Linux Mint 19 codenamed “Tara”

The first release in the upcoming Linux Mint 19.x series will be named “Tara”.

Tara is a popular name here in Ireland, and the name of someone we really like 😉

The development cycle only just started so it’s a bit early to give details about Linux Mint 19, but here’s what we can say already:

  • Linux Mint 19 is estimated to be released around May/June 2018.
  • Linux Mint 19.x releases will be based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and supported until 2023.
  • Linux Mint 19.x will use GTK 3.22.

GTK 3.22 is a major stable release for GTK3. From there on, the theming engine and the APIs are stable. This is a great milestone for GTK3. It also means Linux Mint 19.x (which will become our main development platform) will use the same version of GTK as LMDE 3, and distributions which use components we develop, such as Fedora, Arch..etc. This should ease development and increase the quality of these components outside of Linux Mint.


  1. Mint 19 will be a new major leap forward, with the new Ubuntu LTS code base! I’m looking forward to all of the innovations. 🙂

    1. Mint 18.3 was full of new features. Don’t expect as many in Mint 19. We’ll focus mostly on the base, GTK, possibly theming as well and structural changes.

  2. Good luck 🙂 By far my biggest wish is to have fractional UI scaling. Right now I have to lower resolution on my laptop display as everything is too small. Current scaling settings or any other “hacks” (tinkering with xrandr settings) don’t suit me well and cause other issues. There are many great laptops out there that have high DPI screens which you can’t utilize if you don’t want any issues. That’s a real shame.

    1. That’s interesting. I find the HiDPI setting in Cinnamon works very well on my 15″” 4K laptop. I do find I tweak some settings, but I would do that for FullHD resolution too. Generally I put the panel sizes up (system settings, panel), increase the font sizes and/or add some font scaling (system settings, fonts), I turn on the zoom facility in accessibility (Alt-mousescrollwheel to use it, it works very well, and the appearance is excellent in HiDPI), and use some scaling in browsers to get them how I want (ctrl + /-). Theming controls some menu/applet font sizes, so if there would be a demand for a larger font theme I can readily set one of those up. The software I tend to use works well with HiDPI, I suspect that may not be the case for everybody. Oh apart from Steam, that comes up tiny in HiDPI, and I hope Valve fixes that sometime, but for gaming I am generally in FullHD anyway

    2. Im on a HIDPI laptop Yoga 900 and everything works out of the box. It’s a Skylake system so the drivers are better than anything I’ve seen on Linux.

      In firefox instead of changing font resolution/text scaling factor and whatnot (about:config) :
      layout.css.devPixelsPerPx;1.0 Modify the scaling to suit your desktop

      My main screen 34″ 3440 x 1440 works fine.
      My laptop screen 3200×1800 works fine. (everything becomes to small when using both screens at once though) Double DPI on the laptop screen and normal on the larger screen maybe.

      It’d be awesome if you could use different scaling on different screens. And if you could be more granular in your choice of scaling. Right now there is normal and double DPI.

      I am experienced user that fucking love Linux Mint. Right now there is now desktop that can beat the Linux Mint. Some more customization of menus, text connected to the themes would be wonderful though, especially when using different screens with different resolutions and a lot of people are moving to HIDPI and Retina now.


    3. I think Simon misses your point. I feel your pain. On my Dell Inspiron 5559 I either have to use a lower resolution or resort to a magnifying glass (only half joking). The lower resolution doesn’t look as good, but it is the easiest way to make everything big enough to see without eye strain. I don’t even think my machine is hidpi but the default resolution still sucks. The default should not make everything tiny, and the easy fix should not look as bad as it does.

    4. Thirded (if that’s a word)! The problem with integer scaling, as seen in Cinnamon for example, is that it will only give satisfactory results for certain combinations of screen size and resolution. 4K pixels on a 15″ screen? Great. 4K pixels on a 13″ screen? Probably. 1K pixels on a 13″ screen? No, everything will be far too large. Fractional scaling is a big step forward for every desktop environment that offers it.

    5. Different DPI-Setting for each Monitor, fractional Scaling and automatic upscaling of old programs without hidpi-support. That would be really nice!

    6. Hello, I have the same problem with a Dell xps 13 which have a very high resolution touch screen: if I don’t downgrade it a lot, I cannot read anything at all in most apps, menus, etc. It’s ridiculously too small.
      So the display if far worse than with M$ Wind¤w$, unfortunately.

    7. Yeesh, glad i read comments- mint shows well in my samsung 22″ monitor but was going to install on someone’s laptop for them, damn, doesn’t sound like a good option after all. Too bad, i prefer it to basic Ubuntu which looks to me like was put together with MS paint by comparison!
      I’m not a super-proficient Linux user, my preferred op sys is Mac but i’ve installed Ubuntu on friends machines before to get more life out of them, am now using mint off USB until i fix my Mac, and am impressed by it at least on larger monitors

    8. I absolutely second this. I have two monitors (one is full hd, the other one is 4k). It’s a pitty that i have to lower the resolution of the 4k-Monitor due to everything looks way too small. I tried some workarounds (xrandr…), but the one and only solution is, to enable a per monitor HiDPI-setting since every other solution leads to a blury user interface.

      I read on the internet that this is limited by the X-server in some way. In this case i, as a user, would like to request to add a higher priority for wayland (or whatever it needs to get a per monitor HiDPI-setting 😉 ).

      It’s good to read so much comments here about this topic, so i can see i am definitely not the only one struggleing with this issue.


  3. Hi hi, may be the second phrase should read ; Tara is the name of someone we really like … which by the way is a popular name in Ireland.

  4. I echo Ivan’s comments. As a person with Low Vision it is important for me that I have an OS that allows me to scale the screen (with ease) so that I can see it as well as the next person – I am not averse to a bit of scrolling!

    1. This won’t be popular, but have you tried Compiz as a window manager? I don’t think Cinnamon supports it out of the box, (MATE and X do, I know that much) but it’s pretty easy to scale using its magnify and scaling plugins. I have a 4k monitor, when I can’t see an app I can easily zoom in and pan and scan. It can also preserve the zoom levels of particular windows or apps, it’s kind of a learning curve but I’ve enjoyed the vast amount of customization it has offered.

    1. +fractional global UI scale
      +Easy activation of .ICM / .ICC Calibration profile across ALL UI (global) not only inside some programs.
      +easy way to add custom resolutions for screen

  5. Hello Linux Mint Team
    You’ve made an exceptional Work so far, A big Bravo from me. Thank you very much. Keep moving like this. Linux Mint is My best Distro of all. You’ve made Linux so User Friendly and Usable too. For me the Best thing is that when the installation is finished, you have a system ready to “Rock” very quickly and with the best tools already installed for you. Another great thing for me, is the Great Stability and Compatibility of Linux Mint. I have installed in many Home PC’s and it Just Plays. This is Incredible. Thank you very much for this great Distro. Always Be Good….

  6. Önemli bir sorun! : DELL Inspiron 7559 serisinde 6. nesil Intel Skylake işlemcisinin, dahili Intel HD Graphics 530 da sorun çıkartıyor. PC, USB veya DVD ortamından başlatıldığında, gelen ekranda L. Mint seçildiğide, açılış ekranında donup kalıyor. Açılışta “nomodeset” değişkeni ile kurulum yapılabiliniyor ancak.

    Çözüm olarak aşağıda şöyle bir yol izlenmiş ama denemedim.

