LMDE 3 “Cindy” Cinnamon – BETA Release

This is the BETA release for LMDE 3 “Cindy”.

LMDE 3 Cindy

LMDE is a Linux Mint project and it stands for “Linux Mint Debian Edition”. Its main goal is for the Linux Mint team to see how viable our distribution would be and how much work would be necessary if Ubuntu was ever to disappear. LMDE aims to be as similar as possible to Linux Mint, but without using Ubuntu. The package base is provided by Debian instead.

There are no point releases in LMDE. Other than bug fixes and security fixes Debian base packages stay the same, but Mint and desktop components are updated continuously. When ready, newly developed features get directly into LMDE, whereas they are staged for inclusion on the next upcoming Linux Mint point release.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for LMDE 3

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommended for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold since 2007 are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

  • This BETA release might contain critical bugs, please only use it for testing purposes and to help the Linux Mint team fix issues prior to the stable release.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from this BETA to the stable release.

Bug reports:

  • Bugs in this release should be reported on Github at https://github.com/linuxmint/lmde-3-cinnamon-beta/issues.
  • Create one issue per bug.
  • As described in the Linux Mint Troubleshooting Guide, do not report or create issues for observations.
  • Be as accurate as possible and include any information that might help developers reproduce the issue or understand the cause of the issue:
    • Bugs we can reproduce, or which cause we understand are usually fixed very easily.
    • It is important to mention whether a bug happens “always”, or “sometimes”, and what triggers it.
    • If a bug happens but didn’t happen before, or doesn’t happen in another distribution, or doesn’t happen in a different environment, please mention it and try to pinpoint the differences at play.
    • If we can’t reproduce a particular bug and we don’t understand its cause, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fix it.
  • Please visit https://github.com/linuxmint/Roadmap to follow the progress of the development team between the BETA and the stable release.

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at https://www.linuxmint.com/download_all.php.

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Many thanks in advance for testing the BETA!


  1. Quick additional notes:

    – As detailed above, we’re experimenting with Github for release bug squashing, so please report bugs at https://github.com/linuxmint/lmde-3-cinnamon-beta/issues rather than in the comment section.
    – This release ships with two installers (we’re experimenting a little bit). Live-installer, our own installer is on the desktop. Calamares is also present in the menus and provides full-disk encryption and more advanced partitioning.

    1. Thanks for the Calamares Installer option, I like it.
      Can that link also be put on the Desktop? Thanks!

    2. Why do you want to force people to sign up to report bugs? Please leave us some privacy

    3. Excellent news! Thanks! Github/GitLab or any other issue tracking is always better than comments. I know now how I’m going to spend my free time today.!

    4. Regarding Live-installer and Calamares: Which one will be the one that will be used by Linux Mint in the future? Is Calamares thought as a fallback until Live-installer is fully featured and stable?

    5. We don’t know yet. We don’t need to choose in a hurry, they’ll both be present in the stable release.

    6. @randomguy: Report it here as detailed as you can, and ask someone (nicely) to post it to GitHub. These guys have a lot of work to do and tons of requests to handle, so it really helps when people post the bugs and suggestions in their tracker, where they can easily sort it, assign it to people and then work it out. If they have to pick it up from here, it only add more work, which means we will get LMDE rather later than sooner.

      If you’d like to be a good citizen, not just with Linux Mint, you can easily create a “fake” e-mail account that you can later use to report bugs on GutHub and other places, while protecting your privacy. It helps everyone.

    7. Ciao, Calamares installer is simple and fast. Live installer is good , but as “community sense” for linux distro is better to use Calamares and use C in the future, in ubuntu-mint too.
      If is possibile I suggest to consider to develop mint for unix-bsd derivate to expand mint presence.

    8. LMDE3 x32 works perfectly on my ancient Toshiba Satellite. What I did find out is that Cinnamon works perfectly with LMDE3 x32 but always crashes at boot with the live CD of Mint19 x32 Cinnamon (with and without force PAE). Every Cinnamon restart in the live Mint19 results in an immediate crash. I scrolled down through github but didn’t find a place to report the bug for Mint19. Sorry, if this is the wrong place but if someone gives guidance I will report it in the proper area. The errors in dmesg are : [ 0.054409] ACPI Exception: Could not find/resolve named package element: Z00F (20170831/dspkginit-381)
      [ 0.054471] ACPI Exception: Could not find/resolve named package element: Z00F (20170831/dspkginit-381)

      [ 233.937003] cinnamon[1639]: segfault at 8 ip a883a25e sp bfc00860 error 4
      [ 268.683850] perf: interrupt took too long (2512 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 79500
      [ 346.956394] cinnamon[1822]: segfault at 8 ip a7c2125e sp bfbcf900 error 4
      [ 366.665617] perf: interrupt took too long (3148 > 3140), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 63500
      [ 374.267068] cinnamon[1900]: segfault at 8 ip a7be525e sp bf8e1020 error 4
      [ 449.903774] cinnamon[1978]: segfault at 8 ip a7bc125e sp bfc14c00 error 4

    1. Cool, I wasn’t aware of that. If NetBSD needs a few things patched in Cinnamon or Xapps to run smooth over there they shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help.

  2. LMDE 3 beta was installed on two very old netbook samsung n148p.
    I was surprised – LDME 3 works, even movies online can be viewed on my old, small netbooks !!!
    Bravo, the MINT team !!!

    1. I was amased about how light the debian base really is. Mx Linux (debian based), installed on an old dual core 1gb RAM pc runs beautifully. Even watching YouTube videos is fine.

  3. Installing Virtual Box Guest Additions
    I just did an upgrade on my Oracle/VirtualBox — Saturday.

    In order to install the Guest Additions it is necessary to “insert the guest additions CD”
    but: I had to UNLOAD the device before it would let me load the Guest Additions “CD”

    You would think the dialog would either (a) do an unload automatically, or (b) show a note instructing user to unload the device before attempting to load the new “CD”.

    you’d think so, anyway

    1. Clem I apologize in advance for this reply being long and dealing with VirtualBox, but please read to see if you think I am onto something or just a tangent due to my issues with VBOX and LM19 Betas. Anyway back to Mike…..
      I have been a user of VirtualBox for years, but as of late I have had multiple problems very similar to yours when I attempted to install the Beta’s for LM19. What was the host OS you were using to run VBOX on? I have only tried this on LM18.3 and was unable to install the LM19 Betas so I am unsure if the problem is existent on Windows 7 Home Prem. I have only one Win7 Pro Machine which is an i3 Laptop which I finally gave up attempting to run VBOX on due to the extreme issues with Virtualization Instructions lacking on older i3’s.

      I will attempt to install VBOX on my one of my AMD CPU machines either the FX8320, FX4350 ones which have Win7 on them as well as LM19. I will post back here afterwards regardless of the results, but given Oracle’s recent steps in other areas I am less than hopeful they continue to support VirtualBox as well as in the past. I will stop before I rant too much about Oracle, but having used SUN & Solaris years ago I have been very disappointed in Oracle has run the company. I bring this up as VirtualBox was a product along with OpenOffice than SUN purchased before the Oracle Acquisition, and we saw how quickly they dropped OpenOffice and they only after LibreOffice and the Open Document Foundation or ODF became successful did Oracle release the name OpenOffice to the Open Source Community. The recent decisions on JAVA another SUN innovation before the time of Oracle also makes me fear that VBOX might soon be discontinued so I will be testing by partitioning and dual or in this case triple booting. I know not everyone has this option as they don’t have machines that were surplussed by people in my family upgrading to newer machines. Final Fantasy 14 forced one of these machines to be replaced with a newer AMD RYZEN 1800X, and RX580 just to keep the wife happy, and you know how the saying goes Happy Wife Happy Life.

