Monthly News – August 2016


For once, we’re publishing the Monthly News early.


In July, we’ve received $12,753 thanks to the generous donations of 530 people. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us fund Linux Mint. During the attacks we were able to purchase additional servers and pay for services (some of which are now free, credits to Sucuri for sponsoring us) without ever worrying about how much things cost. We’re also able to have a budget which allows us to pay our development team. Although Mint developers are passionate and benevolent people, we send them money so that they can purchase fancy equipment or so they can be more comfortable and have more spare time (which they usually spend on improving Linux Mint anyway). They’ve no idea how much they’ll get, when and why, but they’re one of the core reasons Linux Mint gets better, so the same way you donate to Linux Mint, we love donating to them. On occasions and when something benefits the distribution in a tangible way, we’re also able to donate upstream. In preparation for Linux Mint 18, we sent money to various artists and some upstream developers. In brief, we’re extremely comfortable and free in the way we develop Linux Mint. Whenever we need something, we’re able to buy it. Whenever money can improve a particular aspect of the distribution we’re able to spend it. This frees our hands, it empowers us greatly and it makes our job much easier. I usually just say thank you and emphasize the fact that your help does help us a lot. Behind the curtain there are a lot of people involved at various degrees and doing very different things. Since we started in 2006 we never had to worry about money. We were able to grow our quality and success thanks to your enjoyment and support and we never had to feel small or revise our ambitions. You can see the effects this had on development and the decisions to maintain a new desktop environment, or lately in the decision to switch to XApps. I’m very grateful for this. Many thanks to you.


Unlike other Linux Mint editions, the KDE edition will ship with the SDDM display manager.

Bad news for the nostalgic, the KDE edition will also abandon its distinctive blue Linux Mint icon and adopt the same green icon, and boot sequence as other editions.

LTS kernels and stacks in Linux Mint 17.x

In Linux Mint 17.x (17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3) the 3.16, 3.19 and 4.2 kernel series reached end-of-life, so they will no longer receive any new kernels.

The following series will continue to receive new kernel versions until 2019:

  • 3.13
  • 4.4

You can use the Update Manager, click on the View Menu, and select “Linux Kernels” to see which kernel you are currently using and which kernels are available. As always we recommend caution when switching to a new kernel. After installing a new kernel, both the previous and the new kernels are installed. Your proprietary drivers (if any) are compiled against the new kernel and your boot screen (grub) is using this new kernel by default. If anything goes wrong or if you notice regressions, you can remove the kernel using the Update Manager. This will recompile your driver with your previous kernel and reset your boot screen to use it.

Xorg 1.15 and Mesa 10.1.3 (which came with Linux Mint 17, 17.1 and 17.2) are supported upstream until 2019. Xorg 1.17 and Mesa 10.5.9 (which were used in Linux Mint 17.3) will also be supported by Linux Mint until 2019.

Cinnamon 3.2

I’d like to thank two of my favorite Mint developers for bringing two exciting changes in Cinnamon 3.2.

Sometimes it’s the little things which make all the difference. JosephMcc made it possible for notifications to make a sound. Like all other Cinnamon sounds, you’ll of course be able to configure it or disable it.

Mtwebster took it upon himself to rewrite the Cinnamon screensaver from scratch. Before I describe some of the visible benefits, this is great news for the screensaver because it means development and bug fixing for this component will be much faster and much easier than before going forward (not only because it’s now all written in Python, but also because we’re effectively ditching a huge amount of code which was written in the early days of GNOME 2, a design which was inherited from XScreensaver and a lot of technical debt).

The first thing you notice when you run the screensaver is how fast and smooth it is to come up. It’s immediate and it fades in with a nice animation. The background is no longer static, so if you’re using a slideshow in Cinnamon, the backgrounds will also change in your screensaver.

The new codebase and much simpler design means the login dialog is better integrated within the screensaver and the entire screen feels much lighter than before. Xscreensaver hacks are still supported of course (the configuration screen is exactly the same as before) but switching back and forth between a hack and the login dialog is much faster than it was (it’s so fast I’m actually thinking of slowing it down… if you keep the Escape key pressed things do flash quite a lot).

The clock is no longer stuck on the left of the screen. Its position changes around the screen.

As you can see we’re just getting started with the new development cycle but we’re already having a lot of fun 🙂


Linux Mint is proudly sponsored by:

Platinum Sponsors:
Private Internet Access
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Linux VPS Hosting
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Bronze Sponsors:
Vault Networks *
AYKsolutions Server & Cloud Hosting
7L Networks Toronto Colocation *
BGASoft Inc
David Salvo
Francois Edelin
Milton Security Group
Sysnova Information Systems
Community Sponsors:

Donations in July:

A total of $12753 was raised thanks to the generous contributions of 530 donors:

