Monthly News – March 2018

We’d like to send a huge thank you to all the people who donate to us. Many thanks also to all of you for your feedback, ideas, and contributions to our project.


We worked on improving the PDF reader a bit.

We added a preferences window and the ability to add history and expand buttons in the toolbar.

It is now possible to change the size of the thumbnails and that size is remembered for each document.

Many bugs were fixed, annotations can now be removed and ePub documents can now be saved.

Support for smooth-scrolling was improved and if recent documents are enabled in your desktop’s privacy settings, the PDF reader will show you the most recently opened documents.

Configurable maximum volume in Cinnamon

In the upcoming version of Cinnamon, you’ll be able to define the maximum sound output volume.

In the past, the applet and the multimedia keys allowed you to set the sound volume between 0 and 100%, and you could open the sound settings to get access to amplification and set the volume all the way to 150%.

This was changed. A new setting was added to define the maximum sound volume.

The sound applet, the multimedia keys and the sound settings allow you to set the volume between 0 and the maximum sound volume value.

This is useful for laptops which speakers aren’t very loud.. setting a maximum volume louder than 100% adds a little bit of amplification.

It’s also useful in certain cases, when you don’t want the maximum volume to be as loud as what the speakers allow. That maximum value can be set lower than 100%.


We started using the Meson build system. Our experience with it so far has been extremely positive.

4 projects are now using it: xapps, nemo, cinnamon-desktop and xplayer-plparser.

In comparison to Autotools, we find Meson much faster and simpler to maintain. As a result, we spend less time focusing on the builds and more time focusing on the projects themselves.

Long term, we’re likely to port all our projects to Meson.


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    1. Hi Nikolay,

      Cinnamon 3.8 is planned for Mint 19 and LMDE 3. We don’t give or commit to ETAs but Mint 19 is expected in June this year and LMDE 3 is likely to follow after that.

  1. Can’t wait for LMDE3! What desktop environments will be supported? Running Mint 18.3 Xfce now and I like it because of it’s speed and low battery usage on my laptop.

    1. “We’re planning to release LMDE 3, it will ship as a single edition with Cinnamon 3.8.”

  2. Dear Linux team Mint, apparently you did not understand Ross, he meant: why there is no news about LDME 3, because it was announced about the release of LMDE 3 in the first quarter of 2018, which has already ended. Please give people the answer to a direct question: When is the release of LMDE 3 scheduled?

    1. Clem seems to have had some personal issues and had to take a break, so LMDE is ‘late’ (since there is no scheduled date, there are no delays; it’s ye ol’good Release When Ready). More info from Clem himself:

      “Hi everyone. I’d like to apologize for the lack of news this month and for posting this so late.

      I had to leave things aside and support people I love while they were going through really difficult times. And I ended up getting sick to top it all off. I don’t want to go in the details with this as it has nothing to do with Linux Mint, but I’d like to apologize for my poor performance recently and for the lack of communication.

      I’m almost recovered and I can’t wait to get back into Mint and be fully productive again.

      In the meantime the team worked on really cool things. We’ve a lot to talk about and I can’t wait to post about this and share the exciting news with you.

      I also made an interesting breakthrough before all of this happened which hasn’t been covered yet. It has to do with how fast applications and windows launch in Cinnamon compared to other window managers. We reduced the numbers drastically and got performance similar to Metacity. More on this soon.

      I don’t know yet whether we’ll cover these improvements in separate posts or whether we’ll publish the Monthly News for March early but we’ll cover them very soon either way.

      Apologies again. Thank you for your support and patience.”

      And from a comment above on this very post,
      “Cinnamon 3.8 is planned for Mint 19 and LMDE 3. We don’t give or commit to ETAs but Mint 19 is expected in June this year and LMDE 3 is likely to follow after that.”

      Yeah I know Debian 9 is out now for about one year and it’s a pain to wait, but we do have to wait a bit more and we wont lose a thing from waiting. Hang in there, buddy, Clem and the team do work very hard for our beloved Mint. Lets allow them to keep on doing that.

    2. Thanks Jorge for your post! I weekly check this news since a half year and there are always new features or improvements announced but no information given about the LMDE3 release we are so highly waiting for. Is there really only one person responsible for the 3 month delay? At least a official statement about the delay or a small hint about the fact could be a part of the monthly news. I don’t think you realize how many are waiting for the new release because of the outdated drivers and packages of LMDE2 which does not suits the daily requirements anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love LMDE and especially your effort making it so great but communication is the key feature for supporting love 😉

  3. This is great news, it will be great to have a way to lock the volume on 100%
    This setting is for admin user only I take it?

