Monthly News – December 2015


I wish you all a very happy New Year!

2016 is going to be an exciting year for us.

Of course, in January we’ll announce stable releases for Linux Mint 17.3 KDE and Xfce editions (and upgrade paths for 17.x users).

But then after that, we’ll start working on Linux Mint 18.x. A brand new series, with a new package base, using a new init system, a new version of GTK…

Our biggest challenge for the first release will be to make sure everything works fine. We’ll focus primarily on stability.

We’ve also heard your feedback on the fact that you want an upgrade path between 17 and 18. That will be another one of our challenges 🙂

We’ll also try to update the look and feel of the OS. The Mint-X theme and icons looked great initially and we’ve been improving them with every new release, but time has passed and they do look a bit old now. They’ll probably still be an option, but we’ll definitely try to give Mint 18 a fresh look.

Many thanks for using Linux Mint. Many thanks to all the people who support us and help our project.

See you next year 😉


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$23.01 from 25 smaller donations

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  1. Wow, great news, definitely! To see this enthusiasm is a good way to start the year. Thank you.

    Happy 2016 and good luck with the all the projects!

  2. Not sure if you’ll catch this.

    But if you plan on changing the icon theme, I request that you please do not fall into the ugly textureless flat color trend that’s going around.

  3. Happy New Year to all. May 2016 be another great year for Linux Mint and it’s many users and developers. And from the sound of of Clem’s latest blog post, it is set to be a great year.

    A question though: Will there be support for Intel Skylake processors in LM18? These processors are beginning to flood the market (I am looking to get a new system soon). And from what I have been reading, some users are having problem with these new processors (although some did managed to get it to work) on LM (and other Linuxes as well.)

    I spent the entire 2015 using LM (Cinnamon) as my only OS. And it had been a great year in terms of user experience, even as I upgraded from Rebecca to Rafaela and then to Rosa. It was great to use LM throughout. So my heartfelt thanks to all the developers. Have another great year of innovation.

  4. I just got a new computer with windows 10 on it. I have been using mint 17 for awhile. I still have problems with the more complicated stuff but I will never go back to windows. I checked microsoft website and windows 10 sells for $119.00. So I am going to donate $10.00 a month for the next 12 months. wish I could do more.

  5. Happy New Year to all! 🙂 Happiness and love! Please, let the next version will have the name of Solomiya !!!

  6. Happy New Year, Linux MINT.
    Keep Up the good job, on improving stability and hardware compatibility of Linux Mint.
    There is still long road ahead, but I’m confident you can make it.

  7. Thank you, the Linux Mint team. I am now working with Mint 17.3, and it works fine. Thank you again and happy new year!

  8. I wish also a Happy New Year to all!
    Ich wünsche Ihnen auch allen ein frohes neues Jahr!

    All the best for Linux Mint team
    Alles beste für Linux Mint Team

  9. Refreshing the icons is a very good idea. Maybe this will make me stick with Cinnamon (thought about moving to Plasma 5 already).

  10. Hi Clem

    It would be really good for Mint 18 to have a way to easily browse and install icon sets, in the same way you can install new desklets, applets and Cinnamon themes.

    Really looking forward to Mint 18. The Ubuntu 16.04 base will be great for my AMD graphics card as I refuse to run proprietary drivers on my systems. 🙂

  11. Consider incorporating bitcoin into your sponsorship option!

    It’s so much easier and represents forward thinking just like Mint!

    Happy New Year to you and the Linux Mint team!

  12. Happy New Year to all of you!
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

    Nice to read there will be an upgrade path to MINT 18!
    I’m using MINT 17(.2) KDE for about a year now and it’s always running “soft and smoothly”.

    Upgrade from 17.1 to 17.2 went great with one exception and this exception was cleared by the fantastic community here!

  13. Happy New Year to Clem and the Linux Mint Team!

    Very much looking forward to LM 17.3 Xfce 64-bit.

    Regarding LM 18, when you say “new package base” do you mean that LM will no longer be based on Ubuntu?

    As for the new look, I have been using Xfce for some time now, and I think that LM has by far the most aesthetic implementation of any distro that has an Xfce desktop. I hope that LM 18 will continue to offer Xfce and that you will maintain the same great look of this desktop as an option.