    Inspiron 7559 için L. Mint kurulumu

    kurulum normal olarak şöyle bir yol izleniyormuş özetle, sistemi “nomodeset i915_bpo.nomodeset=1” değişkenleri ile başlatmanız gerekiyor. Kurulum sonrasında da sistemi bu değişkenler ile başlatmanız gerekecek. Kurulum sonrasında sistemi güncellemeniz gerekiyor, Linux Mint 18.2’de 4. seviyeye kadar tüm güncellemeleri yapmalısınız. Ayrıca forumda anlatıldığı biçimde Linux Mint 18.x sürüm için Bumblebee kurulumu yapmalısınız. Bu aşamalardan sonra nomodeset değişkenine gerek kalmayacaktır. Grub ayar dosyasına ayrıca “acpi_backlight=native acpi_osi=” değişkenlerini eklemeniz gerekiyor, bu parlaklık sorununu çözmek için sanırım.
    Bunu kurulumun içine dahil etseniz güzel olurdu. Böylelikle her defasın da temiz kurulum için uğraşmak zorunda kalmamış olurduk.

    1. Türkçe sorduğunuz soruya/öneriye nasıl cevap almayı bekliyorsunuz ki? Bunun yeri Türkçe forumlar.

    2. An important problem! : In the DELL Inspiron 7559 series, the 6th generation Intel Skylake processor has a problem with its built-in Intel HD Graphics 530. When starting from PC, USB or DVD media, when L. Mint is selected on the incoming screen, it freezes at the opening screen. The installation can be done with the “nomodeset” variant at the opening.

      As a solution, I have tried the following way but I have not tried it.

      L. Mint setup for Inspiron 7559

      In summary, you need to start the system with the variables “nomodeset i915_bpo.nomodeset = 1”. You will also need to start the system with these variables after installation. You need to update the system after installation, you should do all the updates up to level 4 in Linux Mint 18.2. You should also install Bumblebee for Linux Mint 18.x as described in the forum. After these steps the nomodeet variable will not be needed. I also need to add “acpi_backlight = native acpi_osi =” variables to the Grub settings file, I think to solve this brightness problem.
      It would be nice if you included it in your setup. Thus, we would not have had to deal with new installation every time.

    1. I thought Ubuntu was already patching the Intel firmware that you can use in hardware drivers. I may be wrong. I just read the article. All technology will always be vulnerable, as long as humans use it and want know how it works. Just like you can get a virus on Linux. Fortunately the layout of Linux makes it a bit harder for infections. Although there have always been back doors and issues with third party applications, not naming any directly.

    2. All this USN and CVE stuff is not readable for me as an average Linux user. I run both Mint 18.3 and 17.3 (with kernel 3.16 I believe) which is advised by the Mint 17 update software. Is it needed to update this older kernel too?

      I think it’s a good idea when Mint issues a separate bulletin how to fix the Meltdown and Spectre issues as a lot of media hype started today. Also with info to Mint 17 users. And in understandable language.

  7. Thanks for these great news!

    1. Are there any plans to introduce specific measures that extend laptop battery life?
    2. Are we going to see a clipboard manager installed by default?
    3. Are we going to see an option to allow volume above 100% more easily (volume key support)?

    1. 1. Thermald is included by default.
      2. cinnamon-settings-deamon ships one by default, it saves the buffer across applications. It’s a simple one and there are more advanced ones in the repositories.
      3. Yes, probably.

    2. > 3. Are we going to see an option to allow volume above 100% more easily (volume key support)?

      This would be great! And even greater: You can already scroll at the volume applet to control the volume directly. If one could scroll “higher” than 100% without the need of opening an dialog or something else, that would be absolutely genius! 🙂

    1. Hi Bryce,

      Yes and No. We’d be happy to support Wayland but it’s not something we’re spending resources on. That said, we’re considering splitting the WM away from the rest of the DE in Cinnamon… again, no promises, this is really tough to do. If this happened, it would have many advantages, and one of them could be the ability to run Cinnamon with another WM.

  8. My only comment happened to be screen related as well, so apparently monitor settings seem to remain a weak point to be looked into, as shown from the previous posts. For me, i too have run into scaling issues when setting up mint on a laptop, smaller resolutions were the fix, but not desired, a dpi interface would be nice. The second concern is the limited capability, and slightly buggy display manager, like when adding displays, rotating, rearranging, i seem to have to always end up edit displays.xml manually, since the GUI tends to bug out. The issue gets worse when i enable a usb-to-video displaylink monitor, then it is nearly impossible to use the GUI, since screen alignment jumps around and does not lock into the proper places. Also, better implementation of display profiles would be nice as well, a manually selectable monitor layout profile option would be desired, as opposed to automatic profiles, especially when i rotate multiple monitors on the fly, having a profile list would save time rearranging. Probably all of these are low priority issues, evident of the fact that i do not recall display manager changing all that much ever since i first started using mint , but now, maybe this is the time to nip display issues in the bud, i hope?

    1. next feature/improvement is Desktop Scaling/resizing enable to match or have right position on TV/LCD screen, i have older LCD apparently Mint desktop screen have been oversize and have search thought can’t do much about it.

  9. Yes. Tara is a good name. It has multiple meaning. In our tribal language Tara is a edible Jungle aquatic herb.

    1. Agreed, an awesome name. In my language, portuguese, ‘Tara’ is a fetish, a sexual perversion…
      I loved it!

    2. Or the name of the mansion they burned down in Gone With The Wind ;-P hee hee nevermind

  10. Looking forward to LM 19. 18.3 was awesome already. Still looking for the perfect Linux for me, but Linux Mint in combination with an other distro in Dual Boot works quite good so far.

    1. I’ve been installing Mint in UEFI systems since…well, since when it was based on Ubuntu Trusty (long time ago), with no issues. What problems have you been experiencing?

    2. I agree, Maybe add a pre-config option with nomodeset already there so users don’t have to type it in. It seems silly to do when I have an NVIDIA 970GTX.

    3. I second that.
      My problem was that after installation (Windows 10 as primary system) I could see “ubuntu” in grub. But when I selected it, laptop (Dell XPS) got rebooted…
      I love Mint. I use it on my older laptop. It pains me I cannot use it on my new one… 🙁

    4. I am using Linux Mint on an Acere Aspire US-710, a desktop machine with a screen of about 24 inches plus a second screen (27 inches) to the right of the computer. The computer is an all-in-one with a touch screen, which works fine in LM, but I don’t use it much because I have a nice mouse and a graphics pad. In the past I built most of my machines, but moved to Apple when I could afford their prices. Have always used Linux as and experimental toy, rather than for anything serious. That all changed when Windows won’t allow you NOT to take their updates and Apple will no longer allow you to uninstall any of the apps that it comes with. I trued several ‘flavours’ of Linux which I hadn’t tried before and came to LM after finding Ubuntu to be decent.
      Some versions of Linux simply didn’t handle UEFI well and I had to use ‘legacy’ BIOS settings to get them to load, however, LM went in like a dream … absolutely everything in the computer works, including the touch screen. I am using an Acer wireless mouse and an Apple Aluminium keyboard (wired).
      My special keys on the keyboard all work, including those for volume and brightness. I tried another USB keyboard which has volume controls (Labtec) and they work on that one too. I have fiddled about with the settings and have the system running like a charm. In case it is relevant, I am running the 64bit version of LM 18.3, fully updated. I dislike the Windows GUI, but I do like the Apple OSX one, so I I run Plank to give me a dock which is just as good as the Apple one. The Panel is mover to the top of the screen.
      My conclusion is, Linux Mint 18.3, set up as I have it on what is admittedly a fairly decent machine, beats the crap out of anything Microsoft ever put out and more than matches expensive Apple machines … and it doesn’t call home continuously (any Apple user running Little Snitch will know what I mean!). I am absolutely delighted with it, so it’s hard to see how it could be imporved, other than for the versions of some things in the Software Manager being behind the current versions … maybe there is a techy reason, or a testing/security reason that I am unaware of, so I am not criticising 🙂
      I hope my comments are helpful and I give wholehearted congratulations to those who put in the work to provide me with such a great system. THANK YOU !

