Linux Mint 5 Elyssa KDE Community Edition

We are proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 5 KDE Community Edition:

I would like to thank Jamie “Boo” Birse for maintaining this edition. Our last poll indicated that 11% of Linux Mint users were running KDE CE so I’m sure this will come as great news :) 

– If you previously downloaded RC1 you do not need to upgrade/reinstall.
– There won’t be any miniKDE ISO coming with this release.

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  1. is mint KDE better than the gnome main edition? because mine is crashing a lot. Daryna was much more stable. I opened firefox and opera, and had a pdf opened by firefox. and all of a sudden it crashed. i couldned shut down the computer. i dont understand whats wrong.

    is KDE better than gone? more stable?

  2. Very good news. I’m using the KDE 4 Daryna edition, which is great. Now I must find how to install it : upgrade or full installation ?

  3. Better is relative. I haven’t have crashing issues. If the crash is random, do a burn in test on your ram. I like gnome, but KDE is much prettier. Amarok is my friend.

  4. (As I pull the pin out of my grenade and launch it into the unsuspecting crowd)

    KDE is much better than Gnome… 😉

    (Now just sitting back and waiting for the explosion!)

  5. Depends on what you like. I think you should try KDE to see, in btw. Both KDE and Gnome are stable if you know what you are doing.

  6. Well, both kde and kde4 seem pretty stable on this edition, however, I cannot move the windows around on the desktop. My only options are a full screen (maximized) or working on the open application (a browser, terminal or what have you) in the locked window position it appears in on my desktop. Anybody know how to fix this?

  7. Good News. Thank you guys.

    I prefer KDE. It’s a lot better than that ugly dwarf.
    But that’s my opinion. Every body is entitled to have an own.


  8. XFCE FTW! (KDE is nice, too.) Pulse Audio causes problems when updating packages — anyone else have that problem with (Kubuntu 8.04) muting everything when you download and install updates? Does this problem exist with this distro? (Downloading now to find out, but not yet installing.)

  9. Where’s the torrent?

    Additionally, the only KDE ISO I can find in the mirrors is the 045 BETA. I know there was talk that the first release would become the stable one, but is that the BETA? I’m just a little confused, since this announcement is being made quite a bit after there was talk of canning a stable release…


    Ok… I have already KDE CE RC1 5 Elyssa running but if i later decide
    to reinstall it (clean install). So, i want to download the iso via .torrent (this final brand new one version).

    I run Gnome Main Edition and KDE CE RC1 (version 5 Elyssa)
    Both are stable. Make your own choices.

  11. So is this different than the beta 045? I downloaded the beta 045 last week. I thought Clem said beta 045 was stable but not technically stable. I’m confused. I followed the link from that announcement about KDE last week and was directed to beta 045. I didn’t see any link for RC1 at the time of the last announcement. Can anyone explain?

    “KDE CE RC1 was close to being stable. There was a tiny little glitch which now is fixed so hopefully it will be released any time soon. If you have the latest beta (045) you have the final, but with the glitch not fixed – and you will be told how to fix it”(Written by Husse on Monday, September 8th, 2008 @ 11:49 am | Main Topics)

    and then

    “If you previously downloaded RC1 you do not need to upgrade/reinstall.”(Written by Clem on Monday, September 15th, 2008 @ 6:41 pm | Main Topics)

  12. Dear pals I am facing a problem in Elyssa, that is.. When I open terminal in graphics enabled mode (compiz) system is almost stalling or slower than oldest contemporary systems. I hope this has a fix.

    Can you please give me some idea how to overcome this without disabling the graphics

  13. Hi,

    Sorry for being confusing about RC1/BETA45. BETA 045 and RC1 are the same ISO/release. We stopped calling our releases “BETA” (this one was the last one), I understand that it was confusing.

    There was a bug with home folders being duplicated (~/Music, ~/video..etc) on non-English installs due to the fact that both mint and xdg-user-dirs were creating these folders. This was fixed since RC1. If you run KDE CE in English you probably didn’t see that, and if you run it in another language you probably deleted the extra folders by now, so it’s not a critical bug and you don’t really have a reason to go from RC1 to Stable.

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  16. Yes, stable as a rock. Fantastic job! I too used gnome versions of Daryan (Mint 4) and Elyssa (Mint 5). Daryna was very stable, Elyssa was not on my Sony VAIO notebook. I did a clean install of Mint 5 KDE CE RC1 when it was released and it has worked flawlessly since. Thank you for the wonderful KDE release. And thank you for your note that I don’t need to upgrade to the final release, which I suspected would be the case because RC1 is soooooo stable.