$510, Markus W.
$269, Bjoern W.
$200 (19th donation), Ralph Siegler aka “ziggy
$180 (15th donation), Andreas Schmidt
$140, Zakharchenko A.
$108, Philippe L.
$108, Jürgen H.
$108, Download.BG
$100 (13th donation), Jon Espenschied aka “xeno”
$100 (6th donation), Nono W.
$100 (4th donation), Efran G.
$100 (3rd donation), Roy Q.
$100 (3rd donation), Glen A.
$100 (2nd donation), Christopher B.
$100 (2nd donation), Using PayPal
$100, Bert-jan W.
$100, John G.
$100, Paul R.
$100, Octavio R.
$100, Timothy M.
$100, G. L.
$100, Walter W.
$100, Michael E.
$100, Jeffery J.
$100, Theodore M.
$100, Brad C.
$100, David V. aka “Big Davos”
$100, William H.
$81 (4th donation), Stuart Tilley
$75 (14th donation), Robert D B.
$54 (18th donation), Pasi K.
$54 (3rd donation), Heinrich S.
$54 (2nd donation), Daniel S.
$54 (2nd donation), Niall C.
$54 (2nd donation), Weber Technics
$54 (2nd donation), Roberto S.
$54 (2nd donation), Stephan S.
$54 (2nd donation), Christophe G.
$54, Michael K.
$54, Andreas M.
$54, Theo V. R.
$54, Denis P.
$54, Jean C. A.
$50 (70th donation), Matthew M.
$50 (12th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (7th donation), Carlos H. G.
$50 (6th donation), V. Mark Lehky aka “SiKing
$50 (5th donation), Rudolph C.
$50 (4th donation), Volker P.
$50 (4th donation), Michael C.
$50 (3rd donation), David H. W.
$50 (3rd donation), Eric S.
$50 (3rd donation), Hans J.
$50 (3rd donation), John G. aka “newlinuxuser”
$50 (3rd donation), Jeffrey M. T. aka “JayBird707”
$50 (2nd donation), Tom M.
$50 (2nd donation), Kevin L.
$50 (2nd donation), David P.
$50 (2nd donation), Don Gates
$50, John V.
$50, Thomas B.
$50, Dejan Levaja
$50, R. B.
$50, Kim P.
$50, Lynn H.
$50, Sam B.
$50, Bill P.
$50, Albert K.
$50, Mirza B.
$50, Christopher C.
$50, Peter C.
$50, Lisa R.
$50, Byron J.
$50, Christopher D.
$50, Robert S.
$50, James G.
$50, Lee R.
$50, Steven C.
$45 (2nd donation), James M.
$45, Rohan A.
$43, Michael C.
$42 (2nd donation), Aubert (Holdup)
$40 (2nd donation), Dale H.
$40, Hector G.
$38 (2nd donation), Petr P.
$38, Florentin C.
$35 (9th donation), Geoff_P
$35, H J. P.
$35, Edward L.
$32 (3rd donation), Peter Fitzsimons aka “Peter4933”
$32 (3rd donation), Javier C. M.
$32, Kirsten L.
$32, Jens B.
$32, Anders F.
$30 (77th donation), Olli K.
$30 (5th donation), Josue M.
$30 (5th donation), Steve T.
$30 (3rd donation), Joe K.
$30, Omar O.
$30, Peter T.
$30, Edward R.
$30, Ian G.
$30, Frank V.
$30, Joseph R.
$30, Allan C.
$30, Urs N.
$30, Steffen K.
$30, Ian B.
$29 (2nd donation), Stefan N.
$27 (26th donation), Mark W.
$27 (3rd donation), Gerhard E.
$27 (2nd donation), Michael H. S.
$27, Timo E. P.
$27, Antonio V.
$27, Volker V.
$27, Manfred B.
$27, Martyna S.
$27, Martin K.
$27, Paul J.
$27, Thomas K.
$25 (60th donation), Ronald W.
$25 (25th donation), John M.
$25 (8th donation), Kwan L.
$25 (3rd donation), Jeffrey V.
$25 (2nd donation), Jon C. S.
$25 (2nd donation), Holt D.
$25 (2nd donation), Karen J.
$25 (2nd donation), Eugene H.
$25 (2nd donation), Nance M.
$25 (2nd donation), Curtis O.
$25 (2nd donation), Yuriy G.
$25 (2nd donation), Jack C.
$25 (2nd donation), cocasema
$25 (2nd donation), Mark N.
$25 (2nd donation), Conrad M.
$25, Lee B.
$25, Jesse M.
$25, William S.
$25, Khanyi M. C.
$25, Donald H.
$25, Eugene H.
$25, Kyle K.
$25, Sam S.
$25, Madhusudanan S.
$25, Al M.
$25, William L. F.
$25, Gregory B.
$25, Andrew C.
$25, Charles B.
$25, William B.
$25, Mark H.
$25, Barry C.
$25, Nicholas R.
$25, Dale C.
$25, Bernie’s Fine Dining
$24 (4th donation), Bretislav W.
$24 (2nd donation), Sebastian W.
$24, Stefan R.
$22 (4th donation), Theodore S.
$22 (3rd donation), Peter V.
$22 (3rd donation), Henrik H.
$22 (3rd donation), Wolfgang K.
$22 (3rd donation), Hermann W.
$22 (3rd donation), Sebastiano C.
$22 (2nd donation), Bernd M.
$22 (2nd donation), Tom B.
$22, Peter B.
$22, Michael K.
$22, Sven-uwe U.
$22, Roman S.
$22, Goran L.
$22, Ulrich L.
$22, Simone G.
$22, David P.
$22, Michel G.
$22, Paolo G.
$22, Brice C.
$22, Antonio F. G.
$22, Florian F.
$22, Horst S.
$22, Georg J.
$22, Aleksander J.
$22, Dionisios K.
$22, Mar R. R.
$22, Rüdiger T.
$22, Silvio A.
$22, Ludwig S.
$22, Petr G.
$22, Ivan V.
$22, Arne D.
$22, Dieter R.
$22, Georges N.
$20 (17th donation), Toronto Maple Leafs
$20 (17th donation), Curt Vaughan aka “curtvaughan ”
$20 (9th donation), Julie H. aka “Kjokkenutstyr
$20 (9th donation), Thomas M.
$20 (6th donation), Peter J.
$20 (4th donation), Dany V.
$20 (3rd donation), Dinresh K.
$20 (3rd donation), Charles W.
$20 (3rd donation), bwjpg
$20 (3rd donation), Roger S.
$20 (3rd donation), Anonymous
$20 (3rd donation), Cloud Storage Boss
$20 (2nd donation), Claus P.
$20 (2nd donation), Ragchew A. M. I.
$20 (2nd donation), TomT3rd
$20 (2nd donation), Darin W.
$20 (2nd donation), Goran L.
$20 (2nd donation), William C.
$20 (2nd donation), Tarik M. Hoshan aka “Tarik
$20 (2nd donation), David W.
$20 (2nd donation), Sourav Ghosh aka “Sourav”
$20 (2nd donation), Nick J.
$20 (2nd donation), Dan R.
$20, Nicholas N.
$20, Jeff S.
$20, Stadnichenko V.
$20, Declan T.
$20, Guy L.
$20, Artem K.
$20, 有川 康夫 aka “yarisan
$20, Rolland B.
$20, Uwe L.
$20, John B.
$20, Ron S.
$20, Destry
$20, Ereni K.
$20, Dan C.
$20, Eli G.
$20, Erwin D.
$20, Walter D.
$20, James S.