      I would be interested in hearing how VBOX is working for others, and just as LMDE is preparing for a possible issue of Ubuntu disappearing, and Linux Mint having to be based upon Pure Debian I would like to have a fallback if Oracle walks away from VBOX. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  4. I see /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list still contains
    `deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org stretch main non-free`

    I found that repo introduced conflicts with debian updates/backports, for very little apparent benefit. In LMDE2, I think there were only one or two packages in that repo that weren’t available from backports.
    If I were Mint BDFL I’d remove it with fire..

    1. LMDE 2 is based on Jassie. I would not expect Stretch repositories to work well.
      for LMDE 3 (based on Stretch) it should be no issue… deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org stretch main non-free works fine on Debian Stretch
      what is Mint BDFL?

    2. In LMDE2 the line was (I think) this:
      `deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org jessie main non-free`

      In LMDE3 it’s:
      `deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org stretch main non-free`

      In LMDE2, that repo did not play well with Debian backports (which were required for hardware support), packages became stale, and the quality was questionable. Given that most of the packages are now in Debian I think it’s pretty much redundant, and provides almost no benefit whilst increasing the risk of borkage.

      BDFL = Benevolent Dictator For Life, if I’ve got the acronym right.

    1. Nop. LM team decision was discussed by many users including myself but the arguments were very comprehensible.

    2. Yes, it is a shame. But the MATE Desktop IS available for Debian, at http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/download — scroll down from the top of the page, and there you are… simple and clear installation instructions.

      MY question would be regarding a non-Cinnamon version of LMDE 3; alternatively, perhaps equally simple and clear instructions for removing Cinnamon from LMDE 3.

    3. If we install mate on top LMDE 3 and eventually remove Cinnamon It would be the same to install debian with mate. I doesn’t make sense for me. Please someone could explain the benefits of that? Thanks!

    4. @Jonathan Horen
      With LMDE3 mate-desktop-environment-extras does not fully install. Mint “blocks” it, I believe the term is “apt pinning”.
      you will not see any errors, but many of the tools and apps never get into your system. you need to do more than as shown on the Mate website.
      The Good news is that Debian Stretch non-free unofficial ISO has the full suite properly configured.

    5. Hi Peter,

      What do you mean exactly? These meta packages are not pinned, and even if they were that wouldn’t mean they were “blocked”. You can install mate-desktop-environment-extras if you feel like it and if you want its recommended packages just tell APT with –install-recommends. Just be aware though, Debian ships MATE 1.16. If you want MATE 1.20 you’ll need to get it from Stretch-backports.

    6. @Horacio: Like Linux Mint (MATE/Cinnamon/XFCE), LMDE is more than the Desktop Environment… there are many Mint-specific enhancements, as well — some visible, most not. As you mentioned in a previous post, there was a wide-ranging discussion about LMDE “spins”, and the decision to go Cinnamon-only was certainly understandable and valid. Let us be thankful that mate-desktop.org exists, and is actively supported.

    7. Yes, I was looking for the same thing. I don’t think my old 32bit netbook (Acer Aspire One, KAV60) can handle Cinnamon. It definitely can’t handle playing videos, so I suspect the display chipset, etc is severely limited. Not like I use it for watching videos anyway (it’s mainly for email and document editing while at a customer site or disconnected from the internet). I have my tablet for video and my work laptop for (obviously) work stuff.

    8. @Clem
      sorry for not responding sooner, I just now saw your response.
      I don’t much care if I get MATE 1.20 as the new features are insignificant to me.
      I made fresh install… at your suggestion I tried the installing all of the recommends for mate-desktop-environment-extras with Synaptic. that does not help.
      Perhaps with the proper command it would work in a terminal, I don’t know.
      as far as Pinning or Apt Preferences I am a noob and have no clue on the ins and out of that.
      all I know is that getting full function of Mate is not all that simple
      Thanks, Peter

  5. Thank You!
    Just experimenting now…
    kernel 4.9.0
    – “nomodeset” needed for nVidia
    – encryption –> calamares + uefi + use entire disk = OK ( why 100% GUI installers use LVM? )
    since I have 24 GB memo, I finished with 29GB of swap ( using “entire disk option” does not offer “NO SWAP” partition)
    – at last I managed to succesfuly instal LMDE3 on SSD —> which was not a case with UBUNTU-based-LM19 –> installation breaks because for some strange reason which required from me to remove “some” memory (decrease total memory size) from their slot on MoBo – which I did not wanna to do, so waited for LMDE3;
    Now I can sit back and relax for next 10 years!

  6. This is great news! I am anxious to try LMDE3, but my normal technique/syntax for booting the ISO via GRUB2 ‘loopback’ on a USB stick is not working. Can anyone who successfully boots this way for LMDE3 post the menuentry?

  7. Locale “Cornish, Great Britain” is clearly not fully translated into Kernewek yet. I think that it is only the dates so far. Mainly, I like the spellings used but August is given as “Mye Est”. It should read “Mys Eth”.

    Calamares installer is the only one needed. It does encryption — so necessary nowadays.

    Option to have MATE would be good.

  8. “Its main goal is for the Linux Mint team to see how viable our distribution would be and how much work would be necessary if Ubuntu was ever to disappear.”

    No beating around the bush huh? haha

  9. There is a metapackage for installing XFCE in debian, named `xfce4`. I guess it does not include the customizations that make it look beautiful in LinuxMint. But maybe it is possible to install a customization package from LinuxMint. I am not sure how it works for the Ubuntu based version.

  10. “error” message (I don’t think it is a bug) states unable to install Viber, because of missing libssl1.0. Otherwise, LMDE beta looks like a winner. Viber in my hands, cannot be installed in Mint 19 either. Viber does install, very easily, with 18.1, 2, and 3 Cinnamon.

  11. Correction:
    August is given as “Mye Est”. It should actually be “Mys Est”.
    Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous post. However, “Mys Eth” would mean “Month 8”, so I was not wildly out!

    LMDE3 is looking good.
    Will it work with a more up-to-date version of LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird?

    1. Totally irrelevant but I used to work on a ship named ‘Mys Du’ that I believe means month of November? It was owned by a Cornish Shipping Company. Incidentally, and more irrelevant, we were always being called by Russian vessels because ‘Mys’ means (I think) cape in Russian so they assumed we were a Russian vessel.
      All pre-linux though….

  12. Hey all. This is my first time posting anything anywhere about LMDE, though I have been a lurker since I started using LMDE when I got fed up with windows and liberated myself from it in 2013. I have different distros set up on other computers and I have set up LMDE on several computers for friends and family. Though I play with several different distros in the virtual, LMDE has always been my home for main usage.

    LMDE 3 looks GREAT! Man, I love it, great work guys.

    With that having been said, I am not a fan of systemd. Is there no option to install Cindy without systemd? Is it possible to remove it and run with another init?

    Not trying to start a flame war, and I know which distros out there use runit, sysv, busybox, and openrc. I’m just asking about my favorite distro and whether or not it’s possible moving forward to keep using it given my preferences.

    Thanks all the awesomeness over the years.