    1. But hopefully locked by password atleast, otherwise I can’t see how this setting would have any meaning other than allowing the allowing the user to go beyond 100%. What I really hope for is a way to be able to lock it to 100%, not allowing any user who doesn’t know the password to increase to over 100% and kill off the speakers with distortion.

    1. LMDE 3 will come after Linux Mint 19 (June-ish), so sometime after June

      pass this around let others know….

  4. It would be good “batch rename files” function in Nemo. Example “Bulk Renamer” in Thunar.

    Best regards

    1. Whilst it would be nicer to have out of the box, you can do this:
      Install Thunar with ‘apt install thunar’
      In nemo, edit->preferences->behaviour, then scroll to the bottom of that page and enter this command in the box next to ‘Bulk rename’
      thunar -B

    2. You can install Double Commander (file manager) from repository and use rename tool (menu –> File –> Multi Rename Tool)

    1. Hi, an answer to that would be to look at what packages are used in Ubuntu 18.04.
      So, you can go to , choose “bionic” (as the codename for this Ubuntu version)

      From all the packages starting with “libqt5” there, I feel 99% sure that Mint 19 will ship with Qt 5.9.4
      (or it will use over time 5.9.x with x >= 4)

    2. Regretfully, no. Clem has already stated that there will be no KDE (or Qt-using) version of Linux Mint 19 or in the future.

      You’ll probably have to fall back to Kubuntu. Pity.

    3. Since Linux Mint 19 will be based on Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 17.10 already supports the Qt libraries version 5.9.1 and Qt Creator 4.3.1, I assume LM19 will be supporting Qt >= 5.9.1 and Creator >= 4.3.1. The latest version of the Qt framework is 5.10.x and of Qt Creator 4.6.x. Of course, LM Cinnamon never ships with any version of Qt libraries because it is based on the Gnome desktop, which in turn uses the Gtk framework. Although KDE is the desktop which relies on Qt, Linux Mint Cinnamon is quite convenient for Qt development – you don’t have to turn to Kubuntu or KDE neon.

  5. Love the Mint ethos of continuous improvement rather than chasing the next (and the next) ‘great new paradigm.’ The level of polish is really beginning to shine.

  6. fyi… On my RSS feed, the last couple of posts have come out with everything right-aligned. This produces a view where there’s a ton of empty space on the left-side of the document. I’m using ‘The Old Reader’ and have no issues with any of my other feeds (I have quite a few).

    This is the link I’m using: /?feed=rss2

    1. no problem here with the same feed uri, fwiw (using tt-rss, though, not ‘The Old Reader’)

  7. Dear Clem,

    whilst it s nice you work to improve your “apps”, it s still a nuisance to see videos “stutter”, no smooth running possible … After all those years some problems never get solved … among that the former mentioned
    – LMDE: Will it finally have “ENCRYPTION” out of the box?
    – Bulk renamer, resizer for MATE auto shipped?

    – The new Software Manager while being more flashy, lacks quite a few features. Download only possible one at time, no checking if double installation (ie one regular, the bother w flatpack)

  8. Hello Clem, hello team,

    please excuse my English. I’m not a native speaker. I write this comment to ask you polite to add a good documented auto-update-functionality to mintupdate (or at least to mintupdate-tool on cli). I did a lot research on this topic and found some statements of you about the importance of stability and the problems with regressions and I absolutely understand your arguments. I also like the concept of update levels. This is a huge plus in comparison to Ubuntu.

    But the reality is that the absence of an auto-update option leads to a security nightmare around me. I study computer science. So I’m “the computer guy” of my family and friends. I like Linux Mint very much for a lot of reasons. It is likewise suitable for beginners and experts and well supported. So I recommended it in my environment and installed it on several computers of friends and family members over the years. They all like Linux Mint and praise that it is so easy use. 🙂

    But the huge problem is that nobody of them ever installs updates. I explained over and over to frequently click the small blue icon and install the updates but without success. Every time I visit my friends their machines are on the update date from my last visit. They even do more backups(!) than clicking the update button! Old vulnerable browsers, old vulnerable mail clients (, vulnerable kernels) and so on. It is so frustrating. Every time I talk to them they promise to do better the next time but meanwhile I lost hope that it ever happens.

    I don’t ask for auto-updates as default but there should be an officially recommended way to do so – at least for security updates! (even better configurable related to level, security, kernel updates …) Using cron and mintupdate-tool (cli) seem to produce problems if the machine is not running all the day. And what happens if the user decides to shutdown the pc while mintupdate-tool is running some updates? I didin’t test this exhaustively but simply calling mintupdate-tool as cronjob doesn’t seem to be a safe way for me. And all the guides I found are outdated or poorly tested and buggy.