  11. looking forward to the 19.x release.
    as of now im bit of dissapointed on 18.3 it will not free up memory on my pc, i have to reboot it daily to keep memory usage down 🙁

    1. That’s why Linux is fast, it uses available ram as a cache. You paid for your ram, why would you want to waste your money by keeping it free? Ram is meant to be fully used and the os takes care of it.

    2. Just in case of having to restart the pc, I sometimes do this: Maybe you’d like to try if it works:
      Copy and paste in Terminal and hit Enter:

      sudo sh -c ‘echo 3 >/proc/sys/vm/drop_caches’

      By the way, my laptopis an old one,too (12 years old HP Pavilion with single core Celeron 1.73 Ghz Cpu and 2048 Ram..) and as far as I compared some other “light” distros with Lxde and Xfce DEs, there’s not much difference with Cinnamon; with no windows open: around 280, 380 and 400.. In my opinion, the culprit is the web browsers, all getting heavier everyday, even without add-ons..

    1. I have also noticed high memory use over time (IMO) by Mint 18.1 I have a year-old Dell laptop with 8 GB of RAM. I happened to be looking in System Monitor/Resources and saw it was using 2.7 GB (I was used to seeing around 1 GB used.) It had been 73 days since the laptop had been rebooted. After rebooting, this went down to 825 MB. There were two specific programs that seemed to be the biggest “memory hogs” according to System Monitor/Processes. Cinnamon used 636 MB before rebooting, 109 MB after. The biggest offender was Nemo, using 911 MB before rebooting, and just 19 MB after. If that’s typical/OK/whatever (I’m not an expert), I’ll go along with it. But it seems to me to be an awful lot of caching/buffering.

    2. Not an “awful” lot of caching, this speeds up usage of nemo.
      You should see increasing memory usage after navigating through media folders (music, photos).
      That’s definitetly not a bug.
      As Tommy said, what is unused RAM good for?

  12. Still sad you dropped support for KDE. While Kubuntu does a good job in most cases, they simply cannot compete with the fit and finish of a Mint release. Good luck with the Tara and beyond.

  13. На мою думку, Linux Mint 18.3 у Вас вийшов ідеальним! З 2000 року це перший дистрибутів, котрий вирішів всі проблеми з драйверами на відео карту та з мультимедійними кодеками. На моєму ноутбуці Asus Rog g750jw, 17″, Intel 7, Nvidia 765m – все працює ІДЕАЛЬНО!!! Я був у захваті коли побачив, що Tomb Raider 2013 з легкістю пішов на моєму ноутбуці. Осьце було просто СУПЕР! Tomb Raider на Linux!!! Дякуємо Вам за Вашу працю. Ви СУПЕР команда!

  14. Hmm, wasn’t Tara the name of the ante-bellum plantation in Gone With the Wind? Maybe some jarring resonances there?

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

    1. Maybe some jarring resonances?

      Tara is an Irish name. The hill of Tara ( is where high kings in Ireland were crowned thousands of years ago. It is also popular now as a girl’s name.

      Maybe some jarring American ignorance about the rest of the world and of history before the civil war?

    2. @PJ Scarlett’s name was O’HARA…the book was written by a MITCHELL. Yep, we get it.

  15. Hello and thanks for the good news! Please make changes to the distribution installer in release 19: 1. Make it a better translation into Ukrainian and very much please translate also the photo of the installer’s photo; 2. Please add the following programs to the distribution Linux Mint 19 XFCE : 1. Grub costomizer; 2. Gparted; 3. Thunar-gtkhash and 4. Bleachbit. After all, it often happens that after installing Linux Mint the user does not have the opportunity to use Gparted, because it does not. It would also be useful to have a default program for rebuilding the GRUB bootloader and recommend the Grub costomizer. Also, it will not be superfluous to add to the file manager for counting the sum of images (thunar-grkhash). And also it would be good if by default there will be a program for cleaning the system of garbage (bleachbit). I want to draw your attention to the translation of program shortcuts in the XFCE menu, because they are translated only by 90%.

    1. Yeah, it would be nice to have Gparted. Some time ago I had to change something in partitions via live session loading Mint from USB… and I had to search for another distro with Gpart.

      Good luck Mint team with v19.
      Finally swap partition will no longer be needed 🙂

    2. Bleachbit is sorta controversial as an install from various forums I’ve read. You can use “shred” for permanent deletion if you are concerned about data recovery. It’s not a hard command line thing, pretty basic “shred [file/directory]” with some options like “overwrite with zeroes” and so on, including obfuscation of the file names themselves. It has some limitations, but comes pre-installed on Mint.

      Gparted was a default install on my Mint MATE 18.2 install. I didn’t know it wasn’t on other flavors.

  16. Great work team
    Looking forward to it.
    Hope the UI will be much stable and also if not late I think battery consumption rate should be looked upon as well.
    Cheers and happy new year new Linux mint 19

  17. Hello, I’m very happy to observe Linux Mint’s dynamic development. The Mint team does a great job with every release 🙂 I’m almost ready to give up double boot on my PC and stay solely with the Spicy Green.
    Since in Mint 19 considerable effort will be devoted to theming, perhaps it would also concern making the pulpit bottom bar a bit thicker and adding some space between graphic elements on it? It could be easier for some eyes, mine included. Just as bigger digits of the inbuilt calculator.
    Best regards!

  18. Hi Mint team,

    The distribution we can support the last celeron processor and uefi multi-boot ?

    Thanks for your response ans your good work !

  19. Good news 🙂 It would be excellent that you develop your own graphics driver/chipset manager so to integrate it into the furture LMDE 3. Best regards and happy new year 2018 to you.

  20. I gotta say I’m surprised that nowadays we haven’t click-and-slide solutions for working with local-time instead of UTC, nor to regulate the mouse scroll sensitivity. “Small details” like these, IMO, preserve the myth that linux is only for hardcore users.

    1. If someone believes a myth and makes decisions based on it, then it’s not worth talking about it. Saving the local time in the real-time clock, instead of UTC, is not exactly a great idea. It’s an annoying issue for people dual-booting Windows-Linux but in the end it’s best if the operating systems don’t touch the hardware clock but show the time and date based on the user-defined timezone and the hardware clock as a reference. Sure, the “click-and-slide” option you mention would help people dual-booting, but it is actually Microsoft who should do it right, because it’s not at all unusual for people to have more than one operating system on a PC and they shouldn’t play with the hardware clock.

      As for the mouse scroll sensitivity, I don’t know when it was introduced in Cinnamon but the option is present in my Mint 18.3 with Cinnamon 3.6.7.

    2. Thanks for your reply kneekoo. I know how to fix both issues (for the curious ones, in my case the simplest solutions are “timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 –adjust-system-clock” and unplug/replug the wireless dongle receiver), but this is not part of the official documentation nor easy to find out when you have no idea why something that simply works on WIndows it doesn’t on linux. And since linux mint became the defacto first choice for former windows users, I guess adding a couple of lines to the documentation would be beneficial.

  21. The only distribution that works on my very very old 32bits eeepc. Very good work, it runs smoothly.
    Keep up the 32bit support, and the good job!
    Just made a little donation to help you this way.
    Good luck!