    1. Hi,

      I don’t think it’s possible for users to do so (you’d need to patch, port, repackage, recompile software basically), and if we were to engage in this ourselves, the work involved on the package base would only grow over time. I can’t speak for all major distributions but within the Debian realm it’s not reasonable to think you’ll be able to continue without systemd. You already know about Devuan I’m sure, they might have desktop derivatives?

      On our side we’ve no plans to ship anything without systemd. We are committed to support as many users and distributions as possible when working on MATE and Cinnamon though, so we’re continuing to support consolekit2, upower, ntp etc.. in these projects.

    2. If you want to try a Debian-based desktop-focused distro without systemd, you could try AntiX Linux, or its associated distro, MX Linux.

  13. “We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!” OK, I like to post my feedback on LM 19 Tara Mate. You removed all those feedback from there, so where is the proper to place to post my feedback? Thanx for any info in advance.

  14. Congratulations on the beta release!
    I have some concern about deb-multimedia source. My understanding is it is no longer necessary, that even libdvd codecs are available from Debian. Also deb-multimedia has been known to break things in Debian:
    Might be best to make a note about it being safest to disable deb-multimedia after user downloads what they need from that repository. Just a suggestion.

    1. Edit: forget that last part. Disabling the deb-multimedia repo will cause issues. Tried installing the Pithos Debian Stretch package and it was missing codecs because it wanted to pull them from deb-multimedia instead of from Debian sources. I’m guessing some apt-pinning is involved? Hopefully deb-multimedia doesn’t bite us down the road.

  15. Many thanks, Clem, to you and the Linux Mint Team, for continuing the Linux Mint Debian Edition line with LMDE 3 “Cindy” and for continuing to offer a 32-bit edition! This will be my first time testing a beta version of ANYTHING; but if it can help to keep LMDE going, even in some small way, it’ll be time well-spent.

    While I’m busy downloading & verifying a 32-bit image of the beta, perhaps you could answer a question: After the final release version of LMDE 3 “Cindy” becomes available, how long will you continue to offer support for LMDE 2 “Betsy” (Mint updates, security updates, etc.)?

    One final note, while we’re on the subject of updates: This morning’s update of Thunderbird in LMDE 2 leaves Thunderbird inaccessible from the usual links supplied in MintMenu and the panel. The reason for this is readily discoverable (a look at the links’ command path and a simple search for ‘thunderbird’ will do), and the fix is fairly straightforward (a change in the links’ command path from the old “/opt/thunderbird/thunderbird %u” to a new “/usr/bin/thunderbird %u” does the trick). I only mention it here because 1) it seems unlikely that you intended the Thunderbird upgrade to orphan the usual links, and 2) many of our fellow LMDE users are at least as likely to read of it here as they are to find mention of it in the Forum [See – https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=238&t=274538#p1505093 – ].

    1. hi John,

      Thanks for the info on thunderbird. Can you describe the issue about the broken link more in detail? Is it a launcher you created yourself? The launcher from Menu->Internet (/usr/share/applications/thunderbird.desktop) should update itself automatically and we don’t provide any other launcher towards Thunderbird.

      Regarding Betsy, it hasn’t been announced yet but we’re considering an EOL on Jan 1st 2019.

    2. Hi, Clem: Thanks for your reply. No, I didn’t create my own launcher for Thunderbird. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So you’ve said before, and so I’ve long believed. From the day I switched from old LMDE to a clean installation of LMDE 2 MATE, the most I’ve ever done with the launchers included by default in MintMenu is “Show”/”unShow” a few I did/didn’t think I’d need, and, in the case of Thunderbird and several other items, “Add to panel.” Since, until yesterday, I’ve never needed to alter the command paths for these MintMenu items, I must assume that “/opt/thunderbird/thunderbird %u” was the ORIGINAL command path for the Thunderbird menu item in LMDE 2 MATE. Apparently, I’m not alone in that assessment, as evidenced by the aforementioned post in the LMDE2 Forums yesterday. [See forum post – https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=238&t=274538#p1505093 and the immediately preceding post – #p1505082 – ]

      Incidentally, although yesterday’s update completely erased all traces of Thunderbird from the “/opt” directory, Firefox still launches from there. The current, fully functional command path for the Firefox menu item in LMDE 2 MATE is still “opt/firefox/firefox %u” and presumably has not changed since the original installation. The “opt” folder currently still contains three subfolders, respectively named: “firefox”, “mint-flashplugin-11”, and “mint-flashplugin-24”.

      Just now, I created a new launcher, “F-16C”, in Menu->Other (/usr/share/applications/thunderbird.desktop) to test your recommended command path. It didn’t work. The “thunderbird.desktop” file in “/usr/share/applications”, appears to be an “older” desktop configuration file (Modified: Fri 06 Jul 2018 12:51:47 AM PDT) simply NAMED “Thunderbird”. Its command path DOES point to “/usr/bin/thunderbird %u” as it should, but revising my “F-16C” test launcher to point to “/usr/share/applications/Thunderbird” or “…/Thunderbird %u” didn’t work, either.

      Finally, a full search for “thunderbird.desktop” turned up a second, newer version (Modified: Tue 31 Jul 2018 12:05:20 PM PDT) named “Thunderbird Mail” (in “/home/’myfiles’/.config/mate/panel2.d/default/launchers”) which, copied into “/usr/share/applications”, also fails to yield a working “F-16C” test launcher. In contrast, “F-16C” works every time with a direct “/usr/bin/thunderbird %u” command path.

      Both older and newer versions of “thunderbird.desktop” are roughly the same size (6098 and 6129 bytes, respectively), but their contents, while similar, are arranged VERY differently. I don’t know what to make of them! They’re too long to include here. Hopefully, you already have access to these files at your end and can figure out why they don’t work. In the meantime, I’ll just stick with what does.

  16. Quick comment about the installer, the default Mint LMDE installer would not work for me. When I right clicked on the target drive and put in my info it would get stuck and not move past that point. Before filing a bug report I’m curious if something has changed in that installer or it is an actual bug. The default installer doesn’t work like it did in the past.
    So, I used the Calamares installer, and it worked, but if you are installing to an external drive as I did, you get stuck with the 1min 30s boot delay just like with Debian’s installer:
    This happens because it sees swap on your first drive, then when you boot from the external drive where you actually installed the OS, boot gets hung up because it’s confused about swap.

    1. Hi kbd,

      Can you get an error message in the output when running “sudo live-installer” from the terminal? I’m curious to see if you get a python error or something when you right-click the target drive.

    2. Clem, is this it?

      (main.py:2798): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_entry_set_text: assertion ‘text != NULL’ failed

  17. Eddy B.
    Just like to say I am a bit shocked by the abrupt dropping of the mate version of LMDE, and the removal of the LMDE2 versions from the download list when the LMDE3 is only described as a beta version. Personally it’s more so as I only downloaded and installed LMDE2 mate version for the first time the day before, having previously used only the ubuntu based versions of mint. I realise you have always described it as a rolling version but isn’t this taking that approach too far.

  18. Everything so far seems to work fine with one huge exception … I absolutely cannot get the terminal to launch. Even reinstall but still cannot launch.

    1. That happened to me twice during the last year.
      Check your regional settings.
      On my laptops some of the regional settings were set to “Cinnamon desktop”.
      I ended up installing another terminal emulator and then started “gnome-terminal”
      manually and the error message shows up.