$20, Make M. S. P.
$20, Brett S.
$20, Ralph C.
$20, Luis A. S.
$20, Colten B.
$20, Don A.
$20, Anton R.
$20, Peter D.
$20, K B
$20, Greg W.
$20, Bob B.
$20, Philip S.
$20, Aaron V.
$20, Anonymous
$18 (8th donation), Anton W. aka “redant
$16 (6th donation), Frederic S.
$16 (2nd donation), 裴 丰硕 aka “Beafuture
$16 (2nd donation), Fred W.
$16, Claus P.
$16, Ulrich K.
$16, Emmanuel B.
$16, Marco S.
$16, Thord J.
$16, Noel S. aka “Savigny
$16, Giovanni F.
$16, Jean-philippe F.
$16, Krister R.
$16, Nicolaas V. D. R.
$16, Nils K.
$15 (7th donation), Andjelko Stojsin aka “Andjelko S.
$15 (6th donation), Michel C.
$15 (4th donation), Alan B.
$15 (2nd donation), Keith Smith aka “Keifur”
$15 (2nd donation), Randy M.
$15, Hascal B.
$15, Randy T.
$15, Kari H.
$15, Chris R.
$15, lpmdesigns
$15, Karl M.
$15, Clint M.
$15, Alexander L.
$15, Vu N.
$15, David S.
$15, Leo M.
$15, Robert W.
$15, Stephen F.
$15, Murilo S. H.
$15, Lisa B.
$13 (2nd donation), Anonymous
$12.34 (14th donation), Paul B. aka “Dude
$12.1 (5th donation), Marcin Ziółkowski aka Mario Nesta
$12 (64th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
$12 (6th donation), Stefan M. H.
$12 (5th donation), Michael P. aka “
$12 (4th donation), Raymond M.
$12 (2nd donation), Harm R.
$12 (2nd donation), Volker B.
$12 (2nd donation), Seahawks 12th Man
$12, vera playa vacaciones sl stuyvesant
$12, Andrey K.
$12, Miroslav S.
$11.18, Thomas S.
$11 (9th donation), Andreas S.
$11 (8th donation), Francisco L. D. A.
$11 (8th donation), Uncle Geek
$11 (7th donation), Hector Richart P.
$11 (6th donation), Hans P.
$11 (3rd donation), F.D.P. Geurink
$11 (3rd donation), Thorsten H.
$11 (2nd donation), Thomas Klang
$11 (2nd donation), aka “Wurzelmann”
$11 (2nd donation), Frank M.
$11 (2nd donation), Augusto P.
$11 (2nd donation), Isidoro L.
$11 (2nd donation), Rajesh Nair aka “Nair”
$11 (2nd donation), Lucian V.
$11, Gerald K.
$11, John H.
$11, Nico H. aka “Nijco”
$11, Julio G. D.
$11, Roman Melnyk
$11, Tamás Bene
$11, Gary H.
$11, Rade
$11, Viktor D.
$11, Mario L.
$11, Tim B.
$11, Sumire Language Service Kinga Bulsiewicz
$11, Mark Y.
$11, Michael H. S.
$11, Brian R.
$11, Martin P.
$11, Reemt K.
$11, Julien C.
$11, Andreas M.
$11, László C.
$11, Michael K.
$11, Michał Borysewicz aka “michaelborysewicz”
$11, Albin S.
$11, Peter A.
$10 (54th donation), Tsuguo S.
$10 (23rd donation), Carlos W.
$10 (10th donation), Jobs Near Me aka “Jobs Hiring
$10 (8th donation), Thomas C.
$10 (7th donation), Wilson G.
$10 (7th donation), Hormis K.
$10 (6th donation), Dave B.
$10 (5th donation), Kristian O.
$10 (4th donation), Debora G.
$10 (4th donation), Rolf V.
$10 (4th donation), Peter K.
$10 (4th donation), Steven L.
$10 (4th donation), Todd M.
$10 (3rd donation), George H.
$10 (3rd donation), Doug Berch
$10 (3rd donation), Prepress by Sloane
$10 (3rd donation), Larry J.
$10 (3rd donation), Gary N.
$10 (2nd donation), Pavel N.
$10 (2nd donation), John M.
$10 (2nd donation), Chris K.
$10 (2nd donation), Don S.
$10 (2nd donation), Ruslan P. aka “Ruslan707”
$10 (2nd donation), William D. aka “marketshare2008”
$10 (2nd donation), Peter H.
$10 (2nd donation), Matsko I.
$10 (2nd donation), Alpheus M.
$10 (2nd donation), David S.
$10 (2nd donation), Victor H.
$10 (2nd donation), Ian H.
$10 (2nd donation), Go Live LIvely
$10, Hyunsu M. aka “LuHa
$10, Yuriy B.
$10, Duan L.
$10, Jeffrey R.
$10, Earl H.
$10, Ioannis R.
$10, Jan Pokorný
$10, Конов А.
$10, Andrew Hooper aka “Lykaestria”
$10, Ethan G.
$10, Donnie L.
$10, George I.
$10, Krzysztof D.
$10, Frank K.
$10, Cody J.
$10, Jennifer M.
$10, Ronald C.
$10, Raymond W.
$10, Lpkang
$10, Toms F.
$10, Elena M.
$10, Li Z.
$10, David G.
$10, Jonathan T.
$10, Ernesto L. B.
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$9 (3rd donation), Kevin M.
$8 (11th donation), Jens-uwe R.
$8 (3rd donation), Geoff P.
$8, aka “ecryptfs”
$8, Trevor W.
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$7, Amit K.
$5.3 (2nd donation), Michael H.
$5 (18th donation), Libertad Tecnologica
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$5 (7th donation), Artur T.
$5 (7th donation), Graham A.
$5 (6th donation), Jeldert P.
$5 (5th donation), Rachael N.
$5 (5th donation), Eugene T.
$5 (5th donation), Darlan P. C.
$5 (4th donation), Cathi I.
$5 (4th donation), Carl B.
$5 (4th donation), F A Cianciolo
$5 (4th donation), Vyacheslav K. aka “veZuk”
$5 (4th donation), Korneliusz M.
$5 (4th donation), Serbu I. aka “ionut.linux”
$5 (3rd donation), Niko K.
$5 (3rd donation), Fresh Food HQ
$5 (3rd donation), Raul C.
$5 (3rd donation), Adam P.
$5 (2nd donation), Gabriel R. S.
$5 (2nd donation), aka “Ayahuasca
$5 (2nd donation), Juan S. T.
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$5, Dmitri aka “Dimar”
$5, Jagpreet P.
$5, Đông T. L.
$4 (2nd donation), Michael H.
$4, Moerad A.
$4, Dhanushka S.
$4, Stanley T.
$4, Massimo G. aka “FortNhyverIII”
$3.5, Root A.
$3 (20th donation), Kouji K.
$3 (6th donation), elogbookloan
$3 (3rd donation), Przemysław S.
$3 (2nd donation), Fresh Food HQ
$3 (2nd donation), Marco van H.
$3, Steve J.
$3, Vladimir M.
$3, Tagger aka “Youtube Tag Questions
$3, Shiv G.
$3, Aliaksandr C.
$2.5 (3rd donation), Scott L.
$2.5 (2nd donation), Julio J. S.
$36.12 from 26 smaller donations