    I also searched the German and English forums and found a LOT of discussions about this problem. Most of the times someone explains to the questioner that the absence of auto-update is on purpose because the user should have control about and the chance to check every update he installs. This sounds good but in reality you have not much choice. I’m computer science student and even I don’t understand every single security update I install. Sure, It could result in a regression but whats the alternative? To have a vulnerable system?

    We have 5 PCs direct in this household and most of the updates are done by me (manually) – and what shall I say? I’ve ever read ALL the descriptions but never decided to skip a security update afterwards … because I don’t feel competent to balance the risks of regressions against a vulnerable system. For regressions – in the worst case – I have updates. But a compromised system with private data on it is much more painful!

    Sure – it is a good thing to have the choice but you must realize that most of your users are completely overburdened with this task. All they can do is clicking “Jes” and “Ok” to accept “strange looking” update descriptions they don’t understand … every and every day. Or they can simply decide to ignore this little blue icon down in the corner and the texts they don’t understand and have some peace and quiet … until they get hacked some day because of their outdated browser and mail.

    I’m SO tired of explaining and making updates over and over – at home but even more on Christmas on Easter on birthdays, etc. when we visit family and friends … Last week I talked to a fellow student and he said he had the same problem with linux mint in his family. His solution was to ditch mint and use some other self-updating systems for his family…

    This is NOT the solution I want but I cannot take the responsibility for all the insecure unpatched systems anymore!

    So PLEASE Clem and team, rethink your decision and help me!


    1. Hi Roland,

      Thanks for your feedback, you make a very good point. We’re planning improvements in the update manager and our documentation, primarily as a consequence of the integration of timeshift (which happened late in 18.3). We’d like to push people towards setting up system snapshots so that we can then recommend applying all updates. The current message, although pertinent, isn’t always understood by users and we still see cases where people skip updates based on levels to avoid potential regressions (and that’s obviously not good).

      While we work on this we’ll also take a look at automated updates. We came up with a tool in 18.3, but it’s far from being something you just enable/disable. We’ll make things easier.

    2. Thanks for reading my comment and for your statement.
      I’m glad you understand my misery und im also happy to hear auto-updates are on your roadmap.
      I really look forward to having this option. 🙂
      But who knows when this feature finally comes up?

      Can you meanwhile point me to a working setup I can use for my (update lazy) relatives? Is there any “best practice” or officially recommended way (script or something) to achieve automatic updates in present?

      Thanks for your help!


      BTW. I like your snapshot feature very much. 🙂

    3. Roland
      I share a similar situation with maintaining various computers.
      This may be of interest:
      I have decided to just wait and not worry about “out of date” vs “it broke and all I have is a black screen”.
      I am sure Mint will come up with something that works for you.

    4. Thanks Peter but unfortunately the “unattended-upgrades” package doesn’t work on current versions of Linux Mint. For Mint 17 you can find some tutorials but they all seem to be broken in Mint 18. 🙁

    5. From my experience, I’d recommend you to forget the idea of unattended updates. Have you ever thought what would happen if during an unattended-upgrade/update, the computer’s/device’s user was doing urgently some critical work with many open tabs in the browser and a couple of applications running?

    6. This has never caused a problem for me on Ubuntu with activated unattended-upgrade/updates. But I can tell you whats going on when your relatives have a Cryptolocker-Virus on their unsecured (Windows-)PCs. This is definitively less funny than some lost data from a running application. I get your point but if I have the choice between “no updates at all (because nobody wants to do click the f***ing button manually)” and “maybe (very unlikely) some corrupted open files” I’d definitively pick the second option. 😉

      But I’m worried about another thing. As far as I know unattended-upgrades had a mechanism to keep of the machine from shutting down while the updates was running. I really don’t know what happens if I start mintupdate-tool as cron job and the machine is shut down meanwhile. Any experiences in this?

  9. Good news, thanks! Cinnamon is the best DE at the moment. But I’m curious if we see long lasting bug “reboot after shutdown” fixed in mint 19.x?

  10. I’m so disappointed that you guys censored my long and honestly written comment. It was written very politely. I did NOT offend someone or discredited the Linux Mint project but explained actual existing problems and asked you for help.

    A LOT people out there have the same problem that their family and friends are not able or willing to frequently click the update button. And you should know that the absence of an auto-update function leads to a lot of insecure and vulnerable linux mint systems out there. ALL people I support have very outdated systems every time I look at it. “Normal” people are not used to manually check for updates every day. And most of them are also not able to understand the update descriptions for security updates. So they cannot balance between security and stability. Those people NEED the option(!) to activate an auto-update function at least for security updates.