  19. I’ve always like LMDE over the ubuntu version. Two words – ROLLING RELEASE. So we don’t have to go through this wait, build, beta, wait, install new or upgrade process. Debian Testing is surpisingly “stable”. Might be easier to do a rolling release instead of on Stable.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      We did in the past. Debian testing was a maintenance nightmare and it was far from stable, it might have been OK if we didn’t care about breakages and it stopped being viable the minute we started developing our own DE and application stacks. To make this work, we’d need to keep an eye on it 24/7, constantly fix regressions, rebuild against new libs, basically spend half of our resources into maintaining something that isn’t as stable as what we already have. I don’t think we’ll ever consider a rolling base again to be honest. The introduction of flatpaks also mitigated the need for bleeding edge software packages and for people who enjoy rolling bases, there are better alternatives out there than Debian. The best base in my opinion is provided by Ubuntu, by anticipating a Debian snapshot, freezing it and working on it with LTS scope. It is frozen yet quite fresh for its first two years and more stable than anything else out there. Debian stable is also quite enjoyable to work with, although it isn’t as well maintained as Ubuntu and basically misses all the work Ubuntu does on it, it is stable though and we can build on it.

      When it comes to rolling distributions we hear good things about Arch and its derivatives.

    2. thanks for the explanation. I moved LMDE2 to Debian Testing to manjaro on a laptop (thinking about moving back to Deb), mint on my main family desktop, had LMDE2 on another laptop until the cinnamon changes and other updated programs weren’t showing up. I’ll probably put lmde3 back somewhere. Thanks for all the work.

    3. If you want a stable rolling release try Manjaro Cinnamon. It’s beautiful like Mint and very stable, I’m running it for 2 months now.

  20. Cannot get gnome-terminal to launch. Uninstalled, reinstalled, so-forth. Still no go. I installed xterm for the time being.

    1. Good idea.
      Which error message is shown, if you execute”gnome-terminal” in an xterm window ?
      I’m almost sure that the message contains something about “LANG…”

  21. I became an Ubuntu user in mid 2007, and went completely Ubuntu in mid 2008, with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. It was excellent. Recently I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I was very disappointed with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I saw the ‘writing on the wall’. About a year earlier I read in a computer magazine that Ubuntu was going to change, and that it just might not be free in the future. So, I bought the Mint 18.3 Disk, and converted to Mint. I am glad that I made the change. Mint is ‘different’, but it is better. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS had gone to LibreOffice 6. Please , Mint, don’t go to LibreOffice 6! Stay with LibreOffice 5.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for choosing Linux Mint, I’m glad you enjoy our work. About Ubuntu though, it is free and should remain free, and we’re running the same version of LibreOffice as them.

  22. I’m waiting for the Xfce version and looking forward to it coming out of Beta. I know Cinnamon is your flagship DE but personally I prefer Xfce, my ageing brain finds it easier to cope with and it does everything I want/need.

  23. Clem, thank you so much for LMDE3 Cinnamon
    Cinnamon – a business card of Linux Mint
    You made the right choice that focused all your efforts on Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 and LMDE3
    Good luck in job!
    Health to you and your loved ones!

  24. Hi,
    Libreoffice looked like Windows 95, there was no libreoffice-gtk3 installed, themes just sifr & breeze… On my amd64 no starting-theme just blue-screen with black borders, but menu works ok… Yeah, finally you added Calamares loved it with other live-distros… Best overview and partitioning-options, worked perfect for my installation. Great work, keep it up!

    1. I love Mint, but the team doesn’t take seriously the elegance, the artwork. We have chinese distributions more beautiful than Mint.. Fortunately we can change.

  25. Hi!

    I’m quiet new in using LMDE. At the moment I have LMDE 2 installed; is there an easy way to upgrade to LMDE 3 without reinstalling?

  26. Excuse me, but I’ll say unpleasant.
    You make an excellent foundation, but how to apply this framework: a typewriter, watching movies, news on the Internet. And all!
    You need to move on.
     And this is difficult.
    But still – it is necessary to work with game manufacturers, manufacturers of video cards – this is the future of Linux!
    Without modern games, Linux will be just a typewriter.

  27. You are hard workers!
    LMDE 3 impressed me, but ….. only a few games are ported to Linux.
    This is problem!

  28. LMDE 3 with Calamares install it’s very good idea, I like this installer. I would like to be able to install DE by choice, as in the original Debian, and also it would be nice to add a minimal software installation for all LM editions, as it was done in the new version of Ubuntu.

  29. @ Clem
    Yes I am getting error messages in the logs but I am pretty sure I have caused this now. I installed the beta as an additional OS into a fully encrypted disk without boot partition using the encryption script provided by Pepas, however it actually only supports through LM 18.3 and LMDE2. I am finding other errors now so I consider the script does not set up LMDE 3 properly and I will just wait for a new script from Pepas. Thanks.

  30. I installed LMDE 3 and enabled XFCE installing the packages xfce4, xfce4-goodies and some other I personally like.

    XFCE by default looks awful at the beginning, as always, but once Mint-Y theme is applied, everything works smoothly.

    My printer/scanner worked perfectly, what didn’t happen with LM 19 (I’m starting to think that maybe the issue can be fixed with an older kernel).

    Thank you Clem and team for a great distribution. I hope to keep LMDE for a long time.

  31. Have their not been community maintained versions of Linux mint, would it be possible to do thiswith lmde and MATE

  32. Hi,
    I’m an relative new Mint User (started with 18.3 Cinnamon) about 6month or so. I like the LM Cinnamon DE.
    Now I gave lmde3 a chance and i’m happy with what i see 🙂
    I’ve one question about kernel in lmde3: I think 4.9 is the stable debian version – how frequently will the kernel in debian stable be updated to newer kernel versions ? I ask as i have problem on my main desktop pc to get NVIDIA 1060 GK working
    Another thing i saw was on installing hplip-gui to setup my hp printer with scanning function. on installing the printer through gui it as always asked to download the scanning plugin – after doing that it asks for the sudo password – but then it breaks with error “wrong password” entered – the pw was correct – i overcame this install error on giving the root user a pw – so is that how i should go or is there another way to install the plugin ?


  33. For those interested in using XFCE4 with LMDE3… my experience (in VirtualBox) is that it works just fine. I never leave any install vanilla anyway… Adding a different DE to LMDE3 was pretty straight forward, even if it is not supported.

  34. Hi, Clem
    Thank you for Tara and Cindy Cinnamon.
    It has been truly grown up to the highst level.
    Hence, In terms of Cindy Beta, I hope you to think of it again about installer, switching to Linux Mint default installer.
    For me and other new or old users of Linux Mint, it is not easy to proceed installation process of partitioning and boot loader installation manually.
    I hope you to regard it as deep.
    Thank you and all of your heart for Linux Mint.

  35. I’m a big fan of Linux Mint MATE and I’ve been using it for years. But maybe time to try alternatives that aren’t so dependent on Ubuntu.

  36. I had problems installing from the torrent version, onle got it right at the third attempt. And then theer was no welcome screen (doesn’t matter, stuff like that just angers me anyway) but also not the usual reminder to restart the computer and unmount the install medium. I’ve never encountered such sloppyness before, not from the Minty Goodness team. 🙁
    But my biggest gripe is you’re abandoning Mate! Did nobody notice it’s far superior over its brethren Cinnamon and Xfce? Only in Mate I can customize to my personal preferences, Xfce and Cin aren’t customizable and comfy enough. This should be the DE of choice for LMDE, since it’s advanced over the others as LMDE is advanced over the *buntu-based Mint.