  22. In Cinnamon, please add the option to resize and move the panels ANYWHERE. Also if you can make applets and desklets be just like widgets in KDE it would be great. I use the XFCE version because It has these features (In XFCE you can make a panel with one item which is like widgets)

    1. Panels can already be moved to any edge of the screen, or between monitors. Right click on an empty part of the panel, then select Modify Panel from the menu that pops up, then Move Panel. Click on where you want it. Job done. For resizing either open the panel settings from the main settings facility, or right click on an empty portion of the panel and choose ‘Panel Settings’ from the menu that will pop up.

  23. I’ll just say THX for everything.
    Everyone has some wishes. I have just one.
    I wish You to continue your great work and make this LM dream last forever.
    All the best in 2018. (: Happy New Year 🙂

  24. Tara sounds very nice. In some Indian languages it means a star (तारा). It is also name of a Goddess in certain Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

    1. Yes, Tara is the feminine embodiment of compassion, she is a major figure in Mahayana Buddhism and very important. There are many manifestations of Tara, one of the most popular among Tibetans is Green Tara, the manifestation of abundance and enlightened work. It is one of the most popular mantras at least among Tibetan Buddhists. Green Mint, Green Tara, abundance for everyone. 🙂

  25. I would like to offer kudos for a job very well done with Linux Mint 18.3. The XFCE version runs very fast on my nearly decade-old, now low spec HP desktop box. Is it planned to retain the XFCE version in LM 19?

  26. Super In really love Mint!
    Will Wayland come with LM 19? OR still with xorg?
    In would like to thank the LM team for their hard work so we can enjoy this fine OS.

  27. When I use a mint live system, connecting to a corporate VPN network gives access to resources within the company (such as web services), but we are surprised that I can not access these resources on the system I’m using. I try to find some information, but I can not find the reason. Is this a BUG?

  28. Good evening, I’m looking forward to this new version. I am completely reviewing the translation of Linux Mint into Brazilian Portuguese, and I hope to complete this work until the release. My intention is not to belittle the work of other translators, but I found many errors in the translation (many items have been translated literally).

    One question:

    Could this feature be implemented in this next release?

    God bless them!

    1. That feature exists in Nemo – I just tried it. Hit Ctrl+F and write the partial file name to filter.

    2. Well, it exists but it doesn’t work as expected. I looked at the comments in that GitHub issue to find out why it’s still open and I ended up doing a bit more testing. This feature still needs work. It’s good enough if you keep it simple.

    3. In Nemo it is necessary to do a full search using the shortcut “ctrl + f”, which takes a lot if the folder has many files.
      In nautilus, for example, you just type the term and it displays the files and directories that contain that term in the current folder. In Nemo, it just selects the first file that contains that term and only if it has the beginning of the file name.

  29. My compliments to all of you for an outstanding operating system. It has given a new lease on life into several older laptops of mine that were uselessly slow before. My one wish is that you would address the wi-fi issue. When I try to install Mint on a newer computer, it doesn’t recognize nearby wi-fi, and indeed won’t even let me turn wi-fi on.

    1. I wifi isn’t turned on, you can’t find any wifi araound you.
      Seems like your wifi is blocked (usually depending on your hardware, mostly on notebooks), try
      rfkill list
      to find the reason.
      (Some search may be necessary to unblock it, esp. when “hard blocked”. And please use the forums.)

  30. Please my issue isn’t about the mint 19 but what I’ve been experiencing with the mint 18.3 which I’m currently using is that, sometimes if I copy a document which is above 1GB I get stuck in the process. (i e the indicator will sometimes stop when it gets to 98% but beneath it will tell you “0 second remaining “) Again sometimes also if the data is more than 2GB, right from the start of the copying, the indicator runs fast to copy almost 983MB within some seconds but later stuck or slows down like nothing is going on. It sometimes make me think that It’s not responding. Of late I can’t be on my linux mint 18.3 to copy stuffs and even worser when that data is around 1GB I always have to log on into my windows OS. I hate Windows OS cos it’s slow as compare to Linux mint. I strongly suppose that it’s not a normal behavior by the mint. Please help me FRIENDS.

    1. Linux caches files in ram so what is probably happening is that it’s copying the file in ram very fast and then it’s transferred very slowly to the other drive. If you have a slow usb 2.0 drive, it might take some time. Try to wait and see if it completes. Anyway, this is not the right place to get help, you will probably get more answers if you ask in the Linux mint forums.

    2. Up! I also experience this on my Desktop running LM 18.3 cinnamon. I don’t have problems with small files. I hate windows, but sometimes I’m forced to use Pc/Laptop running on windows just to move or copy large files.

  31. One of my biggest frustration and hence most missed feature:
    When opening an application explorer window (for example with “Save as”) no explorer feature is available. One can’t rename a file or delete or copy or paste etc. Explorer windows should all have explorer features.

  32. Sounds great! I love Linux and especially Mint distro :), been using it privately for years. For my behalf as user it works perfect. The only two issues I found so far is 1. Battery drain that after some googling seems to be a well known issue and stability of office suites (both Open & Litre). The later is another team but if you would be able to optimise performance for use of Mint with laptops running on battery it would be a big enhancement 🙂

  33. Thank you all for the great work and effort. I have had very little difficulty using Linux Mint and have what adjustments I’ve had to make were taken care of rather easily. I look forward to the planned developments and even broader uses

  34. Interesting news. It will also be interesting to see whether MicroSoft disciples manage to sabotage the release so as to improve Win10 odds and revenue.
    (I also shan’t be too surprised if this post simply gets deleted, such is the current power of Disbelief and Denial,)

  35. Hello Linux Mint team,

    I tried version 18.3 in live mode and noticed something weird, “vboxsf” is missing and I can’t see the shared folder on the desktop.
    Can you please, include back “vboxsf” in version 19.x live mode, from users and groups->manage groups->groups settings->vboxsf, it was available in 18.2 where I could modify it’s properties and I could see the shared folder on the desktop even before applying modifications.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      We used to include virtualbox guest packages. We’ve done so for years. The reason we did was for Mint to be resizable and support multiple resolutions out of the box when used as a guest OS. Recently the situation improved and Virtualbox is now able to do this without the need for these packages to be installed. Since they get in the way of adding the Virtualbox “Guest Additions” (which provide better functionality), we decided to remove them in Mint 18.3. To gain the ability to use shared folder, click Device -> Insert Guest Additions CD image. Check for more information.

  36. Hello Mint,
    An issue I haven’t seen discussed or mentioned, is when I plug in peripherals, External hard drives , android devices etc. Copying files from one to the other. Mint will freeze and lock up. When I unplug the device it will unfreeze itself. Also While copying files from one to the other, the file explorer will crash, taking down all open explorer windows and I will need to start all over again to start copying. Will these issues get fixed? Thanks

  37. is there any way to fix it where someone could run dual monitors at their native resolutions without having to match the resolutions on say laptop with a hdtv hooked up to it

    1. $ xrandr –output eDP-1 –primary –output HDMI-1 –auto –same-as eDP-1 –scale-from 1920×1080

      Change outputs and resolution as appropriate 🙂

    1. we lost hsp bluetooth telephony after mint 17. I cant even imagine the reasoning for it. The bluez people just say it has to included in modules downstream but pulseaudio havent included it. Perhaps a word to the bluez and pulseaudio folks to include it in 19. even 18.x

  38. Any plan to make Nemo and/or the Xapps use client side decorations plus a CTRL + M toggle to show a classic menubar?

    1. @Sergio Durán to match the current design of the GNOME apps? I agree with you. One way or the other, the design should be consistent. Choose either client side decoration everywhere or nowhere. But not a mix of both as currently the case.