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  1. Great to hear a little about how the donations are used. Always feels like an exciting time when the team moves on from the necessary work of updating the base to the point releases where we usually see more visible changes.

    Keep up the terrific work, gang.

  2. I have a question regarding the kernels – there are kernels in my grub configuration that are labeled “upstart”. Does this mean that one can pick a kernel without (much) systemd? Or am I just reading too muchinto this label?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Brad. I’m not sure why you’ve got upstart written in your boot menu. In any case, the choice of kernel is not related to your init system (whether it’s upstart or systemd).

  3. Thank you for the screensaver update! The screensaver bugged me a bit and I am happy that this will run nicer 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot Clem and the mint team for your wonderful work.
    I just have a question, will we be able to install the Kde alongside Cinnamon and Mate?

  5. I have a question. I am running mint cinn 17.3 with kernel 3.19.0-32. I seem to be having display issues, the text on the desktop icons and many of the menu windows, the window descriptions the text shows up as blank squares that may or may not be colored. I am new to linux and wonder if this could be a kernel issue. If so I need step by step help to get this fixed, as I have never worked with kernels. Thanks much for the help in advance.

  6. Clem, please don’t abandon Linux mint KDE’s distinctive blue Linux Mint icon, its the identity of KDE edition.

    And also please do some change in the lock screen.

  7. Hello, thx for the news! I must tell that I’m still hoping for an upgrade way for KDE edition from 17.3 to 18, maybe? That would be great for many end-users not so much at ease with the idea of a complete reinstallation from scratch. All they need it their user data and custom software. It means being able to NOT empty /home and /opt actually, so not reformatting their hard disk or volume groups also. That should be enough.

  8. Why dont Mint Cinnamon Team solve the problem of desktop icon organization (inherited by Gnome that is not solved even after more than 10 years).

    Edit by Clem: I assume you’re talking about a desktop grid? If so, it is planned in Cinnamon and I even think there’s an implementation somewhere on github.

  9. Like the sounds of your new rewrites, notifications not having sound has always baffled me, well done and thanks for all the good work, looking forward to the future 🙂

  10. I agree with Tanzim above, the Gear icon is the badge of Mint KDE – it’s like the spearmint flavour amongst all the peppermint-flavoured editions, and I like spearmint. Looking at it, you instinctively know you’re using Mint, but with a slightly different taste. I like the taste of Mint KDE and the icon is beautiful.

    For what it’s worth, I vote ‘keep the blue gear’ if that’s at all possible. Not against progress in saying so, I just thought the blue gear was the perfect touch.

    Thanks Clem and team, looking forward to this for a long time ^_^b

  11. Hi, same question as 5.Jimmike:
    can I donate in another way than via PayPal? pls
    thanks Clem & team

    Edit by Clem: Hi Marc and Jim. I’m sorry we only accept Paypal. The reason we do this is related to accountancy and taxation. The reason we get donations in the first place is so we can focus on the distribution itself, so minimizing the time we spend on accountancy is very important (and indeed, the Irish government does require traceability on all income source). If we were to accept other forms of payment, especially the ones which aren’t automated (such as cheques, bank transfers), we’d spend a lot of time chasing the information Paypal already provides us and which the Irish taxation system requires.

  12. Are there any plans to improve the cinnamon-spices website? The theme is broken, it would be nice to have groups or multiple owners of applets, better statistics (number of downloads / installs perhaps?).

    A few months ago (after the hack) the cinnamon-spices repo was removed, otherwise I would have considered looking into adding multiple users (although the database structure was not included).

  13. Thanks a lot for your work!

    I agree with 11. Tanzim.
    Please keep the blue on KDE!

    If it’s not blue, it’s not KDE!!!


  14. Clem – the kernels labeled “Linux…(upstart)” showed up in grub after I performed the upgrade from Cinnamon 17.3 to Cinnamon 18. They also appear in a fresh install of LM Cinn 18.

    So, now I have a “choice” of booting from three kernel “options”:
    Linux…(recovery mode)

    In 17.3, there were only two “choices”; … and …(recovery mode).

    Is there really no extra “choice”?

  15. @3, I surmise that the LM dev team will direct its attention back to LMDE2 after the main KDE 18 version is released.
    I’m mainly waiting for a refresh of the CD image – downloads on a new install take a terrifically long time.