    Great OS! Much more professional feel than gnome versions, and highly configurable.

  17. The nvidia installation is an impertinence!
    the nv driver doesn’t work with my gf8600gt, so after a kernel update my X server doesn’t work at all anymore, until I manually put the vesa driver into the xorg.conf (this would be a total showstopper for a newbie!) and here’s the next problem: even if i manually put vesa there, envy refuses to reinstall the driver for the new kernel – you have to uninstall the nvidia driver completely, using adept, and then install it again via envy… I’m already looking forward to the next kernel-update aka os-destructor…
    and the next thing that made me happy was, that even with nvidia enabled i could not get it to go > 800×600 – even after i told kcontrol that my monitor is a generic 1024×768 lcd panel… I might have tried other drivers than 132.something but after 4 hours of trying to get this crap working (which works almost out-of-the-box in mandriva – reliably, also after kernel updates!) I was already that pissed, that i preferred to format the harddisc and break the mint cd to pieces!
    I liked the out-of-the-box fusesmb, flash, java, libdvdcss, compiz and the performance, though.

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  19. Congratulations!!!

    I thinks it’s a great edition.

    Now, I would like to ask the developers to take a look at Pardus, it’s an incredible distro, very well designed and I think that most of the main distros could learn something from those guys.

    Graphically it’s very pleasent, and when you use the Live CD you get an introductory video explaining the advantages of the program. It boot extremely fast from the CD, I don’t think I ever got a Live Cd running so fast and it’s a KDE 4.1 version!

    Anyway, I would love to see a distribution that takes the best of the other ones and make the complete experience.

  20. The kde vs gnome is an issue that will never die. Personally, I kind of feel like Linus Trovalds said tell people to use kde. I am stuck with gnome at the moment but have tried both and kde is better in my opinion. For example the “places” menu you can’t seem to edit it or remove the “recent documents” in gnome, I have asked on three seperate forums and no one can seem to answer that, also KDE4 has a nice file associations manager, which gnome does not appear to have, KDE makes it simple to launch applications under different users, KDE has a ton more configuration than gnome. Gnome seems like a beginners desktop environment.
    Linus Trovalds Quotes:
    “I personally just encourage people to switch to KDE. This ‘users are idiots, and are confused by functionality’ mentality of Gnome is a disease. If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it. I don’t use Gnome, because in striving to be simple, it has long since reached the point where it simply doesn’t do what I need it to do. Please, just tell people to use KDE.”

    “Gnome seems to be developed by interface nazis, where consistently the excuse for not doing something is not ‘it’s too complicated to do’, but ‘it would confuse users’.”

    I have to agree, however this is only my opinion

  21. Please tell me why the KDE version is so bloody slow. I have a 2 ghz amd and 1 gig of ram and it just goes along so slow. Why? Is there some way to tweak it out to respond better? I am going back to Mint 5 with Gnome. It blazes compared to this. Not a bad distro, mind you. I just don’t care for KDE anymore.

  22. Thanks!!!!
    I have been using Mint 5 with Gnome and just installed KDE today.
    I have always had trouble making the sound work the way I want in all Gnome distros and I hated Kubuntu 64 bit.
    With Mint KDE I can play poker online and and listen to any stream or play a DVD and it dosnt stop the sound in the Wine poker app.
    Also streaming flash in full screen finally works great. Love the Theme
    Thanks again

  23. @Elbeto

    Thanks for your tip
    Good Luck to Pardus

    IMHO: I think the next Mint’s KDE CE 6 “Felicia” release will come
    with an adorable, rolling stable version of KDE 4x. fully usable.

    How can you be so stable and run so fast my loving Mint KDE CE
    5 Elyssa? – KDE version 3.5.9 – just thanks!

    The same for Mint Gnome Main Edition 5 Elyssa. Thanks!


    Debian 4.0r4 Etch – Mint (Gnome Main Edition 5 Elyssa and KDE CE
    5 Elyssa) USER.


  24. I don’t like to says it like this, but where is the torrent??????
    now really that sounds rude.

    but I went to the download page that has all the other torrents ( and there is one for the main edition, the light edition, the xfce edition and the fluxbox edition, but none for the KDE edition.

    I would be quite happy to seed, but there is nothing to seed!

    I would really appreciate it if there could be a torrent fot the KDE edition.


  25. I have Elyssa gnome version. How can I install the KDE GUI from this release? In Ubuntu I somehow managed to install KDE and XFCE but I forgot how to do it 🙂 Can someone please help me? 🙂

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  27. Downloaded and tested: Runs almost perfectly on my eee 900 (with windows wireless driver, though). Best edition I have tried until now on my Asus.