  39. Any chance it will install and boot on a 2009 iMac without going to black screen? I know I can get it up and running with nomodeset, but then it doesn’t use the video hardware properly and over heats.
    I have, just in the last couple of days, been able to get it installing and running properly with Ubuntu 17.10, and even have Cinnamon running, so “it looks just like Linux Mint”. However, as a long time fan of LM, it would be nice to get it going on my old iMac properly.
    It appears the problem lies in the Radeon drivers which were changed somewhere about LM 14.

  40. Excuse my ignorance; I don’t know if these are related to Cinnamon or Nemo or the Kernel specifically, or maybe I don’t know how to, or maybe it’s not as simple as I expected; but :

    using the keyboard, you can’t activate the next tab in a window…

    I’ve been using my laptop with touchpad only for 12 years, and 2 times I had trouble.. When you want to open mouse & touchpad settings using the keyboard, you can’t activate the next tab by the tab key or Ctrl + tab, or Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down or Shift tab etc.. Same way, for example when you open start up applications by keyboard and want to activate one of the buttons under the window, the tab key and combinations don’t work..

    Or, if there’s a way that I don’t know, it should be something universal & simple as Ctrl + Tab .. Am I wrong? Mint is my favorite and most trusted OS but if your mouse or touchpad is broken somehow and if you are trusting to the keyboard (like I did), then you’re in trouble.. I hope Mint Team will note this.. (Could you also increase the Acceleration Factor for the touchpad by default ? (Yes, on settings page everything is at max. already) In my case below 0.1 is too slow and I made a script to start at the boot with 0.5 .. ). If you increase the Acceleration Factor by default, many users won’t have to search how to and type synclient commands or make scripts…

    By the way; when you click on the Wireless icon, could the list appear according to Signal Strength/Quality please ? (I’d read this comment in old blogs from many users), if not, Alphabetically, or according to something else..

    Thank you in advance,

    Average Joe

    1. Sorry, I forgot to mention 2 things:

      1- When you choose (nemo – preferences) “Single click to open the items”, items don’t get selected when you take the cursor on them and naturally there’s no option as ” amount of time for the item to be selected when you take the cursor on it : 0.5 seconds” (or something like that)… Therefore you have to select items holding the Ctrl key and clicking…

      2- This is small but important for me as it effects the appearance most: On settings page -> Font settings : Default Font : When you choose a font type Italic -or something other than regular- it doesnt take effect and is considered as Regular font type : For example Noto Sans Italic results in Noto Sans Regular. (Whereas other options below work normally).. If this is not something done purposely, please someone fix it 🙂

  41. Thank God Mint is finally catching up with the latest ubuntu release… Make sure the Latest features of ubuntu make their way onto subsequent versions of Mint…

  42. Version 17x used to easily install printers… I dont know why you have messed up that.
    Bluetooth has never worked in Mint for me despite using the OS the most.

  43. I love Mint & really love 18.3. I switched my wife’s laptop over to Mint and she loves it as well. Just one thing I would like to ask. When this one comes out will it be possible just to upgrade from it from 18.3. It would really be great if that is possible as otherwise it means having to do a complete back up and then re-install which is a bit of a pain to do. Thank you in advance for any replies

    1. I think the most exciting thing about Linux Mint is the moment you install it and choose the parameters you want. … I back the document in an external 500 Gb HD, and update it every week. It is a good custom, and you do not suffer many devi changing operating system or you break your computer.

  44. I have used Linux Mint for several years, and love it. I hope, though, that leadership at LM will keep us posted with regular announcements about fixing Meltdown and Spectre issues. Since LM is derived from Ubuntu, perhaps it cannot be an instantaneous fix, but speaking for myself I’d like to be kept informed about progress in fixing LM to compensate for these newly discovered chip vulnerabilities. I hope that LM leaders will also let us know which versions of LM will be fixed (i.e. all supported releases or just the newest releases).

  45. 🙂
    Is it possible to change the Pix? Map the ‘mouse wheel’ to move the previous and following images. Pix is more for looking through the pictures, it was easier before.

  46. Hey, in lm 19 the default theme will be mint y? It would be nice, the x themes are outdated im my opinion, the y’s is so much more beatiful and should be the default

  47. Looking forward to this release. The 18 series have brought changes and the seamless upgrades until 17 encountered a little “bump” going to 18. My concern would be the upgrade from 18.x to 19 – is this envisaged as a seamless one-click, or surgery (like 17 to 18)? As the underlying base is the big mover I need to plan ahead as one upgrade involves airline tickets. Do I wait until 19 is out?

  48. Any thought being given to re-enabling the old Mint backup…specifically the ability to save the list of all installed packages (and be able to restore when necessary). Sure do miss that. Aptik has some of that ability, but not as neat and clean as what we had previously.
    Thanks…Great job folks!

  49. Hi,
    Will it install on a RAID, or more aptly perhaps, will it allow properly installing a boot loader in a RAID setup?

  50. been using linux mint for 2yrs and LOVING it uses touse WINDOWS long ago will be waitting for LINUXmint 19 bd in JUNE 🙂

  51. nice, really looking forward to enjoy all your hard work. 🙂

    my wish: save snapshots on smb-drives. (ex. point Timeshift to store on my NAS, not just lokal drives)

  52. Hi, I have a few questions. Firstly, could xreader offer more functionality like text highlighting, custom page and font colour etc? I know there are other pdf readers for Linux, but they are few and do cause some inconvenience, it would be nice to have such features out of the box in Mint. Another question concerns the Panacea theme menu supposed to appear in Tara. Will you modify it? It looks rather cluttered when compared to the elegant simplicity of the current menu. I don’t mean removing features of course. Many users would probably also welcome more personalisation options for the menu. Even Windows 10 seems to improve in this regard.
    Finally, are there any plans to have a Mint edition focused primarily on the enhancement of stability? It’s obvious the Devs eliminate bugs that they encounter or are informed about, but they are probably more focused on other tasks at present…
    Thank you, Mint Devs, for your hard work and the results it has. Best wishes for 2018!

  53. Why is there no Linux Mint for ARM CPU’s? I will be able to build cheap Raspberry Pi computers that way and its possible to install Linux Mint on anything using ARM CPU.

    Linux Mint Arch Edition will be another great addition. Yes i know there’s already Manjaro but i would like Arch based distro by Mint Team. 😀

    1. The Odroid C-2, XU-4 ARM machines run Ubuntu 16.04, Arch, Debian, and many others, utilizing Linux kernel 4.14.
      ARM MACHINES. They run–stated by the manufacturer–Debian and Ubuntu. Do you think running Linux MINT would be any problem at all, on these devices?
      You’re looking in the wrong place for the problem: there’s no CONVENTIONAL mass-storage on the device you referenced. It’s extremely hard to run as complex an operating system as MINT when your only storage is an SD card; and that’s the extent of ‘mass storage’ on the device you propose using.