    1. I agree with Orca Flata. I can customize MATE exactly the way I want in minutes. MATE is one of the big reasons I switched Mint instead of Ubuntu in the first place. Cinnamon has too many ‘features’ that I don’t want or need. Xfce is fast, but they took away my Calculator and gave me a Galculator instead. Lame.

    1. This nevertheless confirms the existence of control deficiencies also under Debian.
      control two very complicated gpu

  37. This is very important!! I decided I would dust off one of my faithful Athlon xp 2600+. Well I was a bit surprised when the browser kept crashing for no apparent reason. I almost had to turn over every stone on the internet. When I found out it was becaude FF decided to drop sse instructions I was shocked. Never in my life have I felt like I was being forced to relegate hardware to a classic gaming or an offline media server setup because of that. It is true that the 32 bit OS distributions work, but aside from the Palemoon(sse) project, or use an older browser. You are screwed. I think it was good that you put notes about things like flash, drm, and nomodeset.
    I think it would be very helpful to put a bulletin in your 32 bit releases stating that most browsers will crash if their cpu does not have SSE2 and how to find out. People should know what they are up against. Aside from this I do like LMDE 2 Although with everything sometimes browser updates break drm because a site does not keep up with changes at the same speed. I will say I really liked flash becaue there were standards. I find with HTML5 it is more of a free for all code confusion from one player to another and code that makes it work. The problem these days is fewer people give code a chance to mature and be perfected. While some others think since you have faster hardware they see what can be done to choke it up with bloated junk code again. The other fact is one would think that having a dual core 64 would make a pc 3 times faster than a 32 bit cpu, but it doesn’t. I have even seen 8 cores on tablets do very little if anything. One last thing.It would be nice to mention that a cpu with em64t can be used with a 64 bit OS, because I had no clue and most people are not aware of instruction sets a cpu has.

  38. I hope that it will be possible to install MATE cleanly. LMDE was a good project. I think Cinnamon will not be the only option. Let’s wait – maybe LMDE will wake up;) and Cinnamon is just a bad dream ;).

  39. a query if it were to die to ubuntu and we continue with the version based on debian if it were to happen it could be passed from the ubuntu version to the debian version or the systems are very different

  40. Clem thanks for this Beta. Great work !!

    I didn’t want that to get buried in my reply to Mike about VBOX issues which may or may not be related to Linux Mint / Ubuntu. I look forward to doing a fresh install on LMDE 3, and once it moves from Beta into Production I might move this machine to LMDE3. In the past I have always had two machines running Linux Mint with one LMDE and the other the LM based upon Ubuntu. I have been holding off on moving to a Ryzen or Thread-ripper until the LM supported it with the newer kernels/compilers, and was wondering if there was a source or link I could find to keep up on that as I am planning on building an A/V system on LM to show my friend who has his professional recording studio running on Reaper ( think Pro Tools but better and available on all three platforms WIN/MAC/LINUX ) on a Threadripper running on WIN10????

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated !!

  41. Clem, I see in synaptic any DE can be added to the system (be it xfce, plasma, mate or whatever) so everyone can customize their OS as they wish.
    I wonder, is it too much of man-power an updated installer which let you choose which DE to install ?
    This way, the installed OS will have just the needed packages, and no wasted disk space at all.

  42. When closing a bug report, I personally find it rude if no explanation has been given. That is no way to encourage further engagement from somebody. That is why I am not supplying some information asked on a third bug.

    1. @DrTeeth: I agree. However you are free to comment on that closed report and ask why.
      My thought is that these people are not accustomed to a formal bug reporting process so I give them a break.

    2. Not sure how closing a bug report without any explanation is any different than not replying to a comment made here. As noted, closed reports on github aren’t locked from comments.

    3. @ Peter
      I expect more from the lead programmer!

      I’m afraid your point has missed me. I would say that I expect that a user puts more effort and time into a bug report and invests more time than they would in a post here. The perfect way to discourage people from getting involved with reporting bugs is to dis them. Somebody may start with a single bug report and with encouragement become a more involved member of the team.
      We English do have quite high standards of manners, for which I make no apologies.

    4. Hi DrTeeth,

      I suppose there’s frustration because we’re both expecting more from each other. I don’t find it rude that you don’t take the time to troubleshoot your observations, read our troubleshooting guide, but that’s because I’m experienced with this and used to interacting with many people. I know you’re trying to help.

      We did document our position though and explained what wasn’t useful to us: http://linuxmint-troubleshooting-guide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

      “Many of the windows that I came across were not full sized (in spite of there being room for it) and therefore hiding some of the windows’ contents necessarily.”

      This isn’t useful to us. We can’t read that and say, right, I know what he means, let’s fix it right now. We’ve no idea what the issue is, where the bug is, if any, whether that’s related to your display drivers, what resolutions you’re using etc etc… I wouldn’t even know where to start and there’s really no point in helping you troubleshoot something that may or may not be a bug when we’re in the middle of bug squashing.

      You reported what we call an “observation” and we specifically documented why we don’t want that. It’s not only useless to us, it gets mixed with other reports which we can work on.

      Another thing you might not know… it takes a huge amount of time to actually tell someone his help isn’t helpful. It’s not easy at all to turn down help and even less so to explain to someone he didn’t read the post, the guide and what he provided doesn’t help. Many devs in our team will not close issues because they simply aren’t comfortable doing that.

      It’s going to sound very blunt but anyone can report an observation and we certainly want to discourage people from doing that. Not everybody will take the time to read the troubleshooting guide and dig past observations to highlight actual bugs we can fix to us, but when these people do, we want to read them, and if there’s only a few of them and it’s not flooded in the middle of a huge number of observations, then it’s better for all of us, for them because their “work” is useful, for us because we can put our attention where it’s needed and make a difference fast, and for you because instead of helping you troubleshoot an observation we’re actually making a difference and using our time to make improvements.

      Don’t let frustration get in the way. You tried to help, it didn’t. I’m sorry you felt the way you did. Maybe we should work on a few canned answers to politely explain a particular report isn’t valuable but we do appreciate the help, we do. I suppose we’ll work on that and in the meantime please let me apologize for offending you. I certainly didn’t mean to.

    5. Hi Clem,

      Thanks you for your post. We are still friends. I have found the troubleshooting guide…thanks for the link. I promise I will use it before posting a bug again.

      Have a great weekend

  43. Great job! Perfect debian! The third day without errors. /dev/nvme0n1 / lmde 3 cindy /dev/sda model: r3Sl240g / mint 19 tara Thank you so much!

  44. Hi,
    I installed yesterday LMDE3 Cindy Cinnamon BETA with a live USB stick and a downloaded ISO on my home laptop HP Stream. The live session worked at once with exactly the same look and behavior as TARA Cinnamon.
    This encouraged me to go further and install it on my 32Go hard disk.
    Life installer failed (because maybe of wrong option BIOS legacy / UEFI mode) and I got a grub rescue prompt.
    I tried then the Calamares installer which I did not know .
    Manual partitioning give me troubles but automatic UEFI partitioning on full HDD worked fine.
    I think I will keep LMD3 and do not restore Tara since it fully suits me.
    You achieved a great OS congratulations!

    1. With a HP Stream 11, the first attempt we tried was the installer on the Desktop and seemed to have the same problems as you described.