  16. “. . ..LTS kernels and stacks in Linux Mint 17.x

    In Linux Mint 17.x (17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3) the 3.16, 3.19 and 4.2 kernel series reached end-of-life, so they will no longer receive any new kernels.

    The following series will continue to receive new kernel versions until 2019:

    4.4 . . .”

    I am using 17.2 Cinnamon 2.6.13; Kernel 3.16.0-60. Does this mean it’s critical for me to upgrade my kernel to any of the 4.4xx series?

  17. Glad to hear all this. Especially, about contributions of developers. They are my fav people as well – since they almost always respond to me i on IRC. :))

  18. @ 20 xdicey

    The following series will continue to receive new kernel versions until 2019:


    Yes, take 4.4. It works very well with Mint 17.3.

  19. @ 23 dd

    Thanks dd but I’m using Cinnamon 17.2, not 17.3. Will 4.4xx work with it? I really do not want to upgrade to 17.3 -at least not yet. Everything is working fantastically right now, so would hate to cause unnecessary ‘fix-its’ right now.

  20. When will the kde version be released please ? I am (im)patiently waiting for this version so I can update my systems. Any ideas please ?



  21. Hi Clem and great development team. As I read this months message, I can’t help but feel that here is an OS developed and paid for, “by the people, and for the people.” What a great concept actually put into practice. So thank you for that and for an easy to use OS, I use both Cinnamon and Mate.

    I recently bought a new laptop because I needed an Nvidia graphics card to run Mint 18, and I gave the ATI computer to my wife, she loves playing SIMS. And on my desktop I stay with Mint Mate because I love good ol’ Compiz and Emerald. 😉

    I use my computer to record spiritual talks on Sunday’s which I upload and give away to whoever wants to listen. But this last Sunday I noticed that Audacity in Mint 18 no would no longer record accurately from my USB headset with microphone. I am very disappointed in that. But it is probably Audacity. Well, I had to return to Mint Mate 17.3 because there are folks who wait on these talks and I have to be at their service, the same way Mint team servs us.

    I will continue to use Mint 18 from time to time in the hopes that Audacity improves and I can let go of Mint 17.3. I’m think the new Audacity 2.0.2 which replaces my Mint 17.3 version Audacity 2.0.5, is probably the culprit.

    Thanks again for all you do for the world in general, and me in particular.

    Bill in NC, USA

  22. This comment is from a non computer person. I updated very early on and 18 seemed a bit clunky. whatever you guys have done it seems to be working and is doing extremely well. THANK YOU. and I mean everyone who contributes.

  23. when linuxmint cinnamon will be in flat design and not in 3D

    this is old fashioned design anyway, can we change to flat design please?

  24. Glad to hear the screensaver (aka lock screen) is getting an overhaul. Currently when coming back from suspend, the desktop is visible for a number of seconds before the lock screen comes up, which does not make for a very “locked” impression.

  25. Pretty severe bug I just got : Firefox got updated to version 48 and all search engines are unavailable from the GUI as if they were all deleted. ( there are still files in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins )

    Maybe upgrading Firefox, then still using Firefox 47 until it crashed was a problem but with a new, blank profile it’s the same.
    Preferences / Search has a button to reset all engines as default but it does nothing or is greyed out. Sometimes Firefox even fails to access that settings page.

    One of the settings is named “Utiliser ce moteur de recherche pour les recherches effectuées depuis Windows”

    Does anyone has this same small disaster going on? (Mint 18 Mate, 64bit). Thanks.

  26. Hi Clem,

    Regarding KDE… Is thee any clue which version of Plasma 5 will be 18 at all?

    Personally, I prefer the blue icon but changing to great does not cause me to pass out. Why the change, tho? Branding?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  27. First, I am fully supportive of a Mint KDE logo change – the Mint team deserves recognition, and regardless of any brand-related issues that may exist this should suffice as a reason to support the decision. However, much more important will be introducing a rock solid Plasma 5 distro, since all other distros have failed miserably so far. The Mint team has done a superb job in the past providing very polished combos like Mint 17.3 KDE. As long as quality and stability are maintained, a logo change is absolutely irrelevant.

  28. @ 22 xdicey

    You can use systemback to make o copy of your system or timeshift. After that install 17.3 and test it with no problems. If you don’t like it in 5 minutes the old system is back.
    I do always the same!

  29. My Update Manager (mintUpdate shows these kernels:
    3.16.0-38 (3.16.7-ckt10) Installed
    3.19.0-32 Recommended
    4.4.0-31 Loaded and Installed

    Your update says: “In Linux Mint 17.x (17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3) the 3.16, 3.19 and 4.2 kernel series reached end-of-life, so they will no longer receive any new kernels.”

    Why, then does my Update Manager have 3.19.0-32 as “Recommended”?

  30. Like the sounds of your new rewrites, notifications not having sound has always baffled me, well done and thanks for all the good work, looking forward to the future 🙂

  31. Hi,

    I would like to know if the Hauppauge HVR-2255 TV Card will ever be supported out of the box by Linux Mint. I have tried many times to make it to work and never had success therefore went back to Windows. This is the only reason for me not to become a Linux user.

    Best regards,


  32. The Firefox issue is truly fixed, so updating to Firefox 48 poses no problem at all if you also update ‘mint-artwork-common’.

    Edit by Clem: Well, not quite. The critical issues were fixed yesterday. But we still need to make the search plugins match with the right locale. We’re trying to get this fixed today.

  33. Thank you for your huge work, guys!
    And now, any news on the LMDE side? I’m currently using ubuntu and the only reason is it better supports my recent hardware, but I would like switching back to LMDE in a shiny new release!