    2. @Robert Orzanna What i mean by Linux Mint Arch Edition is to make Arch based Linux Mint just like Mint Team made Ubuntu based Linux Mint, good for both beginners and advanced users. 🙂

      @RobertService Linux Mint already works no problem on ARM CPU’s? Awesome then. 🙂

    3. @Robert Orzanna Unlike LMDE, Arch base is rolling release, has AUR which contains almost everything, don’t need PPA’s to get latest packages, and that’s the reason i would like Linux Mint Arch Edition. Arch as a base, Cinnamon as a desktop environment and stability like Linux Mint. Essentially a stable rolling release model of Linux Mint Cinnamon with AUR is what i would like if possible. I will instantly switch to Linux Mint Arch Edition if Mint team ever decide to make it sometime in future. 🙂

    4. Arch is great because it’s bleeding edge, so you’ve got access to the very latest. The downside of that is that stability is hard to guarantee and although you’ll get fixes very quick you’ll also go through numerous regressions. You can’t have it both ways. Both rolling distros and frozen distros are great in their own respect, they both solve issues and are targeted at very different audiences. Frozen distros like Debian Stable, Ubuntu, Mint bank on stability at the cost of staying behind a bit. PPAs help with that to a certain extent and so do technologies such as Steam, AppImage, Snap and Flatpak.

  54. Hello Mint Team. Thank you for your excellent work and the updates brought in 18.3.

    A couple of ideas for Mint 19:
    1) Add an option to the Window list applet which would set icons only (no text) to be displayed in application buttons. This would make it possible to have a Win10-like, or GNOME Dash-to-Panel-like if you wish, taskbar.

    2) Update the default Main Cinnamon menu applet. Make it more modern looking by better following the mint-y theme and the GUI guidelines that were set in 18.3. Add customization options. Add at least: 1) It should be possible to set the search box to appear at the top/bottom of the menu. 2) Add an option to remove the application info box and replace it with tooltips. Add “Open the menu editor” item to the menu button right-click pop-up. Add an option for custom launchers display and make it possible to select their position. Make it possible to select where quit buttons are displayed. These options were available in the Custom Cinnamon Menu applet, however, it disappeared from the applet repository some time ago. It would be nice to have these options in the default menu applet.

    1. Yet one idea: Update the LibreOffice toolbar icons. The non-active icons should be light gray. Nowadays they are “half displayed” – the top part of the symbol in the icon is displayed in light gray while the bottom part gradually blends to the background. This does not match the GUI of the remainder of the operating system and is visible especially for the “Cut”, “Copy” and “Redo” icons.

    2. Hi Mirek,

      In connection with your ‘Windows list’ applet question…

      Have you tried replacing both ‘Panel launchers’ & ‘Windows list’ applets with ‘Icing Task Manager’ applet? There’s a few minor issues to resolve, but it’s already a great Windows like launcher.

      Secretly hope (no more a secret now mentioned here) that one day ITM will be the default panel launcher. 🙂
      Big thanks to Jason Hicks for all his hard work!

    3. @Mirek thanks for the screenshot. Now I can see what you mean. But I suspect that these icons are not well visible because these functions are not available and hence greyed out. Why would you want them to be more visible if you cannot use them anyway?

    4. @Dave B
      Thanks for the hint. I will give ITM a try.

      If the non-active icons are displayed like this you do not know what an icon is meant for until you hoover over it. The icons should be gray but legible. It does not matter that you cannot use the icon at the moment.

  55. 18.3 is a lovely release, as the previous ones were before it. I”m a physician who has to run some old specialized windows programs. I also have to use dragon dictate. So I run an Xp VM and can take care of all my medical needs using mint 18.3 with xp running virtually in seamless – a brilliant solution.
    I love all the great work constantly being put into Mint – a lovely thing. The one disappointment – and it’s relatively minor – is the screen scaling issue. This is especially true for dual screens. But it’s problematic in other contexts – notably high def laptop screens. Hope it eventually gets a self sustaining solution.


  56. Good Luck! 🙂
    ¡Buena suerte! 🙂

    I wish you consider a NON flat dark theme based on Mint-X, similar to Adwaita-Dark.

    Thank you very much for the job.
    Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo. 🙂

  57. In general, if you go to Mint, everything is fine with time and synchronization over the Internet, and
    here if to load Windows 10 that time gets off for 4 hours back (as I understand the time zone flies).

    The problem was that in Linux and Windows storage and recovery of time in different formats. AT
    Linux format is UTC, and in Windows format is Localtime. And with each reboot they rearrange the time for
    its format and thereby give out the wrong time zone.


    change the format in one OS (I changed it in Linux because it’s easier).

    sudo timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 –adjust-system-clock
      sudo timedatectl

    1. Thanks Pavlo. I noticed the same problem om my PC few days ago and wasn’t sure what is causing it.

    2. There is a simple solution to this problem. First of all it’s a Microsoft-problem for THEY decided to use a local setting in the RTC. Adding a registry entry in Windows solves this as from then on it will use the OS offset to UTC as in Linux and MacOS…
      Add these two lines of text to a text file and save it as utc.reg:

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation] “RealTimeIsUniversal”=dword:00000001

      Then add this regfile to the Windows registry by simply double clicking it, accept the change, ignore all the warnings and reboot. Best to reboot once to Linux to have the RTC reset to UTC, then reboot into Windows and see what happens. In my case this works perfectly well. No need to alter anything to Linux as it should be…


    3. Confirm. It works. I added manually.
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation] “RealTimeIsUniversal”=dword:00000001

  58. Over the years I’ve dabbled with various Linux distro’s (SUSE was the first. Great fun tinkering with that), but always defaulted to Windows as my main operating system. Then came Mint! Wow! Windows is now relegated to my backup operating system when I need to run software that won’t run in WINE. I am not an expert user but do like to tweak things and Mint allows me to do that with ease. Well done to the Linux Mint team and keep up the good work with Tara.

    1. When you need to run software that wont yet run in Wine, you can run it in Windows VM on VirtualBox. 🙂

  59. As someone has already said I would like to adress you a big THANK YOU for all the work you are doing on Mint. Before I was using Ubuntu but since I have discovered Mint, this distribution is so far my favourite one !

  60. using LM 17.3 & bemoaning loss of ability to move files back & forth from older (W98 & LM9) system
    Also can’t seem to get communication to / from USB stick(s)
    writing this with LM17.1 on visit to alternate sys, I may not see responses… 🙁

  61. I greatly appreciated your solicitude in adjusting the Italian translation of mint and cinnamon. Thank you. Now, just a little tip for mint 19: it would be useful to display in the panel also the progression of browser downloads.

    1. @Gian Piero this is a very cool idea! And maybe the same could be implemented for Audacity when exporting a file (plot the progress of exporting onto the panel).

  62. Could you please DECREASE the memory usage of Linux Mint? I am using Linux Mint 17.3 64 bit, and right after booting, the System Monitor shows about 400-450 MB of RAM being used. In Linux Mint 18.3 64 bit, this goes over 800-900 MB RAM, or even more!! This happens with NO PROGRAMS opened, just the System Monitor!

    I have a computer with 4 GB RAM, both at home and at work, and I use VirtualBox, which consumes a lot of memory. If the bare OS consumes ~ 0,9 GB RAM, this is a problem for me!…

    Please give a thought to this aswell. Thank you.

    1. Try XFCE. It is the most lightweight and personally I like it as much or more than Cinnamon. I have converted lots of old computers from XP or Vista.Typically they have 1 or 2 GB or RAM. XFCE runs well on these old PCs.

  63. I use Linux Mint Cinnamon x64 on both On-Line & Off-Line PCs. On the Off-Line PC’s I usually install a /usr/repo (repository available from With LM 18.3, one can NOT deselect
    the Official Repositories & use only local Additional Repos. Thus one may have a problem accessing the local Repo, as the Update Manager prefers to search online. Please add the ability to deselect the On-Line Repo’s.

