Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia” MATE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 19.3 “Tricia” MATE Edition.

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia MATE Edition

Linux Mint 19.3 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2023. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 19.3 MATE“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 19.3 MATE

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommended for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold since 2007 are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

Announcements will be made shortly with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 19, 19.1 and 19.2.

If you are running the BETA use the Update Manager to apply available updates.

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


    1. linux mint 19.3 Using the built-in video player to play the video player prompts an error, open the resource manager and find that the CPU single thread occupation is too high,CPU:AMD 2600

  1. How does one import notes from Tomboy? I Installed Tricia Mate 19.3 in VirtualBox to try it out before upgrading my normal system from 19.2. I installed Tomboy and created a note there. I enabled the Gnote “Tomboy importer” plugin. There is no menu entry or shortcut to do the import; starting Gnote doesn’t automatically import from Tomboy. The help dialog just says enable the plugin. What am I missing? Will the import only work after an upgrade?

  2. Wonderful work! Thanks guys

    However, after the upgrade I got System Reports showing the XApp Status applet was not installed and I cannot figure it out how to do that. System Reports only show ‘Ignore this problem’ button and in Synaptics I only found XFCE version (not Mate)

    Also, my grub does not change according to this page. Same old text menu from before. How do I get the new grub boot menu?

    Any clues about this two issues?

    1. I finally figure it out the first one. Just reseting the panel did the trick,

      Still trying to fix the boot issue

  3. Running 19.2 mate … system reports pops up every hour telling me to upgrade to 19.3 In the Update Manager I see a menu entry under Edit but popping a triangle with ! as if something is wrong, is weird.

  4. Just upgraded. Thanks. When I added the XApp Status Applet to the panel as requested, a very large empty gap was created on the panel between the Network applet and the Keyboard language applet. This gap persists through a reboot. Right-clicking on the gap produces the same context menu as right-clicking on an empty portion of the panel.

    1. Follow-up: resetting the panel removes this empty gap but leaves me having to reconfigure one of the applets which I had customised and resize the panel to my custom size. Looks good now though.

  5. Just a note that post-upgrade I installed grub2-theme-mint and grub2-theme-mint -2k. After a reboot, I decided that the grub menu text was far too large so thought the problem might be grub2-theme-mint-2k.

    After the reboot, I ran sudo apt-get –purge autoremove grub2-theme-mint-2k. This produced 2 grub config errors (this is a snippet of the output to illustrate the first grub config error):

    The following packages will be REMOVED
    grub2-theme-mint-2k* libgtkspell3-3-0* linux-headers-4.15.0-69* linux-headers-4.15.0-69-generic* linux-image-4.15.0-69-generic* linux-modules-4.15.0-69-generic*
    linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-69-generic* mint-backgrounds-tina*
    0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 8 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.
    After this operation, 382 MB disk space will be freed.
    Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
    (Reading database … 435395 files and directories currently installed.)
    Removing grub2-theme-mint-2k (1.2.1) …
    Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub’
    Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub.d/50_linuxmint.cfg’
    Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub.d/60_mint-theme.cfg’
    Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub.d/63_mint-theme-2k.cfg’
    Generating grub configuration file …
    /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `/boot/grub/fonts/UbuntuMono32.pf2′.
    No path or device is specified.

  6. after adding the Wine add-on and installing the Windows program, you can catch a virus that does not normally work on Linux but works on Wine. will there be any work to solve this problem.

  7. Hi guys .
    Big fan of Mint Mate and very pleased with this distro for 4 years, but why this new logo on startup without any funy and animation, can i change it?, the logo on startup is the face of the OS right? why not a more worked Logo with some animation like the Debian Mate.

  8. On one of my computers, after upgrade to 19.3 Mate, Timeshift does not run from the default menu on the bottom panel. If I create an icon for Timeshift on the panel it does run. It also runs from the menu bar I have on the top panel.
    These log entries appear to be associated with the problem:
    org.mate.panel.applet.MintMenuAppletFactory[1140]: Refusing to render service to dead parents.
    pkexec[3542]: terry: Error executing command as another user: Request dismissed [USER=root] [TTY=unknown] [CWD=/home/terry] [COMMAND=/usr/bin/timeshift-gtk]

  9. Omg sh,
    i had some issues with higher then vmware workstation 15.1 releases.
    Since the update to 19.3 Mint Mate workstaion will not run.
    i delete it, installed it, delete old configurations, delete and installed it new.
    VMWare Workstation do not work with linux mint 19.3.
    Sorry, but usually i thaught new releases will fix bugs and problems to bring more advances.
    In that release i can not find advances for the moment.

  10. Telegram Desktop tray status icon starts disappearing right after application is launched after upgrading the distro. Do not know where to send issue about this. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

  11. Adding program icons to bottom panel and then moving any to the right of Firefox results in panel not showing open windows.
    Fix: Right click on bottom panel and select Reset Panel. Then add program icons to bottom panel again – but do not re-arrange order.
    WARNING: Reset Panel wipes top panel as well if you have one. Surely, only bottom panel should show defaults if Reset Panel is selected on bottom panel!

  12. @David Aponte I had the same issue. So I went to Synaptic and installed grub2-theme-mint, rebooted and done! It worked! Nebertheless I found kinda laggy 🙁

  13. version 19.3 is great
    just one question though, is it possible to keep the old logo on the startup screen rather than the new circular version?

  14. I have some Problems not dirct with Linux Mint 19.3 but to start . As I wanted to add Linux on the side of Windows 10 Prof. but in the start Menue it is not possible to go with a curser down to this windows to get it started . No possibility to go with the curser down to start windows not with the up or down or TAB keys so I can only start Linux 19.3 . and sorry I wanted to use WINDOWS also as I am used to this

  15. It’s hard for me to understand why the “Colors” tab in Appearence / Customize Theme has been dropped. Even Gnome-Color-Chooser does not work anymore. I loved Mint for beeing able to give my OS a distinguished design within minutes, but it’s all gone now. Together with the introduction of systemd I feel forced to orientate myself towards another OS, although I’m not willing to change. It feels like beeing pushed out of the door by someone you really love.

    1. tage: This is what I did to fix it. Right click on panel and select Reset Panel. This restores default settings and behaviour but you will lose any amendments you have made to the panel.

  16. Great Linux Mint MATE edition -> I’m using it since years – it’s my favorite desktop – I hope you keep also the 32bit support
    many thanks

  17. I’m using LM-19.3 Mate which uses the lightdm-slick-greeter. I want to use the lightdm-gtk-greeter but can’t find out how to make the change despite having both greeters installed and configured. Otherwise, LM-19.3 Mate is great.

  18. Update to kernel just killed my LAN (ethernet) connect … going back to – lol
    Device-2: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
    vendor: Hewlett-Packard driver: r8169 v: kernel port: 3000 bus ID: 03:00.0
    chip ID: 10ec:8168

  19. LM 19.3 MATE 32-bit
    Caja 1.22.2 stop working in progress copying a few GB files. Same issue in previous version Caja. Checked a several times

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