  34. Sorry to hear you only take PayPal for Mint programmers’ support; although, I understand why. I got hi-fi feedback for supporting Thunderbird here in the U.S. when ownership is resolved, so guess I’ll send my Linux donations thru snail-mail using a U.S.A. bank check. Safer for me. I don’t want anything to do with PayPal (overhead and security). Please keep up the stellar work! K8RWH, neophyte Mint user

  35. Hi!
    Any people but me concerned by a way to upgrade from mint 17.x KDE edition to 18 without a full reinstall, thus preventing some troubles with end-users in the real world with real moody and not IT-aware dudes?
    I dream of that possibility…

    By the way, I must tell that you all have my blessing to change or not the KDE icon, as you wish! 😉

  36. @50 Why do you want to upgrade ? 17.3 kde works like a charm here, is supported for the next 3 years and I can’t stand the ugly, flat and bare kde 5 look. Sorry but there is nothing in 18 that I want.

  37. Thank you Clem & Linux Mint Development Team for all your great work, which benefits so many people! [I pledge $200 asap.] I’m a refugee from Windows, & loving the cool, refreshing Mint! I have the same problem as mentioned by Joel (August 5th, 2016 at 2:05 am), who said that while he is using Mint Cinn 17.3 he’s having “display issues, the text on the desktop icons and many of the menu windows, the window descriptions and text shows up as blank squares that may or may not be colored.” I have had the same problem with every issue of LM Cinn from 13-18, & additionally, on some releases no icons show up on panel or main menu at all. I’m able to use apps such a file manager with no display problems. The whole issue seems to center around icons not showing up properly. LM 13-18 Xfce & Mate have all worked just fine. Do you think that the icon visibility problem could have anything to do with my legacy nVidia Geforce2 MX/MX 400 (rev b2) NV11 VGA compatible controller Graphics Card, using nouveau drivers. Any suggestions for how to fix will be appreciated, as I want to use Cinnamon.

  38. Well, I retried audacity 2.1.2 with Mint Mate 18 64 bit today and it worked just perfectly. Now one would think computers would act the same way every time but not so.. Which is part of what makes running one sometimes a challenge. 🙂

    As long as this keeps working with my usb headset though I can retire Mint 17.3. I’ll give it a few more tries and see.

  39. i really think you should focus on distro security a lot more im sure you seen the jupiter broadcasting review of linux mint 18 i don’t want to quit linux mint but when i see some security flaws that could lead to more security flaws it’s hard to want to stay on linux mint i have faith in you clem and the others working on linux mint as well you have the convenience and simplicity down but security is just as important

  40. About desktop grid – KDE has it, XFCE (!!) has it being a super lightweight environment. Windows 98 had it and every release since, OSX has had it since the mid-90’s.

    What I consider “must haves”, as far as desktop organization is concerned:
    1. Snap-to-grid.
    2. User adjustable horizontal and vertical grid spacing.
    3. Uniform icon dimensions, or at least icons constrained within a pre-set size.
    4. Uniform icon description size that is no larger, (or only slightly larger), than the icon’s width. If the icon’s name is longer than two lines, it should only show the first two lines when not selected.
    5. Icons should never, never, be allowed to stack on top of each other.
    Perhaps a separate issue, as this would apply to icons both on the desktop and within the file-manager:
    6. The ability to slow-click on the name of an icon to rename the file.

  41. Hi, we have LM 17.3 with kernel 3.19 we must upgrade to version 4.4 to continue to support until 2019. Thanks

  42. I have another Firefox (yahoo search) issue. I searched in the forums but seems I’m the only one on earth to get this. I share my Firefox profile with different distros on the same HD (Fedora, openSUSE…). Whenever I come back to Linux Mint, Firefox search engine defaults to Yahoo. I prefer Google, so everytime I have to click add, go to Mint page, add Google, go back to Firefox settings, set google default, etc. etc… That didn’t happen with Mint 17.3. How can I force Firefox to stay with Google search? Or should I report a bug?

  43. @51
    I want Mint 18 KDE in order to have all underlying ubuntu packages 16.04 and KDE.
    Some newer versions of kernel and upper tools are a must for us.
    Actually I’m not much interested by KDE 5, more by what is underneath, but I guess that sooner or later we’ll need to switch to KDE 5. Maybe that’s not the right time how long it is buggy (is it really?).
    But to have to reinstall all PCs we have is really annoying, I’d rather have some neat upgrade process that to have to completely reinstall a whole bunch of machines (in a company, I’m not talking of the lonely guy playing home with linux or other OS).

  44. I’m glad to see Linux Mint 18 Plasma 5 is progressing.

    I will be pleased, if you will reduce the software selection for this versions, and make it closest as possible to Cinnamon and Mate, by removing KMail and Konqueror, and include, as default, Firefox and Thunderbird.

    You’ve made a great job with XApps. gThumb is great, and I think you can include it as default viewer, also for Plasma 5, if it’s possible.

    It will also be very nice, if you can include Vokoscreen, as default screen capture application, and solve problems from weather, time and date widgets.

    I think Kdenlive, Kopete, Skype, Firewall, and in System Settings a Grub GUI Configurator, and a Kernel Selector, should be included by default.

    Dump as most as posible from Plasma 5, and keep your new KDE distro neat and clean.

    Thank you and Good luck.

  45. Thank you for such a great product. I recently downloaded Linux Mint 18 and I love it. First time Linux user and I can’t believe I didn’t switch sooner. I had been wanting to get away from Windows for some time and now I have found the best solution to my problems. Just made a donation and wanted to thanks.


  47. Wonderful news, everyone; thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful work!!! It is greatly appreciated.

    I have two questions regarding LMDE and the kernels. My LMDE installation is using kernel 3.16.x. Am I correct to assume this kernel needs to be updated, too, since it is no longer receiving updates? How do I do this, in LMDE?

    Thank you for any assistance.

  48. Hi, I have been using Mint 18 Mate for a couple of weeks and it’s working flawlessly. Pix is giving me much clearer pictures than G-Thumb and it is much faster. However, I found out that it will not play short video clips taken with my Canon camera, as opposed to Mint 17 which would played them normally. So I have to watch them in the pictures folder of the file manager with VLC. Is this normal with Pix or I missed something? Anyway, congratulation to you all for the great OS!