    Keep up the phenomenal great work!

  14. Happy new year !

    Linux Mint 17.x Xfce have been pretty fantastic releases for me too. The only wish I would have for Mint 18 is an improvement of the high DPI situation, so that I can finally enjoy my new laptop at its native screen resolution. But I understand that this means a huge lot of work in many areas, so I’ll wait as long as it takes 🙂

  15. Thanks so much to Clem and the rest of the great team. Happy New Year to you all for my freedom from that other OS (so-called).

    A minor request. I would like to see an arrow ^ on the top and bottom of the right slider. My eyes and mouse finger aren’t so good anymore.

    Thanks again so very much.

    The very best to all and for LM 18.0.


  16. Happy New Year! Have you decided on a codename already? My suggestion would be “Sofia”. How about it?

    And yes, an upgrade path WOULD be nice. On the other hand it would probably make sense to do a fresh install every once in a while. We used to do it ALL the time not so very long ago, and it seems we’ve all gotten a bit lazy because you spoil us so much. 😉 Old systems tend to get cluttered. So, if developing an upgrade path turns out to be a pain in the ass, don’t worry about it too much.

    A new iconset would also be much appreciated. I still cling to the old colourful Gnome iconsets, because I hate the dreary standard iconset with a vengeance! But it does make my computer look a bit oldfashioned.

  17. Thank you LM team. From the time I started using your software over two years ago I have never had any regrets. Keep up the good works. I shouldn’t say that I now don’t have to constantly worry about viruses but then I feel I should since my life on the net is much safer and comfortable.

  18. A very happy new year to you and your team Clem. I’m so happy that you have finally decided to refresh the look of mint. I most humbly request you to please have a look at the splash screen. And also in cinnamon the default theme, the grey window border at the top makes chrome browser’s window’s spinning wheel when loading a page not distinct. please make it a bit dark. maybe a nice dark theme will be good. for icons maybe partner with numix project(just saying!!). Good luck!!

    ps: upgrade path to 18! yoo hoo!!

  19. I hope for an upgrade path from 17.x to 18, it’ll be a lot better for me than backing up and doing a clean install!

  20. Clem, please, integrate stable global menu applet in Cinnamon… Give a choise to people who love Mint, but want some Unity feel, customise their desktop the way they want. Also – option to remove maximized window decorations in Muffin (maximus doesnt work in 17.3) would be great addition to global menu and window-buttons-on-pannel applets.

    This will make Linux Mint attractive for people, who want linux on their netbooks with screen size – 10″. Because of economy of screen space… Now they have only one choise – Ubuntu Unity.

    Beat Unity with global menu applet 😉

  21. Why not spend less time developing the theme itself and instead make it really easy to customize and select user created themes? For the main theme you can use something already designed by the community, or perhaps offer a prize to see who can come up with the best theme? You could judge the submissions yourselves or give the community a chance to vote.

    Perhaps the top 5-10 themes can be added as options in a standard install.

    This would be a brilliant way to get community involvement! Also would give the main OS designers the ability to focus on stability, software etc!
    With the right tools, modifying a theme requires much less knowledge of an OS internals than say package management or drivers. So the experts (:)) at linux Mint can concentrate on critical infrastructure and give their beloved fans an opportunity to help !!

  22. Congrats on a job well done to Clem and the LM team.

    That said, I hope you will give some thought to the growing popularity and strength of the Devuan fork — as well as the reasons ^why^ it was forked in the first place. Creating a version of LMDE based on Devuan (not just Debian) would be greatly applauded by those who value stability and reliability — and that group is *not* confined to those who run servers; people who use desktops (such as yours truly) would appreciate it too.

    Please, think about it seriously.

  23. Clem wrote:
    “…Linux Mint 18.x. A brand new series, with a new package base, using a new init system, a new version of GTK…”

    Is that a hint that Mint 18.x will be based on Debian?
    If yes, great news 🙂

  24. The forums aren’t accessible…. not again!!!

    Very suspicious…

    Edit by Clem: That’s us, we’re fixing a few things, it took less than 10 minutes, they’re back online already 😉

  25. Happy new year, Linux Mint Team!
    Bonne année et meilleurs voeux à chacun.
    Thanks for this magnificent distro. I’m happy every day to use it.