    Closing your yes and singing “lalala” and censoring people like me who supported Mint since the beginning doesn’t solve this problem. I’m very very disappointed. ;-(

    1. Hi Roland,

      Were there links? Can you tell us a bit about the content of the comment?

      We’re using akysmet for antispam, it does a pretty good job at automatically removing thousands of spam comments, but it can sometimes make mistakes.

    2. I have to apologize for my accusation of censorship. It took one day to make my comment visible and I saw some other comments popping up after mine. Perhaps this happened because of the length of my text? Didn’t know that machines manage your blog comments. 😉 Now my comment has popped up and I already got answers from you side. Thanks for that!

    3. Hi Roland,
      Auto updates is a nuisance. It always inturrupts our work and never listen to us. I hated Windows for that. Instead, you can recommend a weekly update. The system doesn’t crash if you miss an update or two!

  11. I think I’ll like that volume change.

    Unrelatedly, there is a small thing that bugs me. When clicking the panel button for removable media, there are two parts of each entry that can be clicked: (1) the main area that opens the directory and (2) a small icon that ejects the media. It would be great if the eject button would pre-light or otherwise give an indication that the mouse is over the right area. I fumble it something like one third of the time.

  12. There is no point in getting LMDE out so late!
    Debian 9 is already old

    It was necessary to release LMDE3 early 2017

    now you have better time to base it on Debian 10 coming out next year

  13. @qsdffdfdfsfdsf
    Debian 9 was released only 10 months ago and will be supported until 2020 (Full) and 2022 (LTS). Debian 10 releasedate noy yet known. So you can not release LMDE3 in June based on Debian 10. Users prefer stability.

    1. When I chose LMDE instead of Ubuntu-based Mint years ago, LMDE was based on Debian Testing. Seeing LMDE first transited to Debian Stable then delayed again and again after Debian 9 is out for so long…. makes me feels a little bit cheated and betrayed. The download page is still lying “LMDE is however slightly faster than Linux Mint and it runs newer packages.” Where are my promised newer packages? 😢

    2. Hi Billy,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry you feel cheated. We didn’t start LMDE in an attempt to get more users and we don’t maintain LMDE for that. It doesn’t compete with Linux Mint and it’s not trying to be better. Debian Testing was a really bad package base to build upon, and so would any rolling base. We learnt it the hard way and Debian Stable is much more appropriate for LMDE. The main goal for LMDE is to guarantee a fallback, a plan B, and the promise that we can continue to produce a good distribution no matter what happens to Ubuntu in the future. As such, it is a success. Your feedback is pertinent though, maybe we over marketed it a little bit. At times it did run newer packages than Mint, though that wouldn’t be the reason to run it.

  14. Do the new xreader UI changes bring back the zoom drop-down and/or zoom input field?

    If I understand correctly the reasoning for their removal was toolbar code refactoring. Is there any chance they will be rewritten? I miss setting precise zoom level every time I open xreader (the +/- buttons are not nearly precise enough to be useful on my screen) and I have to use evince as a fallback.

  15. Hi Mint team! (:
    I was wondering if it will be possible to upgrade mint 18 to 19, without having to reinstall everything.
    Greetings and keep up the good work!

  16. Would be good to get an update to the version of BorgBackup in the software repository. (Even better would be a nice front end to manage with something like It really is the best backup solution — though I also use Timeshift (long before it was added; thanks for that) and BackInTime. One backup solution is never enough. (I don’t use or rate existing Backup Tool, though better than nothing)

  17. Not a question per-say, but I would really like to see a launcher introduced into Cinnamon–something that combats Unity/Gnome DASH. I’ve got a source that tells me that Cinnamon can technically already fulfill some of the tasks relevant there via the panel menu search-box. I realize there are third-party launcher that do well, but I think Cinnamon can also eventually come to benefit from having one built-in just as well.

  18. What are the chances in the future of going away from Ubuntu to focus strictly on Debiam and LMDE? It seems that most of the questions here pertain to LMDE. As it is more popular than the team realizes! I use LMDE mainly and would love if the team would just focus on LMDE and leave Ubuntu alone. I think it would be a very popular decision. Will this ever happen?

    1. Hi Julian,

      We’re very happy with Linux Mint and its Ubuntu base, so are Mint users. If Ubuntu was to disappear LMDE provides a great fallback for us to focus on.

  19. Olá a todos do time Linux Mint.
    Parabéns pelo projeto, linux mint é para mim a melhor distro que usei até agora e a evolução em aparência, estabilidade e desempenho são fantásticos.
    Mas gostaria que Xreader me permitisse destaques em texto, como marcar textos, por exemplo (função marca texto).
    Se isso for possível o Xreader chega a perfeição junto com as melhorias anunciadas.


    google translate:

    Hello everyone of the Linux Mint team.
    Congratulations on the design, linux mint is for me the best distro I’ve used so far and the evolution in appearance, stability and performance are fantastic.
    But I would like Xreader to allow me highlights in text, such as marking texts, for example (function mark text).
    If this is possible the Xreader comes to perfection along with the improvements announced.