  49. just I want to know, When we use cinnamon directely and not cinnamon-replace ?, in Cinnamon 3.2 will still use Python 2

  50. When will the kde version be released please ? I am (im)patiently waiting for this version so I can update my systems. Any ideas please ?

    Edit by Clem: It might take a little while. The base OS is functional. The version of plasma is currently at 5.6 (it was delegated via ppa to kubuntu-backports), but the configuration isn’t finalized yet and development is required, at the very least in mintupdate, to accomodate the fact that KDE no longer supports status icons (i.e. system tray).

  51. Thanks for your hard work and such a stable Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon. Having 18 on dual boot kept me going without missing a beat when that other OS accursed “anniversary update” rendered it’s OS useless on my computer. It was a blessing when I needed to get some work done before I had time to invest the hours figuring out and reinstalling the other OS from image backup to a time before the update. Since in the process I wiped the hard drive & I now have Linux Mint 18 on a USB flash drive with persistence so I can keep it up to date and available. When that other OS gets their act together, I will reinstall 18 on my computer and study how to move Microsoft documents and such to libre office and with joy consider deleting that other OS. Just wish more third party software would run on Linux. It seems on Linux I can just get whatever I need to do done. On the other OS I spend too much time updating 3rd party software, running anti-virus and anti-malware software, updating and rebooting. Sorry to be so verbose. Thanks again.

  52. Blue gear or green icon, who cares. Just as long as Mint 18 KDE does NOT flicker as other Plasma 5 distributions do.

  53. I guess I’ll wait for the KDE version to release and see how well it is integrated. I doubt that the Mint Team would release a bad integration (every release seems pretty stable and polished), but since KDE5 seems to be a big problem on all distros, it’s probably better to just leave KDE and switch to another DE if it doesn’t work out in LM18.

  54. @ 73 Philipp Good point Philipp. Let’s hope the mint team can fix Plasma 5. If anyone can, they can.

  55. I’ve been using linux (and in particular KDE desktops) for ages
    (more than 20 years), and Mint KDE 17 is for me the best distro of all times. (I’m using 17.2, works so well, didn’t need to update to 17.3).

    My problem now is that my new laptop (Dell XPS 13 9350) doesn’t work well with a Ubuntu 14.04 base. It needs ubuntu 16.04, so Mint 17 isn’t an option anymore.

    Can’t wait to test Mint 18 KDE! I have tested a bunch of KDE5 distros, and I have to admit they are all quite bad. Well, maybe not quite bad, but definitively not finished. Hence I fully understand that the Mint team is going to have a hell of a time releasing a distribution with the usual high standards as in 17… But don’t give up! I’m sure this is going to be by far the best KDE5 distro out there!

    congrats to the whole team.

  56. When will I be able to change my monitors refresh rate in cinnamon GUI with an AMD card in the display settings? I can’t do it anywhere else with AMDGPU or even AMDGPOU-PRO drivers in Mint 18 cinnamon!
    Please help a man out 😉

  57. Bugfix for broken package Phatch the fix was found at the fallowing url
    and also to simplify things i will list the fix here
    Phatch Bugfix
    In the file usr/share/phatch/phatch/lib/pyWx/ change the
    words “fromstring” and “tostring” to “frombytes” and “tobytes”. Now
    Phatch seems to work with the latest python-imaging and python-pil
    libraries in Sid. and it now loads propperly and is now usable again

    PLEASE CLEM make this fix available in the update manager for everyone

  58. All very nice and fine.
    On Mate v17.2 there is no command BASH or GUNZIP
    And both of my two scanners have wont scan.
    One is a Brother MFC5440CN, the other an Epson WF2520
    The copiers work and the printers work.
    Everything’s installed, but they wont scan.
    ‘Scanner not found’ on SIMPLE SCAN & XSANE
    On an official disc copy, too.
    This a little weird.
    Any ideas, anyone?

  59. Kelvin, thanks a lot! It’s you who had inspired me to install kde neon on Mint MATE 18 and I did it in an hour or so with my old notebook Asus ul50vt past Saturday at last.
    Your instruction works flawlessly – and (the thread ‘Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” Xfce – BETA Release’ of this blog).
    I’ve only added sudo apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys E6D4736255751E5D
    as it’s in
    And chose sddm when asked. After reboot and ignoring Xserver errors, I can enter either Plasma 5.7.3 or the original MATE DE. Amazing, how far the technology goes 🙂
    But honestly, I gonna reside Fedora KDE for a while. Sorry, I’ve already tuned it up and installed everything :(… And with a dev stable complete Neon installation I hope to cross check (rpm vs deb) the features and the bugs of Plasma 5. After all, Neon can also be a some inner kind of Parted Magic package, with clonezilla, partclone, and other tools installed… Of course, there is my old tuned 17.3 kde4 for reference at any moment.
    When Plasma of KDE Mint exceeds 5.7.3, I am going to immediately get back Home Mint Home 🙂 The elegance and freedom is important for me. I miss it.

  60. BTW, congrats, Clem! I think it’s been an excellent solution to get a small black dress for Princess Sarah, that’s a must have for every lady 🙂 You won. But there is still a challenge of kde a front… keeping the fingers crossed 🙂

  61. The day before Windows XP support would end: i installed Linux Mint on brand new laptop (Lenovo with Windows), i was a noob -never used linux before-, and nowadays all my laptop gear is installed with Linux Mint and i really happy with it. I cannot live without Linux Mint anymore, it works really easy. Thanks for creating such a beautyfull and good working OS! My compliments.

  62. Hi,

    I’m using Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” KDE Edition 64-bit in my laptop, it’s the best version and edition that I ever used of Linux Mint. Thanks to the Linux Mint Team and to KDE Community, of course.
    But I can’t wait to see how Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” KDE Edition will be.

    The KDE edition is the essence of Mint: “from freedom came elegance.”


  63. @ 79 Antoine
    Plasma 4 is better than Plasma 5.
    Plasma 5 flickers on all distroes that I’ve tried.
    Also, there are numerous reports of bugs in Plasma 5.
    Check it out on

    How is Mint 17.3 KDE not modern?
    Until gets Plasma 5 working properly, I will use 17.3.

