Security notice: CVE-2017-8083 affecting MintBox 2

A BIOS update was released by Compulab to address CVE-2017-8083.

This issue affects IPC, MintBox 2 and some IPC2 models.

Please visit the following pages to check your unit and for information on how to upgrade the BIOS:



  1. Why are we being told to use win32 Disk Imager on a Linux box?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Kim, I’ll ask CompuLab to update the page. In Linux Mint you can use “USB Image Writer”, or simply extract the img image from the ZIP and then right-click it and select “Make bootable USB stick”.

  2. @Kim You can also use Etcher by … Works on linux (Appimage file) and windows (Exe)… It automates everything and works perfectly with UEFI, it also rechecks the flash drive after setting it up to ensure everything went well. Very nice tool.

  3. I got error 236 – Failed to commit all changes into BIOS Image!
    I opened the .bat file and typed the command manually without the other parameters than:

    DosFlash.exe /file Bios.cap and it worked fine.

  4. I, also, have applied the modification given by Luciano and have applied the new BIOS. However the ME_LOCK.bat patch fails due to an offset error. Have you been successful with the ME_Lock patch after upgrading the BIOS? Suggestions?

  5. Billie, see Nr.5!!

    My error was:
    Error: The EVSA region space is exhausted!

    Error 236 – Failed to commit all changes into BIOS image!

  6. I see that Mintbox 2 are fairly old. Will there be a 3 soon?
    I will like (any) Mintbox with minimum 3 USB 3 ports, 1 USB C and 1 HDMI port. Without the USB C are no-go….

  7. John,
    The IntensePC (IPC) seams to be “Mintbox2”
    you can buy a IntensePC2 (IPC2), it comes with 4USB 3!
    You can even get a different (FACE Modul) front plate if you like.

    And if you like to support the Linux-Mint Project you can additional make a donation. I guess Clem will not get angry about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Thanks Luciano for your input. Buying a ipc2 almost fits the bill, but there is no USB C, and I prefer waiting to a PC like ipc2, but including minimum one USB C, because that is (partly) the future in ports. 2 USB C ports or more are preferably. But 4 USB 3 is certainly OK :).

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