Debian has certainly been catching up.

  2. Hi Clem, thank you and the team for another great release. Also, hoping the Mint user guide can become a great success easing user’s experience.

    Digressing a little, I wanted to ask about the new website that you introduced last year. Is it still a WIP, at the moment, and any timeline set for it? Would’ve been nice to see it’s launch with the new release. But if it’s not done, it’s not done.

    Again, thanks for the tremendous efforts.

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      We got mixed feedback on the design. It was clean but it lacked identity. We’ll start again from scratch eventually.

  3. My wife and I installed Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon beta on two different laptops this week – it is AMAZING how fantastic this OS is. We had zero problems. Kudos to the entire Mint team!

  4. Sorry for my English, thank you very much for still maintaining Linux mint mate, it is excellent on my computer with few resources and helps me to eliminate the tearing with compiz. thank you. for me it is the best gnu Linux operating system

  5. If we never get Global menu, can you at least implement Locally integrated menus? To save some extra space for content. As an optional feature of course.

    1. I would love to someday see global menus in Cinnamon. I know it’s not in Mint’s goals, and is mostly important for those coming from MacOS (which is my personal roots – I never really liked the icky Windows-y way of doing things that Mint and most other Linux distros normally use), but they do give a bit more screen space to content, which can be quite valuable.

    2. My friends, global menus (osx style) require menus first of all!
      As I can tell, client side decorations, a trend that even linux mint has adopted, tend to hide menus or remove menus in flavour of those inconvenient header bar buttons.
      Of course you’re recommending the right think, but, I wouldn’t expect much.

    3. Vassilis, I agree that it wouldn’t work for the new-style buttons, but I think most programs still have menus, or the option to include menus, so for now, I think it could still function for most things, if done right.

  6. I have some questions.
    1. Does Linux Mint 20 have the firmware updater that Ubuntu MATE 20.04 and POP OS 20.04 have?
    2. Will LInux Mint Debian edition have other DEs other than Cinnamon in the future?
    3. Will MS Office fonts like Times New Roman come preinstalled? (This is important for us working/studying from home and collaborating with MS Office users)

  7. Great job on LM 20!

    Hey Clem, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea for adding context menu options to files in Nemo:

    In one of the previous updates you mentioned it was going to be possible for Nemo to present different context menu items depending on the file type of whatever file (or folder for that matter) is selected.

    May I suggest a few useful addons that could take advantage of that and the filetypes they’d apply to? Just to cover some very common actions that otherwise might require loading an entire application and a lot of clicking to perform, that could be reduced to a couple of clicks in Nemo. Could be a really nice selling point of Linux Mint!

    Nemo Plugins for File Context Menu:

    Name: Image Convert
    Files: *.jpg / *.png / *.bmp / *.gif / etc
    Menu: “Convert”
    Sub Menu Items: “to JPEG” “to PNG” “to BMP” “to GIF” “to WEBP” “Custom”
    Description: A quick one click option for converting an image file from one type to another. With ‘Custom’ to choose a specific file format, and quality settings.

    Name: Make GIF
    Files: *.jpg / *.png / *.bmp / *.gif / etc (While Multiple Image Files Selected!)
    Menu: “Make GIF”
    Sub Menu Items: “15fps” “24fps” “30fps” “60fps” “Custom”
    Description: When multiple image files are selected, present an image to convert them into an animated gif. Custom allows for choosing a specific frame rate, resolution and quality. Frame order of images is determined by the file names sorted alphabetically.

    Name: Image Resize
    Files: *.jpg / *.png / *.bmp / *.gif / etc
    Menu: “Resize”
    Sub Menu Items: “Reduce by 50%” “Reduce by 75%” “Autocrop Borders” “Pad to Square” “Custom”
    Description: Quick image size reduction, or cropping of borders, or padding to a square, or a custom menu for more specific options.

    Name: Audio Convert
    Files: *.wav / *.mp3 / *.ogg / *.aac
    Menu: “Convert”
    Sub Menu Items: “to OGG” “to MP3” “Custom”
    Description: A quick one click option for converting an image file from one type to another. With ‘Custom’ to choose a specific file format, and quality settings.

    Name: PDF Edits
    Files: *.pdf
    Menu: “Edit PDF”
    Sub Menu Items: “Split All Pages” “Extract a Page” “Combine Pages” “Re-Arrange Pages” “Pages to Images”
    Description: “Just a collection of common simple PDF operations that are often performed on PDFs. If multiple PDFs are selected, Combine Pages would join them together into one file. Re-Arrange pages would present a simple dialog with thumbnails for each page, that can be dragged around before clicking ‘Apply’ to perform the re-arrangement. “Pages to Images” would create PNGs of each page in the document within the same folder.

    Just a few ideas based on stuff I know office workers have to do all the time, and being able to do this stuff right from a file manager would be absolutely killer!

    I left a comment like this last time but I don’t think you saw it (don’t blame you, so many comments!), and it can be found here:

    Love your work Clem! =)

  8. Great! I was really waiting for this to install it on a friend’s computer, I would install 19.3, but 20 was too close, so I waited. I also helped with a few translations in Greek and I hope that the Greek community here will enjoy them!

  9. Congratulations to the release! <3
    I celebrate it every time as achievement, though I'm just a fan! 😀
    Wish you best of luck, health and energy to keep on in the future.

  10. Thank you for an awesome release, and great to see that you are actively developping LMDE. I know many of us will be abandoning Ubuntu-based distros eventually.