      Next we tried the Calamares Installer:

      Name: /dev/mmcblk0p1
      Size: 512.0 MiB
      Content: Format
      File System: FAT32
      Mount Point: /boot/efi
      Flags: boot, esp

      Name: mmcblk0p2
      Size: 29306 MiB (28.62 GiB)
      Content: Format
      File System: ext4
      Mount Point: /
      Flags: {None}

      It finished, however, the computer kept turning on and off. Seemed to be in an infinite loop.

      1. How did you select automatic UEFI partitioning on full HDD?
      2. New Partition Table: MBR vs GPT?


    2. Solved by turning off “Secure Boot” in the BIOS. Is that the correct way to solve this issue? How could LMDE be installed if a computer does not have the ability to turn off Secure Boot? Thank you

  45. Hi maybe this question has been adressed in the past,

    is LMDE going to be what LM aims to in the future? or is it REALLY a backup-thing, with low priority and low resource maintained distro, for really just in case Ubuntu dissappears from one day to the other?

    Because if so, it feels to me Ubuntu will always be there.

    1. I would assume the switch to Debian 10 would mean LMDE4. Have no idea when that would be happening though 🙂

  46. Hi,
    To get rid of my desktop installer GRUB RESCUE issue and before to use successfully the Calmares installer;
    I used GPARTED to delete all partitions on my HP Stream 32Go Hard disk and then create a unique new ext4 partition.

  47. I noticed that the TARA swap partition was replaced by a swap file.
    Will LMD3 follows this change in future ?

    1. Probably because you created a single, big, EXT4 partition, so there was no room for a swap partition?

  48. Hi, Clem.

    Thanks to you and the developers for all your dedicated work – the beta has been running well. I’m looking forward to the stable.


  49. Installed on SSD with the live installer and added xfce DE which is working fine except window tearing and heavy on resources but still nothing broken but looking good.

  50. Cindy crashed on first boot after flawless install… she looks like the Debian Live Cinnamon distro and all those games it includes. right now as I write this, I have Mint 19 Xfce 32 running great on a 16-year-old P4 laptop off of a DVD! To me, that’s amazing!

  51. On my laptop Cindy Xplayer works perfectly but not VLC which loses half of the frames of the same vidéo.
    The sound is OK but the pictures are chopped.

    1. Not able to recognize broadcom wifi while no problem with linux mint 19 mate. Driver manager is missing in LMDE3

  52. So far LMDE 3 beta has been very solid for me on 2 different installations, but can we do something about that ‘blue screen of death’ Grub Menu Screen? It looks horrible, almost anything would look better, including a dull green color screen.

    1. With sudo rights, just edit /etc/default/grub to your liking, and then sudo update-grub.

    2. My previous reply was not right.
      Open with xed and sudo rights, file /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme and comment out lines 48 and 49:
      # echo “${1}set menu_color_normal=cyan/blue”
      # echo “${1}set menu_color_highlight=white/blue”
      Then sudo update-grub and the blue color is gone at next boot.

  53. So far LMDE3 is pretty stable for me, just few minor issues. The first and most significant is higher memory usage, comparing to LMDE2. The others are Synaptic Package Manager, LibreOffice and the Logs viewer. Synaptic for some reason doesn’t display all possible results form a search, at least for me. For example for “vorbisgain” it shows result for i386, but not for amd64. For LibreOffice i had to install libreoffice-gtk3 for the UI to be integrated with cinnamon. For the Logs viewer i couldn’t open anything at first, i had to add my account to the “adm” group. After that everything was ok. Overall for a Beta, Cindy is in a pretty good shape.

  54. Hi Óvári,
    I tested the LMDE 3 Cinnamon 64-bit live installer with the update ” 2018.07.28.1_all.deb” as described by clefebvre in GitHub on my old netbook emachines em350 (60GB SSD but 1GB RAM) and it did work from the first attempt.
    Thank you.

    1. I agree with you on several levels. I prefer Mint/Mate and have not tried Duvuan. Never the less I’ll install and dual boot LMDE3/Cinnamon when it gets past the beta stage. Mint developers maintain LMDE just in case Ubuntu takes leave. I’ll fiddle with LMDE/Cinnamon just in case something goes south on the Mint/Mate side. And, I apologize for this off-topic reply to an off-topic post.

  55. Hi all, I love Mint Cinnamon and have Tara installed on my system. This may be a rookie question and I apologise ahead of time for it if so, but what would the benefits be to using LMDE instead of the Ubuntu based version.

    Many thanks in advance to any answers!

    P.S Kudos to Clem and the Mint Team for creating my #1 Linux Distribution!!!

    1. Simply said, none, if you’re happy with Tara.
      There is more software available with the Ubuntu based Tara, and it’s a breeze to intall Nvidia drivers too.

    2. P.S. I’m not bashing LMDE by any means!
      I like to install things and experiment.
      It’s a good way for me to learn things. 🙂

  56. Tentando instalar um VM.
    Utilizei virtualbox e vmware.
    Ambos travam ao solicitar o idioma a ser instalado.

  57. Just did a fresh install and everything works wonderfully. Must be the perfect match for my hardware. Works much better on this desktop than Mint 19 Cinnamon. I hope in a year or two whenever LMDE4 Debby, or Delores, or Danielle or whatever is released I will be able to just do an in-place upgrade. Thanks for the great job on this release.

    1. Hi,

      Thunderbird is maintained by Ubuntu, they’re primarily interested in security fixes and Mozilla is saying that 60 isn’t an update for 59.

  58. First of all.. Thanks Clem and the Mint Team for this awsome release!
    Compliments apart I have some suggestion for the software list:
    – substitute Transmission with qBittorrent (a lot more versatile)
    – substitute Thunderbird and Gnome Calendar with Evolution (much better integration with Google account)
    – substitute Rhythmbox with Guayadeque (a lot more versatile and has no prob at all to work with gvfs)
    – remove the deb-multimedia repository (Debian has a full multimedia layer since version 6 and that crippled repository is no more part of the Debian ecosystem)
    Keep going guys.. LMDE really rocks 🙂

  59. I wish to report some issue: When I start LMDE into the system tray the volume is always at 100%. And If I forget to reduce the volume control, when I playing some music, it is so noisy… I check alsa is installed by default. I try installing pavucontrol, then Volti with no result. The volume staying always at 100% after shutdown or restart. Do you have the same issue? Thank you very much.

  60. A breath of fresh air.
    But having installed xfce4 and xfce-4-goodies, as I did with Betsy, and changed the settings so that the panel icon so it is linked to Firefox rather than the mysterious “debian sensible browser”, how do I find the mint wallpaper i started with?

  61. “Find Network Windows Printer via SAMBA” is no longer in the option list to add a printer with the command “system-config-printer” as it was in Sylvia Cinnamon (64bit) and earlier versions.
    This option was required by my “Freebox V6”
    Since my Brother HL 2035 has no WIFI, to print from my laptop I have now to connect both with an USB cable which is less convenient.

  62. Brilliant Job Chaps. LMDE3 is going on my Linux Mintbox all the main packages which I use, viz LyX(LaTeX), SciLab (and MATLAB), ANSYS, Openfoam, FreeCAD/FEA, Numeca-Fine Open/Omnis and CITRIX all working perfectly on a Virtual box from Mint 18.3. A couple of slight issues with Dropbox and

    So many many thanks to you all for such a brilliant job.