    An upgrade path between 17 and 18 would be a good idea. I have 7 PCs that I try to keep quite up to date with LM. Reinstalling everything needs time. If there was an upgrade path, I could
    1- set the new 18 on an USB key and test it on each machine
    2- if everything’s OK, I’ll use the upgrade path and spare some time.
    (3- if it’s OK it’s likely that some more people will use LM).

    LM’s look is not so important for me. But thank you in advance for everything.

  26. Happy New Year to Team and users 🙂

    The upgrade path is a great idea, saves time and download. However, the theme/icon idea isn’t as important as it sounds. There’s a zillion ready made themes and iconsets out there that work great. Maybe it is a good move to make the installer omit all unneeded files, e.g what can an AMD-fanboi (like me) do with all the intel-related stuff ? Or vice-versa ? It could make an even more ‘lightweighted’ Xfce..

    Cheers, tnx and keep the good work going

  27. “The Mint-X theme and icons looked great initially and we’ve been improving them with every new release, but time has passed and they do look a bit old now.”

    Sometimes, old and boring is good.

    Some remarks:

    === WM ===
    By the way, I liked “Mofit” (yes, close to “Motif”) when I still used Arch-Linux. But after I started to need a distro which can be used by everybody in the family, I switched to Linux-Mint.

    === Mate ===
    I like “System Monitor 1.12.0” a lot. And for Mate Linux-Mint offers a great special character selector which can be added to a desktop panel. Please keep both.

    === Desktop Sharing ===
    Is there something as easy to use like TeamViewer?

    These three remarks just address nice-to-have issues. Nothing cruical.

    Thanks for a great Distro!

  28. An upgrade path from mint 17 to 18! That would truely be an exciting feature which would save me a lot of work!

    Happy New Year and thx for the great work.

  29. I’d just like to chime in with Götz about System Monitor 1.12.0.
    I keep it on the dashboard all the time and helps me monitor when browser tabs gobble up too many resources.
    I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing, but there is a keyboard selector that allows you to use a foreign keyboard- I switched to the German keyboard to get Götz’ name. I have to use foreign characters fairly often, and I find it quite handy. Definitely keep these around!

  30. Доброе время суток всем любителям компьютера. Хочу на старый ноутбук поставить люникс для освоение. Мы имеем: Целерон 1000gHz, опиратива 256, видео64, жестак 15гб. Мне одногруппник любитель люникса говорит надо жесткий диск для начала както поменять в другие форматы из NFS во чтото, точно не помню что но помоему FAT говорил, вроде поставил один фат и щас попробую полностью форматнуть через диск виндовс ХП (по другому не знаю как) и что еще интересно что убунта установка зависает, кнопки не сразу нажимаются и очень тормазит мышка…. “В общем ” напишите пошаговый вариант переустановки из Виндовс в Люникс в подробностях. буду очень благодарен. Сам я опытный пользователь ПК но с люникс не связывался

  31. Thanks Mint team for your effort. Mint it still getting better and has still a lot of support from the community. I wish you all a wonderful 2016.

  32. Oups! what happen to the 50 messages sic. Anyway I am very happy that we are going to get a new theme for 18. That was my wish for a long time. I know it is quite easy to change the look but I suspect that a lot of people don’t know how or where to get new themes. It may look superficial to some but it make an OS very inviting to work on and get the attention of others (though it is not hard to have them noticed considering what Microsoft has done with windows and the horrible W10).

    Just an example which take 1 minute to put on Mint. (Clem feel free to remove the image link if not allowed)

  33. Hello again. Some ideas on getting the upgrade path along:
    -Perhaps you could hide or disencourage the upgrade(like you do lv 4 and lv 5 package upgrades)
    -You could upgrade the codebase and key packages, but not the kernel
    -You could add older versions of key components to your repository and give it higher priority than Ubuntu repositories

    Also ideas for themes:
    -Maybe partner with Numix
    -Make it look modern, but not ugly
    -Minty, Minty-Transparent, and New-Minty are great themes for inspiration for this

    Also, why are we suddenly missing 50 comments?

  34. Hello Mint team,
    I wonder what init system you are talking about for Mint 18.
    Maybe it’s “runit” insteed of “systemd”?