  11. “Donations in May”
    Is it a Typo?
    By the way my Thanks to Mint Team for working to provide us a graet OS.

  12. Many thanks for an awesome release, I’ve been running the Cinammon Beta for a couple of weeks now without issue, well done!
    I run a separate partition for my data, with symlinks in Nemo for Documents, Pictures, Videos etc to home directory. But I can’t work out how to change the shortcut icons in Nemo to be like they are for a default install. Any chance to make it easier to change these icons in Nemo? Thanks again for a great OS.

    1. Right click on a shortcut icon in Nemo -> Properties -> click on the directory symbol (upper left) -> choose another one, e.g. /usr/share/icons/Mint-Y-Aqua/places/64/folder-music.png

  13. Clem and Everyone,

    Thank you for a great product. I tried LM several years ago but did not have time to dedicate to learning a new OS. Thanks to the COVID lockdown I was able to explore LM and other distros in the process, and have finally settled on LM. The learning curve has been steep for me, but the the LM community has been very helpful and encouraging. I look forward to starting online classes with Linux and LM as my tools for school.

    Thanks again,


  14. Dear Clem and team

    Thank you so much for bringing back the panel layout selection option. One of the many great things about LM is the willingness of the team to listen and respond to feedback. Looking forward to the upgrade path. The user guide is also an great idea and I am sure will become an invaluable resource

  15. Congrats on LM20. Will we see the new Cinnamon and Nemo ) versions/updates in LMDE4 any time soon? Thanks.

  16. Clem

    Will there be a separate user guide for LMDE?

    There are a couple of features that would be helpful to have a user guide for such as how to install UEFI with secure boot. How to use the new file system Btrfs (Can btrfs only be installed when doing a clean install of the system). Can Btrfs be used when using home folder encryption? Can Btrfs be used with full disk encryption? Choosing full disk encryption while using Ext 4 file system and can only be done when doing a clean install, correct? When you install LMDE 4 from scratch, the installer asks if you want to enable home folder encryption. If you don’t not enable it, but later in the install process choose full disk encryption, does that not also then encrypt the home folder?

    Of all these questions above, the absolute hardest part, at least for me, is how to install UEFI with secure boot. My laptop does support UEFI, but I am still running it with Bios.

  17. I wanted to change from standard Linux Mint to the debian-version but, I don’t want cinnamon. Is is possible to install XFCE or MATE and, entirely remove cinnamon from the system after install of LMDE Debbie?
    I waited, hoping there would be a XFCE or MATE version to the LMDE edition. An original Debian is not just plain and easy to install because it now requires extra installation of wifi drivers to make it work on my computers (It used to be easy and straightforward some 10 years ago). And besides, I have become used to and like Linux Mint better than al the alternatives I have tried out.
    I am not all all happy with ubuntu’s new self-made kernels, used in Linux Mint. I am talking about Ubuntu’s own variants of 5.3.0.x and 5.4.0.x versions but, that became a problem already with Ubuntu’ own in-house made 4.15 kernel variants, which is why I went from normal mint/ubuntu kernel upgrades via Update Manager to fetch the real ones at I want the REAL Linux kernels, by
    A kernel upgrade made one of my computers unusable (I guess it was because the real Linux kernel, 5.4.47, did not work). Downgrades to older kernels don’t work, either, probably because ubuntu modules removed stuff from my system. That’s why I plan to reinstall and now change to the Debian version of Linux Mint, to possibly avoid that Ubuntu problem.
    As far as I can see, LMDE is Linux Mint’ future. Because Canonical/Ubuntu has derived from the Linux community by using their own self-made kernel variants. I believe this has to do with Canonical’s strange co-operation with Microsoft. I want to get as far away from that as I possibly can. But, I like Linux Mint and, don’t feel like changing to another distro.

    1. Hi Karin,
      You can install most desktop environments on top of LMDE 4 and you can change the kernels used. We have demonstrated how this is achieved in our videos on YouTube or at

  18. Running LM20-Xfce. Just got an update for ‘chromium-codecs-ffmpeg’. It said not to try to update if snapd isn’t running. It’s not or installed, or at least shouldn’t be, so I so I ignored it. ‘chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra’ is installed and upgradable according to synaptic but replaced by the ‘chromium-ffmpeg snap’. ‘libsnapd-glib1’ is also installed. Neither can be removed without removing important packages, yet the codecs seem to need updating. If I install chromium will I get the proper update? An explanation and/or fix would be greatly appreciated as I do NOT want snap on my machine.

    1. It doesn’t install snap. That said it’s unwanted and we shouldn’t depend on it. An update was sent for mint-meta-codecs to drop this dependency.

  19. hmm I work sucessfull wit 19.3 MATE
    Now I am in my ship in Grecce – and have some fears to update here. If something not working then I have a problem. Also the net is not always stable.
    I think I’ll do it in November when I am back in Switzerland.
    “never change a running system”
    Or any other suggestions ?
    TnX Erich

  20. Hi Team,

    A couple of items, but first thanks for all your continuing hard work to bring us what you have! I have had two issues on with the 20 upgrade and one with Wine. Wine does not pick up its dependencies which is a Wine issue, but do you know if they will respond to the issue in Mint? I was upgrading a Lenovo ThinkCentre with does not have a digital video connection and the upgrade becomes stuck. Is there a work around? Thanks again for providing Mint!


  21. I have experimented with a few different distros but always come back to Mint. Easiest setup, smoothest operation and I has brought several very old computers back to life. Keep up the great work!

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