    Thank you.

  20. Hello, Mint Stuff!
    I want to share my thoughts on Update Manager. It’s in context that Roland posed here on April 4. It’s really important that an user can customize the update policy according to their specific conditions. In wide range — from fully automatic updates, regardless of risks of OS degradation due to mistakes of maintainers,* — until just manual selection of the contents of the updated packages: is completely manual updates. Today, current policy in Update managers is more with the second strategy, and this really is for many users real stumbling block… So, in order of increasing complexity of those decisions, the input of which, in my opinion, would help to solve these problems.
    * What usually is not foreseen at the time of fresh arrival of update lists… And no matter how experienced you are, except that delay in installing updates is with preliminary reading of a forums: whether there are again shouting ‘MustDie’! 😉 about something ‘newest’ updated packages — it will not save you from the wrong step: confirmation of installation of ‘unfinished’ updates — especially often in the spring, as now is it…
    (1) Adding to the Update Manager simple and easily understandable option: update automatically, with sub-options: (a) all packages; (b) only security updates. /If user once has complete crash of his OS, — in the end, he will have no one to blame but himself, if he chose option (a)…/ I think the implementation of such feature does not exist at all serious programming problem, is not it?
    (2) IMPORTANT! In order to ensure that the ‘background’ automatic update does not interfere with work on the computer, even in resource-intensive cases, such an update should be launched in the ‘low priority’ mode. (I do not think that this is impossible with existing scripts or update programs, although it did not test it in practice.) Moreover, even existing mode of administrative update — when computers operator manually authorizes start of the process and the list of upgradable packages, — it would be quite to be able to run the update also in ‘low priority’ mode. For some moments of execution ‘under console’ of real OS update, the indicators percentage — I’ll notice, have any number of available processor cores — loading of the CPU just go off the scale!.. And sometimes and hard drive for tens of seconds or even minute or two is just ‘frenzy’, uses without stopping, which also slows down rest of the work under this OS… /Try running this update your OS now, and after it starts, let’s say, start or continue watching your favorite movie… I do not think it will give you pleasure !.. ;-)/
    (3) Use of ‘snapshots’ for the Operating System. Of course, this is the most advanced way to maximally secure OS updates. But it’s most difficult, and most resource-intensive way… There can be many solutions. But personally, I’ve been using a simplest solution for decades: taking whole user file array permanently move just to one or more ‘external’ ones with respect to the OS partitions and/or other hard disks (including network disks). Thus, in my ‘home directory’ I have only soft links to those partitions and directories with my user data. This gives high stability to using my computers, because I always (!) yave more than one OS on each: at least I keep second ‘backup’ OS — of same type or with another DE: even you can have just Windows, — where my partitions are mounted them with all of my datas. In case of OS crash, just cursing, I switch to the ‘backup’ of my OS and continue my work as if nothing had happened. /It’s extremely simple and economical — do not think that serious expense of disk space is loss of extra 16 (or even just 20-32) GB for hosting another copy of the OS — this is with existing capacity in hundreds of gigabytes, or even several terabytes of capacity of current used hard drives of personal computers.
    Many thanks for develop and support the Mint Linux.
    Good luke for all!

  21. Paymentprocessors:
    Can you add another paymentprocessor company like paymentwall as paypal is unbearable …. or at least allow “Guest Payment”?

    Since I dont get answers:
    – Will LMDE 3 support LVM encryption out of the box?
    – Will there be a MATE edition? If not, why? Cinnamon sucks – sorry

    at ROLAND: Go to Windows 10 … all autoupdated by MS$ force lol
    at Clem: Write a small script for those folks

    Get rid of “PIA” – VPN should not be trusted as for ie it outsources Info, uses virtual machines (not bare metal), US based Company despite “claim” and so on

    New Software Manager sucks:
    – Single download ONLY,
    – NO tab for what s being downloaded
    – doesnt uninstall always well (ie liferea)
    – flatpack or vice versa doesnt check if program is already installed … hence
    – Software sources gone to ….
    – slow until start (can start MS$ Office almost instantly, here i have to wait – lol)
    – doesnt show download progress stable (click sth else it disappears)

    What needs fixing (examples)
    Videos dont run smoothly (hello this is 2018)
    liferea not working proberly
    sticky notes not working proberly

    PS: Still think best edition you ever made was number 9 ….

