Linux Mint Translation Guide

The Linux Mint Translation Guide is ready.

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This guide was written for translators. It explains how translations work, how to translate with Launchpad and/or POEdit and how to verify translations with a Mint tool called mint-check-translations.


  1. The donations part badly needs a search box. After several donations, I will no longer donate until a search box is available.

  2. Hi members of Linux community, I would like to make my Linux record my voice . So I have got an analoge microphone to USB converter cable plugged in at front USB port. So far so fine but sound is not audible. I neither knows about my microphone in Pulse Audio control nor can Linux find audacity to download for Linux . Help please.

  3. Hi guys, can you tell me how to fix a small italian translation error in LM 18.3 (cinnamon 3.6.7) already installed? I tried many times, but being a system file, I can not change it. And the procedure shown in this section is too complicated for me.Thank you.

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