  35. Happy new year, and thanks to the Mint team for all their hard work! I’m looking forward to the 18.x series, although I can’t say I really have any complaints with Mint as it is now – you guys have created one of the most usable, user-centric OSes I have ever used. Hoping it will just keep getting better, and also hoping for more Linux software so I can stay in Mint-land longer.

  36. I’d like to add my congratulations and support the idea of an upgrade path.

    Happy New Year to the Mint team.

  37. Happy New year Clem and team! A very happy user of Mint (Box too). Fingers crossed for Mint 18 edition. Fresh themes would be so cool! 🙂 I guess we’re not big on promotion and more of an organic growth but will be good to some focus on branding initiatives this year. Website revamp, social media, etc

  38. Dear Clem,

    whatever you do, please please add a elegant dark theme easy on the eye in complete contrast with the default all gray/white theme. I know we can customise ourselves, but it’d be nicer to have a system theme that’d work flawlessly unlike most themes on the internet which which need constant tweaks and updates.

  39. Please update the default window decoration theme: right now there is no difference for the button “maximise/restore” when the window is maximised and when not (we see always the same “+”).
    Sometime is confusing.

    Keep up the good work!

  40. I would like to see runit as an init system for Mint – it might be an advantage for debian/Ubuntu folks who don’t want systemd.

  41. Thanks for great work Mint.
    Please don’t make 18 look like Google. I mean flat cartoon looking 16 color garbage.

    Thank you!

  42. Awesome news Clem,

    As a Linux Mint Noob, I’d love it if you can provide a path from 17 to 18, however I won’t be disappointed if that doesn’t occur knowing what that might involve.

    Looking forward to the stable 17.3 update, 18 when it is deemed ready for use, overall success, and wish you and the team a Happy New Year!

  43. Very excited about Linux Mint 18! You guys are doing GREAT work! Love Linux Mint and Cinnamon. So much better than everything else I’ve used. And I agree with Harry… Adding an elegant dark theme would be awesome! I just went dark and given the hurdles that involved, I agree that having a built-in option for a nice dark theme would be great.

  44. @Ken : Xfce Dusk is fantastic, need some extra Styles for FF etc, but really nice 🙂

    @jake : 🙁 needs to begin with an ‘S’ after today’s ‘R’…

  45. I think that Linux Mint should be bundled with multiple themes, preferably the popular ones. Mint makes switching themes very nice and easy, but adding gtk themes is still difficult for newcomers. Having a few themes to choose from would be a good idea. Or maybe when you download a Cinnamon theme it should come with a gtk theme. For example, it would be nice if the Numix Gtk theme was bundled with the Cinnamon theme when you download it. I’m not sure what the best solution would be.

  46. Skip the names beginning with “Sa”, please. There’s too many reasons to list here.

    Serenity is a nice name, though. For an OS, and a ship.

  47. It’s nice to see that in 17.3 you can hoover an application in the statusbar and than a small window with that app comes up. But unlike in Windows, you can’t hoover that small window and than that window enlarges, so you can see what’s on in that app.
    I would like it very much if that should be possible.
    Thanks in advance and a lot of succes with the development of Mint 18.

  48. I am a user from China, your donation can join Alipay API?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jerry. Sorry, no, we use Paypal, Bitcoin and Mintcoin.

  49. Clem & Team,

    Happy New Year! Congratulations on an astoundingly excellent release with 17.3 Just installed Cinnamon as a dual boot alongside Win10 on a Lenovo Y50-70. Everything just works out of the box: EFI boot, Optimus with proprietary Nvidia drivers, bluetooth, wireless, wine, vpn, etc. I don’t know what to do with all the free time I’m saving, not having to tweak the configuration. I’m elated!

    Good luck with the effort on 18!

  50. Clem,

    I was happy to see you guys update the Samba drivers so quickly!
    It hasn’t affected me, but I know who it HAS… I wrote him a nice e-mail letting him know about the Samba update.

  51. Hey, when you’re overhauling the look of Linux Mint Cinnamon, could you consider making the slidebars more prominent? They’re slim and have such a low contrast that it’s often hard to spot them. One can’t use peripheral vision only. Have to look more often to the side and away from the center of the screen.

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