    Thank you.

  28. I think you’ve seen the torrent by now – it generally takes a little while before the torrent is up, and we’ve got so fast download now…
    @ Qubix
    You can install KDE in the main version but that is not the KDE CE – there are lots of other differences!

  29. How can I tell if the LM5KDE edition I installed was the RC1beta45 if I don’t remember? Is there something I can look for to find out?

  30. I have been familiar with Linux since SuSE 8.2 but only tampered with it here and there but was always a Windows user. I played with Fedora, Linspire, Xandros and eve (K)Ubuntu but never found a distribution to call home.

    When I installed LinuxMint 3.2 Celena (just before LM4 Daryna) on my Dell Inspiron 6400 (a.k.a. E1505) laptop and found that just about EVERYTHING worked out-of-the-box (even my wireless) I found a new home. Notable issues resolved with Mint over other distros which needed installations or tweaking were: display at normal, wireless, media codecs, sound, media vol keys, Windows partition mounted (at that time I was dual-booting), etc.

    I had Celena installed as a dual-boot with my XPPro, then when Daryna came out, I replaced the Celena and have not booted into XP since.

    When Elyssa came out, I wiped my drive to dump XP and now ONLY have Elyssa. I have not booted into Windows on my laptop in over a year.

    Nice job. Since you have convinced me to go full Linux with LinuxMint, be looking for a financial contribution from me. It’s the least I can do.

  31. metamorphousthe Says:
    September 18th, 2008 at 12:50 pm I have been familiar with Linux since ……..

    Funny. Ok, I have an acer Aspire desktop tower, and started Mint with Daryna KDE. But all what he has reported about other Linuxes and XP could be from me. 🙂

    Mint is the best.


  32. Noob question, but what version of KDE is installed ??

    And if it the 3.xx version will it be upgraded to 4.1 with automatic installs ?

  33. The KDE version is 3.5.9. They are working on KDEv4.x in future releases but due to it’s still unstable state (KDEv4.x), it is not released into the stable Linux Mint v5 Elyssa KDE-CE. If you want a bleeding edge version of KDE in Linux Mint then add the Romeo packages to Apt and go for the KDEv4.x.

  34. you gotta be kidding me:
    ”Tracker: [Failure reason “Torrent is not authorized for use on this tracker.”]” 5 days after the release?
    for your KDE/gnome/whatever discussion: happy wmii aka Window Manager Improved 2 user on gentoo linux posting this with links2 *gg*. XFCE is nice too but a little to mousy for my needs ^^
    Kind regards & have fun
    (i’ll have some installing mint on some girl’s desktop….)

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  36. Ok, So I guess mint kde has given up on tracking ubuntu. It is practically a full edition out of date now.
    Ubuntu kde will be released in less than a month and this will look pretty lacking.
    No point in using ubuntu to get upstream improvements if they don’t get commited for over 5 months!

    I know it sounds harsh, but if it takes 5 months woudn’t kubuntu-mint edition be a better idea?


  37. I started using KDE Elyssa yesterday and I am very impressed with
    the little that I have seen of it so far.
    Apart from the free software included in the overall program, are
    there any other programs available? If so, could some kind soul
    advise the url(s)?


  38. How about reducing the effort spent on existing alternatives to the mainstream Gnome-based Mint and producing a Netbook version of Mint?

  39. Just installed yesterday. Also installed KSensors, and found out that my processor is running at around 150 F (66 C). What would cause this? When I had the Gnome version installed, it usually maxed out at 120, but most often stayed around 110.

    I’m not sure this much heat is good for the processor. Any ideas?

  40. Just installed minutes ago (after I royally messed up my Mint XFCE CE), and am loving it! Looks like I’ll only be a little late for that deadline that just passed. ^__^ Honestly, loving Mint KDE CE — my only naggles are aesthetic. I understand blue for KDE, but mint is supposed to be green. Also, the logo looks kinda hackneyed with the gears along the edge — sorry, don’t ask me to make a better one. I must admit, however, that I LOVE the login sound! Man, is that cool!

    Looking forward to Linux Mind KDE CE x64!

  41. @ Susan Marriott

    there hit Elyssa. There are now 477 applications you can choose from.

    In the installing process later you will be asked at one point if you want to in stall from the local repositories or from the “normal” (sorry have it in German, so I don’t know what the name is in English)
    hit the local, because that is the then already downloaded package.

    Wish you luck and joy with Elyssa KDE

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