  63. Tried live boot with LMDE3 Beta
    Did not install because of partition manager language is different than I choose.
    Computer lan is internet connected .
    With LAN internet connection during live boot , the installer automatically suggests or selects language based on the location it detects.
    In my case it automatically prompts language Indonesian . But I choose English/USA .
    Later location Jakarta/Asia
    Now next page partition manager is showing in Indonesian.
    It is not in English .Possibly a bug.
    I cancelled installation and rebooted to windows.
    I noticed it had changed my pc time to UTC .
    Why the installer changes time before installing ?
    Also tried with internet lan cable disconnected .Looks like it goes correct with language selection and the partition manager shows in English.
    But did not proceed to install and waiting for final version

  64. Regarding my post for 100 % sound volume on August 8, 2018 at 7:49 pm I found solution: Put in empty text document this command pactl set-sink-volume 0 -60% and save it. On the permission allowed to run as a program. Use this command into Start up with 5 second delay it decrease the volume from 100 % to 40 %. This 40 % is max, but enough for music. Best regards.

  65. +1 to MATE proponents. Infortunately I missed the discussion on DEs. I’ve been using MATE since I switched to Linux years ago, and I’d not like to change my habits beacuse of other people’s preferences. (Thanks to Mint MATE, it was finally a success after a series of unfortunate attempts and rolling back to WinXP.) With minor customization, it is the easiest DE to be styled like classic Win95/WinXPclassic and I successfully used it many times for elderly users unable to accept the newest GUI fashions.

    LMDE seems to be a far better and more straightforward option now since Ubuntu indulged in risky and unnecessary experiments with new-style GUIs, Mir, clouds integration etc.rather then improving the quality of the product. On the other hand, bare Debian lacks some essential Ubuntu features (e.g. fonts), thus a user has to add Ubuntu repositories, duplicating the work of LMDE team himself as far as he is able to.

    Currently I use LMDE2 MATE at some of the machines which I have or take care of, and Mint 17/19 MATE at the others. What I was really waiting for is LMDE3 MATE! I agree that is really a developers’ headache to support a number of parallel distros instead one, but the one and only distro (be it Ubuntu-based or LMDE) should have a choice of DEs in its repositories, in addition to the default one. (At least, of the same GTK-based family, putting aside the KDE/QT-based ones.)

    1. I find XFCE to be even more easy to customize than MATE.
      That said, most DE’s are available in LMDE’s upstream repos (Debian).
      Since I installed the Cinnamon beta, I’ve installed XFCE and uninstalled most Cinnamon stuff.
      The same can be done with MATE I guess.

  66. Hi Clem,

    Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon and LMDE 3 Cinnamon changed the icons for Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, etc.

    Could you please change the “Ring” icon that is consistent with the change of this new Cinnamon version.

    The Ring developers are making Ring update nicely for both LM 18.x and LM 19.x.

    The Ring developers are also making Ring update nicely with LMDE 3.

    Thank you

  67. So cool to see LMDE still gets some love, and some hint in the comments about a BSD-based Mint. This is what makes Mint #1. A willingness to explore – what if no Ubuntu, what if BSD, what other installer can we… This prevents stagnation which SO many projects are in and don’t even realize it.

    1. You can easily install the XFCE desktop afterwards, it’s available in the repos.

  68. I must admit that I am an avid fan of the MATE desktop environment and was dismayed to hear it wasn’t officially supported in the LMDE3 release. I did try the BETA, though, and must admit that there is one feature of Cinnamon that I really do like: Snapping windows.

    In MATE, I recall the only options were: fully maximized, half-screen to either left or right side, or window at previous size.

    In Cinnamon, I like that it snaps as above, but ALSO half-screen to the top OR bottom, and ALSO 1/4 screen to either of the 4 corners.

    I find it really easy to get 4 windows visible on the same desktop when needing multiple separate windows open at same time. If that feature does exist in MATE, I haven’t seen it, and if it is possible to do so, I would love to make whatever change makes that happen.

    Otherwise, I still prefer MATE and am also grateful to Mint for the LMDE release. Thanks.

    1. Most DEs can “tile” (not snap) in corners. MATE does it as well in its latest version afaik. Where Cinnamon shines is that you can resize tiled windows, and you can “snap” them (i.e. press Ctrl while tiling a window and it will snap instead.. in that mode a window reduces the workable area to the rest of the screen, so maximizing other windows doesn’t cover it. This is handy when watching a video on the side while working for instance. That feature isn’t common in desktop environments. No other Linux desktop/wm does it afaik. We implemented it in Cinnamon after a similar concept was introduced by Microsoft in their Xbox One console).

  69. 32-bit Live USB

    Dell Inspiron 1300
    Celeron M 1.50GHz × 1
    Graphic:Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML
    Network:Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG

    when lid i closed only screen is turn off (Power management->Power->Power options->When the lid is closed->Suspend ON)

    -Power manager-
    Brightness panel applet no increase/decrease brightness when use mouse wheel, button or touchpad

    -Network manager-
    Do not work correctly, when create wi-fi connection is Ok but after few minutes network panel applet show only Network settings and Network connections when click left button, but connection exist. No preview other wi-fi networks

    “Unable to read system logs”

  70. Thanks Clem and the team, its works almost perfectly for me, now, just a little problem, when i play video youtube on full screen, then i press the key [win + D] for show the desktop, the taskbar dissapear for a few second, and then reappear normally.

  71. it has been a while since beta, when will stable version be released? I can see 2 bugs pending in the link above. will LMDE have patch against meltdown, spectre? I heard that there is a new serious bug called foreshadow, may be lmde release can be postpone a bit and have patch against that too?

  72. Ever thought of experimenting with the Linux From Scratch method of OS building to create a completely distro-agnostic Linux Mint?


    Considering what has happened to a certain Alex Jones, we are obviously entering a point in Internet history where the concept of “weaponized deplatforming” is being used by multiple big corporations working in tandem to cut *just one man* off from the Internet. Now just think of how Apple and Microsoft have always wanted to get rid of Linux and can now successfully pull plug on many Linux distros… and get away with it. A compiled from scratch distro-agnostic Linux Mint may be the only way for Linux Mint to survive such a technological purge.

    Just a thought.

  73. Well, since I don’t want to register to GitHub I would to report some tiny bugs I found :
    1) Calamares installer doesn’t include WL (Broadcom proprietary) drivers by default after the fresh installation onto HDD once it is done which is not a case of the default installer … -> This is of course related to my MacBook Air early 2015. -> That means a noob will try to install LMDE3 on a Macbook and realise that network card doesn’t work (works in live mode out-of-the-box) and,will not after fresh installation, and, you know ………..
    2) Synaptics doesn’t show all available software that is possible to get from http://www.packages.debian.org , at least not from Debian (Stretch) Backports – like BroadCom-sta drivers for example, needs to downloaded manually from the websites (once after repo setup of course). . .
    3) Telegram desktop app (Debian backports) shows blank (black) tiny window in applets tray (notification area) when using right-click on the icon . . .
    4) LibreOffice integration into the Cinnamon (theme issues, but nothing serious) is not really well done including spell check correction – despite that LibreOffice is still under 6.0

    That is all for now . . .

    By the way: LMDE3 is in general very stable, solid, reliable and blazingly fast . . .

    Thank you for reading this,
    Nitram from Norway

  74. I have five requests for improvements to LMDE 3:

    1. I installed the LMDE 3 beta on a new HP laptop with a Realtek Device c821 wireless card. It took a couple of days of research and experimentation to get this card to work properly with the rtl8821ce driver, which I had to download from here:


    It would be nice if wireless cards using this driver worked out of the box with LMDE 3.