  22. Its a bit disappointing that some of the responses regarding LMD3 seem to come across as somewhat demanding. Of the first several, I only found one poster who might have donated to the Mint project last month.
    I personally feel that if one isn’t donating to the Project with $$ or code commits, complaints and whining from ‘ leechers ‘ should be deleted. Probably this comment as well, however I hate see complaints from non-supporters.

    1. Thank you for your support. We understand your frustration. We’d like to mention that donations have no impact on design though. The ratio of LMDE users in the donations is irrelevant (and unknown) to us. What matters is the ratio of LMDE users within our user base and the purpose of LMDE itself.

    2. We don’t support paid comments either! Every doner is a leech (in your words) in the beginning! We like it to be open and free.

  23. Hi Clem and all the mint team,
    on mint 19 we will see the new menu for cinnamon?
    Thanks for all your work.

  24. Hi Mint Team,

    A very recent switcher here coming from OS X. First let me just say how easy the transition to Mint / cinnamon was. Feels so much more polished than many other distros, and the switch was a lot easier than anticipated. Great work! Looking forward to Mint 19.

    One of the things I miss the most though is HiDPI support (as I have a macbook pro at the moment, wanting to get the XPS with 4k display). Is there any advancements on HiDPI in mint 19? I’m really missing fractional scaling and being able to use separate scaling on two different monitors.


  25. Hi, my plan is to buy Ryzen 5 2400G based desktop, but from what I read across the forums Linux is still not well adjusted to it. Will Tara (LM19) based on Ubuntu 18.04 (to be released end of this month) be suitable for this kind of system? Thanks, best, Marc

    1. Ryzen 2400g (PassMark 9.400) costs about 150 euro. For 160 euro you buy yourself an i5-8400 which is more powerful (PassMark 11.800). I have built a couple of desktop PCs with i5-8400 or i7-8700 and motherboard Gigabyte Z370-HD3P. They worked out of the box with Ubuntu 17.10, so I expect they will work with LM 19 and Ubuntu 18. The Gigabyte Z370M-DS3H is less expensive and should work the same, but I didn’t use it yet.

  26. Hi! This is your ‘religion’ makes now start the Linux Mint with just volume level of 100 percent? What will wake even just dead!.. Since immemorial time, any OS remembers user preferences between sessions — and for this parameter too… Or says — ‘is’t not bug, but it’s feature’… 😉
    This ‘flew’ to us at 26/03/2018 with current updates of the Linux Mint libraries. Namely: ‘mint artwork common’
    P.S. At first, I thought that it touched only 17.x Mint releases. But at last I installed Mint 18.3, — now I see that it’s ‘global’ trouble. Disorder, dear maintainers. Sorry for the directness of my criticism.

    1. Hmm.. As additional watching at behavior of Linux Mint for volume in Cinnamon: this 100% level can be ‘automatically’ set if start a programs, for example, OpenShot Video Editor! /But it’s no permanently…/ This absolutely abnormal behavior for it! And I has none any problems for sounds and sound-level before this upgrades (and for my ‘old’ OS Mint 17.x, but and Mint 18.3 now) to this current package ‘mint artwork common’ This bug need to repairing, because very sadly and not comfortly for using Mint now…

  27. Salut L’équipe de Mint,
    A propos du live usb ou cd de mint (test de la distro sans installation), il est dommage de ne pas proposer plusieurs languages au démarrage de l’os, le fait de devoir les télécharger, redémarrer la session, etc, est une manipulation assez contréniante, et pas du tout évidente pour un néophyte qui voudrait tester Linux Mint. Je pose le soucis, car je pense que des Windoziens doivent essayer Linux, et peuvent être dégouter dès le lancement…Quand pensez vous?
    En tout cas, merci pour cet OS que j’utilise au quotidien!

    Google translate:

    Hi Mint team,
    About the live usb or cd mint (test of the distro without installation), it is a pity not to offer several languages to boot the bone, having to download them, restart the session, etc, is a manipulation quite annoying, and not at all obvious to a neophyte who wants to test Linux Mint. I’m worried, because I think Windozians have to try Linux, and can be disgusted at launch … When do you think?
    In any case, thank you for this OS that I use every day!

  28. Mint is my beloved and is on my sda1. And on my sda2 is MX Linux which deserves to be praised indeed. And in my opinion, one of the most useful things MX team did well is the Snaphot Tool – that makes it possible to create an .iso of your currently running system and use it as a live usb- your own, customized distro-.

    Yes, ok, I hear everyone says there are Timeshift, Systemback, dd command etc. But this one is so simple to use; you just check 2 boxes: 1- if you want a generic iso or a personal one (to save your accounts & passwods), 2- whether to include user’s folders (home, pictures etc) or not; to make the .iso file even smaler.. that’s all..