  64. Will there be any changes done to the default theme, design and icons? Will the default remain Mint-X or will be it be Mint-Y? Are there any plans to collaborate with great icon designers such as Paper or Numix?

  65. I am thinking of writing an XFCE “how-to” guide for non-technical users because I have converted a lot of customers from XP or Vista. I may do the same for Cinnamon because I have some customers using it as a well. I hope the GUI and applications don’t change much from a user standpoint.

  66. Hi Linux Mint Team!
    Very good work you have done! I wanted to use a stable OS, therefore Ițve migrated from Windows Vista to Suse 8 (hard to do my work), Windows 7, Ubuntu 12, Linux Mint Rebeca and finally Ițve found my home. All I want as a regular user is to do my work, using a stable OS. Because of you, the Mint community and your work I am with Mint for the last three years. I am looking forward to Tara. Sylvia is a great version already, a major leap forward.
    Do you think that in Cinnamon Tara will have some functions that were useful to me in Mint 18.3 KDE like:
    1. ability to search anything directly from the desktop just by typing
    2. group open application in activities like in KDE version?
    This is I miss from KDE version. I use Cinnamon desktop. Looks easy, straight forward, to the point.

    All the best!

  67. Hope to see another theme. A bright and transparent theme. Mint and Manjaro have the most ugly themes I’ve ever seen. Black and black and a bit of gray and black again and a little pale green. Nothing bright, bright, transparent, as if it were in the cemetery. And the Nemo window remains as ugly whatever theme you try

  68. Hello everyone and thank you first for your work.
    I’m using the XFCE desktop now since MATE is not as configurable anymore and so bad for my eyes. in XFCE it is possible to replace the “X” functions with the old programs (mousepad, etc.) that are not impacted by the new styles of badly visible icons. which is not the case of MATE where all the old versions are also visually difficult (gthumb, pluma, etc.)
    Caja offers the search in each window, this function is absent from Thunar and I regret it very much because I used it a lot, more efficient than a search by the dedicated tool, out of the window that forces to open other .
    This would be possible to do in XFCE?

  69. While you are working on a new release of Linux Mint and hopefully take notice of user comments, I hope you will take notice of the following:
    I just booted the Mint 18.3 ISO from USB. And I wonder, why is it sticking in Grub, waiting for manual input? I am pretty sure over 999 out of 1000 boots will be to start the main Linux Mint installation. So why not have this as a default boot in about 3 seconds?

    Anyone who is skilled enough to download the ISO, burn it to a medium, boot their computer from it and want one of the other options will be smart enough to press the arrow button and selected the desired option with 3 seconds.

    And it’s not an irreversible thing should the ISO boot into the main installer while the skilled person had wanted to boot one of the other options. Which I think is very unlikely anyway.

    And another nagging issue:
    the installer screen-saver. Why do you have a screen-saver enabled in the installer? First when installing the operating system I want to know what’s happening and when it’s finished. Immediately, at a glance while being busy with other things, without having to go to the system and having to move a mouse or a keyboard. Second it’s happened I got locked out by that installer screen-saver asking for a password that’s not provided.

    Finally I want to thank you all for the work you do on Linux Mint which I greatly enjoy and is a valuable part of my computing life. Above suggestions are given as to make it even better.

    1. I’d appreciate that the standard at USB boot of a live medium will not be “install” but remain “try LM version xy”.
      My guess would be that there are much more tests if a live system will boot and work (wifi, BT, sound…) on a machine than real installs, my personal factor would be around 20 at least.

  70. And a third remark:
    The Wifi icon has been replaced by a disconnected cable icon. I have installed Linux Mint for people coming from Windows and they do not recognize this as a place where to look for Wifi connections. Bring back the Wifi icon.

  71. While I’m glad Linux Mint will see a new release in the future, please do not embrace the new stuff – instead, fix the old. I’m on 18.1 and planning on staying on it until it is no longer supported (which is going to take a while), but BLUETOOTH has been the source of my headaches. (Refer to this thread for further info: ); In short, all we, Bluetooth users need, is for the Linux Mint team to implement the newest BlueZ from Ubuntu 17.10 (or 18.04) into LM18.1, along with a newer version of Blueberry. We want Blueberry to be something more then just a simple program to toggle Bluetooth on or off. We need it to set how long my adapter is going to be in discovery mode, enable FastConnect, Reconnection attempts, etc – that is, all the features supported by /etc/bluetooth/main.cfg should be accessible to the user (that’s what Blueberry is there for, isn’t it?) , instead of forcing us into messing with system files. And unfortunately, my BT keyboard keeps dropping connection as I’m typing this, which is something that is very annoying and happens a lot in Mint18.1 but it does not happen in Ubuntu 17.10 at all (switched back and forth to prove it, so LM18.1 could use an update).

  72. Hopefully Tara will not be as haggard as she was seen in German TV yesterday…

    And may someone make the ubuiquity dialog window resizeable in v19, please?
    There is an open issue for that (the partitioning dialog is hard to use!).

  73. “.. possibly theming as well ..” – Oh, please! This would be very much appreciated.

    Happy New Year Clem.

    1. I do like this name Tara. Something strange here. Running Linux Mint 18.3 Mate 64 bit. (caja). Update for cinnamon-nemo 3.6.5+sylvia. came to me. I will ignore it. Not did yet but i will. Hugs.

  74. “We’ll focus mostly on the base, GTK, possibly theming as well and structural changes.”

    I am using LM 18.1 Mate, and it allows me to (mostly) control tootips, which I find incredibly annoying and distracting. I tried LM 18.3 but it uses GTK3, which has no method to disable tooltips (gtk-enable-tooltips = 0). I wonder if you could add a feature to allow the user to disable tooltips, or perhaps just a settings menu item that would enable a change in the mouse hover time so that the tooltips remain active but not visible during normal use. If the default value could be changed to say 1.5 seconds by the user, people like me could still resort to tooltip information occasionally simply by letting the mouse hover longer but would not be plagued by tooltips during normal use.
    Thank you for all the work you have done in presenting Linux Mint to the computer world!

  75. Glad to see it on its way. Definitely not critical, but I think it would be nice to see the standard “Install (insert OS here)” option during live bootup instead of starting LM or doing an OEM install. Something similar to what Ubuntu or Elementary OS do.

  76. I hope that developing Nemo file manager will still be one of most important prioirity for Linux Mint team, because it is one of best feature in Cinnamon. There are many features and improvements that I would need, especially for browsing pictures, here are some:
    – Side panel for viewing pictures.
    – Side panel could also view pdf files (zoom- and scrollable). For example, it could use Xviewer in Nemo side panel.
    – During browsing pictures, compact layout feature would be more tight (and maybe option for hiding file names). Now there are still too much white background.
    Best wishes for developing Mint 19, I will wait for it. 🙂

    1. The main reason i stick to Mint MATE is because of Caja. In split panel mode there is a context menu Move to —> Other Pane and Copy to –> Other Pane. These 2 options come in so handy. If Nemo was to adopt this Cinnamon would be a lot more attractive to me.

  77. I use KDE versions of Mint.
    Can someone please fix QT-Curve so that it works with GTK3?!
    If the theme engine for GTK3 is going to be stable and no longer break everything with every little update, this would almost become a “killer app”. Users are screaming for this! I know I need it.

  78. I tried to record the desktop using the recorder application, the result is very bad in Cinnamon and Matte version, the video was broken break with a lot of interference from background,, anyone experienced it?