    2. Please make all of the different colors that are available for the Mint-X themes and the Mint-Y icons themes also available for the Mint-Y window borders themes and the Mint-Y controls themes.

    3. The commenter Basti above said that LibreOffice looked like Windows 95. He’s right. Please make LibreOffice look seamlessly integrated with the rest of Cinnamon, as it did in LMDE 2.

    4. When hovering over some applications in the taskbar, like gnome-calculator, the window preview thumbnail image is surrounded by a border of garbled visual noise. Please fix this.

    5. The touchpad behavior seems like it has regressed since LMDE 2. It’s harder to put the pointer on a particular spot. It feels like the pointer is moving on ice, with it often slipping and sliding past the intended target. Also, I often have to tap a particular object two or three times, instead of just once, to make it activate. Please restore the touchpad performance to what it was in LMDE 2.

  75. At the first glance TARA and CINDY cinnamon look the same but after 3 weeks of testing I noticed that English language is the default setting. I had to install manually my language packs and dictionaries. It works with Thunderbird but for Firefox I did not find any compatible french language pack. Also some add-on like Flash did not worked at all.
    Thus I reinstalled TARA Cinnamon which I did appreciate its user friendly live installer with no trouble in UEFI mode.

  76. Recent updates to Mint “Tara” messed up the plugins and codecs in gstreamer. Still trying to sort it out…

  77. I have five requests for improvements to LMDE 3:

    1. I installed the LMDE 3 beta on a new HP laptop with a Realtek Device c821 wireless card. It took a couple of days of research and experimentation to get this card to work properly with the rtl8821ce driver, which I had to download from here:


    Please make wireless cards using this driver work out of the box with LMDE 3.

    2. Please make all of the different colors that are available for the Mint-X themes and the Mint-Y icons themes also available for the Mint-Y window borders themes and the Mint-Y controls themes.

    3. The commenter Basti above said that LibreOffice looked like Windows 95. He’s right. Please make LibreOffice look seamlessly integrated with the rest of Cinnamon, as it did in LMDE 2.

    4. When hovering over some applications in the taskbar, like gnome-calculator, the window preview thumbnail image is surrounded by a border of garbled visual noise. Please fix this.

    5. The touchpad behavior seems like it has regressed since LMDE 2. It’s harder to put the pointer on a particular spot. It feels like the pointer is moving on ice, with it often slipping and sliding past the intended target. Also, I often have to tap a particular object two or three times, instead of just once, to make it activate. Please restore the touchpad performance to what it was in LMDE 2.

  78. Hello, i do not know this is related, but will mint ever have colors in menus? Seems to me it is kind of black and white. If I right click on desktop or in xed editor, menus are just white and black. For long even icons in libreOffice were black and white, finally in mint 19 that is changed. But desktop menu, xed are still black and white
    thank you, have a nice day

  79. I dual-boot and up to this point Ihave been able to set up LVM encryption for the Mint partition by creating the LVM scheme in advance and then unlocking that partition before running the installer. I could then select the encrypted volume and with a bit of terminal work after the installer completes, I have a fully encrypted Mint system.

    Unfortunately, the LMDE 3 Installer unmounts this LVM partition before it lets me choose it, making it inaccessible.

    Ideally, I wish Mint (including LMDE 3) would have the option to install an encypted volume onto a partition rather than just whole disk or /home directory encyption. Manjaro does this in a completely seemless fashion.

    Anyways, thanks for all the hard work you all put into Mint

  80. François Blais thank you for your answer but I do not have blutto or phone on the pc and also I’m sorry for not mentioning the system it was clear that I was going to think it was the one based on my mistake with the trouble I did not realize it was the ubuntu based one but solutions with the wap update and others but delete navigation cookies, replace the antivirus by comodo etc, anyway thanks 😏

  81. Sorry, it’s been a week since the project seems suspended. The bug reports on github are not resolved, and at https://community.linuxmint.com/iso the job seems to be stopped. Is the team on vacation? Will the final version ever come out? Can someone tell us something? First it had to go out at the beginning of 2018, then procrastinated in March, then July, then in August …

  82. I tried to install Cindy in VMware Fusion on a Mac, but gave up. The buttons on the installation screens fall outside of the default Fusion installation window. I was able to make some progress blindly by using the arrow and tab keys, but eventually got stuck. As I recall, I had the same problem trying to install stock Debian. I have been able to install several versions of Linux Mint under VMware Fusion with no such problem.

  83. Apologies. Seconds after I posted of my problem installing Cindy under VMware Fusion, I reread the introductory material and saw that the ALT (Mac Option) key was the solution. Presently installing…

  84. 👻the security breach is in flash player add-on firfox recommended to disable complement completely linuxmint dbian and ubuntu problem related to countless menjaes of propaganda porn pages, etc., appear in the notifications continuously false calls, and more

  85. 👻 the security breach is in flash player add-on firfox recommended to disable complement completely linuxmint dbian and ubuntu problem related to countless menjaes of propaganda porn pages, etc., appear in the notifications continuously false calls, and more

    1. This problem has nothing to do with the LMDE beta, as far as I understand.
      It needs to be fixed upstream.
      You’re posting in the wrong place.

  86. In Lmde2 the live image connected to the internet , but after install and updates there was no internet connection. I hope you resolved this problem in Lmde3.

  87. kolourpaint4 save file error
    message :
    Unable to start the program.
    Can’t talk to klauncher
    The name org.kde.klauncher5 was
    not provided any .service files.

    Use Debian 7 (Wheezy)
    Debian Main amd64

    Normal operation, please check
    Thank you very much for your hard work.

  88. We should not be able to login as administrator. A standard user account should be created during the install process which would be more secure just like Debian 9.5 does ..

  89. This could be really sweet if someone can “Mint”-ify Semplice Linux’ vera desktop/WM (Openbox based), as the “lighter” alt sub for the retired MATE version. That’s a big if obviously…

    1. Maybe we are using a different installer, but I think there is only one.
      Root account and password is required. (I use a very strong password)
      User account and password is, I believe, optional. (I use a simple and weak password as the User can’t do much harm)

    2. excuse me. I was intending to comment on the Debian installer… not sure where that thread is in the blog

  90. Wow, unbundling Mint to work directly off of Debian instead of ‘via’ Ubuntu is a HUGE undertaking. It took the Kali guys a year of intense closed-door dev work – to the extent people thought their distro had died. Hats off to Clem and the Mint team for tackling this thicket of issues head-on. It ensures Mint will have options and a future. Maybe the LMDE should become a more prominent part of the Mint landscape / roadmap?

  91. Tried LMDE Cindy – the live USB worked fine, but upon installing and rebooting, Cinnamon crashed
    with not even lower panel features, I tried numerous times same result.

    Would recommend a Xfce and Mate edition also. Hopefully if those are not planned Cinnamon can be fixed
    to work with LMDE 3

  92. Downloading now, I’ll try it on VirtualBox.
    Testing Linux Distros via VB it’s becoming a kind of hobby.
    I use Linux since 1996 and I haven’t got tired of 🙂

    1. Downloaded a Beta ISO, all is OK till now.
      I’ll try to install Enlightenment (E22) , my favourite DE.

    2. We’re working on it. Slick-greeter, lightdm-settings and timeshift were backported towards Betsy and we’re finalizing changes to mintupgrade at the moment. We’re hoping to provide an upgrade path for the Cinnamon edition in the days to come.

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