  64. I’m running KDE Plasma 5.6.5 on LM18 (MATE Edition) using the Kubuntu Backports PPA. I was using the Neon PPA and running 5.7.2, but it seem to break after the last update.

    Even though the KDE edition of LM18 hasn’t been released yet, I have noticed lately that some packages (like MintUpdate) have been updated to work better with KDE Plasma. I also noticed that switching to SDDM as my login manager fixed screen locker on KDE Plasma, which was broken. I would have never thought about using SDDM to fix the screen locker had I not decided to switch to it since it will be the standard for the KDE version of LM18. Thanks!

  65. Hi,

    I’m currently using Kubuntu with Linux Mint 18 repositories to have fixes for dark themes on Synaptic and some other tools from Linux Mint and additionally neon unstable repo which is quite stable for me.

    Only annoyance so far with dark themes are and with plasma 5 in general is checkboxes with solid square checks. But with the newest Mint Update has real nice checkboxes as they should be – with checkmark, not just big square in the middle.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  66. As a business-dependent user of Linux Mint 17.3 Xfce “Rosa” I have to say “thank you” to everyone responsible for creating an incredible Linux distro. I hesitate say “the best” distro, since that distinction depends on what you use your particular OS flavor to accomplish, but for me Linux Mint is the most incredibly easy and intuitive Linux distro ever. I have been a computer enthusiast since 1984, and have used sooo many operating systems…from DOS to VMS to UNIX to every *NIX you can imagine… yes, Slowaris, BSD, etc.(I tease… I actually like Solaris in certain environments), but I have to say that Mint Xfce is one of the most painless, Out Of The Box (OOTB) functional distros I’ve ever used. Contributions to the LM community are literally in our business plan. May God bless and inspire you all.

  67. As a business-dependent user of Linux Mint 17.3 Xfce “Rosa” I have to say “thank you” to everyone responsible for creating an incredible Linux distro. I hesitate to say “the best” distro, since that distinction depends on what you use your particular OS flavor to accomplish, but for me the Linux Mint distro is the most incredibly easy and intuitive Linux distro ever. I have been a computer enthusiast since 1984, and I have used sooo many operating systems…from DOS to VMS to UNIX to Windows and every *NIX you can imagine… yes, even Slowaris, BSD, etc.(I tease… I actually like Solaris in certain environments), but I have to say that Mint Xfce is one of the most painless, Out Of The Box (OOTB) functional distros I’ve ever used. I intend to make regular contributions to the LM community, and I personally will do what I can to help the refinement of LM. –MEM

  68. Agreed with Sir_Douglas. I’ve been experimenting with KDE neon on a spare partition and in a virtual machine,and so far Plasma 5 (5.7.3) is not as stable or useful as Plasma 4 (e.g., no tabbed windows).I hate to say it, but it’s KDE’s early Gnome 3 or Unity.

    I’m looking forward to Mint 18 KDE in hope that the Mint team will work its usual but rare magic and get Plasma 5 in real shape (or at least better working (around) in the real world).

    Magic by great work. Thank you Clem and Mint Team.

  69. Yes, matthew, and as Nick perfectly says at
    “They just replaced a Cathedral and forced us into a bazaar !”…
    But we’ve got no choice. The old lonely guys must obey the young and healthy 🙂 (btw, thanks patrox333, comment #61, for that impressive ‘lonely guys’)
    And 5.7.3 yet already looks usable. ok, good… 🙂 I’m using it 🙂
    with hope for the magic too

  70. Namaste/Vanakkam/Namaskara

    Om Sivaya

    Many thanks for an excellent O/S. It has enhanced my ability to reach to all devotees of all religious faiths as well as other well wishers.It has established a bench-mark for freedom of usage and communication for all computer systems, thereby removing all boundaries to innovation from the spirit of the human mind, intellect and consciousness.

  71. Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” KDE Edition is based on the latest Kubuntu/Ubuntu technologies, which means that the distribution is powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.4 kernel, and uses the KDE Applications 15.12.3 software suite on top of the KDE Plasma 5.6.5 desktop environment.

    Plasma 5.6.5 is inferior in every aspect to Plasma 5.7.3!
    I hope that will be possible to update to it. Next release Plasma 5.8 will be LTS. I hope to be used for the next Mint KDE release.

  72. What’s about package “linux-kernel-generic”?
    Quote: “This is a meta-package which depends on the latest recommended kernel packages.”

    Why do we have to make decision for another kernel?
    What’s about the people who did not read this message?

    As far i understood LMDE 2 needs no change to another kernel

    (ubuntu have own “longterm maintenance” kernels)

  73. I need help. I came on my Linux and the menu bar is gone and I can’t do anything. I can get to the internet and terminal but thats about it… Can someone help me to reset the whole computer?

  74. Just noticed, on LM 18 XFCE for unknown reasons using GTK2 themes causes Firefox 48 look really wonky, same theme/icon combo looks OK on LM17.3.

    After changing to known GTK3 themes it looks …… OK.
    Now my dropdown menus are dark and hard to read. Will research ….

    Noticed an alluded to mount problem. Running LM18 in Virtualbox is now VERY annoying – systemd waits endlessly to mount VBox shared partitions before the vboxshr (?) service is running! Guess I have to learn how to implement a workaround using systemd(og)….

  75. Clem, might a future version of Cinnamon maintain folder properties in the folders themselves? I’m using KDE primarily for its use of .directory files in folders. That allows me to change hundreds of folder icons on an external drive and they remain as I set them for another computer. I don’t have to reset all hundreds of them. If Cinnamon used something like KDE’s .directory files, I would go back to using Cinnamon.

  76. @mikef90000: well, Firefox switched to GTK+3 after version 47, so you indeed need a theme with GTK+3 support for it. As for version 48, I didn’t notice any theme issues after upgrading from 47. (Well, maybe I missed something. :))

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