  79. Kernel 4.13 doesn’t work with my Asus Aspire R3. (SMB3 probably is not the culprit.) I hope, that some Kernel parameter settings or an alternative Kernel will be selectable as an option to get Tara running on that laptop PC in case Tara uses Kernel 4.13. Also, even though SMB1 is bad, there should be an option to disable SMB3 or to select any SMBn.

    1. Booted Asus Aspire R3 from external SSD with Mint 18.3, but 32bit and Kernel 4.13.0-26. After some hickups (failing IRQ 27?), the login screen was reached. Mouse cursor could be moved, but mouse clicks, keyboerd entries and touchpad buttons didn’t work. Later I copied the files in /var/log/ and /var/run/ from that SDD. Perhaps I find some hints there.
      This probably is the wrong place to report Kernel issues. But since Mint 18.3 now uses Kernel 4.13, you might be interested in this.

    2. I started the external 32bit Mint 18.3 with Kernel 4.13.0-26 as recovery in a 2nd try. After a burst or error messages this time I could start and work with Mint 183. I don’t know whether that works because of the external SSD or because this is 32bit.

      In kern.log these lines were repeared many times until the loop ended (for what reason so ever):
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732718] irq 252, desc: f49a4500, depth: 1, count: 0, unhandled: 0
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732719] ->handle_irq(): c30ce980,
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732722] handle_bad_irq+0x0/0x1f0
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732722] ->irq_data.chip(): f83a80a0,
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732726] chv_gpio_irqchip+0x0/0xffffcf60 [pinctrl_cherryview]
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732727] ->action(): (null)
      Jan 16 20:38:55 M183SSD kernel: [ 5.732728] IRQ_NOPROBE set

      The internal 64bit installation with Kernel 4.13.0-26 doesn’t log anything in kern.log end gets stuck in the loop forever.

      In both cases I disabled (in Grub) the initial graphics logo display in order to watch in VGA mode what is going on during boot.

    3. In “Monkey_Mod” recommends:
      “If you’re getting IRQ trap errors, I’ve had this issue and found a solution.
      [pinctrl_cherryview] is the module in question and when blacklisted, solves the problem.
      Add this to your bootloader options:
      Then update the kernel modules with:
      sudo mkinitcpio -p linux && reboot”

      That’s for Arch linux. Is there a risk to do something similar with Mint 18.3? What would be the disadvantage to do the blacklisting?

    4. === SOLVED ===

      Now I get my Acer Aspire R3 running with Kernel 4.13.0-26.

      With »sudo xed /etc/default/grub« I changed some lines in /etc/default/grub to:

      GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`
      GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”quiet noapic modprobe.blacklist=pinctrl_cherryview”

      Then I run »sudo update-grub«.

      I prefer not to have a splash screen. That is why I changed some GRUB_… lines to other values than what you find in default. If you want a spash screen, leave all the GRUB_… to their default values and just change one line:

      GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”quiet splash noapic modprobe.blacklist=pinctrl_cherryview”

      Also in this case you need to »sudo update-grub« after the change.

      It works with my Aspire R3. I don’t know whether it works with yours 😉

    5. With Kernel 4.13.0-32

      GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”quiet noapic modprobe.blacklist=pinctrl_cherryview”

      can be replaced by


  80. I’m allright with yor girlfriend’s name but; Tara in Spanish means defect, blemish, and furthermore, tare, the whole weight of something. So the people that speaks like me wouldn’t want a version of the greatest Linux distribution named like that. Can I suggest Therese?. Thank you all.

  81. It would be awesome if Mint 19 will allow to preview the folders content in Nemo, like in dolphin file manager where it’s possible to view folders as thumbnails instead of icons (first few pictures are shown)

  82. Hello,

    before Linux mint 19 will be released, will you publish any major updates for example an update to 18.4?

    best regards

  83. Will there be an upgrade path from Mint 18.3 to Mint 19 in the Update Manager without reinstalls? REALLY Looking forward to new theming options – a lot of customization for themes was lost with the Mint 17-Mint 18 upgrade!

  84. @Robert Orzanna

    I am currently using Linux Mint MATE 17.3. The memory “tests” I reffered to above were made on Linux Mint MATE 18, 18.1, 18.2 and 18.3. The MATE desktop uses too much memory.

    I hope this will be improved in Linux Mint MATE 19.

  85. Currently I am using LM 18.3 Cinnamon version and it works perfectly even after forced kernel and microcode upgrades. For version 19, I hope that the whole system continues to be functional. However, I would like a better and more accurate translation into Italian language; even the text that is usually kept in English (password request). It would also be nice if the firefox bookmarks folder returned to be the color set by the theme. This, because I want Mint to always remain the most cared and perfect distro of all.Thanks and good job.

  86. Good Linux Mint would like to know if the new Linux 19 will support wings wine updates also wanted to know if you add the Repositos PPA for the update of the same wine, SMPlayer, Smtube, and various because some users have problems with the Program delay requesting update I have no problem to exception of wine that can not be updated but for new and beginners is a hell of before hand Agradesco your answer

  87. i hope who Mint 19 it will be more functional then 18.3 with the bios 1.37 i love linux Mint i hope to use it normally without problem about restart or shutdown, anyway if it’s possibile i like if i can find more sound system for example about recycle bin or other stuff it’s a great distro this i think will made it a legendary distro 🙂

  88. Linuxmint 18.3 XFCE Edition 64 bit another crash report
    program Stacer Crashed this is a 3rd party app there is no bug tracker page available for it
    but here is the stack trace
    I,am guessing that to share the local file they have to be uploaded to github
    i do not know how to do this so i only gave the link for the trace
    good luck on Linuxmint 19 I hope XFCE 4.14 is included in this release

  89. You know what would be really cool? If you had a feedback app like Win 10. That would make Linux mint, even more mint!

  90. About the bug in Cinnamon 18.3 (I reported before), when the system completely freezes and you must go to tty1, log-in and enter killall cinnamon-screen-saver to unfreeze the system:
    This is *not* a minor bug, although it happens just occasionally, after suspending the laptop, it is a very bad reputation to Cinnamon and Linux in general.
    I cannot install Cinnamon 18.3 for a new Linux user and tell him/her to “get used to it”. It will sound like the worst days of Windows 98, honestly.
    And also I cannot expect a new Linux user to use tty1 after 1 or 2 days of using Linux.
    Currently, because of this bug I continue to install Linux Mint 17.3 to other users.
    So please consider this bug as a major bug that should be fixed. – no other bug is worse then a freezing system.

    Thanks a lot.

  91. Just one year old Linux user, have tried ubuntu, debian, fedora, manjaro and off course MINT too. above all Mint Just works, (manjaro too) nothing else. not even ubuntu. but the biggest problem with Linux (including MINT) 1. HP1020Plus, HPP 1007 and Canon 2900B are installed automatically, shows no error in their properties but also show “no” output too. thats pathetic… and make window dependable, second… gnumeric and openoffice Calc do not serve the purpose of MSOffice, and on Linux MSOffice too not works as usual as it do on Windows. and 3. We can not be ensure from our system that there is net access on router or not… as window shows “internet access” or no Internet access in panel…I hope one day I will be able to say good bye to windows even if the first two things are resolved…

  92. I am a new Linux Mint User since the last week. The installation of the Mint 18.3 version run without any problem.
    After long time spending as an OpenSUSE user, I migrate to Mint because of the “user-friendly” aspects of your system.
    The experiences to get an operative system adjusted and ready to use in a reasonable time without any a headache was unbeatable!
    Thank you to all the Mint team to provide such a high-end operative system. I will definitively continue to use and to install this fantastic Linux distribution.
    and … I will look and follow with high interest the next Tara Version.

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