    Consequently, if it would be possible to adopt it to Mint, I’d be glad. This way it would also be possible to make a simplistic version of Mint (home made Mint 🙂 ) and use it as a live usb in case of emergencies rather than looking for other simple/lightweight distros..

  29. when does the new version of Linux mint come out I’m hearing great things about it and can’t wait to switch over

  30. I wonder why it is not possible to go back to the previous version of an updated single package, when this compromises the good functioning of the machine, especially for the older ones, without having to back up the whole system every time. In android this possibility exists and perhaps it would be appropriate to implement it also on mint. Or have not I found the way to do it yet?

    1. It’s possible to downgrade packages but you need the previous version to still be available in the repositories and the dependencies not to prevent the downgrade. Most people don’t know how to force a version with APT or even how to list the various versions available for a given package. We chose timeshift as a solution because it brings a global solution anyone can use and it can go back in time even with a broken APT cache.

  31. Have a question to the devs, cause no one can answer it.
    Why Update Manager and Bluetooth tray icons are the only ones not properly scaled (blurred, not as crisp as others) while in HiDPI mode?

    1. Hi Danny,

      It’s down to how systray works. It’s really hard/technical to explain.. the other icons you see are applets, they’re rendered by Cinnamon. The systray icons are rendered by GTK, at fixed sizes, underneath and clipped… it’s a technology GNOME doesn’t want to continue with. We’ve got no real alternatives. There are indicators, they’re rendered client-side (so they solve this problem) but they lack a lot of basic functionality and bring their own issues. We’ve been planning to come up with a new solution for this, it’s on the roadmap long-term but it’s not likely to land in Mint 19.

    2. “it’s a technology GNOME doesn’t want to continue with”
      interesting, I had no idea. Is it because it does not play well with the Gnome3 (and Cinnamon) desktop?

  32. Whoever writes responses to us users now–

    You responded to a commenter:

    April 6, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    “Hi Billy,

    Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry you feel cheated. We didn’t start LMDE in an attempt to get more users and we don’t maintain LMDE for that. It doesn’t compete with Linux Mint and it’s not trying to be better. Debian Testing was a really bad package base to build upon, and so would any rolling base. We learnt it the hard way…”

    It seems, from all the (objective; NOT from the fanboy types) feedback on Ubuntu 18.04–from competent reviewers of the latest beta release–that Ubuntu 18.04 might be to use your words, “… a really bad package base to build upon…”. Just one example–
    “…I already know my review of Bionic Beaver will be bad…and I will not be using this as my next LTS…”

    All of us, and particularly those of us who have been ardent fans since the very early days, would appreciate your comments on this matter.

    Thank you for all you do for us…

    1. Nowhere in that article does it even hint that Ubuntu might be a bad package base to build upon.

    2. demoimedo is a great writer, very entertaining.I look forward to his new adventures. However Many of the things he builds are also doomed for failure… such as his “MATE 1.20 review” built on MX17. He could not have planned that failure better. (Mate 1.20 has been in buster for quite a bit. I guess he is out of touch, or just afraid to try Debian)
      I break things, a lot. Debian is hard to break… rather boring for some.

  33. Re: icons, as everybody talk about it now – The icon of keepass2 launched in mono hides into the System Tray as a dark square not responsive to any mouse activity. Got to click the panel icon of keepass2 again to open the window of keepass2 already running. It’s Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3. Thanks.

  34. Need some help again from the devs.
    Some (few) video files don’t have thumbnails.
    But, the very same files have thumbnails when on fresh Mint install 😵
    Anyone got a clue what can be missing from the system? 🤔
    👉🏻Gstreamer libs are installed
    👉🏻Deleting thumbs cache didn’t help
    👉🏻All videos play without problems
    👉🏻Thumbs for pictures are all generated
    Can I find somewhere a list of libs responsible for thumbnails? Maybe one is missing in my system.
    I use autremove a lot after an update – maybe it deleted something.

    1. That’s right, Heedermann, I see that my video files greater than 8GB have no previews in the window of the Cinnamon file manager. And it can not be set greater than 8GB in Preferences. From my KDE 5.12 point of view :), it looks like at least another file manager should be installed to get the previews work properly. And I recall all XFCE (and even LXDE) previews looked perfect and stable right from the box
      But maybe the Danny Gee’s case is not related to the size of video files at all, who know. Because it’s the very same files, he writes, that had been with previews right after fresh installt.

    2. You can change that in the preferences of nemo (Cinnamons file manager).
      In the Preview tab change show thumbnails from “Local Files Only” to “Always”.

    3. @ Dany Gee

      What’s the video extension, is it ‘.ts’ by chance?
      If yes (as a test) try changing the extension to ‘.mts’

      I’ve seen ‘.ts’ thumbnails display correctly with one kernel revision, but same videos won’t display thumbnails with a newer kernel revision (that’s with/without testing deleting the thumbnail cache). May explain the difference you are seeing between fresh Mint install, and an updated system?

  35. Sorry, I don’t know how to help. Hope the devs will answer Dany Gee…
    And in my case, changing show thumbnails from “Local Files Only” to “Always”’ doesn’t help to get previews for the files greater 8GB in Nemo. But the previews for the video files less than 8GB show perfectly in my Nemo. With all the Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 updates installed. All the kernels – 4.4, 4.13, 4.16 – tested ok too.

    1. @ VEGalin

      You can test 16GB, exceeding the maximum allowed 8GB user limit, by using…
      gsettings set org.nemo.preferences thumbnail-limit 17179869184

      Alternatively, install dconf Editor
      apt install dconf-editor

      Navigate to
      org -> nemo -> preferences -> thumbnail-limit

      Use the following formula, replacing 16 with required GB size

      – Note:
      Even though a higher value is set, Nemo preferences won’t display values higher than the maximum user offered limit. Selecting values in Nemo preferences removes custom set values

      – Disclaimer:
      Trying very large values may slow down thumbnail creation and affect Nemo performance

      The above is just for a test. 🙂

    2. Thanks, Dave B. I’ve set thumbnail-limit to 64GB and can see the thumbnails for large video files of most formats in Nemo.

  36. Hi the Linux Mint team,

    in the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release, there will be a minimal install option in the Ubuntu 18.04 installer (check here: (point 4)). Do you also plan to include that minimal install option in the installer of Linux Mint 19 ? Do you plan to offer a solution to upgrade easily Linux Mint 18 to Linux Mint 19 without breaking the actual system?

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Actually, it was a brilliant and a very funny April Fool joke on It’s FOSS, guys:
      Unbelievable! Linux Mint Ditches Ubuntu, Will Be Based on Arch Linux Now
      Last updated April 1, 2018 By Abhishek Prakash
      Brief: Mark this day. This is the day when Linux Mint has decided to leave Ubuntu for Arch Linux.

  37. A small update to my post from April 21, 2018 at 8:11 am.
    Browsing videos folder as root generates all thumbs without problems. Browsing as my normal user fails to show thumbs for 4 video files.
    Permissions look ak though…
    drwxr-xr-x 5 dany dany 4096 maj 23 2017 Filmy
    drwxr-xr-x 2 dany dany 4096 maj 14 2017 Inne
    drwxr-xr-x 2 dany dany 4096 kwi 19 14:26 Klipy
    drwxr-xr-x 2 dany dany 4096 maj 14 2017 Koncerty
    What else could cause this strange behaviour?

    1. As a test, possibly try create a new user account with the same group permissions as your account, to check thumbnails are created?

      If still have issues, recommend visiting the Linux Mint forum for further help.

  38. I have found that during the last three years of using Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop have been the best time in all my experience with computers to have the best, most intuitive, and enjoyable working environment that I could ever expect to have in my life. I have to say thank you to all the people who have worked so hard to make these good things possible! May all of our lives continue to be so blessed.

  39. Well, you have stated you are going to drop the LM KDE edition. Not a big deal, not a good idea. LM has a great name in the Linux world. This in a certain way offend the fans of KDE, or may i say they feel offended themselves. They feel disappointed and upsets. This will cause a impact on Distrowatch ranking. Perhaps has already begun.
    I began running Daryna version 4 of LM since 2007 and i have never jumped to another distro. Sometimes Debian as a second choice. At this moment i run LM 18.3 Sylvia Mate 64 bit. Now about LM KDE i used it fom version 6 to version 10 as a second choice and lost interested because KDE 4x …very unstable. After that KDE became good again. Mates of mine say LM KDE is one of the Best KDE out there in general. It has good quality and others special specifications. KDE uses QT because it’s KDE. I know it’s hard to the the devs to work on it separated but i assume in my opinion KDE Edition 19 Tara should be out after Cinnamon and Mate releases as always. If you, devs feel some offense on my post i apologize in advance. Cheers.

    1. Till that time at least, I’d like to suggest MX Linux, (systemd free), you’ll like it. 🙂

  40. Installed on two desktops and very impressed with outcome. Both were running Windows 10 but decided enough already with that OS on older hardware. One Mini ITX PC has A8 5545m and other tower has Intel 4130 i3 which does not have such speed issues but both seem to perform better with Mint then on Win 10. Much snapper and less RAM use, glad I decided to install Mint. I did make a donation because I want to see projects like this continue! Well done!

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